Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where are we going?

The Israelis say that they need a couple of weeks to wrap up their operations. Once they're done, they'll leave a destroyed Lebanon behind them, over a thousand individuals who no longer live among us on this planet, a Hizaballah that is weaker militarily but politically untouchable!

Sometimes I wonder how stupid people in leadership positions can be - and how obsessed over certain issues they become. For Israelis today, the obsession is: we cannot leave without a "decisive victory" over Hizballah. "Whatever the cost, we NEED a decisive victory." We need it because we don’t want “the savages” to perceive us as wimps. Does it not occur to these people that the cost of teaching “the savages” a lesson may actually outweigh the benefits???

Yesterday, according to the Washington Post, Lebanese Acting Foreign Minister Tarek Mitri said that he doubts his government would agree to invite a European-led intervention force into southern Lebanon, citing fierce opposition from Hezbollah and its key foreign backers, Syria and Iran. Mitri also said that “no solution” to the current violence in Lebanon can be found without the participation of Syria and Iran in the search for a political settlement.

Does that man sound like he is in a politically strong position? Does he sound like he has the upper hand in his battle to stamp out Syrian and Iranian influence inside of Lebanon?

You tell me!

So what did the Israelis accomplish over the last two weeks? 1) They killed around a thousand Lebanese, 2) they flattened entire neighborhoods, villages and towns resulting in over 750,000 displaced people 3) they crippled Lebanon's infrastructure - taking the country back to the damn stone age, 4) and last but not least, they destroyed the first and only proudly secular, liberal political and social movement in the entire Middle East. A movement that effectively stood up to fundamentalists, and at the very least, looked them eye-to-eye and contained them.

I am very aware that Israelis visit this site. So my message to those visitors is that you not only destroyed the dreams of an entire generation of Lebanese (i.e. my own, and probably my children's). But, you guys and your government just shot yourselves in the foot! And I don't mean merely with one shot. No! I mean, you guys got an M-16 rifle, put it on full automatic and shot both your feet to smithereens.

Your reckless “shock-and-awe” military campaign ultimately turned a political-military organization that you hate into the Arab World’s hero; and in doing so, you have only increased the influence of your arch-nemesis, Iran. Ultimately, the biggest losers are the Lebanese people, and the hope they manifested in a region characterized overwhelmingly by hopelessness and depression.

Whoohooo! Great Job Folks!


John said...

"the first and only proudly secular, liberal political and social movement in the entire Middle East. A movement that effectively stood up to fundamentalists, and at the very least, looked them eye-to-eye and contained them."

my god, you must be kidding or cynical...

Raja said...

No John, I am neither kidding nor cynical. The March 14 movement in Lebanon asserted itself in a way that was unprecedented in the region.

It was a stark and powerful contrast to Hizballah. Diverse, Secular, Open to the West, Democratic, Fractured, Peacefull, Fun loving.

The ideals that March 14 manifested were as much, if not more, of a threat to Hizballah than Israeli military force.

In fact, allow me to correct myself... Hizballah actually flourishes in conditions of war, as is plain to see now.

Rimstalker said...


HA was already the Arab world's hero, So I cant really see any difference - "oh, I just hated Israel a little before, now I REALLY hate them.."

You guys just love to pull out the "violence only encourages extremism" card, don't you?

Well surprise: It works the same way in Israel! Not EVERYBODY in Israel share the same view of the conflict, you know, and actually right / left split Israeli politics right about the middle: the balance between them is both complex and fragile – Lebanon does not have a monopoly on complex politics!

HA attacks (especially if they go un-answered) give the right wing extremists leverage and push the political center towards the “Hawkish” point of view.
The Left has worked hard in convincing the Israeli public of the wisdom in the Lebanon, Gaza withdrawals – do you these claims will be taken seriously now?

Olmert’s plan to withdraw from the west bank is now dead and buried – even if you didn’t think it was a great plan it was the only prospect of further Israeli withdrawals in the near future.


John said...

If the 14 march movement did "effectively stood up to fundamentalists", why did it not stop HZ from attacking?

I agree with what rimstalker

Omer (israeli) said...

Ahminjad, president of Iran just declared that the solution for the ME is "The destruction of Israel". What a suprise.

As he didn't say that all along. And if israel would'nt have responded the way it did, then HEZ would have attacked again till it would.

You may have your own idea, about what HEZ is trying to achive (yeah, yeah, they have only the ppl of lebnon in mind). But this is a very dangerous situation for all the ME. Soon iran will have accses to Nukes, if they haven't already. Israel already has. Their "solution" will soon casue the whole of ME to "Glow in the dark".
But Inshalla "Allah Auakbar".

Forgive me raja, if i sound extreme. I have no patiance with those who wish to murder me. I must be crazy if i dont want to murdered in the name of the "merciful" Allah.

You can delete my comment again if you wish, it won't change my feelings thou.

And i bet israel can yell all day and night "they want to mureder us" and the world won't even lift a finger. till its too late.

Anyway im not going anyway, and if iran wants to fight. Well i'll line up for battle.

What else can i do. Wait to get murdered?

how would Iran and the world respond if israel said that the only solution for the ME is to elimnate Iran???

But i guess our blood is worth less, in the name of Jihad.

Ghassan said...

I cannotbelieve my eyes when I read that the Lebanese government is secular, liberal and stands up to fundamentalists!!! I can understand that at times it might be difficult to see the forest for the trees but to pretend to be describing reality when in essence the facts are diametrically opposed is difficult to understand from a person who has often discussed the idea of secularism and at times but not always concluded that secularism stands no chance in Lebanon and who has many times taken the Lebanese government to task for its inability to take a stand for Lebanon!!!!

The results of the current Israeli aggression on Lebanon has been tremendous in blood and physical assets but to absolve the Lebanese government from its responsibility in the current carnage is irresponsible. Had we had an effective government then probably none of this would be going on. Failure in politics is not less forgiving than that in the buisness world. A failed company is dissolved while a dysfunctional state slides into oblivion. We have Bashar, Nasrallah, Lahoud and Siniora to thank for the present round of destruction and suffering. The three Lebanese ought to be tried for their actions and conspirecies on the Lebanese public.

behind-the-scenes said...

IF the 14th march movement would have gathered again en masse to protest the fact that HZ has still not dismantled then
A: You could say " A movement that effectively stood up to fundamentalists, and at the very least, looked them eye-to-eye"
B: Hezbollah just might have ended up agreeing to disarm or at least to move all their ammunitions up to the Litani.

Another mass protest by the march 14 crowds after the next Hezbollah rocket attack inside Israel would have generated even more real pressure on Hezbollah!

As you know, these protests against HZ didn't take place! Nobody can claim such a huge protest would cause HZ to start a civil war. It's just that the march 14th crowd felt cowed by HZ and wanted to hope that HZ will be contained. HZ, on the other hand, was slowly escalating its attacks, ensuring the Lebanese people that Lebanon will be ok.

In HZ's last attack, they bombarded a range of Israeli towns, a small number of Israeli army outposts inside Israel and also penetrated into Israel, killing 3 soldiers and kidnapping 2 more.

This was no small operation.
Now if Israel had done nothing much, no more than before - HZ would be rejoicing at how fantastically it's doing. Now are you really going to pretend that you and a huge mass of people (the march 14th crowd) would've finally gathered and protested that HZ must be disarmed???!!!!!!

You're honest enough to admit that not even 200 people (let alone a million) would have gone on such a march.

And you're smart enough to know that this would not have been HZ's last deadly attack.
HZ would have kept the same pattern and continued pausing and then initiating an attack bigger than the last one. Meanwhile, enjoying greater prestige for daring to carry out such attacks. And we, in Israel, would wait forever for the 14th march crowds who'd sit at home and do nothing.

If the Lebanese are stupid enough to now side by HZ then the Lebanese will get more war because HZ will always attack when it has the capability of doing so. Ultimately, the Lebanese have to ask what they prefer:
to protest en masse against HZ
to have continued war.

moral ground said...

Israel said many times that the only solution to "X" is to eliminate people "Y". And it's very funny, Omer, that you, an Israeli Jew, says that your blood is worth less. History only taught us that Jewish blood is the most precious in the universe, ever since WWII. Please, spare us the victimization of your aggressive regime.

Sherri said...

To Israel supporters: Hezbollah was never a threat to Israel's existence. The murder of innocent men, women, and children, is not right. The genocide and ethnic cleansing of Hezbollah members and their families and their cities is not right. Making the Occupied Territories your own concentration camp for Palestinians is not right. When you do evil to fight evil, you become indistinquishable from the evil you set out to fight.
Your actions created and fuel Hezbollah and Hamas.

Omer (israeli) said...

moral ground,
you know very well that they are two sides to the aquastion. Its seems to me that you like to look only at one side.

The position of Iran today was the Position of all the Arab world in 1948. They didn't accept the UN agreement forming the state of israel, and ever since made trouble.

But i guess that when you watch news, you only see OUR aggression but never the reason behind it.

Yes, We are crual heartless monsters, is that what you want to hear? will it make it easier for you when we are finally genocided?

Omer (israeli) said...

Spare me the HEZ only wants peace.
HEZ "peace" does not include israel on the map. Should i take that Nasrallah is joking when he talks about the destruction of israel. Or that hes ideology is not based for him on the word of almighty god, telling him to kill us?

Spare me the argument, and go read some lectures by Nasrallah.

Carmel said...

hey raja good to see you're back in business i was worried about you at the beginning. what can i say, you are right! what's going on between IDF and Hezbollah is basic child psychology, but i feel helpless about it. today half of my friends were called to reserve army duty, i dunno what this country is planning because we're all misinformed. and i hate this. i am not sure what is necessary anymore.

but the other option of doing nothing now seems impossible as well, isn't it? i mean, it seems no normal peace task force even wants to come here and stand between us. i feel that we're being used to do the west's dirty job in a way and Israel is just using it's usual rhetoric of "our home is being threatened", but is it really the story this time? I'm sad for all of us going 20 years backwards. it may come in different shapes and forms, but many things are ruined on this side too.

moral ground said...

Omer, you would have done yourself good leaving out the 1948 sentiment out of your argument. The state of Israel should have never been formed in the 1940's, it was illegal, it was wrong. Now, however, it's an established entity, and to say that it should be annihilated is illogical. So choose your arguments carefully, you're not talking to idiots. And when I watch the news I only see your victimization, since I live in the US.

Omer (israeli) said...

"Making the Occupied Territories your own concentration camp for Palestinians is not right. "

In concetration camp they killed millions of jews SYSTIMTICLY.

While istrael isn't cabale of "Surgical strikes", it sure hell won't wait to see tel-aviv blowen to pices with "holy fighters", whoes genociding who?

Look, I do agree that PL's need to get their land (within 67 borders). But for now the Hamas calls for the destruction of Israel. They decalre OPENLY that 67 border is just the first step.

In these border, all israel is in rocket range.

Now, I know that you are willing to risk OUR lives for justice done. And i agree justice must be done. But inorder for that to happen, we in israel need to feel secure.
As long as the agenda is the destuction of israel, how do you think we should act?

Wait six years while the PL's build an arsenal in order to kill us?
Get real. If the Pl's want their land, they will have to stop saying, thinking, and DOING what they do (i.e "The destrucion of israel").

Omer (israeli) said...
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moral ground said...
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Omer (israeli) said...
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Omer (israeli) said...
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John said...


killing of Hezbollah members is not ethnic cleansing, for it's not done on behalf of thier race or religion (If you say it is, you're the racist one, saying taht all arabs/Shiaites are like HZ).

Killing of 600 people is NOT a genocide (Genocide is defined as A systematic attempt to annihilate a racial group or nation). It might be a massacure, a killing, but not a genocide.

And one more thing: I guess you've never heard a holocoust survivor, read or visited a concentration camp, for the occupied terratories (with all their bad conditions, and belive me, I know they have bad conditions) don't come even close to being a bit like concentration camps.

Sherri said...

Hezbollah may well be a fanatical group that hates Israel and wants to destroy Israel. But I don't think it has the capability to destroy your country. When innocent people die from bombs your country drops on them (which my country, the United States, sends to Israel), it just adds to the hate and the cycle of violence. Isn't the underlying problem the Palestinians not having their own country and the feelings of hate and injustice that the Palestinian conflict creates in Muslims?

Omer (israeli) said...

I'm really frustrated.

All i ever wanted since i was 14 is peace. I never liked what going on in the occupied territories. It ain't right. I know this. I've been protesting for their rights ever since i was 14 (I was born in israel 1976).

But i also can't accept a formation of an aggresive enemy state forming on our borders. Its a matter of survival.

I don't say the Pl's need to like us, it will take generation befroe that can happen. I just want them to leave us, for the sake of peace.

Omer (israeli) said...

I'm also against the war. I think our politician were iresponsible in their decision.

And i don't like it one bit when i see the bodies of young children on tv.

As an Israelis we face a BIG moral delama, how far should we go to protect our selfs?

If iran attacks, and we get missiled at the same time on 3 fronts (Lebanon-HEZ, Gaza, west-bank) what chance do we stand then? Do you think this is theoretical?

FGA said...

Raja, thanks for a very sobering post. I enjoyed how people citicized Jumblatt yesterday for simply telling the truth! Do we really need to listen to hollow words about how we will easily rebound because the Lebanese will to survive is enormous? Not me..I would rather stay focused on the tragedy that is befalling us, and it cursed perpetrators: Israel, Syria, Iran (in that order).

Olmert is a political fool, who has ensured that the Israelis will enter a deadly struggle for their existence as they clearly have lost their upper hand - both militarily and geopolticially. The guy must be getting strategic military advice from George W!


bernhard said...

maybe this is the sort of Lebanon Israel wished as his neighbour

not one hezbollah flag in sight, but a lot of '100% lebanese' posters and one demanding 'Syria out - lahoud go home'. I f I were sitting in the Israeli government at this time, I would have tried to support this movement with all the money that is now being used for bombs, f-16s, grenades, soldiers...
I am sure, that there would be more live than death in Israel AND Lebanon, now.

Fighting Sullyvan said...

Hey Raja - Thanks for the blog. I'm going to hit on an issue I've written about before. The March 14th crowd is more afraid of spilling their own blood in a confrontation with Hezbollah than they are of the Israelis. At least that was the case. Now that you see the devestating consequences of not confronting Hezbollah your calculus has likely changed. While I'm sure all of the Israelis would really like you to like them, your precious love does them on good if they are no longer alive to appreciate it. And death is exactly what Hezbollah and Iran have in store for them if they are allowed to have their way. I'm not even a jew and I get this. I can only imagine how sensitive jews are to these types of genocidal threats.

To the poster Sherri - your commentary is foolish. yeah we all read the CS opinion piece, but that's just more left-wing echo chamber propaganda about those "colonialist jews". Clue in and understand the other dynamics at play.

FGA said...
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1earth said...

Raja is pulling crap out of his ass as usual. Lebanon's "March 14th" was an American operation that cut "stood up" to the last secular Arab government, the isolated Syrian Baathists. Big whoop. Meanwhile the Lebanese took money and weapons from fundamentalist Iran to build an army of religious fanatics.

No Raja, you can't have your tourist dollars and Lebanon's proxy war against Israel.

"Olmert is a political fool, who has ensured that the Israelis will enter a deadly struggle for their existence as they clearly have lost their upper hand - both militarily and geopolticially. The guy must be getting strategic military advice from George W!"

Blah blah blah, you Arabs have been saying that for over 60 years. Meanwhile Israel prospers as yet another Arab nation falls back into the gutter.

FGA said...

Ghassan, I agree that we failed politically, and that our failure came at the hands of Micho-thebigfatmoron-Aon, who decided that he might get his ass closer to the Baabda chair if he undermined the government in which he is represented by dealing & wheeling with a group hellbent on excuting Iran's agenda. Yes..we would have done much better if we had a government free of the "free patriotic movemnet"!

PS. I am guessing you dont agree?


Lirun said...

i'm starting to feel like a broken record.. i think the tragedies that are occurring are aweful.. and i dont think the pain is erasable..

its a bit exhausting to deal with the constant "you're such a monster" argument "israel should die" bla bla because having lived abroad i can tell you that such meaningless diatribe is always spun at someone somewhere and it changes nothing.. many people on our side of the border think the same about various arab states.. personally i have defended muslim friends being attacked in the same manner in various jobs i held overseas.. it is a stupid and vicious manner of expression that one can only take personally..

but i dont care about them.. it doesnt change the fact of who we are and what we are.. and it doesnt necessarily change you either..

if we spend so much time picking the wounds - how will they heal..

israel's peace movement is very substantial.. and just like lebanon's it has torn our country into bitterly opposed factions..

the strangest thing is the parrallel nature of our factions.. those who dont want peace on our side can easily cooperate with those who dont want peace on yours.. because their objectives are complementary.. the same goes for those who want peace..

the problem being of course that violence pollutes trust and leaves us with barren soil for dialog.. after every aggression the voices of those seeking peace become dimmer and dimmer until they're eventually mute

our countries have both achieved so much in spite of very unfavourable odds.. as we have prevailed on our own in the past.. i urge us now to prevail together.. as we have attained the seemingly impossible before i ask that we do the same now and show the world we can..

wishing peace and safety to all

where there's a will there's a way..

Omer (israeli) said...

Thank you for your common sense
you managed to calm me down :)

I do belive, their is still hope, But reality is very complex and dangerous. Unfortunatly i don't think that our leaders are capable of dealing with it, and as such we will fall right into to Irans scheme. And indeed, we already have.

CMAR II said...


Your reckless “shock-and-awe” military campaign ultimately turned a political-military organization that you hate into the Arab World’s hero;

It is sooo easy to become a hero among Arabs. After 9-11, "Osama" became the most popular name for newborn baby boys.

But I'm waiting for some Lebanese to tell me why Israel should care what the Lebanese think about them.

When the Lebanese liked them so much 4 weeks ago (ha ha) were they willing to disarm Hizballah? Were they on the verge of cracking down on their terrorist activities?

What? You say they COULDN'T do that because it would start a civil war? I get that. But that still leaves Israel with the problem of a terrorist organization attacking it from Lebanon.

So how would Lebanon be different FOR THE ISRAELIS if everyone in Lebanon already hated them (which is practically true anyway).

Fighting Sullyvan said...

Raja - One of your other posters had earlier asked for the link to the Guardian article on Hezbollah retribution at the end of the conflict. Here it is,,1832931,00.html

Despite Israel's claims to have inflicted heavy losses on Hizbullah, Ali insists his side is in a strong position. "Things are going very well now, whatever happens we are winning. If they keep bombing us we will stay in the shelters, and with each bomb more people support the resistance. If they invade they will repeat the miserable fate they had in 1982, and if they hold one square foot they will give the Islamic resistance all the legitimacy. If they want to kill Hizbullah they have to kill every Shia in the south of Lebanon."

And even when the battle with the Israelis is over, he adds menacingly, Hizbullah will have other battles to fight. "The real battle is after the end of this war. We will have to settle score with the Lebanese politicians. We also have the best security and intelligence apparatus in this country, and we can reach any of those people who are speaking against us now. Let's finish with the Israelis and then we will settle scores later."

Sherri said...

My husband and I live in the United States and are US citizens. My husband was born in Iran. He does not agree with the government there or Hezbollah. He was born as a Muslim, but he does not believe in that religion. In fact, he hates all religion because of the things he has seen done in the name of God. Despite the fact he does not agree with the Iranian government, he has relatives in Iran. He does not want Iran drawn into a war and his parents bombed by the US or Israel and it called "collateral damage" or just "war".
Concerning all human beings, all of our lives have value. The lives of all of our relatives have value. In the West and Israel too, it seems like a lesser value is placed on the lives of Arabs or Muslims. That's not right. There should be justice for everyone. We need to all find a way to get along and stop the cycle of hate.

I feel so much guilt over the deaths and suffering of the innocent people in Lebanon, because my country, the United States, is very much involved with this. Since 9/11, we have started 2 wars in the name of fighting terror. This war is also being waged as a war on terror.Concerning my statements about genocide, I do not see much difference in this and the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Darfur and other parts of Africa. The Southern part of Lebanon is being heavily bombed. The people have to leave or be killed and their homes are destroyed. And I have heard of people trying to leave being bombed. I saw pictures of civilians bombed with cluster bombs and some chemical that makes burns worse. The population in Southern Labanon is largely Shiite Muslim . This is an ethnic group.

Lirun said...

great things dont come easy.. but i think of it a bit like the environment.. people can ignore the needs for only so long.. and sooner or later there will be no choice.. other silliness will become even more ridiculously irrelevant than it is to day..

the hope however is that we not wait for such dire realities but rather act now.. all time between now and then is just unnecessary blood spilling and unnecessary pain and a lot of missed friendship and good neighbourly relations that we could otherwise be enjoying..

wishing we sober up sooner rather than later

אל תגידו יום יבוא הביאו את היום
(Al tagido yom yavo haviu et hayom)
dont say the say will come - bring the day

Lirun said...
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Lirun said...


do you view the attacks and consequent evacuation of the entire north of israel due to.. wait for it.. hang on.. fasten your seatbelts..

2 3 0 !!!! rockets being shot at it yesterday ALONE!! is genocide?

i dont think either cases are.. yes these are disgusting times but ethnic cleansing is very much purpose related and not just about people dying.. otherwise you could call any war ethnic cleansing which it is clearly not..

you know.. some people cant grasp this.. but many times very good people have a very genuine dispute.. not calling anyone good or otherwise.. but we have to weaken the perception that "all who disagree with us are evil" because that is very narrow minded and unhelpful..

a young israeli man has lost both his legs in this war - they showed him on tv today.. following the HA's example you'd expect to see him dragged off boiling metal plates and with blood everywhere.. but no.. he was holding his guitar smiling and his dad said he was happy his son was alive.. the kid was telling people to lighten up..

there are many ways to pitch a message.. and many ways to look at reality..

wishing peace no matter what

its achievable

1earth said...

Hezbollah just announced no ceasefire until the "Israeli occupation ends".
What BS. There was no occupation of Lebanon a month ago that could explain the Lebanese aggression that sparked this conflict.

Anyways Lebanon, prepare to burn in a zionist pyre. I don't care what happens to Lebanon. You want to know what moderate Lebanese thought of Americans before this?
An Italian journalist in Beirut reported:

Trying to find our bearings, my husband and I went into an American-style cafe in the Hamra district, near Rue Verdun, rated as one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Here the cognitive dissonance was immediate, and direct. The café's sophisticated clientele was celebrating, laughing, cheering and making jokes, as waiters served hamburgers and Diet Pepsi. Nobody looked shocked, or moved. They were excited, very excited.

An hour later, at a little market near the U.S. Embassy, on the outskirts of Beirut, a thrilled shop assistant showed us, using his hands, how the plane had crashed into the twin towers. He, too, was laughing.

Once back at the house where we were staying, we started scanning the international channels. Soon came reports of Palestinians celebrating. The BBC reporter in Jerusalem said it was only a tiny minority. Astonished, we asked some moderate Arabs if that was the case. "Nonsense," said one, speaking for many. "Ninety percent of the Arab world believes that Americans got what they deserved."

For that I think all Lebanese should be deported from America.

Omer (israeli) said...

I have nothing against Iran as a country. Gloriuos past, excellent Cinema, they were the center of "Civiliazion" during the middle ages. While europe was busy burning us at the stake, jews in Iran prospored.

But old times have change. Belive me i know alot of innocent ppl are involved. I NO WAY WANT WAR. I do belive that if there will be war with Iran, they will take the first step. Ahminjad is blinded by hate to the jews, not to israel alone. Do you think he will care that his A-bomb will kill also Pl's (as we lived mixed)?

Did you know that at least 4 arabs died from the bombs of Nasrallah? including 2 children?
Do you think there is a big diffrence in the north now between arab and jew? (I say arab, since not all of them are muslims).

But hey, I guess its ok, since Nasrallah called the children "Shaid" (martyers), so i guess its ok.

mikealpha said...


Cycle of violence , war never solves anything, this is childish NONSENSE. Are there slave plantation in the southern US ? Do the Germans hate America, are there still Nazis in power anywhere ? Where is the Imperial Japanese Army ? How much sleep do you lose over the innocent dead of Horoshima, Nagasaki and Dresden ? Your and my parents killed thousand more people that the Israelis ever did. They did it so you could grow up and be free to be an idiot, and they did the right thing.

P.S. The Jordanian Army killed more Palestinians that the Israelis ever did. Look up Black September.

Sherri said...

Looking Down From Heaven

Looking down from heaven
Jesus weeps for the children
Hearing their cries and feeling their pain
Seeing them hurting and killing each other
In violent acts and wars everywhere
Violence and wars, causing such devastation
Lost lives and shattered hopes and dreams
Why don't they stop hurting each other?
Didn't he tell them to love one another, over and over again
Why don't they listen to him?
Loving one another means caring for others
Not hurting and killing them Loving one another means loving everyone
As Jesus said, God made the sun rise on and the rain come down on our enemies too

God gave us eyes to see this beautiful world with
Ears to hear the rain pouring down
and every sound under the sun
God gave us a heart and mind to use to find him and love him
And a desire to become more like Christ every day
God gave up his son
God gave us his love
A reason to live and everything good in this world

This is the first verse of a song I wrote

Lirun said...

what sort of melody are you imagining? like a soulful gospel/R&B or a more middle eastern fusion or perhaps a baroque style?

dany said...

Cmar ii,

The Lebanese did not want ot disarm HA for the sake of Israel. They are in as much danger from armed thugs as Israel. At least, you have a border dividing you, but they are right in the midst of us !
The problem is that Syria has invested a lot in HA lately and was shipping truckload after truckload of arms into Lebanon for HA. Isreal and the US, with all their capabilties could not have missed this ! They just decided to keep quiet and turn a blind eye, because they did not want to rock the boat and risk tipping the wobbly Syrian regime and ending up with an Islamist republic in Damascus or with an Islamist jungle like Iraq.
But they still insisted that the Lebanese gvt disarm HA. As much as I think that the Leb gvt's performance was desastrous, I still say: how did you expect this gvt to stop Hizbullah, when you don't even pressure Syria to stop their arm supply ?
One more piece of info: At least as many weapons was shipped into the palestinian camps of the Bekaa as for HA. This stockpile is probably still intact, waiting for the next round (summer 2007?). Israel cannot possibly not know about it. Are they doing or saying anything ?

Omer (israeli) said...

I dont agree with you either.
The cycle of vilonace is real, at least with the Pl's. Everyside justifies hes attack by the previous one made on him. Its been going on for so long, the question who started it, is long irrelevent.

Besides, We should never come again to do what the americans did in japan. Peace should not be so costly.

I'm sick and tired of this, When, when, when will israel finally live at peace?

dany said...


Do you have any idea about the number stories told among arabs about Israel knowing about 9-11 and not saying anything (let alone those claiming Israel planning 9-11).

Well, you don't hear me saying that's enough to deport all jews out of the US !

Idiocy, my friend, is not a monopoly for any race or creed.

You have no idea how many of my arab friends were shocked for days, and have cried when we heard about 9-11. So, please spare us your uninformed comments and try to discriminate when you hear the news. Otherwise, how do you explain that FOX, CNN, EuroNews, and AlHurra give contrasting news so often ?

1earth said...

Dany, the same Arabs claiming the Jews and Masons did 9/11 also say 9/11 was a good thing and that America deserved it. Which is it? Dumb Arabs can't even get their hate propaganda straight. Typical Arab "logic": The Jews did 9/11, the same terrorist attack which made Bin Laden into an Arab super-hero.

Sherri said...

Just because prior bombings of civilians may have caused more deaths, does not prove anything. I was not alive during World War II. But I have a definite opinion about the use of the nuclear bomb on the civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think it was wrong. To aim a nuclear weapon at the heart of cities with civilian populations of over 100,000 is wrong. The war might have ended earlier, but from what I read it was winding up anyway.

Omer (israeli) said...

Jewish conspiracy theories.
To any one intrested:

We need blood of "Goyim" (gentiles) inoredr to make our "Matza" (bread) on passover.

this non-sense circulated europe for 200 years (17-18 cnt). So many jews died in the hands of inqisition for this claim. If they did not confess, They "showd no remorse".

Raja said...


if you read my entry properly, you will notice that I referred to the March 14 Movement, as opposed to political grouping. The March 14 Political Coalition DEPENDEND on the popular movement for its legitimacy, and ultimately, existence. The second point I would like to make, Ghassan, is to reemphasize a difference between sectarian and religious. Hizballah is a Religious Fundamentalist movement. By comparison, most of the other political entities in Lebanon are Sectarian, but NOT religious. I believe you and I had a little discussion about this a couple of months ago!

On the one hand, you have more of a familial/clannish/identity arrangement, and on the other you have an entity based on, and feuled by, religious principles which in most circumstances oppose familial impulses.

As for those responsible for the situation we are in today, I can only blame Hizballah and the Israelis for escalating the conflict to the level it is at today. The March 14 political coalition suffered from major shortcommings and miscalculations. However, it is safe to say that almost everything was done to disarm Hizballah, short of utilizing force, which would have led to an even bloodier civil war.

March 14 needed a little more time (for god sakes, they had a little more than a year) and an Israeli State that wasn't so eager to prove its bloody manhood!!!

mikealpha said...


Informed opinion held that those landing in japan would have suffered very high casualties had the Japanese defended the island (hundreds of thousands minimally). Think Iwo Jima (although I doubt you have a clue what that means). I also doubt you can understand why trying to preserve your own friends and countrymen even at the expense of enemy caualties including those of civilians is the preferred and honorable course of action, so I wont try to explain it to you.

CMAR II said...


You are totally missing my point.

They are in as much danger from armed thugs as Israel. At least, you have a border dividing you, but they are right in the midst of us!

I agree. I'm not even in Israel. I have an OCEAN separating me from HA. But that's why Israel is actually doing the free, patriotic Lebanese (not the agents of foreign governments) a favor by doing what the Lebanese could not...and didn't CARE to because it was the problem only for those nasty Jews.

Isreal and the US, with all their capabilties could not have missed this [shipping truckload after truckload of arms into Lebanon]! They just decided to keep quiet and turn a blind eye...

In case you haven't noticed, Lebanon is not a safe place for the US or Israel to do massive intelligence. Do you really want the US (or Israel) to come in and police Lebanon's border with Syria? Perhaps Israel will end up doing that. ;-)

...because they did not want to rock the boat and risk tipping the wobbly Syrian regime and ending up with an Islamist republic in Damascus

If you think the US is trying fortify the Asaad's government, then you know nothing about US MidEast policy.

But they still insisted that the Lebanese gvt disarm HA.

Yes, I know, but they couldn't because it would mean a civil war. So, what choices does that leave Israel? How would Lebanon be different as an enemy state where everyone hated or distrusted Israelis? Answer: It wouldn't be diffent at all. In fact, that was pretty close to the truth in Lebanon already.

(continue on next post)

lisoosh said...

Raja - I greatly enjoy your blog, and it is devastating to read of the frustration of Lebanese viewing their country at war.
Nasrallah was never contained. His action against Israel was as much a military coup as it was an aggressive move against a much larger neighbour. His current threats of reprisals to all Lebanese betray his true motives.

I understand that the Lebanese want to avoid a civil war, but Nasrallah has started one anyway. Either the actual Lebanese people stand up to him or he wins.

JoseyWales said...


I am with you on emotions but I am afraid I disagree with analysis.

Time was never going to solve this. Most my friends agree with you, I don't.

There was nothing to discuss with Hezbo. They said touch our arms we'll cut off your hands and heads.

Same with Iran's nukes discussion, you really believe that is going anywhere?

Israel had clearly theatened Lebanon several times and finally had to act (following a clear ACT OF WAR by the Hezb). That does not mean I like what I see nor that I am defending Israel's strategy.

The Lebanese were stuck and paralysed even before the catastrophe and Hezbo was getting away with murder.

Mitri was as hapless before July 12 as he is today and he has himnslef and Siniora to blame.

If you don't take the initiative (and risks) someone else will.

For crying out loud what does our fucking gvmnt want?? Mitri is yacking about what Hezbo, Iran and Syria wants??

What the hell does it take for someone in this stupid gvmnt to take a position on ANYTHING, ANYTHING??

CMAR II said...


As much as I think that the Leb gvt's performance was desastrous, I still say: how did you expect this gvt to stop Hizbullah, when you don't even pressure Syria to stop their arm supply?

You can thank the UN and the EU for that. The US has its hands full trying to pressure Syria to stop shipping arms to Takfirs and recalcitrant Ba'athists in Iraq (without a lot of success thanks to the UN and EU).

One more piece of info: At least as many weapons was shipped into the palestinian camps of the Bekaa as for HA...Israel cannot possibly not know about it. Are they doing or saying anything?

I'm not sure how you know this for a fact. I won't ask. Assuming it is true and Israel knows about it, I presume they cracked down on the West Bank for the same reason they haven't completely flattened Lebanon from South to North...they don't want to have to kill everyone in the area to get the area cleaned out...also, the Palestinians outside of Gaza are currently trying to provoke a crack-down.

But I repeat: How would a Lebanon that was unable and UNWILLING to root out HA as a foreign occupying force while quietly hating Israel, be any different from that same Lebanon where people OPENLY hated Israel?

So why should Israel care what the Lebanonese think about them?

CMAR II said...


Wow! Could it be? A Lebonese commenting here who actually gets it!

Well said.

Raja said...


If your solution is working, then maybe, I'll try "to get it." But guess what? The outcome of your government's behavior is even worse than the status quo ante!!!

3li- said...

>>His (Nasrallah's)current threats of reprisals to all Lebanese betray his true motives.

Could you tell us when that happened and what he said?

barroon said...


just an input to set ur record straight. majority of Iranians even political parties had nothing to do with ahmadinejad speeches .
the political party which he comes from is a very new , unknown party and to be unknown helped him to be elected buz he promised economic changes and better social level .
everyone in iran feels like ..” ok.. if he hate jews let him but why he scream it here and there in every occasion !! ur personal love and hate are not political agenda !”
he is saying what he is saying due to some inside political indifference in iran, he ( his party) want to pressure " khameniye" ( the Islamic leader ).
Long story .

most Iranians wonder why Iran even have Isreal/palestine issue in his agenda in last 30 years!
Iranian were killed by arabs during war , all arabs were happy by saddam while he was killing Iranians , no iranian were killed by isreali ! Isreal even sold weapons to iran during Iran/iraq war ,while most of arabs had hostile policies toward iran at that period .
anyway... this comment is only for u might help u to understand more why "ahmadinejad" say what he say. Iran will never start a war.
from outside , iran seems a very fanatic country because of it government but beside that inside iranians don’t see isreal as their enemy . simply because iran/ isreal never been in war before .
Iran foreign policy is very stupid as much as Isreal and US foreign policy .

Doha said...


i was in lebanon during 9/11 and i cried over the tragedy, as many more did. i can't believe you can wish a poeple to burn in hell for an article that truely does not represent reality or to claim that we get deported out of here. mind you, many of us are American too.

Steve said...


If you don't like what Israel is doing to protect its country. Pikc up a a gun, a knife or a pitch fork and kick HB out of Lebanon. What do you expect Israel to do when they are being so savagely attacked?

If I were the prime minister of Israel, about 20 miles of Lebanon along the Israel boarder would still be smelling of napalm or residue of neutron bombs. Hopefully that will be next if Lebanon does not kick HB out of their country!

Ghassan said...

Why to the hell wouldn't I agree. I did not include Aoun in the list simply because (I know that not many of you will agree with this) I do not take either the man or the party seriously. I think that he is a two bit actor who is driven with a messianic zeal to become the president of Lebanon. I cannot think of a less qualified individual for the job or any job for that matter.

barroon said...

Omer (Isreal)

one more thing. while ahmadinejad keep his personal stupidity out its not like all Iranian nation and political parties are clapping for him. all the other political parties hating him and his party. ( not becuz they are better). They even refused his cabinet 3 times before accepting his ministries .

3li- said...


>>Israel had clearly theatened Lebanon several times and finally had to act (following a clear ACT OF WAR by the Hezb).

A CLEAR ACT OF WAR? Will you define for us what constitutes an act of war in International Law or callous Machiavellian logic, or are you simply regurgitating neocon parlance who never shy from couching their policies in apocalyptic visions of “good” and “evil” and the “clash of civilizations?”

So none of Israel’s actions have ever constituted an ACT OF WAR on Lebanon? None of its several invasions of Lebanon over the decades and the murder of tens of thousands of people; none of the thousands of violations of Lebanon’s sovereign sea and sky; not the illegal holding of its territory, not the sponsoring of hit squads to carry out assassinations on Lebanese officials; not the abandonment of hundreds of thousands of land mines without a map so that the Lebanese can clean them up and safely use their territory again? None of these? Or does Israel always have its moral rational, while we are barbarians who thrive on death and destruction?

I am assuming you are Lebanese, but your tone and language over many comments have betrayed not only a narrow and extremist sectarian thinking that is a relic of civil war times, but as well an ignorance of the history and the players in the region who will dump you head first when the time comes that their interests are threatened.

Go ahead and cheer Israel on, and justify its actions against the other Lebanese. I think you only stopped short of telling her what to do and where to bomb. It is a good and fun future indeed we have together with the likes of you.

Lirun said...


this is interesting.. so what is your view on the future of iran and its ruling party..


Omer (israeli) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Omer (israeli) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
barroon said...


there is a very aggressive battle inside iran between different political forces , actually is was going on in last 8 years since "khatami" (last president) has been elected with 27 million votes ( his election for Iranian was almost similar to ceder movement) his component which was supported by fundamental institutes of Iranian government only collected 3.5 milion .
if other parties fail to shut ahmadinejad and his big mouth up the future going to be very dim .
and as history shows even small minority can take majority to destruction and war .
my only wish is that the remainig time of "ahmadinjead" ( 3 years) and G.W.Bush ( 2.5) in the office finish before we go to WW3 !

Ghassan said...

This post has already become unwieldy with over 60 responses!!!
I am not going to bother to correct your mischaracterization of identity this time, maybe we can deal with that after the war. I would like however to respond to what I believe is a seminal issue in this conflict. It would be hard for me not to view the Siniora government as a failed one. The record or absence of one afte over a year speaks volumes. But more to the point is the idea that the Siniora government has tried everything to disarm HA short of using force. That is pure bull, if you will allow me an indiscretion. All what the Siniora government has done was to hold a hiwar which never dared ask for disarming HA , never passed a measure requiring collection of weapons, did not dare stop the delivery of weapons from Iran, was actually complicit in arranging finances and delivery of weapons to the last moment... This government did not have the backbone to take a single meaningful measure to enforce the law. No matter how you cut it the Siniora experiment has been a disaster. I am ready to admit that most of the time he had the right iintentions but he has never ever dilevered on anything, not one damn thing. Those in leadership positions are to be judged by results. Siniora cannot take the heat and so he must move aside. His well meaning efforts have been disasterous and I am afraid that if we wish for an independent Lebanon to have a meager chance at a renewal then we cannot afford the kind of lackadaisicalleadership of Mr. Siniora.

the bewilderness said...

We have been listening to these arguments year after year. They are so contagious the W is now claiming that we are not as bad as the terrorists or the Nazis so we still hold the moral high ground. No we don't.

CMAR II said...


If your solution is working, then maybe, I'll try "to get it." But guess what? The outcome of your government's behavior is even worse than the status quo ante!!!

Worse for whom? For the Lebanese, certainly. It's hard to see how it is worse for Israel who lives constantly under a dangling sword by HA, MB, IJ, Hamas, and Fatah.

Its hard to see how it is worse for the US who will not send peacekeepers since its last representatives were blown up or abducted & excuted.

Granted things are now worse for the Lebanese. I appreciate your problem in that 40% of your countrymen supported HA and that cracking down on HA would mean a civil war. But that's not Israel's problem. Ultimately, it is the Lebanese's pragmatic tolerance of HA that has caused this.

Sorry to blame the "victim". Welcome to the real world.

Joel said...

However, it is safe to say that almost everything was done to disarm Hizballah, short of utilizing force...

This is sort of like saying that "almost everything was done to pour piss out of the boot, short of actually turning it over..."

I'm not sure I buy the "almost everything" part -- in fact, I'm sure I don't -- but nevermind that.

Hezbollah will only be disarmed by the use of force. If they are disarmed, that will have serious consequences; if they're not, that will also have serious consequences -- and the consequences in the latter case will be the same, regardless of whether or not you like them. (You won't.)

Serious questions: At this point, would you rather suffer the consequences of fighting Hezbollah, or those of being Hezbollah's human body armor while they fight the IDF?

When you hear air raid sirens, would you rather run out into the field and risk the IAF killing such a soft-target civilian, or duck into the nearest basement and hope -- whether or not its there -- that the IAF thinks Hezbollah hid a missile there?

Which is riskier? Which do you think is riskier?

Lirun said...

hey barroon

thank you for the insight.. so many regimes to follow.. becomes kind of tough when you're also trying to run a career.. be sporty.. make music.. have a life.. blog about a war lol ;)

seriously though.. we are smashing so many false impressions about eachother.. i have never been so knowledgable about my region as i am today..

i know there are risks of terrible events.. but i really believe in a strong and peaceful middle east..

there is so much good we could all bring the world if we just learned to trust eachother for a little bit..

the israeli work week finishes now.. we dont work fridays.. i have kind of promised myself to have a break from blogging this weekend.. i wonder if i will resist the temptation.. it is so addictive..

in any event.. wishing you all a safe and pleasant weekend..

may we all have peace soon..

i look forward to better times

Dimitry said...


Would you trust Ahmadinejad with an A-bomb?


By refusing to disarm, Hiz essentially declared they do not recognize Lebanese sovereignity. Do you really think you could simply... talk them to accepting it?

barroon said...


it goes for every politician in the world. Do others trust Israel /Pakistan / Rusia / China , with a bomb ? they seem trusty b`cuz they already have it and nobody can do anything about it plus they are not in conflict NOW. if they sit in middle of a conflict no body is trusty .
and to not arguing like kids. Using any kind of military actions ( Bombs) is not in hand of ONE person !!
Iranian parlament will not decide to enter a war anywhere unless iran become under attack.
ahmadi nejad is a puppet ! he cant do much that’s why he have so much spare time for speeches .

barroon said...


so the answer is ..i dont trust any polition with bomb.

Dimitry said...

Well, I don't think you can claim Israel isn't in the middle of a conflict, and wasn't since it got it's atomic power... Same for the US, for the matter. Don't you think people like Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong Ill are even less trustworthy than your average politician?

Ahmadinejad may be a puppet, but in that case, he'd hardly be preaching against his pupeteers opinions. And if you think that the fact he is advocating the destruction of Israel for internal reasons should make me happy, you're very, very wrong.

As for the other part... Are you saying I should essentially trust the system of checks and balances of Iran?

lisoosh said...

al-ghad....3 -
There are several interviews between Nasrallah and al-Jazeera where he promises retribution to Lebanese who stand in his way. They sounded pretty threatening to me, and I understand that Siniora operates under constant threat of assassination. (See Memri for clips)
In addition the Guardian (left wing, definitely not pro Israel) had an interview with Hizbollah commanders. Here is the link and a quote:,,1832930,00.html

"Even when the battle with the Israelis is over, he adds menacingly, Hizbullah will have other battles to fight. "The real battle is after the end of this war. We will have to settle score with the Lebanese politicians. We also have the best security and intelligence apparatus in this country, and we can reach any of those people who are speaking against us now. Let's finish with the Israelis and then we will settle scores later."

Not exactly embracing democracy.
Of course, he could be making it up, but considering the discipline Hezbollah has shown in staying on message I think it is pretty believable.

barroon said...


no ..i think all are same dangrous. isreal and US are not cornerd to use it if they feel they will.
and please dont tell me some day a polition will use nuclear bomb just for plreaser even ahmadi nejad or kim jong !
in time of war no reason will be followed. so many of ur fellow citizens mentioned it here so many times that war justify everything !

Dimitry said...

Difference is, I can see KJI or Ahmadinejad valuing the lives of both the people of their nation and those of their enemies much less than the leaders of any saner country (KJI because he's megalomaniac who cares about nothing but himself, and 'jad because he's a goddamn fanatic). Israel or US, however, will use it only with back truly against the wall (which likely means US won't use it at all).

Omer (israeli) said...

Hes willing that you will take the risk. After all, Ahminjad will not bomb him.
Its easy accepting a threat, when its not on you.

barroon said...


i say, when extremist ( iran/isreal/US/ anywhere) from every side gather ( like the case now days ) we will see worst days.
either every side stick to each word of other and escalated situation and start to answer it with more per potion acts OR we change policies toward cooling .
I said what I know about Ahmadinejad , but if u want to believe that he has a real agenda against Israel go ahead believe it .. but from what I know about Iranian history there was never been anti-Semite feeling among people and before revolution Iranian government was the best if not the only ally of Israel in ME. . Ahmadi nejad and Iranian government are much busy to arrest , torture and execute Iranian resistant rather than fighting or erasing isreal !

Dimitry said...

Well, you know. When people repeatedly tell me they really, really want to kill me, history tells me it is unwise to copmletely dismiss it.

Yael said...

I am an Israeli & agree. I am ashamed to admit that i voted for Peretz. but what he is doing now is not only terible because of all the lives of that are lost, but it is also against israels own interest.
Unfortunatly israelis who think this way are a small minority, and as usual in times of war not many people want to listen to reason.

barroon said...


Ahmadinejad got elected for 3 reasons only :
1- promised better economy
2- promised fighting corruption
3- promised better social services ( distributing oil money in account of each irani ! )

he didnt say i will take iran HOLLY WAR ! or i will take you to QODS ! or i will start another war and push the enrichment program to throat of Iranians
THEREFORE if iranians feel nothing has changed during his presidency he will not be elected not to mention his ability to plan for erasing isreal.
Ahmadinjaad and his party will not stay in head of iran government cuz even Islamic parties are not supporting his stupidity .

Dimitry said...

Why he wasn't elected helps me only a little, while he's in. Particularly if the A Bomb project would be finished while he's still in (and yes, I'm still somewhat doubtful of the Iranian checks and balances).

You keep saying that all of those declaretions are for internal reasons. What internal reasons are those? How does it serve his interests to constantly call for Israel's destruction?

Achillea said...

but from what I know about Iranian history there was never been anti-Semite feeling among people and before revolution Iranian government was the best if not the only ally of Israel in ME.

The Iranian Revolution took place a quarter of a century ago. Whether it was particularly friendly toward Jews before that can be debated, but is irrelevant. The fact remains that it is currently run by a group of virulently racist religious fanatics and has been for quite some time.

Ahmadi nejad and Iranian government are much busy to arrest , torture and execute Iranian resistant rather than fighting or erasing isreal !

Even if this were true (and it isn't, despite regimechangeiran's wishful thinking) it really doesn't take much time or effort to train and equip a bunch of locals to do your fighting for you. That's what proxies are for, after all.

barroon said...


simple ..
he do not think in intrest of iran ! he think of intrest of his political party. his hand is so tight politically inside iran. other parties dont let his party to do anything he even cant do anything through political portocols and manners that why he started to address BUSH and PM of Germany personaly !!! sending out "PERSONAL LETTERS" .

the bomb project IF someday they really be able to build it ( 10 years from now) is not for destorying isreal, the only purpose of it is to ensure thier regime , to ensure US will not attack iran.
if u might be aware since 1978 islamic revelution US tried 2 times to change the regime inside iran

barroon said...


the argument started somewhere else.and buttom line was ..Isrealies and outsiders (US/ Europeans) takeing ahmadinjead way 2 seriously as he is and as he is taken inside iran

Dimitry said...


he do not think in intrest of iran

Exactly my problem. Bombing Israel will not serve Iranian interests in the slightest, it will only damage it (as Iranian cities would too because radioactive wastelands), but it just might serve some narrower interest. As far as I know, he's a bona-fide nutcase that truly sees great importance in Israel being destroyed. How can you say for certain it isn't the case? As I said: history teaches us that sometimes, people do mean what they say.

It can actually be a good rule of thumb: when the government cares little about the interests of their country, this government should not have access to A bombs.

zumbooruk said...

It is so sad to read/hear about what is going on in the middle east, with scores of innocent civilians getting hurt/killed on both sides, but regardless of your feelings about the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians and Arab neighbors, even if you believe there is more culpability on Israel's part for whatever reason, please ponder the following:

If the Arabs put down their weapons, there would be no more violence.

If the Jews put down their weapons, there would be no more Israel.

Tichondrius1 said...

Raja, I wonder where did you get your figures for the number of dead and displaced people ? I mean why choose 1000 dead ? why not 1500 ? or are you saving that for tomorrow, and maybe 2000 by the weekend. Even Mr Seniora said today that there are 900 so why did you say 1000 ? But even Mr Seniora's figures are questionable, as the number of CONFIRMED dead is 548 according to AP. Just like you were wrong on the Qana death toll, which is only 29 compared to "at least 54" reported initially, you are likely wrong here. More troubling is the perception that numbers are being inflated on purpose, and include missing people and other unconfirmed reports. And of course we don't know how many of the dead civilians were Hezbollah members since they don't wear uniforms and the lebanese authorities don't specify who of those was a militant.

So if you want credibility try to stick to facts rather than exagerations...

jij said...

I don't usually leave comments here, but I couldn't help myself. So March 14 (hariri, jumblat, LF!!!!!) are secular. LOL. But "fun-loving" takes the cake. Best characterization of a political movement I've ever come across. Keep up the good work man.

Yohay Elam said...

Yup, it isn't such a big success story. Retaliating to Hizballah's attck on July 12th was necessary. A sovereign state cannot accept such an attack on it's internationally recognized land.
The problem is that instead of concentrating on the Hizballah, Israel seriously damaged Lebanon, got damaged by itself, and now it seems that no there will be no winners, only losers.

JoseyWales said...

Ghadab 3al fadi, Dratt 3al el-blatt

I don't need 35 lines of drivel commentary to understand this:

If country A crosses country B's border and kills and kidnaps its soldiers, It's an act of war.

Nothing sectarian about that except in you diminutive mind.

Pompous asses always want to make things more complicated than they are.

Chris from lebanon said...

Majority of lebanese just like me realize that Israel just gave us a good wake up call from the illusioned life we were in. Just like a person who has cancer but living as if the tumor was not there and hoping by some miracle that it will disappear. Well Santa Claus isn't real and so is the fact that Hezbollah had no intention and still has none to disarm come snow or come shine. The truth of the matter is that Israeli blood along with innocent civilians from both sides are the ultimate sacrifice for the rebirth of lebanon. We can't be more grateful for all israeli's to help us emerge from this crisis with a lasting peace, free from any extremist stranglehold and willing to strive into the 21st century as a civilized and democratic nation. My ultimate hope is for me to see peace emerging with all our neighbors ..and i mean all.

Ilya (Russian) said...

barroon said...


Ahmadinejad got elected for 3 reasons only

1) He hates Jews and USA
2) He hates Jews and USA
3) He hates Jews and USA

Hate is a key of his popularity (~ 80%)

tears for lebanon said...

Chris from Lebanon

Let me start with...I have never even read a blog (let alone a Lebanese blog) until last week. The Qanna Massacre is actually what prompted me...that is when I surfed blogs for the first time, went searching for answers....and to be honest I was not even sure of my questions that I wanted answers to. Just something that would make sense to me, because I could not stop my tears..truth be told, I still can't. As I write....I direct this to 'chris from lebanon'....your expressions have prompted me to create a 'blog account', just to ask you if you are for real? Are you really Lebanese? In my heart I do not believe that you are. You stated that the "majority of lebanese just like me realize that israel just gave us a good wake up call from the illusioned life that we were in" and "we can't be more grateful for all israeli's to help us emerge from this crisis"

C'MON BROTHER!!!! You have to be kidding!!!!!

I really can't imagine that you are actually in Lebanon Chris...or that you are Lebanese. Even I, who is sitting safely in my home in the US, could NEVER be that brainwashed!

I am Lebanese/American...born in Lebanon, however brought to the US before the age of one year. My feet have only walked Lebanon once...2 years ago. I have lived a very 'western' lifestyle and always thought of myself as open minded, tolerant, and forgiving, even I can not grasp the notion of your expressions. I am dumbfounded. Actually, I am disgusted! Have you not seen the destruction and death? And you actually say thank you for it??????

Chris, I hope you have Israel wear a condom the next time you are bending over for him!

I may be living in the USA, but my heart bleeds for Lebanon! I am ashamed to say that I believe that I have caught the disease of hate that Isreal spews,...but I have. But at least I have not caught what you have Chris, IGNORANCE!

Sylvia said...

Have faith, I pray that the people of Iran & Syria will see the mess that they made and help the Lebanese people stand up and control their own country. Hezbolla was taking Lebanon back to stone age and their dreams and means are destroyed. I have faith in the Int'l community and in the people all over the world will stand by Lebanese people and pick up the pieces. I also believe the US will help Lebanon have a legitimate military not an extention of a Redical Islamist, whos only goal is destruction of any progress in the Middle East. My prayer goes out to all the civilians in both Israel and Lebanon. Iran is in Malayja today, one of the largest Islamic population in the world, calling on the destruction of Israel, hinting to take out Tel-aviv. His country and his people are not at at stake, Lebanon and Labanese peaple are. I hope you see that Hezbolla, Iran and Syrian are no friend of Lebanon.

Avrum. said...


Again you don't get it. Olmert has his voters bombed so he must do something about it. His options are limited and he can't think only about the long term. Nor will he take advice from bloggers.

Tichondrius1 said...

Yo blogger, yes you Raja aka "I just invented a new number of casulties off the top of my head" - do you still think Hezbollah only lost 31 fighters ? What about prisoners, how many HA terrorists were taken prisoners by Israel ? maybe you should listen to Nasrallah after all he must be telling you the truth.... because obviously he cares about the truth and it's unthinkable someone of his caliber will twist the truth or even lie just to present things in a more favorable way..... It still amazes me how moronic people are to be fooled like this by a terrorist organization. Anyway, it's your funeral....

Chris from lebanon said...

To tears for lebanon,
I saw your answer to my paper and frankly i didn't see any substance as to why you disagree with my stand. Other then your outrage and some low rated comment about being bent over, i didn't see any counter arguments so we can have a constructive discussion, which leads me to one of two things: 1- your don't have any or 2- you're too blnd to see.
Until you open your eyes and see whats hapenning here, ou know where to find me.

redaktør said...

The Lebanese (and I don't consider Hizbollah Lebanese) care more about their designer suits than about Lebanon. Pathetic dhimmis do not deserve a country.

Gig said...

Dear Raja,

You are the wisest voice in blogistan.

Most of my compatriots are too caught up with fearing the Arabs to realize that the ONLY long term way for Israel to survive is to integrate into the middle east. Historically proven there is no other way.

Every time we unleash our wrath in barbaric way on civilians like we do in Lebanon and Gaza we simply dehumanize ourselves, and reduce the chance for any sort of future co existence.

Please keep writing, whenever I am depressed about the situation, your blog gives me hope.



abou al jamejem said...

I would like you guys to excuse me just a bit, especially those of you who don't speak arabic. Ayri bi Neseralla, Wayri bi Lahood el mastoul, w ari bi Michel Aon el khayen, dammarou el balad. Now I would like to translate what I just said. Fuck Neseralla, fuck Emil Lahood our Idiot president, and fuck Michel Aoun the former General who became pro Syrian. When the fuck Iran and Syria are going to leave us alone. Iran should be destroyed. All of you guys who support Huzeballa are bunch of idiots. Huseballa dosen't give a fuck about us, they care more about their masters in Iran and Syria. Hasan neseralla Ayri betrayed not only lebanon but his own people. thank you all.

Slava said...

For all of you lebanese guys saying that Lebanon could not disarm HA by itself... All you had to do was to demonstrate the _intent_, even without following it with real deeds.

Had the lebanese government, immediatley following the abduction of the two soldiers, apologized to Israel and demanded from HA the soldier's release, the whole war would have been averted.

Even if the HA refused, it would still show that Lebanon, as a country, has nothing to do with this provocation. But Instead, the lebanese ambassador to the US said: "let's swap the prisoners and end of story", ya'ani, since they are already here, why not to use the spoils anyway.

There have been several terrorist attacks on Israel from within Jordan and Egypt, but since they've always dealt with the perpetrators, Israel never responded militarily.

I am sick and tired of the "resistance" mantra. What were HA resisting exactly before July the 12th? Shebaa farms? Prisoners? Well, why didn't you just send your Foreign Minister to meet with Israeli Foreign Minister to talk things over?

Lebanon's government needs to stop pretending that they are not responsible for anything and that the whole world ows them everything.


The Middle East News Addict said...

To "Tears for Lebanon"

It is a shame that despite that beautiful name; you yourself have no tears for Lebanon... whatsoever. If I didn't know you are in the US and had to guess who is sitting in Lebanon and who is not when it came to you and "Chris from Lebanon"... I'd say it is Chris from Lebanon.

The reason is simple. Out of the two of you, the person brainwashed is you due to your cushy life in the US; just like those extreme right wingers who live in the US and support the settlments in Israel. It is always those who sit outside that can fight for principles (as twisted as they may be) such as Hezbollah. People who live on the ground want the same things that you already have that allow you to sacrifice their lives on the altre of your ego just like Nasrallah: Food on the table, education for their kids and a better future. They, like Chris, know that as long as Hezbollah drags them into fighting Israel for Iran and Syria, they will never have those. So stop seating in the US like a military-industrial compact warmongerer and come to Lebanon. Then we will see where your principles are. If you have no intention of doing so... well as the remix for Eminem's song by Christina Aguilera goes: PLEASE SHUT UP, PLEASE SHUT UP.

Lebnese Liona said...

CHRIS FROM LEBANON, you pack and head over to isreal, because none of the lebanese people would want you.

I know exactly what your problem is, you probably belong to the OUWET LF, and your blind hatered for the shiites and HB is so strong that you are willing to side with the enemy .

I am going to make you a promise right now. The lebanese resistance is going to come out the winner in this war, and understand that i say the lebanese resistnce.

And I would suggest that you pack and leave after we have the victory because none of us would want a traitor.

you are pathetic!!!

You are not lebanese and cant be lebanese.

If you are , I would suggest

The Middle East News Addict said...

To Lebanese Liona

If anybody here is blind with hatred it is you. You hate Israel way way way more than you love Lebanon. Perhaps you should start thinking of sacrificing Hezbollah for Lebanon instead of sacrificing Lebanon for Hezbollah.

Chris from lebanon said...

You again talking and saying that i am a traitor while you side with the resistance. Not only you didn't try to say where do you disagree with me but whats funny is you eluding to resistance!...Well please can you tell me resist against what?

Thats the kind of illusion that some of you who side with Hezb. or are part of it, that got us in the shit we're in all under the RESISTANCE.

Well let me tell you liona, the hell with the palestinian cause, the arab cause, syria, iran and people like you. Its the combination of all of you that led us to the destruction of our country for the last 30 years. Haven't you got enough blood on your hand?

Don't you want to lead a peaceful and happy life for a change. We were heading, slowly but surely, towards that and progress could still be made thru democratic reforms in lebanon. Sahme on you calling yourself leabnese or the resistance or whatever crap you beleive in.

I deeply hope that the blow the HEZB. will get this time will be so devstating that it will make it run back to rejoin all of the peace loving lebanese people.

Chris from lebanon said...

Agreed with you the middle east new addict

abou al jamejem said...

Hey Lebanese Leona, shut the fuck up. you are threating other lebanese by huzeballa weapeons. you guys can not kick us out of lebanon, if you guyz could you probably would do so long time aga. But as somone said: "Lebanon is sall to be divided and large to be swallowed". i suggest on you to call yorsel Iranian or Syrian Leona you piece ofshit. lak fuck hasen neseralla ya ayri. eza bethebou fout bitizou.

tears for lebanon said...

Chris from Lebanon

There is no way in hell that you are Lebanese. I firmly believe that you are an Israeli masked as "chris from Lebanon' in attempt to infiltrate Lebanese blogs, to sway popular opinion that the world holds and to further attempt to push the Israel propaganda campaign.

But I will induldge you...I will try to wake you up from your disillusioned state, from wherever you sit.

So you think Israel is helping the Lebanon? Huh, so tell me, explain to me, when ambulances and medics are targets of bombs, how does that help those innocent Leb civilians? allowing them to die sooner verses the slow death at the hospitals who are near shut down because their back up generators are quickly running out of fuel needed...which by the way is sitting at the sea ports waiting to deliver to the hospitals but are not allowed entrance into Lebanon. How can I hear the cries from AUB Medical Center 7000 miles away and you do not?

How did Israel help Lebanon by bombing Beirut airport, the Hez has airplane raids much alike the the the aggressors huh? that would be new news to me!

The Lebanese ophanages are being helped by Israel too right?...for the ones that have not been destroyed are now in full need to worry about filling censes quotas now right? Ya, Thanks Israel.

This could go on and on...but will it change your warped mind? What possibly could I 'say' that would make you think differently if your own eyes have not been enough testament to own your heart.

You are under true disillusionment if you believe that Israel will free Lebanon in any way or shape. And also, if you beleive that Israel has any plans on actually leaving Lebanon once they gained secured territory, then I refer you to any Pailistian and the 1967 UN Security Council Resolution 242, Hell Chris there are still 3 million Pali's still under the longest occupation in modern history. 65% of those Pali's are unemployed and 75% live under the poverty this the future you hope for Lebanon?

Do you also know at this very minute the US Ambassador to the UN is holding steadfast to allow for this continued massacre because France will not agree to allow for Israel to maintain their positions INSIDE Lebanon until 'they' (US & Israel) feel that Hez has been eliminated....really Chris, when do you really think that either the US or Israel will say "ok, we are good now, we will leave" It will be NEVER.

So I am the one blind?..Me and the rest of the world right Chris?

To middle east news addict
sorry i can not oblige your request.If I were to stay silent then I would be doing exactly what the Israeli, US, UK, and now you, would love. Plus I have never been a fan of eminem or aguilera. Please save me your next remix from brittany spears too.

Chris from lebanon said...

To tears for lebanon:

You hate Israel so much, which you have admitted yourself, that it makes you blind to what the Hezb has brouht upon us lebanese.

Like it or not, its the Hezb who started the hostilities. They are not the legitimate government of lebanon. As a matter of fact, they hold less then 15% of the seats in the parliament.
On the national unity agenda, the only topic left was their disarmement. They've been clear about their refusal to do so and they've cancelled meeting after meeting, in the last 4 months prior to this war, to meet the government and to start discussions around that.

This war was carefuly staged by them (HEZB)to show the lebanese people and government that their above the law and will do whatever is suitable to their own interest not that of all lebanese.

And you keep talking about me thanking Israel while my text eluded to the fact that Israel gave us a wake up call to the iluusioned life we were in. I mean that the majority of us lebanese living here were strongly hoping for our government to prevail and to convince HEZB to join ranks with the rest of lebanon. The hezb deceived us all and as it turned out, they had their own agenda ..a Syrian agenda ... an Iranian agenda.. but most definitaley not a lebanese agenda.

From there on, they are the enemy of lebanon and the enemy of my enemy is my friend weather you like it or not. Now, my hope is that the Hezb will get such a devastating blow in order for it to rejoin the lebanese unity not foreign causes.

And i still beleive since you are not here living up to the events that occur in the past 2 years combined to your admitted hatred if israel makes you a perfect blind and a complete stranger to the interest of lebanon.

The Middle East News Addict said...

To "Tears for Lebanon"

I have used the Aguilera remix thing only cause I assume that that is the music you here (or at least the intelligence level of your comments seems to suggest). As for obliging to my request, I understand you cannot oblige to my request of coming to Lebanon. Cowardly warmongerers always send others to do their job. As for my alternate request, "please shut up", well, there is an old say that goes: "better be quiet and be considered stupid; than speak up and prove it"... but in your case it is too late. My tears are with the people of Lebanon; hopefully yours will too some day...

Haiku Peace and Freedom said...