Thursday, July 13, 2006

So Surreal!

Latest pictures came out on TV. It's so surreal and extremely emotional. This is Beirut, Beirut wounded and hurt.

An entire portion of the airport highway (taree2 il matar) is destroyed.

There is news of more severe hits on the southern suburbs of Beirut, il-Dahyeh. So far, three have died and more than 20 are wounded. LBC claims that most of the hits in il-Dahyeh targeted Hizbullah's security area. Hizbullah's security apparatus has cordoned off the area, so no video footage there.

Israeli planes hit the Mar Mikhail area, a heavily-populated area of Beirut.

Al-Jiyyeh electricity station was hit. Smoke has filled the air.

Beirut 3am tibkee....maksoor khatirha....

Update: Footage of il-Mdairij bridge on the Damascus-Beirut highway is being shown on LBC. The bridge is hit severely. No cars can pass through. This is close to our summer house.

Update - 7:20AM (Lebanon's time): The wounded toll has risen to 55.

Update - 7:26 (Lebanon's time): Fellow blogger Lazarus has posted the following entries with disheartening pictures of what the Israeli attacks left behind. Click here and here.

Update - 7:29: Israeli warships are hitting the entrance to the city of Saida, stopping many from entering or exiting the city.

Update - 11:00AM (Lebanon's time): After snoozing for only two hours, more has happened. Parts of Beirut our out of electricity. Israeli warships have imposed a sea blockage on the city of Tripoli in the north (where it has always been believed to be the safest place from Israeli incursions). Israeli planes shelled a base of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, 2 kilometers away from the Syrian border. Israeli Foreign Minister threatened to attack Syria. And an Israeli Minister threatened to eliminate Hizbullah leader Sayyid Nasrallah.

This is what's out there so far. Some news portals are inaccessible due to the amount of people logging on to the site at once. Will update later.

Update - 11:10AM: The International Airport is being hit yet again.

Update - 11:15AM: Got access to the news portal that was inaccessible. Okay, Hammana was raided by Israeli planes during the early morning hours. 10 Israeli warships are heading from Saida to Beirut right now. Cell phone lines have been cut in the Bekaa and the Jabal. Electricity has been cut all over the country. Israeli warships hit the Jiyyeh electricity grid a couple more times. Israeli raids over several towns in the south. PM Seniora has made an urgent phone call to State Secretary Rice.

Update - 11:20AM: il-Dahyeh is being severely hit. Planes have been transferred from Beirut Airport to Amman, Jordan.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...

Keep it going. Love wont be buried under ruble!

Jono said...

Finish Hezbollah off. Kick them out of Lebanon.

Norman said...

You are doing a great job. The same goes for many of the commentators. We all hope and pray that you stay safe. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Don't pay attention to the insults. One cannot control the people that comment on blogs, or their maturity level when voicing opinions in a public forum.

Most of us truly appreciate your effort in keeping this blog up-to-date. Very often in the last 48 hours, this blog and some of the comments were the only source of information about the events.


Anonymous said...


Isn't there a coral reef somewhere you can swim under?

Anonymous said...

Now if only we could get access to video footages and photos...

Anonymous said...

they bombarded the electrical workshop of jieh

Jono said...

anonymous 12:04
Isn't there a coral reef somewhere you can swim under?

No. Whats that supposed to mean ?

Fares said...

we want peace

Unknown said...

i was very hurt by some of the comments too. thank you again for updating us. we're very appreciative to what you're doing. at times this was my only source to know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

WHY the F*** are they denying people from entering or leaving a danger area. This is bullshit, Lebanon Stand United!

Asass said...

thank you for what you are doing please be safe

Anonymous said...

Instead of written support for the lebanese population, all I am seeing from most of you are bashing posts.. Hizbollahs are this, and Israelis are that. This sort of behaviour on a blog doesn't end up anywhere, except for people being abusive and sending out hatred towards other posters and vice versa.

If you cannot be intelligent enough to post intelligent critisism, then it is best not to post at all. I am not being controlling over what you should be saying, but it seems that bashing each other right now is totally pointless and creates nothing but stress.

I give spiritual support to those that are affected in Lebanon, and I would like to say on behalf of those that feel the same, stay safe.

Shai 2046 said...

You are doing a great job updating, truely.

I hope that some day in the future the updates will be about Israel helping rebuild what has been destroyed.

Anonymous said...

>>>I hope that some day in the future the updates will be about Israel helping rebuild what has been destroyed.

I hope so too. But that future is only possible in a world where Hisbollah isn't firing rockets into Israel. You Lebanese should be helping Israel rid Lebanon of Hisbollah. There would be no shame in that. It's the rational thing to do. Hisbollah is dragging you down a rat hole.

Anonymous said...

Remember this quote? "Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen is mightier than the sword." Edward George Bulwer Lytton (1803-1873).

In this day and age I see that the pen is declining more and more for now it is not the pen that is battling but another black ink, oil.

Zee said...

Hmm, Mirvat brought me here.
Anyhow, I am so perplexed of what is going on right now, that I am almost dumbed with silence.
I still can say though, that your blog is keeping up (or at least trying) with latest events - good for you, and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for updating Doha. Sorry for the barrage of insults you faced in the previous post. About the hitting to entrance to Saida, is this live or did this occur much earlier ? On what channel ?
sorry for the questions.

Anonymous said...

Hey Israeli anon 1:Am,

What, are you playing smart-ass psychologist with us now? What do you think we are kids?

We know who hizballah is, but we know better who you are: fu*king morons without a grain of humanity in them. Since your theft of Palestine you have used every trick in the book, every cruel means,every wanton violence to achieve your ends. The holocaust taught you nothing. You use it cheaply to illicit over-spent sympathy and to intimidate any voice who criticizes you.

You are powerful now. Just do not think you can lecture us down. We are aware, and we see who you are. Go ahead drop your bombs; kill away; that's what you're good at. Every good thing comes to an end, and when that end is yours all you are doing now will not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

or you could just stop f*cking with the Israelis and maybe they'd leave you alone? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Beirut and scared, yet my face is flush red with deep animosity, ill will and a profound hatred for the Nasrallah. How dare they compromise my family’s safety and me. How dare you put Iran and Syria’s agenda ahead of us kind hearted and fun loving Lebanese.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:16, the dude or gal bothering to read and post to the blog here is not in a plane cockpit dropping bombs. you can at least take advantage of the situation and have something constructive to say, or engage in a dialogue. such bigoted accusations out of the blue are just pointless. grow up.

we're all angry at the killings and damage being done to lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I can say, if you let the scum take over your neighborhood your property values are going tank. Welcome to the bottom.

Lebanon used to be a wonderful place. It is headed for a 900 AD extreme makeover with toxic waste and a frightened population.

This is a good example of why you should fight now instead of fighting later. Not fighting in the nineteen seventies only sealed the fate for those who did not flee to the U.S.A. in 1972.

I hope this World War in the Middle East is swift, bitter and decisive.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you have to go through this. It is not our intent to hurt innocent Lebanese. Israeli’s have a lot of respect for the Lebanese people, we really do. However, you need to understand that we in Israel are FUMING over what Hezbollah did. For every action there is a reaction. Please stay safe.

Anonymous said...

This just reminds me of the civil rights movement in 1940s and 50s America. Things were real bad. There were anti-black American riots and lynchings. People wanted to do something against the evil that infested the establishment but they felt they were powerless, or some like some Hezbollah sympathizers, they insisted on defending the status quo and tradition from percieved attacks by outsiders that came to the racist American South from the progressive Northern United States. It took the black Americans and their white progressive American brothers and sisters another decade to realize real change does come from the grassroots, ground up confrontation with evil.

Anonymous said...

Hammana is being shelled now.

Josiah said...

thank you so much for the updates, i apreciate the news greatly.

salem alekem and god bless


Anonymous said...

I consider myself pro-Israel, but I have no animosity for the Lebanese people. On the contrary, everything I've heard about your country and its people is positive-- except for Hisbollah. They're bad news. You people should get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, this is really my only source of news in safe

Anonymous said...

they just threatened to kill nasrallah

Anonymous said...

"for every reaction there's reaction" said my fellow israeli. here's a belief that destroys the world when you live by it.

Anonymous said...

carmel, so what do you propose? You want Israel to just shrug this off like it was nothing? Wrong. War was declared when terrorists entered Israel.

Anonymous said...

Lebanon, ff this is how you want to run your country then maybe you shouldn’t have a country. This is ridicules! Lebanon cannot disarm Hezbollah? It’s like the LAPD giving up on East Los Angeles because of gang violence, and giving the bloods and crips their own territory to do what they want.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for the pain and upheaval. Thank you for your effort in posting all this.

I can't really imagine what you must feel. Things were starting to look better. Your country attacked, betrayed from within and without.

Prayers from the southwest US desert. Take care.

Anonymous said...


those are nice sounding words, but peace only comes when all sides want it. Clearly Iran, and it's puppet Hisbollah, do not. So what do you suggest be done about them? The true enemy of Lebanon is Iran and Hisbollah and Syria, not Israel. Israel just wants to be left alone.

Anonymous said...

carlos, easier said than done. even if the government CONDEMNS what hezbollah did, there is fear of the damage that hezbollah supporters will cause.

Anonymous said...

At one time I was very pro-zionist...that changed some time back.
My first reaction as a liberal, Irish Catholic, Vietnam veteran is 'a pox on both your houses'...and come to think of it that's my 2nd, 3rd and 12th reactions!
The only way to stop this horrid, stupid war is for the peoples on all sides is to turn their backs on the THEOCRATS that feast on the agony of the victims.
Stop being lead by these crooked, evil bastards. They say you must do this or that to save your soul...keep it up and not only will your lands be radioactive glass but your souls will be untouchable as well.
'the first thing we should do is shoot all the zealots'

Anonymous said...

By the way, keep up the good posting...folks need to know.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this blog.

Information is a weapon against war!

Keep on letting the World know about the horrors of the war.
It touches the Heart and that will bring people to wake up eventually!


Anonymous said...

thanks for keepin this updated. i live in florida but my brother lives in beirut and i avent slept in 2 days worried sick about him
be safe man.

Anonymous said...

someone translate this for me:
انقطاع مفاجئ للكهرباء على جميع الأراضي اللبنانية ولم تعرف الأسباب بعد

Anonymous said...

anonymous: i don't know! i started thinking that only alien invasion can put some sense into us people...

Anonymous said...

it means "sudden black out in all lebanese areas and the reasons why are still unknown"

Anonymous said...

thank you anonymous person for the was what i guessed

Anonymous said...

but is that what happened? i read that somewhere too...

Anonymous said...

the only place i read it was on the tayyar website...then again i have no access to anything besides the internet...the american channels are running re-runs of today.
It's kind of a strange statement though. Electricity isn't controlled by one plant--there are plants in jamhour, jiyyeh (which was bombed earlier), etc. Why would there be a state-wide blackout ?

Anonymous said...

okay my fellow anonymous person...i answered my own question...nahar website said that there was a widespread blackout because "a main power line stopped functioning."

Anonymous said...

that is so sad and scary! we're tracking the same website fellow anonymous :)
anonymous 1

Anonymous said...

yep, i guess we are :)
I can't sleep...its like when lebanon is in this terrible situation more than ever I want to be there.

Anonymous said...

can't agree more!! as frightening as it seems. I wish i was there now!

anonymous 1

Anonymous said...

I have never felt as touched by images of destruction before I saw images from Lebanon. I sincerely hope that a quick solution could be found and the Lebanese people shouldn't have to suffer for the mistakes of the few. I condemn the actions of both Israel and Hizbollah but the magnitude of Israels retaliation is incomprehensible to me.

For Carlos and all those who think the Lebanese should kick Hizbollah out I want to emphasize that the LAPDs budget is 1.2 billion dollars as opposed to the Lebanese military budget of 540 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

shocking figures anonymous. kind of puts things in perspective!

Anonymous said...

"For Carlos and all those who think the Lebanese should kick Hizbollah out I want to emphasize that the LAPDs budget is 1.2 billion dollars as opposed to the Lebanese military budget of 540 million dollars."

So it's all about money? May be you should ask Israel for some money to fight Hisballa?
I'm sure Israel would be happy to, but I'm afraid you are just too scared to do anything.

Anonymous said...

Just want to remind you that samir kuntar is a baby killer...

too bad we have no execution law in Israel. (like in large parts of the US).

I'm feel very sorry for the people of the beatifull country Lebanon.
I geuss that is the price of supporting hizbulla.

Eran from Haifa, Israel

P.S: just want to remind you that most wars & terror attacks (includeing the last in Mumbay India) around the globes are becuase fanatic muslims.

Shakira said...

thanks for updating, news tv here don't tell all the story

Anonymous said...

"For Carlos and all those who think the Lebanese should kick Hizbollah out I want to emphasize that the LAPDs budget is 1.2 billion dollars as opposed to the Lebanese military budget of 540 million dollars."

I guess it's a good thing Lebanon spent billion on developing tourism and infrastructure, and LET AN EXTREMIST MILITIA RUN THEIR SOUTHER BORDER WITH A NEIGHBOR THAT DOESN'T LIKE BEING ATTACKED.

When you kicked Syria out, and decided to DISCUSS the armament of "Allah's Party", you sealed your fate. Here's a hint for the future: When you hear about a group that has the name Allah in its name, remember who Allah is to them.

Anonymous said...

As an Israeli I would like to appologize for any unnecessary damage. We simply have no choice but to defend ourselves.
Six years have passed since we completely withdrew from southern Lebanon complying with all the UN dmands. Two years have passed since the UN passed a resolution calling for the dismanteling of the Iranian / Syrian militia occupying south Lebanon (which the Lebaneese government declared it will ignore). Yet, we are under constant attack - the threat of soldiers being kindnaped from withing Israel and of missiles and rockets on our norhtern cities has not stopped for a single day. Our farmers cannot, for the past six years, cultivate their fields without fear of attack by Lebanese militia members.
Guys - this is not our faults. Trust me that we have much better things to do than go on military reserve duty (we work and study and we have families we want to be with) BUT! we will not leave our soldiers behind not will we releas people who came into our country and murdered our people. Even if we will have to let ourselves be dragged to war.

Anonymous said...

"As an Israeli I would like to appologize for any unnecessary damage"
Much appreciated
"We simply have no choice but to defend ourselves"
I understand, but I am not sure what kind of news you are getting in Israel, but we are under a naval and air blockade, our airport is being bombed, and there are many many many civilian roads and bridges being bombed and cut off as well. This is not self defence, this is taking out against a people.
" BUT! we will not leave our soldiers behind not will we releas people who came into our country and murdered our people. Even if we will have to let ourselves be dragged to war. "

It saddens me to see that you would rather go to war and cause the deaths and injuries of countless people, foment hatred across a border that has enough of it already, because you are too proud to release prisoners... Well guess what, after your government and army has destroyed my country, and after this has settled down, Israel will negotiate for its two soldiers...
Sad state of affairs, but we have to break the cycle, and put the blame where it belongs, which is on both sides of the border. None of us are infallible, and violence will only lead to more violence as it has for the past 60 yrs...

Anonymous said...

Just to put things in perspective: who is Samir Kuntar

Anonymous said...

As much as understand your sufferings and grievancies i support the Israeli response. And your reaction in general is nothing more than a usual arab whining and pointless rhetoric. Lebanon is your country and yet you let Hizbullah to control a great parts of it and run their own agenda that doesn't serve any of the Lebanese goals? Its your country so how can you are allowing this to happen? Why don't you stand united and fight against Hizbullah and your corrupt and opportunistic government officials? You need badly to purge your country of these foreign power proxies and terrorists yet the only thing you do is to write some pointless Internet diaries. Organise yourself, take on arms and contact some Western intelligence agencies, i am sure NATO for example would be only happy to assist your in your fight against Hizbullah. But as long as the primary thing you care is your personal and your extended family's safety and convience and put these concerns way above the concerns for a truly democratic Lebanese society that doesn't tolerate the likes of Hizbullah you'll never end the spiral of mindless violence. If you die of Israeli bomb you become another count in statistic nobody in the world gives a shit about, but if die fighting Hizbullah you have a chance of becoming a hero or at least guaranteeing your children a better future.
So really i could not hold a sympathy for your civilian Lebanese because you are totally earned what has come to you by your inaction.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:16

"The holocaust has tought you [Israel] nothing"

Israel exists in no small part because of the Holocaust. It is they who wish to destroy her who have learnt nothing, or remember nothing.

Please stay safe, Lebanese civilians. And thank you for keeping the world informed.

Anonymous said...

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Please visit and omment if you wish.
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mono said...

according to haaretz, the idf will be bombing dahiya this afternoon:

make sure you get you and your relatives out of there.

Anonymous said...

To all those in support of Israel's "self defence" against Lebanon (and in support of Hizballah actions against Israeli civilians, of which there aren't many on this forum):

Congratulations, through tortuous argumentation many of you have just provided the moral justification for suicide bombing!

It goes like this: An area is being attacked (say West Bank or Israel) by a military unit (say IDF or Hizballah), then those armed in the area under attack (say Hamas/Fatah/Jihad or IDF) have the right, in order to defend themselves, to indiscriminately target civilians on the opposite side causing terror and casualties among them. It appears to me that in "defending yourself" you come to resemble more and more your enemies.

For that you win... a washing machine! Keep your clothes spotlessly clean of the innocent blood you drown yourselves into each time you justify terrorist attacks against civilians and civilian infrastrucutre (both against the Geneva convention by the way). Because of your continuing support of endless cycles of violence you don't only have Lebanese and Paletinian blood on your hands, but also Israeli.

For a visual illustration of that fascinating process of "self defence":

cfw said...

i was just on the phone with a friend in tarablos and while we were talking she heard/felt some low rumbling starting over there, but she couldn't identify it.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry so very much for each Lebanese human who has been hurt by our Israeli attack, but
I agree with one of the last Anonymous here that said ":Why don't you stand united and fight against Hizbullah and your corrupt and opportunistic government officials"
You seem very sincere and you seem to be giving here an objective description of what you are going through in this terrible days, I feel we are sharing the same desire for better life, human life, with living in peace and harmony with the rest of human kind, we share the same desire for making our countries prosperous, successful, we share the same aim for better education and better life for our beloved, it's those damn extremist who are not interested in better living, they are only fed by hatred, and blood, and they are pooling you down with their horrible vision of reality, i prey Israel with destroy them, and that you people will be courageous enough to ex pulse them from your land.
Take care
An Israeli who believe in peace
who believe in live and let live
who believe that the one who raise up in order to kill you, you have to raise up before him and eliminate him.

Anonymous said...


There are other voices. I think ANY attack on civilians cannot be justified. The voices I hear in Israel "If the children of Nahariya won't sleep, so will the children of Beirut" are barbaric and inhumane.

I do think Israel has the right to defend itself. But killing the innocent is not the way. Sadly, I don't see this ending soon. I fear it will take the life of many more people on both sides. Reports are that the IDF will start bombing Dahiya pretty soon. HA will attack Haifa, were I live, soon after. I have no idea how to stop this. It is very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doha,

Thanks for that awesome work.. I found more news in your post than on any other site.

Please can you provide some portal links ? I have these already:


(the airport terminal has just been hit ..)

Łukasz said...

All the best from Poland! We've mentioned Your blog on ours - the "Piata Wladza" ("Fifth Power") blog. It's in Polish, but You can check it out :)

Anonymous said...

What has Lebanon done to challenge Hezbollah? Nothing. Ever. If your country harbors and abets terrorists, you will eventually have to pay the price.

cfw said...

from my office near hotel dieu, i can see dark smoke billowing very rapidly above the airport. i take that to mean the fires are still raging.

my boss (who is very well connected) tells me that further strikes in bey will probably be limited to the southern suburbs. if hezbollah retaliates, the most likely central beirut target is biel.

the turkish ambassador to lebanon told a friend of mine that beirut may be fine, but the roads to the syrian border in the north will be targeted (and cut off) soon. if you want to get out without being evacuated, go now. apparently, he feels its possible that the whole country will end up sealed for a few months. as someone who'd rather be stuck in lebanon than stuck outside, i'm staying, but you all should take this into consideration.

a mustaqbal source informs me that the party is hoping to somehow convince hezbollah to turn the soldiers over to the govt. seems unlikely, but just fyi.

that's all i know for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Report from Israel.
Two people badky wounded in Tzfat (Safed), two lightly wounded in Nahariya. Other places in northern Isreal were hit by Katyushas, but no one was harmed. Tzfat is being attacked again now. And so is Nahariya.

I hope, and think, this round of violence will not go much further, and will be over soon. It's serves no-one interests. (excpet maybe Iran's). I eblieve the US will not let Israel continue with attacking Lebaneses targets, except Hizballah bases.

David, Isreal

Anonymous said...

katiushas near the Druz village of Bet-Jan.

Anonymous said...


I have a friend who is supposed to be in Haifa this weekend and I am worried sick about her. I hope things do not escalate even further for the sake of ALL those involved.

Anonymous said...

I pray for the safety of you and my people.
Dont let HA (Iran/Syria) to rule your country!
I hope both of our nations will live in peace after this nightmare is over.
Because i know that its possible. Ask Jordan and Egypt.
And i believe that someday you will walk with me to the Tel-Aviv's beach,
or i will visit your beautifull "ME Switzerland" as im visiting Sinai.
I know that it can be done.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

The Lebanese president should not be calling Rice unless it is to ask for a boming run on Syria and Iran. Hezbollah has launched over 100 rockets into ISrael, perhaps someone should be calling them.
The ISraeli response ends when Hezbollah is destroyed no more no less. sorry you guys gotta go through with this, but you had time to disarm hezbollah.

Anonymous said...

Lebanon does not deserve to be called a nation state if they cannot control their own internal affairs. They are no better than a collection of merchants and shopkeepers living in fear of the mafia. Hisbollah is your mafia. And Israel is the cops. Shopkeepers can either help, or stay out of the way.

Jason Pappas said...

Is this just an excuse, on Hezbollah’s part, to call for Syria’s help in Lebanon? Here are some other reasons for Hezbollah’s aggression. It’s clear Iran and Syria don’t want a free and independent Lebanon. Hezbollah needs to be taken out either by internal or external means.

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah can only be taken out by internal means. Hopefully outside pressure will give them the Lebanese people the will to do so.

Anonymous said...

Take it with a grain of salt.....but an American cable news network is reporting that Mr. Nasrallah of Hezbollah is believed to be in one of the buildings Israel just attacked. It's collapsed with him allegedly in it.

Since he seems to be the person that directed Hezbollah to invade Israel (probably on orders from Syria and Iran), I personally hope he's in the building with just his fellow Hezbollah supporters. Perhaps the next person to lead Hezbollah in Lebanon will think twice about unilaterally plunging the country into war by attacking another nation.

Anonymous said...

dear suha

what you wrote about israel resembeling the terrorist groups is entirely incorect.
first of all you have the preassumption that israel's defense force targets the innocent civilians. thats a lie.
thats what differ an army from a terrorsit organization.
the IDF defends the civilians inside israel by attacking terrorist groups like hamas and hizbolah. these two are terrorist organizations because one of thier goals is to kill innocent civilians in order to instigate and panic the rival country's population.
the problem is they are still not as strong as israel's army so they attack from withtin cities, houses and neighberhoods...thats why israel sometimes hurt innocent civilians, its because hamas, hizbolah and other terrorist groups attack from civilian houses.....garila warfare of sorts.

and by the way in what aspect did hizbolah defend the population of lebanon when it kidnaped the israeli soldiers?

and for the one who asked about samir kuntar, the first inline of prisoners hizbolah wants israel to free. he penetrated israel and murdered a four year girl by smashing her head to bits with the blunt side of his rifle. he also murderd her father.

and this is the guy which hizbolah wants to be freed first and foremost...indeed a noble and rightous man....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say it, but Lebanon, Syria and most importantly Iran brought this on themselves. The Arab countries do not want Israel to exist so we must destroy you. What do you expect? I am just profoundly sorry Israel is holding back. They are simply too respectful of life in this situation. If I was "kimg" Beruit would be given 24 hours to evacuate ann then turned to dust. Then ask the enemy if they wish to surrender and no longer attack Israel. If they say no, then destroy Damasucs, and so on. But Israel is too nice - but hopefully that will change and soon I hope!


Ronen said...

6000000 jews murdered for nothing.

250 Lebanony people (some are terrorists) killed after Lebanon and Hizbullah started a war against israel and launched more than 1000 rockets at civilian targets in only one week.

So who is the nazi?? that's right - you are!

Ronen said...

Hizballah sub-contracts Palestinian launch squads, uses Christian villages as human shields

Palestinian Jihad Islami, Ahmed Jibril’s PFLP-General Command and Palestinian crime gangs based in S. Lebanon’s Burj Shimali east of Tyre are leading the rocket offensive against Nahariya and coastal Galilee. Early Wednesday, an Israeli air raid struck a village house in this sector east of Tyre, causing 10 deaths, according to Lebanese officials.

the rocket fire against the eastern town of Safed emanates from the Maronite Christian village of Rumeish, while the Galilee panhandle villages and the town of Kiryat Shemona are being attacked from the Christian villages of Marjayoun and Kleia in central-south Lebanon. One difficulty in halting Hizballah’s rocket barrage in the east has been Israel’s reluctance to attack Christian targets, except for pinpointing launch teams. Israeli negotiators are in contact with the village heads on terms for their evacuation so that Hizballah sites can be smashed.

Hizballah is using Lebanese Christians as human shields for its attacks and their towns and villages as supply centers to pump ordnance to the launch teams in forward positions. The Israeli air force therefore attacked Hizballah targets sheltering near the Maronite town of Zahleh Tuesday and is taking out every container truck heading west from the Beqaa Valley on the Syrian border. Eighteen such trucks were blown up Tuesday.

Ronen said...

Israel, unlike the muslim world, is not pimping with its childrens blood. We do not take pictures of torn human parts like you but your missiles and rockets kill. these are some pictures of some of the people Hizballah and Lebanon killed during this week: (the guy in the middle of the page) (the crying mother) (killed when calling the children to run to the shelter in Nahariya),7340,L-3278024,00.html ( Also a movie) (building bombarded by Lebanon/Hizbullah)
and a movie:,7340,L-3277187,00.html - killed at work by a rocket launched by Hizballah - - killed at work by a rocket launched by Hizballah - - killed at work by a rocket launched by Hizballah killed at work by a rocket launched by Hizballah killed at work by a rocket launched by Hizballah killed at work by a rocket launched by Hizballah killed at work by a rocket launched by Hizballah - killed at work by a rocket launched by Hizballah - Dov, kidnapped by Lebanon/Hizbullah (day 1) - Yaniv, kidnapped by Lebanon/Hizbullah (day 1) - on the right side of the picture , with his parents(killed on day 1 by hizbulah) - Wisam, murdered by hizbullah (day 1)

Lebanon started this war! Lebanon is now facing the outcome of supporting the Hizbullah terror.

JohnJacobs said...

One thing that is never spoken about when it comes to the issue of Kuntar, was the two eye witnesses who witnessed Kuntar killing little Einat. Their personal account was as follows:

"Me and my friend were at the beach at Naharya that day, just relaxing, it was dark and we could hear police sirens all around. We then heard a gun shot, so we rushed over to see what happened. We coincidentally had a pair of binoculars that day, what we saw a man (Samir Kuntar)struggling and drowning another man(that man was Danny Haran) in the sea, while a little girl was standing a couple of feet away and crying. We were planning how we could try to sneak up and approach to save them, because after all we would have to use alot of caution because we saw the terrorist carrying a rifle. Moments later, the terrorist (Kuntar) turned his attention towards the frightened little 4-year old. He took his rifle and then swung it across the little toddler's head, knocking her to the ground. As we watched as little Einat was knocked to the ground, we could hear her screaming and crying hysterically "mommy daddy help me," while thrashing her little legs around in the sand. The terrorist (Kuntar) then dragged the little toddler a couple of feet to the closest rock he could find, this was while she was crying and screaming. Kuntar, then laid her head down on a rock, with the intention of crushing it with the butt of his rifle. We could see the little toddler instinctively covering her head with her little arms, Kuntar struggled with her until he finally managed to clear her arms out of the way so that he could aim for the head, and then he proceeded on beating her over and over with the butt of his rifle and we could hear her little cries faded away as she was knocked into unconsciousness. Then, he beat her several more times for a couple of minutes more until police came. But it was too late because she was already dead."

According to medical examiners; "the little 4 year old put up a mighty struggle, she did receive several blows to her head until she died. Before Einat became unconcious blood rushed out of her ears. And to ensure she was dead, Kuntar continued on beating her over the head, as hard as he could, several more times until her skull was crushed and she was dead."