Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Slogans Out Of Your Mind!

Let me give you a glimpse of some of the slogans from today's demonstration:

"Ya General ma ti3tal ham, 3indak shi3a btishrab dam" (General, don't worry, you have Shiites who drink blood!)

"Allah, Nasrallah, w Aoun w Bass" (God, Nasrallah, and Aoun, only!)

"Ya Geagea, sabrak sabrak, il-Dahye badda tibhash abrak" (Geagea, have patience, the Dahieh will dig out your grave!)

"Il Shi3a w Aoun mittif'een, khalliyon yti'oo il hasoodeen" (The Shiites and Aoun agree, let the ill wishers die of envy!)

"Saad id-Din Harami" (Saad Hariri is a thief!)

That's what I have for now. Aoun has taken a dark turn and I doubt his followers will forge through with that. But we'll see.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...

You must be kidding me! Btishrab dam???

allah, nasrallah, w aoun... wein ra7 Libnain? Literally?


Lazarus said...


what was your source for these?


Doha said...

First page of Al-Mustaqbal's newspaper (May 11) and the LBC news (May 10). Is that good enough?

Lazarus said...



Doha said...

Hey Laz,

I didn't notice your name in your first comment and saw l. at the end and I thought you are one of those anons who always pester me about "diversifying my news sources".

Didn't mean to sound stand-offish :)

why-discuss said...

Strange! L'Orient-le jour that would not miss any chance to criticize the hezbollah and that demonstration "dictated by omnipotent Syria" has missed the "blood" slogan. These are the ones they have reported
"– « Asfar, akhdar, laymouné, badna nsa’ét el-hkoumé » : jaune (Hezbollah), vert (Amal), orange (CPL), nous voulons le départ du gouvernement.
– « Allah, Nasrallah, Rabié kella » : Allah, Nasrallah et tout Rabié (lieu de résidence de Aoun).
– « Allah, Nasrallah, Aoun w bass » : Nous ne voulons qu’Allah, Nasrallah et Aoun.
– « Allah yehmihon Allah, Berry, Aoun w Nasrallah » : Que Dieu les préserve, Berry, Aoun et Nasrallah

I guess someone has better ears..

reminiscor said...
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Anonymous said...

Here's one I saw on TV: "the Israeli majority in Lebanon".

Anonymous said...

General Laymoune' had a big day, today.


Anonymous said...

This is what i heard "Beroh Bel dam Nafdik ya BASHAR"..oh and they're wearing ORANGE!!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1:45 : "..oh and they're wearing ORANGE!!"

doha, let me guess: bourgeois tripolitan sunni, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh the horror! The shock!
People in a demonstration said offesive slogans!
They shouted empty rhymes praising their leaders and attacking other leaders!
What's next? One day they'll start drawing offensive caricatures of the other readers! Something should be done to stop the carnage!

This is the final proof, Aoun should not become president, Mazere3 sheb3a is not Lebanese, PFM is souri, sabaa shoud be brought back as interior minister , Shia are traitors, Microsoft sucks , falefel Sahyoun atyab min fray7a!
What else can it mean!


Anonymous said...

Slow day at work today .. so here goes ...

"Ya General ma ti3tal ham, 3indak shi3a btishrab dam"
Very scary, I hope they just test the blood before drinking it, too many deseases these days.
Also might spring some philosophical debate like if I was dead drunk and my blood full of alcohol w sherbou dammeh , is that considered a sin?

"Allah, Nasrallah, w Aoun w Bass"
As the first anon said! Nsina libnen wlo! Sirtou mitl el LF "Allah 'ouet 7akim w bass" do you want to be compared to LF walaw? I guess in their deffence ya7ouk lel sha3er ma la ya7ouk lel mouatin el 3adeh.

"Ya Geagea, sabrak sabrak, il-Dahye badda tibhash abrak"
Blasphemy! How the hell can they sing that? the first part is seven syllables while the second is eight? walaw at least some basic respect for poetry rules!

"Il Shi3a w Aoun mittif'een, khalliyon yti'oo il hasoodeen"
w 3ashra bi 3ayn el 7essed w nya nya nya nya w wiz 3aunak w wizz 3aynak

"Saad id-Din Harami"
Where is the rest? heik ma'tousheh? Saad will be sad that you didn't spend enough time on his rhyme to make it work.

w ana bbi3 sarami
w jareh 3omar karami
w ibn 3ammi esmou rami

hemm mish zabta, at least I tried


PS Sorry for the silliness, I can't bring myself to give such issues any more importance than this.

Doha said...


i don't know what prompted your guess, though I like the word bourgeois. We were a family of merchants from Akkar who moved a long long time ago to Tripoli, but heck, you'll always be from where you originally came from! Currently, many of us are scattered around the world studying and moving ahead in life. so if the latter describes bourgeois in our day and age, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

No really! When a rag sheet like al-mustaqbal passes for a trusted news source in lebanon, nothing is beyond imagination.

The so-called march 14th movement has shown it bankruptcy when it accused the labor unions of being syrian tools, a sort of carte-blanche to pass any unjust economic (read IMF) reforms while using the racist label 'Syrian!' to symie any opposition from the labor union and guilds.

Doha said...

anon 7:06,

please spare me 18th century jargon: guilds?

I don't really think this is what the March 14 is concocting: to basically call labor unions Syrian in order to pass their IMF reforms. This is wrong reasoning.

Hizbullah and Aoun were a strong force behind yesterday's demo, that it took on a political overtone than that of just labor unions, teachers, and civil servants democratically voicing their concerns about socioeconomic issues. If it wasn't for the whole "see how many orange t-shirts and caps there are in the demo" and "al-wafa'a to Bashar" to score some political points, yesterday's demo would have been perfectly normal.

What you should be upset about is exactly this kind of "hijacking" of important events for political purposes. It's not true that everything in Lebanon should be politicized.

PM Seniora, who might be incompetent, at least said that yesterday's demo was democratic, even when tons of insults were directed to him by the people.

AbdulKarim said...

Here are more slogans and sources other than LBC and Al-Mustaqbal.

This is from :

"Kilab Il Zaman Tahkom"(The dogs of time are ruling)

P.S. Nice to know you are also from Akkar(originaly) Doha :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with all that this whole labor union show was just that- a show- put together by those fearing to be either de-weaponized or de-ba'abda-ized.

Having said that, I think the government has a golden opportunity now to blow the cover from Hizbolla by specifically dealing with some valid concrete concerns that the labor unions have had for decades (i.e. dating back to the days when Berry Berry or Aonito ruled).

Again, we are just wasting time, waiting for the UN report(s), which ought to be a fun read.


Anonymous said...

> government has a golden opportunity now to ..
Don't get your hopes too high.
Or at least start counting how many times the gov is letting you down. ;-)


Anonymous said...


I commend your apparent lack of partisanship. I too have very little hope regarding our politicians' abilities and intentions. Yet, I do reserve the right to dislike some, more others.


P.S. Certainly, am not counting on the govt to impress me with its swiftness and decisiveness.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Great slogans!
And beautiful rhymes too!
: )

I hope madam Seniora and her corrupt Wahhabi cronies got the message: this illegitimate government won’t be able to dismantle (what’s left of) the Lebanese public sector in the name of “economic common sense” (sic) and transfer yet more national assets to its foreign paymasters in Riyadh and TeX-Aviv!

Gen. Aoun is right: Seniora must tender his resignation.

The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Victorino de la SSNP, waynak ya 3ammeh! We missed your wahabi jokes!
Glad to hear that your "sense of humour" remains intact.


why-discuss said...

Counter-revolution of the Cedars
The sclerotic governing elite of Syrian-occupied Lebanon has largely survived the withdrawal of Syrian forces, but their drive to preserve and expand its political and socio-economic inheritance has hit a snag.... See article

Anonymous said...

Dr.Victorinoooooo de la vega...where in Italy have you been lost? I think you should be concerned with Italy more than Lebanon..
enjoy your day my Wahabi son!LOL

Anonymous said...

your name sounds like a pizza or pasta..."iza btreed wahad de la vega allah yerda 3leik" hehehehe..(if u dont get the arabic i wrote ask some wahabi to translate)lol

Anonymous said...


You saying it's wrong reasoning doesn't make it wrong. I could very easily say: No it's the right reasoning, so there.

Let me see, lifting the protection off gasoline, increasing the VAT, reducing the barely existing retirement benifits for public workers. These are the classic IMF demands. Very simply, to get the economic 'aid package' there are certain 'reforms' that will be demanded. Go and read what Yemen had to do to get the holy grail of an aid package from the IMF.

Doha said...

I don't need to go read about Yemen, anon 7:02am, because I lived in Yemen and let me tell you, Yemen is in dire need of ANY aid.

We are fooled to think that the IMF asks things of the Arab world that are brutal. Let me tell you that the Yemeni president and his cronies, who pocket all the money from oil and build beautiful palaces in every yemeni region, let alone outside of the country, and control basically all of the business sector in Yemen, and have three bodyguards surrounding every one of their children as they attend American schools, and gain their legitimacy by allowing tons of farmers to shift to growing qat in order to keep many ppor Yemenis intoxicated and lethargic....All that is not better than what IMF is asking.

I'm not saying that the Washington consensus is the solution for all ills. NO! When I learned about it in college, I was against it. I liked the aid package that the European Union offers, because it is not as drastic as the Washington consensus. But let's not shoot ourselves in the foot and criticize without looking at ourselves and our regimes.

Again, if you read my post, (The Forgotten Lebanese Youth), you'll know that what I think should take place, is a focus on job creation, as opposed to simply focusing on financial/economic reforms that would indirectly spur employment.

Anonymous said...


The problem is that the IMF will never ever get around being, at the end of the day, a creation of the 'developed' countries who 'know better' than the natives. Something that proves time and again not to be true. People are not numbers, and Excel sheets can only do so much!

If we look at ourselves and our regimes, we'll soon realize that the IMF will only add to our misery.

But at any rate, if Hariri in all his might, during his best-relations-with-syria era couldn't push these plans on the people, do you think Hariri Jr. will be able to do so now? I very much doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Look whos talking?

Last year during the 14 March demos, sara3ouna jame3et el Hariri b "Alla, Hariri, Tari2 el Jdid" slogans!

Anonymous said...

yeah right tony, wel anyak men heik the slogan
el hariri met bas rjelo ma meto, elli 2atal el 7ariri badna neshrablo dameto...
hope that others see el 2asheh b3aynon before 3ayn ghayron

the two teams are destorying the country, w ya 7aram ya lebnen