Sunday, May 14, 2006

War Photos

I found this site with many civil war photos. Some are must-see, some are good reminders, others are ok. I think some captions are wrong. One such caption is that of a supposed Amal checkpoint, with a human skull hanging on a wooden log. Judging by the flag, I do not think this is an Amal checkpoint. Others are the captions designating some fighters as members of certain militias. Anyway, check and see:


Raja said...


thanks for the link. The captions do represent one particular narrative of the war, but the pictures are reminders of what awaits us in the abyss.

In fact, you've inspired me to post a contrasting photo-entry.

Anonymous said...

Amazing site, thank you very much for posting it. I learned alot. Did you know that Saeb Salam founded the MEA Airlines? I didn't know that.