Thursday, July 20, 2006

Help Needed!

Spread the word:

>>Kaslik: FPM Relief Office (Café Columbia Bldg)
>>Blood (O- units)
>>Food (Milk, bread)
>>Blankets & Mattresses


Lirun said...

I dont know how effective they can be right now, but here are some details i found:

Civil Campaign for Relief
A group of civil society organizations and individual activists
Contact person is Walid Fakherddine and can be reached at: Tel: 961-3-753900, email:

The Collective of NGOs in Lebanon, including:

The Social Movement Group
Contact person is Sabah Badreddine and can be reached at: Tel: 961-3-061944,

Amel Association
Contact person is Kamel Mohanna and can be reached at: Tel: 961-3-202270,
Fax: 961-1- 305646, email:


Lirun said...

here's another one


"where there is a will there is a way - we can bring peace - however we do need to all want it"

Suha said...

To all Labneh lovers,

I regret to tell you that in all this hullabaloo we have missed the fact that the Taanayel dairy is gone. It is no more. Evidently it was a terrorist threat. The IDF was certain that Hizballah will use the bacteria there to develop chemical weapons.

israeli men said...

for the people from lebanon,help u had to ask before the hizbbala took from us 2 soljer,before that ours north is sofering bombings almost every month and before that yours people deliver candies after every big terror act

Eran Tel-Aviv said...
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Sir Glubb said...

Please, This is not the post to rub salt in the wounds of those in need.

I agree with Israel's right to self defense, and have supported it in other posts.

However, I find this heckeling of people in need to be in bad taste.

Denis Mashkevich said...

We are screening Ziad Doueiri's movie "West Beirut" in Barbur gallery in Jerusalem (, today, 20 july, at 21:00. The entrance is free, and everyone is invited.

We hope to have interesting discussion after the movie.


Ramzi said...


There is a place that is very dear to my heart.
A place where people are warm, where you will always be treated like you’re one of theirs.
A place where the sun always shines and life is just so relaxed.
A place where your biggest worry everyday is where to have dinner and with whom, and which beach to go to the next day.
A place where you can ski in the morning at above 2,500 meters in June and drive for an hour to meet some friends at the beach in the afternoon.
A place where the food is as delicious as life and every restaurant is always full.
A place where you go to vacation but wished you never had to leave.

Growing up as a child my father kept telling about this wonderful place, that it really used to exist and that he still remembers it like it was yesterday.
But people living around that place got jealous and took advantage of its hospitability.
Soon, I was told, everyone was there and they all decided to resolve their differences in my dear place.
They fought, and fought, and fought. And then they fought some more.
They turned my dear place into a land of hate and murder. A land of horror and despair. A land of empty streets and fearsome ruins.
That is the place as I knew it growing up.

But then they stopped fighting, almost as if they had remembered how much better that place was before they started.
So they all put their weapons down and went home to their families. Almost all of them…
And then came a good man who loved that place so much he was going to bring it back to the way it was before they destroyed it, only better.
It would take him 15 years and cost him most of his own personal fortune, but he did it.
And so I went back after 10 years away to see what our good man had achieved.
What I saw proved to me that my father was telling me the true, not a child fairytale.

I became very proud of my dear place, and as time went by I went back increasingly often.
I even took some friends who knew nothing about my place to show them how beautiful it was.
Our good man had suceeded in rebuilding a little slice of paradise and we all loved him for it.

But then the jealous came again and took our good man away from us in the most vicious and cruel fashion.
It broke our hearts but we thought we could carry his legacy.
So the world rallied with us, we united, and we got the troublemakers out!
It seemed that our beautiful place was on course to continue flourishing.

But without it’s protector and rebuilder, our place was now vulnerable to its neighbors again as well as to those who did not put their weapons down when everybody else did way back….

And the devastating answer came soon thereafter.

Today our beautiful place is in ruins again and our good man is tossing in his grave at the sight of what has been made of all his hard work to bring its smile back to our place.

It took 15 years to build what was destroyed in 7 days.

Is this the right to self-defense?

Is there a reason to punish innocent civilians by the hundreds?

Is there a reason to shatter national sovereignty and pride through sheer brutality in an overwhelmingly uneven battle?

Is this what we’ve come to in terms of diplomacy after all these years?

Or maybe is it that all lives are not equal. Maybe some lives are worth more than others depending on the passport you hold or which God you pray to….

My country and beautiful place is Lebanon. Our good man was Rafik Hariri. His dream is being destroyed as you read this under savage fire. Innocent women and children are dying by the hundreds and being displaced by the hundreds of thousands. A defensless nation is being brought to its knees in a tragic display of brutality.

The reason: 2 kidnapped soldiers.

Please join me in praying for my beloved place. May God end this madness at once.

Broken Heart said...

My heart goes out to the people of Lebanon. My son-in-law, whom I adore, is in the US...his family all in Northern Lebanon. This war is so unjust and misguided. I am truely embarrassed at the current non-action of our government to come to the aid of your country, and at the VERY LEAST demand a cease fire. I KNOW that the US can control what Israel does, and that they must listen to our demands. I am aghast at the devistation your countrymen are living and dieing in. My heart is breaking for the Lebanese people who are hopelessly standing by and watching their country being destroyed. This no longer has anything to do with the two kidnapped soldiers. This has gone beyond any fathomable justification for retaliation and certainly for using the excuse that Israel is "protecting" themselves. I call for a cease fire NOW. I call for our government to stand up and be counted. I call for justice for the Lebanese people.

israeli men said...

everyone talking about lebanonies people,but what with israeli's people , yesterday one missle of hizbala took 2 lifes of childrens nobody talking about,and one men here ask the question:if this justice becouse 2 soljers to begin this war and if some lifes are are more equel.I want to answer this question: the answer is that-this war begun not becouse two soldjers this war began becouse hizbala is sitting on the board between israel and lebanon and almost every month shooting some misslies on ours citiews in the north of country,dont forget that 3 years ago hizballa took 3 soljer and one civilian,the goverment of lebanon if she want country for lebanon she must to control everything what going in lebanon and must to stop hizbala and hers terror act
if children in israel can't sleep in nitgth also lebanon childrens will cant be that lebanons terror organization will do what she want and lebanons people will not pay.only blame on this situasion is on goverment of lebanon and hizballa

Papa Ray said...

Lebanon needs to send it's requests for aid to Hezbollah or direct to Iran.

Iran is selling it's oil for US$70.00 plus, while it costs them about US$7.00 to pump, transport it.

Seems like they should have plenty of money to buy relief supplies for Lebanon.

But, then again, maybe their trucks are all full that are coming into Lebanon. You know, carrying things like missiles, launchers and more Iranian "advisors".

Which do the Lebanese people really want?

Relief supplies or Missiles?

Papa Ray
West Texas

xor84 said...

broken heart-
the cease-fire does not depend on israeli side alone. there is another side firing (Hezbollah), and i very much doubt if you or your government could stop it.

and i don't believe you expect israel to stop all actions before the Hezbollah stops killing israeli people and sending over a million people to "live" in shelters 24/7 (it never was about the 2 soldiers)

P.S.- the US is Israel closest friend, and we always listen to what the US president tells us, but not when the lives of our people is in stake. this is where the line is drawn.

3li- said...

Eran-Tel Aviv

Earlier you said,
"even though i see myself as a peacenik a suporter of peace,"

In light of your callous post above to Suha, if you're the kind of peacenik they have in Israel, I wonder what the warmonger amongst you is like..

Lirun said...

i am the warmonger

i am the fighter

i am the aggressor

i have waged a vicious war.. i'll fight it till i die and i will do so relentlessly.

my enemy is the absence of hope my foe is the dissipation of faith..

i actively believe in peace.. and i promise to seek it and practice it.. my weapons are my hopes and my battles are my personal endeavours to show society that this hatred and ongoing bloodshed is a waste..

it is so useless to engage in tit for tat chatter.. we all know eachother's pain and we are all aware of the issues that plague eacother's efforts to reconcile our respective nations..

blaming eachother will not alter our reality.. will not cease the fighting.. feed the starving or protect those under attack of fire..

i greive lebanon's pain and loss.. but israel too has well over a million people under the poverty line due to the economic challenges that it faces in the quest to defend itself.. we too have hungry and scared children and needy elderly..

lebanon.. with all due respect - you do not have exclusivity over suffering.. nor do you have a monopoly over the need for protection..

as mentioned earlier in the comments above.. we hear your cries and respond with sadness.. but when our soldiers were hurt.. people danced through the streets of beirut and showered candy.. your voices were mute while we suffered..

nevertheless its time this situation evolve.. enough is enough.. no one is going anywhere so we may as well learn to get along.. and whats more.. if enough people only tried.. i'm sure we would discover the vastness of our commonalities..

as i have said previously i LOVE my lebanese friends.. they are very close to me and have accompanied me through most of my life..

i wish and pray that other people on either side of our short but tormented border will know that same great friendship that i have experienced with them..

peace and love
seeking peace on the east of the med sea

3li- said...

News tidbits you don't see in the mainstream media:

tyger26 said...


You wonder how the warmongers amongst us are like. Wonder no more - they are just like you.

DASI said...


Lirun said...

Sorry but I went to that link and i dont relate much credability to the author..

his discussion of arabisraeli urban planning is plainly an accusation of everything that is dysfunctional with arab israeli towns..

arab israelis have made an enormous journey from clan based village style living into modern infrastructural societies..

the author of that piece demonstrates little regard for the often insurmountable obstacles that mainstream israeli society has faced while trying to upgrade arab infrastructure..

truly a pointless piece

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

your poetic description of Lebanon as a place of peace and tolerance and scenic beauty was touching to the heart and mind. I join my countryman lirun in saying I weap for Lebanon. I hope this violent epic will end.Ruined bridges and roads will be mended, buildings restored, refugees will return to there homes, injured will heal. Only the dead pay the full price. I hope and pray that the lebanese people find ther streangth to join together to vanquish those that stand against that dream as they did a year ago and found the whole world including us in the South saluting them for they are a proud and worthy nation.
Long live Lebanon in peace and security

John Smith said...

I’ve just seen the site you mentioned…
What a load of crap!
If you drive around Israel, you’ll see a military base every 10 kilometres (maybe because we’ve needed to defend ourselves from Arab attacks for the last 60 years).
EVERYONE living in Israel (including residents of the city of Nazareth) is about 5 kilometres from a military base.
Human shield? This is NOT the way Israel goes by!
I don’t know if you ever been to the army, but I was in the Israeli army for 3 years including Lebanon, the west bank and the Gaza strip.
I can tell you for a fact. NO ARMY IN THE WORLD IS HUMAIN AS THE ISRAELI ARMY. Sometimes it goes even beyond reason.
I’ve risk my own life several times because the orders of the Israeli army are to avoid Arab civilians casualties at any cost.
If you too will ever be in a situation where someone will shoot at you and you won’t fire back because you afraid you might hit other innocent people, give me a call…

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

to Al-Ghadabulsaati3

i find your comment correct. I did not intend to offend. I have been conversing with Suha for several days and this was a personal note. Anyway, I deleted the comment so as not to be found rubbing salt in wounds when people on both side of the border are suffering and helpless. Inshalla that this shall end as fast as it started.

DASI said...


3li- said...


We have witnessed your "humanity" first-hand; in Lebanon and Palestine..

Today, your IDF bombed the Khiam prison site, opened as a "living museum" to the atrocities you committed, where the anguished cries of the Lebanese men, women and children you tortured and murdered used to be heard in the neighboring villages and towns..

How do you have the audacity and the straight face to say the above even while you do what you do in Lebanon and Palestine? The remains of the massacred women and children at Marwahin and Srifa have yet to be buried....

It is one thing you're brutalizing us, it is offensive, to say the least, to come here to tell us to accept it and to see your generosity and "humanity."

You will not even allow us to feel our victimization. We will not have the luxury to call and describe your brutality. We shall be mute and "understand" our suffering. Your bombs ring truer than your hollow words..

I think this is enough. This conversation is over.

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

As an Israeli to Israeli I don't think we should bash each other to our own embarresment on a lebanese websit - with all due respect. The only think I can tell you as being strong does not have to make you unsensitive to the plight of others especially since they will be our neigbours for generations to come. Being right is one thing being smart another.
I find your use of language deplorable and in bad taste - and shamefull as an Israeli. As a visitor - try to respect this websitye and the feelings of its true comunity. So if you want to argue do it in a worthy manner.

Shmulik said...

And I thought Al-khiam was run by lebanese allies of Israel. How convinient to omit this fact. I don't recall seeing you so enraged about lebanese prisoners in syrian dungeons, I wonder why. Do you care how israeli "guests" of hizballah Would you like to compare Lebanon to hiroshima again?

seeker said...

I have seen only few articles that contain so many lies and paradoxes,
I don't tend to contridict here anybody, I only grieve for the sitation,
But I am enraged that while people are loosing their life and loved onces some people from the side are spreading lies to keep the fire burning
martial law?! Ye right, a convinent way not to go into details and show how untruthfull the guy is, Some would even wonder how can he write so much with the strict martial law that thrathens his life.
Anyway I would suggest him to use an anonymous proxy if he is so scared for his life. I would really like to hear the rest of the story.

Lirun said...

what ass kissing.. this has nothing to do with ass kissing.. i am entitled to express my views just as you are yours.. and i am entitled to wish for peace as much as i like..


Broken Heart said...

eran tele-aviv
I find comfort in your words. You are a rational and thoughtful individual. I wish for peace. Peace for Israel and peace for Lebanon and peace for the Palestians on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. I travel a lot in my work (only in the US) and I have made a lot of Arab friends: from Jordon, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and more. Usually they are taxi drivers who are just trying to make a living and many of them send money home for relatives. Sweet, peaceful individuals. We are all one species. We must learn to live together. But how can we fight those that are constantly threatening the lives of our brothers and sisters? Lebanon cannot do it alone. They do not have the power in and of themselves. They are between a rock and a hard place. It is only with relationship building, past the borders of the land and past the borders of the mind, that we can act like family. Sure, families have disagreements, but "usually" don't go around killing each other over it. What happiness can we offer to those factions that want to fight against us. What do they want that we can give them, to bring peace to all?

z said...


That was beautifully said and I agree with you this country was mine too I was born in Beirut one night our door was forcefully open there ware those mans standing with guns
Asking my femalely out by FORCE biting my grand father barking his hip my mother was almost reap biting my father and knocking the shit out of me cleaning the house from our belonging the had good resin very good one I may add all because we are JWEISH
Later my grand father pass away in the hospital ( he is berried in the Jewish cemetery in Beirut) the Lebanese authority did nothing the meter of fact the sided with them their answer was Jew have no place in Leb those gunman ware Shiite.

Israel is the only Jewish country was and it the Jewish homeland and will be for ever we are here to stay no one will tack us out. and in Israel there are extremist who claim Israel border too biblical time all the way to Iraq thx the are minority can you imagine Israel will allowed them to arm them self with missile’s and rocket? I don’t think so no country will.
But Lebanon did now we have to sit and think of our future enough with wars this must come to an end we can live together enough blaming each other among us we have minority who can manipulate you and me we must stand for our children this can not go on for ever ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I’m proud to be Lebanese Jew and Israeli hopefully one day I will be welcome the my place of birth


John Smith said...


When Lebanese civilians are killed – it is an unfortunate accident (like thinking a truck is holding rockets when in fact it holds innocent people). We all regret when things like that happen (regardless of what you may hear on Al-Jazeera), and I know the Israeli army is doing its best to avoid these kind of errors.
When Israelis civilians are killed – it is a successful Hizbolla attack...
See the difference?

Beirut said...

another need for help.
please go to this link

does anyone have an answer?

Lirun said...

my answer is lets dig some tunnels of friendship..

"tunnels can secretly defy borders - let us deploy terrorist technologies of defiance and defy the hatred with tunnels of friendship"

box said...

el-ghad said: It is one thing you're brutalizing us, it is offensive, to say the least, to come here to tell us to accept it and to see your generosity and "humanity."

el-ghad - this is what i see too! what in the world could shield these people from understanding this simple fact?

- please come here:

we need your voice.

John Smith said...

Let’s play a short game of ‘what if’…
Let’s say tomorrow morning at 08:00 AM…
Israel will stop attacking Hezbollah.
Israel will leave forever the west bank and Gaza strip.
Israel will trade all terrorists in Israeli prisons for the three soldiers in Lebanon and Gaza.
What do you think Hezbollah and Hamas will do now?
Hint - Check out their manifesto (pay attention to the sections calling for the destruction of Israel).

z said...


Sry but this site run by one who call himself Paecenow he is one bigot anti Israeli and anti Jew he did not like my answering I strongly recommend if you are Israeli or Jew

xor84 said...

Al-Ghadabulsaati3 and Box,
please remember that israel must be, first of all, humain to it's own citizens and save thier lives from the threats posed by Hizbullah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

i believe the IDF when it says that these attacks are reuired in order to insure the safety of israeli civilians.

and as asked before- why should the IDF cease-fire if Hizbullah does not intend to do the same?

John Smith said...

No one wants to play my game?

box said...

dumb game, john.

premption always justifies illegal, unwarranted acts.

box said...

wow. who should i believe - the IDF, or my eyes?

of course! the IDF!

Lirun said...

john smith.. ur point is very valid.. but its not appropriate to play games about a matter that right now as we speak is causing devestation, displacement and death..

rather than basking in rhetoric - i urge you to apply your capable thinking abilities to more meaningful dialog.

"meaning dialog is a very powerful tool of peace"

box said...

z said: Sry but this site run by one who call himself Paecenow he is one bigot anti Israeli and anti Jew he did not like my answering I strongly recommend if you are Israeli or Jew

z, i'm sick of your accusing me of being anti-semitic b/c i'm anti-israeli action in lebanon. if you don't want to take responsibility for being an asshole, that's your trip.

seeker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John Smith said...

I myself vote for the left-wing political parties in Israel. That means I support leaving forever the west bank, Gaza strip and of course Lebanon, giving up a HUGE piece of our country and taking a HUGE risk of allowing people who hate me from birth and have guns, to live 5 minutes from my home.
In the last few years, most of the Israeli public have shifted from the right-wing political parties to the center, seeking for a more peaceful solution.
BUT, while the west bank, Gaza strip or even the Golan heights can be discussed among Israelis with different opinions, NO ONE have any interest in Lebanon. What the hell do you think we want from Lebanon? We want NOTHING from Lebanon. Stop Hezbollah from shooting at our cities, and you will not hear from us in the next 500 years.

z said...

Box or Peacenow?

Pls don’t get sick do you need posters? Why? $$$$$ do you need adds?

Why you deleted me? You did not like what I said? You r one big BIGOT

And btw it tack one asshole to know one right?

I don’t have much time for you and not for your site bye


eran levi said...

"seeker said...
grieve, I really do but I am stuck as well, how do you break the vicious circle?"

Leave this to us the Israelis and the IDF, soon the Hezbollah terrorists will brake, the Lebanese government will decide that the pressure is sufficient enough to make it do the right thing and reach the right decisions (declaring the unconditional effort to free the kidnapped soldiers and the immediate implementation of UN decision 1559 which it is obliged to carry out) and the majority of Lebanese will finally realize that by not sounding their cry against the fundamentalist fanatics among them they are spelling their own doom.

After this – the circle of violence will end and peace could be discussed seriously for the first time without Iran, Syria and Hezbollah inflaming the region and the Israeli-Lebanese border.

let's pray and hope for this outcome.

seeker said...

John I think something really terrible happend to us in 67, we won, after so many years that we resisted, dispora, presecution and all, we won,it was not intentional it was survival but win won and the happiness that followed devoud us of something that was really important to us sensitivity, and we learned a very bad lesson that you can solve things by force. It's funny you know (Not really haha funny though) that is exactly the lesson we are trying to unteach the Hezbolla, by force. God only knows what will happen with that, I am not religous though I just see what has already happend.
do we really think that this is the only way and it will succeed 100%?

Lirun said...

nasralla has just had a speech publicised.. the speech isnt live.. its come through al jazeera

we assures that the leadership has not been hurt and that the intense attack has not impacted him.. he denies the attack on the bunker..

he's promising many surprises to come.. he says his threats arent empty and he is pacing himself through the battle fields and attacks..

he is insisting that no one will be released by HA without israel releasing arabs.. he says that the outcome of this war is an outcome for the entire arab nation..

he appears to still be alive.. he appears really calm.. he has totally upgraded his studio appearance..

what an attack.. its like a missile from HA media to israeli psyche..

there you go guys.. more fog on this swamp..

wishing us all peace and an expedient end to this mess..

"peace in the east med sea"

eran levi said...

yup, he's alive - thus the hunt continues - but Nasrallah doesn't scare us anymore, he is weak now and his words are hollow and meant to calm his battered troops.

this Archterrorist's fate is already sealed - he is now doomed to take cover in his little bonker and wait nervously for the Israeli missile to catch up with him.

did you hear that Nasri? we come for you!

John Smith said...

Box said:
"i'm sick of your accusing me of being anti-semitic b/c i'm anti-israeli action in lebanon."

I agree with Box on that subject.

Eran Tel-Aviv said...

Eran, Getting nazrallah is not the point. The teriible tragedy just like the palestnians is that where poverty and depression reign so does the extremism of religion. You can kill nazrallah but what do you do with all the shia population which makes up more than 50% of Lebanon (nobody knows cuz there last census was in 1932). The same with Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza. The main issue is how do you osricize a movement without selling out the people.

xor84 said...

have you seen, with your eyes, an actioned ment, without a doubt, to hurt lebanese civilians, an action that can't be explained as a successfull or unsuccessfull attempt to hit Hizbullah?

and just for you to know, as far as i understand, the geneve conventions say that if civilians die in an attck on terrorists that operate from a civilian population, than the only ones responsible for the death of the civilians are the terrorists.

i don't know why you removed your comment but i would like to address your words.
just to make this clear- this is NOT an issue of trust. the problem is that we DO trust Nasrallah(=Iran) saying that he will continue to attack israel as long as it exists. so i really don't see how this could be an issue of distrust...

and one more point i want to make clear-
in most lebanese responses i see they say israel started the war because of the kidnapping of the two soldiers. i understand why it is convinient for lebanese to say that but it's completely false. although at this point i don't think israel should settle for any deal that does not include the safe return of those soldiers, this is not why this war began. it began because of the killing of israeli soldiers and the rocket attacks on the northen cities of israel, which israel could not tollerate anymore.

John Smith said...

To the Lebanese guys on this site…

I myself don't speak Arabic and don't see Arabic television at all, but I have a few Arab friends at work that watch Al-Jazeera and CNN almost every night. I know Al-Jazeera is considered to be one of the most important television stations of the arab world, but I believe my Arab friends when they say “Al-Jazeera is nice, but if you want to hear the unhandled truth, go to CNN”.
I myself check out CNN once in a while for an objective news coverage (although I think the Israeli TV is almost there) and I think so should you.

box said...

cnn int'l is way different than cnn US... something to keep in mind.

the US has no good media for this situation - it's being propagandized.

when i get the strength, i'm going to encapsulate the main propaganda points... it's a strange narrative. but - both bolton, US' ambassador to the UN and israel's ambassador to the UN, have made statements regarding a higher value of life for israelis v. lebanese in the past 2 days. and for that - i feel like i'm living in an alternate reality.

DASI said...

eran-tel aviv:
i appologize for my vocabulary choices and agree we should show respect to each other, whether israelis or lebanese. i hate the great compliments ramzi received from our side after totally disregarding the 2 kidnapped soldiers as if they were nothing. they are humans and happend to be those who patrolled to protect u and me. also, its important to remember that we are being triggered by hezbollah and other extrimists simply because we are jews. its not about territory, its the religion. i am sure we could live in harmony with the muslims around us-but not as long as they don't respect us as being of different religion. did you realize how many of the 'innocent' lebanese ramzi mentioned actually respect and support the terrorists regimn? think about it.
layla tov

Gidi said...

To all you Israelis,

Please stop this childish bickering. You've managed to abduct a Lebenese blog (or, this topic, at least) and are now soiling it with off-topic nonesense.

To all you Lebenease,

Your hardship is recognized. Please know that. It is recognized by a side which has to endure hardships of like nature.
Following the line I've taken thus far, I'd like to pose a question to you:
Why are you rightfully justified in reaping the fruit of six years of quiet, and we -- Israelis -- are not? How is it that we are completely immoral to take action against an organization that has made the best of those six years in planning how to rid us of the very same fruits?
Do you really think we should have taken the fight to good ol' Nasralla, and let you continue to bask in all that's quiet and nice when he is part of your so-called democratic goverment?
Answer me this, if you will...

Lirun said...

good night people

layla tov

maa salama

peace shalom salam to you all

"seeking peace in the east of the mediterranean"

Lora Ramirez said...

I agree with you totally. As Franz Rosenzweig, the philosopher put it succinctly "God did not create religion. God created the world." The Jewish bible begins, not with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or Moses but with the creation of the universe and with the creation of Adam and Eve. Adam was not a Jew. Eve was not a Jew. Noah was not a Jew nor was Mrs. Noah.
Adam was every man - every woman, formed out of the dust of the earth (adamah) and God breathed into Adam's nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul.
The rabbis went on to ask from where and from what earth was Adam formed? And they answered "From the earth taken from the north, the east, the south and the west. Not from Jerusalem, Benares, Rome or even Encino or Beverly Hills. And from what was it drawn? From the soil: red, white, black and yellow. God did not create religion or denominations or clans. God created every human being in His image.
I can’t remember the Rabbi that wrote that treatise but even as a Chrisitan it is a valuable lesson for us all. Every religion in the area shares the same God and the same DNA and most of the same prophets, but just because you refuse to be subjected to their version you are marked for death.
History has taught us nothing. I love how they lay claim to lands; lets see Muslims are around for 1400 years, Isrealites around for 5000 years. Hmmmm!!!

z said...

John Smith said...
Box said:
"i'm sick of your accusing me of being anti-semitic b/c i'm anti-israeli action in lebanon."

I agree with Box on that subject
Oh really? Go a had did you visit his site? The one who disagree with his vision he call them Bush asslikae or jerk or Zionist propagandist and of course asshole I’m not alone Israeli and Lebanese all gone last morning I log on no one was there he insolent must posters including Lebanese.

Did he starts his site when the Hiz targeted school bus in northern Israel killing 28 kids age 8yr 12yr did Israeli media publish photo of the burnt kids and their body parts no or suicide boomer in Haifa killing 30 ppl one family celebrated their grand child birthday he was 3yr all family vanish their ware allot of buddy parts no photo was publish but was big party in south Lebanon and in Beirut give passing by candy and Mamoul btw John I spike Arabic I have stealth TV with all the Arabic channel I know better than you and Box peacenow

3li- said...

Walt & Mearsheimer treatise regarding AIPAC power in action:

For walt & Mearsheimer article go to this:

z said...


Wow nicely said

John Smith said...

To Z,
I didn't say I agree with Box’s view of the world. I only said I agree with Box about the anti-semitic definition. That means I don't think a person who objects to Israeli policy on Lebanon should be called anti-semitic. I think anti-semitic is a person who hates Israelis just because they are Jews.

z said...

think anti-semitic is a person who hates Israelis just because they are Jews.

I think you answer it right on

box said...

well, z, agreeing with john, you can quit lying about me and quit race-baiting me.

btw - i never called anyone a "zionist propagandist" - i don't know what a zionist is. LOL

i started this site with others from both sides who wanted to discuss issues and talk about peace. those who were trying to get a google group were unsuccessful, so i created a free message board to help out and be a part.

i guess, z, your demanor and comments here kind of paint a picture that i don't have to help out, but i don't appreciate your lying about me.

ps: your paranoia about me being an anti-semite is your own problem, not mine. get over yourself. please refrain from addressing me - you are a troll.

mara said...

Pictures of Spanish demonstrations against the war:

Suha said...

al-Safir today (translated summary):
The syndicate of truck owners held an emergency meeting to discuss the IDF's targeting of trucks under the pretense that they are carrying weapons to Hizballah. They said the targeted trucks were transporting foodstuffs and building material to beseiged and cut-off regions in Lebanon. Some where standing empty in parking lots. The head of the syndicate said that they are in a state of emergency in light of their losses and the death of some of its members. With raids targeting transport trucks, there has also been worry about smaller vans and media transport vehicles.

Four trucks carrying plastic material, oil barrels, and manufacturing material from Kuwait were targeted in the Bekaa valley.

Fifteen empty trucks specialized in transporting cargo to and from Beirut port were targeted in Shwayfat.

Fifteen empty trucks awaiting cargo were targeted at the Beirut port.

Trucks carrying buiding material were targeted on the Jbil road.

A refrigerated truck exporting vegetables from Lebanon was targeted on Ta'nayel-Shtura road.

The trucks targeted on Camille Chamoun Boulevard were impounded by Lebanese police and standing empty in a parking lot.

A farm was shelled in Lucy and the owner Dib Barakat killed. He had unloaded his truck the night before.

box said...

thank you, mara - that is really impressive!

Suha said...

thank you.

z said...

New York rally in support of Israel

Loli said...

Thanks Mara,
The number of demonstrators is impressive, but scenes of people burning the Isareli flag is shocking. This is supposed to be a demo for peace, not to fuel more hatred and violence. I was thinking of participating in a demonstration (in the US) but these photos makes me think it over. I certainly do not want to support some fanatics out there.

z said...

So who is right showing rally around the world is this going to solve our problem we on both side are suffering we must put end to this let us get together enough

Suha said...

Lebanese bloggers -> demonstration in support of Lebanon. "Thank you, Mara, for showing us support in difficult times." It is your country too, you know.

Anyway, now that I have seen the pictures...

Suha said...

7:16 comment. Sorry, I missed that. I just saw the link to another demonstration.

z said...


You know I have outmost respect for you god bless u and all our love one


Suha said...

Picks of the day (21/7/2006):

Air raid and warships pounded a parking lot used to impound cars and trucks with traffic violations next to Mar Antonios Church in Hadath. Riyad Khalil Khouri (54 years) died. Zeina Ra'd (75 years), Hussein Na'im Ayyoub (67 years), and Ali Khalil Traboulsi (53 years) were injured and transferred to Heart of Jesus hospital. The church, as well as the neighboring houses and factories were severely damaged.

Warship also pounded factories in the Tiro area in Shwayfat.

In the southern suburbs, Hashim gas station, Jabr factory, and Jazeera restaurant were completely leveled. al-Manshia Mosque in the same area was shelled.

Suha said...

Date correction: 20/7/2006

erydan said...

Here's an excert from an interesting story in the Daily Star. which can be found here:

PAragraph 2 is especially amusing.

Why has the Israeli military singled out these two areas for punishment? Because they are populated primarily by the impoverished and largely disenfranchised Shiites who make up Hizbullah's constituency. Multiple ironies are at work here. For one thing, the Dahiyeh's 500,000-strong population consists largely of Shiites from the South Lebanon who have fled successive waves of Israeli "retribution" (i.e. collective punishment). When Palestinian militias attacked northern Israel from South Lebanon in the 1970s, one of Israel's answers was indiscriminate bombardment. This drove tens of thousands of local villagers to Beirut, where they established the Dahiyeh.

For another, when Israel first invaded Lebanon in 1978 (not 1982, as typically reported in the Western media), many Shiites greeted them with rose petals. Life under the de facto rule of unruly Palestinian militias had not been easy, so despite the damage and casualties inflicted by Israeli ripostes, it was commonly believed that Israeli occupation might not be so bad. Then came 1982, when the Israelis rolled all the way to Beirut after promising Washington that they meant only to establish a 25-kilometer "buffer zone." The carnage in the South was horrific, and the ensuing occupation included measures like the dismissal of local village elders in favor of appointed stooges and provocations timed to coincide with sensitive religious dates. The Shiites revolted, and Hizbullah was born.

Subsequent spasm of violence (the worst in 1985 and 1996), usually caused by tit-for-tat exchanges between Hizbullah and the Israeli military that spun out of control, displaced more and more Shiites, filling the Dahiyeh with an understandably resentful generation of young men determined to run no more.

mara said...

Dear Suha and Loli. I'm sorry because I didn't explain the pictures.
These pictures are pusblished at a Spanish newspaper very pro-Israel, so they mix everything. We did'nt burnt flags.
Just picture 1 to 4 are Spain. I try to detail:

Picture 1: Madrid. Organizers claim about 20.000 people.
Picture 2: Again Madrid
Picture 3: Barcelona. About 2.000. It's summer :-(
Picture 4: Barcelona.
- - - - -
Picture 5: Venezuela
Picture 6: Also Venezuela
Picture 7: Egypt
Picture 8: Jordan

Ther was also demos at other cities (Valencia, Málaga) and there will be more this weekend. The demos were also supported by the governing party of Zapatero: PSOE.
Most of the people are with you!
I`ll give you tomorrow the links to more picture at other newspapers.


Loli said...

Thanks for clarifying, Mara!

shai said...

Hi everybody,

I live in Tel-Aviv but originally I come from Haifa.
My family still lives there, but they escaped south in fear of the missiles, that injured 20 people a couple of hours ago.

I wish the war would end soon and that we will be able to cross the border, meet good people and eat shawarma together.

Gidi said...

I find the renewal of bombardments in Beirut unacceptable. What more targets could possibly warrent such intensive attacks? I think public opinion in Israel is slowly shifting toward this opinion.
The IDF is mobilizing for ground operations in Southern Lebanon. One would hope that the airstrikes in Beirut would cease almost completely while these operations are carried out.

Gidi said...

It seems the Israeli goverment has enacted plans to offer Lebanon humanitarian aide.

Though I am fully supportive of this, and feel it is far, far too late in arriving, I wonder whether the Lebanese would find this a good idea (and be completely justified to feel so)?

nice said...

I thougt that governments don't represent any more theirs reprensented, that is: people. And so and while we, the people, wished to live peacefully, the governments, eager of power and money, cause wars

Chakazoulou said...

Dear friends,

In order to make our solidarity with the people of Lebanon practical, please send your donations to:

Lebanese Red Cross

Audi Bank
Bab Idriss
Account number: 841500

Or by draft checks to the following address:

Kontari - Spears Street
Beirut - Lebanon

Thank you for sending this e information to all your contacts.

Best regards


MERKOVA said...

Are you guys having a terrorist fund raising here?

Unknown said...

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