Monday, May 22, 2006

Another spin courtesy of our wonderful neighbor

Two or three days ago, Naharnet reported that Hariri was in Russia to "drum up support for UN Resolution 1680." Today, Lebanonwire links to an article that cites a Syrian Minister proclaiming the following:

The liberation of the Golan is a comprehensive Arab-Syrian demand, made by 20 million Syrians, and the leadership must take this demand into consideration. The Golan must be returned to the motherland, and there is no alternative but to liberate the Golan.

"Until now, we have been waiting, and allowing a short period of time... We are allowing the peace process to have its last moment...If the peace process does not come back to life, if it is not resurrected once again, our people will have no alternative other than resistance in order to liberate and regain the land,"
I love this! I absolutely love this!

Please Bashar... PLEASE!!!! give the Israelis a reason to show your placid Syrian subjects how impotent the "lion" of Damascus really is!

PLEASE!!! I BEG YOU!!!! Send your pathetic, antiquated, armed forces to the Golan so that they may rise against you in mutiny. Yes, send those hapless peasant-soldiers of yours to the alter of the "Arab Cause" so that they may be slaughtered as their fathers were in 1967!

In my humble opinion, the line between conceit, bombast and insanity has just been crossed in Damascus! I look forward to future developments on that front. (Maybe the line has not "just" been crossed, but rather, it is just becoming increasingly evident)


JoseyWales said...

if it [peace process]is not resurrected once again

Notice the passive voice, waiting for the solution to fall in their lap. Other than to screw Lebanon or repress their own people, typical attitude: boukra, let's see what happens, spit on Evil US, they'll give us what we want...

As for me:

I believe there is a peace process,

I believe there is one Arab nation,

I believe Syria will liberate the Golan,

And Gosh Golly, I can't wait to see what the tooth fairy is going leave under my pillow tonight.

sam said...

Does this quote reflect a real will for the Syrian regime to start resistance on the Golan front soon, or is it empty slogans just to give people more nationalism and hopes of liberation?
It seems to me that the minister is just giving an excuse as to why until now there's zero resistance in Golan (still occupied), while Hezbollah and Palestinian militants are encouraged to keep weapons in the middle of (non-occupied) Beirut and continue aggressive operations all over Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

I guess that the Israelis are really afraid right now.

Haggai said...

you have a great blog here, nice to finally here from a lebanese person who actually is in lebanon. being an israeli myself, i would love to see the syrians masacred on the golan, and merkava tanks finally rolling into damascus. hey, while we're in the business of flattening syria, why don't you lebanese grab some land to the east as well? everyone benefits

Anonymous said...

haggai, raja is not in lebanon, we don't want to se anyone massacred anymore and for god's sake enough land grabbing.

Raja said...

thank you anon 4:55.

If our region is to experience a semblance of normalcy any time soon, it is true that Arabs need to do their part; but the onus is also on the Israelis. And land grabs are definitely not the way to go.

In fact, that kind of discourse only adds fuel to the flame of fanatics who seek a perpetual state of war against Israel.

Raja said...

I would also like to add that the bearded fanatical settlers who go around shooting at Palestinians whenever they feel like it are not any better than the bearded fanatics on our side of the line.

TheRaccoon said...

Oi! :)

Somehow I seriously doubt that Syria is going to try and take the Golan anytime soon. Nor do I believe that Israel is going to relinquish it - it's too important strategically. A Syrian frontal assault at this point would be suicidal. Actually, it always was - it's suicidal to Syrian slave soldiers, who were left chained to machineguns by their masters.

Hagai - war is not in anyone's best interest. Did you ever kill anyone? Ever been to a military funeral? Can you even imagine the untold thousands of bereaved families, weeping because some moron in Syria has whipped their children to march on Israel? I wonder whether you're serving in the reserves as a combat soldier? Because that's the people who'll be killing and dying for the Golan if that stupid war breaks. There is nothing good about killing hapless Syrian slaves, nor is there anything good about conquering Syria - it would do Israel no good and cause tremendous fatalities, cost an obscene amount on money and result in an intensified global Jihad and probably Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky blowing themselves up in Mike's Place in Tel Aviv.

The difference between the bearded fanatic Jews and the bearded fanatic Arabs is just in the degree and frequency of violence:

The psychotic hill-people of many Israeli settlements are just that - psychotic hill-people, fuelled by religious zeal. Any IDF soldier that ever served in Hebron can attest to it - they were throwing rocks at us almost as often as the Arabs. A violent fanatic is a violent fanatic - and violent settlers should be locked up.

Peace out

The Discordian Raccoon


Haggai - think before you write.


I am also Israeli.