Thursday, August 17, 2006

MEA returns to Beirut International Airport



Doha said...

British Airways will resume their flights to Beirut next week.

francois said...

air france the 22

Omer (israeli) said...

Nice picture :)

The Middle East News Addict said...

This makes one wonder how systematic was the Israeli destruction of Lebanese infrastructure if the first plane manages to land in Beirut international airport onl days after the ceasefire. In any case this is a blessed development amidst a sea of poor developments. The French anounced they will only send 200 soldiers (a far cry from the initial 3000) putting the number of 15000 troops at risk as other governments pull out as well. In addition the International force will not disarm Hezbollah and neither will the Lebanese army. Hezbollah will stay in the South with "concealed" weapons. This means tht the July 12th attack is going to happen again and I persume that within the next 8-10 months. Unfortunately, I fear that when that happens, Israel will not be calmed through UNSC resolutions as 1701 will become as meaningless as 1559. They will see those resolutions as mainly meant to calm things down at their expense. Those who support Lebanon and support peace must support a full implementation of 1701 or will be here again in a matter of months to a tune of far worse disasters on both sides.

Firas Wehbe said...

TMENA - Yes, it does make one wonder doesn't it. Oh those Lebanese, they're such drama queens... and they have the audacity to claim more loss in civilian lives than Israel, and what's with the whole 60 dysfunctional bridges all the way up to Akkar??? At the current market value of Israeli civilian life (roughly equivalent to 15 civilian Lebanese lives), the Lebanese loss in civilian lives isn't even comparable to that of Israel. What are they whining about? It must be that darn effective propaganda machine that Hizbo has. Ah well...

desclaimer: I won't acknowledge any knee-jerk characaterization of me as a supporter of HA/Terror/Arab Nationalism. I'm a Lebanese patriot, fullstop.

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

fantastic shot. Lebanese have to indulge now on their well earned patiriotism. The army made a real scene - we down south were really impressed - a scene we've been wating to see for decades. I feel we can start to be optmistic about the future. Ceder awaikaning...

ColdPhusion said...

Israel bombarded all the runways, and the fuel reserves in the Hairir International Airport in Beirut. The damage was sever to all the runways, but the estimates was alywas that it is going to take 48 to 72 hours to having the first runway functional and so on and so forth. This was a well known fact, there was no exageration. We were all afraid however that Israel might conitinue any moment and escalate and destroy all the airport buildings and navigation tower. In that case we would have needed many, mannnnnnnny months to open to the airport.

Please get your facts straight before you post and seem, ya 7aram, very surprised.

Thank you and good night.

Random Ranter said...

Here are some facts for ya...

Syria to form its own Hizbullah

Baath party official: Lebanon war proves 'resistance' against Israel works
Aaron Klein, WND

On the heels of what it views as a Hizbullah victory against the Jewish state, Syria is forming its own Hizbullah-like guerilla organization to fight Israel in hopes of "liberating" the Golan Heights, an official from Syrian President Bashar Assad's Ba'ath party told WorldNetDaily yesterday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Syria learned from Hizbullah's military campaign against Israel the past month that "fighting" is more effective than peace negotiations with regard to gaining territory.

He said Syria's new guerilla force would be trained by Hizbullah leaders.

"Syria is very serious about establishing this new guerilla force," the official said.

Hizbullah claims its goal is to liberate the Shebaa Farms, a small, 200-square-kilometer bloc situated between Syria, Lebanon and Israel. The Farms is the last post held by Israel after its withdrawal in 2000 from positions it took along the Lebanese border.

Most western analysts agree Hizbullah uses the pretext of the Shebaa Farms to maintain its weapons to start conflicts with the Jewish state. Hizbullah is sponsored by Syria and Iran.

The ceasefire resolution accepted by Israel earlier this week calls for negotiations leading to Israel's relinquishing of the Shebaa Farms.

Dimitry said...

coldphusion - Ah, but's it all in the little details. Somehow, nobody bothered to put too fine a point on the fact Israel did damange that could be fixed in days, while it could send it's bombs couple of hundreds meters away and do much more extensive damage. Guess that doesn't work too well with the image of those evil, cruel bastards who only cwanted to cause Lebanon as much damage as possible that seems so popular.

ColdPhusion said...
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ColdPhusion said...

Dimitri and everyone. There's no exageration. The pictures are there, there are satellite picture of Lebanon before and after of everything. So, no need to start questioning things. The cruelty of the Isrealian air raids had devastated everything from bridges to factories and building, complete neighboorhood were erazed. "GIVE TO CAESAR WHAT BELONGS TO CAESAR AND TO GOD WHAT BELONGS TO GOD". When Israel does something GOOD, believe me we will be mentioning it, we are desperatly waiting for that day.

There's a bridge near my house in Sawfar, that had cost Lebanon billions of dollars, and it took 5 years to finish, it is considered the biggest bridge in the middle east. In one day, with 5 air raids, Israel demolished it. As simple as that. How easy it is to destroy.

What is surprising, is that if Israel really wants to disable it, it could put couple of holes in it (that's what happened in the first raid), and render it disfunctional. BUT NO, it has to be completely evaporated. And what is more surprising, the small old road that runs beside is it very well functional, no harm done to it.

Please don't patronize me, you haven't seen your country destroyed. Please do your reseach if you are really interested, come to Lebanon if you are really "really" interested, also we need lots of help, maybe you can lend a hand :).

Although, if you are Israeli, you cannot come to Lebanon, but you can always donate.

chuck said...'s a reuters photo.
i don't believe any of their photos anymore, it might be fake.
they probobly don't have any stewartess on board.

normality (i hope) here we come !
and peace if possible will be nice.

ColdPhusion said...

Chuck, FYI, Middle East Airlines (MEA) have the most beautiful and fancy stewartess on board ;). Serioualy, all are Lebanese girls, and very well educated and very hospitable.

I hope one day you enjoy a trip on one of their airlines, coming to Lebanon of course.

Dimitry said...


I'm not patronizing, I'm just explaining caveman's linguist point (or at least, the way I understood it). It's clear that the data is there for everybody who is willing to do research. Public image, however, is created by and for people who don't, and in the end of the day, that's what largely counts.

Just out of curiosity, have you heard about the Lebanese woman bought to Israeli hospital after she was wounded? Apperantly it took her and her son a long way to get to Israel, as HA attempted to prevent it. They were also afraid of having their pic taken or any identification published, for fear of HA retribution.
Just a small anecdote that was on media sometime early on the war.

No, I won't come to Lebanon as I have no wish to be lynched or abducted to be swapped for a murderer (or some of them). There's quite enough damage on this side of the border to work on, too.

chuck said...

that would be nice.
and maybe one day the train from ejypt to turkey will start running again (through Israel and lebanon, and through syria too...) in a peacfull time.

one can only hope.

Annasru Ata said...

dimitry its really ur loss and if it was up to me ull eat ur words before ever entering to my country. we dont need any more of ur mossad either. ull be pleased in ur home waiting for when ur prime minister lines up another war where u could "look" like

Omer (israeli) said...

"Please don't patronize me, you haven't seen your country destroyed"

You havent been looking. In kiryat shmona there is are homes destroyed on almost every street.

I'm not patroinzig.And im sorry you feel that way.
I wrote you a reply on the previous post as well ("My army heads south"). HA shot into cities and villages incdiscrimently. Every Katyusha has 40000 ball bearings the fly all over. Look at images from Israel. They could kill or wound anyone near them. The only reason Israel didnt loose so much life is becasue ppl lived in bomb shelter for a month.

So Please!

The Middle East News Addict said...

To everyone

I think that my comment has sparked an entirely wrong debate. To be sure, IT WAS NOT ABOUT A COMPETITION OF WHO SUFFERED MORE. Everybody here suffered. Those with more and those with less. My comment was also not about the blame game, as there is much of that to go around.

The main point of my comment was that with the way things are going down right now with resolution 1701 disappearing into the thin air; we will all be back here again and sooner, way sooner, than we would like! None of you in your comments has related to this situation and how it could be prevented before it is too late and that is a shame. The main issues here as I see them are Hezbollah and Lebanon's sovereignty as a solution to it all.

Therefore I apologize to Raja if my comment has sparked the wrong debate on a post meant as a sign of hope. My eyes, as should everybody's, should be looking forward... not back.

yuval from tlv said...

Latest news -

(i'm totally not suprised of these)

the lovely europians who tried time after time to call for a cease -fire, by promissing back up to the lebanese army by sending thousands of soliders, are now backing up..
France had announced that it will sent only 200 soliders!!
germany had announced that they won't send any solider!

the UN had alarmed that this may cause a chain reaction in which most nations will not sent any forces into lebanon, therefor resolution 1701 will be burried due to the EU.

i guess it just shows how pathetic they are!

all europians should be ashamed of them selfs!
calling for a cease fire, giving promisses, and evantualy they run away like cowards!

my suggestion to you Lebanese people, dont rebuild your country, it'll be destroyed again very soon, when no actualy force will take over responsiablity.

those busterds europians were important for the lebanese soverignity, and for the israeli security.
now both are down the toilet thanks to them.

mono said...

love the photo, thanks raja!

Itai said...

yuval from tlv stop deluding yourself. Those intl. forces mean nothing, they WON'T disarm Hezbollah. Everybody knew it before, during and after the security council decided upon 1701. How can you call the Europeans pathetic when your own government asked for the resolution to stop the war? Do you expect soldiers from other nations to finish the job for you?
You should direct your dissapointment at your own government, they had a golden opportunity and they blew it.

D.B. Shobrawy said...

Ahhh the Middle Eastern spirit, Persistent Perserverence over tough times.

Chas said...

Many hopeful images appearing right now. I saw villagers in S. Leb waving Leb flags to welcome the army and people (finally) begining to clear up the oil slick.



NassurDinHoga said...

Need your help!

This was translated to Hebrew and published widely across the net in Israel:

Can anyone hint about the credibility of this Michael Behe? Who is he? Where does he write?

Merci pour votre aide!

Andrey said...

nasurr... I've seen it in russian and english

NassurDinHoga said...

I've found this name "Michael Behe" only as a writer in this somewhat biassed (understatement of the year here :-)) site:

As far as I see it, I have no reason to believe this guy has ever been to Lebanon.

Lebanese friends! Info about the man please?

Al said...

Israeli Army Killed 60-80 Lebanese Army Men and internal security forces> for the record again

they hit them after they said "aman" turkish for surrender. And when they were in their bases east of beirut.

you tell me what is israel going to say to the lebanese army :-)

dougjnn said...

I pointed out weeks ago that it wouldn't take long to get the airport up and running again. It's very easy to make take an airport offline by bombing runways, and very easy to pour in a bunch of cement and reopen them. So long as Israel didn't take out control towers and radar etc., which it didn't do.

THe damage to bridges is also vasty exaggerated. Mostly it's just a single span that's been taken out of the big bridges. That's nothing remotely like having to rebuild the entire bridge. There is a challenge to having so many to try to repair in short order since there are only so many cranes in country or readily available from elsewhere, so that will take awhile. But it's not like a total rebuild.

What's been really badly damaged are some Shi'a neighborhoods surrounding Hezbollah.

Dimitry said...

News Addict

There wasn't much of 1701 to start with. It pretty much garanteed there would be another round from the get go. Whether the French Foreign Legion would be doing nothing in Lebanon or doing nothing elsewhere isn't relevant.

The only thing that can salvage the situtation is Lebanon indepndently pulling itself together and asserting control over HA.


Just out of curiosity, why the hell should IDF know the Turkish word for surrender? Good thing it wasn't Swahili, too.
If anything, the Arabic word seems more likely to be recognized.

Chas said...

I can tell you something about Michael Behe.
He is the Biochemistry proffesor who came up with "Intelligent Design" theory as an alternative to Darwinism. I don't know if you have followed that debate but the theory is scintifically a non-starter but politically very popular with christian fundamentalists, who had a campaign to have the theory taught in school science classes as an alternative to evolution. So far this retrograde campaign has failed.
I enjoyed a brief Email correspondence with the man in which he failed to defend his theories.



Chas said...

err, scientifically, I mean
approaching zero to all except the the christian right but they are an influential group.


NassurDinHoga said...

Chas - Sure thing this is the same person? Why would this cat leave NY to Beirut in the midth of a war?
I've read the Behe page on Wiki, can't see anything there that may relate him to this article about HA and Lebanon. Makes no sense.

Last but not least - I appreicate your help with defending the evolution :-) I'm just reading "Origin of Specieses" now.
Long lives Darwin!

Chas said...

Seems like the type of publication that would publish Behe but I can't be sure it is the same man.
Amoung the right wing in America Behe passes for an intellectual!

Goodnight all and peace


Fares said...

lebanon Survives once again, But will Syria of Assad

1earth said...

"all the lebanese inside and outside Lebanon were trying so hard in so many ways to stop the war and stop the bleading. They were so outraged and could not believe all the destruction that was happening. How could this have happened so quickly and with no previous warning…it was so shocking, so tragic!"

No warning? Quickly? They condoned Lebanese aggression against Israel for 6 years. Did they expect Israel to ignore the repeated provocation for another 6 years?

"To isrealis I say! no one wants to destroy you! give just Peace a chance and let’s start a fresh page. Let’s exchange olive branches instead of bombs, peace speeches not hate rethoric."

What bizarro world do you hail from where the vast majority of arabs are gay leftists like you that just want peace, flowers and cuddling? Israel gave peace a chance when it accepted the UN resolution creating a Jewish state in an area the size of Gaza and the Arabs responded with war. Your kind refused to accept peace then, (and again with 1967's official "three nos, no peace, no negotiations, no recognition of Israel by Arabs", and again in 2000 when Arafat walked away from the best offer the Palestinians were ever going to get because he had already stockpiled weapons and wanted to kill Jews with them before peace.

So yes, the burden is on you, your kind has to demonstrate a real willingness to coexist with a Jewish state (and the rest of the civilized world too). How about the Arabs for once give peace a chance instead of suicide bombs, hijacked planes and taking schools hostage.? If the Palestinians acted like Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr they would have had another state (besides Jordan) almost 60 years ago.

But Hezbollah, the Palestinians etc never fail to prove that Arabs only understand the lanaguage of violence.

Want to hear what your Palestinian heros think about a 1100 dead Lebanese and 200 dead Palestinians?

"They threatened to demolish Gaza and Lebanon and we saw that [the results] wasn't so terrible.",7340,L-3292723,00.html

box said...

Random Ranter said...
Here are some facts for ya... Syria to form its own Hizbullah

ummm... could you please get your story straight? last week, hizbullah was a syrian and iranian dominated entity, not even lebanese!

lebanon - i have to hand it to you. i have to hand it to the entire arab nations, actually. as hard as it had to be to do nothing, it was the only thing to do.

israel has lost. it has lost its legitimacy with the united states public - not as a "right to exist" as the mantra has been forever (followed closely behind by bigot accusations) - but as a "right to aggress." they played their cards; no other country or entity escalated it; and they were seen by the world as the bullies they were in this scenario. likewise, it brought to an even clearer light the plight of palestinian oppression under israel.

lebanon, i'm so sorry, as an american, that my government sponsored and supported israel in the devastation there. don't worry - we all know that israel's devastation is real and documented. the propagandists have said a lot of heinous things since the beginning of this, which has flown in the face of well-documented fact... the idea that it didn't even happen after they retreat with worldwide humiliation is the worst. but that's ok - we all know.

i hope to god the fighting stays stopped, and this isn't just a break in the action. i hope lebanon stays sovereign and achieves its strength soon.

seeker said...

...i hope Lebanon stays sovereign...
Lebanon WAS NEVER and WILL NEVER be a sovereign country as long as one of its parties can intimidate and/or hijack power from it.
Hell, do you think Bush (or Berlusconni or many others) will relinquish power if he had an armed militia behind him (Rhetorical question!).

The only sovereignty Lebanon was practicing so far is due to benevolence of HA, but history prooves when interests differ, HA is the final arbiter.

Sherri said...


Lebanon stays sovereign, despite your apparent wishes to the contrary.

I sat and watched for a month as, daily, innocent civilians were killed by Israeli bombs, provided to them by my country, the United States.

But they, the Lebanese, survived and they are united, the Christians, the Sunni Muslims, and the Shiite Muslims, represented by Hezbullah. The cease fire holds. I wish only the best for the Lebanese, all of them, the Christians, the Sunnis, and the Shiites. Rebuild your country, and accept and respect each other.

I hope and pray for Peace above everything.


Gosudarynya said...

Israel gave peace a chance when it accepted the UN resolution creating a Jewish state in an area the size of Gaza

I take it 1earth has never seen a map in which Gaza is correctly depicted.

seeker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
seeker said...

...despite your apparent wishes to the contrary.
Do you realize that you put words into my mouth ?

I am just stating the obvious,
claiming that I am rich will not change the amount of money in my bank account, as much as I wish it were so. Working on it may make a difference though...

Sherry, I know you are guided by good intentions, there is no dispute about that,
However strong feelings cloud reason.

sovereign = one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere (Lebanon), Lebannese governement has no power over HA.

NassurDinHoga said...

You're right.

A peace of advice: If you want to lie, stick to those "facts" one can't check. Common examples may include "Among the 1000 killed in Lebanon, 963 were HA soldiers" or "Kafer Kana was all set by HA, the children were locked in the house before a Katyusha louncher was placed on the roof".

Here is the original map, History and French lesson combined together:

Historically, "We" took the habbit of leaving the really clear, obvious, ridiculous lies ("Israel has invaded the new born Arab state on that very night the partition map was approved in the UN") to "them".

Let us not lose this habbit.

Gosudarynya said...

Sherri, I'm another ashamed American, angry that our country's electeds so often unquestioningly stand by Israel no matter how disproportionate the "defense" becomes. Not that I was ever supportive of anything BushCo hath wrought, domestically or in other's backyards (and have campaigned and protested and phoned heavily in opposition since summer 2000), but I'm still paying taxes that fund their policies of division and destruction.

The bloggers in non-Western countries (including many in the Middle East nations) are often very young, mostly twenties, while those at average forty-something (nearing 50) and often have political, educational or legal careers. This really influences the discussions, IMO. A 23-year-old today was ten when Bill Clinton was sworn into office and 18 when he left after two full terms. How many remember when he called Syria and told them to stand down? Bush only talks to friends. I wish everyone abroad realized how different our foreign policy was through 2000. Not perfect by any stretch, but far closer to fair.

I wonder how many posters here were alive when Amal (a party not as different from HA as some might think) was formed, how bloody the battles between major civil war factions were, and how eventually all militias disarmed, with many members joining the Lebanese Army. A reminder - no one disarmed themselves days after the end of a serious conflict! Impatience is not an effective tactic for diplomacy, and clearly Lebanon has some interior diplomacy to work on. But jeez kids - let the cease-fire settle in and rebuild the bridges my tax dollars blew up. Read some basic tenets of international law so you understand just what segments of the Israeli "defense" were in clear violation.

Most of all, I beg of the Lebanese to be very, very suspicious of American governmental overtures. They played you like a fiddle, and much of the sentiment I see on this blog is exactly what Natan Sharansky and Dick Cheney were planning during one of their vacations in the Rocky Mountains.

Gosudarynya said...

FWIW, I did give to the Lebanese Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, earmarked for Lebanon. (So I contributed to the bombs without my consent and to repairing the damage by choice.)

At this point I just hope the cease-fire holds and all forms of diplomacy work out.

Don't count Jesse Jackson out. I used to wonder what the heck he was doing as a third-party mediator in the oddest of places, but he's come through on several occasions. No harm in trying, not so far anyway.

Andrey said...

gosudarynya dorogaya "unquestioningly stand by Israel Don't you blame Israel for everything, this president of yours doesn't let Israel talk to Syria, just because of your war in Iraq. If it was for us to deside, shabaa & golan would be syrian now (ofcourse, if Bashar would have sign a peace threaty - and it looks like he would). In the past Bush even got Israely head of security council fired, just because of a sattelite deal with China. So all of these claiming the zionist rule America, don't know how harmfull Bush is for us.

Dimitry said...


Lebanon isn't and wasn't sovereign since the 70's. A country can't be said to be sovereign when there are armed forces not under the government's control. What you seen on TV in the past month has no bearing on that.


So Israel wasn't invaded by Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon 8 hours after it's declaretion of independence? Ah, now that I think about it, it makes much more sense that 8 hours after Israel's declaretion of indepndence, Israel invaded all of its neighbours, at once. Right. Or do you dispute even the existance of the war?

NassurDinHoga said...

plese read my post again.

BTW, this funny-if-not-sad phrase "Israel has invaded..." is a quote from an interview in "60 minutes" with one of the
Israeli-Arab MOPs.

Al said...


thanks for your comments.

I love how a bunch of israeli supporters think that we are dum, YES its called an Invasion....

Israel Invaded Lebanon in 78,82,96,06 i hope that some one can guess the next number
The word is Invaded, of course it was branded the following:
Safety for Galil, Litany river, other times it was grapes of wrath-96, and currently it is stormy summer.

dont you live the Israeli propaganda.

Israel tries to divide the lebanese people by saying the following about HA:
-An iranian/syrian organization
-Should get the prisoners from syria
-Wants to destroy israel
-Wants to create a muslim state
-Wants to threaten other christians
-Israel has promissed some of the LF members that they may be offered military support to open an internal front.

Dear Israelis your ploys are known, all lebanese people including every one know them.

Sherri said...


Thanks for your reply. I will go check out that blog you referred to. I am an attorney and a Christian American who is extremely dissatisfied by the Bush policy of starting wars all over the Middle East and encouraging and participating in Israeli wars. And I am tired of the lies and deceptions when he calls all conflicts wars against civilization and terrorism, always labeling his enemies as terrorists.
The truth is not nearly so simple.
The Arab Palestinian conflict is at the heart of the problems in Lebanon.

On a positive note, I just saw on TV an image of the Lebanese army deep into the South being cheered by villagers, who are obviously Shiite Muslims and also Hezbullah supporters. This proves to the world that the Lebanese can unite and they can support Hezbullah and the Lebanese army. They are not mutually exclusive. They both serve Lebanese interests.

Random Ranter said...

I hear HB is throwing around money like candy again. Bribery will get you everywhere in Lebanon, apparently.

Nasrallah: I know your house was destroyed because of the rockets we put in your backyard and you say your husband and son were killed? OK - here is some money to ease your pain. Oh, and here are some more rockets - hope you don't mind.

Get these people OUT!

Al said...

You are an israeli, your country sent 15,000 air raids, with 1.5 Billion in artilary and war fare costs ALONE.

If HN is giving them rockets, at least he is not emptying them on their heads like your country did.

These people have nothing and if your government wants to support lebanese government how about you give us some of your fighter jets so that we kill our own people and kick HA ass.

You are sooo ridiculous

Random Ranter said...

al -

I am hardly an Israeli. They have their own problems and I am sure we can find a blog to discuss those. But, we are talking about HB and how they use innocent lebanese civilians as human shields. Hiding behind innocent people is perhaps the most cowardly thing a human being can do and you support that?

HB is destroying Lebanon and they are using Iranian money to rebuild false trust with the citizens of southern lebanon so they can renew their campaign of hatred and violence. why do you allow this to occur?

Akiva M said...

>>If HN is giving them rockets, at least he is not emptying them on their heads like your country did.<<

Of course, that's exactly the opposite of the truth; in embedding military targets in civillian homes and areas, that is exactly what he is doing: ensuring that rockets will get emptied on their heads.

Random Ranter said...

akiva m -

Bravo! I am glad to see there are reasonable and sane people in here!

Sherri said...

randam ranter,

Please go read a few Amnesty International Reports to see who is the biggest culprit in committing war crimes in the recent Lebanon Israeli conflict. or click on the Amnesty International link on the Lebanese Bloggers page and go to MDE 15/070/2006

For what is happening in the Occupied Territories and war crimes there, go to or click on the Amnesty International link and go to MDE 15/002/2006.

There are also many news releases on that web site from Amnesty International, which indicate they have found no proof Hezbullah was using civilians as shields. They conclude Israel targeted civilians in the airbombing and those acts constitute war crimes.

Please educate yourself. Get your facts straight.

seeker said...

Normally unaddressed I would not reply to you, I recognize that you have good intentions but I find you emotional and not rational (basically ineligible to have conversation with), However, I find it grotesque that you are sitting in your comfortable chair and blame the world of its cruelness by using unsuitably sources of an organization of which I am a member of.

Amnesty is a very good organization used as a global conscience, and it proved to help from time to time, BUT it is not a source to compare, judge or blame countries because it can not and will not degrade itself to be objective nor comprehensive, Israel having by far more right violatins than china, north Korea etc, proves that it is democratic and not that it is evil.

Did you ever hear about Moynihan's Law? I guess not.
Listen, blabber all you want, but don't use sources from my organization that I am proud of to the ends that suits your agenda and not this organization.

So please educate yourself.

Sherri said...


Under international humanitarian law, parties to a conflict are legally bound to comply with certain rules. The four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their two Additional Protocols of 1977 are the principle instruments of international humanitarian law.

Amnesty International has released a report and numerous other documents since July 12 that address war crimes they have identified the parties to this conflict as violating.

I do not understand how my calling others attention to Amnesty International's findings is offensive to you.

I will quote portions of "Open Letter to Members Of The United Nations Security Council On The Situation In Lebanon/Israel" AI Index: IOR 41/013/2006 Dated August 2, 2006

"The devastating attack on Qana on 30 July 2006 in southern Lebanon, in which the vast majority of victims were children, is symptomatic of the way in which this conflict has been fought to date.

Israel has failed to take necessary precautions to spare civilians. It has launched disproportionate attacks causing many civilian deaths and injuries. Israel has directly targeted civilian objects such as roads, bridges and power plants. In the case of the attack on Qana the Israeli authorities have claimed that Hizbullah used civilians as "human shields" -- a tactic clearly prohibited under international humanitarian law. However, Israel has provided no evidence to support that allegation. Moreover, any such violation of international humanitarian law by Hizbullah would not have absolved Israel from its legal obligations to protect civilians by strictly observing the principle of proportionality."

I am pointing out Amnesty International documents because this organization sent individuals into Lebanon to identify whether international humanitarian law was being violated and to identify war crimes it believed were occurring.

In its report entitled "Israel/Lebanon Israel and Hezbullah Must Spare Civilians Obligations Under International Humanitarian Law of The Parties To The Conflict In Israel And Lebanon"
Amnesty international addresses the humanitarian laws it believes have been violated in the conflict.
AI Index: MDE 15/070/2006

Identified are targeting of civilians by Israel, targeting of civilain objects by Israel, indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks against civilians by Israel, inadequate precautions to civilians in attacks by Israel, denial of humanitarian access and starvation (attacking, destroying, removing or rendering useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population is prohibited) by Israel, inappropriate displacement of the civilian population of Lebanon, the use of landmines by Israel, the use of cluster bombs against civilians, the use of depleted uranium weapons in Lebanon, the use of weapons that cause superflous injury and/or unnecessary suffering by Israel (incendiary weapons, such as white phosphorous shells, and vacuum bombs used against civilians).

"Human Rights Watch has reported that Israeli forces fired artillery cluster shells on the Lebanese village of Blida on 19 July, killing one and wounding 12 civilians. According to HRW, the type of cluster munition likely to have been used in this attack is the M483A1 Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions, which are U.S.-produced and-supplied, artillery-delivered cluster munitions The M483A1 artillery shells deliver 88 cluster submunitions per shell, and have failure rate (dud rate) of 14 percent. Israel also used cluster munitions in Lebanon during the 1970s and 1980s."

"According to media reports, the USA is transferring GBU 28 bunker-buster bombs containing depleted-uranium warheads to Israel for use against targets in Lebanon."

seeker said...


I will admit I don'r have enough time, I read your message partialy,
but you go back to the same pattern,
I take your message as offensive because you are taking MY exploits to make the world a better place to live in and you turn it into hate propoganda.
Sorry that I find it offensive but that was not the reason I spend voluntarily my time and money.
Look carefully at Amensty charter and mission and try to use Amnesty sources to there purposeful goal of promoting human rights.
Your mind set is find the guilty and hopefully punish .
I promise you that you will not find it in Amnesty's mission.
You want to help join us, stop spewing hate in my name.

Sherri said...


Why is it "spewing hate" to open the eyes of the world to the fact that Israel targeted civilians and civilian objects in its invasion of Lebanon, in violation of international law, and it committed war crimes in its invasion?

seeker said...

I really don't have time for you right now I apologize
When you just quoted Amnesty I was silent, wasn't I ?
When you try to misuse it I find it difficult to stand aside
when you blame Israel as the culprit,
which you can't and shoudn't do with Amnesty's sources this is called slander.

Amnesty as I stated above was never made to be objective, just a watch dog.
You misuse the sources and put your opinion that is biased to start with to come to some surprising conclusions that Amnesty is not even dreaming to achieve.

I will not continue this ridiculous discussion.
a rule of thumb Sherry, "Play the ball not the player"

Dimitry said...


Your posts are offensive because Israel efforts to minimize civilian casualties costed the lives of tens of Israeli soldiers.

Amnesty's opinion of the matter isn't worth a damn (partiucularly if they claim Israel used chemical weapons). They aren't military, they don't know what is reasonable effort to minimize civilian casualties and what is not.

Sherri said...


You say my posts are offensive because Israel's efforts to minimize civilian casualties costs the lives of tens of Israeli soldiers. I do not understand this comment. You are saying efforts to minimize civilian casualties, in which approximately 1000 civilians actually lost their lives (45% of whom were children), cost the lives of tens of Israeli soldiers. How did the killing of these 1000 Lebanese civilians, acts of Israel, cost the lives of tens of Israeli soldiers? Didn't most of the civilians die from the airbombings? Are you blaming the dead civilans for lives lost by Israeli soldiers in ground fighting with Hezbullah? If so, I find your comment offensive. If I am misreading this, what are you saying here?

You say Amnesty International's opinions of the conflict are not "worth a damn." Do you feel Israel is not responsible for following international humanitarian laws, such as the Geneva Convention?

Is Israel above such laws as the Geneva Convention?

seeker said...


I don't think Dimitry finds your comments offensive, funny probably offensive not really.
I didn't either until I find that you take good people's work to be turned into a hate propoganda.
Amnesty is a watchdog it disregards the context!
You add you own context and come to surprising conclusions and advocate them not following Amnesty charter.
I do not really think you have any affect here.
People here have opinions, those who like your agenda will like what you say, others will not read it eventualy because you don't really add to the conversation.

I was bugged by the disrespect you have to the people that worked for Amnesty (Myself included) to create a better world. We do not consider hate as a better world and it is painful to see our exploits being thus degraded.
However I am over it, do whatever you want sherri

Dimitry said...


Many soldiers died because Israel avoided using extensive force in towns that IDF fought in. Lebanese civilian casualties would've been doubled, if not quadrupled, if air force and artillery coverage of Bint Jbail and its likes were adequate. And any other army would've supplied adequate cover. You should read sometimes about NATO's campaign in Kosovo. Or Russia's in Chechnya.

The hundreds of civilian casualties (probably far less than 1000, given the fact HA members don't exactly wear uniforms) are unfortunate, but given the nature of the conflict, unavoidable. And I doubt there would be a single army in the world which, under similar conditions, would achieve smaller or similar number civilian casualties. So, yes, I do find your comments offensive, because they necceserily show double standards. You cannot condemn specifically Israel with such vehemence, without implying that Israel is worse than most of the rest of the world (or even just the west). And that is indeed offensive.

Amnesty's opinion about what what is sufficient precaution or not is immaterial, in the same way my comments about the quality of plumbing in your house would be. First, they aren't military men, and second, they surely didn't sit in IDF's war rooms, in which decisions took place. They aren't in the position to know whether, given the usual chaos of battle and fog of war, IDF's information indicates that a certain act would be neccesery to save countless of Israeli lives (you would agree that this should be the first priority of IDF, right?). They can throw around opinions (which they certenly do), but the fact that they call themselves Amnesty International doesn't make their guesses much more educated than anyone else's. In peace time, when they have time to investigate, dig, collect eviedence, yes (still not complete, but at least worth something). In times of war, when they have non of those things - nyet.

Oh, and indcidentaly, it is my understandting that when one side doesn't have clear identifications of his fighting forces (e.g. uniforms), they are concidered responsible for civilian casualties on their side.

Liliane said...

Air france the 22? it's 23 and am still stuck outside Lebanon!

arghhhh I can't find places earlier than September 15. Yalla bye bye sheghel :S

Sherri said...


The significance of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch is they analyze whether war crimes have likely been committed, and whether investigations should be launched, that could lead to court actions. These organizations have identified suspected war crimes by both Israel and Hezbullah, but the extent of damage done by Israel was substantially greater than that done by Hezbullah.

I did not intend to imply that Israel was worse or better than others in wars. The fact is that this war, unlike most, received extensive news coverage in the US, almost 24/7. I can't say that have followed any other wars to this extent, so I cannot make comparisons.

I hope the issue of whether war crimes were committed is fully investigated.