Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Magnificent Seven

They were brought onto this world, ordained by the gods, to be heads of their respective states. Their sole purpose was to save humanity from the tyranical heathens of the West.

These noble men are now the selfless, humble and enlightened shepherds who lead their helpless flocks to safety and lush pastures.

These men are the Magnificent Seven!

Bashar "thilvet
hter" Assad

Robert "Starvin'"* Mugabe

Hugo "The Ego" Chavez

Kim "Rocket Man" Jong Il

Evo "The Amateur" Morales

Alexander "Putin" Lukashenko

and last but not least,

Mahmud "the Mehdi" Ahmedinejad

These men make me proud to be a member of the human species! They offer a ray of hope to man (and woman) kind... .

* p.s. just so none of you think "starvin'" was a racial slur, let me clarify: You see, in the process of freeing Zimbabwe from the evil yoke of the British Empire, Mugabe essentially destroyed his country's economy. Whereas as one point in time, most Zimbabweans had easy access to what may be considered "the basics" in life, once "set free" by Mugabe, they could barely afford food. Hence his nickname!


John Smith said...


Rodolfo Poliak said...

raja, don't let yourself deceive by the us propaganda. I am from argentina, Bolivia is next to my country, and Mr. Morales was elected by the +50 % of the population in Bolivia. The majority of the people in bolivia is poor. it's inadmissible that when you are living over the greater gas reserve of the continent, there are people whit no gas, no electricity and no essential services, all because of the corruption of the gov. which only intention was to get money from the corporations, and didn't care about the people.
Sorry my english, i dont practise too much. ;-)

sub Rosa said...

the sad thing is, that many leftist, aka "humanists", support those dictators as long as they oppose the USA. how pathetic.

Raja said...


I am totally with you man. But, haven't you been reading the news lately? Morales' "nationalization" agenda has fallen flat on its face!

It seems that the YPFB does not have either the human capital or the necessary resources to take over the natural gas assets controled by Petrobas and the Spanish/Argentinian conglomerate that operates in the country.

This embarrasment just goes to prove that if corporations are not held back, they will pillage and do whatever it takes to earn the highest possible profits.

But you don't react by getting rid of them!!! You need them! They're your economy! Therefore, you create a situation in which you allow them to do what they do best, and then tax them!

Let the state provide security, order and social services, and the private sector do what it does best within the limits set by the state. Once you have that arrangement, you get a virtuous cycle/relationship where the success of one sector leads to the success of the other.

None of those men appear to understand that little formula. They think the state can do it all! For that, among many other reasons, they are, to put it mildly, imbeciles!

maha said...


What was the criterion used to choose these seven?


Raja said...


I thought my description of these wonderfull, awe-inspring leaders was pretty clear in the introduction of this entry.

copy editor said...

Rocket Man and Mehdi in one set. Have you ever seen Morales' sweater fixation?">BBC News. Say what you will about the others, they have more fashion sense.

maha said...


The introduction was sarcastic. I'm interesting in knowing the "real" reason in choosing only these 7 ...

Shai said...

Somehow it seems to me that a year from now it will only be The Magnificent Five.

rsh said...

Nice job man... excellent post! I think the Magnificent Seven have a future in some hollywood blockbuster coming to a theater near you.

It's kind of obvious that you take life a little too seriously. Lighten up!

Hani G. said...
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gabrielf said...

hehehe pretty ıronıc. lov ıt!!
the slıme of polıtıcs...

chuck said...


great post,
i just couldn't stop laughing when seeing this post.
"thilvethter", hilarious.
listen, i'm an ilustrator.
i don't promiss anything but i will try to post a caricature of these "amazing seven".

le maronite said...


Great post. i guess that Fidel doesn't make the cut this year because he is in a coma somewhere.

lebinusa said...

Raja you brainwashed zionist pig. Why don't you talk about all the unexploded cluster bombs in southern lebanon? Which the majority of which were dropped during the final 72 hours of the conflict. If you had any shred of intellect or morality, you would've had Bush, Blair, Olmert, and the other despicable goons on their instead. But of course, you have your thumb up your ass, blaming Iran and Syria, just like the jews want you to do.

le maronite said...

Sounds like lebinusa is has been brainwashed a little himself

lebinusa said...

Trust me dummy, I'm not, you are :)

hummbumm said...

hey lebinusa, the irony of your rant given your internet handle...
Why don't you move to Damascus or Teheran if the yoke of Bush, Blair etc.. is too heavy for you here in the USA. For sure there you can avoid being brainwashed by the "zionists"
If you have noticed, this and other leb blogs came out very strongly against what most thinking people saw as an Israeli response that was disproportionate and strategically flawed. The tragedy for lebanese has been huge. But, there is always a but, it does take two to tango, and Hizbullah would be a co-defendant.
In any case, Bashar still sucks, Syria is going down the tubes, even with all the wars and occupation lebanon's GDP/capita is double Syria's. Mugabe has literally destroyed a country. Oil production in VZ is declining and it takes no seer to see VZ future as very grim indeed as Chavz runs it to the ground. Bolivia has been the poorest country in SA for years, but I can assure you that moralez will not lead them to prosperity, Belarussia, enough said, North Korea, just look at the satellite imagery at night with the North in total darkness with south Korea shining bright. Which leaves the Mehdi, who though he may prefer to burn out than fade away will surely fade away, leaving the standard of living of his countrymen worse off.

chuck said...


people like u desserve to be lead by such leaders. go live there with u'r favorite leaders, show u'r true solidarity, suffer with the people, show us u really care.

otherwise u might as well shut up, and suffer quietly inside u'r big house ,with u'r big car and food on u'r table.

Lirun said...
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Lirun said...


you are soo funny.. your wit is hilarious.. i love it!

to all the dissenting commenters above and those to come.. a bit of tongue in cheek parody never goes astray.. try it out sometime.. public figures deserve to be the object of entertainment every now and then.. especially those who stamp out even topical criticism on home turf..

blog on brother..


JS said...
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Doha said...


as a co-blogger on this blog, i must say that your comment is not a comment but an insult! insults are not allowed on this public forum, so i advise you to keep it clean!

ya Allah, what's wrong with people? if you disagree with the post then keep the insults to yourself. it's just dispicable to see again and again how fellow Lebanese just brand other Lebanese as "sell-outs" because they speak their mind. i've said once before, please go read another blog bifishillak khil'ak! or better, create your own blog! and by the way, this post has nothing to do with Lebanon so why are you so insulted?

by the way, it's not respectful of you to decide and judge that the writer has "no shred of intellect or morality". what an allegation! are you charles ayyoub by the way?!

David McGregor said...

Plug your head in our Arse.

Its really interesting that people of the east are sucking up to the people of the west. :-) I am glad to see that Raja and co have found happiness in finding our heros.

Well let me tell you, dear friends, people in the west dont like Bush, Blair and co, any one with half a brain knows that they are instigating wars. Not because they are bad persons, like some easterners would suggest but simply because we need to sustain our economy.

Its ironic indeed that I see so much praise coming to GW from a region destroyed by Israel......

hummbumm said...

Mcgregor, do you see praise for GWB here? Read the blogs buddy. Hizbullah is a big problem for lebanon, GWB will be gone in two years. Need to sustain our economy?please the vaunted military industrial complex is 4% of US GDP and an even smaller fraction of UK, and that includes payroll for soldiers. These past conflicts are not a stimulus, in fact they are a drag from the rise in oil prices.
People in the east and people in the west, who talks like that?

nisa said...


i'm watching with interest one of them. another made an interesting invitation to my country.

God Knows Best, i guess i did read about Petronas. BBC reports, Petronas said it was working to find an amicable solution but insisted it had met all obligations to Chad, including tax. i don't know what happened, but if they did pay ok. if they owe tax, they must pay. again, God Knows Best.

Lirun said...


he's in advertising and from ny..

could one be anymore attached to reality?

let me go and consume something while i think about that..


peace to us all.. even those who work in the media industry of a country that allows in president to rise based on a questionable tally of votes in his "brother's" state.. and sit by idolly as their democracy is robbed within minutes.. rather than getting off their "Western" hairless asses and defending themselves against the one true devestating incident against their "way of life"..

love you all


3li- said...

I wrote a long comment in reply to the increasingly incongruous fulminations of Raja, but I decided not to post it. I think the guy, with all his Zionist cheerleading squad, has gone off the deep end.

Since this has become more a one-sided anti-Shia blog of late (since more than 90% of them support HA, not to mention many others from others sects as well), to reply to Raja would be to recognize some value in what he says, when in reality his posts are a pitiful reminder of the naïve and provincial mindset of some Lebanese.

I mean, what is the point of his latest post? People continue to die of the most obscene and criminal use of cluster bombs and the country is still under blockade, and he rails against….Mugabe and Chavez (and of course Asaad and Ahmadinajad, the two who just bombed his country into oblivion and killed over a 1000, I dare say, of his countrymen)?

Does he know who Dan Halutz is? And what he said about turning Lebanon back 20 years and bringing down 10 buildings for every one Katyusha fired into Israel? No list for him?

How about this “peaceful” Israeli poet Ilan Sheinfeld’s poem addressing Israeli soldiers fighting in Lebanon:

"Demolish not only the roof, but the foundations as well, you have come far indeed, your toil has not been in vain/
Storm on Lebanon and Gaza, and plow it and sow it with salt, raze it down, let no human being remain /
Turn them into a desert, rubble, a valley of mess, unpopulated
As we did want peace, we did yearn for peace, and our own houses we had desecrated
Save your nation and drop bombs /
On villages and cities, their collapsing houses do shell/
Kill them, shed their blood, turn their lives into living hell/
Till they will never try again to destroy us, until we will hear mountains explode / Bulldozed by your heels, and their wails and shrieks, and their graves corrode."

I have decided not to read or post any more comments on this blog from here on. I cannot speak for the others, but I would encourage those who are similarly offended by what they see and read to do the same.

Let the cacophony drown itself out. Zionists and their Lebanese counterparts can then commiserate without our bothersome voices, and can then trot into their delusional twilight until their perfect union is consummated.

Shmulik said...


I am an israeli and I honestly tell you I don't have the slightest idea who Ilan Sheinfeld is (and although I am not an expert on israeli literature I think I can recognize most of our important poets). Every nation has it's extremists, the question is how many fighters Ilan Sheinfeld commands? How many misilles can he launch? How many fighter-jets? The answer is that israeli extremists don't have anything but words (and if they do try anything they get arrested very quickly by the SHABAK) While muslim extremists (al-Qaeda. HAMAS, hizballah, Lashkar-e-Toiba just to name a few) do use weapons and are supported by a rather large segment of society (I can show you some polls if you want).
As I understand the song that has won NUMBER ONE!! on the egyptian playlist few years ago was named "I hate Israel" so please don't compare musical insults.
BTW I just checked about Sheinfeld in the hebrew wilipedia and it seems that you forgot to mention that he has recieved only one reward to date (the gay-lesbian community reward in 2005, a very major reward :) ), every one who was co-rewarded with him denounced him in 2006 after the somg you talk about was published.

Akiva M said...


FYI, an academic team from a left leaning university (Ohio, I believe) actually went down to FL after the election and did a full recount. The result? Bush still won.

I'm no Bush fan, but the "he stole the election" rhetoric is both wrong and pointless given that he quite clearly won the next one.

Ariya said...

How about a reality show starring all of them... Survivor or something.

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

Raja Imust comment that Idon't understand why you put Norales the Bolivian president in to this camp of trouble makers. As a member of a latin Amercan family I'm quite familar with Latin merican politics and soical issues. Moraes was voted by the indegenous people of Bolivia who for decades have been denied basic rights while all the wealth of Bolivia - and bleieve me its very rich - has gone to the smal white elite and foreign investors. Morales is not a backer of Syria ad Iran he befriends Castro (put him btw instead) and Chavez since they support to some extent his values. Bt this doesn'r make hin a conspirator.
Btw a better candidate would be Turkeministans' president who called the months of the year in his name ad closed all the hospitals in the country except the the capital - i forgot his name.

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

Just for the record I think shienfeld stinks and his poem stinks also and fortunately he was very much criticized for his violent words.
It's true also that on the Arab music scene there are some very violent speakers - icluding the famous fairuz in her last performance in Damascus and some Egyptian Singers as well
I think you are making amistake by shutting the door. i dodn't like your views durng the war but I think dialogue how ever remote is better than opressing silence - so stay on.

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

Raja, what about those crminals n Khartoum who are commiting genocide in the province of Darfour? don't they have aplace in your hall of shame?

chuck said...


i also have no idea who this sheinfeld guy is. never heard of him.
i guess he is famous only in u'r region...

what's the point in posting and not waiting to get replied ?

if u want to talk, talk, don't shoot.

Jeha said...

Evo Morales is still an amateur; it may premature to have him on your list.

He has not graduated to full fledged dictator/moron. He does not have the financial means... Besides, Bolivia still has not accepted the humiliating defeats that saw it lose its access to the sea, more than 100 years ago.

Some things last and backfire...

In any case, I think it is better to focus on the nasties in our backyard...

le maronite said...

The Wall Street Jouranal has an excellent Opinion piece about Morales today. I agree that he doesn't have the blood on his hands like Assad or Kim but he is slowly dismantling his countries rule of law and transparency. Equally worrisome is that his plan to pull his people out of poverty will actually increase their impoverishment by creating a flight of capital and intellect. WSJ takes the point that Chavez may have duped Morales into scaring away investors to permit Venezuela to exploit the remains.

My list in any case would have included the comatose Castro. Even as he sleeps, hundreds of political prisoners are gulaged somewhere.

Miss Carnivorous said...

Why do the Idians in Bolivia need gas and electricity. So commercialistic. How can they possibly practice their native culture while utilizing all the evil inventions of the evil Western nations. Let them live in their traditional ways so as not to hurt the environment and cause global warming. Next they'll be demanding cars and McDonalds. And Walmarts. Shudder.

Moses said...

I can think of a lot more but these guys will do for starters!
Brings to mind an old saying my Dad used to use. (It doesn't translated that well from the German)
"Put them all in a sack and then hang it from the rafters. Then take a big stick and start beating the sack. Whoever you hit will be the right one.

Annasru Ata said...

Raja u speak abt being a non bias individual. ya3neh why only these magnificent 7 there are others u should include. leaders u think are bad aren't to it's ppl. what news u read is totally bias. anyways for u to preserve the equal thought then plz kindly add to ur list bush(and jis administration), blair,Olmert and co, Mbarak... how come castro isn't there and chaves is? truly pathetic excuse for a joke. and ingeneral ur posts are very bias unlike Doha's who actually concerns herself(i think sorry if i'm wrong) with the real unity of her country and not who is the majority/minority and what message i can post to inflict more hatred and inflame the issue further. luckily with some neutral minds who care to include all parties we still have hope. the sad thing is that this tiny glimmer is being sucked clear by ur negative and irresponsible so called jokes. hey ur free to joke abt anything but sadly this and most of what u have posted is ur unwillingless to comprimise any of ur stands while u peck away at opposing thoughts. lets agree free thoughts on both sides. thats why i think the presence of Doha is the only reason which somewhat balances things out. For unity we need to decrease the verbal mouthing and hate(what a nice word to use) between Lebanese.
My only hope is that i'm not in my country. sadly my only hope is to watch and wait. honestly with our government taking orders from israel directly and indirectly we have no one but each other to lean to in this moment of time.

yuval from tlv said...


heh, this post is so sarcastice, that even black becomes white, if you compar.

every nation has it's flaw..
the question is, which nation has the largest flaws.

what is more funny is that those men often claim that god will be on their side..
if true,
god must have some serious mental issues.

chuck said...

anasru ata,

can u explain why u see this post as an iresponsible joke ?
what is it that makes u feel so angry when u read this ?

these people r a joke in their own country. they can't handle their own situations and they r so eeger to go "help" by sharing their vast knowledge about how to run a state, and unite into some kind of a group that might beat capitalism, or be an alternative to bush's tirany.

i'm sorry but i can't see any good coming out of this group.

so u might as well laugh.

Lirun said...


dude.. i think your point makes the truth behind my sarcasm all the more tragic..

anyway.. i wasnt really talking about US politics.. you have inverted my message


may we all have peace


Terry Crane said...

The question is - do you want to include openly anti-Capitallist bad guy Lukashenko who is powerless to do anything really bad outside his unfortunate constituence, or you want to consider Mr Vladimir "the KGB" Putin himself, you is less open yet more effective in his activities.

Also, you left Abbas/Haniya out of your list. The pair of professionally trained anti-humans punches well above their weight.

MAZe said...

Now you need the magnificent 7 from the west who made these guys cut your list:

GW "The profit" bush - a take on being a capitalist prophet

Tony "The Poodle" Blair - a take on being an obedient and fanciful lapdog

John"ny" Howard - a take on lil Johnny trying to be popular and mischievous

Vladimir "pink belt" Putin - a take on being able to takcle someone judo style but can't tackle his nations' adversaries

Israli "Door Bitch" PM - a take on every israli prime minister wanting to administer door bitch nightclub security

Silvio "Italiano" Berlusconi - sleek, fashionesto and any money under the table. This one needs a replacement I think Dick “zob” cheney – the first zob with two ears and one brain.

And finally,

Blogger “wanna be” Raja – congrats … you made my top 7

palo-girl said...

actually this has nothing to do with the blog- it's about one of the comments. shmulik? you said you are israeli, and i'm just very interested in talking to you because i am palestinian,living outside palestine, and well... we hear a lot of things about jews and israelis... but i've never actually heard from an israeli, about their views on what's going on in palestine. this is quite unlike me, because well.. we're not at all open-minded when it comes to israel, as maybe, you can imagine. but i think, what does it hurt to know what the other side thinks? it would be good to talk to someone about it, without blowing up in anger, or falling down in tears. send a comment or something if ur interested in an... open-minded (i'll try) conversation.

Shmulik said...


Perhaps you don't recognize it, but I think you hear israeli opinions all the time in this blog(I am quite certain that john smith, Eran, Yuval, Lirun, Dimitry and many others are israelis).
The first thing you have to understand about us is that Israel is really a pluralistic democracy and that no one of us can give you the "true" israeli point of view. I will be delighted however to share my opinion. I also believe that as israelis go, most of those who post in this blog are rather moderates. Ask whatever you want and I will try to answer it.

chuck said...

shmulik and free- flya,

well, i think most Israelies r moderates, they make the majority of Israelies.
the Israelies that reply on this blog r also mostly moderate and left wing.

Lirun said...

im not left wing.. i want peace but i dont like my left wing politicians at all..

i voted for the green party


chuck said...

hi hi hi,
green party,
i almost voted for the seniors party...
well, both parties r similarly stoned from drugs...

Dimitry said...


Really? I totally pegged you as Meretz...

chuck said...

who votes for meretz ??
and why ??

chuck said...


by the way, how does it go in lebanese parliament ?
what parties did u vote and why ?
can i ask u that ?
not being too intrusive...

Lirun said...


noway man.. im a hard working person that care's to spend his cash as he pleases..

i believe firmly in donating and some months give a considerable portion of my salary to causes i believe in.. which is a significant sacrifice given how heavily i am taxed..

i am also clearly a supporter of a two state peace solution.. but as modern israeli politics have come to show.. our left right scale has little connection to the popular values underlying the two..

anyway.. i love this land.. and i believe that to honour it we need to protect it - often from ourselves and our own adverse affects..

wishing us all peace

Lirun said...


green party.. not green leaf party..


chuck said...


ho, ok.
well, still, same same but different.

nice picture u'v got there.

Lirun said...


taken in portugal two weeks ago - surfed the whole coast - was awesome!!

any lebanese surfers out there?

would be keen to hear from you