Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Show Of Unity: Be There!

The event has been cancelled. We will let you know when it will be rescheduled.


Humanitarian Appeal for Lebanon

A Gathering For Unity & Support

You are Cordially invited to attend an open house to show unity
and solidarity and to support the humanitarian relief efforts for
Lebanon in this national crisis

on Monday July 31,2006

from 5:00 until 8:00 p.m.

Residence of the Embassy of Lebanon
2841 McGill Terrace N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

This Event is in Coordination with:
(in alphabetical order)

Al Hewar Center
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)
American Druze Society / Charitable Affairs
American Foundation for St. George Hospital Inc.
American Task Force for Lebanon (ATFL)
AUB Alumni Association of North America - Greater Washington Chapter
Arab American Institute (AAI)
Council on American-Islamic Relations
International Orthodox Christian Charities
Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement
National US Arab Chamber of Commerce

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Fares said...

Nasralla is getting screwed by Iran
PEACE To Lebanon

otinkyaaf said...

Thank You for this notice. I live literally a ten minute walk from the Embassy and so will make it.

nasbined said...

fares are you the author of that blog? The author is obviously a backwards arab bigot that hates persians and shia islam. "just remember worshipping fire was their religion before converting to Islam for political purposes" so you want to remind them of what their ancestors did? What about yours? The author also attacks Assad for reconciling Arabs and persians. The author hates shia more than he recognizes the Jewish threat, the author must be one of those mythical muslim zionists we keep seeing on these threads. Israeli aggression and savagery accomplished what national dialogue couldn't, it united everybody, shia and sunni and even arab and persian and indonesia and pakistani, everybody. Israel pushed its own self destruct button but Iranian oil is fueling that fire which sends them to hell. You fares sound like a christian crusader collaborater.

awesome said...

Fares said...

Nasbined, I don't hate Persians or Shias, I am just amazed how the Iranians mullahs are standing still pushing Lebanon into its own destruction and doing nothing.

Read the whole article to understand. The comment of worshiping fire was a figurative reference to a war machine that destroys everything.

We don't need united people that do nothing. We want peace and a stop to this madness. Enough enjoying people getting slaughtered.

I am not advocating problems with Iran, I am sayign this syrian-Iranian alliance is useless and not beneficial to any country.


Shirin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shirin said...

Hi Fares,
My name is Shirin, i was born in Beirut on 1984, and live in Berlin nowdays. I can't agree more with the appeal. I wish i could be there, and ahow my solidarity to Lebanes people... my brothers and sisters. I have a lot of family and friends there... i myself was there two weeks ago.. when it all started...
All i can do is to pray for you -Lebanese citizens. Be strong, and with the help off Allah the war will end soon.
I also became a blogger, I try to express my feelengs and my opinion about the situation in Lebanon using drawings i make.
I invite you to visit my blog... and i will appriciate to hear your opinion about it.

Hope the war ends soon,

dunes said...

hipocrits. what i love about arabs is thier selective memmory.
suddonly when its ur ass on the line, you cry to the world "we are beeing butcherd" but when scum low life suicide bobmbers go and explode themselfs in a bus loaded with women and children suddonly ur quiet, well excuse me if dont show any kinds of sympathy for lebanon i find it hard to be a hipocrit.
all i can say is death is not our goal but this war is forced uppon us. we would rather live in peace and quiet.

miki. israel

Itai said...

There is still hope. Listen to Dr.Wafa Sultan:

nasbined said...

Fares, when Historic Palestine is free and the Jews have gone home to Russia you will say that alliance is worthless but you will appreciate how important the alliance was in the past because it resisted zionism to the end.

Itai, stop posting links to that atheist dyke propagandist, she's has zero credibility, an Arab noam chomsky. You look like a fool expecting people to take that seriously.

Itai said...

LOL nasbined, you refuted her opinion so eloquently. Obviously no one can stand up to your superior intelect but eventually
you are just a clown with a P4 processor designed and made by Jews in Israel :-)

dunes said...

dont confuse nasbined with the facts !!!!!!
as it stand he allready doesnt know what he is saying

yuval from tlv said...

heh it is funny that the pentium 4 was designed in Haifa laboritories..

nowadays haifa is under attack..

but both lebanese and israelies ( actualy every one ) are using it..

so you see we're not so bad..

Omer (israeli) said...

nasbined said:
"Fares, when Historic Palestine is free and the Jews have gone home to Russia you will say that alliance is worthless but you will appreciate how important the alliance was in the past because it resisted zionism to the end"

So you want war? then at least you shouldn't cry, when you choose war, you get war. HA DID choose war, not just for you. for the Lebanese and Israeli also.

zouzou said...

hi there,
its zouzou, i'm a Lebanese Blogger and i'm 17
you can check my blog it's simple:
it's an artistic place where news are expressed in illustrations (my illustrations)..
feel free to publish any comments there..
i thank you all for supporting lebanon!
we need this!

Omer (israeli) said...

War is HELL, Israel learned, and continues to learn this lesson the hard way. But as at it seems from your comments, not only Israeli's need to learn this before there can be peace.

As for "going back to russia", do you really thinks thats possible? anymuch more then HA will be elimnated? Both sides, as it seems, live in "dream land".

what do you expect? Israeli mass sucide? Don't you see we have no other home? and that we will defend it, till the end? Do you think im "Russian"? Do you think the Israeli's have anywhere to go?

* By the way thats the same as the old "zionist" ideology, which assumed the PL's have "many" homes in thier arab nations, and they should go there.You want to do the same to Israel, and Thus become what you so much hate.

But do you know what "zionism" means today? Or do you just get your definition from your propoganda text books?
I dont know of any of my friends in israel calling themselfs "zionists". Zionism is quite pasee in Israel these days, we just call ourself "Israeli's".

Itai said...

This is how civilians die in this war. Notice how the missile crew takes cover in a house in the village.

nasbined said...

Itai said...

LOL nasbined, you refuted her opinion so eloquently. Obviously no one can stand up to your superior intelect but eventually
you are just a clown with a P4 processor designed and made by Jews in Israel :-)

Yeah, Jews betrayed America by using their influence and ownership of the US economy to steal years of American R&D research and investment out of America to Israel while taking thousands of high tech American jobs and our trade secrets with them. Then you sell American technology to China which is why Israel was kicked off the next generation fighter program. With friends like Israel who needs enemies?
Why don't you post your link again to that bitter dyke nobody but her Jew puppet masters take seriously? Or start posting Noam Chomsky and Jews against zionism NK quotes too to be fair and balanced.

dunes@ All you have are ad hominem attacks because you can't defeat any of the facts.

Omer@ you wanted land by stealing Arab land so you wanted war. Go back to Russia, Brooklyn, Mars, nobody cares, just leave and take your wars and theft with you. Your leaders should be on trial at a new Nuremberg trial for Jewish nazis.

Pierre Tristam said...

The Wall Street Journal today published a story about Israel's attempts to silence Al-Manar television. See:

Terry Crane said...

Any time a person or group of people do something morally repugnant, they bring in Jewish conspiracy theories. This lot is no exception. Humanitarian rally for Lebanon, co-ordinated by Hezbollah fundraisers like CAIR. Of cause nobody notice that strange alliance, everybody will be busy blaming Zionists for everything including Global Warming.

At the same time CAIR & Co will collect some bucks for Hezbollah to continue to fight Israel and use Lebanese children as human shields - on your money.

Lirun said...

heheh steeling US R&D?

thats crazy stuff.. as an employee of the israeli high tech industry i can tell you our R&D is very home grown.. we work hard to do what we do.. its not with anyone else's grace that we have succeeded..

our taxes are very high and we see only a very little bit of ever hard earned shequel.. and yet we develop and develop and develop because we know that we are an isolated and small economy and we need to export our imaginations and brain power and problem solving.. and that nadsbite is technology..

for millenia the jews were whipped around the planet.. denied the right to own or work land or assimilate into any social structures.. all we were left with was our minds.. and thats how we have made our living for centuries on end.. now you tell us that our brainpower is not ours to use either?

good lord..

clearly you are a champion of human rights


wishing peace to all

peace is the only sustainable solution

Amon Ra said...

Beautiful stuff from Israeli powers...,,30000-1229114,00.html

dunes said...

nasbined: as alwayes you have that little world you live in.
so leave us alone those who live in the real world and know the facts.

Omer (israeli) said...

nasbined said:
"you wanted land by stealing Arab land so you wanted war"

LOL. Israel is a recognized country by UN decision for 48. Some Arabs have problems understanding this ever since.

Israel could have been a multi-religious state in 48.
The arabs that became refuges in 48, AFTER attacking israel, with egyptian help and forces. Of course not ALL of the refuges were fighting. But the arab world in general, in 1948, thought that the "zionist" presence should be elimnated.

By the way, i don't see any big ideological diffrence between jihad and zionism. In 48, when israel was attacked fy 4 armies, if you won, would you give us candy? would i be here talikng to you?

so all i have to say, nasbined is "I'm so sorry we won". I guess that if Israel lost in 48, 67 or 73 then we would have been greeted by the "gentle" hand of Islam, as you so well explain it.

But since 1948, most of the arab world learned to live with us, and we with them. That doesn't mean they like us. just accepted the fact.

Egypt after many wars with israel, finally declared peace with israel in 1979, for the sinai pannisula (conqured in 1967). In the 90'is jordan did the same. Do you see any problem on those borders ? any wars? By the way we WERE attempting to do the same with the PL's (Gaza, And next planned withdraw form the west bank by 2010).

Ya, don't forget we "Zionists" are "blood suckers", cause we need the blood to make "Matza" on passover. But the truth is, israeli's don't want to die in buse, pubs, rockets, or in the battlefield. Nasrallah, knows this, as he knows that the death toll in israel side will rise, so will the voices for withdrawl inside israel = winnig Israel. while on lebanon's side hundreds die (and i don't support it) but the Hizballah does nothing to stop it. They could just give back the two soldiers you know? are they worth that much? apprently for HA its worth it.

Ya,ya i know, you'll say its all zionist blah blah. Thats fine, but just remember that there are two sides for everything.

Lirun said...

rockets with 100kg of explosives were just launched into israel.. at first thought of as fajer5 but now they're saying chaibar1 rockets.. these rockets were launched from a heavily populated town

people living near rocket launchers.. please sabotage them.. otherwise rest assured that once a rocket is launched the launcher will be pounded..

this is so insane.. escalation seems inevitable..

sick of so many people suffering.. praying the negotiations will prevail without delay

enough is enough

Itai said...

Amon Ra, mistakes will happen. Israel deeply regrets them, I'm happy no civilians were seriously injured.

May I remind you that British and American forces bombed a wedding in Iraq and convoys of their OWN troops. Cockups will happen during war time.

And on a more optimistic note: Hizbulah is caving in. They now gave up the demand for Palestinian prisoners release. They are screaming now for an immediate cease fire. Another Senior HZA member was killed in Tyre. 3 more HZA guerillas were killed near the Israeli border. HZA headquartesrs is in ruins. Their rear echelon is scattered, hiding in public parks and schools across Beirut. Bush remains strong, standing behind Israel in another speech. Syria panics after Israel mobilized 3 more divisions. And our beloved Condi gave a piano recital in Malasya yesterday evening :-) You got to love this women.

Peace is coming. Stay safe good people of Lebanon.

nasbined said...

dunes you are full of ad hominem attacks and no legitimate facts, how typical of you Zionists considering Israel aka occupied Palestine is an illegitimate nation. There would be peace if Jews went back to where they came from before they stole land from the Arabs to make Israel.

For a nation like Israel still on a probationary existence it has not supported its right to exist except with arrogance and bloodshed.

Lirun said...


thats not nice

3li- said...

Israel has withdrawn from Bint Jbeil, Marun Al-Rass and 3ytaroun for "tactical reasons," and is beign chased back by HA fighters...

But they intensified their air attacks against "HA targets"elsewhere in Lebanon killing 13 civilians, and destroying many more homes and buildings..

Way to go, 4th most powerful army in the world.

This is a defeat of historic proportions....

3li- said...

the turning tide against the US/Israeli plan in the Mideast fromt he NYT:

Itai said...

Al-Ghadabulsaati3 you are full of shit. You sound like the Iraqi propaganda minister ("Our forces are chasing the Americans across Iraq") LOL

Itai said...

Al-Ghadabulsaati3, the Arab public reaction is predictable. The important thing is their governments position. No surprises here yet but it doesn't matter anyway. The U.S. is all that matters.

dunes said...

Al-Ghadabulsaati3: you remind me of egyptain radio in the yom kipur war (73)
when egyptain army said it enterd tel aviv and destroyed the IDF .LOL we had fun back then.
and btw i spoke to a friend of mine who said that golani killed around 90-120 HA he himself killed 12 .

nasbined: you are welcomed to say what facts you have uppon the israel state and we could have an open disscussion although i cant say i expect a challange.

root cause said...

al-ghad...quoting the NYT means nothing. about as much credibility as

root cause said... your own reasoning...America is in the same situation as Israel. The U.S should give up it's land to the native american's who we stole it are such a moron.

3li- said...


Israel has been caught in so many lies about the military operations it is comic...

During the 18 year occupation of Lebanon, it was only the videotape evidence of HA that exposed the steady Israeli losses that culminated in Israeli hasty retreat in 2000.

HA's facts have always checked out....they have admitted to 31 dead. They announce their names, towns born in, and facts about their lives as soon as that happens.

Israeli propaganda includes lying to its citizens to hide the shame of the current defeat...

Itai said...

Al-Ghadabulsaati3, the videos were real. Israel reported its losses. 20 soldiers KIAs every year. HZA suffered hundreds of casualties. Israel cares about its sons so it withdrew to the International boder with the false hope that HZA wanted to free Lebanese territory like it claimed. The result was the encouragement HZA recieved to start this war and here we are. Tough luck for them and Lebanon.

shlemazl said...

Oh, yes, Hezbollah as the source of TRUTH. Love this.

It was great to learn from Al-Manara that HA destroyed the Israeli plane, which turned out to be HA's own missile which got hit by Israelis. It was also fun to learn that HA knocked out Israeli submarine and sunk the ship with tens of Israeli sailors dead (the ship did get damaged, and 4 sailors did die).

Anyone with more than one braincell appreciates that everything HA says is pure propaganda.

Al-Ghadabulsaati3, you should get pregnant. It would double the number of your braincells.

dunes said...

it seems as though you are trying to convience yourself, and HA has been cought in lie for many times
and the israeli evacuation of southern lebanon came because of israeli citizens movment saying to the goverment that we dont have to be in lebanon.
and about defeat ? we had 8 killed you had at least 100 killed , also i know of a truck with at least 40 HA bodies moving to be burried right now.
so try to be more accurate.

nasbined said...

Root cause, moron? you are the stupid Jew. America gave the native Americans full citizenship and equal rights. Israel must allow the 12 million refugees in the Palestinian diaspora to return to their homeland in Israel or there is no moral equivalency between Israel's war against humanity and America's history which has already given justice to its victims. Israel is blood drunk on revenge against Lebanon because they are so humiliated a few hundred fighting men beat the 4th most powerful army in the world. The Hezbollah flag will fly over Tel Aviv.

nasbined said...

Israel is an illegal apartheid state going the way of apartheid South Africa. The global community is sick and tired of the judeo facists that have rampaged across the middle east like madmen just because they had tanks and f16s and their enemies are stone throwing kids. Now that army is no longer capable of protecting your Jewish settlements. Time to pack up and go home to Russia.

Itai said...

nasbined drugs are bad for you, they detouched you from reality.

And as far of your long term dreams are concerned just keep in mind that Israel will make all of the middle east glow in the dark before that will happen.

root cause said...

nasbined....just for the record, i am a catholic living in the U.S. i have no ties with Israel, i was just commenting on your ridiculous "logic" and out right lies. And btw. read up on your American history bud...we in NO WAY treated the indians with equality. We forced them into reservations, but this is off topic. If you love HA so much, get off your pc and fly over there. I sure don't want you spreading your filth over here in the U.S....we have enough problems.

God bless all peace loving Lebanese and Israelis.

3li- said...


Israeli public opinion grew after watching continued evidence from HA that your occupation troops were losing the war. Your government was lying to you all that while. A poll of Israeli public opinion showed at the time that Israelis believed Hasan Nasrallah more than their own leaders...

The battle right now is between David and Goliath (Goliath is Israel if it must be noted to you).

The military kill ratio between HA and Israel is 1:1; this is between the most sophisticated, most advanced and best well-armed and funded and financed army in the world, and a few hundred fighters with light arms and lots of will.
In over a week, Israel could not hold on to one tiny town 1/2 mile from Israel's border..that is defeat. It does not matter how many HA fighters you kill. the battle has exposed Israel as a sluggish behemoth that can only shoot rockets from air and sea at indistinguishable targets.

The reprecussions of this war will change the moral balance in the entire Mideast. Israel has already lost this war regardless of what happens next (US/Britain are now rushing back to the Mideast to put a lid on the defeat of their plan).

dunes said...

nasbined: as some one before me stated lay of the drugs sirusly man they are not doing good with you.

Lirun said...

okey dokey

now that we have all posted our ventablogs.. maybe we can get back to informing eachother of events and views..

we have done well maintain an island of sanity and dialog through this catastrophic event.. let's not cave to our impusles..

wishing us all peace..

mustnt forget whats important

marc said...

nasbined-- If anyone else's flag is going to be flying at some point in Tel Aviv, it is going to be that of the United States. Do you really think that if worse comes to worst, the U.S. will not use its military might to prevent a 'final' destruction of the State of Israel? As self-serving and bloody-minded as I think that you are, you seem not to be intellectually incapable of looking at facts, however misleadingly you parse them.

yuval from tlv said...

this secular muslim woman explains it all..

brodcast at Al-Jazira it self!

dunes said...

yuval from tlv:
wow i didnt know there were sain arabs

yuval from tlv said...

so you should come over to Jaffa :)

Dimitry said...

... Jews have gone home to Russia

What a fine codeword. Lemme guess: method of transportation - swimming?

anothervoice66 said...

I find this very troubling, I don't know where it was taken from.
What do you think?

root cause said...

anothervoice... this is very disturbing but unfortunately, i am not surprised. the radical branch of islam is so twisted and evil. when kids are raised on hate, it is no wonder terrorists are the result. this is truely sad. i heard a similiar story as this, about a radical cleric in egypt that has a children's show teaching jihad. this could be the same. the world is at war, not against is against an ideology of radical islam.

Omer (israeli) said...


An excellent video, I really learned alot from it.

So sad.

dougjnn said...

Israel should trade Shabaa Farms for Hezbollah Disarming In Fact

Here’s my peace plan. What do you all think?

Israel agrees to give Shabaa Farms to Lebanon (or to Lebanon and Syria in such proportion as they mutually agree) as soon as Hezbollah has in fact actually disarmed -- not merely for their agreeing to do so.

This has the advantage of making it considerably easier for the Lebanese government to exert political pressure on Hezbollah to disarm. It would make it easier to get Syria to help as well, since Syria will either get back land or be seen to be generous to it’s Arab neighbor Lebanon, and thereby assuage the grievances much of that population has against it.

Further Hezbollah won’t be rewarded for attacking Israel by this formula but rather by actually disarming. Though of course it can claim to it’s glory that it got back the territory for the rest of the country -- which it will have, by disarming.

Further, a ceasefire is agreed between Lebanon and Israel whereby 12 hours after Hezbollah actually ceases all rocket and other bombardment and other cross border attacks on Israeli territory, that Israel will cease all attacks on Lebanon for the air or ground and begin withdrawing. Any resumption of attacks on Israel or after the 12 hour period Israeli forces in Lebanon will break the ceasefire.

Lebanon will agree to move it’s army to the border with Israel and begin disarming Hezbollah both on a timetable. It will also agree it will not allow any further arms shipments into it’s territory from Iran or Syria to rearm Hezbollah. It will get help in both from an international force which will help it and train it and better arm it, but it will retain responsibility.

Once all of this is accomplished there will be an actual peace treaty between Israel and Lebanon, or this agreement will turn into that.

Any substantial violation of the agreement voids the ceasefire, with the implied threat that Israel resumes the current campaign.

Yohay Elam said...

Maybe the war will be over by then...

nasbined said...

Itai@ More ad hominem attacks, you Jews are so typical. You can't defeat the facts which don't support Israel's illegal existence so you slander the messenger, you learned well from your Nazi propaganda teachers.

root cause@ Lie about being a Catholic, if I was a Jew I'd be ashamed to admit it too, who would take a Jew seriously. And indians today have full citizenship in America despite what happened in the past, Israel must right its wrongs and allow 12 million refugees in the Palestinian diaspora to return from the exile Israel imposed on them. Israel is a racist apartheid state that cannot last.

dunes@ You're a waste of time, you sound like a broken record, you can't be Jewish, you are too stupid and Jews claim to be so smart but they can't even protect their own country anymore.

marc@ The American people aren't going to shed our blood to save you greedy squatters. Israel will likely go nuclear before it gets liberated but when the mushroom clouds of Israel's nuclear bombs fade away as the Zionist apartheid state is overrun by liberaters from around the world will there be any Jews left? Israel officials admitted they are only responsible for protecting Jews in Israel.

Yuval@ stop wasting your time with that Arab noam chomsky of a dyke. Nobody cares what she says. Go quote Jews for zionists to balance out your propaganda.

Dmitry@ nobody cares how, learn to swim....

dunes said...

"Itai@ More ad hominem attacks, you Jews are so typical. You can't defeat the facts which don't support Israel's illegal existence so you slander the messenger, you learned well from your Nazi propaganda teachers."

ohhh well i think this is the essence of a broken record

if you are so intent on saying jews are killers and faciests what do u call a suicide bomber ?

dougjnn: you'r heart is at the right place but you are naive in thinking this will end if israel gives the sehba farms, every time we gave land the arabs
dug up another reason for breaking trietis. every israeli know's we cannont trust arabs as they lie according to thier own agenda.
for instance take yasser arafat after israel gave him jerico he continued with the suicide bombing thinking it's weaknes that made us struggle for peace
when infact it was our strongest desire for peace that made us give the land.

dunes said...

"Itai@ More ad hominem attacks, you Jews are so typical. You can't defeat the facts which don't support Israel's illegal existence so you slander the messenger, you learned well from your Nazi propaganda teachers."

ohhh well i think this is the essence of a broken record

if you are so intent on saying jews are killers and faciests what do u call a suicide bomber ?

dougjnn: you'r heart is at the right place but you are naive in thinking this will end if israel gives the sehba farms, every time we gave land the arabs
dug up another reason for breaking trietis. every israeli know's we cannont trust arabs as they lie according to thier own agenda.
for instance take yasser arafat after israel gave him jerico he continued with the suicide bombing thinking it's weaknes that made us struggle for peace
when infact it was our strongest desire for peace that made us give the land.

Fearless said...


L'Europe souhaite accélérer le rythme d'une cessation des hostilités. Comme
dans la plupart des conflits, avec nos illusions sur un monde où il serait
possible de tout résoudre par le dialogue, nous proposons de l'argent et des
troupes pour mettre en place une force d'interposition'', a déclaré le
député Jérôme Rivière, député UMP-CNI des Alpes-Maritimes, le 26 juillet.

''Hélas le monde est cruel, et pour certains le dialogue est preuve de
faiblesse et de lâcheté. Nous l'avions compris en 1945 lorsque pour
l'Allemagne nazi, comme pour le Japon impérial, les redditions ont toujours
été exigées sans conditions. Le cessez-le-feu n'a de sens que s'il n'est pas
l'occasion pour l'organisation terroriste chiite de rassembler ses forces
pour frapper à nouveau. Pour ne pas servir de couverture temporaire aux
terroristes, po ur donner à la région les conditions de la Paix, il est
indispensable que le Hezbollah disparaisse. Quant aux bruits de bottes en
Syrie, les dirigeants de ce pays seraient bien inspirés de faire profil bas.
Leur occupation illégitime du Liban, la perpétration d'attentats contre les
libanais qui veulent retrouver une souveraineté nationale est à l'origine
des récents conflits. Damas n'aura de voix audible que lorsque seront mis au
ban de sa société les dirigeants du Hezbollah comme ceux du Hamas qui
prêchent et organisent la haine à partir du territoire syrien''.

Itai said...

Typical Muslim reaction:

Another example of what Dr. Waffa Sultan is saying:

Lirun said...

heard something curious last night.. imagine the rules of the war changed and it could only be managed by women and children.. what would it look like then..

wishing for some #$%en peace around here

this is one extreme game of hide and seek

Lirun said...

seriously though..

i would like each of us to spend one dedicated minute thinking of how much the women of our region are hurting right now.. all the love and passion and hope that middle eastern women put into their children and now they are watching in terror..

sending some love and peace and hope to all of these women.. everywhere in the world..

may our women never go through this again

Ariya said...

How much of it's going to Hezbullah?

yuval from tlv said...


i don't know if you're delirious or you must be extreme stupid to say that the jews are smart and racist and they'll take over the world and that you must kill them..
and not to think that you're the one who's racist, blind-hated, prejudice man.

i'm sure that you could join Nazi germany during WWII.

here as example of people like you -

i'm sure you're happy to see how children are being taught to hate jews and to become the new Nazi's, after that to actualy kill jewish people, and then to expect to be counted as a normal human being.

you are a shame for humanity, you're the worst kind of a humans.

you don't look for peace you look for death, and only death and violence.
therefor the other Lebanese are suffering because of you and because of people like you!

Omer (israeli) said...

one sideness is a disaese, which surly all sides are inflicted with.

But let me ask:

1. Where are the muslims when 250K people get murdered in Sudan, in the name of radical Islam?

2. Syria holds dozens of Lebanese prisoners, why don't the Hezbollah attack Syria?
Also unlike the prisoners in israel, no red cross is allowed to see these Syrian prisoners.

You see, i dont say that Israel is innocent, but i do say your side is much worse. Driven by anti-semetic ideology of "blood sucking zionist" you don't even see the reasons why Israel is reacting. Sucide bombers, stabbing, rocket fire, kidnapping and such have been our daily news for years. What did expect? We sit back tight and wait till we get murdered? Get real.
Thou i do support that the PL' have a legitamate claim for the 67 borders, I also think Israel has a legitamate claim to the border of 48.

Big diffrence in ideology: extreme shia muslims teach the children that jews should be extrminated.

Golda Meier, an Israeli PM once said: "We can forgive the terroist for killing our children, But we can never forgive them for forcing our children to kill"

This is a big mentality gap. Good day.

SadLebaneseGirl said...

omer, yuval
most of wafaa sultan is saying is pure bullshit! because christians launched crusades into the east to convert muslims, and hypothatically to "protect" the eatsren christians, but ended up persecuting them, and some honest westerner historians admitted that the crusades were to colonize the middle east. as for the jews they haven't blown german restaurants as that frustrated woman says, but they had their own militias (haganah, irgoun, lehi) they blew the david hotel in jerusalem and killed many civilians,during the english mandate (which ironnically gave them the promise to have a jewish state in palestine, one nation promising a second nation the land of a third one!!!) and they massacred the villagers of deir yassin, terrorized thousands of palestinians out of their villages and turned them from free people into refugees, should I also mention the sabra and chatila massacres, the qana massacre, and the list goes on .. those who complain about desperate palestinians blowing themselves in restaurants, would u rather prefer they fight u with the same luxurious weapons you have?? I don't think so ;)
have u seen the pic of israeli girls writing messages on shells to be fired on lebanese civilians, is this the "love" you teach ur children?or the colons checking arms with theirs kids?way to go!
you are in no position to critisize palestinians!

SadLebaneseGirl said...

"There is no such thing as a Palestinian people... It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist."
-- Golda Meir, statement to The Sunday Times, 15 June, 1969.

"How can we return the occupied territories? There is nobody to return them to."
-- Golda Meir, March 8, 1969.

"Any one who speaks in favor of bringing the Arab refugees back must also say how he expects to take the responsibility for it, if he is interested in the state of Israel. It is better that things are stated clearly and plainly: We shall not let this happen."
-- Golda Meir, 1961, in a speech to the Knesset, reported in Ner, October 1961

"This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy."
-- Golda Meir, Le Monde, 15 October 1971

"We must expel Arabs and take their places."
-- David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."

-- David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978.

"There has been Anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?"
-- Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp. 121-122.

"Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population."

-- David Ben Gurion, quoted in The Jewish Paradox, by Nahum Goldmann, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1978, p. 99.

"Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country."
-- David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp 91-2 of Chomsky's Fateful Triangle, which appears in Simha Flapan's "Zionism and the Palestinians pp 141-2 citing a 1938 speech.

"If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the Land of Israel, I would choose the latter, for before us lies not only the numbers of these children but the historical reckoning of the people of Israel."
-- David Ben-Gurion (Quoted on pp 855-56 in Shabtai Teveth's Ben-Gurion in a slightly different translation).

SadLebaneseGirl said...

"Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories."
-- Benyamin Netanyahu, then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, from the Israeli journal Hotam, November 24, 1989.

"If we thought that instead of 200 Palestinian fatalities, 2,000 dead would put an end to the fighting at a stroke, we would use much more force...."
-- Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, quoted in Associated Press, November 16, 2000.

"I would have joined a terrorist organization."
-- Ehud Barak's response to Gideon Levy, a columnist for the Ha'aretz newspaper, when Barak was asked what he would have done if he had been born a Palestinian.

"It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands."

-- Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of militants from the extreme right-wing Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, November 15, 1998.

"Everybody has to move, run and grab as many (Palestinian) hilltops as they can to enlarge the (Jewish) settlements because everything we take now will stay ours...Everything we don't grab will go to them."
-- Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of the Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, Nov. 15, 1998.

"Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial."

-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March, 2001 quoted in BBC News

"(The Palestinians) would be crushed like grasshoppers ... heads smashed against the boulders and walls."
-- Isreali Prime Minister (at the time) Yitzhak Shamir in a speech to Jewish settlers New York Times April 1, 1988

"[Israel will] create in the course of the next 10 or 20 years conditions which would attract natural and voluntary migration of the refugees from the Gaza Strip and the west Bank to Jordan. To achieve this we have to come to agreement with King Hussein and not with Yasser Arafat."
-- Yitzhak Rabin (a "Prince of Peace" by Clinton's standards), explaining his method of ethnically cleansing the occupied land without stirring a world outcry. (Quoted in David Shipler in the New York Times, 04/04/1983 citing Meir Cohen's remarks to the Knesset's foreign affairs and defense committee on March 16.)

Omer (israeli) said...


All you say is very true. Deir yasin is a stain in our history. Try find one Israeli that will say anything else. Sabra-Shatila, the actuall killing was done by Lebanese christian Milita, Thou its well known that Sharon Knew about it and did nothing to stop it...

But i rather talk to people like you, then nasibeb. I have no problem talking about these things, as i said before, we are not innocent either.

But i do think that both Hamas and Hezbollah are doing alot of mistakes. I dont say, they don't keep there weapons. But Israel withdrew unileatraliy both form Gaza and Lebanon. While both Groups vowed to kill all Israeli's. Today we know they were serious... Our only protection, In absence of a treaty is force. Since we left Gaza, Hamas got stronger and attacked. Same with Hezbollah.

You see, Even violance as a political pressure tool, needs to be measured. In South Africa there was Nelson Mandela. A great man, He brought peace, why? because he assured the whites, that the blacks aren't gonna kill them if they free them. Otherwise fighting would go on forever. Do the Pl's have any such leader?

BTW, i reject the claim the israel is an apartheid state. Thou we don't traet the Pl's "gentley", we have elected members of parliment among the arab-israeli who fully support HE and HAMAS, and they sit in our center of democracy: The parliment. why are they allowed to do so? simply, we are a democracy.

When i got to hospitals, i get treated sometimes by arab doctors. Our hospitals treat arabs as well.

Yesterday, i went to a family dinner. One of the family brought with him a friend. The friend was an Arab chrisitian living in the north. He's backyard got hit by a Katyusa, and decided to flee. Who took him in? a friend of our family (israeli-jewish) is now housing him till the end of the war.

And again i say, PL's don't have it easy. sometime's only people over age of 40 are allowed to cross to israel. Why? casue the profile of the sucide bombers is usally of young and without family. And while its defenitly "collective" punisnhment, Most israeli see it as a way to avoid bobmb threats. without saying whoes right or wrong, can you understand the Israeli side? would you put up with years of sucide bombers and attacks?

We are not animals, but we are fed up of being attacked even when we try to do peace (west-bank withdraw was planned till 2010, Olmert was elected based on that! now i don't think it will happen).

yuval from tlv said...

we hadn't critisized the PL, we are talking about HB.

the difference is -

i don't care what the christ did a few centuries ago, it doesn't concerns both israelis and arabs.

for your claim about the jewish-terror movment befor 48, yes they were terrorists. and do you know what happened to them?
have you heard also about the Altalena ship? it was a ship shifted from europe loaded with weapons to them, and guess who bombed it?! that's right! the israelies them selfs! cause we said we have one army one united nation and one policy! we are not murderers!
i don't remember HB or the PL doing that! and since then they stoped!

besides when israel was declared in 48, after the UN resolution, we called the arab nations to have peace with us and to have a normal relation-ship with us..
what did they do?
they lunched a war against us, in which we won and earned our lands.
to remind you in the beginning we have such a small nation - about the size of the Gazza strip, but we won the battles and earned more lands.
About the PL refugees, did we told the PL to escape from their homes?? no!
they did it them selfs.
i'm not saying it's their fault, but you can't blame it all upon us.
we had actualy called in the first years for a 2 national country of jewish and PL together!

about the Sabra & chatila do you want me to remind you who murdered all those innocent people?
the Christ palangues, not the Israelies!!
we could get into a fight with those Christs and stop them, some thing that Ariel Sharon decided not to. after an international invastigation Israel was not the one to blame for it!!

about the Kfar Quana massakers - it was the early days of the israeli army and we didn't had a fire-law to our soliders saying if you get an order to shoot an innocent you MUST resist! and inform about it!
those stupid soliders who fired at those civilians were all put in prison!! also the out come was this law against illegal firing.
it was an unfortunate mistake and the lesson was taught and never returned again!!!
not like HB who's hiding in Civil places!!! cowardes!

and those two girls writing on that bomb shell - "To Hezbolla in great love" not to Lebanon or Lebanese!!
And tell me what do you think about those childrens?!

do you also support this?!?!

Omer (israeli) said...


i'm glad your seriously challenging the israeli side. Using true quotes, and just slanders. I think we need serious diouloge, and the Subjects aren't easy. But weve all been creating hate for so long, it has to end some how.

As i said before: old dreams die hard. No side is innocent here. years, both sides were looking for ways to kickout the other side. But reality is stronger: Both Isaeli's and PL's will remain, No matter how much we both kill the other side.

As i said the last elections in israel, proved to be an historical change. Olmert promised a withdraw form west-bank, and got elected on that base. But now Israeli's know, that withdrawing without a treaty to protect us is a mistake.

Thats why i think the Hamas did a mistake. But then the Hamas as HE both have at their end agenda: the destruction of israel. So you tell me, what should we do? can we talk with them?

Omer (israeli) said...

fix a sentence: "i'm glad your seriously challenging the israeli side. Using true quotes, and NOT just slanders

SadLebaneseGirl said...

I will reply one post at a time, to omer first:
If palestinians and israelis make real peace, and palesteninas finally have an acknowledged state, hezbollah will have no more cause to fight for, I think you agree with that. the way I see it, Hamas was birthed and nurtured by israel to counterbalance the PLO, the PLO turned into a bunch of corrupted hypocrits and the pals got fed up with them, so they elected hamas because actually they wanted a better life, before hamas could do anything israel pressured all the world to cut the aid on the pals (put them on a diet as one of ur leaders delicatly put it), and punish them for democraticly chosing hamas over the corrupted plo. hamas recently was ready to implicitly acknowledge the israeli state(a HUGE step!), but what ur leaders did? they refused any talk with them, continued their embargo on the pal people; is there more humiliating conditions to peace?if they don't with hamas, whom else would they talk to?what they have got to lose if they sat with on the same table, they don't have to accept their terms in advance you know, but inflicting this collective punishment on a people will only fill them with hate and desperation, and terrorist acts are acts of hate and desperation.
isreal in a position of force and should not abuse it, it should give pals a fair peace, then and only then hamas would abandon the idea of wiping isreal, and HA can't be ore royalist than the king ;) as for the apartheid state, i don't live in israel and can't give a judgement about it, and it's not my issue right now.
I have read about Sabra and chatila on the net, and you should do the same(pls check unbiased sites), and israelis did more than let it happen, they planned it, supervised it, and assured the cover for the phalanges to get on with the job, they might have not directly pulled the trigger, but they hold as much responsability as the people who did, sharon almost got tried for war crimes over this, but it didn't happen because the only witness elie hobeika car "accidently" blew up o 24 jan 2002.

Omer (israeli) said...

"isreal in a position of force and should not abuse it, it should give pals a fair peace"

I'm on that one with you.

"whom else would they talk to?what they have got to lose if they sat with on the same table, they don't have to accept their terms in advance you know"

The only term i accept them to keep, if and while negoiating, is to stop attacking us. Is that too much? Dont forget that the Hamas also refuses to diologue with israel.

"hamas recently was ready to implicitly acknowledge the israeli state"

The "Prisoners charter" you talk about, does not call for recognition of israel, and Hamas denies as always, anything to do with "recognizing" israel. What it did say thou, is that resistance should focus in the occupied land, and not in Tel-aviv. Very smart move thou, the cenetr of israel has 1.5 million voters, mostly on the left spectrum. The settlers on the other hand, usally hold extreme ideology. Some of there groups are even outlawd in israel.

"I have read about Sabra and chatila on the net, and you should do the same(pls check unbiased sites), and israelis did more than let it happen, they planned it, supervised it, and assured the cover for the phalanges to get on with the job, they might have not directly pulled the trigger, but they hold as much responsability as the people who did, sharon almost got tried for war crimes over this, but it didn't happen because the only witness elie hobeika car "accidently" blew up o 24 jan 2002."

Its true, its shameful we try to cover up our real involvment.

And i also belive that Israel is responsibale for the Pl's voting Hamas . We treated Abu-Mazan as an enemy, instead as a friend, where as he is very reasonable, even if not "pro-israeli".

"Israel pressured all the world to cut the aid on the pals"

well Hamas is a declared teror organization, it wasn't very hard. They've been killing us for 20 years, what did the Pal's expect? a red carpet?
But i do agree that Israel acted more out of fear then reason.

"but inflicting this collective punishment on a people will only fill them with hate and desperation, and terrorist acts are acts of hate and desperation."

I know its so sad. But we also learned that NOT responding to attacks only brings more attacks. Its a no win situation, as long as the ideology is "destruction of israel".

"If palestinians and israelis make real peace, and palesteninas finally have an acknowledged state, hezbollah will have no more cause to fight for, I think you agree with that"

LOL. Get serious:

On the other hand, Israeli's sitting in bomb shelters are singing;

"One day peace will come"
"For us, and everybody"

Take a look:

SadLebaneseGirl said...

To yuval:

I had recently watched Peretz on french tv and he actualy defended the terrorism used to drive english occupation away, and I don't now what exactly happenned to them (they were probably treated as liberators and heroes and have memorials all over isreal) but I know that two of their leaders became prime ministers ( Menahem Beghin, Yitzak Shamir). in 1948, the UN acknowledged the isreali state and gave them 60% of the land while they owned 7% and represented 1/3 of the naturally the arabs couldn't accpet these terms, as they saw themselves the legal owners of this land, after all living over 2000 years in a place you get a little attached to it, don't u think? the UN's chart admits the right of people to decide their own fate, why didn't they apply this right on the palestenian people?
alatena ship, will u be doing the same about the american arms ship on the way to israel?

About refugees, so they left on vacation to lebanon, syria, egypt and jordany?they fled for their lives, as the people of north isael are doing right now.

the qana massacre and the law that followed it didn't prevent ur forces from bombing another UN center in khiam few days ago, and each time israel didn't even get a slap on the wrist!
Now that arabs are willing to sign peace treatees with israel based on 1967 borders, israel should
seeze this offer and make peace, unless what you want is more land and not peace.

Omer (israeli) said...


"Now that arabs are willing to sign peace treatees "

Then why the hell did they continue to fire qasam rockets, from gaza, even after we withdrew? and then to make things worse they captured a soldier?

does that look like someones trying to make peace?
If that what israel gets for withdrawl of gaza and Lebanon? Gee, thanx.

Peterbbb said...

All Lebanese please watch this Hezbollah movie

yuval from tlv said...


1. they don't have memorials everywhere. the only memorials are the soliders and terror victims if you'd like to know.

2. let's say the arabs naturaly couldn't accept this terms - they could negotiate right?
and this days they're willing to accept far more larger terms in favour for israel.

3. about the PL refugees - they cannot go back because we won't have our only jewish nation anymore.. therefor we are willing to live in peace with them under the borders of 67. but we cannot sit back when after we with-draw we get the "Kassam" missiles on us, and the terror groups getting heavily armed. after we have with-drawed from Gazza, the PL hadn't improved their lifes, infact the PLO and Hamass were starting to fight one each other, the problem is that the PL had chose the Hamas who doesn't even recognizes Israel nor our trities. you cannot negotiate with someone declaring to kill you, it's like the US will negotiate with Al-Qaida.

3. about the american weapons - these are bunker-busters, they can penitrate deep bonkers ( of HB ), something i guess you rather we have, instead of sending large armed divisions into Lebanon.

4. the Saudian peace offer about the 67 borders, wasn't excepted by Iran for example, and they declair that they seek the destruction of Israel, and guess what - who funds the Hamas and Hezbolla? Iran.

5. during 2000 we offered the PL a nation under the borders of 67 including eastern Jerusalem, and economical cooperation, and what they chose to do?

so you tell me.. what are we suppost to think about you, if we do try to have peace but without leting terror groups or other nations to threat or attack us?

besides what exactly does the Lebanese has to do with the PL people? if you're claiming to fight for their name so don't cry for being bombed. if you don't fight for them, so what are you fighting for?
the Shbaa's lands? couldn't you simply negotiate with Israel befor attacking?
the 3 Lebanese prisoners ( one of who'm is a murderer )?
believe me Israel would have been have to hear from Lebanon that they want to negotite for the prisoners and the Shabaa farms and in response we both declair peace.

but attacking us won't do you anygood neither to the PL.
maybe next time you'll understand that.

Itai said...

Omer (israeli) said..."LOL. Get serious:"

Catchy tune.

Omer (israeli) said...

whay do you want from sadlebanesegirl? She didn't support HE attacks. She just think that the PL's are relavent. And frankly so do I.

SadLebaneseGirl said...

I read recently an article for naom chomsky and other writers that the kidnapping came after israelis kidnapped a palestinian doctor and his brother, why that never made the news?

Itai said...

Peterbbb said...

All Lebanese please watch this Hezbollah movie"

LOL that was so funny. Nasrallah as Leo DiCaprio. Brought tears to my eyes. A love song for rockets. And all those backward weapons from the 70's. Israel didn't have to take HZA 20 years back it was already there. The message to all Lebanese was very clear: "These are the idiots who brought this disaster on your country".Very good. Bring us more.

yuval from tlv said...

how excatly are the PL relavent for the HB attack on israel??

if so they should attack from the PL teritory and not from Lebanon!
or they shouldn't complain about the IDF fighting on their land!

Omer (israeli) said...


I respect very much naom chomsky, thou i dont always agree.

In this case chomsky said: "We dont know their names", but one he claimed was a doctor.
Who are they? what are their names? I mean even if you think israel doesn't disclose the names of its kidnapped (called "arrest" in israel), why isn't there any pl' who does have their names?
If one of them was a doctor, didn't he miss work, family? Who are these "Unnamed-kidnapped"? No one seems to know them.

Second, When Hamas attacked and captured shalit, did they say anything about these "Unnamed-kidnapped"? No. they spoke about prisinors in general.

I live in israel long enoght to know the cycle of violance. The Hamas always declares his reason. Example: "this strike was because of the family killed on gaza beach"
You see? the Hamas always protests Israel last action, to justify theirs (same vice-versa). Why didn't they talk about the so called "kidnaps"???

I'm sorry, this time chomsky has a very week argument. I'd like to know their names first, It should be so hard as these people have: Neibours, family, friends, clients, co-workers, shop-keeprs and so on that know them.

When Hamas capture Isreali's they NEVER disclose their name, we have to find out ourselves, and we do it a few hours.

Israeli prisons also accepts visits form the red-cross.

What Chomsky is talking about is a very serious crime. Thou i wont say my govement never commited crimes, ill say that i need more proof till i belive that story.

Itai said...

SadLebaneseGirl said...
I read recently an article for naom chomsky and other writers that the kidnapping came after israelis kidnapped a palestinian doctor and his brother, why that never made the news?

I don't know about him being a Doctor but he and his brother were Hamas militants and involved in terrorist activities. They were arrested indeed.

Besides, the kidnapping took place two days after the arrest. Hamas dug a tunnel to the Israeli base several hundred meters long, that takes months. To gather intel for such an attack takes weeks. It's just and excuse. Noam Chomsky openly supports HZA btw. Well, there were Jews who helped the Nazis too.

Omer (israeli) said...

Itai, who are they???

Lirun said...

i dont think this makes any sense at ll..

i believe in comprehensive peace and hope for it and pray for it.. but the facts are simpler.. when you have a terror organisation bombing you for 6 years while you sit like a wingless duck and cop it..

it is vile and repulsive for them to come back later.. all hero like.. find every error you have made and seek to fix it as a condition to stop bombing you..

i think all issues raised are valid topics of discussion and we all have much to learn.. but using them as reasons to bomb us is baseless and unjustifiable.. its pure perpetuation of violence..

as jews we are naturally and inherently taught to feel guilty.. your mum buys you 2 shirts and you put one on and she accuses you of not liking the other.. but this is just nonsensical.. the complexity of our relaity is such that you cannot neatly package every wrong that has ever occured here and dump it in our faces..

with all due respect to noam chomsky.. do you seriously think that a kid napping of a doctor and brother could occur without the media being all over it? do you seriously think the PA would not publicise the $%^& out such an event.. they do it even to things that dont happen.. the misinformation is rampant..

whether we know it or not.. we are all desparate for peace.. we are all sick of this "shit" as bushy puts it.. but as part of that desparation allow me to suggest we focus on forward thinking solutions rather than drowing in blame chasing.. because we wont find the cause.. and we wont identify that single damned event that started all of this.. there will never be consesnus.. so focussing onthis divide is blatantly unproductive..

so turn around.. 180 degrees start looking forward and lets think solutions..

history will not offer us solutions

Chas said...

I love to listen to you guys argue. As I listen I imagine you all sitting in a beachfront cafe, for those of you that are Israeli, the cafe is in Tyre, for those of you that are Arab it is in Haifa. You visit every year, with your children, who are playing together on the beach, as you sit round argueing, debating, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying together as you recall the pain suffered by so many to reach this point.
As the evening goes on and the children fall asleep you become mellow. Sadlebanesegirl sings a slow sad song and Lirun plays softly on his guitar. There are tears, there is anger, some of you can hardly bear to look at each other, but tomorrow you will play soccer on the beach again. And when you part at the end of the vacation you embrace and promise to do it again next year.
Do not let the horror of the present make you all prisoners of the past. You are young, you own the future, unless you allow the past to own you.
Peace to all

Itai said...

Two brothers, Hamas militants. I don't know their names. IDF spokesperson published their details and such arrests happen all the time. They were lucky not to be taken out by an Apache helicopter. We probably needed to get some info out of them.

The war with the Palestinians is an interesting issue but it won't be over anytime soon. I don't think you should fall into Nasralah's trap and connect the two problems. He wants to connect these issues because for him the problem is the existence of Israel. The question is: do the Lebanese people want to fight this war?

Lirun said...

i share the dream..

NOW who told you about my guitar?


Omer (israeli) said...

Itai, The only Info i have is from chomsky, and he said that their names are unknown. That raised my eyebrow.

Itai said...

SadLebaneseGirl, like I said I don't think you should fight the Palestinians war for them and if you do feel like sacrificing your country for them then you are a noble person but such things have their price.

Regarding the Palestinians history:
1. Once they identify themselves as a people it's pointless to deny their feeling.
2. The Arabs who lived in Palestine never claimed they are a nation till 1948. They didn't have any cultural attributes to distinct them as a nation.
3. They certainly didn't live in Palestine for 2,000 years. Check the censuses done by the Turks and British. A few thousands lived in Palestine for many generations. Some immigrated in the 18th century. Most came for economic reasons once the Zionist development of the land began in the 20th century.

got to go now. talk to you later

Fearless said...

Le droit à l'autodéfense
Par Rafaël BARAK, chargé d'affaires de l'Ambassade d'Israël en France, Libération, 27 juillet 2006

Article, paru dans Libération du 27 juillet 2006

"Au cours de ces dernières semaines, l'Etat d'Israël a été attaqué, sa souveraineté défiée et la sécurité de ses habitants mise en danger. Ces attaques se sont d'abord déroulées dans le sud du pays, face à Gaza, puis à sa frontière Nord avec le Liban.

Israël n'a provoqué aucune de ces confrontations. Au contraire, Israël a déployé tous les efforts possibles pour les éviter. L'Etat d'Israël n'a pas de conflit territorial, ni sur sa frontière Sud avec les Palestiniens, où il y a moins d'un an Israël a quitté la bande de Gaza, ni sur sa frontière Nord, où, en mai 2000, il s'est retiré du Sud-Liban pour revenir à la ligne frontalière définie par l'ONU.

A Gaza comme au Liban, l'Etat d'Israël s'inscrit dans les frontières reconnues par l'ensemble de la communauté internationale. Mais certains ont pris le retrait à l'intérieur de nos frontières, accompagné de notre désir de paix avec nos voisins, pour un signe de fragilité. Ceux qui nous attaquent aujourd'hui ont interprété notre retenue comme un signe de faiblesse. Ils ont eu tort.

L'action militaire dans laquelle nous sommes engagés est dirigée contre les organisations terroristes qui opèrent à partir du Liban et de Gaza. Mais le Hezbollah et le Hamas n'agissent pas seuls. Derrière eux se trouve le soutien militaire, financier et politique de l'Iran et la Syrie.

Nous n'avons pas l'intention de nous immiscer dans les affaires internes de nos voisins. La tranquillité et la stabilité du Liban et de l'Autorité palestinienne, libres de toutes ingérences étrangères, sont aussi de l'intérêt de l'Etat d'Israël. Nous voudrions que la paix s'installe entre nos peuples.

La situation humanitaire que subissent les habitants du Liban nous touche profondément. Nous tentons le maximum pour atténuer cette situation et éviter de faire des blessés. Mais que faire, quand les terroristes du Hezbollah, avec l'aide de l'Iran et de la Syrie, cachent plus de 12 000 roquettes et missiles, dans des zones urbaines surpeuplées, dans des villages, dans des maisons habitées et même dans des mosquées ? Que faire quand le Hezbollah se sert de la population libanaise comme bouclier humain et s'installe chez eux pour lancer des roquettes sur Israël ? Israël ne vise pas le Liban mais l'infrastructure terroriste. Il empêche également l'acheminement de roquettes en provenance de l'Iran qui se trouvent, en ce moment même, à la frontière syrienne avec le Liban. Avant chaque attaque, nos forces militaires distribuent des tracts pour demander aux civils de quitter les zones où se trouvent des infrastructures terroristes. Notre armée préfère renoncer à l'avantage de l'effet de surprise, afin d'épargner des vies innocentes.

Depuis plus d'une semaine, nous avons coordonné des couloirs humanitaires qui permettent entre autres aux citoyens français qui le désirent de quitter le Liban et d'acheminer l'aide humanitaire.

Mais la souffrance ne se ressent pas que d'un seul côté. Au nord d'Israël, à Haïfa, à Nahariya, à Tibériade, à Kyriat Shmona,plus d'un million de nos citoyens ­ ce qui représente en proportion plus de dix millions de Français ! ­ dorment depuis deux semaines dans des abris. Le week-end dernier, plus de 200 roquettes se sont abattues sur Israël, faisant des morts et des blessés. Le ministre français des Affaires étrangères, Philippe Douste-Blazy, durant sa visite à Haïfa, a vécu lui-même le quotidien des Israéliens en ayant à se réfugier dans une cage d'escaliers lors d'un tir de missiles. Dans le nord d'Israël, la vie s'est arrêtée brutalement. Les gens ne peuvent plus sortir ni travailler, les enfants, profiter des camps de vacances d'été.

Malgré une vie quotidienne totalement bouleversée, malgré l'extrême difficulté de rester des journées entières dans des abris, les habitants d'Israël soutiennent l'action menée par leur gouvernement. Car nos citoyens comprennent que l'attaque gratuite du Hezbollah et du Hamas n'exprime pas une revendication territoriale, mais une autre volonté : l'anéantissement d'Israël.

L'Etat d'Israël exerce, dans le terme le plus pur, son droit naturel à l'autodéfense. Nous n'acceptons pas de vivre sous la menace de missiles terroristes visant nos habitants. Nous continuerons à agir avec détermination.

Du côté palestinien, nous demandons la cessation immédiate de la terreur, que le caporal Gilad Shalit puisse revenir sain et sauf et que les tirs de missiles contre nos civils prennent fin.

En ce que concerne le Liban et tel que les pays membres du G-8 l'ont exprimé, nous exigeons :

* le retour de nos deux otages, Ehud Goldwasser et Eldad Regev ;

* le cessez-le-feu total ;

* le déploiement de l'armée libanaise dans tout le Sud-Liban ;

* l'expulsion du Hezbollah de la région et l'exécution de la résolution 1559 des Nations unies.

Nous continuerons notre lutte en sachant que la communauté internationale comprend et soutient notre combat contre le terrorisme du Hezbollah et du Hamas, soutenus et inspirés dans cet axe de la haine, par l'Iran et la Syrie.

Notre victoire sera aussi celle des Libanais et des Palestiniens qui, comme ses voisins israéliens, ne souhaitent rien d'autre que vivre en paix dans notre région.

Chas said...

You did Lirun, your audio clip :)

John Smith said...

The ultimate goal of an Israeli soldier is to finish his 3 years duty without getting himself killed, go to that one year trip to South America, study computer software in the Technion university, get a nice job in CheckPoint, marry Bar Refaeli and have 3 cute kids.

The ultimate goal of a Hezbullah fighter is to die as a martyr.

What the hell is wrong with these guys?

barroon said...

SadLebaneseGirl & Omer (israeli)

the dialogue between you is the first solid,objective, true based argument i read in last two weeks in the comment page of this blog.
just wanted to thank both of u for being so objective
and omer i hope there be lots of Israeli’s like u.
when both side agree that there was mistakes done in the past they can start to fix their mistakes . No one can change what he don’t acknowledge

dunes said...

as long as ur just talking thats fine, and i guess by both sides but sadly there are ppl who dont feel like you most of them are fanatics from HA iran and syria
have a nice day

Fearless said...

These are the true bosses of Lebanon

Mohsen Rezai, Iranian Expediency Council Secretary and Former Commander of Iran Revolutionary Guards: If Hizbullah's Patience Runs Out There Will Be Chaos in Tel Aviv; Ms. Rice Should Be Tried as First Female War Criminal; The Legal Experts of the Islamic World Should Prepare Some Kind of Legal Action Against Her

The following are excerpts from an interview with Iranian Expediency Council Secretary Mohsen Rezai, which aired on the Iranian News Channel (IRINN) on July 25, 2006.


Deploying NATO in Lebanon is Occupation; NATO is an Army That Attacks and Conquers

Mohsen Rezai: "Israel and America want NATO to be deployed [in South Lebanon]. NATO is, in fact, a military force. Deploying NATO means the occupation of Lebanon, this time not by Israel, but by Israel's partner. If NATO is deployed in South Lebanon, it will be an explicit and clear occupation, albeit with a diplomatic tone and language, and a peaceful appearance. In fact, it is a type of occupation. After all, NATO is not a peacekeeping force. NATO is an army. It is the kind of army that attacks and conquers. It is an interested party in this matter. It faces Syria, and it has problems with China and the Islamic world. Therefore, NATO is different from the U.N. forces and the Lebanese army."


"Can they drive Hizbullah north beyond the Litani River, deploy NATO forces there, and then ask... Disarm Hizbullah? Who would dare? Who has the power to disarm Hizbullah? Today Lebanon is in the hands of Hizbullah. The security of Lebanon - even the security of the streets and alleys in Lebanon - is run by Hizbullah. The border and the sea are in the hands of Hizbullah."


"If Hizbullah's Patience Runs Out... The War Will Change Dramatically... There Will Be Chaos in Tel Aviv"

Mohsen Rezai: "If Hizbullah's patience runs out and it enters a new phase, the war will change dramatically. First of all, there will be chaos in Tel Aviv, as well as in many cities between Haifa and Tel Aviv. There are atomic and chemical arsenals right between Haifa and Tel Aviv, and there might be problems there. An unexpected situation might develop. So far, Hizbullah has demonstrated manliness, restraint, and humanitarianism. But as of yesterday, they began attacking the towns and villages south of the Litani like madmen, and I don't know what will happen in the days to come."


Interviewer: "So if they push Hizbullah to the Litani, Haifa may still get hit?"

Mohsen Rezai: "Haifa goes without saying..."

Interviewer: "Tel Aviv as well?"

Mohsen Rezai: "Hizbullah has trump cards, but Israel has exploited Hizbullah's humanitarianism. The Israelis think that since the Hizbullah men have not carried out their initial threats, they have nothing up their sleeves. This has made these [Israeli] gentlemen somewhat audacious."


"The Legal Experts of the Islamic World [Should Take]... Legal Action Against Ms. Rice"

Mohsen Rezai: "In my opinion, it would be best if the legal experts of the Islamic world prepare some kind of legal action against Ms. Rice. I think this lady is the first ever female war criminal, and she should be brought to trial. She has explicitly declared - and I think this was a political mistake by her - that she is giving Israel a free hand to attack Lebanon. This in itself is enough to prepare a case against her as a war criminal."

dunes said...

btw while ur talking israeli airplanes are leveling the town of bint jbel.
we sorry it came to this but we had no choice.

Omer (israeli) said...

The main problem is not making peace with ppl lkie sadlebanesegirl. Thats easy.

But how do you do peace with HE and HAMAS?

nasbined said...

The Israelis are retreating from Beint Jybel., the Jews were humiliated in Lebanon yet again. There American tax payer funded army is no match for the Islamic nation and the resistance in Lebanon. The Israeli public have to face defeat, your government keeps lying to you and claiming victory but your soldiers are running away under fire like its 2000 all over again. Israel can no longer protect its settlements, go to Alaska or home to Russia or something.

Omer (israeli) said...


Peretz said that the operation is not intended to "ocupy" any part of lebanon. The IDF did what he needed and left. There was NO major militiry incrusion. All is done with small forces.
You get to much Info from HE lines.

"IDF leaves Bin Jbeil area",7340,L-3283102,00.html

nasbined said...

BS Omer the Israelis loose 2 dozen troops trying to take the town and they never even managed to succeed in taking it so they settled for surrounding it. They claimed there were 200 Hezbollah fighters inside but your own link says they killed around 50, what happen to the other 150 that were surrounded? You propaganda is falling apart. The zionists are retreating because they can't afford such high prices.

Omer (israeli) said...

We are all winner, right???

Omer (israeli) said...

zI was being cynical.

And im glad your happy of the outcome of the war.

John Smith said...

Al-Jazeera reports the other 150 that were surrounded had such a low IQ the IDF mistakenly though of them as furniture and left the town.

Amon Ra said...

Dear Raja and other Members of this blog;

The following link is an article from the Greek newsapper Eleftherotypia (Free press) where they have the translated version of Raja post "Back in the States - leaving behind broken lives" on last Sunday.,id=59877340

Your blog has been declared one of the best sources of information about the current conflict and the Greek newspaper borrows the idea from an article of the french Le Monde (I dont know if somebody else has mentioned it already)

I dont know if this means anything to you (when you country suffers so badly) but this blog maybe has contributed bridging some of the numerous gaps...

Dont even think to stop this effort :-)

P.S: Raja you are famous :-)

3li- said...

Al-Jazeera live now: Israel is wildly shooting in all directions towards Bint Jbeil, anywhere, everywhere...

Cowards with big guns taking revenge for their defeat...

chen said...

israel could easily wipe out bint-jbail, with just a few mlrs rockets there will be no house left standing, all civilians should be out of there by now..
i belive that it should be done, but because israel does not want to cause civilian casualties it doesn't do so.
also, try and watch other networks besides al-jazeera it might give u a wider perspective.

dunes said...

chen ur a hopeless optimist
as israel have learnd from experience peace for arabs is just a cease fire untill the next war

Lirun said...

chas.. thanks dude.. i didnt realise anyone would even click on that.. (more at

anyway.. so i listened to nasralla's speech and i was strongly humoured by the lies.. i have decided to answer nasralla.. honey i hope you're listening sweety..

the destruction of our chief battle ship? hit but recovered and restored

our forces running away as cowards? our forces are very strong spirited and their caution is making us proud

israel is desparate for a ceasefire but america doesnt let us? you over estimate our dependencies.. israel has a very independent political mind.. you know this.. because you often accuse us of acting in a manner that conflict with international opinions..

our best units demolished? yes we have suffered losses.. these are painfull but dont forget how different we view the lives of our soldiers.. in every israeli POW exchange we give thousands back for a handful of ours - normally half of which are bodies.. for us a single soldier dying is a tragedy..

our media lying about the damage to us? on the contrary - our media and the world media have been everywhere - often to our detriment.. educating HA of the outcome of their efforts and enhancing their ability to hit us..

israelis fleeing the country? some have moved south and yes many are in bunkers and security spaces but not only have israelis not fled.. 6000 families came to israel last week from france and the USA many of which chose the north of israel as their new homes.. Nasralla baby.. we are much stronger spirited than you can imagine.. you dont scare us at all.. manyof us can afford to leave - and yet we dont.. i certainly dont blame any lebanese person for seeking refuge elsewhere - but nasralla.. dont kid yourself that you have shaken us up..

he spoke of fears in lebanon's government that if HA is seen to have a victory the implications would be dire.. he tried to call on the government to view any "victory" of HA as a collective lebanese victory.. this is so weird.. you provoke your far more powerful neighbour.. you get caned to the bone.. you continue your provocation at the expense of your complacent government and you call our mercy upon you "your victory"? how rhetorically dilluded.. its clear that if we were not cautious about our retaliation we would be called cruel.. so now we are cowards? very cute.. but stupid..

he was trying pathetically to implicate the entire arab world into his mischief.. it was ridiculous.. i dont believe for a second that the entire arab world supports his houliganism.. or believes his statements.. i believe the arabs largely seek peace and are tired of lunatics like nasralla dragging them through living hell..

Israel has been very strong.. we have had many thousands of people injured and yes we have kids and elderly stuck in bunkers.. but central israel is sending them gift packs and staples and care packs to our soliders and toys to the kids.. many major retail organisations have sponsored programs and they ar ebeing answered by the thousands.. my workplace for example has been collecting crate loads of gifts and aid for our people..despite the fear and the worry we are still producing and still striving.. nasralla.. you wont break us.. and we're not going anywhere.. and you will not destroy our chanes for peace.. you will only delay them.. and in the course of doing so you hurt all those you care about incuding your own family and including our creator..

your speech was a string on hollow statements that all contradicted most of your standard assertions about my nation.. you call us a temporary state of the illegitimate zionist entity.. at the same time you speak of the peace you bring..

how bipolar is that..

Lirun said...

by the way.. still wishin us all peace

to our respective governements i say stop treating us mushrooms.. keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit..

Μαύρος Γάτος said...

I couldn't possibly be there, but I'm here , with you...

ibn nagrela said...

who is this "fearless" spouter of zionist blather?

this is fearless before fearless changed his profile to smear, attack, slander as a fearless zionist coward.

Gender: male
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Location: SoCal, United States
Favorite Movies:
Cool Hand Luke Godfather Godfather: Part II It's A Wonderful Life Alive Dog Day Afternoon Sunset Boulevard The Thin Man Being There Spartacus An Affair to Remember My Neighbor Totoro The Castle in the Sky A Hard Day's Night The Shawshank Redemption Fight Club
Favorite Music:
The Beatles Gram Parsons The Flying Burrito Brothers The Jayhawks
Favorite Books:
Jude The Obscure The Fountainhead Atlas Shrugged The Godfather The Grapes of Wrath The Catcher in the Rye
Blogs A Daytrader's Diary

ibn nagrela said...

here is a fair proposal to mitigate zionist hegemony:

* israel's return to 1967 borders; including return of shebaa farms to lebanon which syria has already agreed

* exchange of prisoners

* 25km buffer zone on both sizes of israeli-lebanon border monitored by un multinational force

* hibullah agreement to nationalise its military wing as a separate "command" within laf

* hizbullah agreement to sever military command & control ties to mugniyah

* hizbullah/nasrallah agreement to appoint new military leadership for laf hizbullah command, including a separate cic with authority equivalent to current cic michel sleiman

* hizbullah agreement to allow laf inventory of all munitions, place all such inventories under laf procurement & control

* admission by idf that the idf patrol ambushed by hizbullah reported on 12 jul was on the LEBANESE side of the israeli-lebanon border at or near aitaa al-shaab and that idf patrols ROUTINELY cross the border into lebanese territory on such patrols

* admission by hizbullah that killing and capturing idf forces on 12 jul was an unnecessary provocation despite idf's unauthorised, provocative incursion into lebanese territory

John Smith said...

To Ibn Nagrela

Just one thing...
The two kidnapped soldiers (26 and 31 years old) belong to a regular army reserves unit. I know this by their age (above 21-22) and by the fact that a relative of one of them works with my wife. Army reserves units with people at the age of up to 45 don’t go raiding across the border a few hours before they supposed to end their duty and return to their life. They were just patrolling the border on the Israeli side.

Please stop using this nonsense.

ibn nagrela said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Omer (israeli) said...

ibn nagrela,

it said: " across the border from Aita al-Shaab".you "fixed" it to: "at or near". very accurate.

Did you ever see the fence on your southen border? its a long long fence. and a long road next to it, where the IDF routinly patrol.
On the other side of the fence were the Hizbollah posts (were there, as they got buldozed), from the post of Aita-al-shaab the attack was lanuched. IDF do NOT routinly enter labanon. And if they did, you think they be that stupid to send in 2 hammer trucks? Like daaaa, they'll get spoted in a sec.

But hey, let the legend live on.

Omer (israeli) said...

We did invade your air space with drones thou.

ibn nagrela said...

To John Smith
Just one thing...

If you have a problem with the facts described in the Reuters account which we linked to -- contact Reuters. Reuters has not -- to our knowledge -- printed a retraction or correction. Israel Army Radio also reported the same during intial broadcasts describing the incident.

And who said anything about an IDF "raid?" You, not I. Nor did Reuters.

Other accounts have alluded to a ROUTINE IDF patrol, which like other IDF patrols ROUTINELY cross or "test" the border.

As to the relative of a sister of a cousin who is the nephew of the uncle that works with your wife ... HA.

Please stop adverstising your nonsense, i.e. mendacity.

ibn nagrela said...

Omer (israeli) - IDF do NOT routinly enter labanon.

how do you know? i am not nasrallah or mugniyah; i have no way of knowing aside from news accounts. are YOU amir peretz???

And if they did, you think they be that stupid to send in 2 hammer trucks? Like daaaa, they'll get spoted in a sec.

if idf troops were on routine patrol, as you say, why would that make them "stupid"? i would not be surprised if there was tolerance from both sides regarding "routine patrols" at, near or criss-crossing the border until hamas "inspired" hizbullah to copycat.

Omer (israeli) said...

ibn nagrela,

ill say it once more.
Reuters account is correct. It said "across the border from Aita al-Shaab". check it again.
No problem with Reuters, good agency.

John Smith said...

To Ibn Nagrela,

You said "As to the relative of a sister of a cousin who is the nephew of the uncle that works with your wife ... HA."

Sorry if this sound lame to you but this IS the truth.

ibn nagrela said...

Omer (israeli)

for the LAST time -- stop dissembling.

from another reuters alertnet account describing the same event quoting hamas' response:

"This is a heroic operation carried out against military targets and so it is a legitimate operation, especially as it took place in occupied Lebanese territory," Hamas political bureau member Mohammad Nazzal told Reuters.

"no problem with reuters?"

"good agency?"

you said it.

ibn nagrela said...

John Smith said...

Sorry if this sound lame to you but this IS the truth.

no need to apologise. it IS lame, just as your contortion of patrol into "raid" IS lame.

Omer (israeli) said...

But other then that your proposal is fair.

I think (almost) everyone in israel would be glad to give back sheba farms (which is about 38sq/km)for peace. But only with the goverment of lebanon. And essimilation of any armed wing into the lebanese army.

John Smith said...

Hamas political bureau member Mohammad Nazzal told Reuters...

Oh, NOW it's reliable :-)

Omer (israeli) said...

Yep no problem:

"quoting hamas' response"

I even remember that quote myself.

But i can promise you that "occupied Lebanese territory" is on Israels side of the fence. go look at the fence once.

ibn nagrela said...

John Smith

it is easier to understand why so many americans still believe wmd was found in iraq, saddam a puppet of al qaeda, or how the moon is made of green cheese.

yes, we attributed the quote to hamas. yes, hamas is (presumably) responding to details of the reuters account which describe an idf patrol captured in lebanese territory near aita al-shaab.

ibn nagrela said...

John Smith & Omer (israeli)

thank you for playing. other obligations beckon.

please continue or not without me.

nasbined said...

Listen to Nasrallah's words carefully.

“Israel was established as a military state; the army was not established as an army of a country,” he said.

“So far the enemy has only suffered military defeats, as was the case with the most important of its three Navy vessels off the Lebanese coast – which was struck. This was also the case during the ground war, when elite Golani Brigade forces were defeated,” he said.

“You can see the amount of damage we have caused them in photos showing soldiers evacuated on stretchers lying on their stomach because they were shot in the back while trying to escape. The most important loss of the enemy relates to the morale of its leadership and army, as the army is incapable of overcoming a small organization with a strong belief in its cause."

The Hizbullah chief added: “(Vice Premier Shimon) Peres said ‘this is a life or death war for Israel,’ and he is right because he knows that if the resistance will come out triumphant this time the Zionist entity will not have a future. When the (Israeli) nation will begin to lose faith in its army it will mark the beginning of the end for this entity.”

“The enemy’s only option is to pressure Lebanon in the hope that this will lead to political pressure that will thwart our efforts. In this framework (US Secretary of State (Condoleezza Rice is returning to the region to impose her guidelines on us,” Nasrallah continued.,7340,L-3283155,00.html

Jews know their military cannot protect them anylonger, they are fleeing Israel for the shores of Europe and America. They will never return.

John Smith said...

To ibn nagrela,

I give up. Keep believing Hizbollah and Hammas spokesmen. I'll be watching CNN if you don't mind.

John Smith said...

“Israel was established as a military state; the army was not established as an army of a country,”

If you refer to the fact that Israel needed an army to defend itself against all Arab nations attacked her on the very second Israel was established - then you are correct.

“So far the enemy has only suffered military defeats, as was the case with the most important of its three Navy vessels off the Lebanese coast – which was struck. This was also the case during the ground war, when elite Golani Brigade forces were defeated,”

Ok Nasrallah, You won. We lost. NOW can you please get out of your bunker?

“You can see the amount of damage we have caused them in photos showing soldiers evacuated on stretchers lying on their stomach because they were shot in the back while trying to escape. The most important loss of the enemy relates to the morale of its leadership and army, as the army is incapable of overcoming a small organization with a strong belief in its cause."

I’ve NEVER seen the Israeli public more united than in this war.

The Hizbullah chief added: “(Vice Premier Shimon) Peres said ‘this is a life or death war for Israel,’ and he is right because he knows that if the resistance will come out triumphant this time the Zionist entity will not have a future. When the (Israeli) nation will begin to lose faith in its army it will mark the beginning of the end for this entity.”

Well… It’s like a very important military operation, ok?

“The enemy’s only option is to pressure Lebanon in the hope that this will lead to political pressure that will thwart our efforts. In this framework (US Secretary of State (Condoleezza Rice is returning to the region to impose her guidelines on us,”

Yes, political pressure in addition to military one. So what is your point?

minuses said...

`Jews know their military cannot protect them anylonger,`......
This is a very old Arab song. Reminds me of Syria doing away with about 40,000 palis in about a month.

I like what Debbie writes:
`Rapes, torture, murders. In 1982, that's what Shi'ite Muslims (and Christians) in Lebanon suffered daily and en masse at the hands of the Palestinians who controlled the country from West Beirut to Lebanon's southern border. Their rescuers were the "evil Zionists" whose elimination they and their Hezbollah now seek. South Lebanon was known as Fatah-land. The P.L.O. dominated--allied with a brutal leftist Lebanese militia, the Morab Eitoun, headed by Ibrahim Pleilat.`

Lirun said...

i dont mind the nagrela peace proposal.. it reminds me of a negotiation i once had.. where one side would do so much for a confession - whether or not it earned them any benefit.. perhaps once we finish this surreal episode we can focus on th ereal issues between us.. like the cleanliness of our air and sea and our fishing stocks and how we harness our region for sustainable and clean energy generation as the two non oil nations ofthe region.. and how we teach other neighbours about democracy..

wishing us all peace

we're a smart crew - let's solve this

Omer (israeli) said...

ibn nagrela

Hamas said: "occupied lebanese territory". "sheba farms" are "occupied lebanese territory" (or syrian), but it still on the israeli side of the fence.

Go look at your southern border, its solid. you dont belive me?

Hamas is using a political tounge. But your basing your whole argument on people who never been there, and didn't see what happend.
Even HE didn't have such claims.

But as i said before, don't let the FACTs get you. Let the legend live on.

dunes said...

im sorry but after reading all this so called dialouge i still feel like there is no one to talk to on the arab side.
if all arab people think like :
ibn nagrela,nasbined.
then i really dont care that arabs are getting pounded to the ground where i hope they stay.
but if some of the arabs are like
Dr.Wafa Sultan then there is hope for peace. after years of fake dialouge israelis need to wake up and see that maybee the arab ppl arent really ready for peace.

3li- said...

Go turn your tv on and watch the latest massacre by your cowardly forces-

You just killed over 60 civilians huddled in a shelter in Qana,over half of them children. Qana, where your cowardly air force shot rockets and killed over a hundred civilians seeking shelter in the UN compound in 1996.

You will go down in history as cowards who run away from a real battle, and feel "victorious" going after defensless civilians with your US-made tockets and bombs..

Shame on you cowards...

Shame on you...

Lirun said...

oh and the HA people who fire at us and take cover where the children seek safety.. is that the behaviour of brave heros? not only do they run away.. but they run and hide behind defenseless children..

shame on you for seeking moral rigteousness in such disgusting acts..

this is not about who has a bigger $%^&! this is a massive human tragedy and while we are seeking to end the threat against us.. the HA take every opportunity to ensure that our acts of retaliation echo into civilian death..

they are not defending but rather leading you to slaughter.. and putting your children's heads on the carving tables..

this needs to end.. this makes me sick to the stomach..

i dont want children to die.. i dont want women to cry and i dont men to lie.. this is all wrong..

we need peace now!

our lands can only soak so much blood

nasbined said...

Israel just deliberately targeted a shelter full of women and children. Israel has created an entire generation of people around the world, not just muslims that will spit on the cowards wearing yamekahs and will burn the Israeli flag out of hatred for everything evil Israel represents. The Jews are the new nazis. I also think Iran is generous for giving Israelis a chance to move to Europe or Alaska where there will be little humanity nearbye for them to ruin.

dunes said...

hizballha uses civiilians as shields is this a behavior expected from a hero ?
israel warned those ppl in the buildings becuase they saw hizballha shooting from there but didnt responded untill the fire was to strong to ignore, any way we do regret killing inoccent ppl but the blame is all on hizballha heads.

nasbined said...

dunes the world knows it was some cowardly Jew that made the decision and fired the missiles at women and children from the safety of his. Hezbollah didn't drop those bombs you Judeofascists did.

The world knows its asking too much to expect Israelis to act human and exercise restraint the way a cop does not fire into a crowd to get a handful of criminal.

Lebanon is now refusing to speak to Rice. As America loses its influence in the middle east that means Israel's presence is fading as well. Hizbollah's unprecedented victories just removed any deterrance threat Israel had. Just buy a plane ticket to Alaska or something.

eyal said...

I do not know if you really mean what you write because in this case I feel really sorry for u (can it be that you father and mother are brother and sister?).
Hezbollah are shutting civilians every day in order to kill children women's and so on.
Israel always let the Lebanese people where they are going to attack so they can run away.
If Hezbollah do not care about the Lebanese and do not let them run away or if they prefer to hide behind them after shutting missiles to Israel so its their problem.
We all know that Hezbollah are afraid we all know that Hezbollah are in hard time and they will do everything to get a ceasefire we know that by the lies of Hassan zballa nassrala that tell you stories and you like a fool believe him.
If Hezbollah are doing so well why he do not talk about the fights he loosing all over when he come face to face with IDF?
why he is not letting his people know that even after 8 IDF soldiers died he had over 30 Hezbollah terrorist dead?
because he knows what he do not want every body else to know.
HEZBOLLAH WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DESTROY ISRAEL and whenever we will go to a war we will kick his ass and then he will come to people like you and say that he won Israel again.
I am sure that he will say that he won again when this war will end I recommend you to see Lebanon and tell me who really lost (the poor lebanon which has been "protected" by those terrorists).
and another thing - the israelies are here to stay - even me !!!

nasbined said...

eyal@ more ad hominem attacks against the messenger, how Jewish of you, okay I took your bait.

Hezbollah attacked a military target and took soldiers prisoners. Israel responds by killing civilians. Hezbollah fires rockets at military bases and outposts, israel kills civilians. HB attacks a warship, Israel kills civilians, now HB fires rockets at military bases in central Israel and Israel attacks civilians. See the patterns here?

HB admits to losing 31 fighters too. It has nothing to be ashamed of or hide. They were prepared to lose 3,000 fighters but it turns out the Israeli military has gotten fatter and weaker since they were humiliated in Lebanon 6 years ago. On the other side Israel kept up the lie for over a day that its soldiers were merely wounded and not slaughtered in a massive defeat at the hands of Lebanese civilians defending their towns and villages.

nasbined said...

HB attacks legitimate military targets up close by its fighters face to face, risking their own lives, Israel only values the lives of Jews and bombs indescriminately from the air, writing off civilians as collateral damage. These 51 children and women would not have died if the cowardly Jews came out of their planes and war rooms pushing buttons and firing missiles from a 100 miles away and actually fought like men in the battlegrounds. But no, that would risk precious Jewish blood. Well the world will not allow you to destroy any of your neighbors in a futile effort to keep your demographics, settlements and wealth greater than your Arab neighbors.

And you can't be sure about HB not destroying Israel. 2 million Jews have already fled or live like rats underground, HB has an endless supply of rockets getting further and further range. There will be nothing worth living. HB could walk about over your heads why you stay in bunkers.

eyal said...

First of all I am sorry for talking to u like I did but you are brain washed and you miss a lot of info.
Let me explain some misunderstanding you have.
1. Hezbollah killed only civilians during the missile shuts to Israel
The missile they use can not be so accurate and with a little wind the missile is going far away from where they wanted, until today Hezbollah killed Jewish and Muslims they barely hit any military base.
2. HA attacked Israeli warship but by mistake destroyed a ship with Egyptians (civilians again)
3.If you really knew the Israeli army you will never say this things we are stronger then ever and I really think that you should know that we are using 20% of our force and look how Lebanon looks like.
4. Regarding the dead Israelis soldiers you must understand that first of all their families should know about it and that's the reason it takes time to us to get it to the media because it can take a lot of time to find the deeds relatives so its not lies its just being human with the families.

dunes said...

nasbind: can you something else besides ad hominem ?
if all arabs are like you then maybee we should clean the world from you kind.
and as you said this is war and in war there are casulaties.
ps: damn u have ur own world then why dont stay in it

Lirun said...

guys - dont fall into nads trap..

there are evil people everywhere and they make you saythings you dont naturally want to say.. they are masters of passion and evil and combine them intoa lethal cocktail of hatred..

dont drink it..

they do not represent everyone and should not give you grounds to base your views about everything..

they are human excrement..

wishing peace to all..

we all need it

Diablo (israeli) said...

I am so disgrace of my country , we all have seen the horrible pictures in qana massacre .though we will never feel the pain these families are feeling in the loss of their love ones , we can only imagine the immensity of the mental wreckage that will pursuit them through lifetime.
we are sick of politicians, we are sick of wars , we are sick of dignity issues, we just sick being inhabitants of this disgusting region of the globe.


(isrleb-imm team)

barroon said...

yuval from tlv
do u remember 2 days ago i said IDF is not using nepalm and full force not bcuz they are concern about civilians life but thoer concern is PR all around the world ?
im sure even now u wont agree with me but see by your self if the lates attack on QANA ( policy of dusting the villiages) did serve and is serving Isreal status in this open war !

please dont come and repeat same song we hear it every day. (HA was hidding there, shooting rockets..bla bla bla )

xor84 said...

Hizbullah finally got their wishes when dozens of civillians we're killed in IDF air strike.

this is exactly what they wanted.

barroon said...

To lebanies readers
may God help u and bless u all ( Christians/Muslims/Deruz...). May God Prosper your country and your democracy .

our love and prayers with each one of u

dunes said...

"please dont come and repeat same song we hear it every day. (HA was hidding there, shooting rockets..bla bla bla ) "
LOL what the truth is heard to listen to.
and why do u call it the qana massacre
when arabs sloutgher israelis in buses and restraunts i didnt hear any one call it a massacre.
hypocrits !!!!

xor84 said...

you might not like it, but the "same song we hear it every day" is true.

HA men shoot rockets from Qana and then run into these buildings, where they are holding civilians captive to make sure something of this sort happens.

sadly, this time they have succeeded.

barroon said...


pepole cant get out of that area bcuz isreal bomb them even on the road. isreal refused even giving them safe road to leave. then ur spokman comes and say,..WE TOLD THEM TO LEAVE !!
how the hell they could leave ?
anyway argument here is going nowhere..they are dead now like other 700 before them and will lay beside them to be eaten by worms to ensure Isreal safty and peace ( IF isreal can achive it )

barroon said...


laugh now and put ur LOL here , but there is a say " who laugh last his laugh will last"

3li- said...

Let Israeli pilots show us a few of their strikes, since they record them all, to provide evidence to the world that they are shooting at HA launchers...

YOu have been claiming you've been hitting only HA targets.

We saw ONE purported launcher struck which western media milked until we all got bored...

SHow us the launchers at Qana. Show us the proof...

Put out or shut up...

Todate: HA has killed 40 IDF soldiers and 40 civilians with their imprecise Katyusha rockets..

Israel has killed 35 HA and over 700 cvilians with their precision multi-million dollar bombs..

The record speaks for itself...

ahmed said...

من هم القتلة؟؟

هل هم مجرموا الحرب الاسرائييون ؟ام انهم تجار الحرب الامريكيون؟
كلا.... انهم نحن مصريين وعربا..لقد شاركنا بصمتنا فى العدوان على لبنان.,وقبلنا تخاذل واستسلام حكامنا ,وتهاوننا مع الفتاوى المسمومة لشيوخ النفط الذين لايفقهون سوى فى شق الصفوف واثارة الفتن.فهل نفيق بعد كل ماحدث من جرائم وبع مجزرة قانا الثانية؟ ام سيستمر الجميع فى سباته؟
عذرا لبنان فمصر الحزينة لم يعد صوتها ملك ابنائها.
فيا لبنان ماتطفيش نار نضالك
رجالك ..حتى لو ماحناش رجالك
بحور الدم ما تغرق حقوقك
ولا تكسر مجاديف احتمالك
حبيبك... بس مش قادر اعين
أنا المصرى
كريم العنصرين
"الابنودى" )

nasbined said...

56 dead, almost all children. So disgusting. The world is firing up the ovens this morning. Temperatures today will reach a crisp 165C. Jews report to your nearest train station. Your arrogance and war against humanity has made everyone fucking sick of you. I say this with a hurt heart but its the only way to ensure peace and stability in the world.

Papa Ray said...

This time, it will be the Jews running and managing the ovens.

It's only fair that they get their turn.

How do you want your Arab today, medium rare or well done?

marc said...

The only Arabs with whom I've ever spent time in social situations, conversation about 'the situation' etc are Jordanians and folks from the UAE and, although we have disagreed on particular issues, I personally have never encountered the vicious invective that nasbined utters; "I say this with a hurt heart but it is the only way to ensure peace and stability" i.e. sending all the Israelis to "the ovens". It is so terribly sad etc: yet makes concrete so much of what Israeli supporters in the U.S. have been warning about these many years.

dunes said...

marc: its not a secert allmost all arabs hate israel - jews .
if they could they would kill us in a second. and with no regret and after that they will turn to all the non muslim's in the world
israel is the only country fighting the muslim wave that wants to wash the world. and to all of you who doughted israel.
the israeli ambasador to the u.n showd today in the u.n the katyusha launchers at qana.

Johannjs said...

A solution to end the war in Lebanon

The Lebanese could take their fate into their own hands, and not wait for the US to tell Israel to stop (actually, we know the US has rushed and is rushing more bombs to the Israelis for the continuation of the "war", which is clearly no more than the coldblood onslaugh by the Israelis of Lebanese civilians using US precision laser-guided bombs)

Don't WAIT for a cease-fire!

My solution to immediately end this continuing massacre is this:

All the refugees who had fled must now rise from their shelters and, with their children, march back south, unarmed, and drive the Israelis army out of South Lebanon.

If you agree with me, then please suggest this solution by posting on all forum boards which you know.

Thank You.

chen said...

35 HA ?
u really believe that?
there r more HA bodies than that number in israel alone.
by the way AL-GHADA- here's one:

here is a good one:

here r a few more:

some more here:

hey there's another one:

what's that?? u don't say.. another one!:

just so u don't get too BORED al ghada..

Natalie said...

Fuck you Bush
Fuck you Olmert
Fuck the US
Fuck Israel
Fuck the Silent Arabs!!

I just hate the terror leadership of Israel!! I just wanna tell them, you may have broken our hearts but not our will!!

Viva Qana
Viva Nassrallah
Viva Lebanon

box said...

hi, doha -

i haven't been around in a while - but why was this event cancelled? i hope it wasn't something to do with permits, or other legal hoop-jumping to allow the event to take place - you know, america's "other" censorship.

i hope that event happens. thx for all you do.

Alice Bakar said...

I just want My Mummy - A cry from Lebanon

Mummy was feeding me with cereal, the same sticky gooey stuff
she kept coaxing me as being nice and yummy
Yet I never saw her having any!

I was getting used to the taste, used to mummy going “yummy!” whilst pushing the spoon to my lips.
Then it started to taste funny, smelled funny.
Yuck. It’s kind of salty mummy.
Ow!! Mummy wasn’t putting the spoon to my mouth anymore, she’d splashed the bowl.
Everything was all over me. Mummy was over me. It was getting too noisy.
Hah! people around must have broken quite a lot of things, their mummies would be angry.
Hey mummy, I pried at mummy’s eyes, get off.. you’re too heavy. You’re crushing me,
Move away. It’s getting stuffy.
Sigh.. you’re fast asleep, you must be tired, Mummy.
I peered through the gap underneath mummy’s arms, wrapped tightly around me.
Someone had broken everything in our house.
Mummy will be angry. Hope she wouldn’t think it was me..
Mummy? Some strange thick liquid is wetting me, mummy.
Hey.. it’s covered your face too, you’re sleeping without cleaning your face Mummy.
Yuck.. this stuff is thick and sticky. It’s kind of warm isn’t it, mummy?
is it a new cereal? Is it a new drink that I’m allowed to sip? It’s not my glass of milk., is it mummy?
It’s got a nice colour..
…… Mummy? Wake up, Mummy.

mapinago said...


Where would you you be without the americans behind your behind? Where would be your courage then? If jewish, then always right isn´t it? The gods chosen people, where have I heard thet before? Doesn´t it remind you anything? Take a good look to apartheid in your country built by terrorists wanted by the british police.

mapinago said...


You´re nothing but a bloody racist.