Monday, August 28, 2006

Visualize This:

A sick Lebanese cedar that represents the Lebanese state.
Seniora and other members of the political coalition he represents standing on one side of the tree desperately, but also somewhat pathetically, trying to save the tree by watering it...
Nasrallah standing on the other side of the tree, chopping it down with an axe, asking: "where is the Lebanese state?"
Aoun standing on the sidelines, throwing a rant against the ruling majority.

I wish I had the skills of Stavro or other cartoonists... but I barely get away with writing!


march14yuppi said...

great analogy except I think instead of watering the tree a better analogy would be if the are sucking whatever life is left in it or maybe using its wood to build their palace.
Also it would help if the picture shows them passing Nasrallah more axes (like they did in January 2006)

Lirun said...


that could be said about any country..

you are the lebanese state..


Hani G. said...

Raja the other side of the coin would show what the other half other half of the country would view as "watering the Cedar"

It goes a little something like this:

Nasrallah is watering the cedar by "defending" it from Zionist/American interests with the pics of a smiling Khaminaei and Assad from up above in the angel skies, while the Government, with the aid of the traitors to the cause - Jumblatt, Hariri and Geagea are sneaking the axe to the enemy to help chop down the Cedar!!!!

Ahhh Lebanon!!! When shall you ever rest???

Raja said...


I just wanted to say, that my little visualization has nothing to do with the repsective positions Lebanese politicians have taken with regards to regional and international politics.

Rather, it has to do with their political actions on the ground, in Lebanon, and these actions' impacts on the Lebanese state.

Hassan Nasrallah chops the tree because his insistence on "going it alone" and maintaining his armed forces could eventually lead to each sect breaking away from the state, and (in the best case scenario) forming independent cantons - i.e. the death of Lebanon.

As for the rest of the "crew," well... I visualize all of them watering the tree because that is all they know how to do, even though they need to do much, much more to keep the tree alive (disregarding Nasrallah's actions).

Of course, the more cynical view is that of the March14yuppi: Whereas Nasrallah chops down the entire tree, the others gradually but surely suck the life out of it, or in the best of circumstances, keep it alive, but barely so - a sickly cedar.

gabrielf said...

well its okay to say that thıs ıs what democracy ıs all about: people f***ıng other people up and vıce versa...

AM said...

You're still doing a great job using words :)
We were discussing the same subject today at lunch time, my friends an I, exactly the way you portrayed it ...

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

please check this website

I got the chills.

Lirun said...

hi eran (long time no banter)

chilling indeed but not unfamiliar..

let's not sit idolly