Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ballance of "terror" indeed...

Thus far, in this conflict, Hizballah has fired 3000 rockets into Israel with the explicit intention of killing civilians in retaliation for the death of Lebanese civilians - who the Israelis claim were killed unintentionally, as they were merely caught in the cross fire, or mistakenly targetted.

Those 3000 rockets have killed 33 Israeli civilians - as compared to the Lebanese civilian toll, which is quickly climbing up to a thousand deaths, with several times as many injuries.

My question to the high and mighty Hizballah is: whatever happened to the "balance of terror" that you promised would "protect Lebanon from Israeli aggression?"

Two days ago (or yesterday), when I heard Nasrallah "threaten" the Israelis that he would hit Tel Aviv if the Israelis hit Central Beirut, two thoughts came to my mind:

  1. This pompous (...) actually believes that the reason the Israelis aren't hitting Central Beirut is because of him and his "detterence capabilities"!!! How delusional can he get???

  2. The man is brilliant: He knows the Israelis are not going to hit Central Beirut, and he wants to take credit for it - in preparation for the political tug of war that will materialize within Lebanon after the guns fall silent.
One thing must be clear to all Lebanese - and I mean ALL: what has transpired over the past two weeks eliminates all the pretense for Hizballah's existence as a military force.

Its proclaimed ability to protect Lebanon from Israel has summed up to nothing more than causing a fraction of the damage to Israel in retaliation. All Hizballah can claim any kind of credit for is its ability to protect itself, and avoid elimination - small consolation to the rest of us.


Lirun said...


thanks for sharing your thoughts..

i hope other lebanese people see it the same way..

on both sides we need reasonable minds to surface through the rubble of propaganda so that we can base a peace treaty on something..

sleep well mate

peace to all

we need to establish tunnels of friendship

serge said...

Didn't Nasrallah say a month ago:
"Al Insan Awallan".

lisoosh said...

Good post.

What are the numbers of Hizbollah killed?
Are they included in the general number or is there a separate count?

dougjnn said...

lisoosh said...
What are the numbers of Hizbollah killed?
Are they included in the general number or is there a separate count?

That’s very unclear. It is clear that Hezbollah was putting out very low numbers and has more recently stayed quiet. The IDF is claiming 400-500 last I heard yesterday.

My guess is that any Hezbollah killed in the southern suburbs of Beirut or in Tyre or the Bekkaa Valley, areas where the Lebanese government and it’s hospitals etc has a presence, are counted by the Lebanese as civilians, whereas Israel probably makes guesstimates of how many were Hezbollah fighters. I would also guess that most counted by Israel as Hezbollah kills have been in close combat in the ground campaign, whereas Hezbollah admits VERY few of these and probably buries it’s dead in areas where it is thick on the ground and the national government isn’t, without letting them get into the national Lebanese count.

Loli said...

goog point, Serge!!

Yohay Elam said...

Interesting post.
I hope that peace will be restored and Lebanon will be free from Hizbullah, Syria and fresh Israeli occupation.
I think that nobody can "win" the war, and nobody will stop, because nobody wants to "lose". After 25 days of killing and destruction, everyone has lost.
Only the world can stop the madness.

Tsedek said...

I still don't get it about "central-beirut" -

the bridges Israel bombed y'day were not in beirut then?

Israel hasn't touched central beirut?

b.t.w. nasrallah didn't say "central" but only beirut.

as you can see, i am a bit confused about this, can someone explain?


GeorgeBest said...

See, all of Lebanon and all Arabs have united thanks to insane Israel's criminal aggression against Lebanon.

Militants merge with mainstream

· Hizbullah emerges as symbol of resistance
· Anger at Israel's actions unites Shias and Sunnis

The anger in Egypt ranges across the spectrum from the Muslim Brotherhood - which has offered to "send immediately 10,000 mujahideen to fight the Zionists alongside Hizbullah"

Whatever qualms Arabs once had about Hizbullah they have since been dissipated by Israel's attacks, the hundreds of deaths, the sight of up to a quarter of the Lebanese population fleeing their homes, and especially the bombing of UN observers and the massacre at Qana.

The Shia organisation and its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, have become symbols of resistance even in such unlikely places as the Gulf countries where Sunnis and Shias have been spotted waving the yellow-and-green flag. Christians are joining in as well. In Damascus yesterday, a Catholic church held a special mass. "Pray for the resistance, pray for Hassan Nasrallah. He is defending justice," Father Elias Zahlawi urged his congregation.

Unlike al-Qaida, admiration for Hizbullah stretches beyond disaffected militants to take in teachers, writers, broadcasters, and doctors many of whom, under other circumstances, would be pressing for democracy and reform.

Mohammed Abdel Qader Jasem, a Kuwaiti lawyer and writer, argued that Israel's action in Lebanon may pave the way for a "yellow tide" (referring to Hizbullah's flag) to sweep the Gulf.

Despite Jordan's peace treaty with Israel, the king was unusually forthright on Thursday warning Israel's action in Lebanon and Gaza had caused "despair in the whole region" and "weakened the voice of moderation".

Other Arab governments including Egypt and Saudi Arabia - have also toughened their stance but this cuts little ice with many of the demonstrators."Egypt! Jordan! Saudi Arabia! Nasrallah has bested you all," they chanted in the Cairo square on Thursday.

Full article below,,1837874,00.html

Ghassan said...

I have been thinking about the motivation of Nasrallah when he made that challenge to Israel. I came to the conclusion that he actually wanted Israel to hit other parts of Beirut besides the Dahia not because he can inflict that much damage on Tel Aviv but because he truly would like the Beirut Sunni community to get a taste of the Israeli war machine. The man is a delusional megalomaniac who thinks that spreading around the paun is in his favour.

Loli said...

Not sure about your hypothesis re: the Sunni. But I totally agree that he's a megalomaniac. I see him as a replica of Aoun. He rallies lots of Lebanese, challenges a much stronger enemy, and leads to a disastrous result.

Chris from lebanon said...

To Georgebest,

You are totaly wrong about your assesment of how lebanese other than Hezb. followers are seeing this war.

We will never forgive Hezb the suffering, the agony and the destruction it brought to lebenon and the lebanese people.

Again i'm telling you, this will be the last stand Hezb will ever make on lebanese grounds. We are fed up from the madness of their ideology and extremisim. None of us christians is siding with a group working for Syria and Iran Interests. Hezb agenda is in the interests of lebanon..that is now abvious to all of us.

As for you, i firmly beleive that your name isn't george and most definitaley are not lebanese.

By the way, you comments are realy not fooling anyone around here. Go and stick your nose with syria and Iran and smell the roses.

lisoosh said...

No they have not bombed Cental Beirut, the focus was on the southern suburbs where Hezbollah was/is based. The bridges were outside.

Tichondrius1 said...

Hezbollah can also claim to have killed about 40 IDF soldiers, but of course at least 400 of its fighters were killed in confrontation with IDF ground forces (this doesn't includes its losses due to air raids). A real victory indeed.....

lebinusa said...

Alot of you Christians are totally lost in blaming Hezbollah for this. I think you guys are sadly naivee as to how perverse Israel is and their agenda. If anything, blame Hezbollah 1%, and Zionism 99%!!

Firstly, did it ever occur to you, that fighting and chaos amongst Lebanese IS EXACTLY WHAT ISRAEL WANTS!! It's called divide and conquer, and their goal is bedlam in Lebanon. THey want the whole control to turn on the Shia and marginalize them, so they can install a puppet Israeli friendly govt.

Let's not forget, the Hezbollah sacrificed their LIVES to liberate southern lebanon, an area where some christians live too!

Concerning the abduction of soldiers, that was just part of the reason. True, it may have been miscalcuted, but there were countless of prisoner exchanges before, and Israel has land mines throughout the south that are killing/injuring farmers.

You can tell by Israel's massive response, that they were planning this all along. They are threatened by a prosperous arab neighbor, as Lebanon was supposed to have it's biggest year of tourism in 30 years! Notice how they are bombing things that have nothing to do with Hezbollah. I'm of the belief that Israel, and the Neo-Cons in the White House, want this all along.

Sad to see how alot of you Christians fall for the Zionist media spins, without looking at the whole context.

Tichondrius1 said...

Despite the losses to Hezbollah it has not been eliminated and will most likely continue to be a dangerous force. The only way to disarm Hezbollah will be by means of a process within lebanon after the war is over. Therefore Israel should work hard on the diplomatic front to advance proposals that will promote the dismarming of Hezbollah. But a lot of this depends on the lebanese people, so Israel should really try to be supportive, rather than blaming them and continue to collectively punish the country. But of course we all know Hezbollah and its sponsors will furiously resist any attempt to disarm Hezbollah. So it really depends on the will of the lebanese people more than any other thing....

Tichondrius1 said...

Lebinusa, you are wrong ! Israel wants peace with Lebanon, as it has proposed many times in the past, and also signed a peace treaty once with Lebanon. Israel doesn't want anything else from Lebanon. It doesn't want to occupy it or attack it. It just wants peace and security. Hezbollah's story of "defending" lebanon is a lie, as Hezbollah clearly states it wants to destroy Israel. Hezbollah attacked Israel, and now that Israel is responding and trying to eliminate Hezbollah, it falsely claims it is "defending" the country, but in reality Hezbollah started the war by attacking Israel, and it has done so many times over the last several years. Hezbollah is responsible for this war as it is not defending lebanon, but rather provoking its neighbors and inciting violence.

lebinusa said...

Tichondrius, you are either a believer in Zionism, or have brain damage. If Israel wants peace and prosperity for Lebanon then:

Why don't they return Shebaa farms?
Why don't they provide map of all the land mines in the south?
Why don't they stop their brutal, racist treatment of the Palestinians, knowing that there are 500,000 refugees in Lebanon which will cause a crisis for Lebanon in the future.
Why do they have hundreds of Lebanese prisoners (women too) who aren't even tried in a court of law?
Why does it violate Lebanon's airspace?

Oh and by the way, Israel would love Lebanon's water supply, via the Litani river.

If you are really naive, go to
insteading of watching Fox news and CNN.

Chris from lebanon said...


Could you please tell me whats wrong with having peace with Israel?..

We lebanese have been doing more of the same for the last 30 years..meaning sticking our nose in Syria's ass, palestinians ass and the whole arab world's ass.. and what did it got us..destrying our country 3 times already.

Well the hell with all of them and with Hezbollah. We lebanese want to live in peace. we want democracy and a future for our kids and generations to come. Enough of crap and ideology about tribal primitive arabs tike you.

Isreal..please comtinue and get rid of that cancer i eating our country. We owe to all the innocents killed on both sides of the border.

Chris from lebanon said...


And as to the palestinians, well we welcomed them back in the early 70's only to thank us a couple of years later by trying to overturn the governement, overrun the lebanese people and igniting the civil war.

So please, the last thing us lebanese want to hear is the victimization of the palestinian people. They had it coming to them with Jordan in 1970, lebanon in 1982 and now with israel. Those people just want destruction and have no appetite for peace. So i don't blame Israel to be careful about trusting them.

lebinusa said...


Firstly, I never said we shouldn't have peace with Israel, I'm saying ISRAEL DOESN'T WANT PEACE WITH US! Or rather , they want peace, as long as they get to control everything. The claim that Hezbollah attacked them, must be put into context. As I said, Israel has abducted/killed many lebanese in the south, and has crossed border themselves many times. In the past, there were prisoner exchanges. In addition, hezbollah's demands are legitamate!!! Shebaa farms is LEBANESE, not Israeli, and it is a war crime to have all those landmines in the south.

Oh, and there is a big difference, because they have a wicked military, and are backed by the world's most powerful country. So they have been the dictators, and ruiners of peace.
Should the Shia in the south just roll over, and let Israel slowly take their land? Do you not understand, that if weren't for Hezbollah, you'd probably be occupied by Israel by now? How can you make peace with someone who continually commits massacres? I have no problem with jewish people, and many israeli citizens, but I don't think you realize the intent of the Israeli govt./white house.

Chris, I doubt you are a real Lebanese, as you are "thanking" the Israelis for this. "removing a cancer" as you put it. Please, go find and israeli soldier, and kiss his boot. tell him thanks for all the war crimes and refugees, this is all hezbollah's fault.

Chris from lebanon said...


I doubt it Hezbollah is working for lebanese interest. Hezbollah has its own agenda which is dictated by Syria and Iran. They are not the government of lebanon and they had no right whatsoever to ignite a war like that and bring hell upon our heads.

Since lebanon is not on their agenda and most definitely don't have any respect to the demcraticly elected government, then they are the enemies of the lebanese people. Well the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Until they realize that they need to serve lebanon above all, i deeply hope israel will kick their ass and send them a good wake up call so they won't poke their nose in a buisness that concerns lives and people way beyond their own followers.

Chris from lebanon said...

As for whose more lebanese between me and you, well all your arguments are based on the palestinian cause, arab ideology, your abvious hate for israel and the tiny Shebaa farms.

Well palestinian cause and arab cause is none of my concern. They don't serve lebanese interest.
As for the shebaa farms, well tell me who the hell is Hezbollah to under take a decision like that. This is a state matter and its for the lebanese government to settle it. Otherwise, we will be living in a chaotic regime.

As for my arguments well they all serve the constitution of lebanon. And beleive me, the cedar revolution will come out lot stronger then before. By the way, did you see Hezb demonstrating with the Cedar revolution.... No huh...well according to you those 1,5 millions who did demonstrate are not lebanese.

Lirun said...

Israel's water ambitions have long been addressed through trade and technology.. unfortunately as a dry region - it is clear that natural resources cannot be relied on without further supplementation - desalination and trade..

israel very much wants peace with lebanon.. it just wants its neighbour to restrain the overbearing pet - ferrae naturae.. this pet is a genuinely violent nuisance biting in all directions..

i think we have a real opportunity to progress our region right here..

allow me to remind you that no agreement is ever perfect and ever sufficiently comprehensive to cover all options.. agreements have to be "worked" and that is the real answer.. if we otherwise wait for the perfect magical document that will somehow defend us all - nothing willever change..

wishing peace

carpe diem

Lirun said...

loli and chas i would like to invite you to become official contributors on my blog.. i shall be offline from thursday for the most part of the following 10 days - i have come to respect your views immensely and your approach to addressing the issues in our region..

(a) in recognition of the value of having both a lebanese person as well as a person from another country that has been through similar

(b) in the interest of keeping the momentum of the blog alive during that brief period

i cordially urge you to accept my invitation


good minds and hearts are a valued resource

lebinusa said...


"I doubt it Hezbollah is working for lebanese interest."

So spilling their blood to liberate the south was all for naught? We should just let Israel slowly take land by land? You disregard all the positive contributions.

"They are not the government of lebanon and they had no right whatsoever to ignite a war like that and bring hell upon our heads."

Hezbollah IS a part of the govt. of lebanon. They didn't send any rockets into Haifa, until Israel had already destroyed significant infrastructure.
You still don't seem to grasp, that Israel was GOING TO ATTACK LEBANON ANYWAY!! Blaming HB for Lebanon's destruction, is like blaming a teenage girl for getting raped, instead of the rapist. Abducting 2 soldiers DOES NOT justify killing 1k people and displacing 500,000.

"Since lebanon is not on their agenda and most definitely don't have any respect to the demcraticly elected government, then they are the enemies of the lebanese people. Well the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Not allowing Israel to bully them and take their land and water, isn't part of the Lebanese agenda? For you to side with Israel is sad and horrible. If HB were to disappear, it would only be a matter of time before they occupied lots of Lebanon, and had you on a leash.

"i deeply hope israel will kick their ass and send them a good wake up call ."

Everytime Israel attempts ground conflict against HB, they get their butts kicked. Israel's idea of "kicking ass" is committing war crimes and callously killing women and children via warplanes.

Look Chris, in all honesty, I do respect your opinion. I am anti-zionism, not anti-semetic! According to the research I've done, Israel (speaking of the agenda of the govt., not all the citizens) is akin to the third reich. THEY ARE THE CANCER! It is sad you can't see it. Like anything in life, you have to address the root problems, not the symptoms. If you want a prospering Lebanon, then you'd realize who the really enemy is, rather than stabbing those who fight for you in the back.

lebinusa said...

I just want to repeat to everyone here that I'm NOT racist or anti-semetic! I believe Israel should exist, and pray for the day when we can have peace and friendships on a large scale. I am criticising the actions of the Israeli govt./military historically. It uses a belligerent "collective punishment" attitude constantly, which has caused the lives of thousands of civilians.

minuses said...

A top Saudi Sunni cleric, whose ideas inspired Osama bin Laden, issued a religious edict Saturday disavowing the Shi'ite guerrilla group Hizbullah, evidence that a rift remained among Muslims over the fighting in Lebanon.

Hizbullah, which translates as "the party of God," is actually "the party of the devil," said Sheik Safar al-Hawali, whose radical views made the al-Qaida leader one of his followers in the past.

"Don't pray for Hizbullah," he said in the fatwa posted on his Web site.

The edict, which reflects the historical stand of strict Wahhabi doctrine viewing Shi'ite Muslims as heretics, follows a similar fatwa from another popular Saudi cleric Sheik Abdullah bin Jibreen two weeks into the conflict with Israel.

tears for lebanon said...


I agree with everything you wrote...EVERYTHING! I, myself have had conversations with 'chris from Lebanon' over the last few days in respect to another article. I, too do not believe that he is Lebanese and have told him as much...I believe that he is an Israeli masked as 'Chris in Leb'. I believe it is an effort to sway popular opinion (held by the world) by the Isreali's to further their propaganda campaign.

There is no Lebanese or Arab who would see the destruction of their land and the senseless murder of their countrymen and actually say thank you and 'Israel...please continue" as Chris in leb wrote.

I have asked Chris to explain to me how he could feel that Israel is 'helping' Lebanon by targeting ambulances and medics on route to saving innocent people. I asked is the help in the form of allowing those innocent civilians to die sooner verses a slow death in a hospital, which are near shut down because they are quickly running out of fuel to keep their generators working. Is Israel helping by not allowing entrance of the fuel ships, that will serve those hospitals, that are sitting at the sea port just waiting for Israel to give 'permission' to enter?
Ironically, Chris had no response to those questions...that is because he is not Lebanese. If he were, he could have not turned a blind eye as he has.

I also agree with Georgebest. Your assessment of the moderates sympathizing with Hezbollah are correct. I am a moderate, a western Leb in the US, who is now making a point to inform all my American friends of the great injustices and Murder that Israel is committing with our tax dollars...and bombs. And I am not Shi'a...but I now plan to name my first son Hassan. Because yes, the Lebanese are united.

minuses said...

`It uses a belligerent "collective punishment" attitude constantly, which has caused the lives of thousands of civilians.`

When threatened with extinction even a rat will turn around and fight.
This `collective punishment` is what war is all about. No point crying about `innocent civilians`. In war all become combatants.

minuses said...

`There is no Lebanese or Arab who would see the destruction of their land and the senseless murder of their countrymen and actually say thank you and 'Israel...please continue" as Chris in leb wrote.`

That is certainly to be expected. So there really can be no end.
Only `hudna` - 10 years time-off.

Lirun said...


your comment is both inflammatory and wrong..

we are not your cancer.. wow.. imagine the response an israeli would get if they wrote that they were not anti muslim just anti arab and that arabs were the cancer.. they would be duly scorned for their stupidity.. i shall leave that to my compatriots..

perhaps you can consider (not explain but just consider to yourself) how humane the HA's 3000 missiles have been and how much launching has been akin to showering us with flowers..

secondly you might also want to consider how much those "who fight for you" care about you when they wage a war in your name without telling you.. imagine you have a house sitter that gets pissed of at your neighbour and decides to burn their house down because they have been bad neighbour to you.. would you call their actions honorable or even remotely recommended..

finally lebin.. i dont know a single israeli who wants lebanese soil.. not even the most fanatic ones i know.. and i know some - believe you me..

your message says the word peace.. but its couched in firy words of war and hatred.. i suggest you closely examine your own heart and decide what you want because your message doesnt come across as very coherent..

wishing peace to all.. truly

enough is enough

Lirun said...

today should be a day of intense hope.. dont waste your breath on mutual judgment.. religious ones should be praying and others wishing as hard as they can..

we have a historic opportunity unfolding before us..

today more than many other days may one day be the subject of much admiration or condemnation by our future generations for years to come..

hope it wont be wasted..

wishing us all peace very soon


minuses said...

Lo and behold, suddenly the maximum leader, Nasrallah is begging for a cease fire(see MEMRI). Meanwhile the critics are backtracking. Ralph Peters is saying that finally, at long last, the IDF has come around to using land forces. Nice try Ralph. And Debkafile now says: "...In the middle of the fourth week of the Lebanon War, the tide began to turn in Israel’s favor. DEBKAfile’s military sources report the battlefield finally responded to the effect of Israel’s air might, its tank columns, the pounding by mobile artillery and naval craft and its repeated armored infantry assaults..."

One other criticism we heard over and over in the first days of the war: Israeli intelligence was disastrously wrong about the danger. But if intelligence was so poor, how come the IDF has been able to pull off a number of daring and successful commando raids deep into entrenched Hezbo positions, even into a single apartment in a 16 story building?

Lirun said...

6 story - 16 apartments.. lets try to stay accurate

minuses said...

Many thanx for accuracy

Lirun said...

hehe - to be honest imnot even sure.. so many numbers fly across the screen.. im probably wrong


lebinusa said...

"When threatened with extinction even a rat will turn around and fight.
This `collective punishment` is what war is all about. No point crying about `innocent civilians`. In war all become combatants."

What you don't grasp is, this attitude creates more insecurity for you in the long run. Maybe if you stopped having this irrational paranoia, and treated your neighbors with respect, you may have peace.


I sense you are a good person, and I'm sorry if those words were hurtful. To be even more specific, I am anit-Israeli policy, I don't know you as person, or the majority of Israelis.

Fundamentally, I don't feel that I'm being racist or hateful, in opposing an entity that is itself racist, and murderous to it's neighbors. These are facts! Sorry to say.

Concerning the rockets, I don't agree with them. BUT many Lebanese civilians were already killed, before Haifa was attacked. Just as Israel feared for its survival, so did HB. Extremists believe Israel has no conscience, so why should they. I'm not saying that's right either, just helping you see the big picture.

In my eyes, an Israeli warplane callously striking civilian laden targets, IS TERRORISM! Of course they will say it was a "mistake" or HB is using "human shields", but I'm sorry WE DON'T BUY THAT! That's happened for too many years and too many people have been killed. I don't know what is in the mind of the Israeli airpilot when he fires the bomb down below. Maybe he thinks there are no civilians there, maybe he does but couldn't give a shit, maybe he relishes in incinerating arab civilians, or maybe he is just clumsy. Regardless, that is killing civilians.

How can you disregard the aggressive, murderous nature of your military, along with dozens of war crimes and breaking of UN resolutions, along with the thousands if not millions of refugees you've created during the past decades, along with occupying lands in palestine, lebanon, and syria?

In my opinion, it can come down to either two things. Either Israelis still crazily believe that massive killing to anyone who opposes you or disagrees with you is the solution to security, Or, the zionist agenda has no moral conscience and is allying with the U.S. for dominance in the region. For the first part, I suggest trying to stop killing collectively and destroying lands, and treat others with respect, and maybe they won't grow up extremists. For the second, well we should all pray as it would be the beginning of the apocalypse.

Boris the Bullet Dodger said...


"Why don't they return Shebaa farms?"
The Shebaa farm are according to the UN part of Syrian territory (see

"Why don't they provide map of all the land mines in the south?"
I know that Israel gave UNIFIL atleast some maps of the landmines ( And I suspect, that like the other parties of the conflict, a lot of the mines have been put without proper marking. But, I agree with you that Israel should try harder. But this is not a good reason to go to war.

"Why don't they stop their brutal, racist treatment of the Palestinians, knowing that there are 500,000 refugees in Lebanon which will cause a crisis for Lebanon in the future."
The Palestinians caused a crisis in Lebanon in the past. But that is besides the point. Israel wants to have peace with the Palestinians, Kadima and Labour have clearly stated in a two state solution. If you are refering to the treatment of the Arab-Israelis, than I concede that there racism towards them, shamefull in the view of most Israelis. Israel works very hard to help stop racism against Arab-Israelis, and it could do far more.

Incidently, quite a few Arab Israelis civilians have been killed so far due to hizballah rocket attacks.

Why do they have hundreds of Lebanese prisoners (women too) who aren't even tried in a court of law?
I am aware of only 3 or 4 lebanese in Israeli prisons. ( Samir Qantar killed a policeman, a civilian male and his 4 year old daughter by crushing her skull. During a terrorist attack ( Nissim Nasser is an Israeli citizen of Lebanese origin convicted of spying for hizballah. Yahia Skaff I am not sure. And possibly Ali Faratan.

Why does it violate Lebanon's airspace?
It violates Lebanon's airspace in order to fight hizballah, as the Lebanese army is either incapable or unwilling to control their own territory.

Oh and by the way, Israel would love Lebanon's water supply, via the Litani river.
We would also love to drink the blood of your children. Look at the facts, Israel does not want to bomb Lebanon. We are so fucking tired of war and death. We have been living it for 57 years and we are tired of it. Let us live in peace and we'll do the same to you. I don't want you to love us, just let us be.

seeker said...


I will not argue your views with you, its your right to hold to them,
I am however not understanding why when Chris is expressing his intrests in life (education, job, a place to live etc, etc) he is blamed to be a collaborator...,
As long as the zionists exists you are not allowd to hold on personal intrests ?
Are you sure that after we are gonne it will be changed ?

Regading the 3rd reich and your research,
I would be very intrested in reading it, a point by point explantion on where we are similar/unsimilar.
I could learn something.

Mark said...

I am an American who has spent nearly four years in the Middle East, mostly in Egypt (3 years), but also in Israel (3 months and several shorter visits), and with visits to Jordan, Gaza, and the West Bank. Though I've never been to Lebanon, I think I have a reasonably good and objective view of the regional context.

I think it's way off base to think that Israel has any territorial designs on Lebanon or is jealous of its tourism or reputation. If Israel had territorial designs it never would have pulled out in the first place. It's true that Israel has not met all of Lebanon's demands in the past (Shebaa farms, which, as pointed out above, does not even belong to Lebanon, according to the U.N., or releasing 3 prisoners, etc., perhaps giving info on landmines, but I don't really know anything about that), but what has Lebanon given in return? For 20 years, Israel has wanted a peace treaty which basically says that Lebanon will not allow its territory to be used to attack Israel. If and when Lebanon agrees to that, it will be able to negotiate these other points. (Have you noticed any military conflict between Israel and Egypt or between Israel and Jordan in the many years since those countries signed peace treaties?)

People are also making the point that Israel is wrong to do all of this because of 2 soldiers. First of all, the day that 2 soldiers were abducted, 8 others were killed, and that same day Hezbollah launched an array of rockets all across the northern part of Israel as a diversion from their border crossing. And, as pointed out, this is one of several Hezbollah attacks over the U.N-recognized border over the last several years. Most importantly, Hezbollah and its sponsor states have the explicit aim to destroy Israel, and have been steadily increasing their capacity to do so. The day that Iran gives Hezbollah a nuclear wepon will be the day that Hezbollah can kill millions of Israelis. Do you really expect Israel to just sit around and let Hezbollah attack it again and again while continuing to build up a state within a state with the explicit aim of destroying Israel? When somebody says they want to destroy you, and steadily builds up the capacity to do so, and then crosses your border and kills and kidnaps your soldiers while firing rockets at your northern cities, yes, you take the opportunity to do something about it.

minuses said...

What you don't grasp is, this attitude creates more insecurity for you in the long run. Maybe if you stopped having this irrational paranoia, and treated your neighbors with respect, you may have peace.

You are promoting suicide which is personally distasteful.
When my neighbours recognise and respect my `right to exist` i will respect them.
Their religous paranoia is not of any interest to me whatsoever. And if they believe that they are religously ordained to come after me, why, i certainly respect them by speeding them on their way to their heaven.
That is kindness.

Robert18 said...

To my Lebanese neighbors

Why is it that also you resort to that typical Arab habit of always blaming others for your misery?
The past year I was getting a better opinion of the Lebanese, but you are sinking to the same low levels as your Syrian controllers, your Iranian fuehrers and your terrorist buddies of Hizbollah, Hamas and Al Qaida.

Why don’t you admit it:

It’s so damn simple to always blame us, Israelis, for what you are doing to yourselves. Great, easy way out.

Suddenly 600 Lebanese civilians dead (which is regretful, as any number of people killed, even 1, is awful) are much worse (conveniently called: genocide or holocaust…..strange, a name used by Holocaust deniers) than the 45,000 Lebanese citizens killed and 200,000 wounded in your own gang and feudal wars in the eighties? Well, civilians? How sure can we be that a large number of these so-called civilians aren’t Hizbollah terrorists: they don’t wear any uniforms, and mingle amongst the general population.

Set up some nice photo ops, manipulate your photographic evidence in Photoshop, stage some fine Lebawood scenes with the help of your AP, Reuters, BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera friends, and done: the world is on your side and at your feet.

If you follow the media (and your Lebanese talking heads who are grateful and manipulative interviewees) closely, you start to believe that Beirut now looks like Dresden, which was bombed to smithereens by the Brits and Americans. The British admitting that their carpet bombing of the 15 km2 inner city cost 80,000 lives, the Nazi propaganda claim 400,000 dead, and the Russians 200,000 dead. Well, a few hundred thousand more or less, who cares….. One of your ambassadors even claimed that Israel’s “destruction” of Beirut is worse than the destruction of Hiroshima (80% of the city obliterated with 200,000 dead and 60,000 that died later)…….

We are going through the same Jenin and Mohammed Al-Dura media farces right now.
I can still hear that UN special envoy Terje Roed-Larsen lamenting: “The devastation of Jenin refugee camp, invaded by the Israel army, is horrific beyond belief. It is totally destroyed, it looks like an earthquake has hit it.” The same Larsen who, when with UNRWA, spent millions on Kalashnikovs, RPG’s, explosives, and copies of “Mein Kampf” and “The Elders of Zion” for the poor Pali refugees.

But let me not divert too much. We are talking Lebanon….and that’s different from Paliland……is it really?

Admit: this is a media war. Your Hizbollah friends do not care one iota about a single Lebanese life. Dead women and children are assets, worth more than a blown-up apple tree in Israel. They infiltrated the lives of over a million people, from South Beirut to the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Their so-called social services are a total scam.
They offer villagers the opportunity to have a local school, a local clinic, a local community center, all in exchange for loyalty. This “loyalty” consists of allowing the building of storage places and bunkers under, in, or next to your houses, which you have to vouch to keep secret. The newly built clinics, schools, mosques (sometimes churches, but not often) and community centers all have special bunkers with storage facilities, but also with dormitories. The first to store explosives, rockets and rocket launchers, the latter to hide their “resistance fighters”, often the "innocent civilian" inhabitants of that same house. The other nicety is running water. The water pipes, running from village to village, are primarily meant to run communication cables. They’re not stupid: satellite and GSM communications can be intercepted. On top of that, these pipes hold wires for the remote detonation of roadside bombs, placed at intervals in small boxes, and filled with explosives, nails and ball bearings. Finally, the summum of loyalty is to have one or more of your sons join them, preferably when they are still very young teenagers. In the beginning you “volunteer” your sons, but after some time you are forced to give them up. They are taken to Syria, the better ones to Iran for their "education". In reality, they are brainwashed and trained in jihad, martyrdom, arms, explosives and guerilla fighting. After their indoctrination, your kids come back with a bunch of Iranian Revolutionary Guard instructors, and they are forced to ignore you. Some families experienced how their programmed sons are commanded to rape their own sisters, and for some, filthy reason the Iranians go after the village's little boys. When these child victims have worn out (usually after a few weeks), they simply kill them. Absolutely ghastly.

To quote the Lebanese I went to school with, I do business with (in Lebanon self, France and the Caribbean), and that live almost next door to me (who barely escaped from the claws of Amal and Hizbollah): “There is no place in the world with gorier gangs than Lebanon.”

Your country is a fantasy, shoved onto you by the French and the British after smothering the Turks. Until 1918, you were just one of the provinces of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. The Turks owned most of the Middle East, and the Arabs stuck to local clan loyalties. But when the Ottomans bet on the wrong horse, siding with Germany, the Brits infiltrated the Ottoman Empire, inciting the Arabs, one clan, gang or sect against the other. They did so in Iraq (till this very day), Lebanon and Syria (even though the froggies were there), and of course, in Mandatory Palestine (for the latter they found easy prey: Jews). Everywhere they left, there was sectarian or religious strife: not only in the Middle East, but also in India, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands……you name it.

There are so few Lebanese who are prepared and willing to roll up their sleeves and make a country out of your amalgamation of clans and gangs. We get these fantastic examples of the 3 new Lebanese billionaires, like a Hariri. But where are those billions coming from? Rebuilding Lebanon? No, more like drugs, arms and forced labor (from cheap Asian laborers to East European teenage prostitutes). Aren’t you aware that this Nasrallah twit is only concerned with his future? The more destruction there is in Lebanon, the more money he expects to make with his construction companies, cement and building materials import companies, etc. He learned very well from Arafat when they met to discuss these great schemes, no matter how much they hated each other towards the outside world.

There were signs last year that you were on the right track, forcing the Syrian Army out (forgetting to oust the 3,000 Syrian secret service agents, and to do something about the 5,000 Hizbullah terrorists), but then the usual haggling started. What do you expect with a political system and so-called democratic voting system that is totally manipulative. The whole system is a gun powder keg about to explode (again).

Your system divvying up the government along no longer valid ethnic lines is impossible. The main “groups” (which are internally divided in dozens of sub-groups) each claim to be 50% of the population: the Shia, the Sunni and the Christians. That makes your country unique with a population of more than 150%, not even counting the other clans and religions.

Then each of these ethnic gangs tends to shift their loyalty all the time. One day the Druze go to bed with the Christians, the next day they blow them up. Then the Syrians are supported by the Sunni, the next day the Shia are inundated with arms and money from Syria. Not to forget the murderous interfaith (?) wars between the Christian militia groups. Your list of assassinations and attempted murders is long, very long: Sayyid Musa Sadr, Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, Grand Mufti Hassan Khalid, Na’im Qasim, Elie Hobeika, Rene Mouawad, Fouad Abu Nader, Selim al-Hoss, Karim Pakradouni, Amine (or Bachir, I forgot which one) Gemayel, Mustafa Saad, Jean Ghanem, Rafik Hariri, and another 1,200 victims or near-victims. Of course, all these murders were conveniently blamed on us, the Israelis. Loyalty and clarity are two words that do not exist in the Lebanese dictionary.

Since your very existence you have progressed from one gang war to the other. Very nasty wars with massacres, assassinations, kidnappings, tortures, rapes, forced conversions and baby snatchings. Never real battles, mostly extortion, blackmail, sneaky roadside bombings, and lately suicide bombings. Mafia-style, but than on a rougher, larger scale.

But, where there is a will, there is a way.
And we trust there is that will. The will to live and let live.

There is only ONE way, and that is to free yourselves from people and countries that impose their will on you.
Get rid of the fanatics. Islamofanaticsm doesn’t work: it only divides and keeps people dumb, and makes them selfish, dangerous and callous.

Get rid of Hizbollah, the Palestinian terrorist groups and the Phalangist gangs. It’s a big task, but they are small in numbers, as long as you are strong in mind and determination.
But you must be able to offer them something:
(a) The Shia (who outbred both the Sunnis and Christians in your country) a better education and healthcare (and birth control…).
(b) Get the Palestinians out of those refugee camps, and make them Lebanese citizens, as we gave the well over 750,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries Israeli citizenship.
(c) The Christian militia? Just disarm them.

Finally: Tell the Syrians and Iranians to mind their own business and get out of Lebanon, unless they promise to behave like human beings.
And to satisfy us: hand over your master assassin: Imad Mughniyah.

I’m sure you can get all the help you need from us, Israelis, the Americans, Canadians, Australians, Brits, French, Germans, Italians, Dutch, Saudis, Egyptians, Pakistani and many other nations that are willing to stick out their necks and help you make a real country out of Lebanon.

Stop whining, and do something.
The ball is in your court, not ours.

Robert (written from my bomb shelter in North Israel)

doha said...

you're right's politics after other word:make up, games,whatever.Lebanon is paying the price after all

Lirun said...

hi doha

i see you've bailed on us.. i guess we've now dominaed yoursite and turned it into

i wish my arabic was good enough for me to understand your new blog..

also.. i found your opening words interesting.. in judaism the morning prayer "modeh ani" says thank you for returning my soul to my inside.. which "Echos" your thoughts of rebirth..

we're really not so different

wishing us all peace..


kufir and proud said...

This rant is directed to lebinusa. The self-proclaimed "I AM NOT A RACIST" that goes on to claim that Israel is the next best thing to Nazi Germany... YOU PISS ME OFF!! Islamofacist in sheeps clothing...

"so they can install a puppet Israeli friendly govt." << oh and if you were Israeli government you would rather "install" an anti-Israel government? Preferably a Islamic fundamentalist government? C'mon get real. Of course any government would prefer a friendly neighbour rather than an enemy avowing death and destruction of them. If you blame them for that your a total idiot. And no where in all the proclomations from Israel have I seen any talk of either regime change or wishing strife to rip Lebanon apart. In fact all they have demanded is that Lebanon do what virtually every other nation does. That the national army, controlled by the current government, including the Hezbollah ministers, patrol it's entire borders and enforce its sovereign territory. Is that so hard to accept? To do what the USA does, what Iran does, what Russia does, what Congo does, what China does, what Indonesia does. Really?
Now if Hezbollah ends up so freaking popular in Lebanon as to form the next government then guess what the next war with Israel will be like. It won't be no "resistance" nor guerilla war. It will be all out humilating war on ALL Lebanon. Think about that.
The "they were planning it all along" motif is another delusional excuse. Every responsible armed forces of every nation plans for endless posibilities. Hezbollah, itself, was planning and preparing for "war" with Israel too. USA and NATO had tons of plans for war with the Soviets and vice versa. I expect even the Canadian Armed Forces have various plans on dealing with an attack from the USA or heck even Denmark/Greenland, laughable as those ideas seem.
You seem to conviently forget or ignore that it was Hezbollah that triggered said Israeli plan to get the green light and turn into an actual combat. Otherwise it would eventually have gotten buried under a muriad of other scenarios.
This prisoner exchange point is also kinda ridiculous. From the "they did it beforem, why can't they just do it again". To the calls to do it now, and if Hezbollah kidnaps/captures again in the future Israel can then respond. Well once before Hezbollah performed this deed and Israel negotiated a prisoner exchange. Hezbollah thought "hey it worked before, lets do it again." Guess what, this is EXACTLY why you don't negotiate the first time. Israel called their bluff. No police force in USA nor Canada ever negotiates the release of hostages in crime precisely for this reason. Get over it. It's not a viable tactic, and is also expressly stated as a war crime to take prisoners for the sole reason to negotiate concessions on their release.
As to the landmines. Israel is not a signatory on the treaty banning the use of land mines is therefore not in a criminal position on them. I heartily agree tho, that is would be best for them all to removed as they do not differentiate between targets. Give Israel a reason to why they should hand over the maps and I am sure they would comply. IE Have they been a deterrent from more cross-border attacks or no? On an off-hand note, since Hezbollah is obviously connected to a supply of military ordinance and equipment, why haven't they invested more of their time, money and resources acquiring equipment to detect and remove the landmines? They've had 6 years now.
Shebaa farms is another crock of shit excuse for Hezbollah, that you and others have so obviously bought into. Go chech the UN site. The UN itself, which many accuse of being notoriously anti-Israel, has stated that in their opinion, the Shebaa Farms belong to Syria as they couldn't find any maps showing it as Lebanese. As an occupied area, Israel either needs the UN to say otherwise or Syria to renounce claim to the area. If I were Lebanese I would require that all 3 parties agree on who's territory it is, once and for all. Israel, I doubt, gives a rat's ass whether it's Lebanese or Syrian. So get on your countrys leaders, to once and for all, demarcate your border with Syria.
Quite frankly, the Palestinian problem is not your immediate concern. If you try to link that problem with your current situation in Lebanon, expect a long visit from your southern neighbours. One problem at a time mate. Going for everything at once is bound to not only disappoint you but possibly give you a hernia in the process. It's so odd the empathy of Arabs making each others countries problems so personal to themselves. No wonder there isn't any peace in the mideast. And as to the Palestinians causing a crisis in the future, well welcome to Jordans old problem. Also welcome again to the reason Israel invaded in 1982 which led to the formation of Hezbollah. Such a viscious cycle.
Lebanese prisoners in Israel. By all accounts I've heard, there are only 3 documented prisoners. All entered Israeli territory. All were captured by the police. At least one is responsible for killing a child with the butt of his rifle. 1st. Maybe you need to start a war with Syria too, since they have way more Lebanese in their jails. (Wonder if your army would show up for that either). 2nd. If your so interested in getting some child killers. I'd gladly send you all the sickos from Canadian jails too. *sarcasm*
Israel violates your airspace. Hezbollah fires rockets into Israel. What came 1st? The chicken or the egg? Get over it. Both are guilty there. Your government was too chicken to stop either side from such flagrant violations of it's sovereign territory. To me, it amounts to more whining. "Mommy! Mommy! Brother went in my room again." "Mommy! I only went there to get what she took from me"
You ask people to stop reading one sides propaganda to read the others? Greater Israel? Oh like I haven't seen/heard talk of Greater Somalia, Greater Syria, Greater Jordan, and yes even once, Greater Lebanon. It's talk. It's propoganda. And that site is also full of lies and hate messages. Please try to find a less radical machine. Al-Jazeera comes to mind. Or maybe try seeking out a range of sites from all perspectives to get a "more complete" picture. *notes always interesting how it's always assumed if your not Arab nor anti-Israel or anti-Hezbollah, that you get your news from Fox News or CNN. I have never watched Fox News nor CNN since before the Iraq war.
You claim Israel doesn't want peace with Lebanon. As I recall, Israel signed a peacy treaty with Lebanon which died because of actions by Lebanese, not Israelis. If you truly want peace with Israel, then you must learn to let go of your greviences. To take charge of your destiny. This USA-France resolution draft is pathetic. Not because peace isn't a good idea. Not because Russia, Syria, Iran were left out. But because, only in the mid-east do the primary antagonists not sit down together to hammer out the details, but rather proxies are used. Your government should be on the phone with Olmert and taking charge of it's destiny. Not hiding behind France. Not letting Hezbollah, through it's ministers, dictate. If Israel didn't want peace, then why do Jordan and Egypt have peace agreements with them? Why did Israel withdrawl from the Sinai? Surely you don't believe it's because they were afraid of Egypts armies?
Well then you start to rant. Israel massacres. Israel commits war crimes. What no use of genocide? Then we'd be a step away from "they drink the blood of gentils". Getting closer to being jsut another islamofacist.
Next you claim that Israel was going to attack anyway. Where is the proof of this. And don't quote some extremeist propaganda site nor Nasrallah. Thats a cop out excuse to justify Hezbollahs initial attack. And the "didn't fire at Haifa until" line is bs. They simultaneously fired rockets into Israel, Haifa or not, while executing the killing of and capturing of Israelis on Israels soil. Any attempt to repaint that is pathetic rhetoric. Coming closer to the label of brain-washed moron.
Oooo I love this quote "Blaming HB for Lebanon's destruction, is like blaming a teenage girl for getting raped, instead of the rapist." Funny considering I've read accounts on the application of Sharia law where extreme application of it has resulted in muslim girls getting stoned to death by muslims for the crime of "getting raped". That's right up there with labeling Jews = Nazis. Which is funny, when in fact it was a Mufti of Jerusalem that was fetted by Hitler and raised a couple battalions of Bosnian muslims to fight for Hitler :P but I digress.
Who are you to judge what the response of Israel should have been? You are not the one that was the target of agression from a sworn enemy. Hezbollah is Lebanon tho Lebanon is not Hezbollah. Therefore, guess what Lebanon suffers for the punishment of Hezbollah. You can't control one of your dogs? Tough shit if the neighbour doesn't really care which dog has been shitting on his lawn.
As for proportional? Would you be sitting there nodding in agreement if Israel crossed into Lebanon and started killing and kidnapping Lebanese and firing x number of rockets randomly into Lebanon at population centers where even if no civilians die or get hurt, various negative environmental effect happen ie grassfires etc? Would you really think they were being "proportionate"? I highly doubt it.
But your right of course. Abducting 2 soldiers (and killing others plus firing rockets into Israel) isn't equal to the retaliation. DO YOU GET IT? DON'T PROVOKE ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that message getting through your thick head. You poke me, you die. Once ALL LEBANESE, including Hezbollah, understand that, then this will NEVER EVER happen again. The price of dallying over 1559, avoiding "civil war, was Israel inflicting massive harm on Lebanon. In other words, their patience and tolerance for suffering ANY harm just so you all could "talk" (worst French trait y'all coulda picked up IMHO) was OVER. Don't like it? TOUGH SHIT! Life ain't fair.
Next comes the, it was a democratically elected government excuse. Just because you elected a bunch of pansies and terrorists DOES NOT grant immunity from repercussions you moron. The Nazis, themselves, were elected. If the will of the people is to make war, then don't be suprised when that's what you get. Hamas and Hezbollah are enemies of Israel. You elect them and you just make it easier for Israel to accept what they do to you. Oh and btw, it's his right in a free society to side with whoever he sees fit. Just like those Arab-Israeli members of Parliament. Goes hand in hand in a democracy.
Ah back to complaining about Israeli war crimes. Yet no acknowledgement of any wrong-doing on Hezbollahs part. How naive or just blind you are. This despite you saying you want peace.
Ah I was wondering when you'd go there. " is akin to the third reich." This after claiming to not be racist. Well they say actions speak louder than words. And paragraphs also speak louder than sentances. You obviously ARE anti-Israeli and most likely are anti-jewish. Heck you'd be the perfect Nazi sympathizer despite trying to attach that label on Israel. Welcome to the ranks of being an Islamofacist. No sense complaining that your a "moderate". A moderate Islamofacist is still an Islamofacist. If your representative of the dead "civilians" then by all means Israel bomb these idiots. Proves that there is no real meaning to the teh word "innocent". Other than to the very young at least.

The Lebanese government has been so hypocritical throughout this whole sorry affair. Why have they bothered wasting your tax dollars on an army that is completely useless I will never understand. If they truly want Hezbollah gone .. now is the chance to act. They will never be weaker than now. If all Lebanon is united behind Hezbollah, why hasn't the army joined the fighting against Israel? Did they just hire the 80,000 biggest cowards in the country to wear the uniforms? Since they can't fight Israel. And they can't fight Hezbollah. I doubt sincerely they would last against Syria. Exactly who are they supposed to be defending Lebanon's interests against? Cyprus? UNIFIL? Palestinian refugees? I say time to put up or shut up Lebanon. Pick a side, any side, and fight. Or just shut up and let the bigger boys play. USA isn't going to save you. France isn't going to save you. Syria isn't going to save you. Iran isn't going to save you. No one is going to save you. Except you.

To sum up. It's a shame that Lebanon is in flames. That it's suffered countless lost lives. That life has not been very pleasant lately. Oil spill, infrastructure lost, tourists gone. But to claim innnocence in this is tantamont to calling me stupid. There is blame enough for everyone. Israel. Hezbollah. Lebanon. To blame Israel irrationally for all the ails of Lebanon is weak. To blame Israel for deciding they'd had enough patience and suffered enough loss so Lebanon could avoid any loss is weak. You Lebinusa, claiming to be wanting peace, to be free from anti-semitism, are weak. In moral fibre and in logical arguement. You lose. Lebanon cries for others to make peace for it. Hezbollah is starting to cry for ceasefires. You lost. And in losing you sound like such sore losers. Any sympathy I would have is gone. Your hate for Israel is your undoing.

Lirun said...

people.. again.. we're talking about a war.. people dying left right and centre.. devestation.. you know? you might have seen something on the news about it.. or a couple of articles here and there.. i'm sure..

its actually quite well publicised..

where do you all get off giving eachother spiteful kindergarden little stabs in face of carnage of death.. i don't get it.. this is not some high school feud..

if we're going to talk - cant we at least be respectful towards eachother rather than resorting to vast bitchiness and catiness..

no one is forcing us to agree.. but if we cant be civil on a friggin blog.. what chance do we stand outside..


i'm not asking for much

abou al jamejem said...

all of you guys who support Huzeb el Chaytan(devil), I tell you to shut the fuck up. GEORGEBEST, you should call yourself GeorgeWorst. Huzebalchaytan dont wanna disarm even if iserael return Shebaa farms and released all the prisoners, and withdraw behind the blue line. Syria wantrs Huseballa to keep on fighting so they can force Israel to withdraw from the Golan heights ( which is not goanna happen). If Israel agree then Syria will force Huseballa to disarm. You guys have to know that Huzeballa agenda is not Lebanese, but rather is a Syrian and Iranian agenda. Syria knows that they can not fight Isael in a conventional warefare and at the same time they don't want their country to get destroyed so they outsource the fight to Husballa in Lebanon and in the process they destroy the entire country and they do not care.

yuval from tlv said...

and on this rally the results are:

1. 400 HB fighters dead.

2. HB arsanels of weapon are damaged, mainly the long range missiles.

3. Lebanon is burning once again.

4. about 40 israeli civilians were killed, 13 of them are israeli-arabs.

5. about 40 israeli soliders were killed.

6. another meaningless UN resolution, which HB declaired already to denny it.

7. Iran got away from a hard G8 summit conversations, about it's nuclear programs.

8. Syria got a weaker Lebanon, easier to control, and the EU ass licking officials to talk with them about their desires so they would stop arming the HB.

Israel - 1 billion $ damage in total. (tourism, lose of working days, infulstrucre damage, army pay check etc.. )

Lebanon - 3 billion $ of infulstructure damage only, who knows what the total price may be..

if you consider Hezbollah to be the party of god, then your god must be the devil.

kufir and proud said...

Well lirun if you want to try to reason with racists thats your perogative. I can only read so much hypocritical bs without calling a spade a spade. Some on here are able to carry on a debate. Others are so blinded by their biased world view that they quite simply need a good old fashioned bitchslap to drag them out of their brainwashed induced haze of self-righteous doublespeak. Maybe then they will be able to join in on a worthwhile debate that includes recognizing that no side is 100% in the right. That both sides share the responsibilities and the blame. Until that time you may as well try to converse with the wall in front of you. Either way you'll get as far and at least the wall has an excuse to be so unmoving in thought.

yuval from tlv said...

and surely how could i forget -

a massive damage to the beatiful nature of israel and Lebanon.

so many forests had gone in flames, the lebanese coast is oily, all the animals are in panic due to the siren alarms, missiles, warplanes, and tanks.

is this our way to prais the lord????

if there is a god he must be crying right now.

kufir and proud said...

On the topic of damages to Beirut and elsewhere. Some look at it as a loss. Others will see the glass half-full and recognize the potential to improve on what existed before. Japan and Germany were bombed back unto the turn of the last century to rise from those ashes and become two of the dominate economies of the last quarter century.

yuval from tlv said...

kufir and proud -

and think how would germany & japan would have looked like if they hadn't been bombed so heavily.
so many trillions of dollars had been spent on war.

we are such a stupid race.

Loli said...


I don't know whether you got all the facts right (just wondering), but I have to agree with you that each nation has to take responsibility for its actions as well as its lack of actions. Only when we admit our shortcomings can we draw lessons and work towards a better future. Responsibility is the key issue. And it starts with each individual, not only with the government. We are passionate people, Arabs and Jews alike. We love to death, but unfortunately we can also hate to death. But it doesn't have to be that way. I have been repeating in my posts that we should learn from the past and try to BUILD peace together. Nobody will GIVE us peace on a platter. We need to work towards this goal. Unfortunately some people in both camps, driven by fear, mistrust, and hatred, don't stop a moment to ponder the long-term consequences of their actions. Israel wants to save face value for dragging its feet in what it had hoped would be a swift operation, so it escalates its brutal shelling, and Nasrallah wants to become the unequivocal leader of the Lebanese and Arab shia, so he challenges a much more powerful enemy.
Will this escalation make the problem go away or just completely tear down the country and remove from us any sense of humanity and hope? By continuing to fight, we defeat the very principles we are trying to protect: freedom, peace and respect. My question is, can you look into your heart and conscience and try to learn from the past? Violence doesn’t make problems go away. It represses them for a while, only to multiply them later on. Palestinians have been fighting for decades their Israelis enemies. What have they gained? Not even true Arab support. It’s about time we learned from the past and put our efforts and our hearts towards peace. We don’t have to love our neighbor. Just be and let be peacefully and respectfully.

Loli said...


Thanks for your fairness. We need more voices of moderation.

I will try to contribute to your blog while you're away.

Peace to all of you.
I wish there were more people like Gandhi in this era. Wasn't him who said: "An eye for an eye makes the world blind" ?

yuval from tlv said...

loli are you from lebanon?

or you're from a foriegn nation?

reem said...

Although your analysis is completely true in terms of facts, I am not so sure that Hezbollah's performance will be seen as you see it yourself. No one really expected Hezbollah to be able to deter Israel from inflicting such damage. Israel is the world's 3rd army and everyone knows what it is capable of (many analysts and israel itself have said that Israel is effectively showing restraint and its military power is capable of much more). However, Hezabollah has been able to lengthen this war beyond what Israel and the US had anticipated. They thought it would be over in a matter of two weeks. It is now clear that they will not emerge as the victor as things look now. And beyond this military stand-up, what has really re-affirmed Hezbollah's power is the psychological war that it is waging. Firstly, Israelis really perceive it as a threat. Secondly, they have gained increasing support from Shias and Muslims in the region and in the world. Thirdly, domestically they have shown that there is reason for them to maintain their role as a resistance movement, in addition to perhaps reinforcing their political relevance (consider also the message sent to the Arab governments, mainly Sunni). I am sure many Lebanese disagree with Hezbollah's course of action. Many will blame them and hold a grudge against them. Many of those who already supported them will support them even more, but many who respected them have lost that respect. But one thing is certain, most people in Lebanon and beyond (take out the US) may blame Hezbollah, but they will blame Israel even more. And in the end this is what counts for Hezbollah.

Loli said...

I am Lebanese and have witnessed too many years of violence. Also lost a family member to the war. It is war that makes me strive for peace with all my heart.

yuval from tlv said...

that leads me to my second question..

are there many people like you in Lebanon?

i do know that there are so many people like me in Israel, saying this war is justified against HB, but we cannot fight forever..

the fact that i see people like you on the Lebanese border makes me think that the middle east may have a chance someday to be normal..

Loli said...

I know my family is like me (they live in Lebanon), and perhaps a few friends there, but not sure about the rest. I live in the US.

yuval from tlv said...

oh i see..

well let's hope people will understand in lebanon too that war is not the way, and HB is not doing them any good..

but if you view the El-Manar propoganda you get such a twisted reality, that the immidiate resolt is more hate..
and i think that above all this propoganda people must be stopped..

Lirun said...


yes there are many.. i have met many..

loli represents a sizable chunk of the lebanese expatriot community..

pretty cool huh

loli - i was hoping to add you as a member to so you could actually make a post rather than just a comment.. not sure quite how to.. but would that be alright with you?

Lirun said...

i am very sad about the human lives lost and also sad about the forests devestated.. this is our lung.. this is what allows us all to breath only semi polluted air..

i hope some joint reforestation efforts are initiated at some stage..

new growth plantations have recently been found to be heavy methane emitters..

so many aspects to the tragedy..

wishing peace on all of us

so much to fix.. better get cracking

yuval from tlv said...

all i can say is thank god we have the internet to bridge the gaps we have between us..

as a collective it's harder to build a share confidence,
as an individual it's easier to see that after all we're actualy the same.

Loli said...


Most people in Lebanon are really sick and tired of the war. They've had enough. It's been on aand off since 1975. Unfortuantely Israel's escalation is giving HA a reason to continue its fight. Its supporters believe they will win with God's will.

yuval from tlv said...

lirun i think that israeli gov. said it'll give 100,000 shekels to rebuild the forests..
not enough, but it's something..

yuval from tlv said...

loli -

so we actualy get stuck in a lost-lost case..

if israel hadn't respond - it would count as weakness, and gives legitimacy to keep kidnapping people..

the israeli respond gives HB more support from the Lebanese people..

we know that.. so actualy it all came down to a short-term benefit..

if israel strikes hard, HB won't attack us again is the near future..

therefor israel asks for a joint UN armed forces to prevent HB to attack in the future..

Loli said...

I think I may be able to contribute with peace-related blogs. Thanks for your trust.

yuval from tlv said...

well sad news..

in the last shower of missiles attack by HB, another 10 israeli civilians got killed, and another 4 are deadly injured..

loli just like you quoted -

an eye to eye makes both eyes blind.

Loli said...

Of course it's a lose-lose situation. What do you expect from such hostilities in the current political and ideological framework?
As I had said in another post, we are paying the price for poor US policy in the Middle; a few decades ago, the US aimed at exchanging democracy for stability in a few Arab countries, but got NEITHER. It also showed full support of Israel at the expense of the Palestinians and other Arab nations. Morever and most importantly, Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and multiple aggression on Palestineans fueled a great deal of hatred and sense of injustice among the Arabs.

Lirun said...


to add a team member i need your email.. if you like you can email it to me at

we need these bridges of friendship badly.. this is so important

Lirun said...

its natural that everyone will side with whoever is closest to them..

supporting your own is instinctive and important in its own right.. but it becomes problematic when it categorically ignores truth and reality..

we all need to grab a bit of distance so we can take a more responsible view of our tiny region..

wishing us peace pronto


Loli said...

I'll get back to you.

yuval from tlv said...

loli -

i think that it has much more to do than just the PL issue..

you cannot blame israel for american policy..
neither blame america for israeli policy..

about the PL issue, i think the occupation of the PL authority is the worst thing israel could do to itself..
but it's too regrate it.. now we need to work for peace..

you surely know that israel acknoledges Mahmud Abbas's gov. and we don't acknoledge the Hamas gov. since they still claim to destroy israel and they denny any other agreement israel had with the PLO..

the problem is that both israelis and PL, are in a constant cycle of violence, when they claim to be under occupation, therefor they have the right to fight..
and the israelis claim that we cannot stop the occupation as long as we fight..
the Hamas gov. defenately didn't improved the situation..

these are the mistakes of the past that we pay for..
also we pay for the stupidity of magelomanic people..

as i view it the PL & Israelis could long long time ago live in peace..
the most know sad fact is that during 2000's camp david peace talkings, we offered the PL more then ever, and Arafat decided to choose the 2nd Intifada, instead of going toward peace..
israel i think was more insolted, than damaged, therefor the reaction was another heavy campain of war which lasts till this days..

now off course the mistrust and hate is so extreme that i think the only solution will be to seporate israel from the PL by another international force..

just like you seporate 2 children fighting so they could calm down, and ask for forgivness..

Loli said...


Yes, I am aware, and everybody has its share of responsibily, but to different extents. More so the US and Israel, as I view it.
In any case, we are not here to dwell on the past. We need to look ahead for a brighter future.

Loli said...

I am off now.

Peace to all of us.

barroon said...

From what I see in last 3 weeks and what is happening right now I don’t see any hope for future . if UN resolution comes out as we hear it in last 2 days so called France- US initiative .
Lebanon will be another Pl case on Israel neck for decades to come , Lebanon new born government will crash and Lebanon will become another Iraq . Israel will face disaster kieas boarders and Lebanon is domed for now .
It seems no body want to understand that Lebanon is a new born baby who have to or asked to lift 10,000 kg weight . this baby will be crash if every party keep push for that lift .

chuck said...

hey, i'm new in this blog thing, and i just wanted to share my thoughts about this war. i'm living in the north of Israel and we get bombed here every day by hizballa katyusha rockets.

the way i see it is this :
israel went out of south lebanon 6 years ago in order never to come back. people had nightmares about this place. i served the army on the border of lebanon and it was bad.

6 years it took for hizballa to preaper itself for a long war with Israel. hizballa sees itself as the savior army of the arab world from the Israeli curupted heretic whatever western civilisation. it proclaimes to be the savior of the lebanese people, and the palestinians.
lebanon is simply an instrument in the hands of hizballa and the lebanese people r simply pions in this stupid game, and i feel realy sorry that innicent people get hurt. the majority of Israelies doesn't aprove of the killing of innocent lebanes people. there was a lot of criticism about what happened in quana,

(although tere were 28 people killed and not 60 as they said in the begining, and nobody bothered to correct it later...and i know that numbers doesn't matter but it does mater in the public opinion)

and that is one of the reasons why the number of air strikes was cut down to minimum and highly risky ground operation r taking place.

this war is something Israel hoped not to return to, but now poeple believe that if this war would end before it's time it will not achieve it's main goal and that is not to come back to an Israel-lebanon war no. 3. if Israel ends this war now, one sided truce, then hizballa will take it as a victory and it will have more suporter the oposers.

the lebanese people, instead of declering hizballa as being the lebanese "defence" army, (as the lebanese p.m. seniora called it), must call for the hisballa to disarm and stop being the extension of syria and iran to the middle east. it is only causing us suffering and agony and nothing good is going to come from it.

i would like this war to end as soon as possible, but i want this war to end and never to start again. it takes more then just Israels voice in order to stop this war.

now i will go back to my shelter cause the alarm siren is goin on every 2 seconds.

peace on earth.

Tichondrius1 said...

lebnese liona is a motherfugger, piece of shite, moron and retard

barroon said...

HOPING is not a plan. '
this war is a no win situation war . no boday will win but for sure it will not end. for sure it will not end

William In The West said...

You know what?

After reading Raja's last post - i.e. this one - his crie de coeur, I am beginning to realise that there are a lot of Lebanese who see - or are beginning to see - that Hezbollah are the cuckoos in the nest....

That nasrallah is a mad man.

But how many of the Lebanese feel like that?

Is it a majority? What would you say the percentage is?

Do the Shi'ites (because those are the sect that support him?) make up the largest proportion of the populace?

Tell us Lebanon, tell us how many Lebanese support Hezbollah?

Is it the down-trodden and the poor?

Do you want an Islamic state?, Sharia law? Oppressed women? Indoctrinated young men? A medieval culture? A feudal ssystem?

No music? No dancing? No modern art (Picasso? Matisse?)?

No television? No internet? No CD's? No Cinema?

Men wearing beards? women wearing hijabs, chadoors?

No beautiful clothes? No beautiful women wearing beautiful clothes? No beautiful nude women?

A clothes police checking what everyone women is wearing? Of how they are behaving (and raping the women they accuse of being promiscuous?)

Of mayors ordering cranes into town squares and publicly hanging people?

Of hanging troubled 16-year olds in town squares, for suspected promiscuity (as they did in Iran recently)?

Of publicly hanging anybody?

No free expression?

No criticism of religion? (e.g. Satanic Verses, Jerry Springer the Opera? Theo Van Gogh?)

No right for people to question the logic of Christianity, Judaism, Islam?

No right too question the idiocy of their beliefs: Of creationism? Of instant passage to Heaven for Islamic martyrs?

To question such belief as utter nonsense?

And to question the existence of heaven and hell and all those non-existent places in between?

Is this what we are all fighting about?

Then let's leave religion, faith, belief on the doorstep of your parliament.

Let democracy reign but where religion is not in the debating chamber causing conflict and fundamentalism - cf France

Let people be able to express themselves, freely, liberally, and with creativity...

Let's strive to implement a secular democracy in all countries, where the greater good of the people obtains - regardless of creed and race.....

Above all lets try and strive for peace.

As I speak, the BBC news has just reported a Hizbollah rocket has killed at least ten people...
in Kaffarjiladi....

In the meantime:

carry on Israel, carry on

anothervoice66 said...

A little explanation for all of those using "Zionist" and "Zionism" as a swear word, citing un-educated and inflamtory leaders:
Zion - means the Biblical land of Israel/Palestine. It is another name of the holy land (and thus is also mentioned in Christian prayers).
Zionist - a person who loves and cherishes that land.
Seems to me that we are all Zionists, or at list claim to be.
So, please - lets try to stick with facts in this Dialogue...

Tsedek said...

Thank you Lisoosh :)

Joel said...

lebinusa, you might want to rethink the propaganda that you've been sucking up.

Look at the numbers -- in close quarters combat, with the advantages of preparation and surprise with the Hezbollards, the IDF is killing far more Hezbollards than losing troops.

But it gets worse. When the death rate is even as low as 10-1 for terrorists vs. the soldiers, that's unacceptably high, in the long run, for Israel . . .

. . . and more than several people have argued that that argues for making the rubble bounce before sending the group troops in. That's not a big win for Lebanese villagers, is it?

Let's look at four weeks ago. There was not a single Israeli soldier in south Lebanon; the cafes of Beirut were filled with laughter and life; electricity and water were running to even the Shia suburbs of Beirut; Hezbollah infrastructure was being built up and basically no Lebanese thought that getting rid of Hezbollah was urgent, although some thought it important . . .

The Nasrallah launched his brilliant plan: snatch a couple of Israeli soldiers. Surely that would work out well, right?

And now? Beirut is largely closed down, although there is little damage beyond the Hezbollah/Shia suburbs; much of Hezbollah's infrastructure has been turned into rubble, and many Hezbollards into fly food; many Lebanese are beginning to understand that their deal with the devil didn't have a long enough spoon; the UN "ceasefire" will only amount to a temporary halt on the Israeli march to the Litani -- and requires the immediate release of the Israeli soldiers; dozens of Hezbollards are singing like little birds after being snatched out of Lebanon; Nasrallah is pooping in his cave; and more and more Israelis are being persuaded that allowing Hezbollah to gain even a tactical advantage from their use of human body armor is counterproductive...

... and there's worse to come for the poor Lebanese.

I'm an American. May God or fate spare my country from such a "victory"...

Lirun said...

the rastas also tend to use the word zion in reggae songs.. do you hate reggae?

Papa Ray said...

The religious leader of the Hez said that they were ready and willing to make any sacrifice.

Chilren included.

So does that statement make this article more believable?

Report: Hezbollah placed a rocket launcher on the roof of the building in Qana to provoke an Israeli attack and brought invalid children inside to be victims.

Papa Ray
West Texas

EdoRiver said...

To robert18,
Nice read. but
"There is only ONE way, and that is to free yourselves from people and countries that impose their will on you."

First I admit my ignorance, of the history and what is possible and what is impossible for Lebanon, the government, the villagers, to do or not to do.

But, Bottom line: YOu are telling Lebanon to do something that I think is like telling a man who has been sick all his life, first one ailment, then another, if one part of him became healthy, another part was getting a worse disease..This condition is the condition I understand as your version of Lebanon. But, in the final analysis
of the country and its history you tell it to get up and cure itself. This is very strange. You are saying that the country act as a whole complete individual and beat part of its own body with some kind of threat of amputation or surgery. You the doctor are saying to the patient, "Just take up a pair of pliars or a knife and begin hacking away at your own body." This reminds me of the Americans in their living rooms saying, "YOU Iraqi just have to do what our country did in
1776." It just isn't believable. I have no idea whether what you have written is a fiction or an accurate assessment of Lebanon. But your concluding diagnosis on what the people should and shouldn't do, leaves alot of what I know about human and social reality ignored. Yet, I can see that you have no choice. You and the rest of Israel would transform the country if you were in charge, but you aren't, so you must tell the Lebanese to do it. Quite convenient way to conclude your sermon (forgive me, I felt you were lecturing your congregation).

After Israel left, what have they done to help the patient recover? Israel didn't leave the country after it had performed some mercy mission to help the country, did it?
And since then, what has Israel done to really help Lebanon recover or heal itself? What was the medicine that Israel offered? And what were the conditions?

Do all of the Israeli believe that the actions taken over the past weeks are medicine that will lead to a cure of the problem?

Chris from lebanon said...

To lebinusa and Tears for lebanon,

Your hatred to Israel and your crave for vengence is so immense, it is making you blind and insensitive to the generous and warm vertues of peace.

Hezbollah only represents 15% of the democraticly elected government of lebanon. They don't represent the majority of lebanese. The attack they made 3 weeks ago is a matter of state decision and involves the whole country. In a democtratic country, it is the state that call those type of decision not a milicia.

All the outstanding issues related to Chebaa farms and prisoners exchange could have been solved peacefuly with israel. The only topic left on our national unity agenda was the disarmement of hezb before we can actualy strive paecefuly in the 21st century. Hezb instead elected war and fire and destruction for innocent people an both sides of the border.

It is clear from that prespective that Hezb is nothing else then an agent working for Syria and Iran. Therefore it is not working to build peace and prosperity for the lebanese people. No one here in lebanon has asked them to sacrifice their lives or blood for lebanon. We are a tiny peaceful country and all we want is peace.

Which brings to the only solution to build for peace and protect it from morons and crazy fanatica like Nesrallah/Hezbollah and that is the complete destruction of its military capabilities and turn it at best into a political party.

And for that, i am thankful for israel to get rid of the foreign agents and traitors from my country and deeply hope some day near make peace with israeli people.

Chas said...

Just logged on and read back thru the posts - got your Email - did you get reply? I would be happy to help if you feel I can make a meaningful contribution.

The hospitals in Lebanon are closing because they are running out of fuel for generators.
10 Israelis have been killed in rocket attacks.
8 (I think) Lebanese civiliands were killed in bombings.
Ground fighting continues with casualties on both sides.
Now you guys have a choice:
1) Take these facts and use them to beat each other over the head with from your entrenched positions
2) Start thinking.
I really don't know if anyone cares anymore. War makes brutes of us all.

Loli said...

I do care!!! I've been saying since the very beginning that nobody will win. This madness needs to stop!!!

Chas said...

God bless you )
you, and a precious few like you, keep a thin thread of hope alive.

abou al jamejem said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
abou al jamejem said...

to lebinusa and Tears for lebanon, shut the fuck up. if you guys like Huzeballa maybe should go and fight with them. Ayri fikoun w ayri bi neseralla. Walid el Moualem the Syrian Foreign minister( yes they have a Foreign minister, LOL)flew today to beirut because he doesn't want lebanon to agree on any plan for Peace. Guys it's so fucking simple: Iran and Syria don't want Lebanon to have peace. They want Huzeballa to keep on fighting till they achieve their goals not the Lebanese goals. Huzeballa betrayed not only their country but also their own people the Shiaa. Now about 800 peole died and about 1 million people fled the south and beirut because Hasen (ayri) Neseralla wants to fight for Iran and Syria. I mean it's simple, if you give a group of people $500 million a year you have to ask them one day to payback, and that's what Iran is doing. they are asking Huzeballa to payback by attacking Israel.

silverpearl1 said...

abou al jamejem , EVERYONE PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR THIS, BUT I HAVE TO DO IT. YOu must be a might dick, but never the less you are a dick

abou al jamejem said...

I would like everyone to excuse me just a second. Silverpearl I haven't attack you personaly but now I will. Lak ayri bi kiss emmak ya akhou el charmouta, lak la neik kiss ekhtak bi ayri, w kiss ekhetak 3a ekhet neseralla ya zaber. lak la neik el kbeir wel segheir bi 3alteik a akhou el manyouke. wle kiss ekhet neeralla, lak lanik el kbir wel segheir bi 3altou ya ayri. Sorry guys the I am not going to translate this time, the details re to graphics to translate.

FGA said...

Raja, this war has led to the establishment of the following new realities:

1. Israel is much weaker than ever before. It is very vulnerable, both militarily as well as politically. There will be a lot of soul searching and finger pointing in Tel Aviv very soon.

2. Hizbollah is friggin powerful!! It has demonstrated to all its former sponsors how mighty is it, and hence will attract many new sponsors. As such, they have secured all the cash, weapons, and resources they will ever need. Many regimes will be desparate to associate themselves with Hizbollah and its leader.

3. Lebanon is a big looser in this. However, we will get a LOT of money to rebuild, which will create much needed new jobs etc etc. We also will have to think hard about who our friends are. We already know that we hate the syrians and the israelis. Now, I believe we have a lot of reason to shun Uncle Sam, who was way too quick in selling us out. The good news is that Dubya and Condi will soon be gone--Good ridance!


blogagog said...

FGA, how do you reach your conclusions? Hezbollah is getting their butts handed to them on a plate, and you are calling them 'powerful'?

You can choose who you want to hate, but if the list doesn't include Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, you are going to be sitting under a rain of bombs in just a few years, exactly where Lebanon is today. Because of Hezbollah. Because of Nasrallah and his masters in Iran.

The reason Lebanon is not a giant parking lot right now is simply because the Israelis are not like the monkey Nasrallah and the pigs of Hezbollah who follow him - all who kill civilians for fun. It has nothing to do with weakness.

Dubya and Condi will be happy to help once the cancer of Hezbollah is eradicated from the great nation of Lebanon. Heres to hoping for peace soon, and never letting Iran control Lebanon again!

silverpearl1 said...

abou al jamejam, first of all, you have a beautiful mouth and words just so poetic. Man, I wish that I can copy you. First of all, I am not a man. But that is the respect you show, so hurray for you

Goldstein said...

Far from "protecting" Lebanon, Hezbollah is the reason it would need protection from Israel.

abou al jamejem said...

Silverpearl, you started. I didn't expect that a girl like you could curse, but now that i know i don't regret the comments.

Modern Pharaoh said...

It seems like almost all the complaints are about Hizbolla on these blogs. How about the atrocities Israel is commiting? There are no winners here, the biggest loser in Humanity!

I wrote my view here

silverpearl1 said...

abou al jamejem, yes I did start and I am not denying it. But your tongue and your words makes a lady anything but. No reason for such words. Actually if you go back and read your comment, you were just calling yourself that all the time. I just helped you with the translation. But actually I do apologize, because you are right, I was raised that a lady does not talk in such a matter. All I can tell you is don't give up on mankind. That is what your are doing with your comment regarding the Hez, the Israelis, Iran, Syria, Palestian. There are good people in the Hez, there are good people in Syria, in Palestian, even in Israel (whoawww). You want what is best for Lebanon so do I. But your comment scares me a lot. I am from the South, I own a business in Hadath, I bought an apartment by Saint Therese hospital, so I have a big interest in seeing Lebanon make it through this. But I don't want this to be done at the expense of killing, even Hezballah. I don't want to see any of them die. They are doing what they truly believe is the best for their country. You are not seeing this maybe because you are on the inside looking in, but I am on the outside looking in, and perhaps, I do have that advantage that I am able to say that. Israel created Hezbollah. Just like this new crisis in 2006 is the begining for the creation of new Hezbollah. Do you as Lebanese citizen right now accept the terms that the U.S and France are presenting to The U.N. do you agree to these conditions after all the destruction that the country went through. OF course, I am going to take side with the Hez and say no way. They did not cause all those civilians death just to disarm now and be as far out of the south as the Litani river. Just Like Hez is a threat to Israel, Israel is a threat to Lebanon. As long as there are some lebanese lands occupied by Israel and Lebanese men in Israel prison, Hezb can and will claim that they will not disarm and it is pure craziness to expect them to do so. The best way to get the Hezb to disarm is to free the prisonners, and give back the land. Then the Hezb will not have any excuse or reason to claim they have a right to bear arms. Only the Lebanese army will have that right. These are not my point of view and I am not saying whether I support them or not, but these are the points that the Hezb are saying all along, only if you will listen. I know that many will disagree in this site about the land, that the prisoners are war criminals and maybe we all have our own point of view. It scares me as to the fate of the country. that is the reason that I am writing this mainly to you because if we, 2 lebanese people, seven seas apart are arguing about some differences, what are the chances that it won't happen to our country. I know that Lebanon and the Lebanese people are wiser that ever before, we are not going to let any internal affaris destroy us. My only conflict with you, just for the record, is your mouth and your bad words, that is all. There are some underage people that go on this site you know, that is how I knew what some of the words were, my arabic is good but not great especially with bad words, but my 17 year old nephew who was visiting me for the summer from Lebanon, and is stuck here for now, translated it to me.

abou al jamejem said...

Silverpearl, first of all Iran created Huzeballa and Syria supported it. I know that it's hard for people to believe that Huzeballa's agenda is not Lebanese but rather Syrian and Iranian. Second of all, Israel is maybe bad and all the nasty stuff that you guys say about israel maybe true. but you know, Huzeballa is the problem, they just keep on harrassing israel, they just don't want peace, period. They work for the Iranian interests and the Syrian Interests. The syrian embassador and the iranian embassador keep on coming to beirut to pressure the governement to not accepting any deal because ther interests have not yet met. Huzeballa went and abducted and killed the israeli soldiers inside their country, and any country in the world will react the same. How do u think for example if Mexico atack the US border patrol inside the United States territory and abducted 2 soldiers and killed 8 to exchange them for some mexicans crimminals, ho do u think the US will respond. I am very sure there good people everywhere even inside Huzeballa Because if they know that their leader hasan neseralla is fighting for the syrians and the iranians interests they wouldn't join to go fight and get killed. HASEN NESERALLA DOESN'T GIVE A DAMM ABOUT LEBANON, ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS HIS PRESTIGE AND HIS POWER INSIDE LEBANON, AND TO BE HONEST WITH YOU FOR ME HE IS AS BAD AS THE ISRAELIS.

Modern Pharaoh said...

Nasrallah is an idiot, he's like a cornered snake!!

on the other hand Israel is committting massacres, and destroying LEbanon, there are no winners here! Israelis are merciless cowards and so is Hizbolla, even though Hizbolla does have a cause they are and have been fighting for!

My view here

Lebnese Liona said...






silverpearl1 said...

Yes, there is a truth to what you said. In one of my earlier replies, I said that Iran and Syria are using Lebanon as a soccer field with them been the referree, and Hezb and Israel are the two opposing teams. Yes, Israel reacted like any country will react, no one disagree there, but enough already. How far should the destructions and the killing of the innocent continues. I mean for the love of God, how many times can they bomb the Dahiyeh, what they forgot a stray cat or a dog that is roaming the area. They reacted, they destroyed, they killed, they got attacked as well, enough already. DO you honestly think that Israel is doing this for 2 soldiers, just like do you honestly think that Hezb is doing this for prisonners. THis is a planned attack that only the civilians are victim to. Just like Syria and Iran are using Lebanon, the United States is using Israel to help spread democracy in the Middle East. Why was it the only country that did not call for imediate cease fire, and now they are the one setting up the U.N resolution. YOu are a wise and intelligent man, no doubt about that, do you think that Lebanon is not the victim of all of this. Do you honestly think that a U.S made resolution is for the benefit of Lebanon. We did what they wanted us to do last year, got Syrians out of Lebanon ground, now to what be replace by International forces. Lebanon is for the Lebanese only. No international forces, no Israelis on our grounds period. That is what I am supporting. If Hezb also share my point of view, then be it. I am not supporting anyone's agenda, but it could exist where we could have the same ideas. Does that make me a terrorist? No, it doesn't. I am not sure of your age, or where were you during the Israeli occupation. But I lived through that occupation, I saw houses bombed, i saw people detained if they returned from a trip to Beirut just because it was suspected that they were leaking information, and many more things. I was 11 years old at the time, a child seeing it just like today's lebanese and Israel children are seeing. Am I bitter, or angry, I am not sure what to say. I am not bitter because I am an observer and I use my mind, I don't let people's opinions influence mine, I am wise enough to see and analyze for myself. I respect all point of views, but then at the same time, if I say mine, then give me the respect that I am giving you. YOu could argue and say, well yes they needed to defend themselves, but on the lebanese grounds. IF Israel is so worried about self defense, then let the International forces be on Israel borders, not Lebanon's borders. Am I angry, the only thing that makes me angry when Hezb is called a terrorist and Israel is a self-defender. These two titles could be used on both, for now the Hezb is also self defender.

abou al jamejem said...

Hezeballa are terrorists

abou al jamejem said...

Libanese zabre liona, that what el hezeb does , they accuse anyone who speaks out of being a traitor.

Shaken said...

Fight Hezb'allah. If you don't, their Iranian masters will take the entire region down in flames. Use Lebanese army to seal off the Syrian border.