Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yes! I'm Holding You Accountable, Mr. Berri!

Yes! I'm holding you accountable, Mr. Berri! Yes!

And so big deal that some member of Parliament tried to hold you accountable by quoting you and questioning what you said. So? Big deal, Mr. Berri! You humiliated PM Seniora some two months ago, and held him harshly accountable for taking an independent path from President Lahoud back in Khartoum. Then, why can't someone question what you said one day? Are you above it all? Is your position as the Speaker of Parliament a holy, sublime position?

In a parliamentary session today, many members of Parliament criticized Syria's arrest warrant of Jumblatt sent to the Interpol. MP Bahij Tabbara asked Berri calmly: "Mr. Berri, you said upon your return from your last official visit to Damascus, that the gates of Damascus are open to the Prime Minister. Can you tell me if that means that the prisons of Damascus are open for the Lebanese politicians or the gates?"

Berri started interrupting Tabbara and asking him, "You want to hold me accountable? You want to hold me accountable? (baddak thasibnee?) Replace my position with someone else and I'll be happy to come and answer you!" And then he just left his seat and stormed out of the Parliament hall pointing his finger angrily at Tabbara and yelling at him, while Minister Ghazi Aridi attempted to hold him back.

So! Big deal, Mr. Berri, that someone holds you accountable for what you once said. Your words are not holy, nor is your seat.

And guess what? Mr. Berri just compromised his "pseudo-impartial" position as a broker on the national dialogue table. He walked out of the Parliament hall so the Parliamentary majority (including the FPM bloc, I speculate) would not vote for a condemnation of the Jumblatt arrest warrant and a reminder of Jumblatt's immunity as a parliamentarian. And by that, saving the pro-Syrian faction's face.

Mr. Berri: you do not own the Parliament and you have disrespected this institution and its parliamentarians by walking out of the hall without formally ending the session.

What a disgrace!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


JoseyWales said...

Unless you're a petty Man2ouche thief, no one is accoutable in Lebanon.

Nabih just escaped again by leaving the room.

Lahoud is still Prez.

Omar K. whose brother sold the coutry 30 years ago to the PLO then to Syria, is gathering a new and improved pro-syrian front.

Rana is still in Brazil.

Tueni was killed, but no investigating judge yet.


Charles Malik said...

Berri was just looking for an excuse to leave. He was really uncomfortable the whole time, and jumped on the accountability thing as justification for anger.

In fact, he really isn't accountable. Syria is accountable, and they're pulling his strings. As Saniora said, Lahoud is not in a position to resign. The Syrians threaten him, too.

The assassination attempt on Elias Murr was an open warning to Lahoud, Berri, Franjieh, Karami, etc. not to break ranks. If they do, they'll face the same consequences as Hariri...

Gigi L'amorosa said...

That's an interesting point Lebanon profile. I have always wondered why Elias Murr was targeted and your explanation gives me the best plausible reason. How ironic though that to be Syria's friend is as dangerous as being Syria's enemy!

Anonymous said...

Josey is right... Give up people...

Anonymous said...

I love Berri:
Thief, militia leader, killer, murderer, corrupt, traitor, syrian agent, secular fanatic and with such a CV he still gets elected over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Berri had no choice but to literally escape from the parliament meeting, cause he nothing but a stooge of the Assad regime.

Frankly, I am sure that right now Nabih is hating the position he is in. His Syrian bosses are hell bent on carrying on their depressingly stupid diplomatic blunders, while he has to sit there and indirectly defend them.

Thanks Bashar, your utter lack of diplomatic skills are helping us see Nabih beik Berri for what he really is...a very tiny man...Keep us the "good" work!

Sheesh! Who the hell gave you a medical diploma!


frencheagle said...

thx the future movement for having voted to keep berry as a chief of parlement

it was their first mistake among many others; such as getting allied with joumblatt

Fasadistan said...

I think Berri is the leader of corruption,and the head of the syrian gang in lebanon.to know more about visit my blog Fasadistan :Umma Arabia.fasida