Thursday, August 10, 2006


The funerals grow bigger as the coffins grow smaller. The only static facts are that Israel wants peace and these are the birth pangs for a new middle east!


Itai said...

I guess you're expecting a barrage of apologetic comments from bleeding heart Israelis. I'll spare you the crocodile tears. War is hell. You can hide behind your democratic impotent government but Hezbollah is calling the shots. Lebanon has made its bed and now you sleep in it (or die in it).

Nothing changed, on July 12 2006 Lebanon started a war against Israel. Blame yourselves for the consequences. You can parade day and night with your coffins and present yourselves as victims. Frankly, I'm dissapointed Israel isn't carpet bombing your asses.

Got to go, oh here come the bleeding heart Israelis, they'll explain and apologize now but nobody cares, you can keep whining and dying. You had your time in the spotlight, now the world turns to other affairs like the oil prices and Al-Qaeda, so either disarm Hezbollah or keep your marches and burials.

Amon Ra said...

The worst thing when you see so many tragic images is that after a point you don't feel anything...

The pain of 'other' becomes part of your (MY) life or have you (I) become a heartless animal??

I have never been in a position like this (having relatives or friends murdered as war victims) and that is why i avoid make any criticism on the feelings of these people who experience so much pain. But the pain generates hate and this chain seems to be infinite in ME.

P.S: It is a very strange day in UK today.

Omer (israeli) said...

amon ra,
" But the pain generates hate "
thats exactly the problem. Ironicly, lebanon situation resembles israel for years.

Thats why i predict next election a right winged govermnet in israel. Which will make it harder for the PL's. Its an endless dam circle.

Go figure, thats people, you hit them and they get angry. Go figure.

Sherri said...

I have been following the events in Lebanon from when it started on July 12. I continuosly pray for peace and a stop to the death and suffering of the innocent and defenseless civilians dying and suffering there. My heart is with them and all of the people of Lebanon. That is why I started responding to comments on this blog website.

I pray for peace in Lebanon, an end to all of the violence. I pray for justice for Lebanon, and for all of its residents, the Christians, the Druse, the Sunni Muslims, and the Shiite Muslims (including the members of Hezbullah and their wives and their children and their babies). You all are human beings and have a right to live and live in peace.
Your children should be able to grow up without the emotional scars from wars. Let this be the last war.

Lebanon has suffered so much. This is the 7th invasion by Israel, the 7th time you have seen your country destroyed and your residents suffer just like what is happening right now. And you have had civil wars too.

I pray good will come from this. I pray you unite, the different groups, come together and come out of this as Lebanese first. I read Lebanese is referred to as a phoenix, you keep being destroyed and coming back. What a beautiful image that is, the image of rebirth, a chance to rebuild and build a country that is better, with a special appreciation for how very special life is.

Red Domino said...

To itai:

Nothing changed, on July 12 2006 Lebanon started a war against Israel. Blame yourselves for the consequences. You can parade day and night with your coffins and present yourselves as victims. Frankly, I'm dissapointed Israel isn't carpet bombing your asses.

You seem unaware of the difference between a border clash and a full scale war, and that the former does not have to result in the latter. on the technical level, our leadership choose to open a full scale war against Lebanon, before even attempting to resolve the crisis by peaceful means.

Regardless, an outsider reading your post might conclude that the Israelis are fanatic and barbaric people. please stop spreading hatred and harming the our country public image.

Amon Ra said...


That is the same everywhere not only in ME.

Sometime-somebody-somehow has to change his mentality. If you believe that a right wing government will be the next one in Israel and things may get worse then why yesterday you mentioned that you still hope.

Then, i ask you again... You hope on what? That suddenly arabs will wake up one day without mixed or enemy feelings for Israel????

Other people here may hope on something romantic but that is their philosophy about life. I respect it and i will respect your belief on hope whatever will be.

You may presume i believe that only Israel has to show good will but i don't. However, Israel has crossed the line in a more than provocative way.

After a point it is like a video game. You target 100 units and you hope you will hit 10 correct ones. This is not war but something very very different.

I really want your opinion except if you believe that when Israel is under attack i have a party burning Israeli flags...

I have the privilege to be an outsider but right now i am looking only for common sense...

Itai said...

Olmert and Peretz are going to lose in the next election not because of the Israeli public anger. This is typical left wing arrogant thinking that the public is dumb and the liberal elites know better.

The Israeli public watches his leaders hesitate. He watches how years of prevailing strategic concept which was formed with much Israeli blood is washed down the drain because of a smart ass lawyer and a trade union leader who got to the wrong place in the wrong time.

Ben Gurion is turning over in his grave. Million Israelis under shelling for a month and the Israeli leadership is beating around the bush, looking for sophisticated diplomatic formulas instead of doing the simple obvious thing. Strike now and strike hard, take the battle into the enemies territory, tip the scale and achieve a clear balance.

The diplomacy of the matter is really simple, if you don't beat the enemy in the battlefield you are going to have to compromise with him around the negotiating table, hence the talks about the Shabba farms. Compromise with Hezbollah??? A 4,000 people militia who attacked you and is shelling a fifth of your population for a month? Unbelievable.
This will have ominous effects on Israel's national security. Olmert and Peretz must go.

Itai said...

Red Domino, I don't care what "public image" you think you have to defend. Name one country who will tolerate the shelling of fifth of its population for a month and won't use all of its military might to stop it.

The self proclaiming liberals in the media and the rest of the hypocrites can go f*ck themselves. Every leadership in the world understands what going on here and they are shocked at Olmert's stupidity. The guy cares more about further national investigations commitees than Israel's security.

Itai said...
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Omer (israeli) said...

I still have hopes. But i also know the reality. If you followed my discussion, i am agianst this war. But i also want to live unintemadated by HEZ. As you well know Israel's problem is wider then just lebanon.
If you think any mother here is happy her child to fight, your wrong.

But the cycle of hate and distrust leads to the cycle of violance. I think for that to change there will have to be two great leader on both sides. Eventually all sides are bound to get tired. In the short run thou, i see a right wing goverment. mainly because of the withdraws in gaza and lebanon failing to achive peace or security for israel's voting citizens.

More specific about lebanon:
I do belive israel did alot of mistaken targeting. I don't belive the intesion was to hurt civilians, thou it was bound to happen. Surgical strikes have proven time and time again to be a joke. Its a maxim that when you bomb civilian areas, civilians will get hit.
This is the choice the Israeli took to beat the HEZ (as much as it is sad, it is true). But this failed to produce the expected result. Each sides doesn't want to captulate, and it became a whole mess. As an Israeli, i have Olmert to thank for that. As for the Lebanese, well they got the HEZ to thank for that.

Omer (israeli) said...

Take it easy. How would you like someone say, You need to blow up all israelis?


GSH - Observer said...


do you remember how and why HA came to existence ?
I remind's because of the
Strike now and strike hard

itai, you're no different then HA.
all radicals - like yourself - should be isolated from the rest of us. Radicals should live alone, killing and pounding each other as much as they please.

because of people like the world will never have peace.
becasue of people like you hate is all around and growing.
people like you think that dialogue is a sign of weakness,'s a sign of wisdom.'ve been Striking and striking hard for 60 years....what kind of peace did you get ?
I'm sorry....
people like you think peace if for cowards.
people like you want to elliminate each others.

itai, go find you an HA or another radical blog and spread your hate and narrow mindness over there...we are sick of people like you...radicals, ignorant, blood thirsty.

Sherri said...


You should be ashamed of yourself. You see the innocent die, hundreds of them children, and have no feeling for those lost lives. Do you have a child? If so, look at your child. Do you love your child? Imagine how you would feel if someone dropped a bomb on your home today and your child's life ended before your very eyes. Let us all not lose our humanity.

To me, the victims here are the civilians who are suffering and dying in Lebanon as a result of Israel's actions in dropping bombs on them. I think that this is wrong. It does not matter who started the war or why they chose a specific target.

I woke up this morning really troubled by how everyone wants to take a side and demonize the other side. This just spreads ill feeings and hate. I want to right here and now apoligize to anyone I have offended by my posts. Sometimes, we become emotional and we use words that are emotionally charged like murder and massacre, and terrorist which are painful words to readers who take the other side.

But, please, let us not lose our humanity.

Omer (israeli) said...

"all radicals - like yourself - should be isolated from the rest of us. Radicals should live alone, killing and pounding each other as much as they please"

If only we could make it so. But it doesn't work that way!

And ill tell you something you may not have known, in every war a certain precent of casulities are from "friendly fire". This is less published but it happens alot. How more sily can it get?

Amon Ra said...


I definitely agree with your argument about influential leaders but it takes time and i have a couple of examples in my mind where wise leaderships fell because of the speculation of warmonger groups.

Anyway, i understand your point although i still consider at least 'disproportionate' the Israeli reaction.

Itai said...

You got it wrong, it's because of people like Red Domino innocent people are dying now. People like him in Israel confused Nasrallah into thinking that Israel society is weak like cobwebs.

He pulled the same thing in 2000 and nothing happened so how could he expected the current crisis?
If Israel had pursued a persistent firm policy a lot of tears could have been saved now.

I didn't say death, especially the death of the innocent is good or desirable but I leave the crocodile tears to others.

The surgical strikes are not a "joke", if you say it you have a lot to learn. Israel carried 10,000 sorties against targets in proximity to civilian centers. An F16 carries 4 tons of ammo. Do you have any idea what 40,000 tons of bombs could do in civilian areas? 1,000 casualties? try 400,000 casualties. Think about it next time you ridicule Israel's effort to minimize caualties.

Amon Ra said...


Don't worry man,

Warmongers and radicals are very useful sometimes as negative role models. And don't forget that these radicals are more often manipulated means of 'smart' people who know how to handle the 'simple masses'. They just say the same monotonous poem every single time

Itai said...


You can stay objective, the children I care about are being shelled and are hiding in shelters for a month now. I'm listening now to a mother whose child is dying in a hospital because his government cares more about its public image than saving his life.

GSH - Observer said...

amon ra, omer:

war is an ugly thing, but sometimes it is a necessity and that's understood.

in all the wars civilians seems to count to nothing..."military minded" enteties look at civilian damagesas "collateral damages"; to be honest with you i haven't seen - in the recent wars - a collteral damage that constitute 80% of the total damage!

omer, I bet you if an HA is shooting and a civilian passes in front if him, HA won't remove his finger from the trigger, yep....friendly fire (how ironic to use friendly as such)

on another note:
we wonder how HA gets support?
well, don;t you think we have people with the same mentality as our brother atai.

Sherri said...


Part of the problem is you don't see that escalating wars results in more injured and dead children and civilians outside Israel and inside Israel. And leads to more hate and more wars in the future.
Violence leads to violence. Wars lead to more wars.

Even in the present conflict, this is true. While Hezbullah did kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers at the border, Israel escalated this conflict to what it has become today. They could have responded to Hezbullah's actions by diplomatic actions or not reacted as forcefullly and then that injured Israeli child would not be suffering and there would not be over 1000 dead innocent civilians in Lebanon, 45% or more of whom are children.

Omer (israeli) said...


"Friendly fire" = when the troops of the same side hit thier own troops, mistaking them as the enemy.

GSH - Observer said...


oh,...i see.

1earth said...

I don't even read Sherri's posts anymore. She's a fanatic that doesn't listen to what anybody else says. All she does is repeat the same lines of blind propaganda over and over again.

The answer to people whining about Israel escalating the conflict has already been explained again and again.

If Israel didn't respond forcefully to Lebanon's attack on Israel, if the Israelis begged for a diplomatic solution, then it would just be a matter of time before Hezbollah tried the same tactics again. 6 years of worth of Hezbollah attacks ignored by Israel proved that.

If someone stabs you, you don't stab them back with equal force and proceed to wait for them to stab you again. You fight back until they won't hurt you anymore, critically injure them, disarm them, kill them, you even threaten the friends of your enemy backing him up from the sidelines.

The most popular figure in Lebanon, Nasrallah, says all these dead lebanese "civilians" are "shahids." Well let them be martyrs for a peaceful border. Hopefully Lebanon learned a lesson from this, just as it took Israel 6 years of Hezbollah attacks to wake up, take off the gloves and defend itself.

Doha said...

guys, whoever contemplates on this LEBANESE public forum to wish our country be carpet-bombed, please keep it to yourself. I've got to the point of being overwhelmed from the death and destruction. Just keep it to yourself and we're not even asking for your tears, and that includes crocodile tears! Enough is enough! Go spew your hatred somewhere else.

Amon Ra said...


Lets make the hypothesis you sweep the whole Lebanon, eliminate Hezbollah and do not give a very good motive to Syria, for instance, to engage in a larger scale conflict.

You will be the absolute winners and then you will help whatever remains in Lebanon to establish again a democratic regime? And in the other areas of dispute everything will be ok (if ever was)? Please explain me how optimistic you are because i think you somehow suggest that when you dispose and exercice power then eventually there will be a moment when you will be the only winner.

However, history has proven this is not the case. And when you are surrounded by Islamic nations (and from extremist groups in many caeses)again i do not understand when does the optimism of power exercice results comes to an end.

Maybe i am a fool or i do not understand the reality of ME but the scenario you propose implies you will be in war for the rest of your lives... And i do not think you really want something like that.

Red Domino said...

Red Domino, I don't care what "public image" you think you have to defend. Name one country who will tolerate the shelling of fifth of its population for a month and won't use all of its military might to stop it."

This argument is double edged sword.

As i recall, the war started with massive shelling of Beirut, and the IDF keeps shelling civilian areas, even if Hezbollah were not present at the time:

According to your logic, Lebanon should use all of it's "military might" to stop the shelling of populated areas.

That's exactly how Nasrallah justifies it's attacks over Israel. I'm afraid that you and Nasrallah are more alike then either of you will ever admit.

You got it wrong, it's because of people like Red Domino innocent people are dying now. People like him in Israel confused Nasrallah into thinking that Israel society is weak like cobwebs.

And it's because of people like you that we have to deal with Nasrallah at the first place.

The 1982-2000 occupation of southern lebanon is largely resposible for the rise of Hezbollah, and for making the Shia's, which back at 1982 welcomed the IDF forces, mostly hostile to Israel.

I shouldn't remind you that Nasrallah could not reach it's current position of power if his former was not killed in 1992.

He pulled the same thing in 2000 and nothing happened so how could he expected the current crisis?
If Israel had pursued a persistent firm policy a lot of tears could have been saved now.

There is something between blindly acceepting Nasrallah demands and going out to a full scale war.

This entire crisis could be resolved by limited military response, and aggressive diplomacy to reach a long term agreement which could bring the disarment of Hizbollah, and securing the border for good.

Itai said...

Red Domino ofcourse you are right, Israel is responsible for Hezbollah because obviously the Shia's fundamental revolution in Iran in 1979 had no influence on its formation at all. Oh I forgot Israel's arrogance and aggressivenes is responsible for that as well. Let's not forget Hezbollah first attacks were directed at American marines and the French foreign legion but ofcourse this can't put a dent in your theory. How genius, Israel is responsible for all the troubles in the Muslim world:

Muslim Brothers murdering Saadat - Israel's fault, he signed peace with it, didn't he?
Iran-Iraq war claiming the lives of more then 1,000,000 people - Obviously a zionist propagated war.
Muslims commiting a genocide in Dharfur - Blame Israel
Hamas rise - Blame Israel, we left them no choice, they are oppressed and depressed.
9/11 - Blame Israel
Today's attempt of blowing 10 airliners - Blame Israel, it's because of Lebanon. Oh, I forgot they started planning that monthes ago. well it's Israel's fault anyway.
Muslims bombing trains in India - Blame Israel.
Lebanese civil war - Well, its the Palestinians fault but they are blameless so...Blame Israel.
Taliban blowing treasured Buddhist statues - Blame Israel
Saddam invades Kuwait - Blame Israel, he didn't launch his Scuds at Tel Aviv for nothing
And the list goes on and on...

Hmmm...this is a very clever and logical formula, whenever there's Muslim violence its because of Israel and the Palestinians.

Yeah...I can see the logic I mean those damned Jews control a territory 0.01% in proportion to the territory of Arab countries, damn thieves. We have to stop the injustice.

lisoosh said...

Why are there no women or children at the funeral?

Dimitry said...

I refuse to buy the "cycle of violence" and "cycle of hate" claims. They assume all involved are a bunch of 3-years old guided solely by their emotions, and uncapable of rational concideration of their interests.

NATO's war on Serbia didn't result in never-ending violence in Eastern Europe, and NATO's bombings were much harsher than Israel's. Today's Lebanon is heaven by comparison to Germany, Japan and Italy post WWII, yet somehow, that too didn't create a vicious cycle of violence. Nor, I should mention, did the several years of Allied occupation. Why? Because the people invovled realized the enemy had a decent cause for war, this cause is now removed, and the best prospect is to cooperate with those former enemies. Hate or no hate. Is this attitude to much to expect from Lebanese?

Itai's position aren't part of this problem. He's saying "there's group that want my country destroyed and is acting on that, we have full right to apply much strength to destroy them". On the other hand, HA is saying "there's a country whosevey existance is a sin, and we're fully justified to do whatever it takes to destroy it". Can you see the massive difference here? And Israel can and should apply significally more power than it has applied thus far. Israeli soldiers are dying because Israel doesn't level the villages in south Lebanon in which fighting takes place.

All claims that this could be resolved diplomatically are delusional. HA's targets are clear. Attempting to convince them out of their agenda is akin to trying to covince them to convert to Judaism. Anybody want to try?

Omer (israeli) said...

Cycle of violance is real. Big groups act more on emotion then anything else. Sure there "rational" sometimes, but do you think any one can think "rational" in our war traumatized country?
The problem is'nt solved to take off our responsibility.
I know there is a problem of ideology too, blood baths in the name of allah (sorry, i still find it absurd to justify violance with god).
But the problem has two sides, not one. And time for crying is over. We need peace, and we are only gonna do it with thoose who hate us most.
It wont be easy, but its hell better then war.

Lebnese Liona said...


i am glad you show your true colcors.

I apologize for raja and PM saniora for their woman behavior. We dont cry like women during war, thats not what we are about.

Yes we will mourn the innocent women and children that your barbaric army killed on purpose.

We only mounr them because they are innocent.

Your government does not deny the fact that they target civlians because its a way to put pressure on HB and the lebanese people to stop the fight.
But the fact is, the more war crimes you guys committ the more we are determined to fight.

Our resistance will keep wiping out your special forces , your tanks, and your soldiers.

Believe me we already won, read every western newspaper, the more you guys drag this war with us , the more herioc that we look.

So we are not looking for your sympathy.

And beleive me you guys are a wounded animal after this war with us and all the arab countries re smelling the blood and realizing that you are not that strong even with all the technology might that is provided for you from the US.

THAT is the oonly reason why your government refuses to stop because they realize whats at stake....

And remember hate breads hate and you can never acheive anything by force, you would think that you guys would have learned that by now

Akiva M said...


explain one very simple fact to me:

Lebanon, Hezbollah and Iran are begging for a cease fire. Israel is not.

generally, the ones begging for the fighting to stop are on the wrong end of it.

Israel is apparently losing so badly that it wants to continue losing for another 30 days. And Hezbollah is sending Mugniyeh south because they're doing fine without him.

But I'm sure that all of this makes sense in your head.

Andrey said...

And beleive me you guys are a wounded animal after this war with us and all the arab countries re smelling the blood and realizing that you are not that strong

kind of speaks for itself...

Dimitry said...


Yes, in Israel people can be rational. I don't think it's too much to expect from others, too. Somehow, Europeans stop fighting when the reason to war disappears. And they're far more brutal than Israelis when they fight.

We need peace, and we are only gonna do it with thoose who hate us most.

We also need better method of transportation than cars. If we could wave ours hands and thus fly it would be truly wonderful. You'll excuse me, however, if I won't throw myself of buildings counting on that anytime soon.

The general principle expressed here is something all Israeli leftists should take to heart:

1earth said...

Arabs have always wanted blood. They started plenty of wars against Israel and lost each time. If what lesbin pussycata says is correct, Lebanon wouldn't be the first Arab country in history to claim victory while an occupation army stands on its soil. Then again, to "claim" victory is a big difference from actually achieving victory, but good for you Arabs, still celebrating your "heroic victory" on 9/11 and your "victory" in the 1973 war.

Anyways I came here to post that Lebanon's "leaders" are already rejecting the second ceasefire proposal while begging for a resolution that would return the situation to the status quo. All an effort to make their "victory" appear more believable.,7340,L-3289570,00.html,7340,L-3289562,00.html

Ibrahim Tachijian said...

Take a look at this:,,31200-galloway_060806,00.html

Editors of lebanesbloggers, check it out. I think its worth linking from the frontpage. We finally meet a real critic of Israel.

And my reason for showing this is not because I agree with him on several points but because the world needs to see both views of the war.

Dimitry said...

Dude. tears for lebanon already brought this video. I assure you, they're countless people who are just as anti-Israeli but aren't contantly yelling at the interviewer and being overall incredibly rude.

1earth said...

Check this out too, a video interview with Wafa Sultan as she shines a light on the background of the current Middle East conflict and leaves her backwards opponents at a loss for words.

ropsucks said...

Lebanon suffers because it has allowed a group of deadly vipers to live amongst them. Hezbollah, agents of Iran and Syria are controlling your government and creating havoc. These brave soldiers of Islam hide behind their parents and children while tossing bombs upon civilians in Israel. Then these brave warriors in civilian clothes cry like babies when their attacks are met. They proudly parade their dead children for photographers, repositioning them for propoganda purposes. What kind of soldier wishes their people to die so that they can meet their political agenda. Lebanon has brought this upon themselves. The best that they can hope for is that the IDF rids them of these snakes.

doron said...

bombing innocent civilians...
from time to time I hear voices from the Israeli left wing, europe and arabs from all over the world complaining about the fact that israel is bombing innocent civilians. I want to ask those people a few questions:

1. Do you know that every day HB fires about 150 missiles directed to large civilians populations?
2. If so, why can't israel do the same? especially while HB is part of the lebanese government?
3. Do you know that israel direct its attack to HB targets, and that civilians are hurt only because HB is a terror org. that is based among the civilian enviornment?
4. Do you know that israel gives warning before it attack civilian areas?
5. why never you condemn HB for directly targeting israeli civilians?
6. why never you condemn HB for apologizing only after israeli arbs are hit?

the fact that none of the mentioned questions have never been answered makes the complainers seem hypocrites and arguments empty propoganda.

MarkC said...

I'm just a Canadian, so maybe I shouldn't be commenting. But, from what I know of history, it seems to me that Israel did strike hard and fast at Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, during various wars, and now is at peace (with varying degrees of uneasiness) with all three. Did the people of those countries forgive Israel? Or just decide that it wasn't sensible to keep fighting? Maybe the problem is just that Lebanon and the Palestinians don't have governments with the monopoly of force in their own territories, so terrorists with little to lose (unlike Bashar Assad, who has a lot of nice palaces to lose) can attack with impunity?

Chas said...

Watched the video, what an impressive woman! I hope I never do any thing to make her mad!
Made me think what a tragedy that one of the victims of this "clash of cultures" may well be the best example of a modern, forward looking and tolerant state in the region. I am not saying that Lebanon was perfect just that it was trying to move in a hopeful direction.
Perhaps when this is all over, whatever we may think now about the rights and wrongs of it all, we can all resolve to do what we can to help rebuild the Lebanon that could have been?

Still hoping for peace

Fares said...

Israeli Arrogance and Bush latest Trick

Breaking the cycle of violence

MAZe said...

No matter what victory Israel scores (if any), its campaign is now tainted with a thousand innocent deaths. This over reaction campaign will only make HA's stance stronger publicly and politically - although at the expense of Lebanon’s destruction.

Israel will always conjure up images of apartheid and aggression as long as the Palestinian issue remains unresolved and their self defence mechanism keeps the civilian death toll ticking.

Arabs need a reality check: Israel is here to stay and they’ve proven they can’t defeat it militarily, even though HA has stained the superb military credentials.

Could someone be kind enough to describe the Arab Israeli’s reaction to the current conflict?

ohcanada said...

Let's see...Israel invades Lebanon in 1978 and then spends the next 22 years abducting and detaining citizens, destroying homes, bombing villages,jailing and torturing minors, women and children and the elderly, all while ignoring UN resolution 425. (Allegations made by the UN human rights commission, not by me). Then after withdrawing in 2000, Israel spends 6 years violating the airspace and territorial seas of Lebanon, while withholding from the Lebanese government maps indicating the location of Israeli planted landmines, all the while complaining that the Lebanese government is not doing enough to disarm Hezbollah. Hezbollah gains support from the people by providing social assisstance - quite substantial I'd imagine as more than 15 000 families were affected by death during the Israeli occupation. A substantial Palestinian population within Lebanon reacts negatively to the deaths of 4150+ Palestinians in the Occupied Territories killed since 2000. Imagine that? This compares to 1000+ Israeli deaths.
The US continues to give Israel 15 million dollars per day while Israel ignores 65 UN resolutions targeting its actions in the Occupied Territories.
Then Hezbollah kidnaps Israeli soldiers - a common enough practice of the IDF while in South Lebanon, and Israel responds by killing Lebanese. Oh sorry, it warns them first and then bombs them as they flee, or waits to drop bombs on funerals (maybe why the somen and children aren't attending them).
Will this policy achieve the peace Israel seeks?

tears for lebanon said...


I have always loved the Canadians! And now I have another reason why. I share your thoughts, policies must change. History shows us that it will probably be a very long time before either side will begin entertaining the thought of befriending our neighbors, but hopefully we will be able to make necessary changes to policies (on both sides) that will compliment peaceful relations with neighbors. This must happen in both countries if ever lasting peace will ever prevail.

Too much loss; human, economic, infrastructure, dignity, and the list goes on...collectively these losses will not allow for immediate change in policy (if friendly relations is the objective) because I believe you must be able to change the heart and minds of the policymakers first. The pain of this mess will take a long to heal and dissipate.

The most that anyone can hope for right now is that the current policy-makers will allow for international support to mediate and pray that time will not be slow in healing the wounds. Hopefully then, in near future democratic elections,in both countries, there will be both peace-minded politicians with renewed policy agendas and forgiving, peace-minded voters who will vote for them.

solomonpal said...

"I have always loved the Canadians!"
Sure ,,,because they are subsidized both with protection and economically by the USA.They are apolitical and have no national pride. Perfect Dimmi. But guess what folks...This is just the intro. Wait till the the little Persian starts frothing at the know, the one who set up hez-ebola in Lebanon, the same that put 1/2 the country off limits to you, the one that built a little empire right under your noses. Yup, the first shots of the one we all knew was coming.

ME said...

What I can say your talk is like an animal as if your are tough do you think by killing children and women makes you tough you lucky you got a free war plane with a lot of it’s goods so you can kill them from far up in the sky tough pussy you can’t take it on HA on the ground oh sorry I forgot you leader don’t let you know what is going on or how much you lost or how many died and every thing else because you will be very scared and you start asking your leader to stop because you don’t want to be next and the main reason is that they don’t want you and the other countries that they fail with free technology you got …
About the terrorist and I think you do not know your history and I believe Menachem Begin who is your first PM was one of the most wanted in the world for terror act and every body should look at this link so you know who create terrorist…

the truth hurts...

Ergotelina said...
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Ergotelina said...
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Ergotelina said...

Do you have conversations with Syrian Bloggers?Here is one.Basem Soufi.
No Hate,No Fear,No greed

Fighting Sullyvan said...

Interview with Lebanese woman from Marjayoun. Long but worth listening to for some more background on the conflict.

Link to video is at the bottom.

Ergotelina said...

Ma patrie, je t’aime et je souffre de te voir abandonnée par le monde entier qui se lave les mains du sang de ces innocents qui meurent et qui ne savent pas pourquoi ils meurent .

Ma patrie, je t’aime et je souffre de voir certains hommes politiques profiter des souffrances de ton peuple pour faire le commerce du sang de ces innocents au profit de leur leadership défaillant .

Ma patrie, je t’aime et je souffre de voir tous ces cadavres , sortis des décombres , défigurés et mutilés par des bombes aveugles , ennemies de toute humanité .

Ma patrie, je t’aime et je souffre de voir toutes ces destructions jalonnées le territoire national comme si seul mon pays doit payer le prix de la démocratie au Moyen-Orient.

Ma patrie, je t’aime et je souffre de voir toutes ces larmes de crocodiles qui se versent au nom de la solidarité nationale .

Ma patrie, je t’aime et je souffre de voir le mensonge envelopper le Moyen-Orient jusqu’à l’étouffer sous un nuage d’indifférence et d’égoïsme .

Ma patrie, je t’aime et je souffre de te voir mourir sans que je puisse faire quoi que ce soit pour te sauver .

Ma patrie, je t’aime et je souffre parce que je t’aime…je t’aime…je t’aime…dans

ta souffrance , dans ton agonie , dans ta mort prochaine .


Joni Laserson said...

I'm thinking more and more about the result of this current conflict and one conclusion doesn't escape my mind: Unless Lebanon signs a peace treaty with Israel in the near future, we are going to have another war. To this future war Israel is going to be much more prepared (you can rest assure that Israel will learn all the lessons from this war). Lebanon will not have much time to rest.

Omer (israeli) said...

We went throught this in previous posts. Even if israel hides damages it cannot hide deads. Belive me, we know about every person that died: Name, adress our media writes on almost every dead! their names are repeated almost every hour in the radio.
On the other hand, from reading arab sources you can get the impression that althoght heavey fire fighting HEZ has no casulties. Does that make sense to you?
I don't say israel is "winning" in the ground the war, thou.

Israel doesn't target civilians. more then 500 tons of explosive has been dropped on lebanon. thats makes 2 ton explosive for each dead. HEZ sends one katyusha with 20KG explosive and kills 8 ppl. If israel wouldn't have been carful it would have killed much much more. I don't say 1000 dead isn't a tradegy thou.
Just put your propoganda into some prespective.

Fearless said...

Baalbek occupied by Hizbullah No central government effective presence: (personal testimony)
.....Dans l’air, les notes de musique sont remplacées par le bruit sourd des avions israéliens qui survolent ce fief du Hezbollah. Aux abords de la ville, des camions, des stations d’essence et autres entrepôts ont été bombardés. Ce sont les nouvelles ruines de Baalbeck. Les bureaux du parti de Dieu,comme celui de l’information, à Ras el-Aïn, ont également été rasés par les obus israéliens, qui continuent de pleuvoir. Loin d’être affaiblie, la Résistance est toutefois plus que jamais présente dans la ville. Devant les monceaux de béton de ce qui était, il y a seulement un mois, un supermarché, un responsable du Hezbollah, qui ne donnera pas son nom, procède à un enregistrement des visiteurs digne des douanes de l’aéroport. Nom, prénom, nom du père, année de naissance, nationalité, employeur. « Ne soyez pas fâchés, nous devons faire ça à cause de la situation », se justifie-t-il avant de repartir, laissant les journalistes à la charge de deux jeunes hommes en pantalon et tee-shirt kaki. « Impossible de circuler ici sans eux. Baalbeck est depuis longtemps un bastion du Hezbollah. Mais aujourd’hui, la ville est totalement sous leur contrôle », explique un résident de la ville, bien informé de la situation. « Mieux encore, les gens qui ont dû fuir leur maison en confient la garde aux membres du parti. Ils comptent sur eux encore plus qu’avant. » De fait, pas un policier, agent de sécurité ou soldat n’est visible dans les rues de la ville. « Les policiers et l’armée sont là, mais dans leurs casernes », explique Ali Osman, le mokhtar de la ville qui avoue en être réduit à s’occuper des affaires administratives et ne peut même pas donner un bilan précis des victimes. « Une trentaine, je crois. »
Dans la ville, on ne critique d’ailleurs les chiites du Hezbollah qu’à demi-mots. Devant le siège de la Croix-Rouge, la famille el-Ayhel, ne cache pas ses affinités politiques. Les murs de la petite allée menant à leur modeste maison sont recouverts de portraits de l’ancien Premier ministre sunnite, Rafic Hariri, assassiné en février 2005. « Je pense que le Hezbollah a fait une erreur en traversant la ligne bleue pour aller kidnapper les deux soldats. Mais, finalement, les gens du Hezbollah sont des Libanais, nous devons les soutenir. Et, face à eux, Israël massacre des civils », explique Maher. Lui et sa famille sont toujours à Baalbeck, dans leur maison modeste mais chaleureuse.
D’autres habitants de la ville n’ont pas cette chance. Non loin du centre, six familles, soit une quarantaine de personnes, ont trouvé refuge dans une cave qui tient plus de la grotte. Le sol est en terre, les murs, des parois de roche, l’air est extrêmement humide. L’endroit n’est éclairé que de maigres rayons de soleil qui parviennent à se faufiler dans le trou qui sert d’entrée. Des enfants sont allongés sur des matelas crasseux posés à même le sol. « Il n’y a pas de toilettes, nous nous lavons avec l’eau de ces deux petites cruches », explique Hassan Dandach, 42 ans. Au sol, la terre mouillée colle aux semelles. « Nous avons peu de nourriture, pas de médicaments. Les enfants n’osent pas sortir d’ici, ils ont peur des avions. Vous voyez cette femme, son mari à dû être évacué. L’air est tellement insalubre qu’il a fallu lui donner de l’oxygène », explique Wahidé Shmelé, une femme de 55 ans avant de conclure : « Comment peut-on tomber plus bas que ça ? »

Omer (israeli) said...

One more propoganda pice. Israel indeed get money worth 4-5 billion dollars a year. Yet the army budget for 2006 was 50 billions dollars. I'm not sure what the total income of Israel is thou, maybe someone else can enlighten me.
But point is: most of the money israel has, is made in Israel buy industry, exports, Hi-tech so on...

Fearless said...

How do you intend to get out of this mess if Seniorita has to run to Nasrallah for approval of every wording in the UN Sec Council proposed drat?
If Nasrallah says No It is No repeated by (the parrot) Seniorita.
Did you notice that the FM was not sent to the UN but the Culture Minister? The FM is a Hizbullah stooge . Remember his action in Khartoum without consulting Seniora?

Omer (israeli) said...

my mistake,
buy = by

Fearless said...

Jack Lang en Syrie

Jack Lang s’est rendu en Syrie le 7 Août afin d’effectuer une « visite privée » de deux jours. Par ignorance ou par opportunisme politique, Jack Lang voudrait donner à la Syrie un rôle à jouer dans la crise actuelle.

Cette démarche est déplacée : elle aboutirait à faire de la Syrie un interlocuteur privilégié de l’occident et va à contre-courant de la politique actuelle de la France qui vise à contenir les nuisibles de Damas. Alors qu’il faudrait punir Assad pour son soutient au Hezbollah, la politique que préconise Jack Lang vise à briser l’isolement de la Syrie et donc à récompenser le dictateur Syrien pour ses politiques plus que douteuses.

Il existe des institutions (plus ou moins) démocratiques chargées de la politique étrangère de la France auxquelles Jack Lang n’a pas à se substituer. Les lecteurs de ce blog ne manqueront pas de se rappeler du comportement de Didier Julia, de sinistre mémoire.

On peut penser ce qu’on veut de la politique arabe de la France mais en ce qui concerne la Syrie, il n’y a rien à redire. Jacques Chirac s’est déjà frotte à la Syrie d’Assad (père) dans les années 80, et en tant qu’observateur de longue date de la vie politique libanaise, il sait à quoi s’en tenir. L’administration Bush, moins experte en la matière, avait tentée d’ouvrir des canaux avec Damas avant la guerre d’Irak, mais qui s’y frotte s’y pique et Washington a depuis rallié la position française sur ce sujet.

La démarche de Jack Lang n’a certainement pas été bien accueillie à Beyrouth, en tout cas du coté des forces démocratiques. Les libanais ne sont que trop familier avec la politique syrienne au Liban qui consiste à fabriquer des conflits pour ensuite intervenir au Liban sous prétexte de calmer la situation. Le gouvernement libanais fait son possible pour empêcher un come-back de la Syrie au Liban, et a le soutient des gouvernements sunnites de la région (le ministre des AE syriens a reçu une véritable douches froide de la part de ses homologues sunnites la semaine passée). Du côté des amis de la Syrie, de on trouve le Hezbollah, l’Iran et depuis peu… Jack Lang.

La Syrie a toujours été une force déstabilisatrice dans la région. La France et les Etats-Unis ont pris la bonne décision en décidant de boycotter les Syriens. Rice a visité Beyrouth sans même prendre la peine de passer par Damas et Imad Moustapha, le grotesque ambassadeur syrien à Washington, n’a pas eu de contact avec l’administration américaine depuis plus d’un an.

Il ne faut absolument pas que le régime de Damas s’imagine qu’en semant le chaos, il récolte la reconnaissance occidentale. La visite de Lang envoie un mauvais signal à la Syrie, au mauvais moment.

Dimitry said...

Omer - you probably mean 50 billion shekels... Didn't find the 2006 budget, but in 2005 it was 46 billion shekels, out of them about 12 billion shekel American aid (that's a bit over 2 billion dollars). (page 3)

dunes said...

the toatal budget of israel is around 900 billion dollars payd mostly by our taxes.

if i could id put a bullet in your head .
i read all the hate coming from arabs in this forum and all i can say is get real israel is not going anywhare .

Ps to all who say the circle of hate is endless, please check the history of japan after WWII even though the US bombed them with 2 nukes
look at them now they are one of the mose advanced nation on the earth. and they ended the circle a long time ago .

Have a good day

Shirin said...

The situation in Lebanon is bad, and it seems like no one in the world cares about it. Can't they see that it is just getting worst?
Israel says that their only intention is to stop Hizbollah, but the kill civilians on their way to do so. The Awful Truth is that someone should stop Hizbollah. I preffer it will be our government and not Israel. I don't remeber asking for help from Israel. Hizbollah are also the blame for this war, they are also the blame for the death of innocent civilians. Why do they lunches missiles from am rural area? They know that Israel wont think twice... Israel doesnt care whetherer there are innocent civilians or not. They just want to win this war... and to stop Hizbollah missiles lunch.

Peace in Lebanon


Μαύρος Γάτος said...

Courage, friends


seeker said...

dunes said "if i could id put a bullet in your head "...
Your communication skills are astounding.

Omer (israeli) said...

sorry cant write your name,
They don't suprise me. you should know that there are alot of rabbis with alot of diffrent opinions.
Well in case of Yesha, they are small minority (mainly settlers). politicaly they are ultra-right. I could only imagine how horrific it could be if they actually controled this war.
One soldier from them, even went to jail, after refusing to fight for a goverment that will evacute them from their home (a settlment). Some of them are even bound to fight israel when we pull out of the west-bank.
To me they are extreimist like HEZ. They dont get much sympathy from the majorty of the Israeli's, thou.

Omer (israeli) said...

Or in other words, if you wanna play with extremist propoganda, just remember that genocidal threats and just plain, blunt and volgur anti-semetism is common even in some main stream medias around the arab world.

z said...

Another misinform Euro what did you do in Cyprus Courage friends?

Nice site u have but!!!! Click on this link

dunes said...

yeah well you can write what ever you want and say what you want on communication skills , but when it comes to sensible logic well i fear that right now
you arabs are in short supply ,hence people like liona and the rest of HA suppoertes .
btw what a concise argument "Your communication skills are astounding.".

Μαύρος Γάτος said...

Omer, I imagined their beinh "extremists" and their opinions not being approved by the majority of the Israelis. The problem is that their "principles", the "principles" these Rabbis encourage, are used at this very moment IN PRACTICE by the Israeli army....

Just not to let anybody misunderstand my position, I don't accept the Hizbullah absurd claims for the eradication of Israel. I accept Israel, AT THE 1949 BORDERS.

but I don't accept Israel acting like a Bully in the region...


Μαύρος Γάτος said...

z, ok, some photos have been forged, and it's awful, but as far as it regards the WAR, so what?????? Does it sum up with the massacres and the terror???????????

z said...

Does it sum up with the massacres and terror???????

I can ask u the same question what with all the Jews from Thessaloniki in the WW2?

Is the University of Thessaloniki build on Jewish cemetery???

Ask Toderrakis (spilling) what dos he think about Israel or the rest of your government

Omer (israeli) said...

Well i guess i should pull out another two way sword we all participate in.
You say that because of israeli violance there are extremist. Yet violance done to israeli civilians has no effect?
Do you think that blowing up on buses, rocketing, kidnapping, stabbing etc.. makes israelis more "peacefull"?

So i was pointing out that even so, the propoganda in the arab world agaist isarel is way stronger then vice versa.

z said...,7340,L-3289726,00.html

Not just Israeli

Μαύρος Γάτος said...

Z, I am sorry you are trying to create impressions with absurd arguments. The Israeli community of Thessaloniki haw been destroyed by the Nazis, noty by the Greeks, who also payed very a heavy blood toll for WWII. And anyway this has nothing to do with the situation in the middle east today.

Omar, the situation for Israeli citizens is also awful and every death counts, from any side. But one cannot forget who is the attacker and who is the besieged in this situation.

Andrey said...

don't know if it's true, but:


Islamic regime plans to dispatch Arabic-speaking Iranians from the city of Ahvaz to Lebanon (Volunteers being recruited from Prisons like in the movies).

According to received reports, the Islamic regime is encouraging young Arabic-speaking residents from city of Ahvaz (Province of Khuzestan*) to participate in the war in Lebanon alongside Hezbollah against Israeli forces. Each person is being offered approximately $10,000.

The Islamic regime has told the volunteers that since they are Arabic-speakers, their presence in Lebanon will not be conspicuous. Volunteers will first go through a short basic training camp in Iran and then will be dispatched to

Previous reports also indicate that the Islamic regime has also granted full pardons to criminals who are either serving life-in-prison or are on death-row in Iran, in exchange for their "volunteering" to go to Lebanon. The conditions of prisons in Iran is so deplorable that already 400 prisoners have chosen going to war in Lebanon over staying in the regime’s prisons.

* The province of Khuzestan borders on Iraq and a large majority of the residents of that province are bilingual Persian and Arabic-speakers.

dunes said...

Μαύρος Γάτος:

"But one cannot forget who is the attacker and who is the besieged in this situation."
well if i recall corectlly israel left lebanon 6 years ago and every since every provocation has been carried out by lebanon. israel has only retaliated
and dont tell me that we are the aggressor we didnt want this war it has been forced uppon us.

Itai said...

Israel's channel 2 is reporting the talks in the U.N. came to a dead end. Jerusalem ordered IDF to move to the Litani river.

barroon said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEED last sentence “ sad el hariri” said 5 mint ago in his press confers

Reporter asked him :” some believe that Israel targeted near your house at Ghoraytem to intimate you and a personal message for you and ur effort with your French friends “

He replied “ That’s why I came back “

This is how Lebanese think.. this is the Lebanese sprit ..nothing will break it nothing will intimate it .

Lirun said...


i thought our budget was more along the lines of US$270B


a right wing government is not always so bad.. u know by now that i am a supporter of left wing principles of social justice etc.. but history has shown us that in israel only a right wing government can deliver peace because only they can shift the threshold of consensus to the level required so avoid a split in the country..

a left wing government making land concessions doesnt work..

wishing peace on all of us

from telaviv - now in barcelona
we too should have a peaceful country on the med sea..

Itai said...

Lirun said...but history has shown us that in israel only a right wing government can deliver peace...

Hmmm...Israel has two peace agreements: one with Egypt signed by a right wing government and one with Jordan signed by a left wing government.
The part about getting the support of the other side is true but history shows nothing in that sense.

Lirun said...

the agreement with jordan did not require genuine negotiation it was more just a formalisation of a long standing ceasefire arrangement and the open bridges policy..

but as you well noted.. to give land back we needed a charismatic right winged leader..

z said...

The Israeli community of Thessaloniki haw been destroyed by the Nazis, noty by the Greeks

You better get your history strait my mother was born in Thessaloniki for long generations remember the Hellenic Empire? Her ancestor come from Israel brought to Greece as slave my grandfather neighbor who drank Ouzo with him told the Nazi he is Jew he is not the only one the Jewish community in Thes was totally killed by the Nazi with help from the Greeks ppl

anyway this has nothing to do with the situation in the middle east today.

No you are right so pls keep your advice and don’t try to lecturer the Jews and the Israeli First clean your backyard

dunes said...

correction after examination the israel total budget for 2006 was 271 billion shekles
it funny i remmber somthing along 972 but nm.
any way the dod is getting 50 billion shekels from it.

Ergotelina said...

The Holy Inquisition was raging in Spain and Portugal in 1492. Jews and heretics were persecuted and burned. Jews were forcibly converted but even then persecuted. They were called New Christians and were constantly watched and spied on for any signs that they were holding on to their old religion. For example, New Christians bathing on Friday was a suspicious thing since that meant they were preparing for Sabbath. The New Christians (or Marranos, meaning "swine," as sometimes they were called) were constantly subjected to mass killings and burnings with the blessing of the King and the Catholic Church. At the same time, on the other side of Europe, the Ottoman Empire was enjoying prosperity and peace after having conquered the old Byzantium. Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire and enslaved to the Turks.

The Sultan opened the door of the Empire to the refugees from Iberia. Even though Christians were persecuted by the Ottomans, Jews were respected and left alone to practice their faith in relative peace. Thousands of Jews converged to Salonica, a sea port in the Northern Aegean.

Terra Nostra: The Exodus From Spain
by Discarded Lies at March 11, 2005 07:46 AM

Ergotelina said...

The communities flourished during the reign of Alexander the Great and the subsequent Hellenistic period in around 300 B.C.E. Jewish immigrants flooded Hellenist cities along the Aegean Coast and the Greek mainland. The Greeks were polytheistic and maintained a glamorous lifestyle. While most Jews retained their monotheism, many wealthy Jews were attracted to Greek culture and created a class of assimilated, pro-Greek Jews.

Ergotelina said...

Righteous Among the Nations (Hebrew: חסידי אומות העולם, Hasidei Umot HaOlam) is a term used to describe non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust in order to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis.

Ergotelina said...

Greek Righteous Gentiles in the Holocaust, A Renewed Look and Their Current
State of Being Recognized”
Yitzchak Kerem, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece

....The Athenian Police Chief Angelos Ebert and other police officers issued new
identification cards with Greek sounding names to thousands of Jews hiding in Athens.
The above mentioned leftist partisan movement ELAS-EAM accepted the Jewish youth
in their ranks and harbored families in the villages under their protection. The latter was
active in organizing the escape of Greek Jews from the Euboea Peninsula by fishing boats
to Turkey and from there to Eretz-Israel by way of a temporary internment in British
military camps in Allepo, Syria for interrogation by British intelligence agents. Sotiris
Papastratis, of ELAS and a native of Chalkis, who helped coordinate Jewish illegal
immigration movement to Palestine from Greece to Turkey via fishing boats that left
every two weeks from Zakaios on the east coast of the Euboea Peninsula was recognized
by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Gentile for saving more than 800 Jews....

ME said...

I’m not talking about civilians because for me killing civilians don’t makes you tough I’m talking about dead soldiers and I didn’t said HEZ don’t dies I know wars it is always death in each side and if you read the Lebanese news you will know how many they lost but comparing to with all Israel hi-tech the number of soldiers HEZ almost lost nothing …
Trust me it is very easy to spare civilian and children life with the hi-tech war plain that able to see a bug on the ground in day or in night and in the military logic the rocket launcher they are on moves they don’t stay in the same place they lunch them rockets it was better to hi-tech plane to chase the rocket launcher and destroy it instead throwing the big bomb on the children this rocket they don’t come from inside the houses an you don’t need a 500 tons bomb to destroy the rocket launcher trust me 155 mm it is enough to put the launcher with the truck in the dumb and what is this logic that if some body from HEZ or any leader lives in one apartment of a building you totally destroy for that person who is not there because logic if you are a target you don’t keep your self easy hit.
That is your propaganda to excuse your selves, it make sense…
About the free stuff check this links:

May be now you got an idea you need to get the right news from the right sources don’t ever put down any body fight for Lebanon they are our heroes and we proud of them…

Omer (israeli) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Omer (israeli) said...

Hi, ME
There is propoganda war being played out no doubt. I'll give you the Israeli side.
An offical today said that the IDF killed about 530 Militants (as opposed with civilians). The intelligence department claims to have at least 200 names (from documents produced from bodies).

While im not sure about these numbers, I'm quite positive that in Israel its virtually impossible to hide the dead (from our sides).

But heres a few things im sure off:

1. The HA offical Nur-Shalhub was killed by the IAF during a car ride. He's death was announced in Israel, Thou it took 9 days for HA to admit it. Thou, they did finally admit.

2. In the commando raid on Tyre 8 Israeli soldier were wounded (2 heavy, 6 light). One of the badly injured was the commander of the force. The point is, in that raid, 3 HA offical were killed, these were never acknoleged by HA (The battle was in a small apartment, the Israeli commander got hit by one of them), while a battle raged on outside the building. At least 15 other HA fighter were reported dead by the commando forces. Yet HA claimed no casulties (only one civilian and 1 Lebanese army soldier).

I'm quite sure HA is hiding casulties under fog of war.

ME said...

Hi Omer,
I did tell HEZ lost some of them fighters but comparing to your numbers and the hi-tech you got the amount that HEZ lost comparing to your losses it is close to nothing and don’t matter who die as long the enemy defeated there is no different between leader or not they die for Lebanon it is all that matter.
Your leaders there are trying to hide every thing not just the casualties the cost every thing because after this war they got a lots to answer and they worry that they get fired from their job and don’t worry the truth it will shows up and you will know I was right

Daphna said... about if I mourn your dead as much as the Lebanese mourn our dead. And...I will go outside and publically protest bombs in Lebanon when the Lebanese go outside and publically protest Hezbollah bombing of Israel --which are, incidentally, all targeted at civilian areas. We have plenty of pictures of our own of crumbled buildings and people in the rubble--though you conveniently choose to ignore them--or celebrate them. Of course, the reality is that most Israelis do feel sorrow at civilian deaths on the Lebanese side. This can be contrasted with Lebanese jubilation and dancing at deaths of our civilians.

As my father used to say "if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen". This is not a case of Israeli agression. You attacked us. Your government allowed Hezbollah to declare war on Israel on Lebanon's behalf. Lebanon has no reason to complain when war results. It is a shame that they did not think of the Lebanese children (and the lack of decent bomb shelters) before they did so, but hey, you elected them. Maybe next time, before your government allows half of your country to be controlled by a terrorist militia hell bent on attacking your southern neighbor, it will give some thought to your children? Perhaps your citizens will take a stand rather than allow terrorist groups to use their neighborhoods and houses as staging areas? It is terrible that innocents are dying, but if you expect us to sacrifice our children because you will not take responsibiity for protecting yours from those who would use them as shields and propoganda are out of your minds. Take responsibility for your country!

I also agree with the previous commenter who noted that, if we were not precision bombing, the damage would be far, far worse.

ME said...

Please don’t talk same as your news and American news we don’t dance for innocent death are civilian dying and we know how it is feels and when HEZ launch them rocket on your town it is only to put pressure on your leaders so may be they spare are civilians and when thee rocket hit your civilians because HEZ has no eyes in the sky to control them rockets or show them the target and the proof for that lots of these rocket hit empty fields far from civilians so he just pressuring And about they hiding between people what do you think if your army fighting in any town in Israel where the fight will be between the houses I don’t think the houses and building moves so the fight it is going to be between and around the houses and buildings the funny things that the rockets hiding in the people houses and they launching them from inside the house that really stupid and ignorant it is ever been heard If you read my massages that I post in this blog may be you will understand that your leader they were after the civilians read my massages it has all the explanation and how to use the hi-tech stuff for your knowledge and if you going after the rocket launchers so why you destroying and killing the civilians in the southern suburbs of Beirut and don’t tell you trying to kill HEZ leader that don’t give you the right to kill the civilian in savage ways for one person do you think if you are a target you show your self and start waving hi hello I’m here hit me or you will be in place no body can even think about it logic!!!!!
Make sure you read this link it explain for you why you killing civilians

and stop this stupid idea HEZ is a terrorist that because he defending Lebanon so if they defending Israel or different country you call them resistant oh like my father said if you house from glass don’t threw people on stone chick this side so you know what I’m talking about

tony.2.tone said...

vvvWhen HA emerge from this with their weapons in tact they have every right to take power in Lebanon as they are the one that sacrificed life and limb to protect this great country of ours.

While you Christians just sat on your asses and watched as your country was invaded and then come our of the shadows to snipe and complain about the increased power of HA, you Christians are pathetic.

Damn you all to eternal hell, as you do not even have the backbone to pick up a gun and face down your invader, instead you get down on your knees ready to polish the shoes of the Iraeli murderers after they have just massacred entire villages if innocent women and children, you pathetic cowards, and now you are extremely worried that HA may use their increased power from resisting for the homeland by showing you Christians as what you trully are which is cowardly lap dogs of the Iraelis.

Already in the past you did the dirty work of the Jews to protect them by forming a SLA army and torturing your onw country men at the behest of your jewish master.

Ah but thats right you were defeated by the very organization that you know are snipping it, talk about sour grapes, just dont forget that the day you were defeated is now regarded as one of the most important in the history oF lebanon which just goes to show that all Lebanon was against you and celebrated when you lost, haha.

Lastly you dare threaten a civil war if HA takes advantage of its increased power after the sacrifices for their homeland, you dare threaten a civil war when in the last civil war you were all but demolished but it was the syrians (you know the people you despise the most), that came in and fought us to spare you, this time it will be different, you will have noone to save your sorry asses when you are going to lose, and finally Lebanon can be a united country without you traiterous Christians always trying to tear it apart at the behest of your masters in Israel and the West.

So bring it on people, bring on the civil war and we can finally do waht needed to be done 20 years ago. HA

Beny Shlevich said...

Hey, just because that american idiot Rice says these are "the birth pangs of a new middle east", doens't mean we agree with her. What we want first and upmost is peace of mind, and peace if it's achievable.