Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ahmedenijad chimes in

Ahmedenijad's most recent statement:

"The storm is approaching the Middle East, and whomever plants the wind sows the storm"

So what is this supposed mean? Is Iran starting to feel the heat? Are we really heading towards a regional conflict?

Iran's two most important strategic allies in the Middle East are Syria and Hizballah. Hizballah is under attack from the Israeli military, and Syria is being coopted by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.

As all these developments gradually transpire, Lebanon burns, and Lebanese die. We are the cannon fodder of the big players. We die as they play their chess game.


GSH - Observer said...

If the current war doesn't end as quick as possible there will be enough time for Iran and anyone else to stick his nose in it.

a quick (and permanent) solution is needed asap so that no one will have time to interfere.


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Ahmadinejad is a loony. He thinks the end of the world is near and wants to bring the Mehdi back.

Haustat1 said...

I don't know, Raja. It seems to me that you die because ISRAEL is killing you. It seems to me you die because Israel is bombing the smitherines out of your country. It seems to me you die because Israel is imposing a land, air and sea blockade to starve and squelch you to death. It seems to me you die because Israel demolished your entire civil infrastructure right over your head. It seems to me you die because Israel annihilates you as you flee in the countryside and burns to death humanitarian convoys from the Red Cross trying to save you. It seems to me you die because America, her war criminal administration, her Zionist media, and her Zionist-Crusader-Republican Congress are openly supporting and condoning Israel's atrocities against your country. And it seems to me you die because America is determined to help Israel prolong your death and suffering by flooding Israel with more tanks, jets and bombs to slaughter you with. Raja, I think you need to seriously REFOCUS your attention on who your REAL ENEMIES are. ... Or maybe I should say, who the enemies of the authentic Lebanese people, the Arab world and the Muslim world are.

mono said...

it's more like iran being an important strategic ally of the hezb than the other way round though ... in anycase, ahmadi nedjad loves big words, so i wouldn't take it as that, for now anyway.

mono said...

i meant "so i would take it as that" of course.

Itai said...


MERKOVA said...

That's right Raja ... Lebanese people will keep dying everyday if they don't grow "BALLS" and take back their country from the hezbolla.

You should be in lebanon helping your country men against hezbolla instead blogging here in the internet. Spill some blood and maybe you will know the cost of FREEDOM.

Die with DIGNITY, not a VICTIM

root cause said...

haustat1: wow u r completely blinded by hate aren't you? most of your comments are completely out of touch. I can make the same arguments you made about HA and her islamofascist nuts in iran and syria. I am so sick of most world opinion bitching about the US doing too much...then not enough. its laughable. How would the world react if the US cut ALL foeign aid?!?! And just sit back and let all of you butcher each other.

Nachum from Israel said...

I am sure that Ahmadinejad didn't mean it this way, but since HE is the one who started this whole terrible and bloody war -- HE is the one who should eventually pay the price.

By accusing Ahmadinejad, I mean that he is the one who pushed the Hezbollah to attack Israel on the VERY DAY when the transfer of Iran's nuclear weapons programs to the UN security council was supposed to be discussed -- what a brilliant move by Iran! They definitely succeeded to attract the world's attention from their nuclear weapons program! This Iranian plan succeeded, for the time being, but the ones who are paying the price are you -- the Lebanese, and us -- the Israelis.

And by saying that Iran is to pay the price for this, eventually, I mean that it is now clear to the entire world that the Hezbollah must be disarmed NOW. I mean, NOW. The Hezbollah is a proxy of Iran, and the world cannnot allow the situation whereby Iran -- with one phone call to Nasrallah -- can set the whole region on fire, and cause so many deaths in the middle east.

You, Lebanese people, have my admiration for getting rid of the Syrian occupation, in the Cedar revolution. Now, it is time to end Iran's occupation of south Lebanon (I mean the occupation of south lebanon by Iran's proxy, the Hezbollah, which created there a state within a state). It is time for the Lebanese army to take control of your entire country. Only when you get rid of Iran's occupation in south Lebanon, you would have gained full independence as a nation.

GSH - Observer said...

Nachum from Israel;

correct reading for the Iranian game plan.

and i agree with you on the steps that we WERE taking (slowly by surely) and are going to take now much faster due to the current events and supposetly help that we are going to recieve.

Bad Vilbel said...

I'll add my voice of agreement with Nachum and gsh-observer.

anthonyb said...

Lets not forget that Ahmedenijad wants exactly what Hausted1 is giving him. Lets not give in to him.

NassurDinHoga said...

The truely surprising quote of the day belongs to the king of Saudi-Arrabia, king Abdulla, that was previously condeming HA in a way never heard before:

"If the peace option fails because of Israeli arrogance, there will be no other option but war"

I take this to be more worring than the given quote.

Itai said...

NassurDinHoga said...

I don't think it implies a change of the Saudis position. I think he just satisfies his audience need to hear him making a stand against Israel.
In fact I think the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Americans and the Israelis are in agreement on the desired outcome of the war:
1. Hezbollah defeated
2. The end of Iranian presence and influence in Lebanon.
The rest is just public relations

NassurDinHoga said...

Those are nonrealistic outcomes.

Iz (= Israel :) ) cannot "defeat" HA, whatever than means.

The second one is even less probable.

Bondservant said...

I believe he is wanting and looking forward to the day of the "storm", which he see's as the destruction of Israel and the bringing forth of the 12 Imam. I believe his reference to the wind is his desire to nuke Israel, so he himself will be the sower of the wind, which brings the "storm"..he's a fool for the God of Israel has other idea's and will see him and those who go after Israel's destruction, under foot.

3li- said...


If only Raja knows how offensive he has become.

He just came from Lebanon; we'd like to hear a word or two about what the Israelis and Americans, who just gave the Israelis some more time to f*ck up the country, are doing.

But instead, he rails against Iran!! How many bridges did Iran blow up? How many communications towers, airports? How many civilians did it kill?

I think he should visit some of victims burnt by Israel's phosphorous bombs and ask them about Ahmadinajad's rhetoric.

What is frustrating about this whole thing is that the enmity of some Lebanese against the Hizb overshadows anything the Israelis are doing.

Notice the encourgement of his Israeli counterparts to go after the Hizb. They know perfectly where he stands..

It is a shame...

MaxZurich said...

NassurDinHoga said...
Those are nonrealistic outcomes.

Obviously, Israel can't agree with you.
Actually, I'm sure that the majority of both countries won't agree with you and will fight - externally or internally - to make it happen, since the alternative is what's happening now.

MaxZurich said...

Al-Ghadabulsaati3 said...
But instead, he rails against Iran!!

I'd say: luckily for Lebanon there're people who differentiate cause from effect...

Being blinded by hate and short-sightedness won't lead to less suffering...

Itai said...

NassurDinHoga if you are an Israeli Engineer from Haifa like you claim then you are a living proof of what a tolerant society Israel is.

It may be an entertaining battle of egos between Arabs & Jews to you but to the Lebanese its a catastrophy which they can end. So if you really care about them you should talk some sense into them.

Hezbolah achievments today: one 15 years old Arab girl killed in her home by a Katiusha rocket.

awesome said...


Who backs immediate cease fire and who does not?This picture shows you common sense, and driving policies by Israil, United States and England just making much worse world we have been into.This picture means"I can do whatever I want and i do not give a shit".Some people looking at the matter(losing civilians life) cost of peace, some are not.I am on the second side that blaming Israil is going too far and worsening civilians life condition in lebanon or Lebanese who left their countries to have a life in other countries.HB is a terrorist organization, but given answer to them by Israel as killing innocient Lebanese people, what makes you?Proud of your country??So put your conditions on the side and think who is and will lose more.That picture shows what to world thinks about "2 soldier" over 400 civilians killed from both side.

3li- said...


Iran helped rebuild Lebanon. They gave arms to HA to fight your occupation army.

You have destroyed Lebanon so many times we stopped counting. You have killed so many people we don't know the numbers anmore. You have caused so much suffering, where does one begin?

And, you say we should stand and fight against IRAN?

And you're asking us to look at the real enemy?

Where was Iran when you first Bombed Beirut airport in 1969?
You're invation of 1971, 1978, 1982?

Did they slaughter civilians in Qana in 1996?

How many Lebanese exactly languished and were tortured in Iranian prisons?

You, and your like, can preach to Raja and his like. Don't waste your time on us.

The tragedy of Lebanon is the shortsightedness of some Lebanese who, while their country is being raped, cannot even bring themselves to utter one word of condemnation agaisnt a vicious and cruel enemy.

apokraphyte said...

Iran is just trying to sound omninous ... They are full of shit ... Much like the Israelis, the Americans, the Syrians, the French, etc...

Media Tycoon said...

wow we have a nice little debate going on here. as an american, i don't want to see the lebonese people turn against america. so that makes me what israel to stop the bombing. on the otherhand, i want hezbollah "wiped of the map" if possible, so i want israel to keep doing what its doing. it is pretty complicated, and i'm not sure what the answer is. i will say this...thank God for blogging. i love to see what people closer to the situation actually think as opposed to having to watching and reading through filters.

awesome said...


can be viewed at this adress.

Dimitry said...

Cease fire is an excellent idea. That way, we can return to the status quo ante, spend anothe 5-10 years during which the Lebanese will rebuild their country, Hizballah will rearm and rebuild it's positions, occasionally attacking Israel on small scale, until eventually they once against break the camel's back and all of Lebanon would go in flames once again. Who could opposse such a wonderful prospect?

Media Tycoon said...

awesome: i still can't see that picture...

awesome said...


Media tycoon here you go..

Dimitry said...


The border between Israel and Lebanon was more boring than a soap opera before Black Setpmber. After that, the PLO setteled there, started attacking Israel from there, and lo and behold, Israel started carrying out operations against Lebanon. After the PLO, the Hizballah took over the duties of using Lebanon as a platform to attack Israel.

It was the Facists who were responsible to the fact Italy was completely ruined in WWII, even though the Allies did the actual bombings. Same here.

Media Tycoon said...

hahaha...thats pretty good, but consensus doesn't make you right.

awesome said...


Cease fire not only means going back your status quo ante.It can be talked counterparties and UN probably involved.

How many civilian life would be wasted?Israel can not finished up HB, HA or any terrorist organisation.It is impossible.If you wait for them to finish, you probably finish a century to have your country back, if there is any building or land left.If you think killing bring a peace, you are living out of world.Immediate cease fire and talk after that!

3li- said...


We should bomb the Fascist country of Israel until it frees the land it usurped, and the people it oppresses.

Israel has no case. It only has power.

The lebanese do not want the Palestinians, all 1/2 million of them, in their midst. Why does not Israel take them back? This way they will not attack it any more.

As long as Israel chooses to beat the shit out of the Palestinians and refuse to give them their rights, they'll never be any long-lasting peace.

NassurDinHoga said...

Itai, I cannot comment your post since I didn't get your point. Why should I "talk some sense into them"?

BTW, open your eyes: Do you see any Lebaneases blogging here?! I suggest anyone who's writing from Lebanon at the moment raise your hand.

MaxZurich said...

Al-Ghadabulsaati3 said...
"you" & "you"
Seems you learned something from Bush: if you're not with us you're against us :) I didn't realize Bush has such admirers.

Otherwise, not much new to say about your comments: cause & effect. But I guess you remember the dates, not the events.

Itai said...

Al-Ghadabulsaati3 said...

Say you are right, ask yourself this:
1. Do you want to see your country destroyed serving Hezbolah interests?

2. Do you remember Lebanon on July 12 2006? Do you remember what Hezbolah did that day? Do you think Lebanon is "protected" by Hezbolah?

maybe we shouldn't spend our time reasoning with you. From day 1 of this war I knew that HA will only gain support with the Lebanese public, Shiites or not, no matter what the consequences for Lebanon are. That's the effect wars have on nations, it unites them.

So explaining to you that we are right won't do any good. Its time for realism.

Dimitry said...


Let's make several assumptions. First, Hizballah won't lay down its arms simply because. They had 6 years to do so, in which they busily armed themselves to the teeth, ith the occasional provocational attack on Israel. Second, they're willing to go to a civil war rather than unilateraly disarm, so even an ultimatum from the Lebanese government won't make them lay down their arms. On the other hand, the Lebanese other forces aren't willing to go there. I can't see how you can argue with either of those claims. Also, as long as Hiz exist, they would attempt to attack Israel (or merely preapere to), i.e., peace is impossible.

From those facts, we're pretty much forced to conclude that it would require military force to take out Hiz, and that if that won't happen, war would begin again. It likely won't be enough by itself (well, assuming of course Israel does it - Syrian methods might as well succeed, but I don't think anyone is quite advocating civilian casualties by the tens of thousands yet), but it is neccesery. In light of this, how is cease fire that would only force everybody, sooner or later, to resume hostilities?


Hard facts. Before Black Setpember, Israeli-Lebanese border was quite. After Black Setpember, Israeli-Jordanian border was (and still is) quite. After the peace treaty (and iirc over after 73) the Israeli-Egyptian border was quite.
Difficult to face, no doubt, but here they are. Bare. Undebatable.

awesome said...


Making giving up arms by Israel is not going to help neither Lebanon nor Israel.Terrorism can only feed itself if there is any supporter.Over 350 civilian killings with those attacks, i do not think everybody blame just HB for a cause.Israel is a country to bring "hating" success to its world.

Terrorism can only finish by;

1-Its mean became meaningless
2-Supporting those groups by people would became meaningless
3-Countries which using those group as a tool to achieve its interest(not only Iran,Syria, but many countries involves to persue their interests) became meaningless

So far Israel showed second option to Lebanese people and it has to leave them to achieve it.Without cease fire, there will be no condition to show this willing.Also there is a great chance to growing anger against Israel from Lebanese people which will give more cause to stay in Lebanon and if it happens problem just gets worser not better in the middle east.

Israel showed its interest too far to what needs to be done.It is time to put international debate that come up with solution.UN is willing to take role which its roles forgotten by Iraq war .Having a solution while this attacks contunies will be much harder.Anyhow under this theory they will have to come up international arena to find a solution ath the end .Israel has a great chance to facing up Lebanese uprising against them in the future.With those feelings, terrorism can have more field to play and Lebanon became as its past.Without putting Lebanon internal war, only solution can be outcame from international arena which represented by UN.Saying "no" to solution, and pursing its own interest against international consensus(as cease fire) peace will never achieve.Guns never bring a peace in the middle east, it just bring "hate".

Bad Vilbel said...


What's wrong with you? You wanna know who i blame for the destruction in Lebanon? I blame all these foreign countries who decide to arms Lebanese against each other, or against other countries. This INCLUDES Iran and Syria. And if you're so blinded by your hate for Israel to see that, I don't think there is much anyone here can say to convince you otherwise.

It's real easy to blame Israel for dropping the actual bombs on Lebanon. But the story is a bit more deep than that.

A man and his son are walking down an alley when they come face to face with a big dog. The dog barks at the man and his son and looks real dangerous. The man, instead of urging caution, and trying to move around the dog, urges his son to throw rocks at the dog, and then to go poke at it with a stick. The dog, proceeds to maul and kill the child.

Who do you think is to blame? The dog? or the Man?

Dimitry said...


6 years. 6 years during which Israel barely reacted to Hiz attacks. 6 years for popular support to weaken. 1 year for the free Lebeanese government to do anything that would advance the disarming of Hiz (yeah, I don't count talking to them. If one really doesn't want something, nobody would "talk" him into doing it). 6 years for the UN peacekeeping force station on the Lebanese border (yes, they're still there. If they could be any less relevant, they would be invisible and people could actually go through them) to do anything. 6 years in which Israel's approach was the one you described here.

And the outcome? Hiz strengthend. Drastically. If this conflict started in 3 years from now, it would be Haifa and Afula under constant bombardment, not Carmiel and Safed. And it would have started, because the Hiz aren't here to ensure peace, and nobody in Lebanon had the will to pull them out by force.

Cease fire now would mean Hiz would remain digged in his heavily fortified positions in south Lebanon. They won't agree to leave them. They will retain their rocket arsenal. They won't give it up. Their position as the only force in the Arab world that can defeat Israel (twice) would be strengthend, giving them a boost as good as any hatred. Cease fire now would mean a rerun of this conflict.

Itai said...

awesome, hate, grudge and vengence are the problems of the ones who carry them.

You think Israelis don't have reasons to hate you?

Thousands of Israeli soldiers who died in wars. Thousands of civilians who died in terror attacks. Over 1,000 of them in the last 5 years. Yet all you do is blame Israel for creating the hatred and say nothing against your side's brutality.

I lost a 15 year old cousin in a suicide bombing. She was eating pizza with her friend and brother. Some military target that was. No chance of collateral damage here the bomber went straight for the tables with the kids. I don't hate all the Palestinians or all the Arabs for that.

If you hate us that's your problem not ours. Maybe that's why you keep losing your wars because you do things out of hate and not out of reason.

David-Israel said...

To all Lebanese Blogers....

Hi Dear all
Isn't it better to " fight" with you via the Internet.

we all in the present loose form this war.....
but Israel have to look little bit to the future, its not only us and Lebanon, Its not only us and the Palestinian....( Iran / syria..... )

Its look like you all "Arab" in any matter that happen unite against Israel, you never stop to ask
"is it good to us Oppose Israel in this case?"
Israel all the time is called to do some gesture for the Arabs.... but look like its never enough...
the more the Arab get the more you want....
We already poled up from Lebanon, and lets say "Shaba" belongs to lebanon is it worth this war?
maybe you should do like Israel that pooled away from Gazza and toke away 8000 Israelis from their homes? ( and you will "Loose" lands that for long time you didnt seen....)

Jordan have peace with as - did Jordan gain from it or Lost ???

Egypt have peace with us - did Egypt gain from it or Lost ???

Lebanon have peace with Israel - Will she gain or loose ???

I know its hard, but please, we already tired from doing gesture for the arabs
( did we gain the withdraw from Gaza ??? NO NO NO )
Please Let us believe that this time Lebanon really wants her own Best.

* Like you all cal us negotiate the Palestinian while we fight,
we call you negotiate with us while the fighting !!!

* If we stop the fighting now -
Is it good for Lebanon ???
Is it good for Israel ???

Let hope we all gain "good" things from this current war, that all the suffer wont be for nothing.

War -> Peace -> Love :-)

awesome said...


I am from Turkey and i do not hate Israilies or Arabs.We suffered through terrorism in our country and I know what kind of feeling you have if you lost someone.Think about also Lebanese people, what kind of feeling they have with loosing their loved ones and destroyed their country which is not going to help situation. Israel will not achieve what it wants without corparete with Lebanese.As far as we have seen only killing!


Every nation has a right to live and i want to see a peace without more civilian lives lost.Is that too much demand to Israel?Ignoring world would be more cost to Israel than you think.When you need international support on issues that might arise in the future, it wont be there for you and you will handle all your problems yourself which means wars never be end and neither you or your genarations see a "peace".First you need to understand hoping rid of HB will not establish secure world for Israel.How long they have been in the history?Believe me it will be there whatever Israel does.So second option in my earlier post only finishes HB in Lebanon and give a chance to them!

Israel became more aggrasive country and only few supporter from world.If it contunies to break its relation with world on middle east issues, i am afraid your lights that "hoped"never come.

awesome said...

"U.N. observer post was hit by an Israeli airstrike in south Lebanon Tuesday, killing four peacekeepers, U.N. officials said.

A bomb directly hit the building and shelter of an Indian patrol base from the observer force in the town of Khiyam near the eastern end of the border with Israel, said Milos Struger, spokesman for the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon known as UNIFIL.

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said in New York that four U.N. peacekeepers were killed in the blast.

Struger also said there were 14 other incidents of firing close to this position from the Israeli side Tuesday afternoon. "The firing continued even during the rescue operation," he said.

Since Israel launched a massive military offensive against Lebanon and Hezbollah guerrillas July 12, an international civilian employee working with UNIFIL and his wife have been killed in the crossfire between Israeli forces and Hezbollah guerrillas in the southern port city of Tyre.

Five UNIFIL soldiers and one military observer have also been wounded, Struger said."

not xtian said...

It is very sad that the Israeli's aren't even prepared to let Lebanese ppl have a discussion on the murder rape and pillage that is being done to their country without bullying their way into the blog. It's as if the Israelis have got the same sick imperial trick in the blogs that Air Force General Dan Halutz has for Katusha rockets:
"The officer said that the equation was created by Halutz and that every rocket strike on Haifa would be answered by IAF missile strikes on 10 12-story buildings in the Beirut neighborhood of Dahiya"

Europeans will remember this retalitory policy because it is the same as the one instituted by the Nazis in occupied Europe during what the europeans called "World War 2". That is for every injury done to a Nazi ten times that would be done to the French, Belgian, Russian or Yugoslav citizenry. Former Austrian President Kurt Waldheim had 10 Serbian villagers rounded up and shot when one of his soldiers was killed in a battle with Yugoslav resistance.

The Israelis have been keeping pretty good company for a while now. This is evidenced by their lies about the cause of the attack on Lebanon in the first place.

American peace internet site Anti War.com details the original news sources which reported that the skirmish actually occured on Lebanese soil Aitaa al-Chaab, well inside Lebanon's southern territory.

While The San Francisco Chronicle provides details of the year long strategic planning that Israeli Defence Forces undertook before preciptating this unwarranted and criminal attack on a peaceful democracy on the road to recovery from the last time Israel raped it.

Those genuine lebanese people who have been lied and tricked into thinking that your fellow country men or any group or nation other than Israel and the cruel and corrupt leadership of that nation are responsible for this tragedy, may I respectfully suggest that you spend some time researching and hunting the truth yourselves. Don't take my word for it because you will never really know until you find it yourself.

W. said...
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Lirun said...

can someone please educate me somewhat on some of the major sources of conflict between the sunnis and the shiites..

i dont really get it..

i wish for peace between them too


W. said...

What is Ahmedenijad up to?

Perhaps Rajab 28 and making the conditions just right for the 12th Imam.

Rajab 28 is an Islamic date, an anniversary of the day Saladin conquered and entered Jerusalem (A.D. 1187).

This year, Rajab 28 falls on August 22. Uh-oh.

August 22 is also the date Iran said it would reply to demands/incentives that it stop enriching uranium.


Ali Larijani, the head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, said:

"In case the path of confrontation is chosen instead of the path of dialogue ... and Iran's definite rights are threatened, then there will be no option for Iran but to reconsider its nuclear policies."

Will it "reconsider its nuclear policies" upon Jerusalem as it attempts to welcome the 12th Imam?

Go Israel. God speed.

Michael A. Hoffman II said...

What "chess game" is it that Iran is following? Can you blame Iran for the Israeli terror-bombing of Beirut in the summer of 1982? As for Lebanon "being left alone" tell that to the Zionists. Of course they will leave you alone if--and only if--you become a Zionist auxiliary like Jordan and Egypt. If you will surrender your nation to Zionism, you will have "peace" for a time, until the Israelis have such military might that they no longer need any gentiles for allies, and then they will kill you all, whether you are a "good Arab" or not, according to the ruling of R. Shimon ben Yohai: "Tobe shebe goyim harog."

W. said...

Michael A. Hoffman, II: That is atrocious what you wrote and also what you believe: http://www.revisionisthistory.org/revisionist17.html.

You have the right to speak your mind but at least now I know what perspective and worldview you are coming from.

Go Israel.

joenuzz said...

Ahmedenijad may soon get his due. If Israel's back is to the wall they would do what any of us would due. Given a choice of being destroyed or being the destroyer - both Damascus and Tehran may become nuke parking lots. Better not push. The God Of Israel, the great Jehovan will not forever stand silently by. But all of you martyrs shouldn't mind one bit, right. Stand in line for the virgins... oops that is right you discovered that Jehovah and not Allah is the judge. Well, you can spend eternity thinking about your mistake. Or you can turn to Jesus now and be lifted to real eternal life by his sacrifice for all of our sins.

Dimitry said...


You completely ignored my point. We tried what you propose. It only made the eventual bloodshed worse.

Zionist auxiliary like Jordan and Egypt


Mr. S said...

I'll have something good about Ahmedenijad tommorrow.

Check it out.


Lirun said...

michael hoffman.. you're behind the times matey.. even iran is now calling for a ceasefire..

better align or else ahmedenijad might drop you off the payroll..

very sloppy propaganda there buddy..

wishing peace to all..

we all deserve to live in peace

David-Israel said...

To : Michael A. Hoffman II

Hi man, I just read few lines, to get your point....

we All creation of God, also people like you....

whom i am to judge, I cant understand what brings people think like you, maybe you had hard life,
But why again is the Jews ???

I dont know if to laugh or to be sad from people like you.

God Bless you :-)

You better study from the jew....
If you want make the world Better place

ואנחנו נברך יה' מעתה ועד עולם - הללויה

Sardaukar said...

Odd isnt it with the zionists having a nuclear capability and the North Americans preventing Iran from getting their nuclear programme together you could almost belive it was a plot, still I dont belive in conspiracy theories.

Lirun said...

well perhaps sardaukar you can take a slightly less emotional look at the facts and consider that israel has never exercised its nuclear capabilities.. nor has it threatened to do so..

what does this teach you about whether or not its safe in our hands..

W. said...

Where can I find the posted quote from Ahmedenijad? I have looked and all sites link back to this one.

I would like to add it (if I can find a news source that quotes him) into a post I made this morning. I have put together some of the key info that explains the whole August 22 (Rajab 28) date and Islamist belief in the return of the 12th Imam during a time of chaos and strife: Welcoming 12th Imam, Iran, and August 22.

Lebnese Liona said...

To lirun / David,

I lived the 1982 invasion of Southern Lebanon. Your soldiers did not differentiate between resistance , innocent children, and the UN peace keeping forces. And surprise suprise, fast forward to 2006 , and your brave army has not changed its ways.

The next time your people start going off about the Holocust , pause for a moment , look in the mirror because you might see the Nazi symbol stamped on your forehead!!!