Friday, August 11, 2006


So 200-something Israeli soldiers held 300-something Lebanese soldiers (ISF, army, special units, other security people…) hostage for quiet some time at the Lebanese barracks in Jdaidet Marje’youn. There is not enough in the media yet. More will follow, I guess. Considering the bombing and fighting in my hometown, Khiam, in the last few days, I really hope the 15,000 soldiers called by the army will have a bit more guts in them.


Lirun said...

this war is getting wierder by the second..

i think my government is on some hilucinagenic..

hoping its ends soon and peace prevails..

from telaviv

hummbumm said...

Hassan, the town is surrounded, you don't fight just to fight, it is not a matter of guts. It is a matter of looking at what the potential impact of a fight would be to the civilian populace of the town and to the soldiers and what the strategic goal would be, in this case, nothing but the destruction of the town, soldiers and exposing all lebanese govt and military infrastructure to attack. Seems like a no brainer, not a question on whether the soldier is brave or not.
We all know from our war, that everyone in lebanon can fight when needed (in their view). No group has a lock on bravery

Bad Vilbel said...

I, for one, think the Lebanese Army did the right thing. They've been sitting out this fight, which is between Hezbollah and Israel. There is no reason for the Army to join the fray. If anything, it has shown that it is willing to be neutral, which goes a long way in conferring some legitimacy to its upcoming deployment to the South.

Lebnese Liona said...

TO my fellow isreali friends,

Look at your honorable army , your hearoic army that your polititians talk about.

First you guys bomb our infra structure

Second you kill our innocent on purpose

Third you kill the UN troops that witness your masacres daily

Fourth you tell our civilians to leave their homes so they can be safe , then bomb them as they run

Fifth, you attack RED CROSS!!! cars as they carry the injured

Sixth, you bomb the funerals as people are trying to buried their dead

Seventh, Now you take people hostage because HB trapped you in the village and you had no way out.



My message to the lebanese soldiers in the barracks,

you are a disgrace to the uniform and the cedar tree that you wear. How do you expect the enemy to trust you and respect you when dont respect yourself and the uniform you wear and the owth that you took?

Andrey said...

lebanese liona, how old are you, 12?

Lebnese Liona said...


I am 2 .

If you have something to say please say it , otherwise save your breath!!!

yuval from tlv said...

lebnese liona -

why don't you also mention that HB fires intentionaly on israeli civil cities?
is this o.k. for you?

Andrey said...

well its "a bit" complicated situation, and for lebanese army to fight just to aper dignified in your eyes, totaly against its goverments comands, and without thinking what they act can do to the situation is (can't find the needed word here).
and : "you take people hostage because HB trapped you in the village and you had no way out" - looks like you totaly know what happened there.

Andrey said...

you can take your revenge here:


Yohay Elam said...

Lebanese army or not Lebanese army, now it seems irrelevant again.
It is just now reported that Israel will widen the offensive and push up north, after the diplomatic relations falied.
So, I guess that the Lebanese army won't be deployed yet...

Joel said...

Bad Vilbel has it almost right -- until the Lebanese army is prepared to fight the Hezbollards, there's no good reason for them to be deployed as green-suited human body armor for Hezbollah.

But neutral? Nah. They've got to be effective at defending Lebanon's interests. If smashing themselves up against the IDF were in Lebanon's interest (and, in fact, there's an argument that it might be -- a weak argument, though), then they should.

What they will have to do, eventually -- assuming that anything resembling the current Lebanon survives (as I hope it does, in most respects) -- is be able not only to confront the Hezbollards, but to beat them.

Right now, they're not able to do the first. One step at a time.

yuval from tlv said...

it's not so copmlicated at all actualy -

or the IDF fights HB, or the Lebanese army will..

if you prefer the IDF to fight, then the consequences will be a massive damage in Lebanon..

but israel will not agree to let things remain as they were..
israel want HB out..

1earth said...

The Lebanese army has been complicit in aiding Hezbollah. It would have been legitimate to take those Lebanese personnel captive and bring them back to Israel for future prison exchanges.

Tichondrius1 said...

yuval from tlv said...

lebnese liona -

why don't you also mention that HB fires intentionaly on israeli civil cities?
is this o.k. for you?


yuval don't waste your time. Lebnese liona won't answer, she's just a worthless brainwashed bitch, who can't even spell. How else can you explain some of the retarded things she is saying that don't even make sense ? like IDF bombing UN observers on purpose, etc.

lebnese liona is some uneducated bitch from some primitive family, and is living in america poor and detached from western society. Probably in Michigan where many arabs live. Those people there usually marry within their close family and also have sex with their siblings. It's no wonder lebnese liona (can't even spell lebanese) is mentally retarded.

Lebnese Liona said...


the diplomatic negotiations did not fail.

Isreal does not like the new resolution!!!

Hence , they try to pressure people to change it.

But it did not fail, lets be clear about that, its just not in the favor of isreal anymore thats all.

believe me, you have done crapola in 31 days of fighting , and you will continue to do crapola,

bring it on, its only going to worsenyour position, you guys are already calling for almert to resign.

when are you going to realize that the right way out is to just stop this nonsense and agree to the UN resolution

Loli said...

I am not at all a HA supporter, and I am not trying to defend Liona. I myself had arguments with him, but I think your position is racist and unacceptable. Pls keep your criticism rational, without low level insults, prejudice and nonsense. You're not helping anyone with your comments.

NoWhereMan said...

Sounds like another Hezbollah supporter complaining because the soldiers chose to live instead of die for a war Hezbollah started. These 300 soldiers take orders from the Lebanon government. Had the government ordered them to attack the Israeli army I am sure they would but then the IDF would have justification for bombing everything in Lebanon. Is that what you want?

These 300 soldiers will be needed to replace the Israeli army when the war is over. It is highly likely that there will be a period when soldiers from both armies conduct joint patrols or occupy the same facilities. How could the IDF trust these soldiers if they tried to kill each other now?

While lebanese liona may feel that they are a disgrace, the rest of the world can understand how important it is to follow orders. Having a renegade group make their own decisions does not preserve peace. While Hezbollah may only think of the glory of dieing now, it is good to see that others think about what it will take to live together in the future. Perhaps this is where the difference lies. While you may be satisified to die as a martyr, the rest of the world sees more glory in living as a good neighbor. Suicide is commonly seen as the cowards way out.

yuval from tlv said...

tichondrius1 -

i can explain the "IDF bombing UN observers on purpose" lie..

indid, the IDF had bombed those poor UN observers, but the Canadian government, had published that their solider who died in that bombing, had sent an Email to his commander, saying that the HB is firing at Israel a few meter from their base, and because they're not authorized to open fire, they cannot do anything about it, and his affraid that his base might get bombed by the IDF plans searching the missile lunchers..

what evantually did happened.. if it's not enough - Israel had stated an apology to those who had been killed..

on the other hand the HB is feeling good when civilians are being killed because it gives him more legitimacy to keep on firing on Israel, even though his the one to blame since those pathetic men are hiding in civil area like villages, cities, UN bases etc..

loli -

about what he said of having relationship with siblings amout the native arabs..
unfortunatelly i must agree on that one..
my mom works in the Israel-Genetic institute, where they take genetic examples of ambrio tissues to see weather it has genetic defacts which may cause him great disabilities in his life or even death..
i know personaly, that there are alot of arab families coming there because they might have a genetic defacts in their baby, most of them are siblings who got married within their own family..

i'm not saying that's the way the arabs are behaving, surely i met, and know many arabs in my city - Tel Aviv, who are great men & women.
though you cannot say that this matter doesn't exist in the arab society, mostly in the orthodoxian society.

Loli said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yuval from tlv said...

loli -

i'm not saying it's common,
obviously it's rare..

but mosly in the remote villages, where the population is small and "uneducated", it happens..

it's also known in a few african small cultures..

yuval from tlv said...

loli - what do you this may happen in the few days to come?

i heard about the UN resolution coming on.. the vote upon it is going to happen in a few hours, and i heard that basically french-us-russia are agreeing upon it..

heard that it will call for the end of hostility, the return of the hostages, the israeli with-draw, and the lebanese deployment of 15 thousand soliders in souther lebanon to take control, another few thousand french soliders will aid them, the unifield will remain but it'll have the authority to open fire from now, and further negotiation for the shabaa farms..

do you think the Lebanese gov' will agree?
i know the israeli gov' will agree..

surely the HB will disagree..

Lebnese Liona said...

to tichondrius1,

Not sure what to say, actually when I read what you wrote I laughed my ASS OFF because you couldnt have been further from the truth.

I'll give you some quick facts about myself that you can take to the bank you racist facist jewish zionist!!!

A. I am a male 30 yrs old
B. I have a BS in Physics , BS in applied mathematics, MS in mechnical engineering ( fluid mechnics)
C. my higher education was at a very well known US college.
D. I lived my college years at a farternity house.
E. Yes i do belong to a frat ( catholic frat to be specific)
F. One of my frat brothers is jewish from ny, and believe me we had our share of fights!!
G. I am a shiit muslim, was born in the south.
H. i am married to a catholic american .
I.99% of my friends are non arabs

There are some more things about me that I just cant tell you because it might expose my identity.

So, listen to me you racist pig, if you cant have a semi decent conversation with me and engage me at the same intellectual level, then go to a racist website where you can just bash the lebanese instead of coming here.


Lebnese Liona said...


OMG!!! very funny, yur propaganda is very interesting, I like it.

Anytime you wanna go for an IQ test please let me know , I would be more then happy to see who is the inbreed and who is not.


I apprecaite you trying to support me but in the future please dont. I dont need your help to defend myself.

Also do you believe everything that people tell you!! I am mean come on, sometimes I feel that you are 5 yrs old!!

Loli said...

I wasn't trying to defend you. I was trying to stop the nonsense. I know you hate anyone who's not with HA, so let's leave it at that.

Lebnese Liona said...


its not ture, ok!!

I dont want HB , I dont want anyone but the damn lebanese army ok?

But I also have dignity and honor, and I d rather die then have that taken away from me.

Why is it that us the lebanese have to be 2nd class citizens to the isrealis every frickin time there is a conflict ?

Why do we get 100 million dollars in helo from the US when Isreal gets that a day!!!!

Did you live in lebanin at all during the war?

yuval from tlv said...

liona -

obviously you're the one whos racists, shouting zionist mission, zionist propoganda etc..
you also enjoying to cry fot the innocents being hurt, and the lebanese infulstructure, but beside of that you absolutly do nothing..

it's both lebanese and israelis are victims, somehow you don't seem to mind to the facts that the HB is the one who's aiming at israeli civilians regardless the consequences, they're the one to hide in civil lebanese cities and villages, instead of fighting face to face with the IDF, cowards.
you also don't seem to mind that HB is a proxy of Syria and Iran who obviously don't care about lebanon, all they care is to take in action their radical psychotic ideas.. syria simply wants lebanon again..

but you know.. who cares about the reality when all you can do is scream Genocide and hide behind your own racizm.

yuval from tlv said...

why do israel get's so much support?

maybe because israel is a true democracy for 58 years of existence??

maybe because we're not the one to start this conflict?

maybe because we don't nepalm southern lebanon and end this shit, but we rather fight and danger our own people just not to kill so many innocents?

i don't remember any nation , who had a war with someone else, and after 4 weeks of fighting the enemy had less than 1000 deads!

so here are the facts!

you may not support Israel but sper us your bullshit.

Lebnese Liona said...


I am at least being honest and not spreading propaganda like you about inbreeding and incest.

and yes I do care that both israeli and lebaense civilians are dying.

But I also remember that HB did say if isreal stoped bombing the civlians in lebanon that they would do the same, and I also recall that the racist olmert refused to.

And as we speak your DAMN AIRFORCE just hit the caravan of cars that just evacauted MARJEOUYN!!!

I am mean what the fuck is wrong with you poeple , why on earth would you do that?

You just released these people and now you bomb them!!!

and you wonder why i am sitting here ready to rip someones head off!!

Omer (israeli) said...

hey liona,
Still in the propoganda war buisnes?
Btw Nasrallah said he hit the third ship and killed the sailors. This is the third hit cliamed. The IDF denied this. Do you still think we hide our dead? (i think total death in israel is about 120 at this point).

yuval from tlv said...


you're simply too emotional, i also can scream and shout why does my people are being killed everyday, why do 1.5 million of my people are sitting in an underground shelters for 4 weeks?

and most importand!!

why did we got attacked by HB from the first place?!?!
killing 8 people and kidnapping 2 soliders for nothing!!
when we've with drawed from southern lebanon 6 years ago!!
and still HB provoced israel time and time again!

so why don't you stop screaming and getting too emotional, and cut to the point - no war is justified.
it's ugly.
both sides are wronge.
me and loli had agreed.

but what kind of soverignity does lebanon has if an heavily armed milition is doing what it wants in lebanon?!

you should take them out, and blame them for what they caused!
not alway scream - "Israel is the neigborhood bitch! she's always blame in everything!
kill her!"
cause that's just silly, racist, and immature.

Lebnese Liona said...

Nepalm, well you bastards used fuckin bombs loaded with phosphurus througout the south. Thats why every victim that was admitted was burned head to toe.

The UN is calling for you to be charged with war crimes.

I am currently working in europe and believe me over here througout europe they are so sick and tired of you and your people and the murders that you have been committing.

So much support? Are you nuts? The only support is the support that you get from the jewish lobby in the US , thats it!!!

You talk to the average american back home and believe me you are lower on their list then the arabs, the thing is they realize the strength of your lobby and know that there is nothing that they can do about it.

The latest poles in the US DOES NOT SUPPORT THE US STAND ON THIS CONFLICT. Do you understand what that means?

it means we the american people dont like what you are doin in lebanon ( majority).

DING DONG , wake up and see the truth !!!

Andrey said...

lebanese liona:
2 simple questions to check, that you realy are not 12 year old girl:
1) The solution for the ODE f'(x)=f(x).
2)The fomula for the Lagrangian.
Realy, you know its Internet...

Lebnese Liona said...


aljazera showed the pictures , so since there is no way to prove it, you guys will win this one.

yuval from tlv said...

liona -

hehe you make me laugh..

stop lying to yourself and go back to Iran or Syria.

you'll fit in perfectly.

you're so full of bulshit that i'm not even planning on keep on talking to you.

you're a lost case of rasicm hate.
one day you may figure it out that you've been wrong all along.
and if you don't then you'll probably die early from a hurt attack, cause your hate is just too big.

i'm going now for my favourite pub.
that's what normal people do, when they're not full of hate.

one day the middle east will sover up to reality hope you'll too.

Lebnese Liona said...


YES war is ugly , I agree .

I dont want any jewish person to die, I also dont want any lebanese to die.

I want us both to live in peace, but inorder to do so we need to have respect for each other and our borders.

lets hope for the UN resolution to be fair to both and lets hope that we get it to pass.


Omer (israeli) said...

the first hit killed 4 sailors.
Give the link to the second and third.

yuval from tlv said...

liona -

"well you bastards used fuckin bombs loaded "

that's one of your sentences.

with that attitude to other people, who thinks different from you (i dont need to remind you that it's acceptable in democracy), you obviously won't get far towards peace..

try to calm down and say what's on your mind, with out being so brutal, also listen to others..
they may have some points of view which you missed.

Lebnese Liona said...


i am sorry that you see me that way, i was hoping that we could even have progressed our disscusion further.

anyway, i am going for a beer myslef tonight, i will drink one for you.

may peace be upon both our nations!!!

yuval from tlv said...

good night everybody.

let's hope it'll all be over soon.
and HB too :)

yuval from tlv said...

liona i'll drink one for you too..

just don't be so angry and try to think that maybe we- israelis, truely want peace..

maybe we're agressive, unjustified etc..

so let us know that, by sharing your point of view respectable..

i know loli had changed my point of view for this war..

till then take care..

Lebnese Liona said...


i said you cant prove or disproof.

but deductive reasoning would tell me that it was an isreali navy ship of some sort.

here is why:

due to the navy seige of lebanon the only ships in the area are IDF.

from the tape you see that what ever was burning must have had a good source of combustion becuase the flames are high and it was burning for a long time.

So you tell me what could it be?

a rocket that missed its target and landed in the sea would not do that.

So they hit something , the question is what , and since the only vessels in the area are yours , do you see where I am going with this?

root cause said...

lebnese liona said...

You talk to the average american back home and believe me you are lower on their list then the arabs, the thing is they realize the strength of your lobby and know that there is nothing that they can do about it.

Listen here liona, i have had it with your bullshit propaganda. I am in the US, and don't drag my ass into this filth that you are spewing. I don't know what poll u are referring to, but no doubt it is some far-left souce. Your blind hatred repulses me. I truley hope you go back to Leb. and join your "resistance". I sure don't want you back in my country. And before you call me a racist jew, I am cathlic like your poor spouse. (If you are indeed married) I frankly don't believe a word you say. For a self-proclaimed "educated" man, you sure are ignorant on many facts.

btw my stance is the absolute quickest way to prolonged peace in this conflict.

Omer (israeli) said...

No liona,
The first footage showen was true, it was day 1 or 2 to the war...
It killed 4 sailors.
Another one hit an egyptian crew cruise ship (that was on the same date).
Then about two weeks after NS claimed a second naval hit. IDF declined. same with the third, today. i'm not aware of footage of any of them. But i might be mistaken. Plaese give the link.

Omer (israeli) said...

i mean any footage of the second and the third

Loli said...

I am pleased to read that you are for peace. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first time you say it. so far I've been reading comments loaded with anger and hatred only. I believe this is very promising

Thank you for a more constructive stand, I mean it.

Loli said...

To all who want peace, despite their anger and pain, pls check out this blog:
and add your voices.

Step by step, voice by voice, we may be able to build a better future. We need not love our neighbor, but we need not hate them and fight them either.

Peace to all of us. Peace to your to your heart too, Lebnese Liona

Lebnese Liona said...


thanks, and as an offer of my geniune feeling for peace , I am not going to even response to root causes accusations and bad comments

Lebnese Liona said...

omer go to akljezeera webiste,

link below:


by the way CNN is now reporting that the convoy that was allowed to leave marjoun was actually hit by the IDF

Omer (israeli) said...

Ok, liona.
At least a link to an artical on Al-jazeera.
BTW i think Al-jazeera is quite a good source, to bad they dont print any old crap from al-manar.

root cause said...

LOL @ liona....good!!! As I stated...tired of listening to your filth. But now mysteriously your heart is full of love instead of hate...give me a break. I hope it is true, but we'll see.

hoping for the best...but expecting the worse.

Omer (israeli) said...

I dont read arabic. At least on there english edition its not printed. And i said nothing on marjoun. I only know there is a full curfew on whole south lebanon, since 2 days. That means any vehicale may be shot.
Thats all i know :)

Lebnese Liona said...


but this is the same convoy that the IDF took hostage in marjoun and was negotiated by Condi rice and Jaque chirac for its release.

I am just really surprised that the IDF after letting them go that they would go and attack them.

And the reason i sent you the aljezeera website was so you can see the picture of the vessel burning , i know that you dont read arabic.

Omer (israeli) said...

Lebnese liona,
I really no nothing on what happened in marjyoun, and what i hear doesn't make me happy.

But please focus, where is the second and third naval ship hit reported on Al-jazeera?

Omer (israeli) said...

Some things are only reported on al-manar. And there is a big diffrence between the two. Al-jazeera is the arab world CNN, while al-manar is one groups propoganda tool.

Loli said...

Thank you, sincerely. Now we're talking in a calmer way. See, it's not that hard. Just to make sure you don't get me wrong: I am against war, and I have criticized both sides. So don't think I am pro-Israeli. I am pro-Lebanon. All I want is peace and for us to step aside from prejudice and hate and try to look ahead of us, not be stuck in a thinking of hatred and revenge.

As Ghandi said: "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

Whishing peace to all of us.

eyal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
eyal said...

Lebanese liona is the best chameleon I ever met, its amazing how he speaks here... I cant say that I can trust anything that he says.... let me quote a comment he posted on Sunday, August 06, 2006:
If yo got the fuk*n nerve to challenge me I would be more then gald to do so. Cause On average I am twice the size of a miserable isreali soldies and would most lilkly pop u r head like a fuk*n zit thats been bugin me for a while.

So be carefull my friend I am not some lazy ass american whos been RELATING TO ALL THIS BY JUST SEEING IT ON TV . I LIVED IT MOTH*R FUCK*R AND WHave PROBLEM LIVING IT AGIAN!!!

To all my other cirtics,







2:11 PM
Is this a person that you can count on his words?????

I do not think so.

Liona, enjoy your weekend in the US and don't drink to much while we are here in Israel and Lebanon dealing with the war.

BTW - as a Muslim you should not drink alcohol, am I wrong?

root cause said...

loli...again u r the solid voice of reason. thanks for that.

liona...if it is TRUELY your intention for peace then I will retract my earlier post, but your previous posts were full of ridiculous statements and very racist comments. I would very much like a calm discussion aimed at intelligently resolving this conflict, and of course updates on what is happening that you can't get on pathetic US mainstream media.

praying for peace

Omer (israeli) said...

What do you want from Liona? is he saying these things now? we are all angry when we first talk. This is natural, we have all been hurt.

Loli said...

Thanks, Root Cause, for your encouragement. However, if you really appreacite my stand, I would like to invite you to appreciate Liona's shift in attitude. He started out on a much more negative note. Now he's talking about peace. Why don't you encourage dialogue instead of defying him? We've seem where this kind of attitude among our leaders have led us. So pls, let's invest a bit of trust in one another. Without the slightest trust nothing good can be achieved.


root cause said...

Loli...I do genuinely appreciate your stance. That is why I stated that I would very much like a calm and intelligent discussion. His previous posts were not like that at all, which sent my emotions racing. I have since calmed down, and would appreciate comprehensive constructive dialog. Thanks again Loli. Your comments always find me well.

Again...praying for peace.

Andrey said...

if you want to read arabic sites, and don't speak arabic, use this:

Lebnese Liona said...


I apologize for the post that eyal is talking about.

I was so angry and drunk that night that I guess i just let things come out that i shouldnt have.

Being out here in the west and not being able to do anything while innocent people are dying in your home country makes you feel so helpless .

no excuses though.

But see now i am watching the news and i see how the convoy from marjoun was bombed after the IDf let it go .

wHAT do you expect me to say in this case.

I guess I just say nothing.......

Loli said...

I am with you. I feel the same frustration, more so because my mother and siblings are there. Moreover, my mother is in hospital (not because of the war). The best thing I can do is work towards peace, so that none of us, and especially none of our children be subjected to such extreme conditions. I appreciate your apologies, even though they were directed to other people. I may have offended you in the past, and for that I apologize. Peace to you, peace to Lebanon, and peace to Israel. May Israelis have more faith in their neighbors and reach out for us with diplomatic means.

eyal said...

Lebnese Liona,
apologiz accepted, I hope that we can share our thoughts and feelings calmly even if they are really the opposite.
This way we will be able to find a way to finaly understand each other side and at last have peace.

I would like to apologize as well and send my full respect to you.
Hope I can really trust you.

Peace and love to you all.

root cause said...

apology accepted liona...i hope we can move forward from this point on. and btw...i am truely sorry for all the suffering on both sides, and i do understand your feeling of helplessness. And if the IDF did bomb the convoy, (have not heard that) this is one more very urgent reason that diplomacy must work...and work NOW. I too apologize to you if I offended.

still praying for peace

Loli said...

Guys, this is wonderful! Reason and good will must prevail!


yuval from tlv said...

ho i see that since i left, this discussion had became wonderfull!

just like the news i'm reading now, that the UN resolution is FINALLY ready!
and both sides are likely to agree upon it!

it's about fucking time!

Lebanon had been hit very hard,
the Israelis felt like lebanon had done nothing to prevent those recent attacks, eventhough we made a giant step and with drawed from southern lebanon without getting anything..

let's hope both sides will sover up, extremers will be taken care of, and most importantly - unarmed.

may god help us and this time we'll truely be able to walk on the path for peace.

great job here by the way by liona,loli,omer,root cause, eyal, and all others!
we finally got a productive dialog and achieved what our leaders had failed to do.

may this will be the future of the middle east, and every where else.

root cause said...

amen yuval...very well said!!!!

Tichondrius1 said...

lebanese liona, if you think yourself smart then explain the reasoning behind your statement that the IDF bombed the UN post on purpose to "send them a message". Please explain what was the message, and how would the IDF gain anything from doing that.

Go on, everyone here is waiting to hear your serious explanation..... if you have one it will prove that you're not a retard and/or brainwashed like you apear right now.

P.S. does it offend you when people say prophet mohammed was a blood thirsty terrorist ? cause that's what freedom of speech is all about, to be able to say anything about that pig

Loli said...


I've had it with you. the only thing you seem to be doing here is spreading hatred. Save your breath.

ronen said...

Hi all,
From my 36 years of living in Israel I can tell you one thing.
This cease-fire won't lead to any solution. The interest of Iran&Syriya is to keep Hezbollah armed and fighting against Israel. From my experience the history would repeat itself and Lebanon could not rehabilitate itself on the coming years because we would need again to go and attack hezbollah- if not in the coming months then on one two or three years from now.
I want peace as much as you all want. However, this cease-fire will lead in the future to beager tragedy for Lebanon.
You must understand that we should get rid of hezbollah at the region and I don't care whether they'll remain a political party in Lebanon, what I do care is that they should be venished as a military organisation. This would not be achieved without fighting them and strike them in their villeges, bases and offices.
You can be happy by the passing of the current UN resolution, but this is a present happines which will lead to a further tragedy for Lebanon which will step forward into becoming an Iranian nation lead by Hezbollah.
I can become very popular by stating at this blogg that this resolution put hope and will end the war, but as a realistic person I'm telling you that this is not a solution nor to the Israelies neither to the Lebanese people.
Let IDF finish the job otherwise we all be sorry for that.
If you think that 15,000 soldiers from other nations has the care to keep Hezbollah from attaking Israel- you are mistaken. Israel can just relly upon itself on this metter. Syriya & Iran won't give up the option of destroy Israel and would lead the whole area to much greater conflict.
You think the destruction in Lebanon at present is the worth thing you've ever seen- wait for the next round when all Lebanon would become a military base of the Iranians and not just the south of Lebanon.
We missed so many opportunities at the past to fight affactivelly against Hezbollah just because of hipocritic diplomatic solutions.
You can put here a different views and I respect that, but you would see on the coming years who is wright and who is wrong.
I wish from the bottom of my hart that I'm the one who will wrong.

tears for lebanon said...

I now feel the need to exercise my freedom of speech..Tichondrius, You disgust me.

I have just sat and read all the posts written here tonight, with inappropriate comments made(on both sides)..but then finally olive branches were extended and more importantly, accepted by the the authors of their posts. I was smiling and praising the efforts made by Liona, Eyal, Root Cause, Yuval and Loli....and then I read the last post by tichondrius.

Does it really infuriate you to no end that an Arab and an Israeli, a Muslim and a Jew could actually attempt respectful dialogue that could lend its way to respecting each other and their differing views? And so much so that you will use the lowest means possible, blantant ignorant remarks of someones religion, just to attempt to seperate and divide, to incite hate, and to ensure the differences are not meshed into a tapestry of reconcilation, understanding and mutual respect.

I would like to the see the people on this site to correct wrong-doings and sayings of others who claim to be supporters of their own opinions regarding this crisiis. Be it muslim correcting other muslims, jews correcting other jews, christians correcting other christians. There is no reason to defiantly offend the religious beliefs of others, whether or not you have the freedom to do so. For we already have enough at task with arabs and israelis attempting to correct misconceptions and clarifing perceptions.

The UN Resolution has passed. May God that we pray to, in whatever form you believe, work with us, his creations, to ensure a lasting peace.

Thank you to all who have dialogued with me respectfully. Salam

tears for lebanon said...

I had mistakenly overlooked to mention omer(israeli) with the others in my post above. It was Omer too who had recognized the emotional impact on this situation and offered this insight.

Lebnese Liona said...

tears from lebanon,

thank you so much for you response. Tichondrius does not bother me anymore. Believe it or not I am at peace with myself.

Its funny being able to get my point across to an isreali person on the other side makes a huge difference.

You get to see he is in pain just like you are.

Our Prophet mohammed ( god bless his soul) did lead wars to spread islam as a religion but its well documented in histroy books, that if a town wanted to practice their religion after its been concurred by the muslims, he let them do that in peace, because islam is a religion of tolerance.

What makes me sick, is people like Bin laden who have taken islam and turn it into a religion of hatered.

To al the muslims , that is the real challenge righ now, we need to save the world from the likes of binladen and the poison hey spread.

Look what happened in the UK, we cant allow this to happen anymore.

We need to educate our young muslim kids about the true colors of islam and show that our profit said that its a religion of tolerence and not hatered.

Lebnese Liona said...


I understand your concerns, but please let me put you at ease.

HB might be a very tough organization funded by Iran and syria ETC.. no arguments their.

But believe me when I tell you its a very smart organisation also,
They will not attack isreal if an agreement have taken place, I garantee you that. Reason is it would be there end in lebanon.

The lebanese people wont allow it , and there would be a civil warand it would be a political suicide for HB as a group.

What will happen is that they would agree to the cease fire and respect it.

Just like i understand your concerns please try to understand mine.

HB is all shiite's from the south, I am a shiite from the south, the shiite make up over 40% of the Lebanese population.

You cant just eradicate HB , unless you make the decision to wipe out 40% of the lebanese, and I know you would not do that because that would be considered genocide and you guys are not in that bussiness.

Believe me that the dailogue will work, and you will have nothing to fear if HB agreed to the cease fire.

This is the first step, the next step would be to talk about the shebaa farms and the prisoners and that would be the key to diarming HB.

Now could someone please explain to me what is the point of the IDF's full blitz right now?
its not gonna help

Lirun said...


what a turnaround..

i think it was loli that said to me a few days ago that even the foul comments are a positive sign because at least people are wanting to communicate..

this post demonstrates it perfectly..

lebnese liona and i have sparred before and she always reiterates her wish for peace.. but when her emotions run high - you´d never guess that she wished our region well..

too all those that confuse the blog world with the battle field.. i personally forgive you for the insults and nasty things said.. i know that you just want us to hear your pain and assure you that most people who are smart enough to be able to type a sentence (which for most is not in their mother tongue) are probably smart enough to recognise your pain..

hoping we can change the nature of these spaces and start clarifying to the world that we are not just about venting and that our region wants peace..

wishing it comes soon

take care every one and be safe

hoping peace drains these blogs soon and that we are all out enjoying our lives again

Omer (israeli) said...

I want to strengthen your point:
During the middle ages the "peacfull" christians ("other cheek" and so on) burned thousands of jews on the stake, banished and desplaced millions (all of spain jews, 1 third of them died from deases on crowded ships that none were willing to accept), or forced convertions.
On the other hand, and in the sane time, jews under islam prospored. Althought they had to pay a specail tax, they were treated fairly, and allowed to practice their religon. I have more then one example where muslim law saved jews from prosectuion (ask, and ill give).
The written word, is the written word, what ppl do with it is completly diffrent.

Its sad to see large parts of Islam going fundamental, But i does not stain "Islam" only the people who use is name for the wrong porposes.

Lirun said...

omer i disagree

i think there is a very angry cycle in the world that is fueled by islamic fundamentalism and then spurred by anti middle eastern racism in turn..

islam has a really bad name..

the pr running on the essence of islam is so negative.. because peace does not attract media coverage - it is seen as non-event.. boring.. mundane..

it saddens me because its not fair..

i have met many great muslims that are nothing like the tarnished reputation their culture now carries in our midst..

its everyone´s loss

wishing peace for all people or all religion

it´s our birthright and our duty

ronen said...

Dear Liona,
I really respect your point of view but I disagree with you as to the option of trusting Hezbollah.
You should fight terrorist organisation and history prove us that Hezbollah repeat his violence against Israel.
As I said before, it's not just Israel interest of demolish Hezbollah but also the interest of Lebanon which doesn't want to become an Iranian nation.
You people in Lebanon doesn't have the power and energy to get rid of those terrorists and this is the tragic thing.
If we withdraw now from Lebanon without complete the job you will be sorry for that in the future.
You know, there was a time when I was a child that my father took me to see Lebanese vileges inside south Lebanon across the burder.
There were good times when Iran didn't have the interest of destroy Israel.
Those days I can't go inside lebanon but I do feel sympathy for the lebanese people. It's not your fault. It's not actually in your hands to prevail Hezbollah. This organisation is wise and smart enough in building his army but is not smart enough to disarm itself and to stop aggression against Israel. We don't care about sheeba farms. It is said that it actually belongs to syria- we really don't care. However, bear in mind that those frams are just an excuse to the the Hezbollah agression. So in the future there would be another excuse.
We want peace and I wish you all the best.
By the way, where do you live in Lebanon?

Tichondrius1 said...

lebnese (learn to spell) liona, everyone here now knows that you just keep saying completely ridiculous things with no base in reality.

This has been proven by the fact that you offered NO EXPLANATION to why you said the Israeli army bombed the UN post on purpose to kill them and send them a message. So either explain why you said that or admit you were talking BS. Nut I don't think anyone here thinks you have the integrity to do either.

Now in your latest posts you seem to finally realize what other have said before. That HB will accept the ceasefire and not break. Well DUH ! you must be a genious. Even you must realize that HB can't win against the IDF and every passing day and battle, the HB is losing fighters and weapons, and being driven out of the south. So they obviously want to stop the war, like they said from the beginning. And obviously they will not break the ceasefire anytime soon, but what they WILL do is try to quietly rebuild their forces and weapons back. And with the help Syria and Iran, they may be able to. So the first step is not to "talk about the shebaa farms" but to take steps to ensure HB doesn't rebuild its military force. Otherwise there will be another war in a few years, because if HB is allowed to rebuild itself, it will be used again by Iran & Syria when it's convenient for them.

All other issues between Israel and Lebanon can and should be discussed peacefully between them. All these issues are MINOR (some of them are not even real issues). As long as both countries want peace, these minor issues can be resolved. But HB doesn't want peace, it just wants a temporary break to be able to prepare for the next attack. So history will repeat itself unless HB is disarmed.

Lebnese Liona said...


thanks for the clarification I should have mentioned the detial about the tax.


What omer said is very true, i would recommend that you read some history books.


The last issue of times magazine did a very nice peace about the difference between HB , hamas, and Alqaeada and why HB is not considered a terrorist organization.

They even talk about why its not on the CIA's top list , now that does not mean that the bush administration would not love for it to be destroyed.

But the real reason for that is not what you migh think ( terrorism). The reason for that that in the west point of view it is an Iranian tool and that it can drive lebanon to become an islamic state which would destablize the region in the US's mind , not to mention that HB is a shiite group and that scares the sunii states like Saudi arabia , Egypt , jordan to death!!.

But believe me I went to lebanon last year for the first time in 13 yrs and I saw the lebanes elive in harmoney and peace.

You can party and drink untill 5 am in beirut almono street, and you ca go to the south and respect the islamic spirit their and live in peace. Thats what makes lebanon unique.

So respectfuly I disagree with your assessment of HB as a terrorist org, a lot of arab countries consider isreal a terrorist state.

I am sure we can both come up with a thousand examples where both HB and IDF broke the blue line in the last yrs. But that wont help, we need to deal with the root causes head on and until we do that even if you eradicated HB another group then another group will come up and the circle of violence will continue.

Believe me force will acheive nothing!!! We need to learn to live in peace with each other and just I am willing to accept you , you need to be willing to accept me and HB as a part of lebanese culture, and I dont mean HB the military I mean HB the political party and the people.


i will continue to ignore you untill you start behaving like a human being

ronen said...

We have never started violence at the region. Especially not in Lebanon. You can ignore the Hezbollah problem but it won't help because as long as this organisation or another one remains in Lebanon the tragedy would countinue there.
it may be quite for 1 year or more but next round of war will come and the history reapeat itself.
Israel cannot tolerate violence from Hizbollah or any other groups of terror and won't compromise on that issue.
Remember that as long as Hezbollah or other militant groups will aim their goal to destroy Israel the tragedy in Lebanon will remain and will get even worth, and it's not Israel fault but the UN which doesn't want to solve the problem once and for ever or even for 20 years from now and not just for 5 or 10 years from now.
Instead of sending UN inspectors to the region, they should send 15,000 fighters to disarm Hezbollah from their weapon.

Lirun said...


thank you

thats very kind..let me assure that i have a proper and full education..

i agree with omer that we have lived in peace before.. what i dont agree about is that islam´s name has suffered a bad century..

allow me to recommend you start some yoga and fresh fruit juices and if you´re sporty then some surfing ;)


Omer (israeli) said...

I personaly have nothing against HA as a social institiue.
The main problem with them is there self definition as a "resistance group". This "resistance" hold arms, and acts independtly from the state of lebanon, hence there power crumbels the sovernity of lebanon.

The best solution is probebly that HA militiry wing blends with the Lebanese army, and take its order from the Lebanese general. That way lebanon can keep HA tactical and militiry cabaility (for slef defence) while effectivly controling them to fit the Agenda of Lebanon as a whole. Today Nasrallah can decide on his own when lebanon does or doesn't goto war, instead of the elected elctorate.
Since Nasrallah doesnt see the right of israel to exist and also lost his own son during battels, I'm highly skeptical he will ever stop attacking israel until:
1. HA is destroyed, this is as much realistic as Israel being destroyed.
2. HA volentrly disarm. This is highly unlikely.
3. HA militiry cability is brought under centrel goverment control as a special unit force or anything else, as long as they obey orders. for that they will have to give up "resisting" on secraterian basis and join the Lebanese democracy.

All three can provide Israel with the capbility to start negotiating for peace with the Govt. of Lebanon, relasing prisnors and sheeba farm conflict.

On the other hand, what good is a peace agreement with lebanon when HA can act independitly?

Al-manar is disgusting in its anti-semetism (plz watch the following special for ramadan comming soon: "The history of the jews" and you will understand). The children are tought to hate israel since they are four years old. At age 14 they start training for the "resistance". So plz, i ask you, where is the "trust" you talk about?

Omer (israeli) said...

Lets just say that at the north of israel starts a rouge groups bent on destruction of the Shiia religion. They claim that part of israel is under "occupation" and start to everyoncw and a while kidnap or murder shiias in south lebanon. They would built rocket launchers on the borders. They would call the Shiia reliigon Satanism and compare them to the Natzis. They would teach there children (throu there own tv, and school system) that shiia are the Devil, a menace to the area and they domnate the world. And in the name of god they must fight them. Of course if "god" is telling you this, plus you get your bread from this "legitamate" organization, then it must be the right thing.

Terroist or no terroist, How would you feel with this? knowing someone hates you enoght to kill you, and not only that, arms to the teeth, inorder to do so.
Of course then i can say: But they dont have the capability to destroy the Shiia. Would that convince you?

Omer (israeli) said...

point is,
You should taste your own medicine first before recommanding it to others.

root cause said...


i feel that the reason the US administration still labels HA as a terrorist orginazation is due to the fact that they killed 241 marines back in the 80's in a suicide bombing. while that was a long time ago, you just don't forget about such matters.

on a related topic, i have done some research on the religion of islam, but i have yet to find any worth-while info on the feud between shia and sunni. can you please explain to me why you there is such animosity between the two factions? just curious.

praying the resolution is accepted and follows on both sides.

Lebnese Liona said...


I like your analysis above very much, I really do.

I do think that the HB military wing will dissolve into the govermnet as a tactical wing like special forces due to their success in this conflict.

But I do want to hit on another note with the history of the jews.

Did you see the picture a while ago of Isreali kids signing rockets before they are put in the tank and fired to lebanon.

What kind of a person would do that?

I am trying to see where you are coming from and ofcourse almanar uses propaganda as a great weapon in the war, but why give them the tools?

When you have your children signing bombs before you hit our children with it on purpose or not, well it sends the wrong message.

Do you agree? Untill this dat I have had no expalantion from any jewish or isreali person over that action.

root cause,

You are dead on about that. But in the times magazing they did say that over the next 20 yrs CIA saw a ahuge change in HB organization. Forexample they expected more attacks towards the US but that never happened. They cahnged their policies.

Also, in the similar arabic articles that talked about Nassrallah the person, after 9 11 he was asked what he thought about bin laden and what he did.

Nassralah answered" There is no justification on this earth for what alqaeda did in NY. OUr religion cant agree with that and will not agree with that"

Soon after according to time magazine, Lebanese internal security arrested alqaeda cell in lebanon after a tip from HB. Not only that , that same cell had a gaol of assasinating NASSRALAH.

Please check out the latest Time magazine article to verify what I am saying.

The issue between the shiite and sunni can be summarized breifly:

After our profit mohamed died god bless his sole, there was a fued over who should be the next to take the crown .

Profits mohammed's uncle was one, and his two grandsons are the other.

His gradndsons were murdered and the followers who believed that the crown belonged to the grandsons became known as shiites, the group who went with the uncle who eventually took the crown were the suniis.

The word shiite in arabic , the closet translation in english would be like when someone dies and you mourn over him, essentially thats shiite.

Now there are differences in some of the details of practicing the religion, but we wont talk about them because they are minor compared to the major issue that i mentioned above.

hope that helps

root cause said...

thank you explained that well...i still don't understand how there is still so much violence between the two after hundreds of years, but that is off topic.

with regards to HA do you have a link to that time article. if not no big deal i can search for it.

and i completely agree with you in regards to the israeling children signing the shells. it is a two way street with regards to teaching our kids hate. As a father, it made me sick to see that photo. ultimately, it should be everyone's gola to leave this world BETTER than we found it for our children's sake, regardless of your religion or beliefs.

i still can't believe we are having a meaningful conversation...this is truely great!! i just wish our world leaders would blog!!! it could truely be a much better world.

still praying for peace

Loli said...

Guys, you give me a lot of hope in the future, and especially you, Liona. Thank you all for being able to see both sides of the story. That's all it takes.

root cause said...

and thank you loli...i know in my case you fascilitated that understanding!!

wishing you all peace sooner rather than later!!

Omer (israeli) said...

I didn't like that picture either. It was at the begining of the war. It doesn't happen on regular bases either.

But propoganda against israel and against jews have been going on for year throught out the arab world. Al-manar teaches children its better to throw stone at soldier (as there parent shoot) instead of growing up to ba a lawyer or a peace group activisit...
Don't even compare. Or better yet, read Isreali media, and watch how this is reported. But hey, I'm just an evil zionist.
I have a question for you. After the cease-fire, would you enjoy it if HA kidnapped 2 other soldiers? (even if israel didn't respond)

I'll just add that I like a whole generation of kids were told, that we grow up, we wont have togo to the army, since there will be peace. What a joke.

Lirun said...


the kids signing the missiles wrote in english.. it said "to nasralla with love"

i personally found it distasteful but in the context of a distasteful war it seemed consistent..

as someone who oneday intends to be a parents i shall educate my kids (inshalla ill have some) not to mix irony and sarcasm with war and death at the expense of others..

i find it disrespectful.. i guess people in fear deal with it in different ways.. some laugh and some cry and some yell and hate whereas some seek to resolve the cause..

i have the luxury of sitting far enough from the conflict not to worry on a daily basis about sirens so its probably a bit easier for me to exercise my free thought and be reasonable.. maybe i too - if i was a terrified kid would want to feel that i was participating..

i´ll tell you a secret though.. i much prefer a kid to scribble on a missile than through a molotov cocktail at a soldier and stand in the middle of a skirmish..

either way.. the media - slightly scum sucking so to speak - live off the dirt.. what to do?

wishing us all peace


root cause said...

hey omer,

i understand what you are saying, but i took liona's comment as that neither side is blameless in regards to teaching hate to our kids. to varying degrees, i think it is done in every nation. but we have to power...over time... to reverse this cycle. the entire world needs to be a place of tolerance and understanding. i'm not saying we have to like each other, just have some perspective of others views.

Lebnese Liona said...


you had a lot to do with me being able to talk peacefully, i want to thank you for that.

To all my isreali friends,

I see your point, I think we both have done very very bad things to each other , but it s time for us to forgive and inorder to forgive , WE MUST FORGET!!!

I wish peace on my isreali freinds, i wish peace on olmert and nassralah. I wish peace on every isreali soldeir and every HB fighter who in their eyes died for the cause, I wish peace for every jewish kid that wrote on that bomb that i know o\it killed an innocent lebanese child. I wish peace on every lebanese kid that has been taught to hate the jews, and most of all I wish peace on the innocent kids, women, and children that gave their life unwillungfully for this war.

Loli said...

Root cause,
Amen. As Maya Angelou said:

We cannot change the past, but we can change our attitude toward it. Uproot guilt and plant forgiveness. Tear out arrogance and seed humility (...) thereby, making the present comfortable and the future promising.

Loli said...


I thank you very deeply. I may have influenced you, but you did the work in your heart, and for that you have all my respect. This is a proof that we should never give up hope.

Peace to all of us. May we be able to be good neighbors and visit each other in perfect safety, respect and serenity.

Omer (israeli) said...

Thats amazing

Omer (israeli) said...

god bless you

eyal said...

Lebnese Liona,
I whish you all the best as well.
I will be happy to invite you here to Israel, I beleive you can have a great time here, Lebanon and Israel are very alike.
PEACE to you, your counry and us.
I hope that it will be the last time that we need to talk in war time....

Lebnese Liona said...


thank you , although i doubt that i will be able allowed in even with my US passport.

the uS passpot shows what country you were born in .

Your immigration or customs people might send be back on the next plane out of tel aviv, lol.

It would be much easier for you to come to the US


eyal said...

I whish that the day will come and we will have peace so You will be able to come to Israel and then we will be able to take a car and ride for 3 hours and go to your homeland.
This is a dream..... but dreams are made just to come true one day.

tony.2.tone said...

You people make me sick with all your lovey dovey talk, especially you liona, here you countrymen are being slaughted by the Jewish army who incidentally is completely supported by the Israeli public as they polls announce, yet you sit here and trade lovey dovey remarks with the very people that support their army getting stronger and expanding the invasion.

You throw lovey dovey comments at the very Jews that will one day serve in their army and most probably have the scalp of a couple of arabs (most likely palestinians) to brag about with their comrades. You make me sick girl.

Learn where you come from and who is killing you countrymen, and understand that every Jewish Israeli whether they be child or adult, will eventually serve in the military and contribute to the suffering of our peoples.

Give them what they deserve and that is to tell them to **********.