Saturday, August 05, 2006

Security Council Resolution Agreed Upon

Finally. France and the US have agreed to the details of a Security Council Resolution to end the current violence between Hizballah and Israel. The Council will meet today to discuss the resolution. The vote will take place on Teusday.

What I know thus far: It calls for a cessassion of hostilities, and gives Israel the right to retaliate if Hizballah attacks.

Something else I know: We are going to witness a major escalation before the Security Council votes on the resolution this Teusday.

Q: Is there a difference between "cease fire" and "cessassion of hostilities?" Or is it just semantics?

A: Apparently, it is not merely semantics. A cessassion of hostilities constitutes a first step in working towards a cease fire. It effectively calls for an end to violence without the official declaration of a cease fire.

Hizballah Responds: Hizballah official just declared (11:39 EST) that the organization will continue fighting as long as Israeli troops remain on Lebanese soil.


eran levi said...

I agree, in the last days each of the sides in this conflict: Israel and Hezbollah will each attempt a push toward achieving as much advantage as possible before negotiation begins.

Hezbollah on his part will attempt to prove he is still battle capable and with fighting spirit, maybe trying to seed more terror and fear among Israeli population by aiming the few long range Iranian missiles he’s hidden away at Tel-Aviv and other major central cities deep inside Israeli territories.

Israel on its part will start pushing north to the Litany River – Israel must push Hezbollah’s rocket teams to the northern side of the river in order to minimize rocket lunches and gain a tactical achievement. Also we will see a greater attempt to crush all remaining Hezbollah infrastructure all over Lebanon – so if you know of such places get as far from it as you can. Israel should aim to the one decisive strike that will probably be considered the most affecting blow on Hezbollah possible – either the death of Nassrallah or the rescue of the kidnapped soldiers.

Either way, we are looking at a major escalation on all fronts, hold on to what you can, cause the next three days are going to be hell for anyone within the reach of the two armed forces that are at each others’ throat.

Yohay Elam said...

Maybe this will end the war.
The two sides that are fighting don't want to stop.
Until now, also Iran, Syria from one side and the US on the other side, encouraged the continuation of the war.
After the resolution tonight, I hope it will change.
In the past days Israel has had many casualties.

1earth said...

Israel should take this time to level all the villages and cities south of the Litani river. Turn Southern Lebanon into a no-man's land with mines and flat terrain that lacks ideal locatations for Lebanese to launch attacks at Israel. It's in the interest of both sides that this ceasefire succeeds.

eran levi said...

As painful as it sound, 1earth is right – if there ever to be a safe border between Israel and Lebanon, as long as Lebanon is not a fully democratic and lawful state clean from armed militia – there is no escape but to flatten the first mile from the border into Lebanon, to field mines and bulldoze nearby villages.

Will this hurt the uninvolved Shia population in the south? I’m afraid so. But then again this population is not that “uninvolved”, they were thrilled to welcome Hezbollah into their homes and unconditionally support this terror organization – although such an act is by no means a punishment to this population – I will dare say I won’t shed a tear over the price they will have to pay to ensure long term serenity along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

Tjex said...

1earth, you're nothing but a radical and your place is at the sides of HA. You and them are one and the same.

eran levi said...

Until Hezbollah is disarmed and demilitarized I’m afraid 1earth here has a point, Israel has to ensure Hezbollah will never have the opportunity to stage a kidnapping like it did when this war begun. Measures must be taken to prevent this terror organization form stepping another foot again anywhere near the Israeli-Lebanese border.

Iraq & Israel, one for peace said...

Yes, Islamists, as Hizbollah, are not loyal to their country, always they follow others, we have crazy group called Sadr and they should be trashed on Iran.
I think Iraq and new Arab countries should be with Israel, to end suffering of civilians forever in this region.
read more:

1earth said...

tjex perhaps I am a radical, but then we need radical solutions.

Lebanon has refused to recognize the UN's position that Israel ended its occupation of Lebanon in 2000. Since then Lebanon has flaunted international law and attacked Israel at their own choosing. Now Israel has an opportunity to act decisively.

Leaving those towns and cities south of the Litani river will only encourage the Lebanese to use them as foward bases to attack Israel. The Lebanese are like children, they have shown they can't resist the temptation.

So by removing those villages and cities the Lebanese won't have the opportunity to rashlyattack Israel which ironically, will only be shooting Lebanon in both feet. The Lebanese will deny this, stomp their feet, whine "no" to everything, but it's for Lebanon's own good to have a no-man's land to prevent successful cross border attacks on Israel.

eran levi said...

WO there! 1earth you went a little too far, you suggest to flatten entire south Lebanon? You want to create a million more refugees that will grow with terrible hatred toward Israel? I thought you were talking about a strip of a mile or so from the border… you exaggerated and such an action will never be agreed upon in the Israeli security cabinet or be approved by the international community.

I support a one mile bulldozing of the terrain, but anything more than that is no longer a security matter – it is clear for vengeance purposes and therefore a war crime.

Tjex said...

I repeat myself, eart1 you are no better than HA. Eradicating hundreds of villages and displacing 350,000+ people is just not going to happen. Dream on!

I posted this before noticing the new blog entry

So, can someone explain to me what was the point of blowing up those bridges? It's not to stop the flow of weapons, because if you are to believe that, then you're foolish. I highly doubt HA would use the highways to move missiles around. They are in plain view! The small mountain roads on the other hand....

So, what is the goal other than deviding Lebanon and making it hard for the Lebanese to live?

As per wikipedia, first line:
Terrorism refers to a strategy of using violence, or threat of violence to generate fear, cause disruption, and ultimately, to bring about compliance with specific political, religious, ideological, and personal demands.

Could we not call Israel Terrorist considering they are going after non military targers.

Oh and don't give me that crap about we could level the beirut like they did to Dresden in WWII. Give me a break, Israel could never do that, and if they did, I don't think I can count the amount of laws they would break. Besides, I highly doubt the US would allow it to happen.

Finally, stop mumbling and LISTEN. Educate yourself for crying out loud. We did NOT allow HA to build bunkers etc... the Syrians did. Lebanon has been under Syrian control until end of last year, so enough with the "oh.. you let them do (fill in the blank) for years"

And no, you will NEVER, now please say it with me slowly. N E V E R erradicate HA with this campaign. Only way to do it is to let the Lebanese have a decent chance to do it. Again.. Rember that we've only been syria free for ONE year. How long did it take to negatiate for the IRA to lay down their weapons and if I remember correcty, they had members in parlement as well.

Think about it, letting AH into the goverment is not a bad thing, it allows for direct communication and what we all hope for, the disarmement of the military wing.

1earth said...

Tjax: You Lebanese have a worse military track record than your patron France. So tjax, stop trying to play armchair general and tell the Israelis what they are doing wrong.

The Lebanese government refuses to even recognize Israel's right to exist! Your country's democratically elected government is dedicated to destroying Israel, or more practically, causing as much pain and suffering as possible. Considering that, it's difficult to see Israel sitting around, suffering Lebanese attacks while you guys sit on your asses and talk it out, cheer when your attacks are successful, and crying about the Israeli response.

Maybe if the Lebanese government at least recognized Israel's right to exist it wouldn't be so easy to doubt your will to stop Lebanese attacks on Israel.

Pasdutout said...

Though there are no official details yet: The cease fire proposal will likely include an international force:

What do the Lebanese and Israelis expect of this international force?

I find it highly unlikely that this force will actually fight Israeli or Hizbullah units.

1earth said...

eran levi, a mile is useless, a man on foot can cross a mile in full combat gear in less than 10 minutes.

Lebanon and Israel need a no-man's land of at least 20 miles so Lebanon's large stockpile of katyskas(sp) rockets are out of range. That would prevent any future need for Israeli responses against say, Beirut.

eran levi said...

Ok tjex,
I’ll try to answer the questions you raised one by one, since I feel you deserve them.

First let me agree with you, read my last post – I also believe flattening entire south Lebanon would do no good, I still believe though that bulldozing any village in the range of one mile from the border is necessity for the future security of the Israeli border guards and the near Israeli towns.

1. I will first refer to your point raised at the end of your last post:
“Think about it, letting HA into the government is not a bad thing, it allows for direct communication and what we all hope for, the disarmament of the military wing.”

You are wrong I’m afraid, letting an armed militia, a pure terrorist group, into the government unconditionally is the worst mistake a state can do – it’s the undoing of a democracy. A political party with an armed wing that acts upon its own ambitions is a terrible occurrence that is lately starting to become horribly popular among newly founded half anarchist countries (Lebanon, Palestinian authority, Iraq…). Also – by joining Hezbollah into your government, you thereby consider it a representation of Lebanon. Its acts of war would mean a declaration of war between Israel and Lebanon – not just Hezbollah!

2. Next I wish to comment regarding this recurring argument:
“Rember that we've only been Syria free for ONE year. How long did it take to negatiate for the IRA to lay down their weapons and if I remember correcty, they had members in parlement as well.”
While you are talking to Hezbollah, they are continually attacking Israel, kidnapping border guards and lunching rockets at Israel’s sovereign territory, if Israel waited for you to finish you “negotiation” with Hezbollah – a much worst outcome would have unfolded. Do you think Hezbollah’s Ideology of hate will so easily be wiped out? Do you think they will simply lay down their arms because you ask them nicely repeatedly? Obviously you didn’t feel an urgent need to work toward the disarming of Hezbollah – you weren’t threatened directly by their rockets or kidnapping attempts.

Let me tell you a story that they won’t teach you in school, not an Arab school at least. A story about the decisive moment when Israel painfully decided how it’s future will look like, an anarchist state of armed militias or an organized democracy with one army…
The story revolves around the ship known as the “Altalena”; this ship was carrying weapons for the Etzel organization – one of the Jewish militant organizations prior to the IDF, and considerably a more radical one (also responsible for the king David hotel bombing – a very nasty action bordering on terrorism, but actually a result of miscommunication). Back then the IDF was at its humble beginning and was formed mainly from the members of the Hagana, another militant organization considered less radical. The ship was discovered at the coast of Israel by the IDF and the Etzel, already feeling the upcoming pressure for demilitarization of their armed force offered to share its load of weapons with the IDF but refused to give up the ship. That day the head branch of the IDF and Jewish council made a decisive painful decision – you can probably guess – they fired at the “Altalena” and sank it. In the days to come the Etzel dismantled and Israel became a fully democratic lawful state with one army fighting off the hordes of Arab nations that were determined to put an end to the Israeli dreams of their lost homeland.
Another anecdote is that both the commander that fired at the Altalena (Issac Rabin – the one who signed the peace agreement with Jordan) and the captain of the ship (Menachem Begin – who signed the peace agreement with Egypt) both became each in turn Prime ministers in Israel’s short existence.

You see tjex? Sometimes it takes a painful decision to confront those who threaten the stability of a state with anarchy – even if they are your own kinsmen – in order to achieve the dream of a true sovereign and free state. If Israel has done it and spilt blood for it, we can demand the same from Lebanon.

Soon I’ll answer the rest of your questions as well – I just want to post what I wrote first.

Pasdutout said...


Are you advocating to destroy the homes of thousands of people in the name of a cease fire?

Does that include the city of Tyre (which I believe has a population of ~250,000 - similar to Haifa?).

Chris from lebanon said...

To 1earth

Your ignorance is so abvious and doubtless that i am hoping that i am not waisting my time talking to you.

Facts: 1- your own government and the US considers the lebanese government as a moderate and pro western 1;
2- Its Hezb who started this war not lebanese Govt;
3- On national unity discussion, our govt was working towars the implementation of 1559 which calls on the disarmement of Hezb;
4- It is abvious that a resolution like that takes time...Your country took more than 18 years to implement an equivalent resolution that
called for your withdrawal from our country, which you did in 2000;
5- Majority of lebanese still dislike Hezb and most definitaley would love to see it disarm;
6- and last...extremists like you are the unwanted species that we are so unfortune to endure in our region.

1earth said...

pasdutout. Yes. If not utterly destroyed they have to be entirely and officially depopulated "live fire" zones that are off limits to civilians, the Lebanese army and everybody else.

It's tactfully a paindful loss but in the long run it can ensure that Lebanon does not bring about far greater destruction upon itself that may take unreplacable human lives as well as material property.

Chas said...

I believe you are the voice of reason this morning! I am from Northern Ireland and what you said about the disarmament process is largely correct... it was a long and difficult process calling for a lot of creative diplomacy on both sides.
To Eran and 1earth,
You're ideas are not only brutal but old and tired .. you are failing to come to terms with a changed political and military situation.
The last time your forces invaded Lebanon how long did it take them to reach the Litani river? In engagements between your best trained troops and Hezbollah "regulars" you have only managed one clear cut victory (at Balbek).
Let me make it clear that I fully support Israel's right to secure borders and that I regard rocket attacks on innocent civilians as criminal acts.
It is just that I believe that the way to create secure borders in the future is not to plant landmines or security zones or a scorched earth policy. These actions only provide the fuel for future conflict. This time Hez had learned to cope with your tanks, next time they will be able to handle your helicopters and the time after that they will have found a way to answer your F16s.
This is not a future I would wish on anyone in the region.
You need to seriously re-think. The path to peace infinetly more difficult and frustrating than the path to war.
You cannot continue to regard your neighbours lives and lands as "expendable" in your quest for security. When are you going to realize that there are two sides to a border? That your security and that of your neighbours is in fact one and the same?
It is time to think about building bridges instead of blowing them up, planting the seeds of hope in stead of landmines, free trade and travel zones instead of security zones.
I know this is tough .. much much tougher than blowing things up and I know it calls for a degree of trust that is hard to find right now, but if you really want security then it is time to stop undermining your own future.
Visit Lirun's Blog for excellent and well thought out ideas along these lines.

1earth said...

Chris, nice propaganda. The Lebanese government includes Hezbollah, the Lebanese government doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist any more than Hezbollah does. See why its difficult to believe you want to stop Hezbollah?

I remember the Lebanese ambassador in NY and the Lebanese president both expressing support and congratulations for the Lebanese attack on Israel before Israel responded. Can you explain that?

Again, the Lebanese democratically elected government doesn't want peace. They have some plan that involves them attacking Israel to boost their pathetic Arab pride while running an economy based on tourism. For some reason it's easy to believe the Lebanese didn't think that cunning plan through all the way.

Pasdutout said...


and what will you do once HA has longer range missiles (its only a matter of time until they do). use the same "scorched earth" policy for Sidon? Beirut?

yuval from tlv said...

hi all

as i said previously on other post this war will probably end by next weekend so cheer up..

i don't think that we're about to view a burst of violence between HB and Israel, the fight might get worse but not too much..
there's nothing more to do..

Israel is considering to take over the area between the border & the Litani river.. i think it'll be good cause this will allow the UN joint forces to be more capable to deal with the situation..

as i also said previously HB resist to such a cease-fire..
what i don't get is what the Fuck are you Lebanese doing?
does the HB decides about your foriegn behavior??
don't you have a government?

it's Lebanese goal to have a cease-fire so why the Fuck HB decides weather to stop it or not??

if they do it just shows that your far far away from being a soverign nation.

tgx -
what you're saying sounds great about HB to be disamred but do you realy believe that they'll disarm them selfs just because Lebanese wants to?
did the Lebanese wanted this war? did they asked them?
surely they don't give a F*ck about you people,
they do as they are being told from Syria & Iran, therefor negotiating with them about disarment, is useless - Syria will never allow it to happen..

and forgive me for being pasimistic, but if Israel returns the Shabaa farms back to Lebanon then you're going to deal with a heavier threat by Syria who claims it to be their land..

Pasdutout said...

I don't believe it: However this link is an intersting analysis of a lot of several rumours floating around...

JohnFowles said...

Maybe a 20 miles buffer zone would be good, but then let's share the sacrifice with 10 miles on each side of the international border. I hope the government of Israel will let 1earth do the talking to convince the local residents.

Michael said...

You can expect at least several more weeks of fighting. Do you think someone just waves a magic wand and a international force just pops into place. I think the Lebanese People should start demanding Hezbollah lay down their weapons and stop firing missiles into Israel. From everything I have been hearing France is not coming in there until they do. If you really want peace in Lebanon, then maybe you should start placing blame where it belongs. Right there in Lebanon.

1earth said...


Yes. For your sake hopefully Lebanon will have sorted itself out by then.

1earth said...

johnfowles, there are no militias in Israel that operate outside of the Israeli government's authority. (maybe that's not a bad idea, a Jewish militia that tries to kill Lebanese for the next 6 years, it would ruin the tourist season permanently)

So no, this 20 mile buffer will be Lebanon's burden. The Lebanese did the crime, they'll do the time.

yuval from tlv said...


for god sake don't you even wish for it..

it'll may cause people to understand us better, but there are other ways.

1earth said...

And for all you Israelis out there:

A Pew Research poll shows that approx 100% of Lebanese hate Jews. Maybe that's why the Lebanese refused to disarm Hezbollah?

Tjex said...

Eran, thank you for your reply. I appreciate the well thought out response.

Beleive me if I said that if the Lebanese government had a strong enough army, then they would have had some more weight to disarm HA.

Hopefully at the end of this, the Lebanese will be more vocal about no longer wanting HA and their idiotic beliefs.

As for 1earth, correct me if I'm wrong but our prime minister on a national address recognized Israel right to exist. Don't let the few fanatics on either side speak for the whole. Keep asking for your 20 mile buffer zone, it will never happen, and you know why? Because more and more ppl are getting tired of fanatics on Israel and on the Lebanese side.

I personally think what Lebanon and Israel should do is go buy some small island and move yourself and the ppl like you as well as all of HA to it. Maybe then we'll have the peace we all dream about.

You need to realize that Israel NEEDS the lebanese to solve the HA problem and surmount Syria's and Iran's influence.

eran levi said...


You talk of diplomacy, that’s nice really – making it seem almost a perfect choice, but all the time ignoring the most important thing – you forget that there is no possible diplomatic solution with a group calling for your destruction (Hezbollah) funded and armed by a state calling for your utter annihilation (Iran). What exactly are we supposed to negotiate with them? The exact way we are to be removed from existence? Or maybe if they’re in a good mood we’ll discuss the way we’ll sail to sea, living Israel behind and searching a new homeland. Yea right…

The only one discussion should be made with is PM Seniora and other non Hezbollah supportive factions inside the Lebanese government – and convince them that the disarming of Hezbollah is not something they can do at the time and schedule convenient for them, if at all, but is an urgent highest priority matter and that it takes a little more aggressive position on their part in order to achieve that. So far we have not convinced the Lebanese government enough – we are waiting to hear them shout it loudly – until that happens – we must keep going with the warfare attempts.

Unfortunately the Lebanese government says the process will take time – so what? So you suggest Israel just lay back and take everything Hezbollah throws at it, swallowing the killing of border guards – the occasional bombing of border towns and kidnapping? All for the uncertain blur promise of disarming Hezbollah eventually. What do you expect the Israeli government to say to the family who will loose their loved ones to Hezbollah incursions? That in a gesture to the Lebanese government their sons were sacrificed and their murderers will go unpunished and unopposed?

The Lebanese government will get it’s opportunity to disarm Hezbollah, but as long as this is not achieved yet and Lebanon remains unlawful anarchist state Israel will have to take measures to prevent future war fueling incidents such as the recent kidnapping…

And that means a mile from the border into Lebanon – village clean, mind filled and terrain flattened. Nothing else will ensure Israel’s peace of mind and quite northern border I’m afraid.

yuval from tlv said...

i don't know who had conducted it..

but let's assume that's true..

so killing one each other to complete death will be a good solution?

yuval from tlv said...

tgx - the island solution is great!

i heard iceland has many islands..
maybe we can by two of those? :)

1earth said...

Yeah, you want to move those people to an island when you won't even name them in your denouncements?

Your PM is calling Hezbollah heroic martyrs for Lebanon.

yuval from tlv said...

there is a truth about what 1earth is saying

you don't seem to go too hard on HB for what it did..

in fact as far as it seems to us you don't even mind for them..

seeker said...

In his position I reckon most people will do, call it an insurance policy.

Chas said...

I did not suggest diplomacy was perfect. In fact I acknowledged that the path to peace was the most difficult and frustrating. Please re-read my post.
What I am essentially trying to say is that the military solution, even if it were to prove an unmitigated "success" is not, in the longer term going to give Israel the security it has a right to. Building peace, trust, trade, cultural links maybe even friendship can do this.

Lirun said...

good evening guys..

i am pleased that the international efforts have delivered a proposal.. from what i heard of it i believe its reasonable.. at the end of the day the ultimate result can be only one.. the question is how many people need to die until that day arrives..

last night i found it very hard to sleep.. after the hadera bombings i was again asking myself.. is telaviv next? is the living room safer than the security room given my security room faces north? what anger will my country develop tomorrow? how many people will be reproted dead in the morning? what will we now do to the HA and (lebanon in the process)? will the balance of the outcome re-enforce stability or hatred? am i scared? do i resort to statistics? i havent seen some of my colleagues in over a week and they are in lebanon.. are they safe? how many people are thinking about them apart from me? last week i sent a massive crate of toys to the kids in the shelters up north - now the war has expanded should i send more? should i send more care packs to our soldiers - those 18 year old kids that have just matriculated from school? i worked a 70 hour week last week - do i put in more hours? do i get away? what about all the forests up north that are burning.. my grandparents generation planted many of these.. many trees i planted myself.. do i go and fight fire?

this is a very unbalanced war.. we are immeasurably stronger than HA lebanon syria and iran put together.. we could wipe them all out in a second if the violence was strictly physical.. however.. its not.. we are constrained and limited.. while blind missiles slaughtered people in israel only to warm hearts amongst the HA - israel hates the damage that is done to civilians as it pursues the missile launchers.. we are pushed everyday into a guaranteed loss.. we are immeasurably weaker in our ability to moral defend ourselves just as a parent can never justify hitting a child.. even a murderous evil possessed child because conceptually its an impossible sell..

today a pilot refused to be drafted.. he was on tv and he was talking about a copilot of his who said "look at my thumb.. this thumb has released 35 loads.. all through a press of this thumb".. he asked his copilot "how do you live with that" and he answered "the nights are tough.. but the days are impossible".. i was moved by the fact that he knew the number of loads dropped.. he had thought about this extensively.. he was not just a plane operator on "autopilot" but they were both very thoughtful and alert individuals who asked themselves all the right questions..

i dont want any of these questions to ever need to be asked again.. by anyone..

luckily my best friend called me this evening.. i was worried after not having heard for a week.. we are like brothers.. we hang out all the time and go trecking and camping and caving with our crew of friends.. i miss my friends..

sorry.. it just starting flowing..

anyway - i think we all have an opportunity.. the international community - for once - has crafted a solution and is offering to back it.. i think there is a lot to gain by aligning with it.. both in terms of lives spared.. trust built and a rest for our weary lands.. maybe once we wash this dirty canvas of battle we can start to paint a better picture for our region..

wishing us all peace..

to no more ugly questions

stevedecatur said...

Hizballah Responds: Hizballah official just declared (11:39 EST) that the organization will continue fighting as long as Israeli troops remain on Lebanese soil."

That means Hezbollah has to either free their two captive soldiers or move them to another country...

Any hostile country that accepts those soldiers is going to get it 10x worse than Lebanon.
If they get moved to Iran it's all the excuse Israel needs to wipe out Iran's nuclear capabilies.

William In The West said...

Chas, you misinform..

The IRA became part of a Northern Irish Parliament, but the British Governement had to dissolve it, because the IRA would not give up its weapons and the SDLP wouldn't work with them...

and having the head of the IRA (McGuiness) as minister for education was as crazy as the logic of Hezbollah.... the IRA are not part of the Northern Irish Parliament as we speak, the British parliament has taken charge....

But to other things... the French and American negotiating group have anounced a draft agreement for a ceasefirre (note the ommission of the word 'immediate'....

Why can't Lebanon and Israel be part of the negotiations?

There is not a snowball's chance in hell of a ceasefire holding. Hezbollah will use any time to re-arm, restock and reposition for the next tirade of rockets on Israel....

And another thing.. if you, the people of Lebanon are so against Hezbollah, why don't you email the Israeli government with the whereabouts of Nasrallah?

And of the rocket emplacements and the Hezbollah training grounds?

Then at least the Israelis might try harder to avoid the civilians...

But whatever you do.... get right away from any rocket emplacements so that Israel can eradicate them..

here are sone astonishing facts:

Israel has acknowledged 45 soldiers killed in action since the start of the Lebanon conflict on July 12. More than 2,500 rockets have showered on northern Israel, killing 30 civilians, injuring hundreds more, destroying property and scorching vast swaths of forests and fields

All this because of Nasrallah and Hezbollah..

Israel should bulldoze (using caterpillar trucks) the entire 12 miles to the Litani river, to safeguard their citizens in Nortern Israel.

And the Lebanese should organise themselves to get rid of Hezbollah, from the government, from the cities, from the land....

1earth is right; a radical action now will save a lot of lives later on..

By the way, did anyone listen to the BBC radio 4 interview with a hezbollah representative?

Please let me know..


carry on Israel, carry on.....

eran levi said...


You are right – unless we are wiling to go all the way and fight Hezbollah to his last man standing (could take many long months and much suffering on both sides) a military solution is not possible.

However – when dealing with homicidal death cults with Ideology of hate like Hezbollah the military path is the only road leading eventually (after the military achieved its goals – which are varied and not always sums in utter defeat of the enemy) to negotiation that can actually achieve something similar to long term peace and not just temporary cease fire until the next time Hezbollah decides to test Israel’s patience.

As I said, the only negotiable parties in the Lebanese side are the anti-Syrian anti-Iranian Hezbollah politically opposing members of the Seniora government. And they aren’t showing any real cry out against Hezbollah yet, Hezbollah’s will to fight and battle capabilities have not been reduced to a none threatening stage and the Lebanese people as it seems probably not war wary enough till now to make them actually raise their voice accusing Hezbollah for all of this.

Painfully I must claim that – the fighting must continue, so that Hezbollah’s military strength will be reduced sufficient that:
1. The Israeli government can satisfy the public’s demand to end the immediate threat to the north.
2. The Lebanese army, aided by the international force planed to reinforce it in south Lebanon and the Lebanese-Syrian border, is emerging stronger and better armed than Hezbollah – therefore capable of creating deterrence and pressure on Hezbollah militants.
3. To remove the paralyzing fear from Hezbollah among the Lebanese public. Eliminating Hezbollah’s capabilities of firing rockets effectively into Israel will diminish its awe and status among the Shia and Muslim population in Lebanon.
4. the Cleaning of south Lebanon from Hezbollah infrastructure and delivering it to the hands of the international force and the Lebanese army will prevent any future incidents between Hezbollah and the IDF.

And that’s why a military progress must be achieved before this conflict will be solved by the final negotiation.

Chas said...

hehe, I was living there at the time .. I am not wrong. The negotiations were difficult and the mechanism of disarmament was to say the least complex. I did not and do not want to get into the complexities of the NI peace process. The NI parliament is suspended at the moment and there is direct rule. That is just an example of what I mean ..pursuit of peace is difficult and frustrating.

William In The West said...

Talking of Islands, let me quote John Donne, one of our metaphysical poets (born in 1572; our democracy goes way back... beyond him... Great Britain is a mature democracy, but it took us a long time...... how long will it take The Lebanon?)

No man is an island, entire of itself
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main
if a clod be washed away by the sea,
the world is the less, as well as if a promontory were,
as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were
any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
it tolls for thee.

The island idea is a naff one anyway..


carry on Israel, carry on

abou al jamejem said...

I love my country more than I hate Iserael, and to be honest with you, I dont really care what is going to happen to the Jews in israel or the fucking palestinians in palestine, all I care about is my country. If people in Lebanon don't want their coutry to be bombed that dosen't mean that they support Huseballa. just tell me, beside some Shiaa in Lebanon who is supporting Huseballa?? my friends wakeup, let just reunite as lebanese in a peaceful country that seek to pay its 40 billion dollars in debt. We need jobs, we need proseparity, we need to live our lives and dreams. Let the mother fuckers syrians and Iranians fight their own wars with israel on their own soils. Syria is willing to negotiate with america to stop Huseballa if they giving them the Golan Heights, I mean you don't have to be jenius to know that syria is benefiting from all this shit that is happening in lebanon. By the way I have few nice words (manyaki) for you all: lak ayri bi Neseralla, w ayri bi lahood el mastoul, w ayri bi Michel oun el majenoun. W kis ekhet Iran w kiss ekhet Souria w kess ekhet kill wehed falastini. just translating: Fuck Neseralla, Fuck Lahood, Fuck Michel Aoun. Fuck Iran, Fuck Syria and Fuck the Palastnians.

Joel said...

Well, that just goes to show the necessity of destroying Hezbollah.

With any luck, the IDF will be up to the Litani shortly...

seeker said...

abou al jamejem,

I empathize with your frustration and agree that you deserve all that you wish for.
But if you teach us Arabic let's concentrate on the friendly words it can help us in the future :)

Itai said...

Using the definition of terror you gave in this context justifies the unjustifiable.
Your definition of terrorism is very wide and general and doesn't refer to terror in our context but to terror in daily manners. e.g. "This kid in school terrorizes everybody." it also fails to mention the word "UNLAWFUL". You can include in this definition any army who was ever engaged in a war and any Police force who ever enforced the law.

The definition of terrorism in our context is: "the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives"

The unlawful part refers to:
1. The status of the person/organization that commits it - The right to use force is reserved only to the Government and only with accordance to the law.
2. The manner in which the force is used. This part regards intl. law, the geneva convention and the rules of engagement. e.g. the deliberate targeting of civilians, use of human shields, engaging in combat without uniforms, using unmarked vehicles for combat purposes etc'.

I hope I clarified the matter because there is a lot of ambiguity on this these days

Sherri said...

I pray the fighting is over soon. And I hope that later negotiations can lead to a true and lasting peace. Looking at the conflict from outside, I can see views on both sides.

And this conflict is so very heartbreaking and tragic to me. When I pray for someone and place myself in their situations, it's like I can feel in some part that person's suffering and pain. I think about the Shiite Muslims, and seeing their homes destroyed, their relatives and friends scattered, family members killed, and then I think about the fact this is the 7th invasion by Israel into Lebanon similar to this one. The members of Hezbollah, how many of them lived through childhoods in which their memories are of death and suffering at the hands of Israel. How many are haunted by pain, suffering, and a sense of injustice every day of their lives? I think those painful emotions turn into hate, hate for the party they blame, Israel. And this leads to the formation of radical groups like Hezbollah. I don't think there can be a real lasting peace until the injustices done have been dealt with or there is some sort of healing and reconciliation.

I sit back and see civilians targeted by bombings (by Hezbollah and Israrel), over 1 million people displaced and no homes to return to in Lebanon (over one half of which are children), homes and businesses destroyed, probably over 1000 civilians killed in Lebanon, humanitarian aid withheld from those in need, ambulances bombed, United Nations Posts bombed, roads and bridges bombed, an oil spill creating a major environmental catastrophe and noone able to address it. There is so much hate evidenced here, and so much inhumanity perpetrated by human beings on each other. There was one baby in Tyre buried less than one day old who did not even have a chance to be named.

When I die, one of the things I look most forward to in Heaven is I will not see that hate and pain and suffering and heartbreak and inhumanity anymore. I believe we are all God's creations and he loves us all. When we hurt each other we break God's heart and I feel a part of that suffering too.

Itai said...

I don't think next week's U.N. resolution would change anything. It's done just so the politician of the west can say: "we tryed but we can't stop it."

1. HZA won't stop fighting as long as the IDF is on Lebanese soil.
2. The IDF won't withdraw until intl. force replaces it.
3. The resolution doesn't call for IDF to withdarw. so there, nothing achieved.
4. The U.N. resolution states that HZA started the aggression so HZA has to cease its fire first.

The only positive prospect of this resolution can be the cessation of rocket fire on Israel in exchange for the cessation of bombing of Lebanese infrastructure by the IAF but I doubt that ISR would even agree to that.

Ariya said...

What good does it do if France and the USA agree on anything? I wasn't aware they were the ones fighting. Stupid stupid stupid.

Chris from lebanon said...

oh well..Hezbollah has no one else to blame but themselves. They played with fire and now they put conditions to put it out.

Most of us lebanese are sitting on the sidelines watching this horrible movie and hoping for a happy ending. Those who support Hezb ..well your suffering is near...the devastating blow is due in the next couple of days..and i hope once that has brought you back to earth you will remember that doing syria's and Iran's jobs will only get you killed.

Loli said...

Itai has a point. the UN resolution won't solve much. I've seen it over and over again in teh Middle East.

What puzzles me is the naivete of HA supporters, who believe Nasrallah's claim of victory. Lebanon is suffering far more casualties than Israel, Israeli commandos come and go as they please, they are making progress on the gound, despite HA's fierce resistance. Tell me if I'm missing something here, but I don't see anything that remotely looks like victory to me. Making Israel's attacks on Lebanon fiercer doesn't mean at all HA is winning. He is winning public support thanks to Israel's brutality. Anyone who can't see that must be blind. Nasralla's poor strategic skills remind of Aoun's. When this lunatic started his campaign on the fascist Lebanese Forces, I was very hopeful in a strong, united Lebanon. But the only thing he succeeded in doing was to drag the christians into a useless, ruthless fight among themselves that resulted in a stronger Syrian influence. Is it surprising to see Aoun rally with Nasrallah? They are both equally megalomanic and short-sighted. They don't care about the good of Lebanon. In the meantime, the country is bleeding. Carry on, Nasrallah! Keep on claiming a false victory. Your campain reminds me of that of the Iraqi Minister of MisInformation.

GeorgeBest said...

Zionist propaganda machine out in force today. Hi Chris n AAJ, did I miss your Arab Zionist convention? I say right now hmmm, maybe all of Lebanon supports the natural resistance of Hezbollah against Israeli aggression. Look at the pictures of the bombed innocent children murdered sleeping in their beds. That's why. Before Israel went crazy it was less than 35%. Israel did what national dialogue couldn't do, Israel united Lebanon and made Hezbollah even stronger. Hezbollah lost 41 fighters? They now have 10s of thousands of volunteers from Egypt and Iran and Indonesia and of course Lebanon that want to go and fight back against the Jews and replace that 41. And Iran and Syria's weapons factories have not been bombed at all.

yuval from tlv said...

and after reading all of this

i still don't understand,
what is the best solution to get rid of HB?

Loli said...

Congratulations, GeorgeBest! An even bigger war with foreign troops on our soil. History repeats itself, only worse. Is that what we're looking for? More destruction? Can't we learn from the past? Someone needs to stop the madness!!!

yuval from tlv said...

negotiating with them won't work.
the Lebanese people won't fight them.
the Syrian won't give up their appetite to occupy Lebanon again, therefor HB will never disarm itself by it's own will.
the military forces to not contribute to the fighting against HB.

and HB won't agree to see a joint UN forces.

we shall keep on fighting for ever?

Poul said...

>>What I am essentially trying to say is that the military solution, even if it were to prove an unmitigated "success" is not, in the longer term going to give Israel the security it has a right to.

define "long term". israel is perfectly capable to beat hezballah so badly that it will take them 20 years to recover. then, it can be repeated if necessary. with even more power, probably.

>>Building peace, trust, trade, cultural links maybe even friendship can do this.

true, but it takes two sides to do it. so far, lebanese keep rejecting israeli hand stretched in peace.

this will be possible only *after* lebanese society decides that they don't want to follow in steps of german nazis anymore. in other words, until lebanon officially recognizes israel and is willing to sign a peace agreement and abide by it.

seeker said...

the answer is simple, the implemtation is illusive.
The only way to get rid of any sectarian movement is to integrate it.
Lebanese should follow Lebanon rule.
However, I don't see any of the actual actions taken leading to that ends.

Loli said...

I personally think it's too late now. HA is politically stronger than before, although for the wrong reasons.

yuval from tlv said...

seeker -

i think you're too naive, HB won't disarm it self..
they're a proxy of Syria, and Syria won't forgive Lebanon for the humiliation they got, by being kicked out of Lebanon without using any force.

HB likes Lebanon to return to Syrian occupation since this way they could continue arm themselfs, build them selfs better, and get easier access to Iranian weapon.

loli -

so should we just give up, and let the madness burst?

GeorgeBest said...

loli they seem to be foreign volunteers that would fight for Lebanon probably under Lebanese commanders I would imagine. 1000 civilians killed in a month for 2 soldiers. They think 2 of their own is worth 1000 Lebanese. How can their be peace with a neighbor like dangerously insane Israel? The Israelis saw all the tourists going to Beirut while their hotels were half empty, they saw Lebanon getting good relations with America while the Americans are getting sick of the Jews and doing their bidding, most of all they saw Lebanon as a rose that ruined Israel's dirty propaganda about all Arab nations looking like Gaza. Well they couldn't let any of that happen could they, did they?

Achillea said...

From the looks of things and as best I can read the map, the buffer zone will be about 5 miles deep. 1 mile, as has been pointed out, is too shallow to be really effective, and 12 (let alone 20) miles is not going to happen. That zone will be depopulated, with all structures (including underground things such as bunkers and tunnels) destroyed. It will also be mined (the mines have already begun to be delivered) albeit how comprensively is anybody's guess. Israel being the technologically kick-a** country that it is, there will probably be other automated/unmanned defenses, as well. As far as how long it will be maintained -- after the absolutely abysmal performance of UNIFIL for the past six years, Israel is not likely to entrust her border security to a 'multi-national force.' It will probably exist and remain under Israeli control until/if the MNF and/or Lebanon get Hezballah disarmed and under control.

Note: The buffer zone will not stop the rockets (other than the short-range ones). That's not what it's for. It's there to prevent ill-wishers tunneling or otherwise sneaking into Israel and making mischief. The MNF and Lebanon get to handle the rocket problem, it being part and parcel with disarming Hezballah, to prove that they're dedicated to making sure this never, ever, ever happens again.

Loli said...

I want all this to stop. I want each one of us to live in peace. but you have on one side a brutal paranoid Israeli force, and on the other a party that deludes itself and other Lebanese into believing that with "God's help" they're going to anihilate Israel. Add to that short-sighted, immature, excited supporters in both camps, and you get a very complex situation.

seeker said...

I didn't say HA will disarm itself,
I didn't say that.
I even think some PM would keep their sits if they could.
People that like power do not reliquish power without struggle.

But that is however the ONLY way to eliminate HZ,
I will be happy to be wrong.

yuval from tlv said...


what the fuck are you talking about?!

cut your drugs man, you far more delirious than anyother member over here.

it sounds like you're joking!!

yuval from tlv said...

loli it's just too complex i think for israel and lebanon to solve it by them selfs..

therefor i strongly believe that first we need this UN joint forces to restore peace over here for many years..

after that we could start to show some "effections", one to another by official apologize"..

later on to meat and then to descuss peace..
but do you think HB will let it happen if they'll keep on being so armed & free ?

seeker -

that is my question - what is that solution?

GeorgeBest said...


isn't there an Israeli blog that you could go and ruin? You have to spread your propaganda here too?

yuval from tlv said...

well i'm off to bed now..

good night everybody..

seeker said...

I just tried to change you question a bit,
For the time being we can't seem to really kill the ideology that is HA.
I think (But Itai should be far better than me in analysing army tactics)
that what Israel is trying to do is to weaken it + creating a buffer zone.
some kind of temporary solution that may work for some time and if we are lucky
Lebanon will be strong enough to resume lawful rule on the entirety of the its land.
But even to myself it sounds very lame, so I really hope that our leaders have more knowledge
and are smarter and I am missing a lot of information.

Chris from lebanon said...


You should tell where you buy your drugs man so i make sure i won't get'em from the same place. Where are you man?..Do you realy beleive all that crap about us christians, sunnis and druze are behind Hezb.

Look man, once this is done and over with, you will see..not only Hezb. will be down to its knees but we will make sure it will never revive again as a military milicia. At best they will remain a quiet political party.

Wee peace loving lebanese promise you that. Wait and see.

yuval from tlv said...

georgebest -

it hurt to see that your truth was actualy false right?

now you need to deal with it..

you spread hate.
that hate will eventaly get back to you.
and by that time, it'll be too late to say sorry.

GeorgeBest said...

Chris, yuval, drugs hihihi that's funny. You are the ones on drugs. Israel bombed the Christian neighborhoods. Israel bombed the Sunni villages. They even killed some Kurds for good measure. I don't know about druze. There are druze in the Israeli army. I know Israel loves to kill but is killing druze good for morale? Jumblatt is hiding on a mountain somewhere afraid of his own shadow probably. The people on the street remember what Israel did in 82 and are doing all over again now. Not you pseudo fake intellectuals with blogs that wish they were Israelis.

When this is over Hibollah will remember who collaborated with Israel and those people will have no future in Lebanon.

Loli said...


Based on past experiences with the UN, this will only be a temp solution, as seeker also suggests. We won't have peace until Lebanese unite for the good reasons (not behind HA) and resist foreign interventions. In the long term, there need to be changes in the whole region. Fundamentalism is rising and it will take a while for the people to gain political and humanistic maturity to stop resorting to bigotry and blind hate. Unfortunately, we are paying for so many mistakes of the past, mainly by the US and Israel, but also by past and current dicatorships in the region.

Chris from lebanon said...


I am sure you are not living in lebanon. What Israel is doing now reinforces our resolve that we lebanese don't want anything to do with wars and ideology. The hell with the palestinian cause, the arab causes, Syria and Iran.

Don't you see, the only traitors on lebanon soil are HEZB. They have Syrian and Iran agendas not lebanon's. Thats what we all feel about this war.

And as for the innocent victims on both sides are the blood on the hands of Hezb.

You should be a shame to call yourself a lebanese. Why don't go seek a syrian or an irani ID. Unless you already are one.

Loli said...

So people who are seeking peace are collaborating with Israel? What a strange conclusion! This is precisely what I call dictatorship. Anyone who disagrees with HA is a traitor. Nice! Who dragged us in all this? A fun-loving, rose-smelling Nasrallah?

Itai said...

Achillea, I don't think ISR wants ro stay in the buffer zone so it won't let LEB go back to normal until they or the world put a leash on HZA and the kidnapped soldiers returned. Two of the smarter ministers in the cabinet, Livni and Dichter, were against going even as far as the Litani. It's useless. You either just destroy the HZA posts within 1 mile of the border or go all the way to Beirut. Crawling into Lebanon to keep the rockets away is stupid and will cost in a lot of casualties.

And as for that georgebest lunatic I think people like him should go themselves to fight alongside HZA instead of sending others to die just so they can feed their hatred, sit behind the keyboard and spread their venom.

“I find war detestable but those who praise it without participating in it even more so”
Romain Rolland

GeorgeBest said...

BERLIN (Reuters) -
Iran has freed a son of al Qaeda leader
Osama bin Laden from house arrest, a German newspaper reported on Wednesday.
click here

Die Welt said the Iranian Revolutionary Guard released Saad bin Laden on July 28 with the aim of sending him to the
Syria-Lebanon border. It linked the reported move to the outbreak of war between
Israel and Lebanese-based Hizbollah.

"From the Lebanese border, he has the task of building Islamist terror cells and preparing them to fight together with Hizbollah," Die Welt said, quoting intelligence information.

"Apparently Tehran is counting on recruiting Lebanese refugees in Syria for the fight against Israel, using bin Laden's help," it added in a preview of a report to appear in its Thursday edition


Chris the more I hear the more you sound like Chris from Israel.

Loli people undermining the war effort are collaboraters. They are partly responsible for all the deaths and suffering in Lebanon. Lebanon needs a united front right now.

Chris from lebanon said...

Oh well georgebest...once you start giving those types of answers is because your opinion has no substance other than hatered.

GeorgeBest said...

Itai you fool, the appropriate answer is to put the buffer on Israel's side of the border since its Israel's problem, bulldoze your villages, make it as many miles deep as you want, ( preferably push the Jews all the way back to Europe, ) and get out of Lebanon you greedy zionist.

eran levi said...

George best is lost to Hezbollah propaganda - it's almost no point arguing with him, he will probably get himself killed in the up coming clashes - if he's Lebanese at all.

Hatred is not the way George, it brings only more death and destruction like Hezbollah brought on your country for the last few weeks.

You know Hezbollah can't win this, only cause more pain and suffering on both sides. I know you're angry George, but for once try to think what really boils underneath the surface - you can't blame the 'American-Zionist' scheme for all of the world’s troubles, it is after all your internal problem.

But you are right, it is also our problem - your guys at Hezbollah made it our problem by kidnapping our two boys. And now I'm afraid - we're coming in with the big guns.

Hope for days of peace to come

Loli said...

so having al qaeda as an ally makes you proud and advances your cause. How naive! Carry on, palestinize Lebanon.

Lirun said...

this is the that pisses me off on both sides.. people who are war hungry think that peace seekers are antipatriotic.. how stupid?!?! we want peace because we want our countries to not only subsist but to live in prosperity with the only chance for real security?

it boggles me how that is not obvious..

i need to work on that message because i know a lot of people who aer so blocked up that their logic stops exactly there.


wishing peace to all

any suggestions?

Chas said...

apologies for delay I was afk. Read my previous post for answers to some of your questions.
I think peace is everyone's roght and also everyone's responsibility. The issue is not just Israel's security, every border has two sides .. when both sides feel secure then you have real meaningful security. Building peace is a slow process, there will be many rebuffs and false hopes.
As far as the military solution goes, how long did it take Israel's forces to reach the Litani river the last time they invaded Israel? .. I am not sure but I think it was a matter hours or days, not weeks. Put two and two together here guys and realize that things have changed.

Tired said...

Do you think "as long as Israeli troops remain on Lebanese soil" applies to kidnapped soldiers?

There will be a cease fire, the million or two Lebanese and Israeli refuges will straggle home (most, not all.) Lebanon will start to rebuild - and in six months or two years it will start all over again.

Fun, eh?

Mirvat said...

earth said, "Israel should take this time to level all the villages and cities south of the Litani river. Turn Southern Lebanon into a no-man's land with mines and flat terrain that lacks ideal locatations for Lebanese to launch attacks at Israel. It's in the interest of both sides that this ceasefire succeeds."

why not level north israel and pound it to dirt and turn it into a no man's land:
- HA rockets would fall into an empty land and noboby gets hurt
- this will keep israelis out of lebanon and then HA would not need to retaliate

abou al jamejem said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
abou al jamejem said...

all of you guys who support Huzeb el Chaytan(devil), I tell you to shut the fuck up. GEORGEBEST, you should call yourself GeorgeWorst. Huzebalchaytan dont wanna disarm even if iserael return Shebaa farms and released all the prisoners, and withdraw behind the blue line. Syria wantrs Huseballa to keep on fighting so they can force Israel to withdraw from the Golan heights ( which is not goanna happen). If Israel agree then Syria will force Huseballa to disarm. You guys have to know that Huzeballa agenda is not Lebanese, but rather is a Syrian and Iranian agenda. Syria knows that they can not fight Isael in a conventional warefare and at the same time they don't want their country to get destroyed so they outsource the fight to Husballa in Lebanon and in the process they destroy the entire country and they do not care.

yuval from tlv said...

abou al jamejem -

you're absolutely right..
who do you think the world put it's pressure on, in order to stop HB?
Syria off course.
they arm them, and harbor them in case they need to be harbored..

but you missed one important thing -

Syria also get's a weaker Lebanon, easier to control off.

georgebest -

if that's your ideology, so you're invited to join HB and get killed with them..
bayme it'll make your hate feelings go away, since you obviously lost any other feeling.

shittyzionz said...

see who agrees with abu aljamajem? Yuval !! does that ring any bell? yeah I forgot they are bothe from the same country with the same ideology!!

you are the best ;)


abou al jamejem said...

to shittyzions, I am Lebanese more than all of you. My brother and my father were in the Lebanese army and they fought to save your ass from the syrians. But this has been the game for ever, anyone who speaks out is a traitor. By the way , kiss ekhet neseralla, w ekhet 3aoun w ekhet lahoud el ayr, w ekhet souriya w ekhet bashar el zaber w ekhet kil wehed bi senedoun lannoun jame3et maneyek.

Achillea said...

Achillea, I don't think ISR wants ro stay in the buffer zone so it won't let LEB go back to normal until they or the world put a leash on HZA and the kidnapped soldiers returned. Two of the smarter ministers in the cabinet, Livni and Dichter, were against going even as far as the Litani. It's useless. You either just destroy the HZA posts within 1 mile of the border or go all the way to Beirut.

I agree that Israel's not going to run a DMZ all the way up to the Litani. They would either have to depopulate a huge area (including Tyre, which is a major city) or occupy it over a hostile population. Neither option is tenable politically or strategically, something I've been saying all over the place for weeks now. I think a 1-mile deep buffer is too shallow and that 5 miles is more likely. But either way the upshot's going to be a strip along the border cleared of people/structures, then warded with mines and (given Israel's technological expertise) other automated/remote defenses. They might well use it as a launch point for strikes as far north as the Litani (as well as up the Bekaa), but they won't try to establish any kind of permanent presence outside of the zone. I think they will maintain that buffer zone, though, until Lebanon gets its act together and shuts down Hezballah as a military force.

Lebnese Liona said...

abou al jamejem,

if you brother and dad were in the army then act like you have some dignity and respect for what they fought for and stop with these zionist views!!!



We would like to hear from you on the Dandana TV blog. We are looking to contact people so they can share their emotion, send dedications, as well as contributions to the victims of Lebanon.
We will also be using pictures and quotes from your blog that is related to the subjec on our live telethon that is meant to raise money for the victims of the war in Lebanon.

shittyzionz said...

abual jamajem,
3ayb hayek,didnt your mama teach you how tobe polite? 2 of my uncles were killed during the Israeli invasion in 82,so you are not more Lebanesethan me & Lebanese Liona!
o ba3daeen ma besseer hayek, keef btehky hayek eddam kel el zionists here? eza fy ekktelaf bynatna kallona n7elo on our own so plz eza kent bet7eb lebanon, quit these stuff for now only, o lamma beyklas kel shy badna net7asab,ok?

Chris from Lebanon
Speak for yourself,Im a Chritain Lebanese & I support HA! I repeat what I saidto abuljamajem,leh betkalo a3deaana yeshmato feena?yeeeh, badna ne7ky 3an the whole thing later!! plz we 7yat lebnan ma badnayahon eshofo enna mektelfeen fy hyda elwaaet bezzat!!