Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And before the launch of this war...

All death seekers, war mongers, self-righteous bigots, bringers of distruction and chaos, LEAVE LEBANON ALONE!


Doha said...

do you remember, raja, when you were posting just a month ago from Lebanon blog entries on Beirut's urban design? It's worth linking to them, raja, just to show how in a matter of days we moved from discussing urban design and landscaping of a city to covering death, destruction, and war. it's painful.

peace_head said...

such a pity. it will be a long while before we could see new pictures like this. but lets hope rebuilding would start soon.

if only HA would dedicate more funds to jihad-al-bina, instead of buying more rockets.


Echoes said...

hmm looks like Tel Aviv..
it's funny how the middle east is pretty much the same in every nation though we fight all the time..
i seriously don't understand why do nations choose war and not peace..
though the one to blame on this one is Hezbolla and the Lebanese government who did nothing to disarm them, all other militions had disarmed so why did Hezbollah had'nt?
plus i do feel that israel had destroyed a large civilian infulatracture when they could minimize it..

BTW, how many people live in Beirute?

nasbined said...

inshallah Israel will pay for this many times over for the zionist aggression.

Echoes said...

nasbined where are you from?

nasbined said...


Echoes said...

well i'm an israeli muslim..

and i think that your comments are out of line..

did you know for example that Hezbolla is firing at arab cities in Israel too?
for what aim?
4 israeli arabs were killed by now because of hezbollah..

hezbollah had kidnapped one Duruze solider and for what?

this entire war is unecessery, but you should ask your self who had brought it over Lebanon..

box said...

i'm not even going to read the comments before attempting to parrot the pro-israeli-action propagandists:

1. free yourself of hezbollah! this isn't against you, it's against them! if you were a sovereign nation, you would have done what israel told you to a long time ago! you brought this upon yourselves by allowing hezbollah to kick us out in 2000!

2. i hope we can soon be at peace, but unfortunately, for now, israel HAS to do it. israel has the right to kill to survive - why? - because that's how they "feel" about it.

3. (insert extreme warmongering statement here)

now play "who's for peace?" you'd think that these are the only voices israel has, but this is not the case. many israelis have demonstrated against this israeli-created war.

raja, thank you for showing pictures of what israel has destroyed. they had no right. i'm so sorry for what you and your fellow lebanese are going through - and i hope the world responds soon.

Ariya said...

nasbined, that's funny. So much for looking for other solutions, huh?

You must have forgotten that it was Hezbullah that invaded Israel, killed 8 IDF soldiers, and kidnapped 2 of them. That was the catalyst for this mess.

You should be angry with Hezbullah, but by your rhetoric, I bet you think of them as heroes.

Echoes said...


Hezbollah also fired missiles over israel while doing his "opporation"..

besides Hezbollah provoced israel several times in the past 6 years for no reason..

and hezbolla places so many missile lunchers on the Lebanese border that it got out of control, Hezbolla is even firing at arab cities.

they obviously got insain..
but the unfortunate truth is that Lebanon, again, paying the price for being the "play ground" of stronger nations and fanatic militants

nasbined said...

Echos you are brainwashed, you need to leave "Israel" and clear your head, they are poisoning your blood. Israeli arabs die because the israeli government doesn't build bomb shelters for its Arab slaves.

Ariya, Hezbollah was acting like freedom fighters when they attacked the Israeli occupation army to take prisoners and get Lebanese land and prisoners freed. And 5 of those soldiers were killed for violating sovereign Lebanese terroritory when their tank illegally crossed the border. And how does Israel respond to attacks against legitimate military targets? By murdering hundreds of kids and women in their homes when this could have been solved through negotiations. We know you are the real terrorists.

Echoes said...


israel did not cross the border, it's obviouse you don't know the truth..

Hezbolla didn't attack israeli tanks it attacked two Hammer's viacles..

and i'm not brain washed it's just we had never thought that someone from an arab nation will attack arab cities..

why should they build shelters?
you should ask why Nasralla is attacking us??

and Lebanon was'nt occupied by Israel since 2000.. and the only 3 Lebanese prisoners in Israel are terrorists who tried to kill civilians during the Lebanon occupation in the past..

if someone should nagotiat, then it should be the lebanese government with Israel to return the Lebanese prisoners and not Hezbolla by attacking Israel..

and i don't want to leave Israel, it's my home, my nation, my land.
and this land provides me Democracy and freedome of thoughts.

that is something i will not have in any other arab nation, unfortunatelly..

petteri said...

When I read you're comments and blogs on this website, then I know that peace is possible. Not only in Lebanon. In the whole Middle East. Why? You're talking together. This is always the 1st step for peace.

What is the result of this "heroic" war? Destoyed houses, destruction and killed babies ON BOTH SIDES. And for what? For nothing.

The Hezbollah and the Hammas will never accept the existence of the state of Israel. And Isreal builts more and more villages in the West Bank.

In peacetime both sites are very "heroic" too. The Hezbollah shoots rockets to Israel to kill civilians (also Babies). "Allah-u-Akbar". Very heroic.
And the other site Israel kills palestinian leaders. Collateral damage doesn't matter.

Question to all of you, Jewish, Muslim, Christ and what ever.... Is this your way of life for the next 1000 years? Or do you want to stop this. There is only one way. PEACE!

Echoes said...


the unfortunate truth is that israeli government had FINALLY come to realize that they must leave the west bank, the government had started planning this with the support of the israeli public.

but what Hezbolla did blew it all up!
because Israel had withdraw from Lebanon ( like it planned to do from the west bank ), Hezbolla armed it self over there.

now nobbody is even thinking about the next withdraw from the west bank!

that the most annoying thing Hezbolla did!
destroying the israeli planned withdraw.

Fearless said...

Did you notice the SECONDARY explosions in the bombing of Hizbullah bastion in Al Dahia, Southern Beirut.
Black smoke from ammunition dumps?

The huge explosions that struck South Beirut Tuesday evening were caused by 20 Israeli airborne missiles dropping on large, newly-discovered Hizballah subterranean arms caches, part of this tunnel network.

The force of the secondary blasts attested to their contents and the accuracy of the Israeli intelligence pinpointing of previously unknown weapons bunkers in S. Beirut.

Buried alongside the command bunkers are vast arsenals of Katyusha rockets and launchers, and food and water for a long stay. Hizballah was itself caught napping by the extent and fierceness of Israel’s riposte to their July 12 cross-border attack. Therefore, not all the bunker posts were completely built. The night before the Israeli advance into the Eastern Sector, Hizballah personnel were seen putting finishing touches on the fortifications of the command bunkers and sowing the routes with anti-tank mines and roadside bombs. Israel guns shelled the Hizballah teams to disrupt their work on the bunkers and the roads.

On the night of July 26, Day 15 of the Lebanon War, an Israeli force pushed towards Khiam on its way to the approaches of the large Druze village of Hatzbaya. This route has taken Israeli troops north and east for the objective of controlling a stretch of south Lebanon known as Fatahland (before the 1982 war cleansed it of Yasser Arafat’s terrorists.)

As the Israelis advance through the region, they are discovering the depth and breadth of Hizballah’s war preparations. South Lebanon was divided into 176 combat squares controlled from 40 scattered command bunkers. Their latest directive orders them to fight Israeli troops from the shelter of wooded areas and bunkers using guerrilla tactics of surprise and ambush instead of hand-to-hand combat in built-up areas in which they have taken heavy casualties.

3li- said...

Echoes says, "well i'm an israeli muslim.."

How much more oxymoronic can you get, representing a state whose sole purpose is to establish a Jewish homeland for Jews everywhere while ridding the land of everyone else, Christian or Muslim.

Echoes, you are not a Muslim. We don't believe you. And if you are, then you are so by label only, while your identity is Zionist through and through..

Open your eyes to what your Zionist bretheren are doing to your Muslim co-religionists while you spew nonesensical drivel such as ,"we had never thought that someone from an arab nation will attack arab cities..why should they build shelters?"

You're making a lousy name for yourself...

3li- said...

Echoes says, "well i'm an israeli muslim.."

How much more oxymoronic can you get, representing a state whose sole purpose is to establish a Jewish homeland for Jews everywhere while ridding the land of everyone else, Christian or Muslim.

Echoes, you are not a Muslim. We don't believe you. And if you are, then you are so by label only, while your identity is Zionist through and through..

Open your eyes to what your Zionist bretheren are doing to your Muslim co-religionists while you spew nonesensical drivel such as ,"we had never thought that someone from an arab nation will attack arab cities..why should they build shelters?"

You're making a lousy name for yourself...

Fearless said...

L’escalade a été décidée par le Parti de Dieu et l’Iran »
Magnus Ranstorp: propos recueillis par Georges Malbrunot. Le Figaro le 22 juillet 2006
LE FIGARO. – Comment le Hezbollah a-t-il décidé d’enlever les deux soldats israéliens ? Magnus RANSTORP. – Une telle décision est prise par son chef, Hassan Nasrallah, au sein de la choura karar, la plus haute instance de décision du mouvement. Celle-ci compte sept membres, dont deux Iraniens attachés à l’ambassade d’Iran à Beyrouth, qui sont liés aux services de renseignements de Téhéran. À travers eux, l’Iran sait exactement ce que fait le Hezbollah, surtout quand une décision à prendre dépasse les lignes rouges habituelles, comme d’attaquer Israël hors des fermes de Chebaa (NDLR : occupées par l’État hébreu). Dans ce cas, le Hezbollah consulte également les Syriens, car un enlèvement de soldats israéliens a des implications pour la sécurité de la Syrie ...

petteri said...


I know that (unfortunately). Isreal makes one step back and peng... the hammas or hezbolla has an idea what they can do that Israel makes a step ahead again.

I think there are few people on both sides who want war. And the majority on both sides are the loosers!

My country had the last war 1848. Because of this is very difficult to understand why this never stops!

Suha said...

All death seekers, war mongers, self-righteous bigots, bringers of destruction and chaos, LEAVE LEBANON ALONE!

I couldn't have said it better, Raja.
Welcome back, by the way. You were certainly missed.

Echoes said...

first i do not support violence

and you tell me, why should we have shelters in our cities?
are we zionists?

plus israel is declared as a jewish nation, but it's a demorcatic nation and it gives it's muslim and christs citizens a full respect and freedome.
i won't say that the situation in israel is superb, but i do know that we're not an enemy in the eyes of israeli, jewish, people.
and that makes the difference!

i support israel in it's battle after Hezbollah!
the only thing Hezbolla did is war, death, and unhumanitarian behaviour!
i don't support the israeli massive war against Lebanon too but i do know that i want to hear that Nasralla and Hezbolla is gone for good!

they're not "God's party!" they are Hell's party!
i wish allah will pay them the price they deserve!
they brought the death of the israeli withdraw from the west bank, the war in Lebanon the missiles over civil cities and arab cities ( and they can defenately aim their missiles! ), they are the worst kind of muslims! they are a shame for the muslim world and for the human world!

and now i need to go, i wish you all freedome, peace, peace of mind, and health.

nasbined said...

echos how many suicide bombers have gone into your cities? ONLY JEWISH TERRORISTS have gone into your Arab cities in Israel to target you. Your government does not protect you. They arrested and convicted the Arabs that caught and killed that Jewish terrorist on the bus.

Hezbollah's rockets are not accurate to distinguish between Jew colonizers from Europe and your indigenous people who rightfully deserve to master that land instead of cowering like dogs. It is the Jewish government which does not value the lives of non-Jews enough to build you bomb shelters with your own tax dollars you must blame. The Israeli government that endangers your life and your family by occupying Lebanese land, Palestine and Syria in the name of bloodthirsty Zionism, the new nazism.

nasbined said...

I agree with the previous poster I do not believe your are a true Muslim either. Jew propagandaists would think they are clever to be pretending to be a zionist muslim.

chen said...

nasbined, first of all I also don't think that echoes is a muslim
israel has withdrawn from all of the lebanese lands in 2000 after 18 years of occupation, (that does not include the shaba'a farms because that is a syrian territory occupied by israel, as UN maps confirm.)
israel has 4 lebanese prisoners, an example to one: samir quntar, who in 1979 at the age of 16 murderred a father and his two daughters aged 4 and 2.
should he be released?? is he a freedom fighter?

lebanon has no legitimate claims to israel, and it is a sovereign state which should and will be held accountable for the attacks that come out of it's territory.

i also refuse to believe that you honestly believe what u said:"
And 5 of those soldiers were killed for violating sovereign Lebanese terroritory when their tank illegally crossed the border"
because i believe that arabs can be logical people.. are u saying that israel isn't allowed to even try and get it's soldiers back?

answer this question though, why did HA base it's infrastructure inside lebanese towns, why did they put their rockets in residetial areas, and why are they firing from there?? is it so that lebanese civilians would get hurt?

Lirun said...

i think it would be valuable to us all to see how these very places look now

Pasdutout said...

Regarding the discussion regarding the state of Israeli Arabs: I believe this link may be of interest (Scroll down to the section on political rights and civil Liberties)

While I'm at it I have a question which may be odd, (my familiarity with the Middle east is less than perfect) I have read that in the past Both Damascus and Beirut had Well established Jewish communities What is their status today?

nasbined said...

chen no, if they want their soldiers back they have to do so through negotiations like civilized people. Logic and past history demonstrates no military action would get their soldiers back. Jews can't get special rights to go rampaging across the middle east in tanks and f16s massacring civilians just because they are madmen that think their superior US supplied army makes them above the rules everybody else follows. All we learned from this is that the Jews got fatter and weaker from over the years since their defeat in Lebanon in 2000. Their military can no longer protect Israel's settlements and outposts. That sounds likes its time for Israel to leave the middle east and go home to Russia.

Solomon2 said...

They can't leave Lebanon alone if they reign there and are dependent upon war do justify their survival.

nasbined, there are no "special rights". Every nation on earth would have the right to do the same thing Israel is doing when its citizens are kidnapped and the country attacked, it's just that not all countries have the means to do so.

As for "going home" - the Israelis are home. Do you think all Arabs should return to the Arabian peninsula and leave the rest of the middle east to Greeks, Persians, Assyrians, Kurds, Jews, etc, just because Israel could blast Arab populations to oblivion if it so chose?

Mitrii said...

"if they want their soldiers back they have to do so through negotiations like civilized people."

HA wanted their terrorists back. And did not go through negotiations. What does this mean? Hmmm.

chen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mitrii said...


Do you have pictures of this place now? It would be interesting to compare.

chen said...

nasbined- well.. that's the problem right there.
u think that the final solution for the arab israeli conflict is that we will go "back" to russia
if u consider yourself a reasonable person, try to understand this: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!
we are not going anywhere,
you have been listening to people like nasrallah and ahmedinjad too much.

eyal said...

Dear nasbined.
I really feel sorry for the way you talk.
I was born in Israel 37 years ago to parents which came here from morocco 55 years ago. Do you think that I should go to Russia too?
now regarding your comment:
if they want their soldiers back they have to do so through negotiations like civilized people
I would like to ask you to do a little test for me please.
1. Ask your friend what he thinks about Israel.
2. While he start to talk and blame Israel for all the trouble in the world slap him in the face with no reason.
3. If he tries to slap you back you should tell him please do not slap me, we should negotiations like civilized people
4.After he will agree with you let him continue talking and then suddenly slap him again but this time much harder.


Think about it before you put yourself as a fool that talk to much without knowing or understanding the whole details....

Be safe and have a great life.

Nachum from Israel said...

Since this blog posting is about pictures from pre-war Lebanon (and I do wish with all my heart that Lebanon will become like this again, as soon as possible!), I just wanted to add a few more pictures, for the sake of completeness:

After looking at these pictures, can anyone tell me why the Hezbollah uses the Nazi salute?

NassurDinHoga said...

Wow! Beirut looks like Tel-Aviv, but they actually have parking places!

I wish I could visit there. Am I being naive assuming those places look the same because only Dahia was (is) bombed?

(and "echoes", next time you're pretending being a muslim I'll zidane you personally)

3li- said...

More "fair & balanced" reporting from the US media:

Is it any wonder the poor American people are so naive and gullible about the Mideast, and that Israel literraly gets away with murder?

No one has ruined the image of Americans in the world more than the Israelis. In fact Americans end up payin g the price for all of Israel's crimes...

NassurDinHoga said...

Yo al-ghadabulsaat3, tell us abit 'bout yourself dood, you seems to be a colorful boy - where R U from, what R U doing in life, R U religious and so on.

PeaceMan said...

"Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called Sons (and Daughters) of God."

"Blessed are the Merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."

"Blessed are You when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account."

"Blessed are those who Mourn, for they shall be comforted."


-- Jesus' words 2,000 years ago continue to have meaning today.

Max said...

I have a question (I don't have a dog in this fight and am completely ignorant of the region) - how can Lebanese claim innocence, if they allowed the militant factions of Hezbollah to install a lot of weapons of aggression (Katyushas are tactical weapons of aggression, not defense) on its territory.

Doesn't this negate the whole innocence claim?

3li- said...


You have nukes...

Who gave you permission?

NassurDinHoga said...

Interesting: Israeli media report a pole in Lebanon shows 70% support HA's act and 63% believes HA will win fight against Israel.

I find it to be good news, it's less than I would have expected.

The second part is less interesting (I'm sadly with those 63% - since Iz has declared nonrealistic desireable outcomes for the war, it cannot win).

Itai said...

NassurDinHoga said...
I think you are pretending to be a Jew so echo can pretend to be a Muslim.

Beirut does look lovely in these photos. I hope these places were not destroyed.

NassurDinHoga said...

If I'm "pretending to be a jew", I'm doing a good job.
"Echo" was doing a louzy job (maybe not his fault, maybe he doesn't have muslim friends, I don't know).
I don't blame him for "pretending" but for embarrassing me as an Israeli.

What's wrong with you guys?! We're not fighting a propoganda war on worlds oppinion here... we're just communicating with some sane (well, most of them) people on the other side of the border to get a more ballanced, full, non biased point of view regarding very serious events that affect us all.

chen said...

they have nukes and they are the ones that decide if and when to use it, and they will be held accountable for it.
as oppose to lebanon which allowed HA to arm itself, control the south and then says: it's not us, it's the HA.

3li- said...

Israel gets pummeled in Bint Jbeil-more than a dozen elite Israeli soldiers killed, more injured, with several Merkava’s destroyed..

Israel hits back, as usual, by leveling a 6-level residential apartment block in Tyre…

Cowardice begets cruelty.

Lirun said...

this is one of the strangest threads of comments i have ever read on this blog..

let's all purge our guts out hey.. maybe after we finish spewing all the crap in our minds we can talk some sense.. is that the game we're playing tonight?

hoping we can get back to the intelligent talk sometime soon.. its more inspiring

wishing us all peace and safety and better times..


Zeabees said...

Your President??

Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, in Spiegel Online.

SPIEGEL: Please explain your relationship to Hezbollah. What do you think of Hassan Nasrallah?

Lahoud: Hezbollah enjoys utmost prestige in Lebanon, because it freed our country. All over the Arab world you hear: Hezbollah maintains Arab honor, and even though it (Hezbollah) is very small, it stands up to Israel. And of course Nasrallah has my respect.

barroon said...

one cant imagin where even to start a discution with you pro-isreali pepole!!
you are all the time talking about why lebanies didnt disarm HA , when you will start to disarm your generals and your war machine ?
you keep talking about HA viloated your boarders and kidnaped ur soldiers however i heard that Isreal military has violated lebanon boarders in last 5 years over 11,700+ times and its all reported to UN!
u keep talking about HA terror and rockets can any one of u give a figuer how many isrealies dead by that rockets in last 6 years? then i will give u a figure how many lebaneis have been killed by isreal military forces in last 6 years !
as i said , one get confuse how to start a dialog with you since most of you only want to believer ur side of story and keep repeating that lie over and over again untill ur self and as many as pepole u can convise may believe that lie !

Andrey said...

barroon -
Read a couple of previos posts

Bad Vilbel said...

Emile Lahoud is a joke. He does not represent anyone but the Syrian regime in Lebanon. People should not be lending any credence to anything he says.

NassurDinHoga said...

baroon -

There's a nice game that helps in these situations - each one takes his "opponent" point of view and tries to represent it.

BTW most of us are pro-israeli for good reasons (like we leave here and we want it to be safe and peaceful and quiet and so on :-) )

Dimitry said...

barroon - how many Lebanese were killed in the last six years due to Israel's operations (labeled "ussual and limited" by Hizballah)? Which were, again as they defined it, responses to Hiz actions?

You can't have it both ways. Either Hiz is carrying out your governments and people will, serving as their war machine, or it isn't. If the former, Lebanon has declared war on Israel (over matters is may deem justified, but that's irrelevant), and is now reaping the consequences. If the latter, they're defying your sovereignty by their very existence, and should be outlawed, disarmed, or at least absorbed into your military and taken under your government's control, first for the sake of your own sovereignty, and second so they won’t drag your nation into war it isn’t interested in.

chen said...

you are mistaken, we are pepole who do take intreset in all sides of the story , we do want to hear what happens on the other side, not to gloat like al-ghadabulsaat3, but in order to better understand.
you however live in backward societies, morally decadent, blinded by religious fanaticism.

i saw a few days ago in one of the foriegn networks, i think it was sky, a lebanese man telling the reporter that he would gladly launch he's three sons as rockets, on israel, the reporter didn't go through all of lebanon, i preasume
in order to find that man.
but show me one christian, jew, or budhist in the world that would say such a thing.

the only country in the whole arab world that could be different is lebanon, but sadly, it too is letting the muslim extremists
take over.

also, i didn't see any HA supporter here responding to these questions: how can you say the shabaa farms are lebanese when it is evidently not so (UN says it's syrian as it's maps of prior to 1967)show, and why should samir kuntar be released?

Stan said...

dimitry ,
According to UN sources as collected by Lebanese officials:
number of Hizbullah vioaltions of the UN declared blue line: 200
number of Israeli violation of the UN declared blue line: 11200
So who is agressing whome?

chen said...

HA violations-
10/2000 anduction and killing of 3 soldiers patroling the border.
03/2002 an atack on civilians near kibutz metzuba 6 killed.
07/2006 another attack on a patrol force killing 7 soldiers abducting two more. that does not include rocket attacks and sniper fire from across the border.

israeli violations- photo sorties
in order to gather intelligence on HA infrasturcture, bases, weapons cache.. casualties as result - 0.
well excuse me for trying to get intelligence on an iranian funded and equiped terror organization whose stated goal is to kill me.

what was your question again?

NassurDinHoga said...

Well sure stan - if you calculate the agressiveness of a country on the scale of "UN rule violations", Israel may not come out so good (perhaps after USA, or China, and Russia, and the whole EU... you got the point).

But other parameters may be relevant as well - Could you find them?

FGA said...

The isaelis are clearly losing this battle. It has become evident that Olmert is an inexperienced political fool who has put the Israelis between a rock and a hard place. For the first time ever, the IDF is appearing extremely vulnerable. Moreover, Lebanon (even Hizbollah) is for the most part winning the PR war..go figure!
Before too long, Olmert will end his stunt and will have to deal with the wrath of the Likud and the Labor parties. He has managed to distroy the Kadima party forever...A new middle east is truly emerging, one that seems more balanced. Unfortunately, Islamic fundamentalists will only benefit from all this. Gee thanks, Ehud! Good going!


Stan said...

nassurdinhoga, its not about agressiveness, its about sovereignty.
Was Israel invading Lebanese sovereignty , yes or no? And what do you expect us to do about it?

NassurDinHoga said...

In fact I was expecting "you" (who are you reffering to as "us"?) to do exactly that - Shooting on civilians, lounching rockets on northern villages, kiling Israeli soldiers, abducting some if possible, and then blame israel for the mess.

I guess that's the kind of realistic-passimistic-spent-too-much-time-in-Lebanon guy I am.

Stan said...

You havent answered the question. What alternatives do you suggest?
Why is it that when your soveriegnty is breached and your security is threatened you wage a self rightous war against Lebanon killing hundreds of civilians on the way, but when its on our side of the borders we have to sit idle and lament our miserable fate.
Note: I dont agree with Hizbullah tactics, I am just puting myself in the shoes of a typical Hizbullah fan (and there are plenty plenty of them)

NassurDinHoga said...

Desole mon ami - je ne joue pas ce soir :) Je crois que vous bien conaissez les reponses Israeliens pour vos questions.

R2K said...

Great page, lebanon looks like such a cool place to live!

If only you didnt harbor terrorists who attacked a powerful nation. Things would have been so great for you still!

I hope things get better soon for you all,


Alex (USA).

KSM said...

"Damascus gives the orders, Iran supplies the equipment, Israel reacts, and Lebanon is the victim."

KSM said...

Oh, those poor, innocent Lebanese prisoners such as Samir Kuntar rotting away in Israeli prisons, allegedly snatched from Lebanon, for whose deserved freedom Hezbollah is valiantly fighting.

Who is Samir Kuntar?

Smadar Haran Kaiser, writing in the Washington Post three years ago, described what happened to her husband, Danny, and her 4-year-old daughter, Einat, when terrorists from Lebanon launched an attack on the northern Israeli town of Nahariya in 1979:

"As police began to arrive, the terrorists took Danny and Einat down to the beach. There, according to eyewitnesses, one of them shot Danny in front of Einat so that his death would be the last sight she would ever see. Then he smashed my little girl's skull in against a rock with his rifle butt. That terrorist was Samir Kuntar."

This whole war is tragic. Israel would leave Lebanon alone if Hz was removed. The attacks across the border that killed 8 Israeli soldiers was orchestrated by Hz, probably under Iran's orders so that Iran would have a distraction from their nuke program.

thepoetryman said...

American and Israeli power,

Just who the hell do you think you are?
Coiled scale-up-snake on the heap of want,
Threshing down, down, down, down…
Over the back-snap-rape of one cell, one flesh.

Tell me just who the hell do you think you are?
Gleaning the myth of your shadowy scope, spittle down,
Down, down, down, down…
Stop your god-damned-marauding slaughter;
Your `if-it-suits-me-put-`em-to-death’ prattle!

You’ve not God tucked under your coat! God’s weeping mightily!
You’ve a small-g-god stuffed inside your loathe-filled-head!
You slaughter ideas, execute joy, and bend upright hope
And mold God into some monstrous slump-down-dreg!
Collateral damage will be your final stem-celled-shrieking,
You son-of-a-bitch!

Mark said...

I have lost all sympathy for Lebanon after reading the latest poll that says over 70% of Lebanese supported the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. WTF is wrong with you people?,7340,L-3281971,00.html

70% of Lebanese support terrorism. What a classy bunch. Simply unbelievable.

NassurDinHoga said...

Why won't you regain your sympathy to those precious 30%?

Bad Vilbel said...


I have no idea who conducted this survey. Or when it was conducted (after the hostilities began?). But I can GUARANTEE you (for what it's worth) that 70% of Lebanese citizens do NOT support the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers.
Maybe 70% of Shia (Hezbollah supporters)...MAYBE. But 70% of all Lebanese? NO WAY.

It's retarded polls like this that perpetuate the myths and the hatred.

Bad Vilbel said...

You SERIOUSLY believe 70% of Lebanese support terrorism? SERIOUSLY?

I don't think ANY reasonable person would really believe a statistic like that.

Oh yeah. And it'd be nice if that article actually provided a link to the poll in question. "According to a Lebanese Institute" doesn't really mean anything.

I could post a story claiming that "According to an Israeli research firm, 90.3% of Israelis support torturing arabs."

Would you honestly believe something like that if I posted it?

stateroom said...

Sharon and Olmert kept talking about “painful concessions” and here it is, the pain. First came the concessions, and now, here’s the pain.

But who knew the pain would be this bad, so bad that as the rest of us weep, Tony Kushner and the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen may have reason to laugh. They’ve been saying that Israel (not the 22 tyrannical and fanatical countries that surround Israel) is a “mistake.” Incredibly, they are joined in Israel by journalists, writers, filmmakers, academics, jurists, and, as always, the political elite.

They too must be held accountable for their treachery.

NassurDinHoga said...

Lebanese friends,

I'm not a war expert, but reading this norning Israeli media, I conclude we should all take a deep breath (or just duck, depends on where we live) and prepare to a couple of weeks of fightings.

I would be happy to be proved wrong.

Bad Vilbel said...


Here's your 70%:

Please read the entire piece. Note the frequent mention of the other sect's anger at Hezbollah (and the picture accompanying).

NassurDinHoga said...

Thanks for the link, one of the best I've read regarding the situation. I understand a civil war is a deep fear in Lebanon (you were mentioning it before).

ANTSCD: The previous post should have started "Israeli and Lebanese friends..."

Papa Ray said...

Is Iran poised to strike?

Read this and tell us what you think this madman? is planning.

NassurDinHoga said...

I haven't a clue, but quoting the SUN as a source does not give one the reputation of a serious newspipe.
It's a very funny post though :-) Being funny is not less important than boringly saying the truth.

the stranger said...

Michael Totten.

Desparatly wants his "journalism" to be taken seriously while receiving funding from various neocon right-wing pro-israel groups. Takes great pleasure in being accused of working for the Israeli government and seems to want people to believe he is a Mossad agent. Really. I'm not kidding.

He's constantly having to shut down his comments section because so many people call him on his nonsense. When he was blogging from Beirut real jounalists were commenting at his blog wondering if he was actually even in Beirut.
When he does re-open his comments section he spends most of his time monitoring and then deleting post critical of him or his points of view. At least he admits to doing it. Please take with a gigantic grain of salt.

Omar said...

Thats what it will be after the war as well

yo momma said...

oh please--besides the airport and the strategic roads all that was hit in beirut was the terrorist cesspool neighborhood of dahya [beirut sud] where the hezbullshitters live and work and plan to kill jews--its no bigger in area than the beirut race track--if the israelis really wanted to destroy your city the corniche would be sitting on mount herman by now!

dunes said...

after looking at the history of arabs i think that the idea of 70% of lebanese supporting HA is not that crazy !!

the stranger said...


Looks like Mr. Totten has sent a couple of his groupies over to this blog.

Lirun said...

statistics are so meaningless.. slightly rephrase the questions and the same people will give you the opposite answer.. they are always crafted to achieve a particular response.. and reflect the positions of their sponsors..

my statistics tell me that..

100% of people killed die..

100% of people hit by missiles are unhappy about it..

100% of people threatened by war stand to lose happiness..

100% of destruction costs money to repair

100% of war needs to be cured by peace..

but my sources are also biassed

what to do

peace! seek and bring it..

Fearless said...

Erreur d’appréciation
Fady NOUN - L'orient le Jour - LIBAN
Pour justifier son évidente erreur d’appréciation, sayyed Hassan Nasrallah a dû affirmer comme chose certaine, dans la nuit de lundi à mardi, qu’Israël allait de toute façon attaquer. Et pour rendre plus crédible son information, dire que son erreur a été « providentielle ». Ainsi, nous avons de la chance que le Liban ait été détruit avant l’été. Autrement, il aurait été détruit avant l’hiver.
Non, cette partie du raisonnement ne tient pas. S’ils voulaient envahir le Liban, les Israéliens auraient-ils commencé par les ponts ? Et masser des troupes à la frontière peut-il passer inaperçu ?

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

Waging war or winning peace!!

For all you blabber-mouthes from blogotistan full of hate, and supporters of violence from both sides. Here is a voice of reason in the ME by HRH prince Hassan of HK Jordan in an editorial which tries to find hope in the midst of termoil.
instead of abusing each other try listening.

Fearless said...

21h25 - Beyrouth Les deux tiers des Libanais approuvent la capture par le Hezbollah des deux soldats israéliens selon un sondage effectué par le principal institut libanais.
Alors, ils meritent pleinment ce que leurs arrive!

dunes said...

Eran Tel-Aviv:
do you honestly think that there is someone in israel that wanted war before all this started.
man its no wonder you live in the bubble.

barroon said...

chen. and all other pro-Israelis ( who are pro for good reasons !!! ) :
why u think u r the only nation on the face of earth that have " the right of defending his self and interest "?
why u think u r the only nation who have the right to make alliance with his friends and fight his enemies ?
why u think its not OK at all to feel or live under terror but u feel totally OK if ur neighbors live under ur terror and be terrified that maybe some day ur extremist will attack them ?
and PLEASE do not tell me there is no extremist among ur politicians , government ,people. for god sake u even assassinate ur own PM because he started road of peace and co-existence with others !
Israel gave a terror a new name and take it to whole new level by shifting terrorism from small organizations to a government policy . peace is a such big word for such a small minded nation. In year 2000 all arabs suggested peace to Israel ( a solid –long lasting as every body wants it ) but Sharon cabinet refused and dismissed the proposal.
I personally believe Israel government along with Israel nation are completely ready and feel carefree to kill 5 billions ppl on face of earth to secure Their right of so called “ RIGHT DEFENCE “ for less than 5 million Israeli .

I know so many of you will jump over me and will not like what I say or think but I will say it anyway cuz this is how I truly feel every day when I see a new born baby have been killed by ur military .
I Wish and pray that each and every innocent blood and soul that Israel took , come and hunt each and every one of you who support this government/military to the last day of universe . and I am not saying it out of hatreds . IF there is such thing call “ consequences “ there must be a consequences for all the blood ur military machine sucked in last 60 years of his existence .

Fearless said...

Written 106 years ago!!! Ain't that amazing? -


"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the

next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery

until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome."

Sir Winston Churchill (The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pages
248-50 (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1899).

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."
- Republican President Theodore Roosevelt

Fearless said...

Lebanon and the Many Faces of the UN

World powers gathering today in Rome agreed in principle to establish an
international force in Lebanon, to be authorized by a UN mandate. While this
does not preclude the force being commanded by NATO or an ad hoc alliance
(as in the Sinai), most countries support a UN-run mission. The problem,
however, is that the world body has shown at least two faces in Lebanon, and
it is fair to ask which one we are being asked to choose.

Will it be the resolute UN of Resolution 1559, the one that helped lift the
Lebanese people toward the beginnings of sovereignty and democracy after
years under the Syrian jackboot?

Or will it be a force haunted by memories of UNIFIL past-the peacekeeping
force that, since 1978, never kept a day of peace, utterly failing to
prevent terrorists, starting with Yasser Arafat and ending with Hassan
Nasrallah, from destroying Lebanon in pursuit of their stated goal of
eliminating Israel?

We wish it would be the first. Indeed, the UN's adoption of Security Council
Resolution 1559 showed the organization at its best. In late August 2004,
Syria's Bashar Assad summoned Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri to his
palace only to humiliate him by dictating a fait accompli: Lebanon's
constitution would be altered to extend the term of President Emile Lahoud,
Assad's Quisling in Beirut.

While several independent-minded cabinet members struggled to resist the
Damascus diktat-for which they would be soon killed off by Syrian agents-the
UN sent a powerful message. The Security Council, energized by a renewed
French-U.S. unity, called for "the strict respect of the sovereignty,
territorial integrity, unity, and political independence of Lebanon." In
case the message was not sufficiently clear, the UN demanded the withdrawal
of "all remaining foreign forces"-i.e., the thousands of Syrian occupation
forces, as well as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Further, Hezbollah, the
terrorist group directed by Tehran, was subject to "disbanding and
disarmament." By adopting 1559, the UN provided critical international
encouragement to Lebanese patriots, many of whom bravely resigned to protest
Syria's tightening grip. Assad's response was to murder them. When Hariri's
turn came in February 2005, his assassination shocked the world-no one more
than the billionaire's close friend in Paris, President Jacques Chirac. The
Security Council immediately launched an independent criminal investigation
into the killing of Hariri and his aides. Vigorously prosecuted by German
jurist Detlev Mehlis, the UN inquiry pointed the finger of guilt at Syria's
highest officials and their Lebanese allies, conclusions adopted by the
Security Council. It is hard to recall another occasion, especially in the
Middle East, when the UN so forcefully challenged the criminal actions of a
despotic regime.

The results were remarkable: Syria's occupation troops withdrew from
Lebanese soil, free elections were held, and a Parliament emerged with an
anti-Syrian majority. The UN had taken on a Middle East dictatorship with
alacrity, determination and effectiveness, and the results were
astounding-even if, in the end, bellicose Hezbollah, guided by a witch's
brew of nihilistic martyrdom and genocidal anti-Semitism, sought to drag the
country down into its own abyss.

If it will be this kind of UN to head the new multinational mission-a UN
guided by joint U.S.-French concern for Lebanese peace and development,
assertive and constructive-then more power to it.

But there are other possible faces, like that of UNIFIL. Tragically, this
mission turned into an obstacle to peace, in at last three different ways:

By holding monitoring posts next to Hezbollah positions, UNIFIL gave
effective shelter to Nasrallah's terrorists, as it had done before for the
PLO. For years, Hezbollah fired Katyusha rockets at Israeli civilians with
impunity, under the watchful eyes of their blue-helmeted neighbours, while
frustrating Israel's response through their proximity to the UN blue flags.
Only in the context of the current war to defend its major cities did Israel
feel obliged to take out Hezbollah firing positions even at the risk of
hurting bystanders, which resulted in the errant shells yesterday that
claimed four monitors as victims (albeit from UNTSO, a similar but different

UNIFIL's presence provided the international community with a false sense of
confidence while a terrorist organization methodically built up an arsenal
of deadly rockets-imported from Iran with Syrian help-and stored them in
arms caches in civilian homes, mosques and hospitals.

When Hezbollah disguised themselves as UNIFIL personnel to attack and kidnap
Israeli soldiers, UNIFIL covered up the crime. In 2001, after UNIFIL
discovered two vehicles used by Hezbollah in the raid, stained with the
blood of the injured Israeli servicemen, they promptly surrendered the
evidence to Hezbollah upon its request. Worse, as it later acknowledged, the
UN lied by denying its possession of videotape that shed light on the

Rather than fulfil its mandate to "assist the Government of Lebanon in
ensuring its effective authority" in southern Lebanon, UNIFIL gave Hezbollah
free rein. Rather than "restore international peace and security," it became
the handmaiden of terror and destruction. If this is the kind of UN force
being contemplated, better to have nothing.

To be sure, it is too early to predict which side of the UN will emerge in
Lebanon. Recent actions at key UN bodies, however, suggest the international
organization is in the grip of a one-sided mindset that is sharply biased
against Israel. Meeting in Geneva this week, the UN's Economic and Social
Council (ECOSOC) has seen its agenda on humanitarian and women's issues
hijacked by virulent anti-Israel denunciations, with Algeria and others
implicitly comparing the Jewish state with Nazi Germany.

Similarly, last week saw many of the UN's top human rights officials falling
over each other in a competition to see who could censure Israel more often
and in harsher language, for actions taken in its war against Hezbollah

There was the group of seven appointees who claimed a litany of violations
by Israel and described at length the suffering of Lebanese, yet begrudged
barely a sentence about Israelis forced to hide in bomb shelters. The words
"Hezbollah" or "Katyusha" were entirely omitted, as were their victims: more
than 1200 Israelis wounded, and 52 killed. Of Israeli casualties the experts
said nothing. Among the signatories to the manifesto were veteran
Israel-bashers Miloon Kothari, the Special Rapporteur on housing, and Jean
Ziegler, the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, best known for being
the 1989 co-founder of the "Moammar Khaddafi human rights Prize," a
distinction he went on to win himself in 2002, together with French
Holocaust-denier Roger Garaudy. In the rush to condemn, no one seemed
bothered that several of the signatories lacked any conceivable legal
mandate to speak on the issue. After all, is the Lebanon crisis really a
matter for the Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, Mr. Ambeyi
Ligabo, or the Special Rapporteur on the right to education, Mr. Vernor
Muñoz? At the UN, no one really seems to care.

Far worse, though, were the statements of Louise Arbour, the UN's High
Commissioner for Human Rights. Though in her entire two years in office she
has criticized only a handful of countries, Ms. Arbour found cause to slam
Israel no less than twice in one week.

Arbour's first statement employed the old UN favorite, the wily "while."
That is, she began a sentence with the throwaway line of "while Israel has
legitimate security concerns.", and then-you know the routine-proceeded to
deny Israel any possible way of defending those concerns.

Still, few could have predicted what was to come in her second statement.
Arbour threatened Prime Minister Olmert and other Israelis with indictment
on war crimes charges, the first such claim ever made against a democracy
fighting a terrorist organization that deliberately launches rockets from
civilian areas. As Harvard University profesor Alan Dershowitz noted in his
article "Arbour must go," the commissioner failed to note that when
terrorists use civilians as human shields, it is the terrorists who are
criminally responsible for the deaths of the civilian shields.

Strong critiques of Arbour followed in Canada's newspapers, from the
National Post ("Arbour's Folly"), to the London Free Press, and even to the
French-language La Presse ("Me Arbour et son conseil "), published out of
Arbour's hometown of Montreal.

Among other things, Arbour accused Israel of violating the principle of
"proportionality." This carried some irony coming from the high
representative of the UN's Human Rights Council.

After all, last month, when the new council had excluded only one country in
the world, Israel, from any of its five regional groupings, Arbour was
silent, because, presumably, she thought it proportional. When the council
dedicated a special day of debate to censuring only one country in the
world, Israel, Arbour was silent, because, presumably, she thought this,
too, was proportional.

When the council's resolution to renew the independent human rights experts
singled out the Special Rapporteur on Palestine-whose instructions allow for
examination of only Israeli, but not Palestinian, violations-as the sole
investigation lacking an express year of expiry, Arbour thought this was

When the council adopted only one resolution denouncing a specific country,
Israel, Arbour thought this was proportional, too. When the council ordered
reports on Israel that prejudge it as guilty, and decided that a special
item on "Israeli violations" would be written on the agenda at all future
sessions, Arbour thought this was proportional. And when the council then
convened a "Special Session" to censure Israel yet again, Arbour thought
this, too, was proportional. If not, she would have said something. She
never did. On the contrary, when asked, Arbour has no difficulty justifying
this kind of treatment of Israel by the UN human rights apparatus.

If these are the same scales being used by Justice Arbour to weigh Israel's
struggle with Hezbollah terror, then her concept of "proportionality" takes
on, well, some more understandable proportions. And if this will be the UN
spirit that will animate the Lebanon force, better to have nothing.

Until the UN demonstrates that it can be more like Resolution 1559, and less
like UNIFIL and the Human Rights Council, it will be difficult to imagine
the organization bringing peace to Lebanon, or to the Middle East as a

Lirun said...

ok.. here's a thought.. a no risk suggestion.. i challenge each and every one of you to spend a minute imagining the following:

you're name is amir/amira (A)
A's age is your age
A has the same job as you
A likes the beach.. cafes and travel
A is sensitive and caring
A drives a standard company car

now.. i ask that all israelis imagine that as that as A, they in fact live in Beirut.. and i ask all anti-israelis that they now live in haifa

you are now seeking shelter from bombs.. you now are not going to work.. your elderly relatives do not have access to medication because many doctors and nurses have shut down medical facilities to take refuge elsewhere.. you have no financial security.. you travel in fear

what do you feel now that you have crossed the border.. your life is hardly different but what does your mind and heart say now that you are on the other side..

now - remembering who you really are.. what does this mean to you..

as you may now understand Amir and Amira could be anyone of us.. jewish muslim israeli or lebanese..

our lives are not so different.. we are just as disposable and our tragedies are deeply hurtful..

we need to bridge the divide rather than deepen it.. we need to help eachother make this place safe and sound..

wishing peace to us all

enough fear and hatred.. more peace and friendship

chen said...

there were a lot of words in your comment but.. u didn't really say anything.
why not try to answer some of the questions posted here(shabaa farms,role of HA in lebanon, lebanese prisoners..)

dunes said...

im gonna answer this side by side

"why u think u r the only nation on the face of earth that have " the right of defending his self and interest "?"
we donot think we are the only nation that has the right to defend itslef - but hizzbullah is not a nation.

"why u think u r the only nation who have the right to make alliance with his friends and fight his enemies ?
we donot think we are the only nation who has the right to make alliances - but hizzbulaa is not a nation

" why u think its not OK at all to feel or live under terror but u feel totally OK if ur neighbors live under ur terror and be terrified that maybe some day ur extremist will attack them ?"
we donot think we are the only ones who shuld live in peace - but ever since the state of israel was born we lived under fear of terror and no other country gave a damn about us ,so its time with stand for out for our own , and btw i never heard any critizing of terror attacks mady on israel or isralis by any arab stat, and untill recently by the UN itslef .

"and PLEASE do not tell me there is no extremist among ur politicians , government ,people. for god sake u even assassinate ur own PM because he started road of peace and co-existence with others !"
i wont deny we have extreemists on our side but unlike other countries we outlawed them. the state of isarel has clear rules,and we did not killed our PM , its like saying america killed JFK.

"Israel gave a terror a new name and take it to whole new level by shifting terrorism from small organizations to
a government policy . peace is a such big word for such a small minded nation. In year 2000 all arabs suggested peace to Israel ( a solid –long lasting as every body wants it ) but Sharon cabinet refused and dismissed the proposal."

about terror you calim we have brought to lebanon, well its a clear MO by arab terror groups to hide behind civillians , so what can we do turn the other cheek and say its just rain ?.
in year 2000 all the arabs suggested peace ? where the hell are you getting all your info from ?? in the last 58 years all peace treaties came from israeli side ,unless it was war time and then only becuase israel was close to crush the arab country that suggested the cease fire.

" I personally believe Israel government along with Israel nation are completely ready and feel carefree to kill 5 billions ppl on face of earth to secure Their right of so called “ RIGHT DEFENCE “ for less than 5 million Israeli .

well i fell like the moon is made of cheeze but it still wont make me right. \

"I know so many of you will jump over me and will not like what I say or think but I will say it anyway cuz this is how I truly feel every day when I see a new born baby have been killed by ur military ."
well you have the right to say what you think but that wont make you right ,please just stick to the facts and all will be ok.

I know so many of you will jump over me and will not like what I say or think but I will say it anyway cuz this is how I truly feel every day when I see a new born baby have been killed by ur military .
I Wish and pray that each and every innocent blood and soul that Israel took , come and hunt each and every one of you who support this government/military to the last day of universe . and I am not saying it out of hatreds . IF there is such thing call “ consequences “ there must be a consequences for all the blood ur military machine sucked in last 60 years of his existence . "

and one last thing regarding your last line israe's army is the most moral army in the world , and you know why
becuase the first thing we are tought is to be human and then a soldier/officer/israeli . but how can we avoid hitting innocent ppl when you see an arab holds a baby in one arm and an ak47 in the other.
or you see a mother dreses her child like a suicide bomber with bombs straped around his head ?
if you see a 12 year old kid comming toworeds you with a bomb in his bag do u kill him or wait for him to come to you

Itai said...

barroon do you know that thousands of innocent Iraqis, babies too, died during the American campaign to free Kuwait?

Would you rather live under Saddam's regime? Can you see that war has innocent casualties?

May I say that those arrogant Kuwaitis are willing to kill 5 billion other people for their right of self defence?

Atleast we are fighting for ourselves and not paying others to do it.

Does the "blood sucking" metaphore you use may suggest you are an antisemite?

KSM said...

To The Stranger -

Your argument against Michael Totten and his opinions seems to be based entirely upon ad homimem attacks. But attacking someone's character does nothing to prove or disprove what they have actually said. Especially when your attacks do not contain evidence that supports your conclusions. You angrily accuse him of things for which there are perfectly reasonable alternative explanations.

Michael is a good writer and seems to pay a lot of attention to being accurate. I encourage people to judge for themselves at

Do you have anything specific to say about the truth or untruth of any of his statements? Or are you content to just throw verbal rocks at him?

By the way:
Syria’s Bashar Assad threatened to make Lebanon burn if his occupation troops were forced out of the country.

KSM said...

To Barroon

You are using an argument technique call "straw man" - which is a 2 step process. First you say that your opponent in a discussion has a point of view that he doesn't really have, then you prove that point of view to be wrong or ridiculous.

Of course, proving it wrong or ridiculous really proves nothing, since your opponent doesn't really believe what you accuse him of believing.

You said "why u think u r the only nation on the face of earth that have " the right of defending his self and interest "? -

I don't know of any pro-Israeli commenter who would make that claim. Indeed, most would say that any nation not morally in the wrong can and should defend itself.

You say "why u think u r the only nation who have the right to make alliance with his friends and fight his enemies ?" Again, I don't know of any pro-Israeli commenter who would make that claim. Indeed, the opposite is the case.

When you use fallacious logic you do not prove your point.

chen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
zigizagi said...

Dear Lebanese,

start taking control of your civilians and your land. You cannot let the HA controls you. You're making your self fool. The rest of the world is not going to take you seriously because of that. No one will want to make "business" with you if you don't show control over your land and people!!! This is not my personal opinion. Read the other Arab leaders and the western leaders. This is a time to act!!!!!

I know you are capable. You just made the Syrian army to evacuate.


chen said...

dunes- to be fair there was a saudi peace intiative, on which the arab league agread upon.
it stated that if israel withdarws from all the 67' territories including all of east jerusalem
with no reservations, and give the right of return to all pelastinians who wish to return, into israel,then the arab countries would be willing to make peace. not very realistic but a peace intiative nonetheless.

however, to say all the arabs offered peace?
didn't hear hamas,islamic jihad,HA,certainly not iran(though they r not arabs).
what nasrallah said (probably reflects what most of the arab PEOPLE think) is: first we free the shabaa farms, and then we will free jerusalem, and then we will free the muslims in thailand, and then..

dunes said...

well it like me saying to all arabs i want peace with you but first you must die or leave this world. still not feasable

Dimitry said...


Lebanon should've tried the novel tactic of not having a force preapering to attack Israel on the Israeli border. Oh wait, not so novel - how many times did Israel violate Lebanese soverginity before the PLO settled there?


Please address the facts. Every time Israel was left alone, it didn't attack. Every time. Egyptians don't fear Israeli attack. Jordanians don't fear Israeli attacks. Before Black September, Lebanese didn't fear Israeli attacks.

It's not really that complicated. Just leave Israel be, the rest would follow. And leaving Israel be oes include taking active steps to preven people to attack Israel from your territory.

yuri said...


Every nation has the right for self-defence, that's why we don't believe in foreign peace keepers, the peace and quiet borders are issues of our governments and our armies. The world and the region are not clean from terrorists and extremists, but that is question of responsibility - there were some terrorist attacs from Jordanian side, but no one bombs Jordan, because the Jordan government do arrests those terrorists and try to prevent future incidents. That's what Lebanon should do with lebanese extremists - to take full responsibility. It is OK from us if you don't disarm HA, HA fighters are actually high traned special units, so you can absorb them in your army, in your police or whatever, why not ? But you have to control them.
Like you we don't need another civil war in Lebanon, near our borders.
And yes, we are not angels at all, but don't tell me you are better. If we killed our prime-minister for road of peace, so you killed Anwar Sadat, and you killed King of Jordan Abdalla I, and you killed Bashir Jumail, and you kill Rafik El-Hariri for same reasons.
(You know, there were one family in Jordan, that called their newborn son Itzhak Rabin. Guess what - they lost their works, and their home and now they live in Israel, because no one in Jordan or another arab country wants them. Just because the name !)
Well, this is the only real thing in Middle East - if one really makes step for peace, he usually pays for it with his life. So if prince Abdalla from Saudia really wants peace, and believe in it, and has the balls then welcome to Israel ! We'll listen him speeching in the Knesset, and see him shaking hands of israeli politicians(you know - it's enough to be assasinated).
Very simple test, isn't it ?

Lirun said...

we are so talented at coming up with reasons why we are so right and the other side is so wrong.. can't anyone see the uselessness in this?

peace and war are actually different

Lirun said...

by we i mean everyone.. i am no self-hater

sgJohnB said...

I am happy, many Labanese die. We have a right to self defense same as US. We don't run away, we will come and kill all Lebanese. Chinese UN observer, Du Zhaoyu is friend of Hezbollah, he is terrorist. He should be kill. Our government will never pay any to him. So many problem with those UN observer. They all should leave or be kick out. We are going to take the land and make more settlement and peace.
Our laser bomb is very accurate. We see you clear, we lock on you from sky like Da Zhaoyu. What resolutions are you looking at, this is Israel war resolutions. We don't talk with Hezbollah, we don't hear from Hezbollah. Your bite, we kill all.

Lirun said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PeaceMan said...

My family and I are praying everyday for the beautiful people of Lebanon to find the peace they deserve.

God bless all of you...

Lirun said...

same here..

i just found this awesome link.. with heaps of information coming from a shared point of view..

if you look at the "about us" section you will have to be inspired..

wishing us all peace..

peace is achievable.

barroon said...


r u really fight for ur self ? then why every now and then US senet help isreal financialy and military and intelengence ?
some pay to make others kill for them some recieve to kill for others like ur goverment

PS: im living in kuwait. im not arab

yuri said...

US helps to Egypt and Jordan as well. And them actually were fighting for Kuweit, not just spend some money, so what ?

John said...


Half of the globe gets US military aid (including Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudia, Iraq, Eygept, Ethyopia).

So why do you focus on Israel?

barroon said...

All the “ clever missiles “ which US approved to give to Israel is not enough to cover up Israel stupidity .
Since they still targeting UN head quarter , Ambulance, hospital . yes…I know I know.. terrorist hid there !!! they shouldn’t

Dunes. Chen. Some others….

I am sure you know history of Israel`s wars/ partial peaces ! victories and losses better than me so I will appreciate if u acknowledge that ur government created and still having assassination forces who operate globally and handled lots of assassination of Israel “ ENEMIES” ! outside Israel boarders . then start to jump over others as supporter of terrorism . As Dr. Phill says “ u cant solve a problem until u acknowledge it “
Yes arabs did kill their president as well and yes that shows they don’t like the way that peace agreement put together .
I agree that HA is not a nation but a party who at least ¼ of Lebanese voted for him in the parliament and yes I agree that HA must get mixed to Lebanon army as a special force for time of need ,which can be very effective and I hope that happen in long term . ( non of these will be achieve under fire )

Dunes: A Fact check
Arab agreed on SA. Proposal called “ mobadara al –arabia “ ( Arabic initiative ) in the Arab summit in year 2000 suggested Land against peace to Israel but since Israel don’t like to withdraw from any land which is not his dismissed the proposal
Thank u for explaining what is “ Straw man” theory .
As a matter of fact from where I stand and see this comment area have become a big gathering of Israelis who are “ STRAW MAN” theory fans ! and that’s what made me get involved in commenting at first place .

Chen :
Excuse I didn’t see questions to answer , may be later I read all the comments all over again and find the questions u refer to

barroon said...

not half of the Glob .. Half of glob means at least 70 countires.
only countires who help US policies recieve it.
to be honest john i focus on Isreal cuz these weapon directly effect my daily life & bcuz i hate the fact that Isreal has hundreds of mass distructive weapons and nuclear missles
but if US give them to Fiji i cant care less

Sardaukar said...

After killing the british troops during the mandate, (see Irgun) attacking Egypt, (on the suspision they might be hostile), attacking or terrorizing all the surrounding arab nations for 50 years its plain to see there will be no peace until the zionists are removed from the middle east, after all they were unwanted guests, perhaps they could all be relocated to Calafornia

petteri said...


US helps to Iraq and Afghanistan too. With war!

By the way: For many many people in Europe G.W. Bush is more dangerous for peace than Al-Kaida!

NassurDinHoga said...

Baroon, how are things in Quait nowadays? Is it hot like here? Is it true that you don't pay for education, healthcare or rent there?

(I'm asking in case things gets ultra worse and I'll have to find a new home :) )

do you speak the same Arabbic as Israeli arrabs or you have a different tounge?

barroon said...

regarding the debate of Sadam/kuwait ... US should not gave Saddam military help at first place in 70`s to help him attack iran .long before he attack kuwait.
that was a problem made by US( like taleban and al-ghaeda) and US had to take care of it in 90`s!!
all that subject is not what is we talking about in this blog so please dont let us even go there and to stupit US forien policy in ME in last 30 years !

barroon said...

NassurDinHoga said

yes all that u said is true for kuwaities.its even getting better cuz Ameer will give every kuwaiti 600$ as a " sheykh gift" but for good or bad im not kuwaiti.
I have a tounge and it is red like urs or and all of who comment here .

NassurDinHoga said...

So you're kind of a "resident" but not "citizen" in Kuwait? Can you apply for citizenship?

Lirun said...

if our government and your militias didnt (debatably need to) spend all that money lining the pockets of the arms industry.. imagine how many big fat gifts we could all have..

weapons suck #$%^&%$&%

John said...


1. About the "assassination forces" that you talked about - every serious secret service in the world has them, not just israel (even Jordan, Syria and Eygpt).

2. About almobadara al–arabia( Arabic initiative)- Do you mean the Saudi initiative ? If so, Israel did not accept it for two basic reasons (at least how I, as a simple citizen see it):

a. It was brought up in a arabic legue meeting in april 2002, after I srael went to a big operation against the palestinians (which came after 5 bombings and 69 dead). The timing made it seem like a joke.

b. Israel can't give the 'right of
return' to terratories within the 1948 borders (like the mobadara said). To do so, would be the end of Israel.

And still, wasn't in concensus, and many people think that Israel shouldn't have rejected the mubadara.

2. About the American Aid - the USA gives 150 forign aid, about half of them get military stuff. check it out for yourself in sites like

3. and about the "stupid US forien policy in ME in last 30 years" - that's the whole point - nothing's new - Israel was a ally of the USA from the sixties, same as the arab countries were friends of the USSR. The fact that the USSR crumbled is a another problem...

Oh, and if you're saying the Israeli nukes came from USA you'de better check or displace your source of information.

Oh, and Sardaukar, you're pathetic.

yuri said...


And Before 20 years US helped to Afganistan with war as well. With war against Soviet Union troops. So ?


Yes, palestinian terrorists of jewish origin cause about 100 from more than 1000 british casualties during the mandate. Who you think kill the others ?
Hamas' militia named after Azzaddin Al Kassam, do you know who was this guy ?

dunes said...

couldn't agree more with you.

baron i think there's nothing left for me to say after all john wrote.

ps: you expect us to criticize our country yet i dont hear any word from you regarding arab opreations.
all the arab countries should do a house clean up as they dont compare to israel regarding human right's
if you want you can check every arab country in the globe and you will find that you have alot of people just dissapearing from the face of the earth. yet i dont hear any arab passing criticizem on those countries.

Mark said...

bad vibel:

I read the Totten link, and he paints a picture pretty much how I imagined other words, the Christian minority just wants peace and to get on with their lives, but the Shiites (notice I didn't just say "Hezbollah") don't. To reach anywhere near the 70% stat I referred, that means all Shiites have been radicalized. If this is true, there'd have been war soon, with or without Isaeli involvement.

Totten's article implied that the Israelis were you doing you a favor by weakening Hezbollah. Maybe now the Christians (and Sunni and Druze) can finish them off, but that appears very questionable because I don't really see that there is a distinction between Hezbollah and all Shiites in Lebanon.

Is there any conceivable way to carve Lebanon up into Shia and non-Shia states? Either that or the Shias funding/arming by Syria/Iran have to stop....because it seems clear that your Shias are so radicalized and well-funded that living in peace with them is not possible.

Bad Vilbel said...


The Shia only make up 30% of the Lebanese population. So I still don't get where the 70% stat came from.

If anythnig, I'd say 70% of Lebanese OPPOSE Hezbollah.

To answer your other question: The 1975-1990 civil war showed us that we can't simply divvy up Lebanon into cantons. Lebanon is too small for that, for one. And even if you DID do that, it wouldn't solve Israel's problem, because guess what? The "Hezbollahi Republic of South Lebanon" would still be immediately adjoining Israel's north. In fact, it would be another Gaza, to the North of Israel.

The solution is a strong unified Lebanon, not it being divided.

The question is HOW do we achieve that.

In that context, it sure looks to me like the current mess is taking us a step BACKWARDS, rather then forward. That's why i cringe when I hear the US and Israel saying they'd like a stronger Lebanese Army exerting full control over the country. We'd all like that, but the current mess is moving us AWAY from that, not towards it.

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

The shia make 30% of the Lebanese population according to a census conducted lately in 1932!!!!!! and non since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dimitry said...

Well, actually, a Hizballahstan that is an officially seperate entety, distinct from the rest of Lebanon, would mean Israel will not attack anything to the north of it. Could also cut down the on the Hizballah supply lines. All that assuming, of course, the seperation was actually enfored and the border guarded.

Bad Vilbel said...


I wasn't referring to the 1932 census. My number might not be exact, but i'm pretty sure the Shia are about a third or so of the overall population.

Someone correct me (with link provided) if I'm wrong?

Lebanese100% said...

All we need is another freak Ayman al-Zawahiri want to fight the zionist IN LEBANON. I have a message for cave man. Just go back to your cave, you and your jihad crap. Go fight in the desert eat dates and srew camel mother fucker. All we need is another freak to add to Lebanon distruction. Who the hell is listen and is Listening to this man I don;t beleive they put him on TV. IF this guy will die and go to heaven then I want to go to HELL. How can he use the word of GOD who allows him, What kind of educated muslim listen to these people? I have no Idea what book these people read but for sure the whole muslim nation needs to go after him and shut him off. Why don't you leave LEBANON ALONE....... We need to live in Peace muslim christian and everyone. stop being tribal people.. grow up./

MERKOVA said...

LEBANON brought this destruction to her self. Destruction will come to any arab states that attacks Israel. As long as there are crazy muslims in your country the Israelis will keep dropping 5000 lbs bombs. If its me I'll drop NAPALM and burn your country to ashes. And why aren't the lebanese people getting rid of this crazy muslims from their country. Don't get it. I guess they love to be tortured and enslave by hezbolla.

awesome said...

There was a time every international problems tried to solved in UN.I guess the world lost one of the organisation that could bring solution to conflicts.We do not need to go too far.It started to loose its efficency with Iraq war and showing us actually "UN" can not process anyting to make world happier if one or two country which have veto power in the counsil.Recently, Bolton who is just pure Israel backup in the UN(he should attend to meeting with sitting on Israel chair not to US) blocking every kind of calls against Israel.UN already loosing credibility and trusting power and Bolton would became permanent(last time thanks to democrats not to approve) in UN representitive for US.That time , solutions are became more basic, whoever has a power, go get it.

Critizing Israel government and its actions labeling you anti-semite.With that caricature, every Jewish organisation making call for arising "anti semitism" in the world.What do you expect? World can not prove Israel actions as %95 of Israel citizens do.

Also using Rome meeting coming ups as an approve for Israel, what an ameture propaganda!World backing up what Israel doing?...ROme could not issue anyting cause of US resistence against demands.

If there is no international organisation left in the arena to solve problems, we might get afraid.We need the UN to make world better and 189 country following only 2 countries (US and Israel) on what is happening today.It is sad but the truth.World is spinning around by decision of this two country(you can say only one cause of Bolton).So hoping UN resolution on the matter, can not come and it is an empty building with non working elements.

awesome said...

"WHILE Israel fights Hezbollah with tanks and aircraft, its supporters are campaigning on the internet.
Israel’s Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages.

In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.

Jonny Cline, of the international student group, said that Jewish students and youth groups with their understanding of the web environment were ideally placed to present another side to the debate.

“We’re saying to these people that if Israel is being bashed, don’t ignore it, change it,” Mr Cline said. “A poll like CNN’s takes just a few seconds to vote in, but if thousands take part the outcome will be changed. What’s vital is that the international face of the conflict is balanced.”

Doron Barkat, 29, in Jerusalem, spends long nights trawling the web to try to swing the debate Israel’s way. “When I see internet polls for or against Israel I send out a mailing list to vote for Israel,” he said. “It can be that after 15 minutes there will be 400 votes for Israel.

“It’s very satisfying. There are also forums where Lebanese and Israelis talk.”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry must avoid direct involvement with the campaign but is in contact with international Jewish and evangelical Christian groups, distributing internet information packs.

Amir Gissin, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s public relations director, said: “The internet’s become a leading tool for news, shaping the world view of millions. Our problem is the foreign media shows Lebanese suffering, but not Israeli. We’re bypassing that filter by distributing pictures showing how northern Israelis suffer from Katyusha rocket attacks.”

I was wondering why too many Israelis are here not to Lebanese?I guess not to seek peace or cease fire solutions, only making their propaganda.As far as i read those comments, they just pushing to getting rid of HB without knowing how much time,effort,life needs spend to achieve.I believe HB is a terrorist organisation but Israel can not finish it up itself.If they do, i ll be granpa(30 years old now) and might explain my grandchildren why still Israel in Lebanon.Just common sense people!

sp4rtacus said...

the zionist ignorant and must take all the blame. they want peace but invade other people country, that just stupid. hezbollah and hamas are formed after the zionist took their land and you think you can get away after stealing other people property ? no way, resistance is all you can get. as simple as that. And now you call hezbollah as terorrist ? another ignorant stupidity, since when the one who protect their belonging become terorrist ? hezbollah are fight for their land and for their people. as long as you zionist occupied hezbollah land, the resistance will always there.

John said...


There's a saying in american english just right for your sayings: Yada Yada Yada. What makes you think that your sayings are not propoganda, and are not a concpirency?

sp4rtacus, go learn some history before you say stupid things. Israel pulled out of lebanon 6 years ago.

Fares said...

Nasralla is getting screwed by Iran
PEACE To Lebanon

odenseorangTM said...

john, let's go back 50 years ago...where is israel ? 6 years ago ? dou really thinks that the conflict onl happen after 6 years ? o' brother another ignorant people.

sp4rtacus said...

No john, you learn some history. The zionist didn't pull themselves, they beaten by hezbollah and that's a big different. What ? o yeah, the earth still flat. please educate yourself.

John said...

OK sp4rtacus, have it your way, As long as you admit that Israel did not have anything to do with lebanon soil these past 6 years. That Automaticlly makes the HA responsiple for the Eruption of violence.

misauspadang, lets go 50 years back... 1956. Where was Israel? not on lebanese soil, that's for sure...

Andre_Rieu_fan356 said...

I've posted some stuff about the war at my blog on JournalSpace, which you can read @

Having said that, it just breaks my heart to see those photos and then to think of the photos that I've been seeing on which were taken after such-'n'-such a bombing. :'-( All those building--gone. Ripped to shreds by the bombs!


awesome said...


I am making my propaganda against you.Because you do not have any guts to critize Israel governemnt from whatever its wrongdoing.I have guts critize behalf killing innocient people from HB or IDF.I am not a %100 blind what is happening.You must be stupid to believe UN building destroyed by error.Your government is so rude and no respect to international community and it will pay a price not now but in future.

Only difference one of them is a terrorist organisation(HB), and i can not define what the Israel is.But it is not definitely not a "STATE" with killing all innocent people and Israel must get summoned for its actions from world.

Dimitry said...


There was a time every international problems tried to solved in UN.

Can you give me a single example where UN intervention worked? Two? Five?

Also, just wondering, ever heard about Chechnya? Because, it appears to be the only "STATE" in the world, as per your definition, is Denmark. Perhaps Monaco, too.

MERKOVA said...

AWESOME ...... You must be a JEW hater or just simply ignorant. Leave the arabs alone to their masters. They are a bunch of slaves. You must understand that Israel is the only democratic and educated country in the middle east. Arabs are so used to being slaves and killed by their own that they love it.

Israel is their only excuse. Without Israel they will kill each other. So let leave them alone. The Isralis are doing a great job.

Soltan said...

just one small correction: you were talking about urban designing, and nasbined had remarked something about bomb shelters not being supplied to the Arab communities in Israel.

Well, the law in Israel – regarding Bomb shelters in a quite new one, and it was placed down in the late 60’s. “all new buildings will have a bomb shelter” and the same law was re-written after the first gulf war in Iraq to be “all new buildings will have a secure room – reinforced concrete”.

All old buildings were not covered by any law what so ever. BUT some communities decided on their own free will to build a common bomb shelter for a neighborhood / street. This was done on their one expense. There are quite a few cities (Jewish and non Jewish) in Israel that have old neighborhoods, without bomb shelters. It is all a product of the local authority (the mayor) and public pressure.

For example some streets in Jerusalem – the Orthodox “Me’aa She’arim” neighborhood, the northern (Jewish) portions of Jaffa – “Eilat St.”, And a large portion of the Jewish Safad.

nasbined, forgive me for being so sarcastic - but I know that this comes as a blow to your “Israel is neglecting the Arabs” theory. Except the fact, that a lot of these papule were neglected by themselves and their local authorities. They, like every other person I the region knew that an attack in the middle east in not an “unreal” scenario, but they chose to believe that no attack will ever hit them.

Listen, Israel is very far from being perfect in treating it’s diverse communities and minorities, but at least it doesn’t allow armed militias to run portions of the state, and set its “foreign relations”…

I hope we all have some peace and quite. . .

awesome said...

Can you give me a single example where UN intervention worked? Two? Five?

MERKOVA said...
AWESOME ...... You must be a JEW hater or just simply ignorant. Leave the arabs alone to their masters. They are a bunch of slaves. You must understand that Israel is the only democratic and educated country in the middle east. Arabs are so used to being slaves and killed by their own that they love it.

First Merkova, I am not a Jewish hater person.I am not ignorent also cause of i am not on the internet all the time.I am muslim and we are living with Jewish people in peace thousand of years.But it does not mean that I can not critize your government action even you would not.I am not taking Jewish people charge off killing civilians.All my post include civilians who lost their lives in Lebanon and Israel.I am pushing harder on Israel.Reasons;

1-Israel is a "State" and if you are claim to be a "State" you act as like a state.If you lowering your level to organisation that you blame as a terrorist, and doing same things what they do, there will be big question mark in people mind what really Israel is.I am not saying Israel has to sit on their asses to handling, but HB issue is not your issue that you can solve and it will never
2-Destroying UN posts and killing civilians(include last air attack) shows IDF is not careful as they say.Every comment from this blog says "HB is got what it wants".So my suggest, do not give them what they wants.If HB is getting credibility over death civilians, it will not help either Israel or Lebanon.But will only help to stronger support to HB otherwise.
3-I am pushing UN solutions on every comment that i made.It might answer to Dimitry.Any UN intervention did not work cause of they are lightly equipped and they tried to took control over tribes or groups in the country.So thinking a chance to work and killing an innocient person, i would take a chance to make it out on diplomacy.

4-I am still insisting same thing Israel has to summoned from UN and it has to pay price from international community over innocient killings.Even this UN does not, future will hold account Israel for these massive killings.

Nasralha said...

Do you want that Lebanon become a modern country? It is very easy,
kick those terrorists of Hezbollah
and I can assure you that not only Lebanon but the whole entire region will be safe and will live in prosperity like the rest of the modern world.

Lalith said...

Case of effective lying: lie.html

Wow ! Israel, USA & UK is telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

Hezbullaos bombed the building after 8 hours !

Hezbullos placed the dead underneath the rubble.

White house just announced Condi is pregnent.

These are 100% truth.

Steve said...

And you brought on all this destruction simply because you want to destroy Israel.

Your choice is surrender or perish. Your choice - no other.

ChineseBrother said...

We are very angry to see this happening today.
Is it right for Israel to say sorry when each time bomb drops on Lebanese civilians? Repeat and repeat. It wasn’t a mistake. Are they nuting? It seems same as Iraq war. Do Israeli war plane avoid killing civilian? No, many-many old man, handicap, children and woman trap in bombed building, bomb shelter and apartment. Who guided the Israeli guide bomb and bunker-buster bomb? Many poor people, they couldn’t leave; they don’t have money, taxi charge up to $1,000 to Beirut. They don’t know where to go, no jungle to hide. Who are going to take care off this people? I even hear some children don’t have any shoes.
Even Doctor house destroyed by bomb.

Angry to see way Israel behaves is totally un democracy. They call Ghengis Khan of Middle East. King of Middle East terror. Remember how Ghengis Khan attacks Beijing. Has anyone survived?

Angry, to see the way U.Nation behave wait and see. Israeli is starting with the conquest and building his empire in Middle East. I am surprise to say. Is this the way Bush administration try to spreads democracy to Middle East?

Should UN HQ move to France or China? I agree, are you!! Something inside is not right, UN is under Bush controls. Bush gives green light to Israel. Bush send weapon to Israel. Bush send navy sub to Israel. Bush sends International Assistance to help Lebanese. What Bush trying to do? Helping, spying and destroy? Bush administration is making lot of money from both sides.

Many people here like us opposed Hezbollah, but now had change the mind. Hezbollah has is own way to defense his poor Lebanon. It is not surprise to understand Hezbollah. We don’t see US and Israel as democracy nation. They are the creator of terror link.

Chinese Brother

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