Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back to the good ol' days

Ohhhh I am so thrilled!

Apparently, the Europeans have been talking to Syria all along! Our "brothers" in Damascus watch Lebanon burn and drool like an animal infected with rabies! All they see is an opportunity to return back to Lebanese soil and impose their suffocating rule.

AFP reports that Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said, after a meeting with Assad and his clique that

"The Syrian authorities are going to exercise all their influence over Hezbollah and over the various actors" in the conflict...

However, he told reporters, Syrian leaders want a "change in the circumstances and the political-military context in which Lebanon lives."

"Syria wants to be part of the solution. Syria doesn't want to be part of the problem."

So, Syria wants to "be part of the solution," eh? And it wants "a change in the circumstances and the political-military context in which Lebanon lives," as well.

Yay for Lebanon! We're all going back to good al' days of Assad posters in Beirut's streets, nobody saying anything bad about anybody Syrian, and losing control of our fates. Yay!!!

Let me start practicing: "I love Syria" ... "I love Bashar" ... "I love Hafez" ... "I love Bassel" ...

Thank you International Community. Thank you Israel. Thank you Nasrallah. Thank you all.


Lebnese Liona said...


Jesus Christ man !!! take it easy.

Syrians are useless and will remian useless. Let them talk, this means nothing believe me.

They are not coming back into our land, HB wont let them . No occupying force will come into our land, the exception to that would be the UN.


Doha said...

lebanese liona,

and when did the lebanese will every make a difference? we are helpless as anything and just sitting here and watching the carnage.

Lebnese Liona said...


come on, do you think those people giving their lives and homes and families are helpless!!!


Believe me when I tell you that I am not a fan of syrians and palestinians, as a matter of fact I hate the syrians for what they did to our country.

But like i said I dont think the syrains would ever step a foot in lebanon

GSH - Observer said...

Have faith guys,....Have faith
let's wait and see how things will go ...and if things went bad let's make sure we are not just watching....we can still make some noise....

I would rather see Lebanon destryed and in civil war then be under the Syrain Occupation.

Lebnese Liona said...


i agree with you on that one. The syrains are as bad as the isrealis

Lazarus said...

what were the lines again?

bil roh, bil dam ...

better brush up on all those rhymes :)

AM said...

Oh c'mon people, have faith!
We lose everything if we don't have faith!
Remember the ones who died and are still dying, you cannot let them down now.
We may lose hope for a while, we're sad, we're angry, we're disappointed even but hey, some things are not allowed and we will not let them happen. We may not be in control or empowered right now but we have to keep waiting for for the opportunity!
Chin up Raja :)

I am Lebanon, that's my new title now :)
PS: Please do not bring me down with your downs.

GeorgeBest said...

Thank you Isreal for teaching us how to hate Jews again.

Viva la justified anti-semite.

eran levi said...

“Lebnese Liona said...
They are not coming back into our land, HB wont let them”

Don’t make me laugh! Hezbollah? Opposing Syria? In which Universe are you living? Hezbollah is Iran and Syria’s proxy – it cares little for the Lebanese people. It’s only concern is to preserve it’s existence by causing and fueling wars. It is a terrorist militant group that is not ashamed using the local population as human shields and building their terror infrastructure among, under and inside urban areas – not to mention it couldn’t care less about plunging Lebanon into a full scale war with Israel and racking havoc on Lebanese economy.

They want a weak Lebanon, they want their people suffering – it creates hatred and hatred fuels their ranks.

You let Hezbollah take over – and you’ve invited Syria and Iran into Lebanon. You’re lucky there is still one country in the entire middle east that will not let this happen… as hard as it may be for you to admit it – when Israel finally brake Hezbollah and Help the Seniora government make Lebanon the true sovereign and democratic country it dreams to be – in the not to far future – you will all thank us, and peace and quite will come at last to Israel’s northern and Lebanon’s southren borders.

Marcel said...


The nations of the world are quick to blame Israel for what has happened to Lebanon and silent on the end goal of Hezbollah and Iran of destroying Israel.
They are amoral and side with the majority cult of death and their oil.
The world can't help themselves ,they are cursed hypocrite's and what is happening in Lebanon is a foretaste of what will befall them.

It's God's promise to Abraham ;

Now the Lord had said to Abram:
"Get out of your country,
From your family
And from your father's house,
To a land that I will show you.
2 I will make you a great nation;
I will bless you
And make your name great;
And you shall be a blessing.
3 I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."
Genisis 12
The nation's have chosen to side with cursed Islam against Israel
and this is why God's judgment now begins to fall upon the whole earth.

11 Now also many nations have gathered against you,
Who say, "Let her be defiled,
And let our eye look upon Zion."
12 But they do not know the thoughts of the Lord,
Nor do they understand His counsel;
For He will gather them like sheaves to the threshing floor.
13 "Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion;
For I will make your horn iron,
And I will make your hooves bronze;
You shall beat in pieces many peoples;
I will consecrate their gain to the Lord,
And their substance to the Lord of the whole earth."

Now it shall come to pass in the latter days
That the mountain of the Lord's house
Shall be established on the top of the mountains,
And shall be exalted above the hills;
And peoples shall flow to it.
2 Many nations shall come and say,
"Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
He will teach us His ways,
And we shall walk in His paths."
For out of Zion the law shall go forth,
And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
3 He shall judge between many peoples,
And rebuke strong nations afar off;
They shall beat their swords into plowshares,
And their spears into pruning hooks;
Nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
Neither shall they learn war anymore.*
4 But everyone shall sit under his vine and under his fig tree,
And no one shall make them afraid;
For the mouth of the Lord of hosts has spoken.
5 For all people walk each in the name of his god,
But we will walk in the name of the Lord our God
Forever and ever.

Micah IV

Achillea said...

Spain (for that matter, France, Germany, Portugal, or any of the rest of the EU) can talk till they're blue in the face. They're powerless and irrelevant, just overly fond of the sound of their own voices.

Achillea said...

Thank you Isreal for teaching us how to hate Jews again.

If Israel fighting back against those who seek to destroy her makes you hate them, then you never forgot how. You've just been lying to yourself that you're not a racist so you don't feel so small and slimy.

eran levi said...

Israel’s defense minister, Amir Peretz, just ordered the IDF to prepare to widen the length of the current operation that includes the demilitarizing efforts all the way up to the Litany river. If Hezbollah’s missiles and rocket threat continues and they will keep up the terrorist acts and refuse to let the kidnapped border guards return to their families then it won’t be too long before tanks will put siege to Beirut!

A few weeks ago the Lebanese people lived in a relative prosperity and peace of mind – now Lebanon is Hell on earth. I want the Lebanese bloggers here to answer me this simple question:

Was it really worth it? Is the former Syrian little piece of land known as Shebaa farms really worth all of this (not to mention it never actually was in any phase of history a Lebanese territory)? Is the demand to release two or three prisoners that were charged for the murder of entire families (not the kind of people you actually want walking freely in your country) worth the death toll and destruction?

If your answer is yes – then you can expect a long war that will cost Lebanon it’s very hope to ever recover truly from it’s horrors.
If your answer is no, however – then another question should be asked:

What would you rather have: a long war with Israel or a struggle to disarm Hezbollah? I’m afraid you can’t avoid both, and that’s Lebanon’s true tragedy.

The Middle East News Addict said...

Indeed Assad could not be happier. By supporting Hezbollah who has brought Israel to Lebanon rather than repel it; those who support Hezbollah support the reversing of the Ceder revolution. This should not be surprising due to the dpendence of Hezbollah in Iranian weaponry and finance and the Syrian conduit that moves it.

Itai said...

GeorgeBest you are probably British so I think it's a good opportunity to remind you that your people bombed millions of German citizens when your country was attacked (didn't bother to bomb the death camps though, the Jews can burn ha?)....Thank you for reminding us of your people dubious history.

At least you have a smart PM now.

Dimitry said...

Too bad you're all spectators, are completely powerless to affect the outcome, and cannot meddle at all in the affairs of your state. Even if you gather thousands of like-minded people and hit the streets, it will have no effect whatsoever, and really it's not like you can actually pull off even something like that, can you?

Er... Wait...

tinetayib said...

im sorry and ashamed, that our "modern and strong" europe behaves like little doggy from f. bush and doenst dare to stop israel!

Lebnese Liona said...

To all the ISREALI'S,

Did you see Nasrallah's speach.

Boy was that great or what.

You know I listened to OLMERT and his barrage of BS.

but today ladies and gentlmen we saw who was the rookie and who was the veteran.

I agree with nassralah, Isreal STOP YOUR STUPIDITY AND END THIS WAR!!!




Loli said...

Stop the hostilities? That would be great! Israel has to show us its good will now.

Lirun said...

lebnese liona lol

you are soo funny..

you make me laugh.. thank you


lisoosh said...

The more I see, the more I become aware that you cannot give people democracy, they have to fight for and earn it, they have to be willing to give everything and anything for it.
If not, someone will just come and take it from them.

Liona - Nasralla has refused all conditions, such as Lebanon protecting its own borders - he isn't asking for an end to hostilities, he is asking for surrender. The surrender of Israel and the surrender of Lebanon. Israel has no interest in surrender, you do whatever you want.

eran levi said...

Nassrallah’s speech was nothing special – the usual threatening, the usual lies, the usual boosting and the usual denial of what actually goes on in the combat zone, very similar to every other politician all over the world, he has lost his archterrorist “glamour” somewhere along this war.

Nassrallah thinks that the Israelis are going to run with their tail between their legs just because he can shoot long ranged missiles – the truth is that his threats only strengthen the Israeli consensus regarding the inevitable need to put an end once and for all for his actual capability to carry out his threats.

He foolishly thought the Israelis will call to end this war if he could make the lives of the people of northern Israel intolerable, but he seriously underestimated the Israeli public – he read us entirely wrong.

What he thought was weakness when Israel withdraw from Lebanon the first time was actually a show of strength – the Israeli public called for a withdrawal not because of the soldiers who died in Lebanon but because the public felt they died for the wrong cause – the needless occupation of south Lebanon.

What Nassrallah failed to understand is that the people of Israel will not brake when faced with a threat to their very existence and when believing that there is a just cause behind a military move.

Unfortunately for Nassrallah he gambled thinking he knew the weakness of the Israeli public but actually got it all wrong. He ended up running into a determined government and public annoyed and irritated form his constant attempt of harming Israel by all cost and now he’s on the run…

Not very long now – he will join his predecessor as fitting a terrorist leader of his kind.

Lebnese Liona said...


I mean it , seriously, here is a chance for peace!!!!

Thats what I want , you want , loli want(not sure).

So do you think that Olmert would receive that message and respond?

Also, believe me I dont want beirut or Tel aviv to be hit.

Because if the conflict escalates to that point then it will be an open war with no limits , and at that point who knows maybe the useless syria and Iran and the US and france and so on mught get involved.

KNOW OF US WANT THAT . Do you agree?

And I am glad that I can make you laugh, but you do have to agree nassaralh is much better spoken then Olmert. Actually put a small mustach on Olmert and he looks like HITLER.


Lirun said...

no!!! not my akko.. not my town of hope.. not the place where jew christians muslims and druze celebrate life together..

160 rockets were fired at israel today by HA and one of them killed 5 people in AKKO when it hit a car..

AKKO is a symbol of hope to me personally..

when this war is over i shall start a special project in that town in honour of those people.. not sure what and not sure how..

another 3 were killed in their house when a rocket blasted it and 33 others were injured from rockets.. which means hundreds of traumatised people..

in their honour i pray we have peace.. in their name i hope their loved ones never have to suffer again..

you can bomb us with all your rockets but you wont break my wish for peace and you wont make me stop believing in your compatriots that i know want it to..


Dimitry said...

He isn't proposing peace, LL. He's proposing a cease fire, so they can have some breathing space, rearm, perhaps excute some Lebanese that don't like them. And then have a new round, that would bring more death and destruction. And so on and so forth.

GSH - Observer said...

lebanese liona;
I have no doubt about your love to Lebanon.
I love Leb. too and i believe i can only show my love to my country by serving it...serving Lebanon...not iran or syria or the USA ...etc.
I'm 100% convinced that HA and Nasrallah are working for Iran and Syria...and they've always done that...

HA never been a "Lebanese" party.
HA is made of Lebanese, it operates in Lebanon, and it's a part of the Leb. Gov. but in no way or form it has the Lebanese interest in its mind.

With all due respect to HA martyres and HA fighting in the south, and taking care of the me HA is a TRAITOR....simply because it's working for Iran and Syria and not for Lebanon.

Note: When i say HA i mean ONLY HA...not the southerns or the Shia in Lebanon.

Please don't be offended by my words....I just had enough of Lebanse working for everyone except Lebanon.

eran levi said...

Don’t you dare make that comparison Lebanese Liona! Don’t even try to go there!

You seem to be foolish enough to mention the Nazis in this context but it only shows how little you actually know about what happened in Europe in this darkest of ages for mankind. Nothing happening in the world today is similar or in scope for the mass factories of death and slaughter the Nazis operated – making genocide a matter of industry.

The very attempt to compare this war – with all the citizens that paid a painful cost in it – to the holocaust in 1939-1945 is terrible attempt to wipe the horrible memory of the most foul and unspeakable acts of inhumanity in the known history and to diminish it’s proportions into the scope of this regional conflict.

Be ashamed Liona for even mentioning it, and be thankful with all your heart to whatever god you prey for that you are not actually facing the Nazis.

Lebnese Liona said...

eran levi,

OK, I understand that we have different opinions and all that which is great because its always good to hear the other opinion.

BUT, here me out for a minute.

A. Isnt it true that hezboula did wait excatly 48 hrs before they started firing back?

B. Isnt it true that OLMERT declared that HB rocket infrastructure was completly 100% destroyed at a speech before the 48 hrs were up?

C. Reporters in Sour and Nabtayeh today did mention that Isreali soldeirs were entering christian towns where no HB was present . Then HB would show up and drive them back. Does not that match what nassralah said about the IDF occupying towns that did not have resistance.

D. The Commando landing in Baalbeck, only time will tel who was lying. Nasralah said it was civilians. When OLMER asked by the reporters " Did you catch a big fish" OLMERT siad" Tasty fish but not big fish".

I mean what till this moment they refuse to announce the names of the captured?

If I did a succesful operation and caught some of the enemey's leaders , would want to be the first to announce it.

E. The first day Isreal enetered MAroun El ras, they declared that they had full control over it , till this day there is still fighting there.

F. And do you watch CNN? today all of a sudden there is all kinds of casualties from the IDF side that was announced. You want to tell me all this took place today? why have they been hiding the truth.

G. i wont speak about the isreali 2nd navy shipbecause there is no proof from either side.

H. didnt your defense minister declare that 300 HB were killed in the war so far. Later to say that that number is 80 which matched what the HB announced yesterday. 43 on the border, 37 in bombings.

dude , believe me I am used to defeat and after a while it becomes whats expected, but you ahve to admit that there is some truth tio what he says

Lirun said...

lebnese liona

thanks for mentioning the word peace..

its very rare that i dont totally encourage people to use that word.. but when you blend in hitler analogies - i ask that you direct your words to someone else.. rather than me.. let them argue with you.. i have many compatriots that will be happy to.. and you in turn have many compatriots that have offered me complete respect and conducted nothing but dignified conversations with me over the past 2 weeks..

my family commenced WWII with over 300 relatives in Europe.. my grandmother and grandfather were the only two to survive except for one other great uncle who crawled out of a pile of bodies because he was too faint to stand up when they lined him up for the shooting and passed out before he was hit.. he slipped through the gates with a baby he heard cry out of the trough of shit - but because he skinny enough he fit through the bars and through a european winter made his way to the south of greece where he boarded a boat to america.. eating grass along the way and hiding in the woods barely clothed with an enfant in his arms the entire journey.. i dont appreciate your hitler comparisons..

if you want peace start behaving like it..

that is all i ask


Fighting Sullyvan said...

LL - I agree with dimitry. Nasrallah is not seeking peace. He is getting hammered and he is looking for a way out. He is going to use his ace card (bomb Tel Aviv), but he is still going to crap out. There is a good chance the Israelis will be able to knock any missle that is big enough to reach Tel Aviv. God help Lebanon if he hits Tel Aviv with any sort of chemical weapon. Personally, I think that this would be a good time for all the brave Lebanese to rise up, cut off Nasrallah's head, and call a cease fire. That might actually work, and it will likely spare Lebanon another layer of horror, which they seem to be in line for with the way Nasrallah is proceeding.

Lebnese Liona said...


i am not offended y what you said.

I apreaciate your opinion.

I'll be honest with you, I do think nassralah works for lebanon. But i also think nassralah had to be nice to syria and iran to get weapons , training ,etc..

The only question that I dont have answered but will not untill i get an answer is this:


This is the only question mark that i have on nassralah, other then that everything he said and did has been geniune and honest.

lets hope that OLMERT gets the message and ceases fire, maybe we can have peace then.

OLMERT has the ball in his court right now.wait and see...

Lebnese Liona said...


i appreciate your past, but ptry to apprecaite mine.

In 1982 I was 6 yrs old, ISREAL invaded southern lebanon.

Fo weeks isreal F-15 bombed civilain buildings killing everyone, I lost a brother , and my aunt and her entire family, my uncle and his entire family and my granparents.

All that was done by your people!!! you bombs, your soldiers, you M-16's

So do you see while i understand your pain , I find it hard to feel bad for you

GSH - Observer said...

lebnese liona;

i think the answer to your question is the G8 meeting:
The kidnaping too place in the same day as the G8 meeting moscow to divert the descussion from Iran's nuclear deal to a more alrming and serious issue....and it worked as planed. the G8 meeting didn't discuss anything but HA action and ISrael's Reaction...
that's why i said HA betrayed Lebanon.

Lirun said...

i have not asked you to feel bad for me.. even though i do in fact mourn for you.. i have only asked you to be respectful if you seek peace.. and if you prefer to use vile metaphors then im not interested.. however if you're prepared to moderate your own comments as i can 100% assure you that i do mine - then you will find an avid participant in me for peaceful dialog.. your choice

Dimitry said...

Er, you do know why Israel invaded?

Look. What everybody here are trying to hammer into you is that nothing that Lebanon has gone though is even close to the Holocaust. It isn't a request for sympathy. It's an attempt to make you understand that you make a utter fool out of yourself, and being about as offensive as it gets in the process.

Lebnese Liona said...


ok, but IRAN was going to reject the solution anyway.

Do you think that was a little too dramatic to deflect the focus on the nuclear issue?

Loli said...

Leb Liona,

I do hope you want peace. Frankly, your statements don't suggest that. Your responses to peaceful posts are quite aggressive.

If you want peace, you have to start working towards this goal, here and now.

Lebnese Liona said...

peace is what i want, so lets talk peacefully

Lebnese Liona said...


seriously, i want peace, but i also have no interest in talking to you after your remarks

Lirun said...


im not very good at drawing with unformatted text but thats supposed to be a plate of marinated pickled olives.. dig in


Lebnese Liona said...


thank yo for your gesture.




yuval from tlv said...

Ding Dong!!!!!!!!!!

are you a bit late to understand that?!?!?!?!

the europians won't help you, you don't get that don't you?

as far as they view it, they'll do anything they can to ease people lives..


if it threatns the EU economy (oil etc), or god forbid, a war with one of the EU members, then as far as they count - Syria will return to Lebanon and big time!!
all of the Syria opponents - dead.
Hezbollah - armed again.
Lebanese gov. - pupets.
Lebanese people - Prisoners!

so Ding Dong for you very very late understanding!

what else?
will you be suprised if you'll hear that Iran has a "hand" in all this??

for god sake, it takes you so long to understand!!!

GSH - Observer said...

lebnese liona;

correct, that was dramatic and provocative also...and this is the point.
Iran want the USA to know the following:
1. Iran is a major power in the area
2.USA can't play in the ME without inviting Iran or Sharing with Iran.
3.Iran's arms can reach the whole area.

Iran used HA to deliver the message.
For pure strategic reasons (not fundamentals) Syria got closer to Iran as a side kick, which will allow syria to "maybe" get lebanon back under its influence.

Lebnese Liona said...


thats a very nice conspiracy theaory, maybe there is some truth to it.

But here is the thing, it was the lebanese people who wanted to keep the HB armed in the south , no one else.

Also, there is a simple way to prove where nassralah stands.

give back shebaa farms and see if he still wants to be armed, if he does then the moderates and every lebanese would ask for his disarmerment.

wouldnt that have been an easier solution for everyone?

why doesnot isreal want to give that back? what teh big strategic deal for that peace of land?

Lirun said...

i think olmert is going to want to feel that he can assure israel's security.. i think its going to be a hard sell for him to our country that nasralla's offer is genuine.. israel's experience is that cease fires can be promised by some.. and if even honoured by the "untrustworthy" counterpart - there are often still break away factions that will disregard the commitment..

it may be different here given that HA is a much more centralised organisation that those of the palestinians.. but i think what is really needed is not necessarily a military benchmark but more an achievement of sorts..

i think this is where we have all been going severely wrong.. while a platter of HA skulls would have a strong impact i think there could be other more impressive achievements that could be achieved through non military means if the parties were prepared to go far enough..

at the end of the day its about trust..

i think if there was a massive petition that was signed by your average person on both sides.. not judging.. not condemning.. not promising.. but merely stating unequivocally that what we sought was peace - as the people of our region - i think that in itself would have an impact..

i think you and i talking amongst us and sharing our views with others is us doing something.. but we have to do more.. more frequently and lobby our representatives..

i sent a letter last night to tv channel 10,, to olmert.. to peres.. to peretz.. to livni.. to shalom.. to beilin to gal on and sent them a copy of our blog yesterday when we negotiated an agreement.. this tells them that people within want peace and thatpeople outside want peace.. i thanked them for seeking to defend me but reminded them that the greatest security they can ever dream to achieve for me and my nation will only happen through peace..

these voices need to multiply.. governments need to know this.. military intelligence doesnt collect this information!

we need to speak up!!

hoping you all join me in this effort to unconditionally express my desire for peace with my neighbours..

dont be afraid.. voice it

every person has a voice.. use it.. thats why god gave it to you

Lirun said...

ps loli is a very clear and balanced thinker..

Loli said...

Thank you, Lirun, for keeping some sanity here. I have reiterated my desire for peace but I seem completely misunderstood by Leb Liona and a couple Israelis (forgot their aliases). Peace requires empathy and understanding of the country on the other side of the fence, not constant rejection. That's why I try to keep a moderate and rational stand.

eran levi said...

Ok Liona let me respond each of your questions and marks by the order you wrote them, but before take a look at the post I wrote just before you wrote yours, about the horrible comparison between the Israelis and the Nazis.

Now for referring to your comments and questions:

A. it is partially true that Hezbollah did hold their rockets for the period of the 48 hours suggested by Olmert to the US secretary of state. It was obvious that Hezbollah is very interested in a cease fire – suits them right – they are loosing more infrastructure and precious manpower each day – they need this cease fire at all cost, this is why they played along in hope Israel will extend it’s air strike cease fire further more – it didn’t happened though and the conflict went on. It’s Important to mention that Hezbollah didn’t waited 48 hours – it broke the so called “partial cease fire” 5 hours before it expired mind you… a terrorist remains a terrorist.
B. False! PM Olmert never did say the rocket threat was eliminated! I don’t know where you draw your information from – but I listen to all his speeches as well as the speeches of ministers in our government and in the army. No one said the Hezbollah lost it’s ability to fire missiles and rockets, just that the long ranged missiles program was severally hurt – actually they said very clearly that such an aim is extremely hard to achieve and in order to minimize the threat they need at least one more week.
C. The IDF is acting all over south Lebanon right now, Hezbollah cowardly hides inside urban places and among the local population, this is a complicated battle that requires the Israeli army to act and scan every house in every town, I don’t know exactly where the army has been or what he has done – but I assure you – huge part of Hezbollah’s infrastructure was found and dismantled and I trust my army completely to clean south Lebanon up from all Hezbollah presence with minimum casualties in their time schedule, according to plan.
D. Israel has videos showing armament captured inside that hospital in Baal Bek – and there was shooting alright that night – from the “locals”. Rest assure this was beyond doubt a Hezbollah base and many Hezbollah died that day. the point of the operation in Baal Bek was to let the Hezbollah know that we can get them where ever they are – whenever we want to. not for one second did we claim to capture any Hezbollah leaders in that raid – to my belief it doesn’t really matters – we proved that we can get into Hezbollah headquarters, in and out, without casualties while surprising Hezbollah in his own town of operation deep inside Lebanon.
E. You are right – our military officials were quick to make a statement, there was a confusion and the army explained that when they were saying they “control” the village – they were actually meaning they have ruling position that enabled them to strike at any hostilities. I agree Israeli officials should be more careful from now on with their declaration. Part of the reason that there is still fighting in places the army claims were cleaned is that after the forces left the towns for a period new terrorists nestled in.
F. Listen – in Israel we don’t hide our casualties, we are morally obliged to give full report of our dead to the public. Sometimes we inform about those who fell in battle only a day after they died – because of decision made in the army and media that the first people to know about those who died should be the lost one’s family. We NEVER hide casualties from the public more than a day. so far almost 30 Israeli soldiers died since the beginning of this war and the kidnapping of our soldiers. Believe the Israeli media – unlike Al-manaar and Al-Jazhira it is not a propaganda media – it’s job is to supply correct and complete information to the public so it can judge the situation justly. Unlike in your country – in my country the public can actually make a change! Therefore is in need of a reliable source of information.
G. Israel’s army will not hide it’s casualties (unless they are in the middle of a battle and the information can risk their lives). If a ship was hit – it would have been reported by now. Hezbollah’s poor attempts of convincing you it’s actually able to pose a real block to the Israeli forces is pathtic. They may be sneaky and devious sort – but they are far from a match to the IDF.
H. Hezbollah suffered 400 dead in the recent Israeli ground assault. Face it, it’s an almost accurate assessment that relies on body count on the battle field. I’ll tell you exactly how can it be proved – you’ll see very soon how Hezbollah military resistance in south Lebanon is evaporated and then you’ll understand how badly Hezbollah is trying to cover it’s losses.

Eran Levi
Shoham, Israel

Itai said...

Wow this is going nowhere. Here's something nice :-) The Middle East Buddy List:

yuval from tlv said...

my suggestions to you, is not to view El-Manar or El-jazira..
they're propoganda t.v. stations..

if you want true reliable t.v. sources watch CNN,BBC,Sky News, etc..

then you'll get to understand the true image of this conflict..

do you think HB will admite it's casualties?

sure no.. cause then they'll loose their so important public opinion..

and believe me HB is a proxy of Syria, they support them, and arm them..
do you think they're figting for lebanon soverignity?
they're figting to make Lebanon weaker in order for Syria and Iran to get an easier influence over Lebanon..

if you want the final proove, Hezbollah means the party of god..
who do you think they'll support?
democratic Free Lebanon?
or an islamic Iranian style of Lebanon?

eyal said...

Although seeing death kids is horrible and I feel so sorry for everyone who died in this war (except HA terrorists) you must see and read, I beleive that some of the ppl which think that we are savages will understand who is the real savage

Omer (israeli) said...

Leb Liona,
You seem not to get it. HEZ attacked israel, and its being saying for years that it will.
Face it, They might be protecting lebanon now, but they are a menace.

I heared Nasrallah say something like: "You mean liberate north israel? well thats part of a much larger plan involving the Pl's"

I understand that HEZ is giving you back a sense of honour, but they are totaly fundementlist.

They will never leave israel alone: not sheba, not prisoners, not Pl's. For HEZ the long range plan is to get rid of us.

Do you want us to give them candy? its there fundmentle belif that to kill us is moral. Hey, after all this is "Dar AL-Harb". Narallah said in a speech in Nov,25: "Its our natural right to kidnap israeli soldiers".

HEZ is a menace, anyway you look at them. For israel they are both short and long term threats.

But i can understand that you rather stand by while we get murdered.
Besides i belive that lebanon would long get "Shebba farms" (even thou the us resolution decided that its not lebanese, rather syrian is beside the point) If they didn't foster hostile organization against israel.
You dont belive me? well, thats in your right.

Fighting Sullyvan said...

I think it is a great idea for you Lebanese and you Israelis to get together and work for peace on your own, without the interference of your leaders.

Know this though, you Lebanese that reach out in friendship to your Israeli counterparts will be branded traitors and open for intimidation by Hezbollah thugs. You need to make sure that you have your own protection to counter this anticipated Hezbollah response.

Good luck to all of you!

FreeCyprus said...

one of the most interesting blogs on the net...stay well, stay safe, and keep on bloggin

-- FreeCyprus

FreeCyprus said...

we here in Greece are making fun of Syria and Iran...they are sitting on their asses "yap, yap, yapping" as we say

God bless the innocent people dying in the conflict

Itai said...

eyal the peole who staged it and the reporters that went along with it are the most disgusting, vile people i've ever heard of. yuuuuccccck

chen said...

lebanese liona- about the sheba'a farms:

January 20, 2005 UN Secretary-General's report on Lebanon stated: "The continually asserted position of the Government of Lebanon that the Blue Line is not valid in the Shab'a farms area is NOT compatible with Security Council resolutions. The Council has recognized the Blue Line as valid for purposes of confirming Israel’s withdrawal pursuant to resolution 425 (1978)."

Timur Goksel, a spokesman for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) told the BBC that: "on all maps the UN has been able to find, the farms are seen on the Syrian side [of the border]." [BBC News (London), 25 May 2000.]

Lebanese army maps published in 1961 and 1966 -- among others -- clearly show the Shebaa Farms area (including Zebdine, Fashkoul, Mougr Shebaa, and Ramta) as being on the Syrian side of the border. All known Syrian maps, and all known Lebanese Ministry of Tourism maps, also show the Lebanese-Syrian border running west of the Shebaa Farms, which would place Shebaa Farms to the east of the border and therefore within Syria

A Lebanese military map, published in 1966, showing the Shebaa Farms as being on the Syrian side of the border-

how can u stick to this ridiculous
claim, of sheba farms the "occupied lebanese land",is beyond me.

Itai said...

Yes, I'm convinced. Kana "massacre" was staged. These are the most disgusting people I've ever heard of:

Lebanese rescue teams did not start evacuating the building until the morning and only after the camera crews came. The absence of a real rescue effort was explained by saying that equipment was lacking. There were no scenes of live or injured people being extracted.
There was little blood, CNN's Wedeman noted: all the victims, he concluded, appeared to have died while as they were sleeping -- sleeping, apparently, through thunderous Israeli air attacks. Rescue workers equipped with cameras were removing the bodies from the same opening in the collapsed structure. Journalists were not allowed near the collapsed building.

Rescue workers filmed as they went carried the victims on the stretchers, occasionally flipping up the blankets so that cameras could show the faces and bodies of the dead.

But Israelis steeled to scenes of carnage from Palestinian suicide bombings and Hezbollah rocket attack could not help but notice that these victims did not look like our victims. Their faces were ashen gray. While medical examination clearly is called for to arrive at a definitive dating and cause of their deaths, they do not appear to have died hours before. The bodies looked like they had been dead for days.

Viewers can judge for themselves. But the accumulating evidence suggests another explanation for what happened at Kana. The scenario would be a setup in which the time between the initial Israeli bombing near the building and morning reports of its collapse would have been used to "plant" bodies killed in previous fighting -- reports in previous days indicated that nearby Tyre was used as a temporary morgue -- place them in the basement, and then engineer a "controlled demolition" to fake another Israeli attack.

The well-documented use by Palestinians of this kind of faked footage -- from the alleged shooting of Mohammed Dura in Gaza, scenes from Jenin of "dead" victims falling off gurneys and then climbing back on -- have merited the creation of a new film genre called "Palliwood."

There is increasing evidence that the Kana sequel is another episode in this genre, a variety which might be called Hezbollywood. The Hezbollah have evidently learned their craft well

reem said...

I just wanted to let you know that your phrase below which you wrote in your last post was quoted on the news analysis programme Newsnight on one of the BBC's local channels. It is a hihly regarded programme with sharp analysis and very senior guests. Congratulations! ...your name wasn't given, but our blog's address was of course. Reem

"you not only destroyed the dreams of an entire generation of Lebanese (i.e. my own, and probably my children's). But, you guys and your government just shot yourselves in the foot! "

BeeJ said...

Fuck you all. You are all a bunch of manipulated losers. Whether you have an opinion or not, it doesnt really make a difference -- not to lebanon, not to Israel, or Hizbollah. If you are so concerned, why dont you go down there and fight on either side instead of making hypocritical stupid ass comments on this blog. Fuck you and your views. Fuck your emotions and which side you stand on. Fuck your conspiracy theory. Fuck which side you stand on, and fuck your memories. You are being manipulated into that which you dont know. You have no idea, and now you can kiss my white ass.

doron said...


well liona, israeli people dosn't see it as a chance for peace.
to answer your question, we want 2 things: 1) the immediate and unconditional release of the two soldiers. 2) somehow making sure HB is unable to attack us again, by disarming it in the long run and by putting somekind of armed forces in south lebanon (it can be the lebnese army for that matter).

just stoping the fire and going back to the situation we lived in 4 weeks ago, when HB is constantly threatning israel, sitting near the border and is equipped with thousends of missiles is not a chance for peace. if we go back to this scenario it is only a matter of time until iran, whose president said he wants to eliminate israel, will push HB to attack us again.

I live in Tel Aviv. I was here when Sadam fired 40 missiles. I think HB will fire 1 or 2 this friday and I am not afraid. but i think anyone who lives in lebanon or care about it should be, because if missiles will reach TA then our gov. will have all the reasons in the world (and public support) to take lebanon 50 years back.

Yohay Elam said...

Lebanon takes fire from everyone.
You can add Iran to the list of punishers. They encourage the Hezbollah and send weapons through Syria.
You can also add the Saudis for standing on the sidelines, just like the Europeans. It's quite weird, since the Saudis invested so much money into Lebanon.
Well, my country isn't so helpful, to say the least...

Ben said...

Du calme, mon cher ... Iran is swaggering loudly at the moment; a time for steady steel, yes?

But something you can clarify to those of us whose languages are all European: what did Nazrallah actually say? I have blogged that "We will strike Tel Aviv if you strike central Beirut" is relatively sane ... perhaps a gesture. But such as CNN as saying "after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed to strike Tel Aviv in retaliation for Israel's bombardment of Beirut", quite a different matter.

I've been reminding people of how the Cuban Missile Crisis was wound-down after "men of good will" succeeded in communicating by slight gestures. We cannot abandon the ground to the crude and rude.

may our children's children know all of this only as distant memories


Chas said...

Nasrallah said he HB would fore missiles at Tel Aviv if Israel bombed central Bierut. Israel responded by saying they wouls destroy Lebanon's infrastructure if tel Aviv was hit.
Israel also said they were extending their zone of occupation to the Litani river. Source BBC world news.
Israel has gone form a 1km security zone to 4 km to 7 km to the Litani river in a matter of days. They have also gone from incursions to full scale occupation.

zumbooruk said...

It is so sad to read/hear about what is going on in the middle east, with scores of innocent civilians getting hurt/killed on both sides, but regardless of your feelings about the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians and Arab neighbors, even if you believe there is more culpability on Israel's part for whatever reason, please ponder the following:

If the Arabs put down their weapons, there would be no more violence.

If the Jews put down their weapons, there would be no more Jews.

Chas said...

sorry for spelling mistakes .. and just to say I still hope for peace.

Chas said...

Couldn't you just stop firing your weapons, without actually putting them down?
It would be a terrible loss to the whole world, even the arab world, if there were no more Jews.
It would also be a loss if there were no more Lebanon.

Ilya (Russian) said...


Olmert said: If Hezbollah will return Israeli soldiers - Israel will stop. Here is a chance for peace.
Additionaly, if Lebanon goverment will put THEIR forces to the border, removing Hezbollah Terrorists from it - Israel will STOP bombings. Here is second chance for the peace.

Ilya (Russian) said...

And I also wish to survive to all people in Lebanon and Israel.

Tichondrius1 said...

ilya, save yor breath, no point in trying to reason with "lebnese liona", he is not capable of logical thinking and all his arguments are driven by prejudice and hate (and he can't even spell lebanese). Even though he lives in america, he seems to be more brain-washed than hezbollah supporters.

You can read back on some of he's NONSENSE - like claiming Israel bombed the UN post to send them a message (not sure what message though). When he's statements are questioned, he doesn't even respond with any proof to support his claims. So it's best to just ignore him.

Skymuse said...

May I humbly suggest that after all this is over, that you *PLEASE LEAVE ISRAEL ALONE* This would involve NOT shooting rockets over the border, NOT kidnapping/killing soldiers, NOT sending terrorists over the border to detonate themselves in crowded city areas, and generally NOT supporting people that call for the extermination of anyone.

Ever notice that when you keep to yourself that the bombs don't fall? It's one of those really cool benefits to having a civilized society.

And quit with the western-powers blame game -- you middle easterners don't want us involved until you're getting killed, usually as a result of your own actions. Then you whine that we didn't do enough to keep peace when it is plain you don't want it in the first place, at least not by conventional definitions.

Lie down with terrorists, wake up in craters. We're all sick of trying to talk with savages bent on our destruction, that of the US and Israel. There are plenty of us in the US that would in fact like to see our military involved so that it would end quickly -- the problem for you is that we would come to the aid of OUR FRIEND ISRAEL in their pursuit of wiping out HA. HA, as you might recall, has gotten away with the murder of hundreds of US soldiers and civilians over the last 20 years, and we have done NOTHING about it.

If you cannot or will not reign in the terrorist elements of your society, then your society is by definition a supporter of terrorism and will not garner much sympathy.

Lycanthropy said...

the sadder thing is that we are slipping back even further , it seems that the ayatollahs are coming for us this time, with their puppets in syria cheering them on

Lirun said...

venezuela has just recalled their ambassador from israel..

thepoetryman said...

I am an American and you are not helping matters by using inflamatory language that only benefits your small view of the world. Do you honestly think that the US or Israeli governments (not the innocent peoples) are actually looking out for the best interests of the region? Shortsighted at best. Your comment alone is reason enough to disengage with is the way the world percieves the US my friend... The world (majority) see the US as the terrorist...did you know that? It is rhetoric and ignorance such as yours that has given America the award for most hated country. Not from jealousy of our freedoms as many of your ilk are privy to say, but from deep hatred of our hypocritical policies and our invasion of foreign land and our instillation of permanent military bases...the list goes on and on... The US does much good but generally there is no altruistic value to our is usually attached (unbeknownst to us) with a price... Until you truly understand the regional conflict in the Middle East might I suggest you not make such broadstrokes with your comments regarding "our friend Israel"... Please. You're blowing too much smoke...

Sherri said...

Lebanon is not a supporter of terrorists. Lebanon is a country with a Democratic government that has been under siege for over 3 weeks, a country subjected to the displacement of over 1 million of its residents by Israeli bombing, and a country that has had 700 or more innocent civilians killed by Israeli bombings. Over one-half of the displaced people and dead civilians are children. Human Rights organizations have documented over 50 pages of humans rights violations perpetrated by Israel against Lebanese civilians.
This includes the use of cluster bombs on civilians and the targeting of civilian sites, like residences.

Why is it that my fellow Americans think that we have the right to dictate to the rest of the world how they handle their affairs? What makes us so morally superior?
And why should the United States even be involved in this conflict?

Since 9/11, we have made a list of all our enemies and labelled it "terrorists." We then have set out to destroy all "terrorists" in the world and "anyone who harbors terrorists." In this war against evil and the uncivilized and morally inferior of the world and the terrorists of the world, we have already managed to start two wars (in Afghanistan and Iraq) and are essentially participating in this war by providing Israel with weapons to kill Lebanon's innocent civilians and by continuing to oppose an immediate cease fire that will end the killing and destruction of the country of Lebanon.

Israel calls this campaign a war on terror, but this has nothing to do with fighting terrorists. The issue is that Israel continues to have possession of Arab land in violation of between 20 and 60 United Nations Resolutions and there are unresolved issues relating to the Palestinians having their own separate country within the Occupied Territories and issues between Lebanon and Israel over loand and unreturned prisoners.

The present Israeli Lebanon conflict has nothing at all to do with 9/11 and the US war on terror. It was Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaida behind that (a radical Sunni Muslim organization). Hezbollah is a Shiite Muslim group. The leaders of these two groups do not like each other and generally Shiite and Sunni Muslims do not get along, either. An example of this is when the Taliban (a fundamental Sunni Muslim government) was in control in Afhanistan. Iran (with a fundamental Shiite Muslim government) tried to have diplomatic relations with them. They sent representatives there. The Taliban executed Iran's representatives. At that point, there were no more diplomatic relationships with the two governments. No war resulted, because Afganistan was so poor, what would Iran had achieved by a war with Afghanistan. I do not think that Iran has started any wars for the past 50 or more years.

Lirun said...


so to sum up your views..

israel is lead by war criminals

the USA is bad at public relations

and iran has only dove farms and seeks nothing but love.. bear hugs and honey kisses..

hmm.. dubious.. and a very bland analysis - i'm not sure how much you have contributed to our discussion.. or to the suffering people of lebanon and israel

thanks for trying

wishing peace to our region and the continuation of more meaningful discussion - such as we have seen over the past few days..

stupidity can be harmful

Lirun said...

news on tv shows the story of a young lady

maayan bar yoel from a northern town had her house totally blasted into nothing by HA.. she desribes the shock and the horror of being the destination of a rocket.. she is an artist and all of her artwork and paintings have been ripped apart by the impact and her house reduced to rubble and declared "unfit" (fancy that).. computers ruined and all personal belongings almost destroyed.. she collects whats left of her life and loads her car with cds and little nicknaks that she has collected through her life.. looters have since stolen her car with the salvaged items in it and taken whatever was left from her house..

the tv anchor jokes and says "watch out.. next someone might confiscate your cat"

maayan laughs.. she speaks of her sadness and be she tells her story with a soft smile..

she doesnt have a home anymore..

her peace and tranquility is her personal victory - what a legend..

Tichondrius1 said...

This blog is really pathetic and I don't mean the responses but the original writers esp Raja and doha. They really add nothing as far as I'm concerned, I get a much better pictures from analytical opinions at other news sites. I wanted to get the opinion of actual lebanese people, but all I see is a very narrow minded view like saying everyone supports Hezbollah or trying to exagerate the situation in Lebanon. There are other sites and blogs where real lebanese give a much better picture of what's going on without trying to put a deceptive spin on everything. And Doha just writes a bunch of useless speeches about shattered lives, but it's all remote and second hand. Truely I can see why lebanon ended up where it is today.

Mirvat said...

you're the only one worth replying to obviously. so nasrallah said:
"if israel strikes center beirut we will not hesitate to hit tel-aviv with God's will. know that this will be only a reaction and not an action"

Sherri said...

Open My Eyes God

Every breath that I take
I owe it all to you, God
Everyone in this world
Created by you, God
From Beebe, Arkansas to Tehran, Iran
From My Lai, Vietnam to Hiroshima, Japan
Everyone in this world
Made in the image of you, God

Open my eyes, God
Help me to see
This beautiful world, God
That you made for me
(And everyone else in this world)
Open my eyes, God
Help me to feel
Love for my neighbors
All over this world
Open my eyes, God
Help me to be
The person who I, God
Was created to be

For God so loved this world
That he gave up his son
To die on the cross
To save this world from sin
From Falluja, Iraq to Beirut, Lebanon
From Kigali, Rwanda to Darfur, Sudan
God wants us to all know about Christ
Repent from our sins
And become children of God

Chorus repeats

God wants us to love him with all of our hearts
To love him with all of our minds
To love him with all of our souls
And to love our neighbors as ourselves
From Abu Ghraib, Iraq to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
From Jerusalem, Israel to Ramallah, Palestine
God wants us to love him and love one another
For God is all about love

Chorus Repeats

How do we love one another
By reaching out and caring for others
By sharing with everyone else in this world
How God has changed our lives
From Havana, Cuba to Caracas, Venezuela
From New Delhi, India to Islamabad, Pakistan
Let us join hands and pray for each other
And share our faith with everyone in this world

Chorus Repeats

I am sorry if I have offended anyone with any of my posts. That was not my intent. I pray God keeps all of you safe and gives you peace.

John said...


How come you speak solely of "the occupied lebanese lands" (shabaa farms) as a crime against the lebanese, and don't have anything to say about the Israeli lands in the Bakaa which were confiscated by lebanon in 1923 and never given back?

Lirun said...

straight to deep south idol


John said...

Sherri said...

I am not aware of this issue. I thought Israel became a state in 1948. I am also not familiar with the details of all the United Nations Resoltions involving Israel. The point I was trying to make is that this is not simply an issue of controlling a terrorist organization, which is how Israel and the United States are portraying it. I really think what is making the area unstable is the Palestinian problem, the oppression and living conditions of the Palestinians and their not having their own country and the anger that it generates in Israel's Arab and Muslim neighbors, including Hezbollah. Why can't that issue be resolved? I saw a Documentary called Gaza Strip from 2001 the other day that showed kids throwing rocks at soldiers and being shot and killed and chemical weapons being used against chidren, documented by Humanitarian Groups. I saw TV reports the other day of deaths of civilians in Gaza, after leaflets were distributed warning them of bombings to occur in their neighborhoods. Where are they supposed to go? Or is the idea that this will force them to leave the Occupied lands and they will not be allowed to return? There is just such a sense of injustice and I think that fuels the hate and radicalism in Hamas and Hezbollah.


eran levi said...

“Sherri said...
I really think what is making the area unstable is the Palestinian problem.
Why can't that issue be resolved?”

This is the million dollar question now isn’t it? Maybe the ones you should ask though are the ones who fired hundreds of Quassam rockets from the Gaza strip day and night into Israeli towns after Israeli forces withdraw from it a year ago, these are the same people who dug a tunnel under the UN recognized border and killed a border guarding tank crew and capturing one of it’s soldiers that was protecting a perfectly legal Israeli town inside Israel’s recognized borders – all this again, long after Israel left Gaza’s soil to the last inch!

Admit it Sherri, there are no “recognized borders” as far as these fanatic terror groups such as Hamas or Hezbollah concern, the very existence of Israel in the Middle East is illegal in their view – they want us out and they will stop at nothing to accomplish that.

The only ones that can resolve this problem is the Palestinian authority, by taking control of the streets and putting an end to Anarchy and armed terror militias. And it’s exactly the Same in Lebanon. Israeli Prime minister Ehoud Barak proved in year 2000 in camp David that he was ready to sign peace agreement with the Palestinians and solve all occupation issues almost to the last inch. It was the Palestinians that chose to throw the offer away and begin a new wave of violence – someday they will get a grip of sanity and maybe then peace will be insight.

For the time being we should solve the Lebanese conflict first – and the only possible end for this is neutralizing Hezbollah’s military strength and reducing it to a non threatening level.

John said...


I just wanted to show you that it's not so simple, and there is more than one side to the issue.

I think that "concern for the palestinian brothers" is a very very very LAME excuse for waging a war (Mind you, it's the same excuse every time there's violence in: Indeonesia, Venezuela, Chechnia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Seattle, Beonus-Aires, Paris, Jordan and Yaman (partial list).Oh, and I think that there was violence once in northern Ireland "for our palestinian brothers" (but I have to check on that one).

How about it? If next monday I'll (hypothetically , I assure you feel like shooting somebody anywhere in the world - I have a handy excuse at hand - the suffer of the palestinian people / the suffer of the Tibetians / the suffer of sub-sahara blacks (heck, there's a lot of human suffer to go around).

Instead of waging a war, why don't Lebanon, Syria, Eygpt, Jordan and the palestinian Authority make their life a bit better? How about building them proper neighborhoods instead of these stinking and tiny 40 years old refugee camps? How about giving the palestinians in their states Citizenships and Social Rights? What's the excuse, they didn't find the time to do so?

I'll tell you why - because it's convenient. It's a handy excuse to blame Israel. Nobody really cares about those people. Let me tell you a story: in the early seventies, there was a ISRAELI iniative to tear down the refugee camp in Jericho (built in 1948) and build a normal neighborhood for the sake of the people. Do you know why it was never accomplished? because the citizens of the camps held violent demonstrations against the idea, because they feared that public attention would go away if they had better life conditions. The same iniative was repeated and canceled again (due to violence) in the late seventies. Moreover, Israel game the palestinian Authority in 1993-1995 millions of dollars to build proper housing in Gaza. Let's say gently that housing did not come out of it (it probably balanced arafat's bank very well).

About the violence in Gaza. I agree there's a lot of unnecessary violence, but it's on both sides. Israel withdrew a year ago from the Gaza strip completely, despite the threat of a civil war (that threat isn't gone yet, so don't lecture the Israelis about Lebanon not able to do harsh things because of the concern of civil war. we're on the verge of it too, and it didn't stop the withdrawal from Gaza. better yet - the withdrawal was done even though it meant a security problem for israel, since the palestinian violence did not stop). After the withdrawal and the end of Isreali occupation of Gaza, the violence against Israel did not stop. Up to now ( when the soldier was kidnapped from the Israeli side of the border) Israel did not go in to Gaza despite rockets landing every day on the Israeli side (20 dead and more than 60 wounded, thanx for asking).

When the Local everyday hobby in Gaza is shooting rockets from civilian areas, what do you want Israel to do? It can only restrain itself for a short while- Israel's politians get public criticism as well...

And one more thing: The Kadima party was elected with a big majority a few month ago under the slogan of withdrawaling from the west bank (again, despite of the threat of civil war). There was about 70 percent of the israelis in favor of the plan. The three kidnappings came at the worst time possible, if there's such a concern for the palestinains - I assure you that after the lebanese "concern" the public opinion in Israel will not allow Olmert (or anyone else) to get the withdrawal under way in the next couple of years.

John said...

in the fourth paragraph, them= palestinian refugees from 1948/1967.

seeker said...

There are many different people here from both sides of the boarder and from the entire scope of political orientation, As much as I don’t agree with some of them be them Israelis of Lebanese they try to contribute to the conversation and there point of views.
As LOLI said and wisely we see the perceptions or misperceptions for that matter and learn and communicate and hopefully solve this damnable situation or at least grow in the process.
My perception (as an Israeli) that many Lebanese are too concentrated on their own plight to view the whole picture.
I concede that many Israelis in this blog are concentrating in their own plight to view the whole picture.
I can understand both sides, being under attack puts introspection the furthest thing from your mind. ALBEIT I find it counter productive.
What I DO NOT UNDERSTAND is why a person that has good intentions at heart such as yourself and is outside of this conflict (Arkansas I presume) far away from any of the consequences of the actual state of affairs and or it’s outcome, is seeing only one side of the conflict.

1. A conflict has 2 sides not one. Unless you discover that you don’t understand the problem, and a problem you do not understand is unsolvable.
2. Siding with any of us on the basis of demonizing the other side, just puts more fire to the conflict and will help exactly the opposite of your stated goals.

Don’t misunderstand me you are welcomed to give your opinions, I just think that as an outsider that stated her goals as opening our eyes you own us objectivity. The key is being productive, and as an outsider you have more ability than us in that regard.

No Offence your opinion is important, but it must be productive.

Lirun said...

seeker i totally agree with you

there some great turning points here over the past few days.. lebnese liona has renounced aggressive posting and professed that she seeks peace and mirvat has messaged me telling me she seeks peace as well..

i think a lot of us are passionate.. its about channelling the passion to the right cause and in a way that invites others to see our commonality..

our goals are so similar - its only our visions that are different.. if learn about eachother rather than shoot eachother's views down we have a real chance of peace..

believing in it more today than ever before.. i have made so many friends on through blogging..

loli's words are always clear and balanced and dany show's a healthy pragmatism.. many good minds here.. hopefully being productive about our issues will infect more and more people..

always appreciate the balance you bring.. you represent us well


Omer (israeli) said...

I looked at the evidance of the so called "Cana hoax". Its just a classical conspiracy with no proof. Yes, less people died then intially supposed. But that doesn't mean they didn't really die.
And further more, your analysis is far from that of the IDF investigative commite that said that the second explosion 8 hours after the intial strike was casued by one of the missiles that hasen't detonated. There might have been ammunition in the building, but that can't be proved. IDF claims, thou, that rockets were lanched from a porch of that building earlier that day.
All this may be correct, But there is no substential evidance to prove that "Cana" was a hoax. The supposed "evidance" is not enoght to prove a thing. And i guess will add its share of conspiracy theroies this world has.

I say this only in the name of truth. Conspiracy theories are abundent in our world,as you may know, alot of them concerning jews.

William In The West said...

It is my view that to defend our (The West's) freedom and democracy, that we see what Israel is doing is correct. Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran and Syria and Al Qaeda et al cannot succeed. In the full spirit of war, Israel has to crush Hezbollah and if Hezbolla chooses to fire rockets from within the community without let or hindrance, it is they that are causing the death of innocent children - and it gives Israel the very right to make sure that they eradicate Hezbollah, regardless of the death toll to the Lebanese. How can Israel's response be seen as disproportionate? Death of civilian Israelis is balanced by the death of civilian Lebanese - an equal equation, regardless of numbers. The Lebanese should never have let Hezbollah rule southern Lebanon and they should never have allowed Iran and Syria to provide them with these rockets, without knowing what the consquences would be (and on hindsight - Israel should never have left Lebanon). In the full spirit of war, how can Israel negotiate with Lebanon, with Hazbollah, with Iran, with Syria, with Al Qaeda when these people cannot abide by the rules of peace or war - all they want is to indoctrinate suicide bombers into destroying us in The West and all we stand for - and they want Sharia law to prevail in Europe!!! What a joke. The Arc of Extremeism across the Arab world, the Axis of Evil between Iran and Syria has to be weakened and destroyed by the West, no matter what the cost... our freedom and freedom of thoughts and freedom for women depend upon it. Carry on Israel, carry on.

Lirun said...

im excited.. i have come up with an idea for comprehensive peace - i will post it tomorrow..

wishing us all a safe day

we can do it!!

Itai said...

Omer (israeli), first of all i'm not saying civilians didn't get killed in IAF strikes and I'm not saying we're saints either. But what bothers me the most is that all the TV networks lost their ethics and published popaganda staged by Hezbollah in order to instiagate hate. Look at the pictures again:

Even if you don't think bodies were added later from morgues watch how they paride and pose the bodies for the cameras. These are certainly NOT authentic pictures of rescue attempts. This is not journalism this is Hezbolliwood.

CNN, MSNBC, SKY, CBS all of them, they broadcast dead babies porn.
The HZA and "press photographers" who took part in this are loathsome creatures.

I'm not buying conspiracy theories but look for yourself and think for youself.
I suggest you keep in mind previous Palliwood productions like "The Jenin Massacre" and "The A-Dura massacre" (Netzarim 2000)

The A-Dura film proves without a doubt that it was a staged scene. Yet I'll bet that although it was proved years ago you haven't heard of it yet and of course the entire world remebers that the Jews executed a father and his child.

Dimitry said...

sherri - are you even aware that all maps from before Israeli occupatrion of Shebaa, but all of them, show them on the Syrian side of the border? Shabaa was never Lebanese territory. The only way Lebanon can have a valid claim on it is if Syria signs away to them all their claims. But guess what, that never happened.

Shabaa farm is an excuse to continue Hiz offensive against Israel.

Shirin said...

Why the Europeans have been talking to Syria and not to Israel or Lebanon. I don't think Lebanon need Syria, I think Lebanon need to be free... free of Syria, free of Israel and Israely attacks and free of Hizbollah.
Lebanon is an independent country. Lebaneses citizenes are strong.
Maybe if Syria and Hizbolla werent in Lebanon... the war would not take place.


Shirin from Lebanon

Anton Efendi said...

Dude, relax. Pay attention who's talking and who's not talking, and who's saying what.

This is Miguel Angel Moratinos. In other words, absolutely nobody. An old buddy of the Syrians. This is Spain. Spain is not a player. What are the US and France saying? Exactly. Where are the Russians? Exactly.

This is just noise. Useless chatter. Relax. Don't fall for the propaganda of the regime's hounds both in the media and in the blogosphere. This is all absolutely meaningless.

Lirun said...


where in lebanon are you right now?


Fighting Sullyvan said...

Sherri's husband is Iranian. He is likely a major shaper of her views. Not that she can't think for herself, but he is likely a big influence on what she reads and believes.

Shirin - Of course. No Hezbollah, no war. Israel does not have territorial ambitions for Lebanon. That is, they do not covet Lebanese land. They left South Lebanon 6 years ago. What did they get for that? Massive missle build up and repeated strikes by Hezbollah and a Syrian controlled Lebanese puppet state that tacitly condoned Hezbollah.

dougjnn said...

I’m curious as to where the Lebanese Shi’a come from. As far as I know there aren’t that many of them among the Palestinians and they’re a much smaller percentage in Syria I think. Why so thick on the ground in Lebanon?

Anyone know their history in Lebanon going back awhile? I mean before the French mandate, etc.

Rodolfo Poliak said...

John wrote:

"I think that "concern for the palestinian brothers" is a very very very LAME excuse for waging a war (Mind you, it's the same excuse every time there's violence in: Indeonesia, Venezuela, Chechnia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Seattle, Beonus-Aires, Paris, Jordan and Yaman (partial list).Oh, and I think that there was violence once in northern Ireland "for our palestinian brothers" (but I have to check on that one)".

I'm from Argentina (buenos aires), Here we don't have the type of violence that you said in your post. We have 2 days of violence (not civil war) due to our corrupt politicians, who were stolen our money. In our country civil wars do not exist, there is violence (less than in many of the countries of the first world, and i am sure more less than in US), but, we had never violence here because of "our palestinian brothers", so, get better informed of what you are going to post.

PS: sorry about my english, i do not practice too much. (i read it very often, but not talk o write it)

seeker said...

Thank you, I think you achieved quite a bit, I was surprised to see some people change their orientation from blaming to talking (My suprised is solely attributed to my aged gained cynicsm).However I must admit that the world seems greener, rounder and much more friendly meeting all these people on the net, maybe internet is the cure for all illness (Well I will shutup before my cynicsm will take over).

Rodolfo Poliak,
I think John mentioned the Israeli embassy bombing in Argentina.
ninguna necesidad de disculparse, su ingles es much mejor que mi espanol :)

The Middle East News Addict said...

To George Best (oactally not so much 'best')

I understand that you hate Jews again. You are the kind of person who probably liked them better as they waved at you from the back of a train car heading to Auschwitz,; not when they have the capability to defend themselves.

Perhaps it is time that the moderator of this thread excercise some required judment... please

The Middle East News Addict said...

To Lebanese Liona

I am delighted to see that you have toned down your warlike messages in your comment to Lirun. Everybody who has been follwing your comments would notice that. It only shows that these kinds of internet discussions can overcome brdiges

abou al jamejem said...

would like you guys to excuse me just a bit, especially those of you who don't speak arabic. Lak ayri bi Neseralla, Wayri bi Lahood el mastoul, w ari bi Michel Aon el khayen, dammarou el balad. Now I would like to translate what I just said. Fuck Neseralla, fuck Emil Lahood our Idiot president, and fuck Michel Aoun the former General who became pro Syrian. When the fuck Iran and Syria are going to leave us alone. Iran should be destroyed. All of you guys who support Huzeballa are bunch of idiots. Huseballa dosen't give a fuck about us, they care more about their masters in Iran and Syria. Hasan neseralla Ayri betrayed not only lebanon but his own people. thank you all.

Lebnese Liona said...

abou al jamejem,

F U too!!!

U idiot, the only reason nassralah is working wiht iran and syria is because he needs the WEAPONS YOU DIP SHIT.

Just like isreal work with the US to get the F 16 ,etc...

Or did you expect him to invent the weapons in his back yard!!!

And ofcourse you say F him and the president , thats because you are pro Jaajaa. So F U and the OUwet El Lebnania. You wont last after this war is over believe me!!

abou al jamejem said...

Lebanese Leona, by the way this name is a sissy name. Hasen neseralla is getting 500 million dollars from israel every year for what? they are fighting a proxy war for iran. shame on them they destroyed lebanon. and the biggest losers are the shiaa. i am not a ga3ga3 supporter, i just like to say the truth. by the way fuck you and fuck your neseralla and fuck hezeb al chaytan. Neseralla can not even speak clearly. he is going to face his destiny oneday.

abou al jamejem said...

I meant to say he is getting 500 million from Iran.

abou al jamejem said...

you threating me, see that's what I am talking about, heszeballa's weapon is to threating other lebanese not for fighting israel. lak enta ya ayri baddak thedded. any party in lebanon if you give them the weapon and the money that iran gives el huzeb they can have an militia and threating other lebanese.

Lebnese Liona said...

abou al jamejem,

i am not talking to you about this anymore.

you got your opinion and i got mine, lets leave ot at that

Muxecoid said...

Lirun, Olmert surely does not look like Hitler, but Peretz does look like Stalin. Really.

BTW our media reports that Hizbullah launched missle attack on Syrian territory. an somebody confirm this.

eran levi said...

confirmed - it is a provocative acts by Hezbollah to draw syria into this conflict to save Hezbollah's ass.