Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Aoun Dismissed!

Despite the warmth in this picture ahead of today's "so-called" last national dialogue meeting, the consensus was not to agree on the Presidency issue, which really means that Aoun has lost this round, and his choice of being an observer in today's meeting did not help him in the Presidential bid.

Moreover, despite Aoun's incessant threats this past week to halt the dialogue meetings as of today, claiming that the government has declared war on Syria, the "February 14" bloc emerged as victorious in keeping the meetings ongoing, as noted by PM Seniora and Information Minister Hamadeh yesterday. Jumblatt has also returned from an official trip to Kuwait, armed with an Arab consensus urging the Lebanese to continue the hiwar and to support the decisions ensuing from these meetings.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 8, and will focus on Hizbullah's arms and Lebanon's strategic defense policy.

On another tangent, it was interesting to note that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Bureau of International Organizations, Kristen Silverberg, mentioned during her meetings with government officials and representatives from the February 14 bloc yesterday, that the government is debating a substantial portion of Aoun's "Orange" book (or the FPM's agenda), released last year during the Parliamentary elections. This statement challenges the essence of Aoun's latest political stands, let alone the last trip on the streets to bring down the government and support the economic rights of the "commoners" (al-shaab).

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...

Long live the General.
Liberator of the South
Liberator of Baabda
Liberator of Rabieh
Liberator of Dahieh and the minor suburbs
Liberator of Downtown
Protector of Hizbulla, Maradeh and Baathis.
Without him, were would we go?

Now imagine Lebanon without him.

East Beirut war never happened.
GeaGea never went to Jail
Dany Chammoun didn't die
Rene Mouawad Alive and served only 6 years.
Our house not hit by 8 shells.
Presidential Palace doesnt need renovation
Defence Ministry doesnt have body bags under the football field
Lahoud thinking seriously of retirement and loads of swimming (finding nemo style).
Emile Lahoud Jr. still looking for a job.
Ralf Lahoud considering appering in playboy (girls edition)
I would still be able to wear my orange tshirts.

If only he kept his mouth shut and retired.

Lazarus said...


could you not say similar things about geagea, jumblatt, etc.?

hummbumm said...

Both Jumblatt and Gaegae aknowledge at least obliquely the blood on their hand. Aoun still sees himself as a national figure and the blood he shed as in a righteous cause. He therefore is more deserving of critique

Lazarus said...

well, "obliquely" is a very subjective term ...

and i don't get it. if they acknowledge the blood on their hands, whether directly or indirectly, does that make it "ok" ...

Anonymous said...

lazarus: Do you want me to say more than what they already say about themselves ???
But his royal highness, thinks he is Mr clean Paw, Mr holy. As if he never declared war on Lebanese Forces and butchered half the christians in the process, then declared war on syria without ever attacking them. They attacked him in return.
Liberation war should have been called " I want to piss of everyone and lose War"

Anonymous said...

hummbumm hits it on the head!! That is what I find SCARY about Aoun. I was recently in Lebanon and was making the same point to a very wise family friend who was unhappy with the MArch 14 forces. He agreed with me and he predicted that if Aoun were to become president it would be the start of a new civil war. The point I am trying to make is the Tayyar people need to dump Aoun. There a large number of Lebanese who are not crazy about the Future/LF/Jumblat gang who would swing their way.

Aounonymous said...

aoun needs to leave for another 15 years, as should Geagea, Jumblatt, Hariri and Nasrallah. Lebanon's future is best served by new blood with new ideas, instead of trying to recycle the same old bullshit the way these idiots continue to.

Unfortunately, until we have new "gods" to worship, we will never be united and will continue in this cult-driven state of affairs. Lebanese deserve better.

Lazarus said...

yes aounonymous, lebanon is best served by new blood ... the question is, are we up for the task?

as for the others, please do send me the news article in which the other ex-warlords openly declared that everything they did was wrong, and where they openly apologized to the families they destroyed, in which they outline all the massacres, etc. in full detail. if this was done, i really would like to know.

yes, aoun thinks he is god incarnate. we could probably argue that he is devil incarnate.

the reason i brought this all up is because although it is extreme fun prodding into Aoun's hypocrisy's, i think it is time we start doing things a bit more constructively. however, i may be wrong. maybe just commenting on aoun is the most constructive thing we may do. who knows.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys..
What can u guys tell me about the Constitutional Council? When will that be put in place, because Aoun has 'TO3NS" in that and I believe that that will be his only chance in ever getting the presidency.


AbdulKarim said...


I didn't understand why Silverberg statement challenges the essence of Aoun's latest political stand. I shall be grateful if you can elaborate on this point.

Kind Regards

why-discuss said...

Aoun bashing seem to be the leitmotiv of this blog... Please tell me where is the perfect, honest, clean, politically intelligent, educated maronite that everybody would want as a new president? I hope he/she appears before the next 18 months, otherwise we may need to extend Lahoud again...

Aounonymous said...

the perfect maronite... two words - genetic fusion. what we need is to create the ultimate maronite android, comprised of the perfect combination of:
- aoun's corruption sensor circuit board
- geagea's android skin
- nassib lahoud's passive personality
- suleiman franjieh's nerves
- chibli mallat's synthetic wig
- boutros harb's nostrils

any ideas on names for this absolutely perfect maronite android?

Doha said...


Silverberg said that a substantial portion of FPM's agenda is being discussed by the Cabinet...what does that mean? It means that the attack that Aoun mounted on the government for its economic reform package, is like attacking his party's economic reform ideas.


I'm not saying that other politicians are clean and don't have blood on their hands. But in all honesty, and as a spectator from the beltway, Aoun does look like the one who lost this round. He's creating noise, and so the price is exposure; hence the posts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:59 PM
> He agreed with me and he predicted that if Aoun were to become president it would be the start of a new civil war

Well I guess if the two of you agreed on that then it is a fact I guess we can already mention in in history books.
Maybe we should clue the march 14 people on it so they can add it to their excuses for not wanting Aoun, because it slipped by them.

I guess you said it BEST , even if you probably didn't mean it!
Lahoud staying in power is a LOSS for Aoun and a WIN for march 14th because Aoun was the only person who really wanted Lahoud gone (for all the known reasons of course). I wish people would stop pretending otherwise!
The "fell" campain was a joke, we all know it was in March 14th interrest to keep Lahoud.

Also your analysis gives me an idea to baffle any opposision anywhere, everytime the Cabinet want to discredit the opposition, all they have to do is discuss some portion of the opposision's agenda (and then dismiss it). This way the opposition will be "like attacking its own ideas" and won't be able to do anything!
Great analysis.

Omega80 said...

It is very interesting how you say that by the dialogue meeting not agreeing on choosing Aoun as the next President, Michel Aoun himself is the looser while "March 14" wins. This is strange in light of the fact that the main supposed goal of "March 14" is to get rid of Lahoud. Now it seems that you have gotten to the truth of the matter, that their real aim is not having Michel Aoun as President no matter what.

This proves that they would rather have Lahoud stay than Aoun come in, because at the end of the day Lahoud was part of the same Syrian back system that they were all a part of since 1990. He turns a blind eye to corruption and with him still in power there will be no chance of anyone being held accountable for anything that was done to the country.

In essence, ever since the Syrians left, this government has been a failure. A new electoral law is not in place, the security situation is still unstable, the economic situation is only good and set to get better if you already have money, etc. The root of the issue is that 90% of the members in the "March 14" coalition were part of the problem over the past 15 years, so how can they all of a sudden become a part of the solution? Are we to trust those that helped to loot our country and collaborated with the Syrian occupiers to now all of a sudden to fix everything they have done? Can crooks become honest men overnight?

Fady said...

i dont understand how Future people say Aoun loves the chair while they are on the chair since 1992 (14 yerars)

I wonder what will Harirists do if a second class Sunnit took over the government!

Elect whoever you want, the majority of Lebanese will not respect him or give him any importance, Aoun is the people's choice and will remain like that no matter how much you try to change it.

Doha said...


You said, "This proves that they would rather have Lahoud stay than Aoun come in, because at the end of the day Lahoud was part of the same Syrian back system that they were all a part of since 1990. He turns a blind eye to corruption and with him still in power there will be no chance of anyone being held accountable for anything that was done to the country."

I thought that Lahoud said that Aoun and him are from the same "school."

Anon 5:17AM,

I think you were being sarcastic in your comment to me. I didn't say that the gov't used this strategy; it's just that Silverberg noted that.

On another point, I'm not saying that February 14 won. Aoun lost this round and the February 14 simply managed to keep the dialogue going in contrary to what Aoun was threatening all last week.

It's clear that February 14 does not want Lahoud, nor Aoun; they want someone from their group. As for Hizbullah, they prefer Lahoud for Aoun; let's face it, and as mentioned before, don't want anyone from the MARCH 14 spirit.

Anonymous said...

Same "sacrcastic" anonymous,
Yes I too heard that "Lahoud said that Aoun and him are from the same "school." I also heard him say lots of other good things about himself, like he is clean and that he wants Lebanon's interrest just like Aoun.
Is anyone fom the pro-Aoun camp saying they beleive Lahoud? Do you beleive Lahoud? Do you want them to beleive him? Is that what you are trying to argue?
I didn't really get your point.

Yes I was being sarcastic.
I did not pretend or accuse you of saying that the gvn't used this strategy, or that Silverberg said that,

I was critisizing your conclusion (This statement challenges the essence of Aoun's latest political stands) which gave me an idea for the gvn't to dismiss Aoun whenever they want.

Also for the Aoun loss thingy, I would have had no comment if you had said :
" the consensus was not to agree on the Presidency issue, which really means that Aoun and March 14 have lost this round "
Still, you insist Feb 14 does not want Lahoud nor Aoun and when one of the people they don't want has won (Lahoud) you only see it as Aouns loss.
You either admit they wanted Lahoud to stay (like I say in my first post), or you admit they have lost as much as Aoun has lost, you can't have it both ways! Well in fact you can, but you will only be fooling yourself.

Root for Feb14 as much as you like but at least admit it when they lose ...

The Sacrcastic Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

In fact let me be a little less sarcastic,

All I was trying to say is that it seems obvious that if the government and Aoun have a common portion of their agenda and a portion that differs, Aoun can still disagree and oppose the gvn't on the portion that differs even if they consider some of the things in his orage book (the portion that is common).

I suspect at least abdulkarim agrees because your answer to his question still made the same mistake you made in the article, namely implying that if there is a common part in Aoun's book and the gvm't paper he cannot disagree with the parts he doesn't like in the reform paper.

But sarcasm is more fun :-)
The not so sarcastic Anonymous.

Doha said...

I'm happy that we're getting some diversity in this blog and that we're hearing from the FPMers their take on things.

We're hearing Lahoud and Aoun talk; but we're all eager to debate with the FPMers and hear what they've got to say.

I'm not trying here to score points or argue. I didn't say anywhere that the hiwar is getting us anywhere or that the February 14 have won because Lahoud is still in power. In fact, we're all losing because Lahoud is still in Baabda. Before, I thought that the hiwar was useless, but then now I think it's better for it to continue than to start a new civil war. And I said that the February 14 have won specifically because they managed along with Berri to keep the dialogue going. Aoun lost this round because he was betting on an end to the hiwar and was not picked as the president; something he wants badly.

I think this should make my points clear.

Doha said...

the not so sarcastic anon,

The problem is that Aoun does not even acknowledge that a substantial portion of his party's agenda is being debated in the cabinet. What we end up having is not a constructive dialogue or debate about what needs to be done in this country regarding economic reform, but we simply end up with criticism and threats to hit the streets.

That's all. Frankly, I wouldn't have known that piece of news, if it wasn't for Silverberg. This is because what we read and hear from Aoun and his parliamentary bloc shows us that the government is completely ignoring others and doing its own thing.

Anonymous said...

I am really getting sick of those Future Movement supporters. All of the sudden they are speaking against Syria's residues, corruption and opression. Meanwhile they were the ones "ILI NAFAZO" all Syrian orders.

They claim that they oppose Syria because of its domination of Lebanon!! Let me remind you that ur opposition of Syria is not based on principle but rather revenge. You only became Syrian opponents after Hariri's death,, period. Definately not out of convictions and or principles!!

So before you can even reach the lelvel of GMA to criticise him, look in the mirror and rememeber that the creation of your party, was launched under Syria's influenced whrn others such as FPMers and LFers were banned and arbitrarily prosecuted!!!


Doha said...

Let me turn your attention, Charbel, that I used to take part in anti-Syrian protests back in the days and am not from the Future Movement...don't generalize!

A.M said...

Charbel well just to clear this thing out that has been already cleared. After Rafiq Hariri resigned from the government; where did he go? what did he do? and here is the question WAS HE OPPOSING SYRIA? Why did he oppose syria? because of Lahoud right?
So all the above I wrote really put ur words down the drane..ok?
oh and to add some more info to your brain my little boy Charbel..He put his hands with the what WAS called anti syrian "GMC" o sorry "GMA" haha but then they killed him..and his son was waiting for GMA to come thinking he was a TRUE ANTI SYRIAN..but unfortunately GMA already talked with the SYRIANS for his return to lebanon...and thats why GEBRAN BASSIL went to syria after GMA came back...
so if you were getting hit by the syrians and "prosecuted"..well i want you to know that you should spit on your 70 year old fruit because he was in direct contact with the syrians just to come back and to be president he put his hands with them..."beroh beldam nafdik ya bashar"..thats great! We really don't care..but whenever you bring up the FPMers prosecuted it just makes you look like FOOOOOLS..
enjoy your day my son and plz if you want to comment such comments go do it in the FPM blog they'll give you 2 stars and an eagle..haha..

A.M said...

I meant 2 stars and an ORANGE...lool..or if u want "afandi"...it depends how its going between GMA and KARAMEH hahaha..
what a disgrace you are guys really..u should be ashamed and not brain washed..

Anonymous said...

a.m. lol rofl lool and stuff how old are you if I may ask?