Friday, August 18, 2006

What the Lebanese Army Really Means To Lebanese

The Lebanese Army today basks in the spotlight - and for good reason, too. For the first time since its disintegration during the civil war, it deploys its personnel and material south of the Litani River. Numerous journalists and analysts have written articles assessing the army's capabilities. Most have been scathing. However, all have conveyed relief at its deployment in Southern Lebanon.

Some of these assessments have compared the army to Hizballah, for obvious reasons. They sought to satisfy the curiosity a few individuals betrayed regarding whether or not the Army could take the militia on, and disarm it. Of course, considering what the Israelis were able to accomplish in a month, there simply is no question about what Lebanon's antiquated armed forces would be able to accomplish. If it were ever to take Hizballah on, it would lose mightily.

So if our armed forces are so obviously weak, why are Lebanese so proud of it? Why does it foster such feelings of pride among most, if not all, Lebanese?

For an answer to that question, I will quote none other than Walid Jumblatt: "the Lebanese Army is the product of political consensus - consensus among all of Lebanon's political forces (and sects) - consensus that protects it, and allows it to fulfill its duties." Therefore, in certain respects, the Lebanese Armed Forces are not merely means to ends, but rather ends in themselves.

There would be nothing easier than for a foreign power to isolate a particular sect in Lebanon, help foster a militaristic culture, train its military-aged men for guerilla warfare, and spend hundreds of millions of dollars arming it to the teeth and preparing it for war. In other words, there is nothing special about Hizballah. If the Americans, French, Russians or Chinese decided to spend $20 - $50 million dollars a month on militarizing the Druze, Sunna, or Maronite communities, you would see the exact same outcome.

However, as I've already mentioned, nothing could be easier. The challenge for Lebanon and Lebanese lies in the national project - in choosing to be Lebanese. And despite our Army's impotence, we remain proud of it because it is a living, breathing symbol of that project. The Army reflects our society, and will only do what is acceptable to all of us. It is truly, Our Army.

One of my professors at Hopkins once said something that struck me. He pointed out that contrary to popular perceptions, he believed it much more difficult to effectively lead state institutions than private enterprises. Whereas leaders of the latter were single-minded in their determination to secure profits, leaders of the former needed to factor in and manage the often contradictory demands that emanate from the soceity(ies) they serve.


z said...

Heavy Israeli overflights reported in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley

Israeli drones and warplanes were crisscrossing the skies above Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley on Friday night, near the Hizbullah stronghold of Baalbek, security officials said.

The officials had not reported any bomb or missile strikes although the Voice of Lebanon radio said the aircraft had opened fire. (AP)

WTF NOooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Andrey said...

They are saying here that truck with ammunition crossing the border from syria will be bombed...

Chris from lebanon said...

Hezbollah is not ready to disarm.

Syria won't quit neither.

Iran still urging to settle the score with USA.

And us lebanese, those of the cedar revolution, are asking Hezb for answers. Yesterday, Gemayel, Sarkis, Joumblat..all urged Hezb to disarm and avoid another blood shed.

Right now we are in total violation of 1701. Hold your breath, unfortunately we're in for another round soon.

Chris from lebanon said...

Many times already said on this blog: Hezbollah don't realy care or give a damn about lebanon as a country.

It has no interest seeing a sovereign lebanon.

The only way out is for them to be forced to disarm. All civilians will be displaced again back to beirut and those left in the south with arms will just face annihilation.

Thats the outcome we'll all witness soon.

Blacksmith Jade said...

From personal experience I know that in the Christian areas of Lebanon the army earned the respect of the population because it protected the citizenry there from the extortion and illegal taxations and harrasments imposed on it by the militias in place.

Also, the army was respected for its precise shelling and avoidance of civilian targets.

These are, of course, sidenotes to the admiration the army commands as a national institute. In a highly militaristic culture such as ours, the army is right up there with the cedars of north and of the shouf in its symbolism.

Lets just hope it can do more than just be a symbol.

Ariya said...

What good are they doing if they openly express support for, and the refusal to disarm, Hezbullah?

What a joke.

Chris from lebanon said...

Our army needs to be decisive in disarming Hezb. Otherwise we're back to July 12 and this time war will be even uglier.

Solomon2 said...

I should hope that the Lebanese phase of this conflict is now over. I suspect that if re-supply of Hezbollah steps up, Israel will prefer to attack the source, rather than Lebanon itself. I wouldn't want to be on the Syrian side of a border crossing when that happens.

Chris from lebanon said...


Still if that happens, Hezb would still want to open a scond front with Israel. Actualy, that would be a third front if we count the gaza one.

Hell will be set loosse if that happens.

shittyzionz said...

if our army trys to disarm HA, then our country will be driven into another civil war!!
The only solution for HA is merge with the army,they can be a special military armed wing. They should talk it over with the government.I think thats what jumblat suggested - I dont respect that man, but since you are one of his supporters, I will-
I just want to remind everyone that our enemies are America & Israel NOT HA!!! HA shouldnt be disarmed, they are so strong & they proved it, why should we give up a "force" we have?
HA shall carry on doing what they are doing but this time under our goverment!!

Viva Lebanon & resistance!!


Chris from lebanon said...


Your Hezb brought destruction and agony upon our heads.

Hezb is not lebanon. They only serve Syrian and Iranian interests.

As for the resistance. Well resist against what??..Some forgotten land and a bunch of criminals who deserve to be locked up!

No, Hatred and fanatism never made any good out of this world. It only brings blood and hatred.

Lebanon is a small country and all we hope for as lebanese is to live peacefuly with all our neighbors.

If HA wants to wage its own war and use lebanon as a battlefield for some waco to prove his point, well us true lebanese should stop him and restore our democracy and a hopeful futur for generations to come.

I am fed up with us lebanese sticking our nose in the arab causes and the palestenian's. We have been doing that for the last 30 years and it brought the destruction of our country 3 times already.

Enough is Enough. We want lebanon back to true lebanese not to fanatics.

Chris from lebanon said...


As for HA being part of the army, you should know that they refused that proposal.

They want to keep their own commanding posts independant from the army's.

There your have your proof that they have their own agenda and IT IS NOT A LEBANESE ONE!!!

I was refering to Joumblat's statement made yesterday after HA refusal to join the army.

The Middle East News Addict said...

The initial Lebanese reactions to the army's deployment seem encouraging. It seems to me that if that continues, the army should be used as a focal point to gather the country around just the way it is in Israel and Turkey. This is not to say that society will become militaristic; simply that the army and its monopoly on force among other things will become a consensus point around which all Lebanese will gather.

The Middle East News Addict said...

To ShittyZions

the army's disarming of Hezbollah will only cause civil war if people let it. On the other hand not disarming it will lead to a war with Israel. So which one do you prefer: a potential civil war or a certain war to the bitter end (probably of Lebanon as the comparison of damages shows) with Israel?

If there was truly consensus in Lebanon about what Hezbollah is doing, then Hezbollah would have no reason NOT to join the government and army and then sway the government to war. Unfortunately HA knows that it is the only one wishing war.; and that without that war, no Iranian/Syrian funding will be forthcoming, reducing Hezbollah to an insignificant party.

Dimitry said...

Claiming that LAF cannot disband HA because the IDF failed to do so is silly. LAF would likely to have much more (or rather, simply have) support from local popultation, which translated to intelligence and control over supplies sent to HA. Hell, LAF probably includes locals that know the terrain much better than IDF. Plus, HA defences are geared up toward attack from the south, and against IDF tactics and arms, and would probably much less effective against advance from the north by a totally different army.

This is not to say LAF can do so easily, or even succeed at all (I suspect it can, with enough support from the Lebanese population, but that's really but a guess). Just pointing out the comparison is moot.

Tour Guide Jack said...

To Chris from Lebanon
If there was no Hezbollah, do you think a true peace with Israel would be possible? I'm not being sarcastic - I'm truly asking your opinion. Would Israel respect the sovereignty of Lebanon, including the airspace and territorial waters of Lebanon?

Random Ranter said...

if there was no HB a true peace with Israel would be a certainty.

Tour Guide Jack said...

Like the peace between Israel, Egypt and Jordan? They"re not exactly democratic, so their governments can be paid to tow the American line. Even without Hez Lebanese politics will be more volatile. Is having an Orwellian Big Brother like Israel/USA really ok with you?

Random Ranter said...

yes, like Israel Egypt and Jordan. Seems to me they are all doing pretty well and people are not dying from missile attacks and suicide bombers.

Tour Guide Jack said...

Because free speech is severely limited, Israel dictates border terms and anyone who voices dissent gets thrown into jail.

Ariya said...

Well Chris, it looks like you guys are back to the drawing board:

Stand alongside Hizbullah, Lebanon's army tells troops,,1853722,00.html

Chas said...

Great post Raja!
I saw some video of the Leb arm unloading a tank from a transporter.
The tracks and wheels of the tank were rusted .. as was the gun.
I thought - these guys are so not ready for this! - and yet they are doing it. God bless them!
Now there is human, not fanatic, courage. There is Lebanon.
May it be rewarded with peace and unity.



Anonymous said...

Raja - Are you aware of any military connections exist between Hizo and the Lebanese Army, and to what extent such connections exist? Please don't try to tell me that they don't exist; that would be ludicrous. You simply cannot have two armed forces on a piece of land half the size of New Jersey and they don't cross paths at all.

Ariya said...

chas, what exactly is the Lebanese army "ready" for? What are they "doing"? It only appears they are putting bodies in place, and nothing more. They won't disarm Hezbullah. They won't push them north of the river. They will be working with them. They are Hezbullah's bitch. It's sad.

Gosudarynya said...

Caveman, Lebanon is greater than half the size of New Jersey. It is nearly the same size.

I'm not Raja, but for an anecdotal answer, there are at least some HA fighters that are otherwise normal citizens doing their normal thing while living in (primarily) Beirut and southern Lebanon. In one case I know, he joined the recent fighting after Israel bombed a power station which served many thousands of people and many public service buildings (including a clinic where his mother is treated) as well as private households. He hadn't participated in military activities since the 90's. He knows several members in the army; these are all people who grew up in the same town while Israel occupied them and, in this case and another not much different, there are no hard feelings. One believes he will eventually be part of the Army. The other does not know but would be willing to join. I honestly do not know how typical this is.

Muxecoid said...

OK, than how much of 10000 Hizbullah fighters can work and how much of them can do nothing except fighting?

Sylvia said...

Natalie, you are the only one who sounds like you know what you are talkiing about. HZA is serving his own agenda with Iran and Syria's help to be the next leader of Lebanon. Which means you live like Iranians live. No more night life, no more dance and all those Arabic pop music and the freedom you enjoy now. You won't even be able to blog on the net. Your president,Lahoud, is a wimp. He can not see that it is really he who is being kicked out? HZA did want Israel to topple the government of Lebanon so he will be the next leader. HZA will be the leader of Lebanon by shiits choice but you all will suffer under Islamic Revolution. How can a country throw out Syria and declare you want your independence and than vote for some terrorists? How did HZA's war with Israel advance the palastinian cause? The palastenian cause is just a reason to wage war against israel so they can cry out that they need money for reconstruction. Money funnels in for helping Lebanon rebuild and it will go to weapons to fight again so the cycle repeats. 50 years of peace efforts led you to war, i hope this one is the last and it will awaken Lebanon to take back their country and distant themselves from Palastine just like Jordan, Egypt, Saudi. They all grew economically, politically, socially and you are still fighting a lost cuase and dying for a conflict that never wants to be solved, because it serves the Shiits agenda. Look at Iran and see where Lebanon is headed. I copied your blog and i am going to posted at every Lebanese blogs i can find on the net. I hope more of them think like you, I hope more of them see what HZA has done to their country. The people who voted for HZA probably need them financially, so in affect they are buying their votes, but if they are the next President of Lebanon, you all will pay for their choice. No country grows under fanatics like these, I pray for you and Israelis who seek what is their right. God givven Peace and freedom.

Sylvia said...

Ohcanada you are seriously misinformed about Israel and the US and the meaning of democracy. If Arab's instigating and provo king Israel stops, doubt that they have any reason to want to wage war with Lebanon or any other Arab country for that matter. People have better things to do then wage war with terrorists.

Annasru Ata said...

A commandos near Baalback with heavy bombs by fighter jets and then the israelis tell me they want peace?! and they bellieve themselves and better yet some Lebanese believe them as well. Answer me this: now if hizbulla fire some rockets (which i dont think they would because they honour the treaty) then who started this again?

someone said HB refused to join the army but that was in the past where there were some valid reasons. but since israel turned out to be a bigger monster than we hoped, they overturned the scales.(reason being if hizb hit then israel would go after hizb not infastructure,civilians so on but since israel opted for the total destruction of our country then everything changed and HB arent ruling out integration with our army).
to my next point: would our army NOW be able to cope with these attacks. we will never cope because israel's weapons will always be better than us. thats why our army should opt with the Hizbulla stratetgy to defend our land. bcs according to an israeli who told me he had no interest in Lebanon but according to many of their leaders it's important to get Lebanon and comply with what their Towrat tells them to do. i will post many of the quotes by israeli leaders and intellectuals that poves their is no trusting an israeli government(i know how to destinguish gov from ppl beleive me i have no problem with any of you)

Andrey said...
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yuval from tlv said...


you are right, i personaly believe too that the PL issue doesn't want to be solved at all,
i also agree that the PL issue has nothing to do with Lebanon..

if Lebanon wants to connect it self to the PL problem, then they will sufer too, and i guess they've learned it in the past 30 years..

the problem is - HB is using it's Iranian money to help he citizens (most are shiites) of Lebanon, and through it, buy their support.
they also run a propoganda TV station - El Manar.. this way you're helping youre self to grow larger and larger, much similar to the Nazi ways of controling Germany during WW2.
HB arms are being sent to them, from Syria and Iran, HB doesn't buy it, they get it to fight Israel in order to fulfil the desire of Iran to destroy Israel, and in order to fulfil the desire of Syria to get Lebanon back..

there was no actualy reason to wage a war against Israel!
the Shabaa farm and the prisoners couldn't be suddelny so importent to them,
and if it did, what about the Lebanese prisoner in Syria?!

it is obviously that HB doesn't serve any good to Lebanon,
and those of you who thinks that HB is a stronge forced to protects Lebanon is wrong.

Israel had with drawed from Lebanon in order to help you get your soverignity and in the future to have co-existence,
not because we were affraid of HB..
20 years we occupied you to fight HB, and we have with drawed to out of fear, but out of the wish to see you heading your self towards peace.

what happened during July 12th, had shown the Israelis not to with draw ever again from no where with out getting anything back.

and if Israel didn't had a coalition of left parties in the parliament,
this war would have become very very ugly.
you must remember that Israel used only 15% of it's army power..
so claiming HB won is absored.

Ecumene said...

Congratulations to Lebanese basketball team in Japan-Mundobasket.Venezuela-Lebanon 72-82.Good message for the national unity.

yuval from tlv said...

annasru ata -

HB was getting a delivery from Syria of missiles...

to remind you the 1701 resolution calls for HB to DISARM!
not to ARM!
therefor if you ask who had violeted it - then the answer is simple - HB.

Muxecoid said...


Journalist: "I heard that children in vilages learn foreign languages in schools funded by Hizbullah. Can you confirm this?"
HB representative: "Yes."
Journalist: "Can you give an example of what they learn?"
HB: "Катюша насрала..."

Andrey said...


Annasru Ata said...

oh certainly ur media and government says it's destroying weapons our Lebanese army says that they wanted to get some HB leader. plz where is the proof of these wepons. its just like the US in iraq and guess what there were no weapons. so r u really stupid enough if u know that hizb works underground wouldn't they get their weapons by some underground road. ur media is lost ur goverment is lost. they want a tangable victory to kill a HB leader or anything to say they did one of their goals.
and NO i'm not afraid of HB i'm afraid of not having anyone to defend us from ur bloodthirsty government.

Dimitry said...


WTF? Israel dictates absolutely nothing in Jordan and Egypt. The peace treaties required massive Israeli conssesions (Sinai to Egypt, a lot of water for Jordan), with practically nothing in return (except agreeing not to attack Israel - jee thanks). The press of Egypt is extremly anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic. Egypt is as hostile to Israel as it can be without actually attacking.

What are you talking about?


HA already declared they have no intentions of disarming (only "concealing their weapons" - the best joke in the region since Perez as Israeli minister of Defence). Therefore, they're already in violation of the cease fire.

Besides, understand. HA is the reason for those attacks. It is an organization with the explicit porpuse of attacking Israel (not defending Lebanon - attacking Israel). Attacking them is therefore by definition self defence. Talk to me when you have examples of Israel attacking someone who doesn't want to attack Israel.

Chris from lebanon said...

Answering all who commented my post above,

Hezbollah presence in lebanon as a militia is counter productive for peace and prosperity of lebanon and the lebanese people.

We lebanese are raised learning science and buisness in schools. We don't adhere to any doctrine calling for war.

All we look for is to do buisness, promote tourism, freedom of speech and a fruitful social life.

Only common thing we all have regardless of religion is our love and pride towards our country. Yet, we are fundamentally peaceful and easy going people.

Therefore, it is abvious that deep inside each and every one of us, waging wars and proclaiming attacks and justice by force IS NOT WHO WE ARE.

Hezbollah will never make it thru time because of that. If they, meaning the leaders, truely love lebanon, then they must disarm. Otherwise, their support even among the shia will fade away and subside because of our human nature.

Chris from lebanon said...

As a matter of fact, our way of life and our love for life and peace is what makes some of the arab countries envy us and wish our destruction.

Our success despite our various religious backgrounds is a constant reminder of their failure.

Our tolerance towards differences is the very key factor they use, to stage wars and defend their causes on our territories.

It is not only our country they wish to destroy. Every time a lebanese house is destroyed or an innocent life is taken in lebanon, it is one more reason fro them to justify their regime to their people.

It is our own souls and pride they wish to crush.

Chas said...

sorry, I logged of after posting so did not see your reply.
Obviously the Lebanese army would not be moving south without some sort of "understanding" with Hez, they are not fools!
I still think it is a courageous move as they are being placed (politically)in a situation they cannot hope to defend militarily, and whatever understanding they have could easily fall apart. (for instance if Israel decides to drop bombs in the Bekka valley).
They are hostages to fortune and I am sure they know that.
I repeat, there is real human, not fanatic, courage.



shittyzionz said...

Chris & Sylvia,
First of all, what brought that war to Lebanon was America. HA provoked them, we all agree on that, but the reaction was so barbaric & there's no excuse for what they had done to us!! I don’t really care about the destruction of the buildings (my dad &uncle lost their $500,000 restaurant) as much as I grieve the innocent people who lost their lives as a result of the Israeli aggression. Then again, Israel history with us was a bloody one, Lebanon was invaded by Israel even before HA was formed!! They want to occupy our country because its more beautiful than theirs, and our people are way much beautiful & educated than theirs, they're just jealous!
Our resistance are fighting for our pride & for our stolen lands, don’t you ever think that Shebaa farms are forgotten lands, they have strategic importance or else,why didn’t they give them back to us back in 2000? If there was an occupation then the resistance is legal. As for our prisoners, we have the right to have them back; I wonder would you be saying the same thing if one of those guys was a relative of yours. HA are a very strong bunch of men & they had shown the world how strong they are, why should we disarm them? I heard nothing about HA refusal to join the army, they didn’t comment on that, perhaps they are studying that as we speak.
Now to Mr. Jumblat, I have no respect to that guy, he's just like mercury, sometimes east, sometimes west, sometimes pro Syrian sometimes pro anti Syrian. He killed so many Christians when it suited him (Im Christian BTW) he cooperated with the Syrians when it suited him. IMO he's the one who has his suspicious agenda & I'd really question his loyalty to our cedar any day.
As for the night life, well really I'm not in the mood to even mention that, our country got focked us by focking Israelis and the last thing I want to talk about as the night life, but since you mentioned that, I dont see HA turning us into an Islamic republic like Iran as the situation here is different. Christians are not minority as they are in Iran. HA history is clean and because they are strong & managed to beat Israel twice , that's why I love & support them. I don’t want us to be puppies to the Americans like Egypt & Jordan, we want to be independent & free.
I don’t mind the support HA gets from Iran &Syria, as I question their intentions but as the saying goes ( the enemy of my enemy is my friend)


Annasru Ata said...

Natalie: some sane minds after all. totally behind u in every thought.

Dimitry said...

They want to occupy our country because its more beautiful than theirs, and our people are way much beautiful & educated than theirs, they're just jealous

Are you really serious about that?
No, Israel didn't invade you because you're more educated than the Israeli *roll eyes*. Israel invaded you first when the PLO attacked Israel from Lebanon, and then when HA attacked Israel from Lebanon.

Our resistance are fighting for our pride & for our stolen lands, don’t you ever think that Shebaa farms are forgotten lands, they have strategic importance or else,why didn’t they give them back to us back in 2000?

Because it wasn't Lebanese then. The claim that Shabaa farms are Lebanese was born after 2000, when HA was looking for excuses.
Tell me, why does Syria refuse to sign a document in which it gives up any claims to Shabaa farms? Anything

Anonymous said...

gosudaryna - Actually, I had not intended to quibble with details on Lebanon's area, but you piqued my curiosity with your response, so I looked it up. New Jersey is 22587 sq. km, more than twice the size of Lebanon. I had not intended to be right, only to emphasize that Lebanon is really freaking small. But hey, surprise surprise.

And I was certainly not interested in some guy's cousin who knows a guy who used to be a conscript in the Lebanese army and then sold his soul to HA. I was more interested in contacts between leadership elements, if Raja was aware. But thanks for your input.

shittyzionz said...

The fact that Israel uses any excuses to invade us, and if there weren’t any, theyd just do if for fun! Some of the PLO are in Syria, why didn’t they start a war on them? It's pure envy & jealousy. They just cant stand the fact that Christians, Muslims, Druzes & Jews can leave together in peace & harmony thus they keep on invading our country every now & again. All of that because they "thought" that we are a WEAK & SMALL country, but we proved them wrong! We are improving every time they find an excuse to attack us.& hopefully we'll keep on improving till we revenge for all the blood of Lebanese children shed by the Israelis!

Viva Lebanon! Viva Sayed Nassrallah! May God bless us all & doom & curse our enemies!!


Dimitry said...

So, before 1970, Israel didn't attack Lebanon because, er, you were less talented, educated, and beautiful, you didn't live in harmony at all, AND you had a bigass army? And here silly me thought that was simply because nobody attacked Israel from Lebanon then. I guess the arrival of the PLO to Lebanon after Black September marked several most interesting changes in Lebanon of which I wasn't aware.

Here's a curious tidbit: while there're PLO, Hammas, and other terror organizations in Syria, Syria doesn't allow anybody to attack Israel directly from its territory. Gotta wonder why.

Gosudarynya said...

Caveman - yes, you're right about sq. km. and relative size. My sloppy handwritten notes on a map listed several countries' size. I've clarified it.

Israel (not including occupied territories) had the figure I looked at and mistakenly used. Israel's area is about 20770 sq. km (and thus is nearly the size of New Jersey).

As far as "some guy's cousin" etc. I was referring to two men I know through other channels who are what would be considered reserves. Their types did quite a bit of the fighting recently and your disrespect is not as humorous as you might think it is.

If you are aware of official connections between the LA and HA at higher levels, your sources are very good indeed. This is something scholars and journalists are always dying to know (at one time, literally) and eventually find out after conflicts end. If the current cease-fire holds until Israeli troops are all out of Lebanon, then the government, including HA, will discuss disarming HA which, like previous militias, will involve the possibility of HA forces becoming part of the LA.

While Israeli troops are still inside and raids are being made up in the Beqa, there will be no disarming.

shittyzionz said...

Well, at that time Israel was fighting Syria, Egypt & Jordan in addition to the Palestinians inside their occupied country, the last thing Israel would want is a 5th front! Add to that the fact that Israel DIDN’T invade these countries, they didn’t destroy DAMSCUS, CAIRO NOR AMMAN, but look what they'd done to BEIRUT!! All these countries were big with great leaders (apart from the lame ass king Hussain of Jordan) while we were weak, no army, small & very beautiful, its also known as the Switzerland of the east,which made us a very tempting place for the greedy Nazis of Israel, had they ever negotiated with us about PLO? They had just invaded us & occupied our land.
Though, Syria is still supporting the heroes of HA & Hamas but Israelis just don’t have the balls to fight the Syrians, they thought that fighting HA again & revenge for their humiliating defeat in 2000 but they failed miserably- thank you sweet Jesus-!!


Dimitry said...

Let's see. In the 70's, after Black September, the PLO has largely settled in Lebanon. Lebanese govenment objected, but was stronghanded into that by Nazer, in exchange for the PLO promising to behave, and specifically not to attack Israel from Lebanese territory. Yasser Arafat signed it, turned around, giggled (what a dreadful thought), and started terrorizing all the inhabitants of south Lebanon, and attack Israel from there. Incidentaly sparking the Lebanese civil war. Did you know IDF soldiers were greeated with flowers by the Shi'ite population of south Lebanon in 82? They were tired of the PLO harrasing them.

So, uh, yeah, right. Negotiation with Lebanese government, why didn't Israel think about that.
Besides, Israel was in good ties with Lebanese Christian phalangas. Too bad for the latter - if it couldn't've been tied to Israel somehow, Sabra and Shatila (and probably several followups) would've been copmletely ignored by the world. Like, you know, Black Setpember, Hamma, Darfur...
Then again, they didn't recieve any of the backlash, so perhaps it didn't matter much.

And isn't it funny. Just after Black September Israel stopped all operations against Jordan, and started them against Lebanon. Yes, it must've been because they wanted a new front!

God. Why am I wasting my time. You're completely blinded by hate, cannot percieve anything your side does as being wrong, cannot exaime history with unbiased eye and reach the simplest conclusions that just glare at you from it. And some people ask what Israel should do to achieve peace, where there are people like you around.

shittyzionz said...

Only inyour propaganda shiaa muslims greeted the Israelis..HA was formed in 82 with the Shiaa &all the other lebanese for that matter full support!! why was HA formed when the Israelis were nice to the Shiaa of the south? throughout our history sir, WE NEVER WELCOME INVADERS!
Israel takes whatever excuse to attack us, they love our country, they want it to be theirs,but they can dream on!!
So I'm the one against peace in people are weird! you support occupation,killing of our civilians &then youjust want us to love Israel. where is justice? we shall not have peace with Israel as long as they are holding our people & occupying our lands. Period!

No Justice = No peace
Viva Lebanon
Viva Sayed Nassrallah