Sunday, July 16, 2006

Updates and Mediations

Hizbullah hit Haifa a couple of hours ago and killed 8 and the number of wounded has gone up to 40. Israel has asked its citizens to be on alert in Tel Aviv. The IDF has been hitting and has increased its shelling of southern villages and of the southern suburbs of Beirut. The death toll in Lebanon has increased tremendously, beyond the 100+ as of yesterday night. Israel has asked its citizens to be on alert in Tel Aviv.

Saudi Arabia has pledged $50 million for aid to Lebanon.

The Lebanese government is stepping up to its duties by being on alert humanitarian wise. The Social Affairs Minister Moawwad is in Beirut working to funnel refugees from the south to Beirut's public schools. She has also called on private schools to open their doors for the refugees.

The Cabinet has also called on all government workers to uphold the role and presence of the Lebanese state.

Two mediation teams are arriving to Beirut today: one headed by Javier Solana of the EU and another from the UN. Lebanon will be a big subject on the G-8 Summit agenda in Russia.

Italy's Prime Minister appears to be playing a mediator role. He was the first European high level official to call directly the Syrian President Assad yesterday. He has called PM Seniora to reiterate Israeli PM Olmert's conditions for cease-fire, namely to return the kidnapped soldiers and to have Hizbullah retreat its forces behind the Litani River. Yesterday, the Israeli Prime Minister has rejected PM Seniora's plea for ceasefire and gave these two conditions.

A lot of information, perhaps I'm sounding less coherent. Check out a new blog by a Swedish friend who's stuck in Beirut (or let's just say, who doesn't want to leave Beirut): Beirut Under Siege.

I will keep you posted of things as they come this Sunday.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


peaceinlebanon said...


The Sandmonkey said...

Doha, whats going on with Raja? Please e-mail me if you have any news on him woman.

roju said...

I hope at last the international community will do something. They have to! This is totally ridiculous, violation of a independent country. Obviously, it's easy to see how convenient it is for Israel, Syria and Iran to sort their things out outside their own ground.

Stay safe and thank you for keeping us informed.

Shmulik said...

To Roju" I think it is a little ironic when some one from Europe tells me that war in Lebanon is "convenient" for me, when only this morning 8 civilians were killed in Haifa. Tell me will you (or the french goverment for example) support us if we attack the Hizbollah's puppeteers in Syria and Iran?? or would you call us blood-thirsty barbarian who don't respecy sovereign nations and want to blow up the Middle-East??

Momo said...

Israel is not sorting anything outside it's ground.
Israel is under severe attacks since it all started.

francois said...

phosphoric bombs on the south ... kids reported as casualities

John said...

If anything, I hope PM Seniora comes out on top in this. In my completely novice view he seems to be the best hope for the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon. Of course I could be wrong, this is just the impression I get as an outside watching all this unfold.

benj said...

Rokets fired on Haifa were Syrian made. May be our government will have enough spine now Syria at last. Wotch if Patriots anti-missile deployed not only in Haifa, but Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.