Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vigil in Washington DC

The Lebanese American Community of the Washington Metropolitan Area

In association with

Arab American Associations and Human Rights Activists

Is organizing a

Silent Vigil
In Protest of the Invasion of Lebanon and
In commemoration of the Qana Massacre …one week after

Date: Sunday August 6th

8:00– 10:00 pm

: We will meet in Farragut Square Park at K Street and Connecticut Ave, NW – across the street from Farragut North Metro Station. Then at sunset, we will walk as a group to the White House with lighted candles where the vigil will end at 10 PM.

The purpose of the Vigil is:

  • To demand an immediate cease fire in Lebanon
  • To mourn and express outrage at the loss of innocent civilian lives in Lebanon
  • To condemn the internal displacement of one third of the population of Lebanon
  • To deplore the systematic destruction of the country

What you can do:

  • Please come in large numbers; women, men and children
  • Spread the word!
  • Bring American and Lebanese flags
  • Wear black or white
Bring candles with you (bring drip guards or votives on a plate or tray to catch the wax)


Chas said...

I live to far away to be there in person but I will be there in spirit.
I would encourage all readers who can, even if you have doubts about the rights and wrongs of the situation, to attend.

Michael said...

I have a couple of questions.

1. Why do you need to wear black or white? From what I have been watching and reading, these colors are in support of Hezbollah. In fact from what I have been seeing, white means you are willing to die for Hezbollah.
2. Why are you not condemning Hezbollah, who is responsible for the death of innocent civilians and the war.
3. Why do you not mourn for the death of the Israeli civilians, who are clearly being targeted, by Hezbollah.
4. Why do you not go back to Lebanon and protest against Hezbollah there, who brought this war upon Lebanon.
5. Why is it the United Stated responsibility to stop this. In fact why should we come to the aid of Lebanon at all. I watch and hear how much you all hate us, I watch you burn my flag, and chant death to America. So why should we help at all.

eran levi said...

"Michael said...
I watch you burn my flag, and chant death to America. So why should we help at all."

An interesting question you raised here.

stevedecatur said...

That's why they request you bring an American flag and a Lebanese flag.

You wave the Lebanese flag and burn the American flag.

Michael said...

RE: stevedecatur,

How much you want to bet, there will be a few of them set on fire there. This is seen as a act of war, by most who have served in the military. What would happen if I went to Lebanon or any other country and burned their flag, stepped all over it, scream death to one of their leaders, or death to them? Would they see it as a freedom of speech? Would they think I wish them peace? Would I be asked to sit down and let’s talk about our difference and misunderstanding?

shittyzionz said...
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shittyzionz said...


1. White for peace & black because we mourning for our victims. HAs colours yellow.
2.Hello, what TV channels are you watching? Its Israel thats killing our people and destroying our country & your country is the one supplying it with all sorts of weapons to kill us!!! They say they are fighting HA, Im sorry, but why do they target, ambulances, schools, houses, roads, bridges? all the infrastructure but HA!!! & for what? for 2 soldiers? they didnt even kill them, they just wantedto exchange them with Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails( did you know there morethan 10,000 prisoners in the Israeli jails?) they were given the permission to to do all sorts of genocides, and distructing our entire country? huh..fairwar, eh?

3.Bah do they mourn for the death of our people? They're gloating over Qanas massacre & all the children who died out can you compare our casualities to theirs? 1000 lebanese died (only 43 were HA fighters) andabout 70 Israelis ( the vast majority were soldiers) We have so many children (1/3 of the victims were children)women, old people all were innocent and a lot of them died inside their houses.
4. No my friend, we support HA and we are all united against the Israeli agression.
5.Because the USA is the one responsible for preventing the cease fire. We dont needyour aids, thank you very much!!Have you ever asked yourself why? why do the ppl ofthe ME hate your country? Dont tell me because they hate democracy & freedom coz thats BS. Just look for the answer yourself, watch the news we see here and then judge!!!


Michael said...

RE: Natalie

1. I just watched the protest in Iraq, and the white they wear was to show they are willing to fight and die for HA. Just the opposite of peace.
2. I watch and read a lot of news, not just the ones that say what I want to hear or believe. Your country fired missiles into Israel and kidnapped their soldiers. Yes, your country, since HA is part of your Lebanon’s government. You say 10,000 prisoners, but I keep reading that there is only 3 Lebanese prisoners. Most are Palatines, I believe. Which makes me think, you are not Lebanese.

but why do they target, ambulances, schools, houses, roads, bridges?
When your enemy uses these to hide weapons in and to fight from then they become targets. And if you say they don’t then you need to wake up and start paying attention.
If Israel was trying to target civilians, then you would have tens of thousands dead already. Be careful, you may get this if you keep supporting HA.

3. I have heard Israeli’s and other non-Islam’s, mourn and feel for your dead. I do not think most of the world likes to see anyone die, because of hate. Have most of us in the world, not seen enough death in our life time because of hate. When you breed hate and racism, you get hate and racism. And that is what I see happening by many in the ME, or should I say Islam. And that is why I think you hate us.
4. If you think the USA is what is preventing a cease fire, then you are a very ignorant person. You cannot just turn a war off once you start one, it doesn’t work like that. Just like you cannot drop a bomb and only the bad guys die, and the innocent that they fight among walk away. It just doesn’t work that way. So when you justify to yourself that it is ok, for HAs to fire missiles into Israel and kill and kidnap their soldiers, and it starts a war. Then you have justified to yourself that it is OK for all of the innocent children to die. In fact it is like you dropped the bombs on them yourself.
5. And that aid that is coming into your country. Is happening because America is friends with Israel. This was the first thing that got negotiated, when HAs started this war. Trying to get innocent people out of a war zone, and start getting aid into the ones who need it. And do you think that they don’t know some of this aid will get to the enemy they fight. But that is a price you pay when you really care about the lives of people.

shittyzionz said...


1.Do you know "Hajj"?? its when Muslims go to Mecca to do the pilgrimage, do you recall the colour they wear? Yes its white. Muslims are dressed up in white when they die, its like a custom or something – Muslims here please respond!! I'm so sure what Raja meant was "peace". However, Has colour is yellow, as I previously mentioned, I'm so sure.
2. I'm Lebanese but I also do carry British passport, don't know whether it's relevant or not, but you brought it all up. There are 4 Lebanese prisoners in Israel not 3. As for the 10,000 prisoners, I think I mentioned the word (Arabs) which indicates they weren’t all Lebanese, but since you brought it up, I got to say that when Palestinians kidnapped 1 soldier, who was inside their territory, Israel'd killed so many civilians, and still are!! Tell me how can we get our prisoners back with a country like that? Negotiation? Bah forget it!! So in small words,PLO option wasn’t accepted even though that land was under their control and that soldier was an invader, they didn’t kill him they just wanted to exchange him with Palestinians prisoners ( a lot of them are in jails without charges nor trials, they are there merely because they looked suspicious, then again, who doesn’t look like that for the new Nazis?) Nor HA's option who invaded their country kidnapped & left. Do you watch or read aljazeera, New TVnews? Ifyou want to be objective you have to read from both sides reliable sources, not what you believe is reliable.
Actually, they're targeting ambulances, schools, bridges..ect because they wanted people to stop supporting HA, so they claimed HA are hiding them selves or hiding their weapons inside them. That's BS, sir, and all the Lebanese don’t buy that. Lets pretend what you said was the truth, why on earth why haven’t seen any trace of any rockets/ missiles under the rubbles? What we all have witnessed were parts of children's bodies, toys(perhaps they looked like rockets from the F16) ect
3.The entire world was sad for our dead. If there were anyone in the world that breeds hate & racism, that'd be Israelis & the American leadership. People in the ME are fed up with you lot supporting a Nazi regime like the Israelis. Can you tell me where was Israel before1948? How was it formed & at whose expense? did they negotiate with the Palestinians before they took their land? They invaded our south & occupied it, that’s why HA was formed, they fought the Israelis till they kicked them out but yet they are the ones you call "terrorists"
4. The USA was the one who prevented the ceasefire and if you think otherwise then you are the ignorant person. Rice was talking about the new ME, a ME that looks like Iraq or Afghanistan, but we wont be like that, we are a solid & united people who'd rather die in dignity & honour than to be star in the American flag. Your country has a disgusting agenda to turn ME into a land with civil wars so they can steal our fortunes (ive seen that in an American show called 60 minutes and they were talking specifically about Iraq & what you people are doing out there)
5. LMAO that was the funniest part ever!! Let me first explain the Israeli strategy in this war ( as someone here rightfully stated) a. destroy the roads. b.ask people to evict. d. shoot them in the open. Your aid was mainly F16s,tanks, smart bombs or whatever they call them,and we absolutely received them all, thank you very much. Seriously though, have you seen the bodies of the civilians? No burn signs but the colour of the body it self was purple, can you explain how they got that colour? Yes,you are so right, chemical stuff in your bombs, intl prohibited weapons, that’s the aid we received from you. As for your food & medications, well, there are no safe roads to the south, thanks to your friends in Israel, Lebanese army were delivering them but the F16 targeted them more than I care to remember, so stop talking about your useless aids.

Viva Lebanon
Viva Resistance


steve said...

Nattygirl, you are a sick, biased,hate-filled and irrational pup.

Watch careful.If the terrorists who have taken over a significant portion of Lebanon (in defiance of UN Mandate)had not ATTACKED Israel, you would not now be whining about Israel's righteous and humane retribution. You're lucky it is a fine country like Israel instead of the terrorist Hezies or crazed stone-age Iranians.

Silly chick. Quit whining and vote for non-terrorist enablers when this settles down.

Michael said...


You just proved my whole point. Keep on breeding that hate and racism. I will not waste any more of my time with you, except to help see your kind come to an end.


shittyzionz said...

Stevieboy, you are such a blind, racist & ignorant chap.
If the Nazi country hadn’t held 4 of our men as prisoners, hadn’t occupied our farms, hadn’t provoked us by invading our air & sea zones every now & again, hadn’t killed some of our civilians in the south ( about 8 months ago & he was only a shepherd!) and I can go on & on. It's really a full time job to sit & discuss what that barbaric country did, is doing & going to do.
FINE COUNTRY LIKE ISRAEL? LOL , boy you're such a joke, HA are way much classier than both the USA & Israel!! We're lucky because we have HA & Sayed Nassraallah (bless him) & we're lucky because we're not as naive & ignorant as yourself my dearest Steooooooo
As for the whining part, bah, do you call what I said whining?lol I thought your knowledge was only weak in politics but it seems that its weakness extends to understanding what girls think!! Whatever! Ah, I almost forgot, what do you think about ( oh HA are firing –katyucha- on Haifa sniff sniff, choke, they're killing our civilians wahhhhhh oh o -what? They're all in shelters- ok, well they killed some stuff there really, our economy we lost couple of millions but mama America will definitely refund us, yknow, we're fighting on their behalf)
Note, My vote will always go to the glorious HA –bless them- muaaaah big kiss to all our fighters & their leaders!!

And I thought you were the only sane pro Israel but you are just like the others. We are here to discuss things & explain our POVs so we can reach a mutual understanding but apparently, if anyone disagrees with you, he/she will be your enemy. You just couldn’t reply to my post, so I think I won!! Typical American guy, you remind me of that butthead named Bush.
Forgot to thank you for teaching me what democracy & freedom of speech are.

Michael said...

Nat-a-lie, lol,

Couldn’t help it, just seem to fit, lmao. Now, all kidding aside.

I don’t see you as trying to have dialogue with someone. Only as someone who wants everyone to listen to her rants of hatred and racism.
I don’t see you as my enemy yet, more like some young confused child, who has spent all of her young life being taught how to hate.
Tell me Natalie, do you dance and cheer when a suicide bomber walks into a restaurant, or gets on a bus, and blows it up?
Do you get a warm loving feeling inside every time you see 100’s or 1000’s of people die, from a terrorist attack.
Do you hope Iran fires a nuclear missile on Israel real soon, and maybe kills a million people in Israel at once?
Or would you be happier if HAs is the one who gets to fire it.

As for being pro Israel, I see it different. I see it as being pro right or wrong. I always hope to see diplomacy work. Because I know what comes when it does not. I was so happy the morning I saw the Cedar Revolution go down in Lebanon. I saw it here on the internet, early in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. I was telling friends about it at least 8 hours in advance of any of our MSM. I think this was one of the blogs I was following when it went down. I was also very sad the day I saw this war start, again first on the internet. I really did think Lebanon was going to be the role model of democracy in the ME. And maybe it still will, but that doesn’t look good now.

Natalie if you want to have a dialogue with people about something, then first you have to learn how to get past the hate and racism.

Rodolfo Poliak said...

hey michel, thinking that US is the only wise and mercefully country in this world, and that you have the divine right to tell everybody how to live. that's moronic (?), that's why everybody hate you, around the world, always looking in other's problem. You stupid people are the fanatics, "or you are with us or against us", who the hell do you think you are?, the real thing here is, "is that good or is that wrong?", and that don t belong to any side of this conflict, (israel/lebano).

PS. Sorry my english, i'm from argentina (spanish).
Fuerza gente en el libano, y que dios los bendiga.

shittyzionz said...

Your first remark was silly, but God what should I expect from a pro
Israel? 1 question before my ass kicking reply –ehm ehm- didn’t you say that you wont reply to what I say anymore? LOL I successfully made you come & reply, typical Americans, I know how to seduce you lot LOL, I'm such a talented fine lady 

Now lets get this party started, lol was just listening to Pink, don’t should I boycott her stuff or no, but she seems nice, she reminds me of myself, that’s why I like her. OK now really let's start our exciting dialogue – don’t know about you but I feel happy-

First of all, I can get everyone listening to me – just like I got you replying to me- if I want to & when I want to, I'm so sure & confident, it's my country & people around the world, especially those who want to hear Lebanese POV & want to see the two sides of this terribly sad story, they all listen and whatsmore, they do believe me because they are not pro Israelis.

I don’t know whether I should answer your questions or not, you didn’t answer mine , but since you had no clue on how to do so, I'll raise above your ignorance and answer your questions as they are not really that difficult and I don’t have to be smart –like your bombs- to do so,
1. Actually it depends, Why & where they did that, for example, I'm against what happened in Madrid, USA-although I hate your government, I think its not civilians fault- London attacks, In short, I hate al qaida and what they are doing.
2. Not at all, never, I even cry, especially when I see dead young children. Let me ask you the same question, Did you give a damn when you saw Qana's ( 1 & 2), Qaa'a's, Merjaaeyon..ect massacres? Most of the victims were small children. Ah sorry I forgot they didn’t have blond hair & blue eyes thus it's ok if they die, they are not that beautiful anyway.
3. No, because eventually, a) it'll affect us all, b)I love nature, and I don’t want it to be ruined c) I'm against possessing, making & using these weapons. So that'll include your country, France, India, Pakistan & guess who? Israel (they have more than 300 nuclear missiles).

I know I should get past hate & racism, this is the most beautiful advice I have ever heard, but I think you should act that way first. However, I got to say that its funny how you & merkova –both are Americans & pro Israel- started to pour insults on me just because I asked how Israel was formed & at whose expense. and you tell me how to dialogue with others.

Peace out

Rodolfo poliak
gracias (spelling)I do really love latinos, bello chicos & very wise & educated!!

Ti amo :x

Viva Resistance
Viva Lebanon


Michael said...


So, you can have a conversation without ranting and raving. I will continue this dialogue with you, if you can have it with a open mind, as I will try also. Which means after we have it, we both, may still only believe the same way we do now.

This is not the place to continue this. And I believe this blog is about to drop off the list.

You can email me if you like and we can continue this. My email is listed under my name.