Sunday, August 06, 2006

Syria speaks up - woohoow!

In a recent press conference, Walid Mouallem, Syrian Foreign Minister said that

the draft U.N. resolution is not “balanced” and is a "recipe for the continuation of the (current) war because 'it is not fair for Lebanon' (i.e. Syria)" and also "civil war" in Lebanon, which 'nobody, nobody, nobody' wants except Israel (i.e. Syria) ...

Moallem also said that

Damascus was ready for regional war and will respond "immediately" to any Israeli attack

Syria has just raised the ante. They have, in effect, stated that if the resolution to this conflict does not suit its interest, it is not only ready to continue this war through Hizballah (i.e. morph it into a long-term war of attrition against Israel in Lebanese territory; something they calculate the Israelis desperately want to avoid), but it is willing, and apparently capable of fomenting civil war in Lebanon.

As for Mouallem's little comment concerning a regional war; well, it was just for consumption. You see: the Syrian regime needs to show the Arab street that it is willing to stand up to, and fight the Israelis. It can afford to flutter its wings like that because they know that nobody in this world wants the conflict to expand beyond its current confines (i.e. the confines of that sucker of nation called Lebanon). But guess what? The "Arab street" is stupid enough to buy it!

Oh yeah! The Syrians DEFINITELY have the interests of the Lebanese people at heart! They LOVE the Lebanese people! The sisterly/brotherly/cousinly/etc... Lebanese people!

"If we don't get what we want, we'll foment a new Lebanese civil war because we have Lebanese interests at heart" AWESOME!!!! Now that's what I call LOOOOVE!


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hala said...

you know what .... sometimes i am disgusted by your views ....i am ashamed to consider you as lebanese ...our country is torn into pieces and the last thing we want to hear is your pathetic cynical views ... you are just as pathetic as the israelis who are the only ones to comment on your blogs....
ya habibi what you want from syrians at this poiint, do you want them to kill the 200, 000 refugees who are on their soil?? or do you want them to side with israel against us ...just tell me what do you want from the syrians ...or you know what. ...fuck off that would be much better...
and why don't you cancel this blog ... or give it a different title like "israelicommentator"..because it turned out to be just a place for isarelis to speak and we (ie lebanese) don't give a fuck about their views, or yours (which might be equal to their views) as a matter of fact.!!!

Philip I said...

New post:

Security Council Corners Syria

yuval from tlv said...

hala -

maybe you've forgotten who you've just kicked out of your land last year?

but THAT nation still funds the HB who started this war for no reason!

so get a wake up call!
don't let your anger blind your eyes!

hala said...

A MESSAGE TO ISAEILIS!!! from the lebanese people

you amaze us by your stupidity !!! boy i never thought you were sooo naive ....instead of wasting your energy to try to get the lebanese people to raise against HA and agianst eaqch other ....go deal with your goverment and army ...
can someone tell me what are the military succesess you have accomplished?? stopping rockets ? capturing nassrallah (i mean the real one , not the other poor farmer from baalbeck)?? or detroying ht emilitary capabilities of HA?? hey i tell you sucecdded in one thing uniting the lebanese and thank you for doing that ....aas a chrisitan lebanese i really thank you for uniting my country, you did do us a huuuuge favor ..thank you guys ...
at this point IF i were israeli, i would be worried becuase my goverment in this war has failed big time ... instead of wasting your time here, go make sure your army and goverment are doing the right thigns to protect you ...
you know what was the mosst amusing thing for me last week ?? ..the fact that your politician was in DC, claiming to the world that the rockets have stopped and that is because IDF was able to destry HA, surprise surprise ..the second day 200 rockets were launched .... on top of that, instead of questioning the credibility of your goverment you waste your energy here !! GOOD JOB GREAT JOB .... but the point iswehter you realizer it or not your army /goverment were tought a lesson in this war and we are proud to be the teachers...

Raja said...


I did not invite the Israelis to come have their debates on this blog. Furthermore, I simply don't have the time or the wherewithal to moderate; nor does anyone else.

Nobody, however, stops you from commenting (as is quite obvious), so if you have views (which, you apparently do), then why don't you continue to express them.

As for your comment, well, let me just say this: you apparently empathize more with the Syrians than your fellow Lebanese. That, my "sister", says a lot!

hala said...

raja you have an israeli backing you up and defending you against a lebanese !! aren't you proud ya akhi!!! now why don't you defend him ... and fullfill his dream

Raja said...


that particular Lebanese person went and picked a fight with the Israeli without caring for my support or even asking for it. You see he had his syrian and iranian buddies (who, apparently, were much more important than me). Well, if he feels that way, then I can only reciprocate!

Jeha said...

regardless of how we feel. At this rate, we could all be losing Lebanon; anytime a single leader of a single community took it upon him to start a war, it ended badly.

Witness Aoun's war of Liberation, before him Bachir struggle against Palestinians, and before him Kamal Bey and his progressist struggles to free Palestine... And that does not mean that this time, Syria is immune. With Iraq in a civil war, Alawite-dominated Syria could be next.

yuval from tlv said...

hala -

i guess you don't have much info about israel..

we do have debates about this war and it's effectivness..

right now we don't go after Syria because the US don't want that..

as stupid as it sounds -
YES these are the americans who decides.
and why??
because they gives us so much money and military power..

so if get G.W. Bush the approval, so guess what..
we won't use so called Smart bombs of 1 tons explossive on syria.. we will Nepalm them, cause we're so sick of these old stupid gov!

unfortunatelly i don't see a better gov' to replace the one they have now..

GeorgeBest said...

hala wins the thread

raja, when this is over and Hezbollah remembers who collaborated, will it be the anti-Lebanese Israelis the ones that lose and have no future in Lebanon?

ibn nagrela said...
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Itai said...

Actually yuval....I think the U.S. would very much like us to go after Syria and they are very dissaponited with the way Israel is handling this crisis and I agree with them.

You should listen more to what the administration in DC says. Don't expect Bush to say: "Go Israel, fight Syria". If you listened to Bush at the last G8 he clearly placed the blame on Syria. Not even Iran, which is the real problem, but Syria. It doesn't come any clearer than that in the world of diplomacy.

What we can see now is that addressing Syria at the first stage was the smart thing to do because like raja says Syria will fight Israel to the last Lebanese.

A strike on Syria is much simpler and would have made dealing politicaly with HZA after the military phase much simpler.
This war is going to last a long time. Bad news for both Lebanese and Israelis.

Ghassan said...

Your post does not rise above the level of being a rant. It might be important to release the frustration in a time of stress but to do that by simply objecting to a view that does not agree with yours without presenting any counter arguments is a reflection on your inability to accept dissent. Let me add that this tendency to label others as traitors ; you came very close to doing that; only for expressing a different point of view than the one that you holdis ludicrous. I would have hoped that we do not to waste our time trying to show who is it that cares more about the country and who is it that feels more pain. Can you ever admit the validity of the point of vview that HA could be viewed by some as nothing more than an extension of Iranian institutions, that the current conflict, as a minimum, was started by the amateurish miscalculations of HA and that no state can coexist with an HA like of an organization. I respect your right to disagree with any of the above but please present an argument in which you explain the rationale for your point of view but above all be civil enough not to question my patriotism, my motives and my rights to form my opinions.

ibn nagrela said...

it is easy to ridicule hizbollah when you flee to the united states.

it is simple to jeer syria from afar while lebanese suffer the consequences of syrian decampment.

raja has never smelt the coppery scent of blood oozing from a hizbollah fighter riddled with bullets, surrounded & outnumbered by idf troops equipped with the best body armour, best weapons, best artillery, best air force, best "precision guided" weapons, best war machine u.s. dollars can buy.

raja is no longer lebanese.

raja isn't arab.

raja is a coward.

even worse -- raja is a zionist stooge just like all the other zionist rats infesting this blog.

urging war while others do the fighting; jeering hizbollah, syria and iran while lebanese do the dying.

it is amusing to watch raja fellate olmert, peretz and halutz in so many unspoken words -- spoken as disdain for hizbollah, shia, sunni, syrian, lebanese alike.

raja prays, no doubt, for the day when he too can become a 2nd class israeli "citizen" lest america expel him for insufficient hatred against hizbollah "terrorists" or their syrian "accomplices."

Itai said...

I see those personal attacks and treachery accusation against raja as a sign of the despair that takes over everybody since we all see no end in sight.

This reminds of a suitable quote:
"During times of war, hatred becomes quite respectable, even though it has to masquerade often under the guise of patriotism."
Howard Thurman

Raja said...

Ibn nag-whatever, thanks man. Thanks for the kind words. Thanks for taking it upon yourself to decide who is "Arab" and who is "Lebanese." Great job man! How did you get it? Can I apply? What are the qualifications?

Oh, and I really appreciate that graphic portrayal of the dying Hizballah fighter. Good stuff man. Are you also a novelist???

Please, I'd like you to elaborate a little more while your at it. Tell me exactly what are the defining characteristics of a "Lebanese" or an "Arab"! Enlighten me, my enlightened friend!!!

Also, please tell me where you came up with the interesting dichotomy of either being (or supporting) a Hizballahi, Baathist, or Islamic Revolutionary, or becomeing a "second class Israeli citizen." You must be on something man... or in some parrallel dimension... last I heard, Lebanon was not part of the Palestinian territories.

Finally, yes I am a coward. I hate war. I hate blood. I hate violence. I like to see myself and my brethren prosper. I like life, and everything that comes with it. Unfortunately, I, and the rest of my countrymen, simply don't have a word on whether or not they want to go to war. We are powerless in our own country, so we pack up and leave. Maybe if we took part in deciding to go to war, we would all stand side by side and fight. But, unfortunately, that is not the case today.

yuval from tlv said...

that's the problem of people in the middle east..

when you question the majority - then you obviously a traitor!

this is the thinking of undemocratic people who thinks that the world is black and white, and who doesn't agree with you, must be your enemy..

Lebanon was on the right track to become democratic..
but HB doesn't care for democracy, in fact it's their enemy..

they would do anything to stop it, cause extremers donnot hold a sencable point of view.

3li- said...


Your posts betray your fake sentiments for your fellow Lebanese-at least those of other ideological and political extractions.

With all the destruction Israel has wrought on Lebanon and the murder of its civilians(I will not dare say your country or your people), one would imagine you'd have sobered up by now, and figured that this has gone beyond two soldiers or HA's miscalculated operation.

Even the rest of the world, with the exception of the Blair and Bush who keep harping a-la-Raja that this is all Syria/Iran's fault, have roundly condemned Israel for its savagery. Congratulations, you have been formally added to the Blair/Bush axis. That makes three of you now.

I think next time you pretend to speak for the Lebanese, you should draw your own little Lebanese map and tell us which parts and which people you care about; this way we do not get confused and start accusing you of being misled when you have been quite clear all along

hala said...

nobody is asking you to fight... all we want you to do is respect your brothers (ie lebanese who are fighting, or dying , or injured) or at least fikkkkkk 3annnon ya akhi,,,,ma tzaayyyed 3alla 7addda

yuval from tlv said...

i don't understand..

condamning Syria mean to be a traitor in Lebanon?!

hala said...

yuval... none of your buisness

yuval from tlv said...

infact you may forgot that this blog is not here to put more hate..

it's here to dialogue between people..
if you can't understand that, then this place is non of your buisness..

unfortunately, most of the reasonable people who comment over here are not here...

hala said...

we are threatened with civil was by syria biwojoood nasss mitel 7addrtak... thank god you are out and thank god you don't want to carry weapons,,, no civil war until your "friends" send you weapons

Raja said...

ya ikhwen,

are Hizballah isolated in Lebanon geographically? okay, lets talk the entire shi'a population now. do the shi'a, and by extension Hizballah, live only in the south and the bekaa? NO. Shi'a live all over Lebanon. Beirut, Jbeil, Jabal Libnan, etc....

Shi'a, just like all the other Lebanese sects, can be found all over Lebanon. Therefore, this ridiculous notion of breaking Lebanon apart cannot and will not happen.

In return for accepting Hizballah, I would like the party that claims to represent the Shi'a community in Lebanon to behave like it is an integral part of the Lebanese fabric. That means, it is subject to the will of all the other Lebanese and their political representatives. That means that its military is part of the Lebanese state. That means that it operates only with Lebanon's interests in mind, and not with the mindset of challenging the "American-Zionist Imperial program" at whatever cost!

All of Lebanon is under attack now. Hizballah, probably rightfully, claims that militarily it is untuched!!! So who should fick 3an meen? Khlousna Harb ba2a! And now, we're being threatened with civil war by Syria. Where the hell are we going?

Marc said...

Perhaps, Raja, the disgusting posts directed at you personally are appearing precisely because the partisans of HA have realized that neither Israel nor the so-called 'world community' are going to allow the continued existence of an armed HA quasi-government in Lebanon after the settlement.

3li- said...


No one is saying you cannot criticize HA or anyone else.

But your poor timing and continued cynicism even while Israel rapes the whole country and the US-controlled and intimidated UN makes a mockery of mediation (how can a party to this conflict, the US, mediate on a conflict?)is exacting.

Spare us your witty commentrary. Or, if you choose to comment as a nuetral observer and not one whose nation is being blown up to smitherines in the name of a new Mideast, then be as "proportional" in your criticism as the warmongering and crimes of the party who chooses not to cease fire and stop the violence, namely Israel and the US.

At least be fair. You are rubbing salt where it hursts already....

hala said...

yuval i say it again ... our relationship (love/hate) with syria and HA is none of your (israeli) is a lebanese issue.

i guess the mere fact that this is not what you would like to hear makes you think that i am spreading hate... on the contrary if you guys mind your buisness (not take land, prisoners etc..) there would be lessssss hate in the region.

Chris from lebanon said...

To raja,

I totaly agree with you analysis. Hezbollah is nothing else but a milicia and it is not the lebanese government. It is not up to them to ignite this war and have the wrath of god falling on us.

Theu have Syrian and Iranian agendas and none regarding lebanese interest, otherwise they would've shown more respect to the democraticly elected government and solve the prison exvhange and chebaa farms issues peacefuly.

The hell with all the arab causes it only brouht us the destruction of oue country 3 time already for the pas 30 years.
And as for Hezbollah...well carry on Israel,carry on.

John said...


it's very much his problem. And every sane person in this region as well.

yuval from tlv said...

hala -

you may forgot who started this war!

they attacked us by showering us missiles, killing 8 men, and kidnapping too for no reason!

and even if we assume that they did have! it is not up to their mind to drag an entire 2 nations into a war! there is the Lebanese government to decides that!
do you even understand the meanning of government?
or you simply think everyone should be armed and act by his own view of life?!

ColdPhusion said...


unfortunatly, you are becoming very intolerant. Reminds me of Bush: "You are either with us or with the terrorits".

Raja said...

al ghadab,

I get your point. and thanks for toning it down a bit.

Israel's behavior is expected. It was always expected. It is no secret that the IDF strives to kill 10 civilians for every one Israeli civilian killed (in this case, it's about 150 Lebanese for every Israeli).

Yet, Hizballah, just like all of us, knew this all along! Hizballah knew exactly how "Deterrence" is defined in the Israeli handbook.

Now, the question is: should you expect more from your adversary or from your ally/family member?

I know what Israel is capable of. I know what it can get away with in this world. Do I go and provoke it? Do I go start a fight with it? Well, maybe if I had nothing to lose. But Lebanon? No. I disagree. I don't think we have nothing to lose.

Yohay Elam said...

I hope that this will not turn into a civil war in Lebanon and that Syria will stay out.

hala said...

OK .. the war started not by the kidnapping of two soldiers ...this could have simply been solved by exchange of prisonners ..
i tell you when the war started ..the war started when everyday israeli aiplanes fly over lebanon. the war started when you have 400 lebanese prisoners. the war started when you refuse to give us the maps for the mines that you planted and the war started when you decided that the price of two soldiers is a whooooole nation with 1000 leabnese people .....this is when the war started ... and you want the war to end and HA to disarm, then solve those problems then ask for it ...
At this point my friend there is no difference between the lebanese goverment and the resistance. the reasonable voices who asked nassrallah why did he do that one month ago, at this point are backing him up and that includes not just the goverment but also the people witht he exception of very few who are mostly out of the country and luckily have no say in what is happening there.
We both know that it would be soooo naiive to think that the kidnapping of two soldiers is the reason for the whoole lebanese/israeili fight or arab/iisraeili fight.

We do understand the meaning of a goverment is one that has no external influence and for sure neither your country's influence nor the american influence ..and this is our goverment ...

yuval from tlv said...

raja -

the IDF is defanetly not after 10 Lebanese for 1 Israeli..

the problem is that HB is acting from civil area's.. and you cannot fight them without getting civilians injured & killed..

the justification for the Israeli respond is a matter for discussion, but i don't think that the legitimacy of HB being armed in Lebanon is something to discuss..
neither the matter for Traitors, or patriots..

we're here to talk in order to understand better both sides..

and i think Loli, is a great person to make israelis understand the Lebanese side, without spreading hate, and injustice..

The Middle East News Addict said...

Raja is correct in his assumption. The Syrians can flap their wings knowing that no one will elt a war in which they will lose happen.

They are trying to ride the popularity of Hezbollah obtained at the cost of so many lives n both sides but particularly on the Lebanese side.

Moualem said that his country wishes for a suitable solution. That might entail Hezbollah getting for it the Sheba farms no matter how many (Lebanese) lives it costs...

Chris from lebanon said...

My stand is not taking side with Israel against lebanon and fellow lebanese. The problem is that we have a loose canon on board called Hez working for another loose canons called syria and iran.

So when it comes to the future of lebanon, peace and growth of all people in the region, we need to firmly hold down the loose canon and make sure it won't hurt anyone in the future. Thats what israel is doing and for that i hope it succed.

The Middle East News Addict said...


There is no strive in Israel to kill any civilians. The fact is that they have entered into ground operations which cst them in their own soldiers' lives in order to avoid that. In addition they have been dropping leaflets a day or two before bombings to warn civilians. Now if they wanted civilians killed, why would they do that? Perhaps because they do not wnat it and Hezbollah is using the villagers as shelds? The fact is that the IDF has enough fire power to wipe out any existence of Lebanon. Instead they "prefer" (and by this I mean a relative term. Not like they like it or something) to see their own soldiers at the front instead of sending socrnes of planes to eliminate it. The ratio is now 700 Lebanese to 78 Israelis. Out of those 700 it is unknown how many were Hezbollah but knowing that Hezbollah reservists and fighters are civilians, at least 200 is a reasonable number to assume. Israelis, as can be seen by their press, are their own harshest critics.

Boris the Bullet Dodger said...

A rocket barage just hit Haifa. It hit the Arab area of the city. Atleast one woman has been killed. More details soon.

Raja said...

Note regarding last comment: the current casualty ratio is not 150 Lebanese for every Israeli. It is more like 25 Lebanese civilians for every Israeli civilian killed.


you are right. The kidnapping did not start this war. The kidnapping was not the reason Israel destroyed all of Lebanon. The kidnapping was merely the straw of that broke the camel's back. It was one episode in a war of attrition that Hizballah has been waging on Israel ever since the Israeli withdrawal from the South in 2000.

Did you actually think Israel was just gonna lay back and watch Hizballah hit it with increasing effectiveness once every couple of months??? I don't think so.... Looking back, I am surprized no one ever argued that it was only a matter of time before the Israelis blew their top and flushed all of Lebanon down the drain.

Chris from lebanon said...


you are totaly wrong when you say all lebanese are behind hezb. I live in lebanon and i can tell you their act brought lot of anger and despise. when this is over, we wil make sure they will never put us in a similar situation ever again.

Wait and see.

hala said...

the problem is that HB is acting from civil area's.. and you cannot fight them without getting civilians injured & killed..

are they on the bridges in the north, next to my house?? the bridges that UN aid trucks were suppposed to take??
are they in the milf factotry ?? are they in the qa2, sitting with the farmers having lunch? are they in the part of beirut? are they in the ariport? are they in mananara?? are they on the LBC antennas?? are they hiding on top of the cell phone posts?? i think you might beleive that they were hiding with the 4 UN soldiers , or with teh kids in qana ..and you are free to beleive in that ..WE DON'T SIMPLY

yuval from tlv said...

but hala
do you think that by violence you will make israel to surrender?

try for a minuet to think of it, from an israeli point of view..

you've kidnapped 2 soliders to get what you want.. if the Israeli gov' would have negotiate with HB the resolts were - more HB support, and more legitimacy to keep kidnapping more Israeli people.. therefor there's no option to negotiate..

plus there are no 400 Lebanese prisoners in israel.. there are only 4.
yes - 4!

if you think there are 400 so please name me more then 10..
you can't.. there aren't..

if you wanted this prisoners, you could negotiate with israel, for making the shared border safer, without any arms and in return to get those prisoners..

but by killing people, and kidnapping you do not do any good to your self..

and as i said already, we are aware to the fact that we caused the Lebanese to be more united against Israel.. but we also couldn't sit back quiet, especially when in the recent 6 years after the israeli with draw, HB had attacked israel several times..

Raja said...

talking to hizballahis when I was in aub, was such a pain. they were so damn dilusional and flush with "impending victory." they would say things like "the Israelis are leaving." "We're driving them out of palestine." "They're cowards and will never fight back."

What kind of nonsense was that? Especially considering that all it would take are 15 to 30 Israelis to launch their nuclear arsenal and destroy the entire region fifty times over.

Chris from lebanon said...


what an irony. You state that the problem is that Hezb hiding in the civil areas and yet you are surprised civilians are killed.

Ya Ikhti, don't you understand what you just said and you still support them.

What you are basicly saying is....I am so thankful for my hostage takers and so angry at those who fit them....


Raja said...


i think hala was quoting one of the israeli bloggers.

yuval from tlv said...

raja -

this are the consiquences of El-Manar, and teaching programs of propoganda..

they're delirious not because they're drug edicts, or insain.. (well maybe a bit insain),
but because they were taught like that..

that's their reality..

that's why i said that the first thing need to be done in order to achieve peace, is to stop this horrible brain washing propoganda..

hala said...

the question is reversed, do you think by war you will make lebanon surrender??

answer is simple ..... the creattion and presenceof hizballah is because of the agression of IDF .... OK tell me why do they still have prisonners? why do they still have shebaa when in is clearly not israeli ( whetehr it is lebanese or syrians ....but it is not yours) why do your aircrafts fly above our skies non-stop ?? if you care about the lebanese goverment dont' you think this is against it?? tell me ....

Chris from lebanon said...


It doesn't change the fact that those who stick with Hezb are acting exactly like i said.

ty Raja

3li- said...


Let us not be too cynical here.

I think HA miscalculated, but I do not for once believe, as you may insinuate, that they meant to bring all this destruction upon Lebanon and its people for some international reprieve for Iran and Syria.

I do not have to remind you that HA is Lebanese, and these are their own towns and homes being destroyed and their own families being killed. We cannot be that callous in our accusations.... to say that HA "knew" it and "expected" it, and still brought it upon themselves is to buy into Israel/US's moronic jargon about Arabs/Muslims being depraved killers who use their own flesh and blood as "human shields," for some apocalyptic vision that will rain death and destruction on all…

There may have been some political calculations outside of the Lebanese prisoners they (HA) want freed, namely solidarity with the Palestinians as Gaza was being pounded by Israel, but they ran into a bigger US/Israeli plan whose beginning started in Iraq, and whose other thread is now being weaved in Lebanon. The US said so themselves when they refused to call for a cease-fire claiming this is a good opportunity for a "new Mideast."

I think HA shot itself in the foot internally, and no matter how this war finishes, HA will have a lot to answer for.

But we are beyond these debates right now. Lebanon is being devastated by Israel, purposely killing civilians and destroying infrastructure to collectively punish all of Lebanon.

This is a time for unity against a vicious aggression on our country. It does not take away our differences or opinions, but what is the point of arguing with one another when the house is being brought down on top of all of us?

yuval from tlv said...

hala -

so i said that we're talking here in israel about it's effectivness..

as me and another blogger over here (lebanese) Loli, said -

it's a lost- lost situation..

weather israel attacks - HB supports get stronger.
weather israel do not respond - HB support get stronger.

so what was left on the israeli point of view, is to make sure we will make them think twice befor they attack israel again in the future..

the matter weather if it justifies the war, is discussable..

and here you see.. now we're having a normal conversation, without hate or shouting..

that's what we're doing here all along..

Chris from lebanon said...


You maybe right about the brainwash thing..actualy you are..but please remember that in the past, your government didn't exactly help ease the suffering and the frustration. I mean when there is war, conflict, misunderstanding, arguments..etc..There is always 2 Action = Reaction.

So although i agree with most of your points of view, still one has to acknowledge that there was many mistakes done by your government.

yuval from tlv said...

christ from lebanon -

please read my previous comments, in other posts..

i have admitted Israel had done great mistakes in the past, that it tries to avoid these days..

for example - the fact that we're talking about a cease-fire and not about the continue of this war..

we really don't want to return into lebanon for another 82's rally..

GeorgeBest said...

The problem is this started when Lebanon was invaded by Israel the first time and the Israelis never ever left. Israel never ended the occupation or its war against Lebanon.
No the Jews didn't give up Shaaba farms in 2000, they didn't remove their landmines, they didn't free the Lebanese prisoners, because that's what happens when wars end. They didn't disarm or handover their Christian collaborater militias, no Hezbollah exists as natural resistance against the continuing Israeli occupation of Lebanon that has gone on for nearly 30 years. Israel invades Lebanon and Lebanese kids with blogs bought that Zionist propaganda about Israel being the victim.

yuval from tlv said...

georgebest -

i think your the kid who bought the shiiats-iranian propoganda.

and all this thing are negotaitable..
you don't need to kill people for a stupid farm, we realy give a f*ck about it in israel.. we don't care if you get it or syria get's it.. but we want something in return..
about the 4 prisoners - some are cold blooded killers.. they're negiatable too.. it's not like we're talking about hundreds of prisoners..

and about the land mines maps, we gave all of them to the UN..

Chris from lebanon said...


I agree with what you said. I think the low ranking Hezb fighter in not different from any of us lebanese, beleiving firmly that he or she is defending lebanon.

However, i disagree with your assesment when it comes to the leaders. One cannot refute the fact that they are link with syria and iran and therefore it wouldn't a surprise to anyone to assert that they had other agendas than lebanon's interests.

And yes, they will be accountable for what they did to all of us and we will make sure it will never happens again.

yuval from tlv said...

no boddy said Israel is a victim,

everyboddy agrees that Lebanon is a victim of this conflict..

the question is - who's responsiable..

the one's who started the fightings or the one's who responded for the provocations..

hala said...

yuval... what reasoning will you find for israeli planes flying over lebanon day in day out??? would your sovereign country accept egyptians plane flying over your heads??

the maps... my dear if they were the right ones, no kids would be dying because of mines...

the is not up to you to decide whether they are decent human beings or not... for us they are as important as olmert is to you!!!

brain washing !!!! sooo funny i won't comment

Chris from lebanon said...


Very soon george your hezb brothers will rejoin the lebanese community as ordinary citizens. We christians will make sure of that and never ever will there be anyone else but the government to democraticly and peacefuly rule our country.

hala said...

hey christ from lebanon.... aren't you proud of your ra2iiiiisss al masssiii7iii???

Chris from lebanon said...

Sorry, a misstype..i mean ..We christians,sunnis,chia and all peace loving lebanese.....

yuval from tlv said...

hala -

i don't recall any daily israeli plans over Lebanon befor this conflict..

i don't think that the maps given by Israel are not accurate, otherwize you would long time hear from the UN something about it..

and the prisoners are to me cold blooded prisoners,
how can you justify a man who kills a 4 years old girl by smashing her skull, and killing her dad earlier infront of her eyes?

Chris from lebanon said...


Nothing you said so far about how you feel connects with how i feel about this war nor any of the majority of lebanese outside of the Hezb.

You are making good propaganda.

hala said...

OK... sorry we see the planes... for the past 6 years and we tell you they are what do you think??

UN??? is this the same UN that is afraid to call for a cease fire?? don't you agrree that a cease fire should be called and UN could not call for it???

again.... he is equal to a PM who ordered the death of 1000 lebanese..

tears for lebanon said...

Dear Raja and Yuval from TIV

Have you seen this article from

If not, and you think that you can possible be open to hearing opposition to propaganda, then I ask you to read it.

Yes there is no debate that Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers, however there is debate as to 'where' the soldiers were when captured. Aitaa al-Chaab is inside the Lebanes borders. Can you expalin to me why those soldiers were there? and can you explain to me how anyone can believe that Israel was not planning an invasion of Lebanon when it has been revealed that that a senior Israeli army officer began giving powerpoint presentations more than a year ago outlining a 3 week plan to invade Lebanon. To first destroy Hezabollah command centers, to then shift to attacks of areas thought to be sites of rocket launchers and then third to introduce large number of ground forces in Lebanon.

The Israeli plan has materialized. The world has seen it transform from a dream to reality. But the world is also seeing the ruthless murders by Israeli's on innocent civilians, who are not 'warmongers' and were trying to re-establish themselves in a new political government, less than a year old.

The plans for that new government is now on a different course. The people of Lebanon are rethinking their positions, as they should. They are also becoming more united, much to the displeasure of Isreal and the US.

It is the right of the LEBANESE
people to decide their positions with Hezbollah, not any outside entity. If Israel was banking on civil unrest in Lebanon...they have miscalculated the Lebanese. The Lebanese will not allow for Israel to divide them and the whole world is praying that they become a united nation...with Hezbollah.

The Lebanese and the world has seen how israel has held the longest occupation of modern history in Palistine, ignoring the 67 UN Security Council Resolution 242 and WILL NOT and CAN NOT allow and agree to the current UN resolution that is being reviewed at this very minute. The Lebanese can not agree to allow Israel to stay inside their borders for any amount of time. Doing so, they would be agreeing to the permanent presence of Israel, because Isreal will never leave. Isreal will never express that they are not in 'jeopardy' from hezbollah, even if outside nations are patroling the borders.

If you believe that Israel's goal is not to stay inside of Lebanon on a long term basis, if not permanently, I refer you again to Palistine. It will not be any different in Lebanon.

So I ask you Raja, what is worse, Syria in Lebanon...or Israel?

3li- said...


So HA will be accountable to the Lebanese, as others will have to be alligning themselves with US interests in the area-the same US that expedited 5000 pound bombs to Israel..

In short we have a lot to talk about..

But stop urging Israel on. Nothing HA did justifies the mass slaughter and wanton destruction our "buddines" to the south are perpetrating on us.

Even if you disagree with them (HA and their supporters), these are your bretheren being killed.

Cheerleading Israel brutality against your country, as you did above, brings your patriotic sincerity into question..

Chris from lebanon said...


Hezb is not the government of lebanon. It only holds less than 15% of the seats in the parliament and 2 ministers in the cabinet.

It is not up to them to ignite this war. Otherwise, we live in an anarchy.

Thats the accountability i am talking about. My brother, i have kids and family and the last thing i want for them is to be killed by a war ingnited by someone overwhom i have no control and working according to an agenda that is nit my government's.

Don't you see, if israel can stop that fanatic and restore peace to my country as before the 12 of july well so be it. Surely i am not happy to see my fellow citizens and brothers and sisters dying..hell no.

hala said...

a call for lebanese bloggers ..ya 3alllam our country is at war and yes as BUSH said: you are either with us or against us ...

you are either with lebanon ,.....LEBANON (HA, AMAL, AOUN, ja3ja3, jomblat, shi3a, druz, chrisitian etc ...) or against lebanon and with israel !!! as simple as that .. ... you pick your side but keep in mind history and the country will never forget !!

stop giving them a reason to attack!

tears for lebanon said...

Ya Hala, Ya Hala

I am with you!

Chris from lebanon said...


For me it is a survival. It is hopeful future for my family and friends. What do i care about the chebaa farms and four muderers held by israel.
Why should i stop working, leading a normal life, have a dream come true to have my daughter marry decently. Why it all has to be destroyed for some idiot principal or for some foreign interests.

DO you see.....

hala said...

thanks tears for lebanon..... but i want that so called "christ min middrii wein" to say something

Chris from lebanon said...


you lost it. I think you should lock yourself in some hospital because you need urgent treatment.

GeorgeBest said...

chris give it up you are revealed to be a Jew maybe Israeli maybe American, doesn't matter you are not Lebanese. People are too smart for your propaganda that tries to get Lebanese to sympathize with Israelis instead of those that would die fighting to defend their Lebanon, not your country.

Israel's mighty army powerless against Hezbollah rockets: military

by Ron Bousso 33 minutes ago

Israel has the mightiest army in the Middle East but still can't stop the crude, old-fashioned rockets that Hezbollah has been lobbing into the Jewish state from Lebanon, the military admits.

"It is precisely because these weapons are basic, easy to transport, hide and operate that the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) faces an extremely difficult task in tackling them," former Israeli general Uzi Dayan told AFP.

"A single Hezbollah man hidden in a cave or a house can set up a tripod in a few minutes and fire a rocket or a salvo before disappearing," he said.

Sometimes, the militiaman doesn't even have to be present at the launching site but can "activate a delaying system or use a remote-controlled system, while the target coordinates can be given to him over the phone," he said.

On Sunday, Israel suffered its deadliest rocket attack since the start of the Lebanon conflict when 12 people were killed in a strike on the border community of Kfar Giladi.

Since the start of its war against the Shiite militia on July 12 following the capture of two servicemen, Israel has been hit by nearly 3,000 Katyusha rockets fired from across the border that have killed 43 civilians.

But despite the army's clear superiority on the ground and in the air over Hezbollah's guerrillas, Israel has been powerless to stop the rockets, which continue to be fired in what appear to be coordinated salvoes.

While the army boasts it has destroyed most of Hezbollah's ability to fire long- and medium-range rockets against Israel during the 26-day offensive, it has not denied its failure to seriously hurt the militia's short-range rockets.

The 122 millimetre Katyushas have been responsible for a number of deadly attacks, including two last Thursday which left eight civilians dead.

"Our main problem is destroying the 122-mm Katyusha rockets. Hezbollah have fired lots of them, and we have inflicted minimal damage to the rocket deployment," said the army's ground forces commander, Benny Gantz.

According to a senior military intelligence source, Hezbollah still has in its arsenal in southern Lebanon over 9,000 short-range rockets, whose range varies from 20 to 40 kilometres (12 to 25 miles) with a payload of between five and seven kilogrammes (between 11 and 15 pounds).

"Hezbollah possessed 13,000 short-range rockets at the start of the conflict, it has fired over 2,000 and we destroyed some 1,500 in warehouses.

"They still have full capability to launch rockets," the senior source said.

When dealing with the long- and medium-range rockets, which have been fired at targets as far as 50 kilometres (30 miles) from Israel's northern border, including the third city of Haifa, the army has had considerable success, it says.

"The medium-range rocket disposition has been severely damaged and these include 220 mm rockets, the Fajr and the 320 mm rocket," Gantz said last week, referring to Syrian and Iranian-made rockets that Hezbollah holds.

By using precise intelligence and aerial surveillance of launching areas in southern Lebanon, Israeli planes have had considerable success in tracking down the launching devices, considerably larger than those used for firing the short-range rockets.

"Hezbollah had around 20 rocket launchers for the 302-mm rockets and several hundred rockets before the start of the campaign. We have until now destroyed at least 15 launchers," Gantz said.

But when asked to explain the army's failure to target the short-range launchers, a senior airforce commander said that "these rockets have a very low signature," meaning that they can't be spotted from the air when firing, unlike the medium and long-range rockets.

Also, these rockets are often fired inside populated villages and sometimes from inside houses, which makes their detection even harder, he said.

Chris from lebanon said...


christ form midri wein is probably living next door to you and what he wants is a peaceful life.

i suggest either you go to that hospital or directly to the jnoub and go fight.

Chris from lebanon said...


inta akbar hmar ana shifit bi hal blog. aya amercani byehki arabi y jahech.

Loli said...

People, can we calm down?

Attacking each other won't help. I think we all want the same: PEACE and RESPECT. We are entitled to personal opinions, and as long as we are not supporting Israeli attacks, you have no right to call traitors. I for one seek peace, that's all, period. My opinion is that war is WRONG no matter what. Israel is aggressing Lebanon, but HA had no business deciding on its own to provoke a much more powerful enemy. Moreover we don't want any interference from countries like Iran and Syria. Can we have one and only one voice in favor of our unity and peace? War won't help anyone. Nobody will win. I personally believe HA fighters are giving their life to resist occupation, but I also firmly believe that their big leaders want their interests carried out by our people. WAR IS WRONG. If Israelis keep on brutally shelling Lebanon, and HA randomly shelling Israeli cities, this will only make the war last longer. We don't want to palestinize Lebanon.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. (Gandhi)

Chris from lebanon said...

Bravo loli

tears for lebanon said...

LOLI and any others who think that Hezbollah 'provoked' this war....

Please go to this website at

type this address

John said...

tears, why didn't you read that article onward?

Chris from lebanon said...

Tears for lebanon

Don't you see how you react. The facts and disputing the facts and who to blame and correcting the perceptions..thats all you care about.

I didn't see you answer about what we ordinary people hope for. You don't give a damn.

By the way, considering your opinion on this matter and you being an american as you put it, you must be full of frustration because your government doesn't share any of your views. As a matter of fact, they see Hezb as terrorists.

Tell me, does that give you the right to arm yourself in the USA and conduct your own war against Israel.

NO huh...i didn't think so..because if you try that over there you will be judged for your actions and convicted.

Thats the check and balance will have to ask HEZB once this is over.

Loli said...

Tears for Lebanon,

Suppose HA is totally innoncent in this war, my question still is: do we want war? Do we want to fight a war that will only make us weaker as a nation? We could fight for years and decades, and we have done so in the past years. What have we gained? What have Palestinians gained? What has Israel gained? More hatred, more isolation, more fear. We are deating the very principles we all are trying to protect: PEACE and RESPECT.

Loli said...

Meant to type: We are "defeating" the very principles...

3li- said...


Urging a foreign power to come destroy your country and kill your fellow Lebanese citizens because of differences you have with some of them has to be the supidest argument I have ever heard.

HA may have only 15% in the confessionally-divided parliament, but they represent over 40% of the population. But regardless of the numbers, how can you invite a historical enemy that has devastated your country many times over to come and kill your brothers and sisters?

So you have issues with HA's weapons, have they ever directed them at you, as the Israelis have done? Have they destroyed your towns, blown your bridges, bomb your airport, blast your ports, occupy your territory, kill your families, kick them out of their homes? Are you insane?

Look- I am still regarding you as a partly-delusional Lebanese who may not have his facts straight or is simply politically naive, but more and more, you strike me as one representing a tiny Lebanese community who empathize more with Israel (as an extension of the Western civilization they so much covet), and regard the other Lebanese as enemies or even foreigners due to their religious and political persuasions.

If you are the latter, then we have a few problems on our hands, and nothing I will say will convince you otherwise. But egging Israel to “kill, kill,” not to understate it, renders all your comments about Lebanon, peace and freedom quite telling…

Unknown said...

Lebanon is being devastated by Israel, purposely killing civilians and destroying infrastructure to collectively punish all of Lebanon.

If Israel were purposely killing civilians the death toll would be well into the thousands by now.

abou al jamejem said...

to lebinusa,Tears for lebanon,algadebalsate3 (ayri), all others Huzeballa supporters: shut the fuck up. if you guys like Huzeballa maybe should go and fight with them. Ayri fikoun w ayri bi neseralla. Walid el Moualem the Syrian Foreign minister( yes they have a Foreign minister, LOL)flew today to beirut because he doesn't want lebanon to agree on any plan for Peace. Guys it's so fucking simple: Iran and Syria don't want Lebanon to have peace. They want Huzeballa to keep on fighting till they achieve their goals not the Lebanese goals. Huzeballa betrayed not only their country but also their own people the Shiaa. Now about 800 peole died and about 1 million people fled the south and beirut because Hasen (ayri) Neseralla wants to fight for Iran and Syria. I mean it's simple, if you give a group of people $500 million a year you have to ask them one they to return the money, and that's what Iran is doing. they are asking Huzeballa to payback by attacking Israel.

3li- said...


We agree that we need not fight, but talk.

So please tell Israel/US to cease fire and start talking. To blame both sides now is not being accurate or fair.

Lebanon (and HA) have called for a cease-fire)to start talking. But Israel/US see this as an "opportunity" to fashion a "New Mideast."

So let us unite and tell Israel to end its aggression. When the violence is over we can start pointing fingers.

Chris from lebanon said...


As long as you don't admit the fact that hezb had no buisness igniting this war, we will never understand each other.

And for the record, i do not regard Hezb leaders as lebanese nationalists. As a matter of fact, they have syrian's and Iraqi's agendas not lebanese.

Finaly, i don't realy care how you regard me all i know is that Hezb is not looking for peace and it brought this hell over our heads.

Israel's attacks and agressions fall in the logic of war. What do you think, Hezb invited them for a picnic?..The destruction you see falls under the logic of generals, captains and military chiefs. And who woke them up..well that you don't admit..but for me its the HEZB.

lebinusa said...


WHY THE F@#* ARE THERE SO MANY ISRAELIS ON A LEBANESE BLOG!!! This includes the numerous Israelis/Jews who blog and pretend to be Lebanese "i.e. Chris from Lebanon, who stated in the previous blog, thank you to Israel for doing this". Any real Lebanese/arab, regardless of faith, would never say "thank you" to Israel for the destruction and war crimes it's committed.
Can't we Lebanese have a dialogue amongst ourselves? If we wanted Zionist opinion we would turn on Fox News, CNN, or any other major U.S. media outlet.

Lebanese must understand, that Israel WANTS chaos and another civil war in Lebanon. They want Christians, Sunni, Shia to all be fighting and blaming each other. Any strong arab neighbor, which Lebanon had/has a chance to be, is an economic and political threat to Israel.

Lebanon, was actually doing great prior July 12. There was an article in Travel leisure on how Beirut was one the top 10 travel cities, and was supposed to experience it's best year in tourism in 30 years. Of course, Israel can't have that happening.

abou al jamejem said...

Reply to Lebanusa, Yes lebanon was doing great before Huzeballa attacked Israel and caused the destruction of the country. the only one who should be blamed for this is hasen (ayri) neseralla. That's why noone should have weapon beside the lebanese army.

3li- said...


You may have a jemjme' on your torso-but it is definitely empty-except for the filth, hate and ignorance you seem quite capable of vomitting out.

Itai said...

Israel can't really eliminate all these small Katiusha rockets and they are crude (just killed 3 Arabs in Haifa, I hope you cry for them too, they support you after all). But like you say, for every 20kg of explosives in one of those Katiushas, the IAF drops 2 tons aof ammo on Lebanon. So the question rises, Does HZA continue to fire those Katiushas for the benefit of the people of Lebanon?

And if they do it to defend your "honor", do you want such a childish bunch to represent you?

Maybe Hala was right, maybe Olmert is an idoiot but the Israeli public elected this idiot and pays his salary. So we know that at least he tries to act for Israel's benefit so that he can keep his job.

Maybe Siniora is an idiot but you elected him and you pay his salary.
And maybe Nasrallah is a genius but who elected him?
We all know he gets his salary and funds from Ahamndinajad. If Iran wants to help Lebanon why won't they transfer their generous aid directly to the Lebanese government?

One last thing, as an Israeli tax payer I'm offended when you say "the best weapons U.S. dollars can buy". U.S. aid is about 10% of the Israeli annual budget and our defence budget is so high that the Israeli tax payer pays more for defence expenses than any other place in the world.
The huge costs are another incentive for democracies not to go to war. Do you have any idea how much this war is costing US? Those bombs are almost as expensive as the buildings they take out.

Loli said...


Good to hear from you. I know you have a good heart and you are rational.
Last speech I heard from Nasralla a few days ago, he provoked Israel again, saying if Israel strikes Beirut, he will strike tel aviv. I haven't been watching the news closely this weekend, so if he called for peace, please let me know.
If not, his aforementioned speech sounds like a threat.

tears for lebanon said...

Chris....Yes I am frustrated that one of my countries (America) does not share ...not only my views...but it turns out, it doesn't share the views of the world, with exception of Israel and the UK.

As to what do i want for the 'ordianry' Lebanese, as you put it....I want them to be able to use the roads again (which have been destroyed) to go to one of the 42 universities in Lebanon.

I want them to be able to get medical attention via ambulance without fearing being bombed by Israel in route.

I want them to be able to see the doctor at a hospital if need to without the fear of it shutting down because the fuel has run out and the fuel ships are being denied entrance into Lebanon...however sitting at the port waiting to deliver.

I want them to be able to go to school, the stores, pharmacies, hospitals and banks and live a life without Israeli keeping watchdog...just to ensure that Syria does not.

I want the Lebanese to decide their own future...on Hezbollah, Syria...or whoever. We are a smart group of people and the Lebanese is the only 'real' non-dictorial country in the Arab world. We don't need Israel telling us how we should feel about a sect...who are Lebanese! It serves their interest, not ours. As I said before...I believe that you are an Israeli masking as "chris in Leb" to help the Israeli propaganda campaign.

You are the one who is neverending pointing fingers at Syria and Iran and have not said one negative word against the aggressions by Israel. So I ask you for the same that you have asked me...stop pointing blame....

Your life was not and could not been as negatively affected last year and the years before when Syria was present as it is now, today, at this very minute...I was glad to see Syria leave Lebanon...but not at the cost of Israel entering.

Chris, your voice is strong here on this blog...but not heard in Lebanon, that is because they can't hear your voice over the bomb sirens and their cries for unity for all Lebanese....c'mon Chris...join ' will be better for your kids in the future too....or just come to the US, where your views are indeed shared by many, as you point out.

Loli said...

Can we tone things down a bit please? We need to communicate not to insult each other. Thanks.

FGA said...

Mouallem, like his boss, is as useless as they get. The Syrians wont even throw one rock at Israel. They have chickened out of a confrontation with Isreal more 30 years ago, and thats not about to change with Bashar. If they are so confident in their abilities why not try to get back their Golan heights! Such useless loosers!!


yuval from tlv said...

hi loli - it's good to see you're back..

first of all - all of you who claim that israel is using it to kill as many Lebanese as possible - that's the most stupid thing i heard..
so many airr planes over Lebanon can only kill 670 Lebanese in 3 weeks?!
so stop saying non-sence..

about this conflic - i believe we all agree that HB is the one to blame for this war since they started this attack..

about the israeli aggression -
i don't see other options israel has but to conduct a heavy bombing over the HB places, since they don't care for peace, all they care is to do as Iran tells them to.
and right now is to make a conflict in order to take the show over their nuclear program, especially when the G8 summit took place in moscow..

Syria off course i don't need to speak out their reasons for endoljing Lebanese suffer.

abou al jamejem said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
3li- said...

Abu jamajem-

Mamnoonak ana-Ma fiye leyk ya akhi, inti ashtar bi-sabb. Ya 3ayne ala hal khalaf bass...


You may have watched the news from Western sources, but here's what Nasrallh said:

1. He said to Israel that all HA's rocketing of Northern Israel has been in retaliation for Israel's attackes against Lebanese civilians, towns and infrastructure and that if the Israelis stop bombing then HA would cease rocketing Northern Israel as well.

2. He alluded to a comment by Dan Halutz-the Israeli Chief of Staff-who threatened to bomb Central Beirut a day earlier. Nasrallah simply said that if Israel bombs (Central) Beirut, then HA will bomb Tel Aviv.

Again-HA has been on record supporting an immediate cease-fire and talks over all the issues between Lebanon and Israel since day one.

Israel and US do not want to stop. They think they can win by military force.

yuval from tlv said...

al - ghadabulsaati3

what non sence..

if HB wanted peace they wouldn't attack Israel in first place..
don't you think?

it's like someone said - if you and your child walking in the street and you see a bid dog next to you, will you urge your child to provoc that dog?
and even if that dog barks and threatning you, will you respond the same and provoc it as well??

cause if you do, don't be suprised when the dog attacks you hardly..

the result - don't provoc someone who's stronger than you,
and if he threatning you, you have other ways to stop him from doing that, instead of provocing him too.

tears for lebanon said...

Again...How can you say that Hez was the provoker? If indeed the Israeli soldiers were caught in Aitaa al-Chaab? That would mean that Israel provoked this by crossing Lebanon's borders. And guess what?...they don't want to leave now! Big Surprise right?

yuval from tlv said...

tears for lebanon -

that conspiracy youre talking about is just another fairy tail HB came up to justify the unjustifyable..

if you want to see the real truth open up the news, in the city of Haifa another shower of missiles were lunched, and this time it hit an arab neigborhood.. guess what - living side by side to an israeli neigborhood! wanna know more?!

they all curse Nasralla and shout to olmert ( Israeli PM ) to stop wondering around and bomb HB as hard as he can!
they also cry out why did the IDF hadn't killed him yet??

with all the respect - you should start watching something else besides El-Manar & El- Jazira..

obviously they would never show this one!

i guess you simply too blind to see the truth - HB don't care about Innocents, Arabs, Lebanese, all they care is about they crazy agenda of war & more war & more war & again more war!

how many times Lebanon needs to be destroyed untill you see that?!

lebinusa said...

tears, it is good to see that you aren't buying into the dangerous zionist spin. Lebanon united!

Loli said...


Thanks for the info. Still, can't you see that Nasrallah is threatening back? Someone who truly wants peace doesn't threaten back, especially based on what we've seen from the Israeli shelling of the past weeks. I think it is irresponsible, as painful and enraging as it may sound to you. I know you fully support HA, but can't you see that Nasrallah has a duty towards us Lebanese not to escalate any further? I don't expect the same from Israel because it has duty towards me. I am not a citizen of Israel. But Nasrallah should keep a low profile instead of further threatening. He won't win, at least not militarily. Do you honestly believe he will?? At least if he doesn't threat Israel and the latter keeps on aggressing, then no one will be able contest HA's good intent. Nasralla has lots of people fooled. People are suffering and want someone to stand up against Israel and defend them, but in my opinion, his reaction is not responsible and doesn't speak for peace.

yuval from tlv said...

lebinusa -

i guess you also think that, all the people who condamn HB are traitors right?!

Shahar S said...

lebinusa said...

Lebanese must understand, that Israel WANTS chaos and another civil war in Lebanon. They want Christians, Sunni, Shia to all be fighting and blaming each other. Any strong arab neighbor, which Lebanon had/has a chance to be, is an economic and political threat to Israel.


Under what rock have you been living?
A strong and well off Lebanon is the most favorable option for Israel.
Do you really think that two tiny countries (Israel and Lebanon) can
be either a political or economic threat to each other? Egypt which is
many times stronger and bigger than Lebanon can hardly be considered as a threat to Israel, neither can Jordan. Even Syria which is officially at war with Israel is not a serious conventional threat as it knows exactly how impotent its army is.

A weak Lebanon is a problem for Israel as it allows HZ to operate freely. You average Israeli would be quite happy not hearing the word
Lebanon again for the rest of his/hers life. The average Israeli does not care about those stupid farmlands, about the 4 Lebanese prisoners,
Land mines or whatever. All the average Israeli cares about regarding Lebanon is that HZ stop attacking us from South Lebanon. Any Lebanese government that could guarantee this could most likely solve all their standing issues with Israel to their complete satisfaction.

If you need tips about how to handle a military force outside the control of the government please look up info on the
"Altalena Affair"


1earth said...

Tears for Lebanon: the attack on the soldiers was a coordinated effort by Lebanon. The Lebanese timed the attack so that it began with a bombardment of Israeli communities. That attack on the Israeli towns happened first. Then the soldiers were kidnapped after the distraction Hezbollah caused in the Israeli towns.

So playing devil's advocate here, even if the Israelis were on the Lebanese side of the border the moment they were caught,Lebanoin provoked the alleged border crossing response by bombarding Israeli communities before the soldiers were captured. Lebanon started this and now Lebanon is paying the price. And no, they weren't on the Lebanese side of the border, no major news source believes that today. Even Arab governments blamed the Lebanese for crossing the border.

Loli said...

Signing off. I have work to do.

Peace to all of us.

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. (Gandhi)

yuval from tlv said...

1earth -

it doesn't matter,

who hide his eyes and block his ears, will never see the truth,

he'll only imagine it, in his own brain-washed mind.

tears for lebanon said...


I am not lucky enough to see Al-Jazeera...nope I have to see CNN and that is why i look to international news that maybe won't force feed my made up Hezabollah started this.

Hezabollah has lost their villages, their family members and and are the only ones keeping Israel at bay ( FROM INVADING ALL OF LEBANON) while the international community watches idly.

And not caring about the innocent...huh? Who are the ones passing out medicine and food and trying to give shelter to all those who lost their homes...not the red cross/crescent...not the UN...not any international know why?...because Israel won't allow them access to roads without fear of being bombed!!!!

Hey by the way...did your news report the killing of a family of a 9 year old girl named Hooda last May? You see one day, Hooda and her mother, father and siblings were having a picnic on the Gaza Beach. When an Israeli Gunboat shelled them, for no reason, leaving only Hooda on the beach alive to watch her family murdered right before her eyes. Hmmm....Israel, not an aggressor. Hmmm...Israel only attacks in self defense. Well I have to say, I am not surprised. And I am sure this was not on your news channels, as it was not on mine either....Thanks to Gates for the Internet!!!

So I guess we will not agree on who started this...but I have to add, I think it is you who is eyes are indeed open and shedding tears...for the Lebanese

1earth said...

tears for lebanon, did you consult with the rest of your country before you decided to take up the fight for the Palestinians?

tears for lebanon said...

My country must keep looking to keep in mind what is in store for Lebanon if the current UN resolution were to be ever accepted...which Thank God is being verbally rejected by the Government of lebanon and Hez!

65% of the Pali's under occupution are unemployed and 75% live under the povert line. This is NOT the future i hope for Lebanon!

Yes, Lebanon needs to look at Occupied Palistine. We can not let Israel do this to Lebanon!

yuval from tlv said...

tears for lebanon -

if you only knew how much Hooda's family was over the Israeli news!!

not only that we had demonstrations against it, israeli-JEWISH people had turn into the supreme court to get a committi for that killing!

and indeed we had invastigated the situation, and the IDF had admitted that it shot the coast of Gazza when they saw movments of suspicies people who they thought to be terrorists.

abviously to your suprise i condenmed it too!!

but you think that Israel is just a racist neigborhood bitch who only seeks for destruction of it's surounding nations!

well guess what!
Jordan & Eghypt sign a peace prosses with us as today both nations are going up year after year, and both of it's citizens are able to visit freely each other's nation!

so why the fuck do we want Lebanon to be destroyed?!

we dont!

we want justice!
we want HB to be dead!
we had enough of their stupidity and extreme ideology who was brought from Iran in order to destroy the precious democracies we have!

yuval from tlv said...

tears for lebanon -

if you don't want lebanon to become 2nd palastine so don't lunch attacks on us!

if you do, at list don't cry like babies when you're bombed!

by the way did you maybe thought about why so many PL are unemployed?!
because do you know where did they worked befor?!


1earth said...

tears for lebanon, the Palestinians spent over 50 years trying to destroy Israel. You know what it got them, nothing but disaster. Who gave you and Hezbollah the right to devestate Lebanon for the sake of the Palestinians. The Palestinians already destroyed Lebanon before.

tears for lebanon said...

I really don't wish to argue with you. I think we are at an impass. I do appreciate you saying that you condemned the actions against Hooda and her family. Yes, i am surprised that your news showed this.

I am not ignorant to the situations of the middle east, nor are my eyes closed. But I will never be able to convince you that Hez are for the rights and protection of the Lebanese people...and you will not be able to convince me that Israel doesn't have an agenda to be in and stay in Lebanon. Again, the plan for an invasion was done over a year ago and on POWERPOINT for crying out loud!

Get Israel out of the borders of Lebanon ...and then out of the occupied areas of Palistine..and then I will believe that Israel is not looking for the destructuion of their neighbors.

Until then, stay safe! I really do mean that.

Sherri said...

I saw on CNN a 10 story apartment building block airbombed in South Lebanon. There were 3 or 4 dead and perhaps more dead buried under the rubble. And I saw images of blood everywhere. Will the rivers run red with blood before Israel stops its killing? How much hate is there in their hearts?

It is not right to target and murder innocent defenseless civilians. And don't tell me it wasn't intentional. That excuse is getting really old. You throw thousands of bombs in the middle of a community of Shiite Muslims in a south suburb of Beirut that has a population of over 900,000 people. And civilian deaths are called unintended. You insult our intelligence.

For those in Israel, I hope the images of all the children you have murdered is ingrained in your minds forever. I hope you dream of them at night.

I know that I will never be able to forget those murdered children and the fact that my country provided Israel the weapons to kill them with. May God forgive us and turn us from evil.

I pray for peace in Lebanon.

tears for lebanon said...

The Palistinians are my brothers who have long endured the wrath of Israel. If you can not hear their cries for the last 50 will not be able to hear the Lebanese cries either in the next 50 if Israel gets their way with this UN resolution.

I do have to go...but if you want to reply, I will check for your response tomorrow. salam.

Shmulik said...

There is still a debate about the death of Raliah's family. the IDF claims a palestinian explosive (planted against israeli naval commandos on the beach) was the result of this tragedy. Most of the family was treated in israeli hospitals (I guess you didn't know this) and the fragments pulled out of the bodies didn't match 155 milimeter artillery shells. The palestinians say otherwise off course. I wouldn't believe everything on the internet by the way, there are many conspiracy theories about Qana attack staged by the HZB or that 9/11 was staged by America.

tears for lebanon said...

all the people in Lebanon need and appreciate prayers. Thanks for saying so!

Please spread the word to all of your friends in the US of what u wrote hear...the news media will not.

John said...


If you're so sensative, what do you say about the building that was bombed by hz in Haifa? people buiried alive, about 50 wounded and 2 dead (all arab-israelis by the way).

But hell, as long as they are Israeli, you probably don't care.

The Middle East News Addict said...

To Hala

Nobody in Israel wants to make Lebanon surrender. This war is not with Lebanon though it is fought on Lebanon's soil. The Israeli purpose as stated by their officials time and time again is that Lebanon should take responsibility over its territory. Notice that a truce proposal has come from the UN. One that calls for an end to hostilities, disarming Hezbollah, releasing th prisoners and an international force. True it does not call fo an Israeli withdrawal (though it is implied at through the part dealing with the deployment of an international force and the LA in S Lebanon) and yet Lebanese politicians representing Hezbollah have declined! Apperantly it is still Hezbollah that is calling the shots and as long as that continues, there will be no end in sight.

yuval from tlv said...

tears for lebanon -

HB protected Lebanon from what?

befor july 12th, there was only the debate of that stupid Shabaa farm, who we don't even care so much..

the problem was that the UN recognized those farms as a Syrian territory.. so you tell me - they protected them from what?!

they simply brought the wrath of isrel upon Lebanon..

and i'm not trying to convince you that we're israelies are all innocents, but just to let you see that israel is not such a killer you have in your eyes.. maybe we are too hard when we're attacked but it's not war that we seek for.
not at all!

you too take care, and just remember - violence is never the way.
neither revange.

abou al jamejem said...

To the blog administrators, you guys are talking about democracy when at the same time you are deleting my comments, good job guys, now you are the same as the moukhbarat el souriye that we fought against. What kind of blog is this?

Baroon said...

lets presume HA will be completely destroyed. I wonder , what will be Lebanon future agenda?? . what will be change?
anytime in future u disagree with Isreal it will surround ur country by air and sea EXACTLY The way Isreal do it inside occupied territories. even if they decide to assassinate lebanon leaders by Apache helicopters they gana do it with no respect to Lebanon boarders and Lebanon can not do anything about it ... Israel never respected Lebanon boarders . why they invaded Blue line more than 11,000 times? what or who will give Lebanon the guarantee that isreal will respect the boarders in future ? UN ?? the same UN that under his watch Lebanese are dieing now , same UN that under his supervision Israeli has all the right to defend his self but Lebanese must die if claims his rights?
Taboon 3ala tool te3eeshon ta7t ra7met Isreal ?!?! that’s how u planning to govern your country ?!
Lebanese are dieing inequality ..they fight unequally and they will receive peace unequally .
As “ Beri ” Said today … why US and France dismissed Lebanon government plan ?!?! wala 7araam teghbalon beli yaboon likom .

PS: im here to dialogue with Lebanese, i don’t want any Israelis to reply to my comment. If i want to dialogue with isrealies i will go an ISeralian blog.

abou al jamejem said...

Tears of Lebanon, if you like the palestinians maybe you should move to palestine. Palestinians are the ones who started the Lebanese civil war in 1975 and they killed more lebanese than they killed Israelis. Arafat once said: "the road for Jeruselem pass by Jounieh". Beside , talk about yourself, Palestinians are not my brothers palestinians and syrians and israelians are all the same.

John said...


I shall respect that and not answer since you're a pretty reasonable guy, but mind you, you're in a public blog. As long as the admin's don't shut the Israelis out, they've got all the rights in the world answering you.,7340,L-3287380,00.html

Good Night

(If there is such a thing)

Baroon said...


in last 3 weeks i read enough of Isrealies opinon and what ive noticed was that they argument is cycle argument , based on fact that i truly dont aknwoladge , so i find it much better to save thier time and mine

John said...


not the subject of the blog, but I have to comment.
It's a bit of a no-win situation. Since the palestinians wanted Israel out of the occupied Gaza strip, they bombed all the places they met them, including in their work places in Israel (Israel was the main Gaza employer before the withdrawal). Israel did as they wished, and withdrawaled. since bombings did not stop, the border was sealed.

So it's a bit of a Irony. If israel's in gaza, it's the occupation, and if Israel's out of Gaza it's unemployment.

There's no pleasing some people...

1earth said...

Well the 3 dead in Haifa are all related to Israeli knesset member Nadia Hilu, an Israeli Arab.

It seems like those brave sons of Lebanon in Hezbollah are working for Iranbecause it looks like the Bah'ai headquarters in Haifa is their target. That's where the rockets tend to be landing, there's no military target there, only Iran's persecuted Bah'ai minority.

John said...


Ok, fine by me, but reading lebanese arguments from the other side has been cyclic as well...

lebinusa said...

"PS: im here to dialogue with Lebanese, i don’t want any Israelis to reply to my comment. If i want to dialogue with isrealies i will go an ISeralian blog."

I've echoed that statement too. But of course, they will soon pretend to be lebanese bloggers and start saying things like "Thank you Israel for cleaning up our country. HB is responsible for destroying Lebanon."

GeorgeBest said...

Their are so many "Lebanese" bloggers supporting Israel perhaps Lebanon should be allowed to vote in Israeli elections...

ZiadM said...

Dear Ghad...

I have to say that I have been viewing your comments since the war has started, and I must say that I am impressed...

there is something that I wish to ask you. I have noticed your strong sentiments towards having a united opinion against Israel here in Lebanon. Obviously this is very important, seeing that Israel is the current threat to our lives and to our peace of mind. However, Do you believe that critisizing Hizbullah and also critisizing Israel to not be entirely mutually exclusive? Can't a Lebanese patriot critisize both Hizbullah and Israel?

You mentioned in one of your posts that all Lebanese should support Hizbullah in wartime, and I suppose supporting Hizbullah would mean to empower it as does the unanimous Israeli support of the IDF. My question to you is... Don't you believe that by empowering the Hezb, we are risking their empowerment even after the war has ended.

The Lebanese government is trying its best to not alienate Hezbullah at this point. And I fear, once this war is over, that Hisbullah's new position of authority it has in the minds of the Lebanese may have a negative effect on the rebuilding of a Lebanese nation.

Am I wrong? please correct me if that is so.

Lirun said...


what if we stopped arguing about why and what.. you are right.. 100% - we have exhausted all arguments

what if instead we started discussing how and when we were going to change matters..

lets dream out loud of the world we would like to share

wishing us all a peaceful monday

i wish i could finally eat a lebanese meal actually in lebanon

ps.. ziadm - you sound like a good thinker..

GeorgeBest said...

ZiadM why did you register now to pretend to be a Lebanese? Hezbollah fought when nobody else would. It looks that Lebanon will be getting prisoners freed and Shaaba farms back thanks to Hezbollah. They defeated the IDF and deserve the respect and honor that the IDF lost in Lebanon.

Lirun said...

george - if we sign a genuine peace agreement - i dont care if it says that i am a retarded monkey.. as long as you treat me with respect and have peace with me you can believe anything you like about me


Lirun said...

ok that comment didnt work right

what i meant to say is that you can believe that you ruled israel since 48 - if it makes you have peace with me..

i care less whats in your mind and more about whats in your heart

does that make sense?

Baroon said...


Please forgive my interfere. ..As a viewer to " hevar el vatani" in Lebanon, i think if Isreal didn’t jump in between as guardian for resolution 1559, HB was going to reach an agreement with other parties to become a wing in Lebanon army. it was going to be a long process BUT once again as a viewer i was optimistic that HB was going down that road . ..Even now, I still believe HB don’t mind it and that’s why they agreed on " siniora" plan

ZiadM said...

George... Your comment is childish but still you make an interesting point. This war is another chapter in the Arab Israeli war, a book that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

The definition of "Lebanese patriot" I suppose has subjective with respect to the present political climate. It depends on whether or not you personally believe that the future of Lebanon is directly linked to the future of this never ending Arab/Israeli war. Whether or not you personally believe that all of Hizbullah's action will do good for this country or not.

My personal opinion (and please respect it witout acting like a child) is that Lebanon has been the battlefields of war for far too long. I believe that true patriotism is not whether u wish to fight for causes that you think are just, but whether or not you wish to preserve the stability of your nation, the sovereignty of your nation, and the respect of all the communities in your nation for one another.

If you find that the regional war is more important than the war we face as Lebanese to rid our country of debt, to regain its deserved name as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, then thats your personal business.

Note... I am not forgetting Israeli aggresion, and I do not blame Hizbullah for starting this war... However, I do blame this dilemma known as the the middle east, and this tragic story known as the Arab/Israeli war.

Tichondrius1 said...

hala said : "can someone tell me what are the military succesess you have accomplished?? stopping rockets ? capturing nassrallah (i mean the real one , not the other poor farmer from baalbeck)?? or detroying ht emilitary capabilities of HA??"

If you want to fool yourself that Israel had not accomplished anything, then go ahead. But if you look at the reports you'll see the IDF killed at least 500 Hizballah fighters, destroyed dozens of ammunitions stores and rocket launchers, and driven them out of many villages in south lebanon. It's true that this has been oging slowly, and meanwhile the Hezbollah can still fire rockets from other areas, but certainly Hezbollah is being hurt, losing people and weapons every day. The more this continues the closer Hizballah will be to total defeat, which is in fact something Israel wants, therefore Hizballah is the one that is pushing for a cease fire and not Israel. The losses to Israeli army and civilians are about 10 times less than to Hezbollah and Lebanon, and that's not even taking into consideration the physical destruction of building and roads etc. So if you just look at the number and project this trend to the future you'll see Hezbollah will be wiped out way before Israel has any significant losses. So from American (and Israeli) point of view, which wants to hit Hizballah and hurt its power, this war should continue. If Hizballah cared about lebanon the best thing it could do is to surrender......

ZiadM said...


I really hope that you are right... Although the present circumstances show this as doubtful, I really hope that you are right.

Baroon said...


maybe if Isreal take care of the problem inside Israel ( Palestinians). then no one in lebanon/iran/syria ..etc can bring out a conflict in their name to surface..and isreal and EVERYONE will be blessed by a FAIR peace . PEACE for everyone
nobody can say current conflict have nothing to do with long term violence in occupied territories.
when u treat ppl with respect and dignity they will react like humans,. when u treat humans like animals they go back to their basic instincts.
I don’t know what Tv chanels you tune to , but what I was seeing this morning was showing Sick old man suffering and dieing in “ rafah” security point b`cuz he was in Isreal security list .
Well I know.. what im writing is not much relevant to what u said and ur comment.. but maybe it help u understand that in our side unconscionably and automatically our mind link to that kind of pictures. ( im not Palestinian )

kufir and proud said...

Funny how this war has spread to the blogging world. And that the most vitriolic volleys of words are lobbed by Arabs/Muslims AT Arabs/Muslims.

Lets drop the UN as a soley Israeli action. Chinese news agency reports 3 Chinese UN soldiers were injured by a Hezbollah rocket. So STFU. War is hell.

Hala and others seem to crave more. All Hala is doing is proving that Israel didn't kill enough so-called civilians. So go ahead Hala, invite Hezbollah into your home to fire some rockets. No need to fear for your safety because since the Israelis are losing so badly in your opinion, there should be no reason to fear for your safety. And when the news comes in that your dead Hala, don't expect me to cry for you.

Tichondrius1 said...

As far as prisoner exchanges, yes now that Israel captured at least 20 HA members (some reports say 50) they could exchange two of them for the two IDF soldiers. Not exactly what HA had in mind to begin with but that's life, you pay for mistakes.

Baroon said...


if you see my earlier comment and question.. i believe what will secure Lebanon is a strong army .
lebanon has so many friends around the Glob what it needs beside friends is strong military.
its sad for every one ( pepole who don’t understand the Israel right to defending it self the like it do ) to see Lebanon destroy brutally by US bombs

Tichondrius1 said...

I think this war should continue for two more months. HA still has 8000-9000 rockets, about two thrids of what it has in the begining. It fires more than 2000 and other were destoryed by IDF. This trend suggests that in two more months HA will run out of rockets. On the ground HA lost 500 people, in another two months it will lose a 1000 more, meaning that most of its armed fighters will be gone. Lebanon has no flights, all the sea ports are blockaded, many roads are blocked. In two months the country will be choked up completely. And this scenario is not even with the IDF driving deeper into lebanon, just staying 5-10 miles near border where it's at right now. Israel will lose about 100 more soldiers, and maybe 50 more civilians. Lebanses civilian deaths will hopefully be low, but realistically at least 500 more. After the next two month of war, HA and Lebanon will not have power to resist anything, they will have to surrender and accept anying dictated to them.

abou al jamejem said...

Georgebest, first of all, if lebanese bloggers are speaking their mind , that doesn't mean they support israel. Shebaa farm is not for lebanon it's for syria, but the reason syria is pretending that its for lebanon without doing it officially is to pressure israel by keeping huseb alla in the south. Georgebest, just tell us please ur real name, is ali or hasen, because you better be neserallah's cousin to love him that much.

Ami Grossman said...

Tears for Lebanon,

I read the article that you were quoting, and it is a quite ridiculous.
If you ever saw the Israel-Lebanon border, you would know that there is a solid fence separating both countries.
The Israeil soldiers were kidnapped from the Israeli side of the border. HA had to make a hole in the fence in order to move the kidnapped soldiers to Lebanon.

Regarding your suggestion that Israel planned to stay in Lebanon:
This is simply not true at all. For Israel, the case with Lebanon is very different from the 'Palestine' case.
'Palestine' as you call it, or 'Judea and Samaria' as we call these territories, are in debate. Israel claims that these territories (or part of them) should belong to it. It has built settlements there since 1967.

Israel does NOT claim any Lebanese soil. It has never built any settelments there, or had any plans to do so.
Therefore, your analogy to 'Palestine' is incorrect.

Israel withdrew from Lebanon 6 years ago to the border that was set by the UN. I know that some Lebanese claim that Shebba farms should belong to Lebanon - post your complaints to the UN, not to Israel.
Since then, the Hizbolla made a lot of provocations: Kidnapped soldiers at 2000, shot others and more. Israel did its best to keep the border quiet and did NOT retaliate.

Therefore, saying that "Israel would go into Lebanon anyway" is only propaganda.

ngreen said...

The Truth

Regardless of your feelings about the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians and Arab neighbors the next two sentences really say it all:

* If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.

* If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.


lebinusa said...

I repeat, WHY THE F#@$ DO ISRAELIS INSIST ON BLOGGING HERE!!! Don't worry, you guys control Fox, CNN, NYTimes, Newsweek, Time, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. etc. etc.!!!! Is that not enough? You feel the need to interject here and tell other Lebanese how they should feel, and who they should blame (of course not Israel right?) Are you guys being paid or something?

lebinusa said...

except Lirun, as she can at least acknowledge the other side of the story.

Chris from lebanon said...


In your view, us lebanese should side unconditionaly with Hezb. Well, i never liked Hezb and i never will and that doesn't make me less lebanese than you are (unless you are a syrian or something) not to forget that mt stand is shared by majority of lebanese weather you like it or not.

Chris from lebanon said...


And i welcome israelis to express their opinions. If you don't like it than why don't go open your own blog, forbid Israelis to enter and only accept those who think like you.

There you can have a ball, let out your frustration, your hatered and your fanatism. Guess what, no one will care.

stateroom said...

I repeat, WHY THE F#@$ DO ISRAELIS INSIST ON BLOGGING HERE!!! Don't worry, you guys control Fox, CNN, NYTimes, Newsweek, Time, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. etc. etc.!!!! Is that not enough? You feel the need to interject here and tell other Lebanese how they should feel, and who they should blame (of course not Israel right?) Are you guys being paid or something?

You silly fellow not knowing what the world wide web is. You think you live under a shell?
Why are your leaders going out with hands outstretched begging for cease-fire then. They appear on the networks pretty often. Including the terrorist supporter Ibrahim Moussawi of Al-Manar?
By the way i`m not from your part of the world.
And i`ll post as and when i like. You know what to do when it gets too hot in the kitchen.

chuck said...

who who who who who let the dogs out !!

well i guess assad has decided that it's time to spread syria's "humanitarian" wings over lebanon, at last. and that's exactly what the lebanese people need. to have syria back into lebanon.

i don't know why some lebanese still believe that hisballa has in mind the interest of the lebanese people. how could u think that when the hisballa troops r actually attacking from inside villages knowing that they might be targeted right inside the village, causing more damage to the village then to the enemy. how can u say that when the only thing that hisballa has in mind is ahmadinjad's idea of a new middle east. do u support those ideas too ?

there is a new criteria these days as for how to win a war. it is no longer misured by casualties or by strategic goals, it is missured by public opinion. the numbers of the dead doesnt realy matter anymore. now everybody is trying to determine who will win the war by seeing how much longer will hisballa continue to stand against Israel.
finishing this war as quickly as possible was both Israel's and lebanon's wish but hisballa doesnt have that same wish. hisballa is irans army, and it will stand fighting as long as iran can stand and support this war. not as long as lebanon can stand it.
and when this war will eventually be over if hisballa will continue to stand in lebanon then it will be both Israel's and lebanon's defeat, if hisballa will continue to be at the border with Israel then surely there will be another war comming.

and about shabaa, what will lebanon gain from this fighting when syria comes now and claims shabaa to itself ? do u think lebanon will gain something from this war ?

so how does hisballa serve lebanese interests if in the end of the war Israel will go back to where it was 3 weeks ago, hisballa will cry out victorious because it has "driven away the Israeli army from lebanese soil", and the only thing lebanese people will get is to rebuild their homes back from the ruble that hisballa was using as a shelter?

Chris from lebanon said...

As for you Georgebest

I suggest you leave your life and go join your friends in the Jnoube and fight there, since its the only thing you encourage.

By the way, don't forget to hide among the lebanese civilians just like your heroes from the Hezb.

abou al jamejem said...

It's time for a third round for nice words for huzeballas and their supporters. lak kiss ekhetak ya hasen, w kiss ekhtek ya souriya w kissekhtek ya israel w kiss ekhet el falestineyi, w kiss ekhetek ya iran. lak wle demmartou el balad ya ekhwet el charmouta, stehou kiss ekhtkoun. lebanusa , truth hurts my friend, huzebalal destroyed lebanon by their reckless actions. This site is not Almanar and is not for husballa supporters,iran supporters, syrian supporters and it's not for israelis either. for you all, if you wanna blog with pro Iran website go to almanar but not here. This site is for true patriotic lebanese

abou al jamejem said...

I know that it's hard for people to believe that Huzeballa's agenda is not Lebanese but rather Syrian and Iranian. Second of all, Israel is maybe bad and all the nasty stuff that you guys say about israel maybe true. but you know, Huzeballa is the problem, they just keep on harrassing israel, they just don't want peace, period. They work for the Iranian interests and the Syrian Interests. The syrian embassador and the iranian embassador keep on coming to beirut to pressure the governement to not accepting any deal because ther interests have not yet met. Huzeballa went and abducted and killed the israeli soldiers inside their country, and any country in the world will react the same. How do u think for example if Mexico atack the The USA border patrol inside the United States territory and abducted 2 soldiers and killed 8 to exchange them for some mexicans crimminals, ho do u think the USA will respond. HASEN NESERALLA DOESN'T GIVE A DAMM ABOUT LEBANON, ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS HIS PRESTIGE AND HIS POWER INSIDE LEBANON, AND TO BE HONEST WITH YOU FOR ME, HE IS AS BAD AS THE ISRAELIS.

ngreen said...

CNN - Lebanese woman

you all should see that - you can't hide the truth any more!
there are pepole that won't shut up like Hizballah threaten them to.


Chris from lebanon said...

To ngreen,

That woman has courage. There are por-hezb on this site who called me a traitor because i share her views.

I guess there are those who love peace and those who will always entertain hatered and wars. I guess they will only hope for peace once they found their own internal 1.

stateroom said...

Reuters employee issues 'Zionist pig' death threat - Worker suspended after telling American blogger: 'I look forward to day when you pigs get your throats cut',7340,L-3256534,00.html

Reuters admits altering Beirut photo-Reuters withdraws photograph of Beirut after Air Force attack after US blogs, photographers point out 'blatant evidence of manipulation.' Reuters' head of PR says in response, 'Reuters has suspended photographer until investigations are completed into changes made to photograph.' Photographer who sent altered image is same Reuters photographer behind many of images from Qana, which have also been subject of suspicions for being staged,7340,L-3286966,00.html

stateroom said...

Another Fake Reuters Photo from Lebanon

Fighting Sullyvan said...

Raja - This was a great post.

Fair minded people who want to see Lebanon thrive, and who don't have irrational hatred for Israel, would agree with me.

Good luck dealing with all these wankers who are getting on your case. Don't let them bring you down.

kufir and proud said...

One of the positives from this war is the power of blogs to cut through the bs coming out of the media.

z said...

kufir and proud said...

Andrey said...

on they have a commentator Sheikha Sajida, to whome peolpe write to ask questions, and then people post comments - usually expresing their hatred towards Jews and Israel, now that one is realy funny:

Sheikha Sajida, Please give your cooment The secret underground chambers of Ibis-stan The Jews who are the blood thirsty race are the masters of the occult since the time when the Almighty send prophet Moosa to guide this damned race. Ever since this monsters were planted in oocupied Palestine by the deceitful British imperialists, they have used force with black magic rituals to destroy the rightful owners of Palestine Their are almost 10,000 Palestine prisnors among whom are woman and children. There are 400 women and 200 children prisoners in the jails of this cowardly race who are masters of witchcraft and who use it fully in their diabolical demonic rituals by slaughtering innocent Palestiniens in their secret underground chambers which is directly controlled by their kabbalist rabbis. Prisnors who are not accounted by these ly regime means they have been slaughtered at the alter of the satan. Their are four such under groung chambers.
Hassani Bakari from Kenya

tears for lebanon said...

Yuval in tlv and Chris in Leb

I direct my comments to you because it is the two of you who have been on my mind all day since I logged off earlier. I guess this is a testament of how powerful words can be.

I want to first say to Yuval, I too believe that violence and revenge is not the way. My stomach turns as the thought of you thinking that is what I wish or hope for. It is not!!! I am not a supporter of violence, I do not wish to see even one more person die or hurt, on either side!

I also have been replaying the conversations of ours in my mind over and over again. Also of the posts that I had read for three hours this afternoon. I truely believe that not even love can evoke the emotions of the heart as war can. It has evoked emotions in my heart that are unsatisfying to me and whether you believe me or not, they are new to my heart. I am not sure how to rid myself of these emotions, but i have vowed to do so. I have also vowed to be more open to opinions that are differing from mine. That is not to say that I will surrender my postions, but I will try to understand yours.

Chris, I am not calling you a traitor. I just can not understand your position, and really I am trying! I do not blame you for wanting the best for your children. That is a hope of any parent, but to invite further attacks on Lebanon from Israel seems to me against your goals for your children. WWIII is pending Chris. I believe that this is one of the causes for so much anxiety and negative remarks toward each other. I do not want your children nor any child (Lebanese and Israel) to grow up as you might have ( I am guessing your age in your 30's)...under war conditions. If this develops into further aggressions I fear that Syria, US, Europe (UK) and Iran will be involved and this will not end anytime soon. The people who will most suffer will be the Lebanese, because it will be on Lebanon's soil. This scares me to no end. And I know that you are probably thinking that I could not be as scared as you, because I live in America and you live there. You are right. I would never compare myself to those who are living the nightmare on a level that I can not comprehend, hell I have never heard a bomb in my life. I am thankful for that, although I recognize i am not any more deserving of that privledge than you or anyone else for that matter.

I hope my words will be seen by Yuval and Chris, thank you for indulging me. I still hold my beliefs that are different than both of you, but I do want a world that will be peaceful, i know that sounds delusional, but when i close my eyes tonight i will pray for it...and for all the innocent people of this world who have injustices imposed on them. salam.

Fighting Sullyvan said...

Let us all hope for a world where the Lebanese are able to live freely and in harmony with one another, the Palestinians are able to live peacfully in their own independent state, and the Israelis are able to live safely and peacefully in Israel.

Let us hope that Hezbollah and Hamas are able to change their extremists views, the Israeli settlers are able to make sacrifices to enable an independent Palestinian state, and Iran rids itself of its fanatical leaders and decides it is better to live as petro-fat-cats than as glowing embers.


Unknown said...

So mote it be, Sullivan.

Muxecoid said...

To blog admin: Is it possible to show people's location by IP on this blog? I would not be surprised to find that some of posters who claim to be Lebanese in realty are not.

Loli said...

Tears for Lebanon,

I have just logged on and read your last post, which shows that you have a great heart. Thank you for wanting peace above all, despite our different opinions as to whether HA is right or wrong. We should all rally for peace. It is the only answer to the war. No one deserves to suffer like that. We are all the same. We all love our children, parents, husband or wife. If we try to understand each other better, perhaps we can build a better future in which each one of us can celebrate life (this message goes to the Israelis too).

God bless your heart.


Loli said...

Fighting Sullivan,

Amen, inshalla ya rabb.

Loli said...

I've been growing frustrated with your insults but did not think that telling you so would make you change your mind, that's why I had not reacted. But I think now is the time, so that you can understand other people's viewpoint. While I understand your anger regarding the war, please undertand that your language is unacceptable. I totally agree with the Blog Admin regarding the deletion of your foul language posts. All we ask for is civil conduct and language.
Anything, really any kind of frustration or anger can be expressed in a civil manner, without resorting to insults.

Tichondrius1 said...

Nasaralah is a SOB. Hezbollah fires it missiles on civilian areas and randomly these rockets can can any number of civilians. It's all pure luck. But when they once hit an arab family Nasrallah apologized, which shows you he doesn't feel any regret about hitting jewish civilians. That's the ultimate proof they are targetting civilians on purpose.

MAZe said...

Lebanon needs to stay defiant to Israel despite HA’s folly. This was going to happen at the earliest possible occasion; it could’ve been a Lebanese sheep trespassing into Israel’s territory. There should be enticements to fold HA into government line and not the other way around. The “National Dialogue” should continue. The Lebanese did a great service to HA by sticking behind them even though there wasn’t a clear and decisive support for HA’s actions and policies. Lebanon doesn’t need to be a playground to Israel’s jets and tanks a la West bank and Gaza, nor a permanent settlement a la Golan heights and definitely not forced into a peace treaty on Israel’s conditions a la Egypt and Jordan. However, there will be always a lingering problem in Lebanon’s domain: the Palestinian issue.

I’ll be proud if the HA folds into the Lebanese army and look after the interest of Lebanon. There are a lot of wolves surrounding us and Lebanon will be always conquered (just look at the list of Lebanon’s conquerors). We have the deterrent as we are too expensive and too proud to be occupied … but do we have the will not to be subjects of other nations desires?

seeker said...

tears for lebanon,

Loli, you are a great man.

Loli said...


I'm a woman ;-)

seeker said...

Oops, sorry.
Yet, it doesn't change the fact.

Loli said...

thank you :)

Lebnese Liona said...


Guys our country is being demolished by isreal.

Even the isreali's admit that they would enforce what Bush asks for because he gives them weapons!!!

Let me just list of few THINGS for you:

IS nassralah working with iran and syria to get weapons training etc..?

YES OFCOURSE HE IS. I would do the same thing if i was him, i went to lebanon last year for the first time in over 13 yrs. I went to the border with isreal in the south and watched as the isreali's were trying to manipulate hb at the border by flying there planes over head and helicopters and running their tanks to the border trying to get hb to engage them. I dont know what you call that but forget about shebaa farms for a moment , to me if my country's airspace is broken day in and day out, I CONSIDER THAT OCCUPATION!!.



Its clear that the US does not want a strong lebanese army.

A strong lebanese army means no HB , NO HB means no conflit in the middle east with isreal ....

Let me take you back to 1982 , the invasion of lebanon, thats when HB was founded.

Do you think it was founded by the coward syrians? or was it founded by iran at the time?

NO NO NO , It was founded by the lebanese for the lebanese to resist the occupation.

nassrallah working with syrai and iran is just a natural way for him to get money , weapons and training thats all!!!!

I ask all of you s lebanese, most of you lived through the civil war, and we all remember the terrible crimes committed by all the militias at the time. ALL OF THEM SHIITES( AMAL), CHRISTIAN( KATEB, OUWET), DRUZZ, SUNNI. ALL OF THEM COMMITTED CRIMES.






Lirun said...

tears for lebanon

totally with you..

difference in view is the bliss of free society - even though what stands behind those views may sometimes be a painful reality..

i share your wishes wholeheartedly and pray for a day where we shall be free to safely disagree about absoluetly everything.. knowing that our family and friends are safe..

i am profoundly encouraged by the growing number of people that are voicing their desire for peace

is has to happen

Lirun said...

lebnese liona

unfortunately that way i read your comment.. we should wait till we're all dead before we start discussing peace..

sounds like a plan with some serious flaws..

Lebnese Liona said...

LIRUN my friend,

right now it looks like your govement is insisteing on killing the lebanese spirit to resist occupation.

I am afriad that you put us in a corner and we have to fight back.

we are enemies right now and i have to show support for my people.

This is another sad reality of this war.

what i am trying to say is that for some reason the US does not want stability in lebanon...

I wont get into too much details around it but as far as my limited political intiution can take me,



Lirun said...

i disagree with you

i believe that standing behind your country and supporting your people is consistent with seeking peace..

if you decide that anyone who engages in war has to dictate your wishes.. then your dreams are only as strong as those who seek war

Lebnese Liona said...


i am supporting my people by standing behind them , but your definition of standing behind my people is to condemn HB, and I am not going to do that. they are the spirit of lebanon

Tsedek said...

Lebnese liona,

What is your definition of "my people"?

I, as an Israeli, don't view hilltop settlers for example as "my people" - eventhough they're Israeli's like I am. I against bringing hurt and hardship to others (not being Israeli's) and denying their right to exist on their land (something hilltop settlers are doing).

Maybe it's easier to view "my people" if one hasn't been in civil war for many years, but I can assure you, that I view everybody carrying the same values as I do, no matter what their nationality of religion, more "my people" than those committing crimes because they accidently have the same nationality as I do or same religion.


Norman said...

Liona, in the "spirit of Lebanon" you should be in the streets demanding that
HB disarm. HB will continue to be a political party that has many social
activities, but there is no need for a militia that obviously does not act in the best interest of Lebanon. The answer to your million dollar question is right in front of you, so I guess you can't see the forest because the trees are in the way. A free people can only withstand the verbal threats to their existence; and then the actual violence of military actions so long before there is an angry response. Free people see the HB and radical Islam as a real threat to their world. Do you think that we are not sick and tired of turning on our TVs and seeing mobs of Islamic people shaking their fists and chanting approvals of our death?

Lirun said...


i dont except that.. im just saying i think supporting your people is about supporting their peace..

i dont think subscribing to conspiracy theories and accusing peopla of seeking your destruction has anything to do with supporting your people..

propaganda is not support

wishing for peace on all of us


John said...


they don't want to?

IS that the reason they (Israel) agreed to cease fire and HZ didn't? Or doesn't Almanar tell these kind of things?

eyal said...

Lebnese Liona,
U R a cowered.
It is so convenient to be in the US with your Iranian husband.
you do not feel like we do you do not leave your life in the middle east like we do and you are brain washed from the channels you are watching.
please go a head and see this one minute movie and give me your opinion.
and BTW if you really care about your country and people why are you staying at the "enemy land" of US? come to the middle east and make the change from here.
We want peace and you want peace so come and clean your country from those that make the life of all sides a HELL.

Fearless said...

Iran decides for Lebanon!
L'Iran rejette la résolution et la date limite : décodages

Le 6 août, date anniversaire du largage de la bombe atomique sur Hiroshima, le régime des mollahs a indiqué qu’elle n’a pas de leçon à recevoir des auteurs de ce crime et qu’il poursuivra son programme nucléaire malgré la résolution onusienne adoptée par cet état criminel (USA – ndlr).

« Nos activités sont en accord avec le Traité de non-prolifération (TNP) et, en conséquence, l’Iran n’accepte pas la suspension de son enrichissement » d’uranium, a dit le secrétaire du Conseil suprême de la sécurité nationale et principal négociateur du dossier nucléaire iranien, dans une conférence de presse. La déclaration de Larijani est une des premières réactions d’un haut responsable iranien à la résolution du Conseil, adoptée le 31 juillet, et dont il a jugé qu’elle n’avait « pas de valeur légale ». Selon lui, la déclaration est dénuée de valeur (morale - ndlr), car la communauté internationale avait promis de privilégier la voie du dialogue.

Elle a manqué à sa parole. En réponse à ce que Larijani voit comme une trahison, le régime des mollahs se sent libre de ne plus coopérer avec l’AIEA ou d’« étendre son programme et ses installations nucléaires selon ses besoins ».

Pourquoi ce durcissement soudain et, une réponse qui semble presque définitive ? en réponse à des demandes pressantes de la communauté internationale, le régime des mollahs n’a pas trouvé mieux que d’encourager le Hezbollah à provoquer une guerre au Liban. Le 13 juillet, à la veille d’une réunion DU G8, les membres permanents du Conseil de Sécurité de l’ONU attendaient de l’Iran une réponse sur la crise nucléaire qui était la grande crise du moment.

En réponse, ils ont eu droit à des provocations du Hezbollah au Liban, provocations qui ont débouché sur une riposte guerrière d’Israël. A présent, les 5 membres permanents du Conseil de Sécurité attendent un appel à la modération de la part des mollahs au Hezbollah. Au lieu d’être aidés sur la crise en cours, les mollahs répondent par une autre provocation sur un autre sujet. Tant que le Conseil de Sécurité et ses membres feront semblant de prétendre qu’il n’y a aucun rapport entre les crises liées à la république des mollahs, ils seront manipulés et donneront aux ayatollahs la possibilité de doser à leur guise les provocations. Les mollahs gardent l’initiative et peuvent garder constant le taux d’anxiété générée par les différentes crises qu’ils inventent au gré de leur besoin.

Les mollahs n’ont guère le choix. Pour l’heure, les seuls véritables alliés sont les Nord Coréens et les Vénézuéliens qui sous la direction des Russes mènent une guérilla diplomatique contre Washington. Ces pays accordent leur soutien au régime des mollahs en échange de sa fidélité à l’égard des objectifs collectifs des pays membres de cette Alliance.

Dans cette perspective, l’Iran doit obtenir le droit à l’enrichissement. Soit, il l’obtient et alors il peut continuer à jouer un rôle dans la stratégie anti-TNP de la Russie, ou alors il ne l’obtient pas et dans ce cas, il est obligé de maintenir sa main mise sur le Liban par l’intermédiaire de son alliance avec la Syrie et l’aide militaire et financière au Hezbollah international. Dans les deux cas, la fonction du régime des mollahs sera de créer des crises et non de stabiliser la situation.

Pour arriver à stabiliser cette région, il faudrait mettre fin aux provocations des mollahs et les traiter en tant que fauteurs de troubles. Or, la France fait le contraire et affirme que cette omniprésence de l’Iran dans ses différents conflits est la preuve que ce régime est incontournable et c’est avec lui qu’il faut négocier. En vérité, en refusant l’offre incitative sur le nucléaire, les mollahs ne font que renforcer les thèses défendues par la France.

C’est donc à double titre, que les mollahs continueront dans cette voie. Ainsi la Diplomatie Française est devenue non pas un puissant remède aux agitations de notre époque mais un allié du machiavélisme des mollahs.

Les inclure dans une solution pour le Liban, comme le propose la France, leur donnera l’assurance qu’ils ont eu raison de provoquer ce conflit au Liban et à l’approche de la date limite du 31 août, ils prendront de nouvelles initiatives plus audacieuses (quoique coûteuses). Ils n’auront que l’embarras du choix : ils pourront encourager leurs alliés à créer des nouvelles crises en Corée du Nord, au Liban ou en Amérique Centrale, à moins qu’eux-mêmes ne décident de montrer les dents et sortir les griffes en initiant une nouvelle crise dans le Golfe Persique ou en Irak.


Fearless said...

How many prominent Lebanese did the Syrians murder?

Chidiac horribly maimed in assassination attempt.

Gebrane Tueni joins the long list of anti Syrians and pro Lebanese, who are systematically murdered in Lebanon by Syrian instigation. After Rafik Hariri, Bassel Fleyhane, Samir Kassir et Georges Haoui, without forgetting the botched assassination attempts of Marwan Hamad?, ?lias Murr et May Chidiac. The assassination coincides with the publication of the Mehlis report just as the assassination attempt of Marwan Hamad? ( 1st October 2004), coincided with the adoption of U.N. Security Council resolution 1559 calling for the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, and the disarming of all armed militias, including Hizballah.

Rafik Hariri was certainly the latest most prominent victim of Syrian assassination tactics
designed to subjugate Lebanon. A bit of history:
Syria stationed its commanding supervision at the Ministry of Defense at
Yerze, while organizing its ubiquitous security and intelligence apparatus
(mukhabarat) under Colonel Ghazi Kana’an who became the personal notorious
manifestation of the occupation regime. He was later replaced by Syrian
military intelligence headed by General Rostum Ghazala. In short order the
Syrians confirmed that, as Hannah Arendt wrote, “terror is the essence of
totalitarian domination Political assassination was its most dreadful form
attested by the murders of noted national leaders, like Kamal Junblatt, the
Druze head of the Progressive Socialist Party in 1977, Bashir Gemayel,
commander of the Lebanese Forces and president-elect of Lebanon in 1982, and
Rene Mo’awed, President of Lebanon in 1989. Religious dignitaries, such as
Father Philippe Abou-Sleimane in Aley and Sheikh Ahmed Assaf in 1982, and
Sheikh Hassan Khaled the Sunni Mufti of Lebanon in 1989, were also disposed
of. Well-known journalists like Selim Al-Lowzi in 1977 and Riyad Taha,
president of the Lebanese Press Association, in 1980 became victims of the
Syrian security hit squads. Certain sources claim that the assassination of
Dany Chamoun, son of former Lebanese president Camille Chamoun, in October
1990 was the work of the Syrians with Lebanese collaboration. The attempted
assassinations of Pierre Gemayel, founder of the Kata’ib (Phalange movement)
and father of Bashir and Amin, Raymond Edde the National Bloc leader,
Camille Chamoun former president and head of the Liberal Party, and the
Greek Catholic Patriarch Maximos V. Hakim, should be noted in this context.

Lebanese W said...

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

Two thoughts that I'd like to share:

1/ In the last round of elections, we have elected the politicians that we knew are corrupt, the ones that we knew were warlords, the ones that we knew were loyal to Syria, the ones who had dragged us into disastrous wars and who ruined the country...
We then sat… expecting different results !!
We are now paying the price of our failure to generate and back new political elite after the war and the Syrian and Israeli occupations...

2/ We are seeing where the politics of the last 40 years have led us. Why don't we pause, reflect on what the previous war has taught us and consider an alternative route.
Look at Jordan and at Egypt. They have done peace with Israel and they are living peacefully. Why don't we follow their path?
We can cut a deal and have peace but we seem to want to carry alone the burden of the "Arab cause"...
The other Arab countries are enjoying peace and progress and we are dragging ourselves into a useless war that is destroying our country, killing our people and ruining our life.

Let us stop doing the same thing over and over again. Or all what we will get is the same disastrous outcome.

Robert18 said...

A Lebanese speaks up:

Of course she's lying, a traitor, an Israeli agent, and whatever will be or has been made of her.

But she's not alone. There are hundreds of thousands Lebanese like her, most outside Lebanon (for a reason....!), but also the silent, hijacked majority inside Lebanon.

The basis of optimism is sheer terror.
Oscar Wilde

chuck said...

lebnese liona,

i aprove of u'r dedicayion of standing with u'r people in a time of war. i think it is admirable.
but u have to ask urself if the hisballa is realy the army of ur people ?

what will lebanon gain when the war is over ?

Israel says it will not reamain in the teritory that was ocupied in lebanon. it is writen in the 1559 agreemnet which Israel is trying for more then 6 years to turn on.

hisballa claims to be not only the lebanese army but also the palestinian army, the syrian army and the whole arab world's army.

the hisballa's claim of being the lebanes humanitarian supporter, by building all kinds of comunity centers and schools and giving such comunity help to the lebanes is made only to justify the reason for it to stay in lebanon even after the enemy has allready left lebanese soil.

for 6 years hisballa was trying to provoke unstability in the southern border of lebanon. small attacks on Israeli army that were not even reported in papers around the world. and it's justification for these attacks were helping the palestinians.
r u palestinian ?
does it serve u'r peoples interest ?

the bottom line is what will the people of lebanon gain from hisballas war ?

and think, who will be the biggest benefitial of this war ?

The Middle East News Addict said...

To GeorgeBest

For once I agree with yuo. Hezbollah fought when nobody else would: Not the Israelis, not the Lebanese, not the Syrians, not the Iranians... Do you know the term "scapegoat"?

Perhaps if Hezbollah did not fight as well instead of dragging Lebanon and Israel to war we would not be in this mess.

The Middle East News Addict said...

To Lebanese Liona

Maybe Hezbollah is the spirit of Lebanon as you claim (though I know enough Lebanese who claim otherwise)... if that is the case, then Israel and Lebanon are bound to be in war with each other, and considering the "Balance of Terror" (Nasrallah's words of threat to Israel) that now exists between the two countries, I am afraid that all that will be left of Lebanon at the end of this is the spirit... Please don't let it happen. I like Lebanon as it was in the past 6 years: on the way to properity

Robert18 said...

EdoRiver, I owe you a reaction.

You wrote: “But, Bottom line: YOu are telling Lebanon to do something that I think is like telling a man who has been sick all his life, first one ailment, then another, if one part of him became healthy, another part was getting a worse disease..This condition is the condition I understand as your version of Lebanon.”

Your medical metaphor is without rhyme or reason. But since you want to approach Lebanon’s problem in a medical way, I’m game.
The basic premise of Good Medicine is to (as a patient) have the stamina and willpower to get better. If you give up and rely on others, doctors, or medication alone, the chances are pretty slim you will get better.
I’ve had plenty of friends who fought their cancers and won, just by fighting it, and not just relying on doctors or chemotherapy alone

My solution about how to get Lebanon out of this quagmire is pure logic, simple and straightforward: stand up for your rights and DO NOT just blame others for your misery and shortcomings!!!

You Lebanese took some positive action earlier with your Cedar revolution against the Syrian occupying forces. They left, though left behind their secret service agents and their proxy assassins, Hizbollah.

Now it’s the time (it’s NEVER too late) to pick up your banners again, raise your voices and get Hizbollah out. No excuses with democratically elected party, social services, schools, education, and whatever else came up depicting these murderers as people-loving, peaceful, tolerant, kind human beings. BULLS*T!!. All their so-called poor people support is part of their (read: Iran’s and Syria’s) scheme to hijack poor citizens (mainly Shia) who have been neglected by you Lebanese in general, especially those that “came back to rebuild Lebanon”, and became overnight either a billionaire or a target for assassination.

You are being misused by Iran whose only agenda is to first kill all Jews, then all Sunni (whom they actually hate most – see Iraq), then come the Christians, and eventually all other non-Shia. They will have a tough time with the Hindus and Buddhists, mainly because of their sheer numbers. It’s not me that’s saying this, they say so themselves, over and over again.

We all have one common enemy: the fanatic Shia from Iran, South Lebanon and South Iraq.

A final remark about your concerns what Israel has done to help Lebanon? Maybe not always so obvious, but we took in a substantial number of refugees (which were immediately labeled as traitors by the Lebanese, because they chose to live instead of being executed by Amal or Hizbollah). Besides that, we treated (and even today) quite a number of Lebanese patients, from the wounded to transplant patients, orthopedic implants, and heart and brain surgeries. Not to mention the training we gave to Lebanese doctors and scientists in our University Hospitals (all in secret, of course, otherwise they would be labeled “traitor” as well). Then in construction, telecommunications, setting up manufacturing plants (textiles, some medical devices and disposables), yes, all in secret again. I myself was involved, as many other Israelis, all in secret, all with passports of countries where we or one of our parents were born. That’s how we have to operate, help in secret. To prevent being kidnapped or executed on the spot. But it happens.

Not in Iran, where we offered many, many times to help with our medical teams after devastating earthquakes. Iran’s answer? “We rather commit collective suicide than accept anything from the Zionist pigs.”
Those are your friends, those are the people that infiltrated your country, and if you don’t anything against it they will RULE Lebanon.

But we, Israel, won’t let that happen. We will NOT tolerate these murderers at our Northern border, preparing themselves to do what they time again and again claim to be their biggest wish: “Wipe Israel off the map.” If you will let it happen and do nothing against it, sorry, but we won’t, no matter the price. Simply because we have no choice.

yuval from tlv said...

tears for lebanon -

i really like to have a good chat over here with people who are willing to talk to others, even if they do think the opposite..
especialy you, & loli..

i so wish this is all over as soon as possible!!!

i so dislike to see my country in a war with Lebanon! with anyone!

i also don't log here to convince other people to support israel..
the truth is, i'm here to listen to the lebanese point of view, in order to understand better the situation between our contries..

even if it doesn't make a a change to the horrible situation, it is still ipmportant to dialogue..

i've just returned home to check if you read my comment and i'm really please to see that you have!
i'm truely happy to see that even if our nations are at war, we - the people, can have a normal conversation.

to tell you the truth i'm beggining to feel disapointment of the way things are going..
i heard the lebanese gov' had rejected the UN cease-fire solution..
what was more painful to me was hearing the israeli side saying that if this situation continues, israel will have no other choise but to put in some more effort into this conflict and get our forces deeper into Lebanon..

out defense minister said - if this situation won't come to an end by a third party dialogue (such as the UN), we will end it by military power..

i view it as a horrible mistake, and you know why?

just because of this blog, i came to realize that more power won't change the situation, and i'm affraid that we'll return to the 82's war..

let's all hope that an agreed resolution by the UN will trule get the end of this war, and both sides will cooporate..

as much as i wish for HB destruction, i don't think more power will do both of us any good..

let's all hope that this week will truely be the last week of this unjustified war!
unjustified to Israel as well as to Lebanon.

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