Thursday, July 27, 2006

Very telling animation

I got an e-mail yesterday night with the following link. Check it out.


Lirun said...

that is brilliant.. love it!!

nothing like some #$%^ in the reion

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

So so just hurts.
How many people still dont get it....

Bloody_Islam said...
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NassurDinHoga said...

*Gee*, the man sure knows how to hurt a muslim!

I would have been better of not responding, but I'd like to quote Sheick Hassan Dede, once asked about how come Islam is "represented by Imams calling for Jihad" in some places.

He said "Those guys are not true muslims. A true muslim knows the true meaning of that word "Jihad". The only real Jihad is the one between a man and himself"

Raja said...

You know, B.I., I am no Islamist. In fact, I am of the belief that the biggest threat to the Muslim world are those fanatics who spout that the solution to all problems lies in taking everyone back to the "time of the prophet."

HOWEVER, to claim that the Islamic civilization did not have its golden era, and that our civilization today does not owe a considerable debt to that civilization, is to lie blatantly.

I could refer you back to the incessant warfare of the European Middle Ages, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the annihilation of the Native American populations, World War I, and World War II, and claim that Western Civilization "cannot blissfully thrive without red hot blood..."

BUT I DON'T... So take your bigotry elsewhere.

Shay said...

AAUGH. Does anyone have any idea what can be done to end this madness?
I know Israel won't stop until it has achieved some sort of preceived 'victory' over HA.
It doesn't seem likely that HA will ever stop either.
So what can the sane people on both sides do??

onlyequalitystopsviolence said...

I'd like to put Bush in one of his own chatting-chambers, then see what he has to say about the freedom which americans cherish. The guy's a burger.

And as for Israel well, shame on you as ever.

Israeli rockets follow the innocent like the wet-fog of another type of debating room.

Lirun said...


we're doing something right here and now.. we're expressing our desire for peace as a top priority and as a matter of urgency..

our voices and intentions are being heard and both and you and i are publishing these views in our own P2M journalism through our blogs..

other than that we need to practise what we preach.. but i think we're headed off to a fair start..

peace to all

we all deserve peace

Stan said...

Eran Tel-Aviv said...
"So so just hurts.
How many people still dont get it.... "

Apparently 95% of Israeli population. the remaining 5 being Arabs most probably

Muxecoid said...

What a (*^%#% link:)

MERKOVA said...

RAJA .... I highly suggest you go back to wherever you came from and take off that sunglasses. Its too Western for you.

Sometimes you have to look back and learn from your mistakes. But it seems the Muslim arabs are holding on to past that its so hard for them to be part of a civilized world.

Sister Sledge said...

I was nervous before checking out the link-didn't know to which "side" it belonged. Glad to see everyone was represented equally. The only ones forgotten are the TV commentators/guests (is this the case in Lebanon too?) who sound something like "whhaa whaa blah blah whha whaa whaa"-in an endless loop.
Raja, I checked out your profile, and I second your "everyone has a point" opinion.